"Let's begin the experiment."

"Professor, no! The results have not been confirmed! It's too dangerous!"

"Ridiculous. It's perfectly safe."

"We are about to bear witness to the birth of a universe."

"Once, only a god could perform such a miracle."

"But today, mankind moves one step closer to the divine!"

"Are you serious? Do you even fully understand that thing?"

"What's the alternative? Do you want to just surrender this place to them?"

"The Conduit is a gift from some divine entity."

"It is a gateway...a gateway that will take us to an entirely new world."

"...You're delusional..."

"'Divine entity?'"

"The Conduit is nothing more than a meta-universe manifold!"

"Galea...we humans are fools."

"We've ravaged the planet...we are on the verge of burning even the skies above."

"But the Conduit...could transform us into something so much more!"

Without hesitation...Klaus shoved Galea away. It was in fact true that he would not let this opportunity down.

"Galea...this is the birth of a brand new universe!"

"Stop! Klaus!"

The experiment...was successful. A man of curiousity wondered what this experiment would do and destroyed the world in the process.

But he was right. A new world was created.

One half of Klaus became Zanza, the other became the Architect.

Logos, Ontos, and Pneuma were also created in on the second half.

The Architect held on to Logos and Ontos, but failed to keep ahold of Pneuma.

Pneuma went to the other side of the world, with Zanza in it.

All three of them are an Aegis, with Ontos being the first, Logos being the second, and Pneuma being the third.

But something else was also formed...another sword called the Monado.

In fact, there were multiple. Pneuma supported them.

Moving on to the future...a man named Amalthus awakened Logos. Logos has been known as Malos. Mistakenly a villian Malos is. Amalthus taught him everything.

Ontos was also awakened, but by someone different. He has been known as Alvis. His driver was Addam for a long time.

In the other world...it is unknown how Pneuma came to be a solid being. She was known as Mythra.

It was hard for her to blend in too well. Therefore, Pyra was created.

Being a disciple of Zanza, she swore to him that she will not change until the shackles were released.

Not long before, she had met Dickson and Lorrithia, just only as Mythra. It would be much harder to meet up with the two since Pyra had a much better attitude.

More into the future, Pyra decided to work in the High Entia. She decided to be the Divine Seer. She didn't quite have visions, however, as she only felt or sensed it. She knew it was all Mythra's doing, not hers.

She knew Zanza went into Shulk's body. She knew about the battle at Sword Valley.

She knew about everything.

She was prepared for someone to take the Monado.

She waited.

Waited for the right Homs.

With visions.

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