The class as in shock at their desks, Izumi asked, "Wait, so the sport festival is already cancelled, and you all were just introducing us to the hero profession early to see how we would react to it?"

Aizawa smirking at his desk, "The whole festival thing is really a bad idea from the start if you think about it. We show off the quirks, names, and faces of future heroes to everyone including villains. Meaning they will research your quirks to when you go out to the world, they already know your weaknesses."

The class couldn't argue with him on that then Momo asked, "Then why did we do this festival in the first place?"

Aizawa shrugged, "Mostly money to fund your education but we are at a point to where we don't need the festival unless we really have to."

The class thinking about it for little bit until Aizawa got up, "But we are still going to do something you all might find exciting."

They followed Aizawa to one of the gyms to find some of the teachers including All Might in the gym. All Might smiling, "Good Morning! Today we are going to learn…"

Aizawa sighed, "Super Moves, just get to it while I get some sleep."

Aizawa, in a blink of an eye, was already in a sleeping bag. Izumi puts a juice pouch next him, "I offer this pouch so when the great butterfly hatches, he will have something to drink and fuel himself on his adventures."

Sero, Denki, Jiro, Mina, Shoto, Midnight, Present Mic, and several other started laughing their asses off as Izumi got on her knees bowing to Aizawa like some sort of god. Aizawa chuckled a bit, "I hope the rest of you are taking notes of this."

Then Ectoplasm made some clones which everyone decided to fight them, Izumi's clone looked at her, "Since you are quirkless, I assume you don't have a super move to come up with…"

Izumi laughed a bit, "I have a few super moves to try out."

The original Ectoplasm and a few teachers watched to see Izumi's super moves which Izumi ran up to the clone then fell to the ground. The clone looked at her, "Are you…"

Izumi scorpion kicked his face then got on her feet to stomp sweep his feet, then dropkick the clone. Izumi smirking, "Super Move #1: Fake Trip."

Iida shouted, "That is dirty and underhanded!"

Momo said, "She has to, because without a quirk she is always on the disadvantage. Dirty tactics like that is her strength."

Izumi watched the clone disappear, "Oi Ectoplasm… I want another one."

Ectoplasm made another to see what she would do, Izumi looked at the clone then said, "You foot doesn't look right."

The clone in confusion looked down to see a flashbang at his feet going off which Izumi started beating the shit out of the clone, "Super Move #2: Don't Look Down!"

Aizawa just found Izumi's tactics really entertaining but they felt familiar to him. Yagi wasn't a person who favors underhand tactics, but he knew that she needed to. Midnight loved the level of creativity of Izumi but then Izumi went up to a clone to swipe the legs to make the clone do the splits then got her blade to the clone's neck, "Super Move #5: Nutcracker!"

Midnight shouted, "Perfect move, name, and form!"

After a few hours, Izumi decided to head on to do her things which Kyoka went up to her, "Hey Izumi!"

Izumi looked at her, "Yeah, you need something?"

Kyoka looked around, "I have something to ask… but I want to speak of it somewhere private."

Izumi nodded, "I know where."

The two went to an alley, "Will this do?"

Kyoka shrugged, "Good enough."

Izumi asked, "What you want to ask?"

Kyoka asked, "I want to confess my feelings to a certain someone but…"

Izumi smirked, "Who is the lucky girl?"

Kyoka looked at her red in embarrassment, "How do you know?!"

Izumi giggled a bit, "Gays can detect other gays."

Kyoka recompose herself, "Yes well I want to confess my feeling to Momo."

Izumi started giggling and rubbing her hands together, "I know how to help you."

Izumi got closer to Kyoka to start whispering some stuff to her which Kyoka was nodding and listening then Izumi backed up, "That all you have to do."

Kyoka asked, "Is that it?"

Izumi nodded, "Trust me it works!"

Then Izumi skipped her way to her usual afternoon activities with her favorite group of people.

League's Base

Izumi came in which a villain bumped into her, the villain said, "Oh no, I activated my quirk. I'm so sorry!"

Izumi in confusion, "Tomura, what is his quirk?"

Tomura looked at the black hair villain, "I believe it was Random Touch, he gives a random buff or debuff to whoever touches him, or whoever he touches."

Izumi smirked, "What is your name?"

The villain said, "The Buffer"

Izumi looked at herself, "I wonder what buff you given me."

Then she looked down to see she had a bulge in her suit, she ran to the restroom to get a better look at it. She took off her suit to see she got a huge horse cock, Izumi started laughing like hell. She got the suit back on to head over to Buffer, "How long does your buffs last?"

Buffer said, "An hour at most."

Izumi started singing, "When ever life gets you down… keeps you wearing a frown and the gravy train has left you behind and when you all out of hope..."

Izumi got to the counter, "Down at the end of your rope and nobody's there to throw you a line. If you ever get so low that you don't know which way to go."

Tomura and everyone was listening to the song and they were liking it so far, "Come on and take a walk in my shoes. Never worry 'bout a thing, got the world a string. Cause I've got the cure for all of my blues…"

Izumi was quite for a second then smiling as she jumped on the counter, "I take a look at my enormous penis and my troubles start a-meltin' away."

Tomura feel back in shock, Kurogiri fainted, Dabi started choking his drink, Twice started laughed laughing his ass off. Izumi points at her new enormous penis, "I take a look at my enormous penis and the happy times are coming to stay."

Izumi starts dancing, "I gotta sing and I dance when I glance in my pant and the feeling's like a sunshiney day."

Dabi, Twice, and Muscular were laughing their asses off but Izumi continued, "I take a look at enormous pe-e-enis and everything is goin' my way."

Izumi stopped to look at the door that just opened, Toga came in, "Hey Izumi!"

Izumi looked at Buffer, "You're a good man."

Izumi grabbed Toga, "I got to show you something… beam us home, Scotty!"

Kurogiri sighed, "I'm not Scotty for Christ sake, but I will warp you home."

When the two left, All for One said, "That was the funniest thing I have seen in my lifetime and I'm going to never forget about it. I might need to look up the song for entertainment purposes."

Dabi still dying, "I believe the song is called 'Enormous Penis' by Da Vinci's Notebook."

All for One sounded like he was typing on the computer, "Thank you, now I'm going to be occupied for a little bit."

Izumi's House

Toga's eyes were wide and in shock, "What… the…"

Izumi giggling, "This villain accidentally gave me a penis, but it will last about an hour. Let's get to work!"

Toga grinned a little bit, "I don't know if this will fit, it's huge as hell. How do you not have back problems right now?"

Izumi smirked, "I workout a lot so this doesn't hurt as badly yet."

Toga then leaned in close to Izumi's dick to start licking it, Izumi moaned, "So… this is what it feels like…"

Toga started putting more of Izumi's dick in her mouth then deep throating it but Toga could only get half of it in. Izumi grabbed Toga hair to start moving her dick in her mouth back and forth. Izumi moaned, "Toga… I'm about to…"

Izumi released a ton of cum in Toga's mouth, Toga start drinking as much as she could. After about a minute, Toga looked at Izumi who pulled her dick out of Toga's mouth, "That was a lot. Let's continue."

Izumi looked at her still erected penis then looked at her, "I don't have condoms because what were the odds that someone had a quirk that gives women footlong penises."

Toga rolled her beautiful golden eyes, "I meant fuck my ass."

Izumi smirked (BAS using his one of his N-word passes), "Shit, Negro, that's all you have to say." (Pulp Fiction reference)

Toga got on her hands and knees then Izumi then put her dick on Toga's ass, "You know Toga… I'm about to give you my $5 Footlong."

Toga turned to smile at her, "Okay… we are going to Subway after this because I'm hungry now."

Izumi grabbed her ass then shoved her dick in Toga's asshole, Izumi turned to you, the reader, "Don't get mad when I tell you this but… time skip!"

1 hour later…

Izumi and Toga were at Subway having some sandwiches which Izumi said, "Look for the new guy called 'The Buffer' and hopefully you get as lucky as I did so you can get a penis."

Toga started laughing her ass off, "I will try but I can't believe you sang 'Enormous Penis' in the bar."

Izumi laughing a little bit, "It was worth it and I nearly killed Dabi, Tomura, and Kurogiri from it."

Toga then pulled out a notebook with some drawings, "Can you explain this?"

Izumi with a serious face, "It's called 'Hentai' and it's art."

Toga giggled a bit, "No, I mean how well of an artist you are. I didn't know you were a good artist."

Izumi shrugged, "It's a hobby I have besides quirk analysis that I like to do that turns off my brain."

Then Izumi looked around to see Kyoka and Momo which Izumi said, "Look it's the lesbian ship that's happening."

Toga started giggling, "You made a bet on that, right? With the UA teachers?"

Izumi smiling, "Yes I did… I'm going to be paid lots of money. I'm going to have some much money; I want you to be my stripper while I throw money at you."

Toga nodded, "Fair… but then we switch roles so I can throw money at you while you are moving that body."

Izumi kissed her cheek, "You bet your ass I'm taking that deal."