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Chapter One - The Readings

The pressure of course work to be handed in, was weighing heavily on the minds of many of the sixth year students in the Gryffindor common room, one evening in January. Harry and Ron were slowly wading through their essay piles for the NEWTs they had decided to take on in their sixth year. They had received a list of subjects in the summer, along with their OWL results. Harry had miraculously managed eight OWLs and had been more than stunned to see he had in fact received and Outstanding for Potions. Ron had also done well, and had excitedly ''Fellytoned'' Harry with his results. He had gone on to say how it would be great if they both took the same subjects for their NEWTs, as both of them had shown some interest in becoming Aurors after school. Harry had listened to Ron's voice with a slightly detached mind. He wasn't sure if he would even be alive ''after school'', but concluded that he needed to learn as much as he could. The subjects Ron had been suggesting would provide very useful to him - hopefully.

He snapped out of his reverie, as Ron waved a bit of parchment in front of his face. He was holding a small list of credit options, that held a five percent mark towards their NEWTs. It was to be a class that was unrelated to their existing subjects and the students could decide which class they wanted to take for it. Harry hunched over and browsed through them. Hermione had chosen to do an Ancient Runes class, as it was not one of her chosen NEWT subjects. Ron raised his eyebrows and was obviously looking for the easiest option from the list.

'Divination Harry and it's going to be taken by Trelawney. We could make up a lot of crap and she would never know.'

Harry shrugged, 'you don't know what she is going to set us Ron. It could be anything. Palmistry, Numerology, I dunno.'

Ron shook his head, ' nah, has to be easier than all these other so-called options. I don't think much of them, tell you that for nothing.'

Hermione sighed, looking up from her the book she was reading. ' You two honestly', she shook her head and Ron grinned at her.

'Yeah? What?' he gave her a cheeky grin and bent forward over her chair, placing a light kiss on her lips.

Hermione smiled softly and returned his kiss. Harry took the parchment out of Ron's hands and went back to looking at the list. Ron and Hermione had got together during the first term. Ron had given her a box of chocolates for her birthday and then come the Halloween feast - he had decided to seize the day and told Hermione that he ''sort of liked her''. Harry recalled Ron telling him, that Hermione had looked at Ron suspiciously and asked what he had exactly meant by that. Ron, surprising himself, had kissed Hermione in answer. Harry had quickly cut the conversation off, saying he could gather what had come next.

It had been strange at first seeing them together as a couple, but they looked very happy and Harry was glad for his two best friends.

'You're right Ron,' Harry finally looked up from the list.' Lets do Divination. What's the worst thing she can ask us to do?'

A week later Ron and Harry were sitting in the North Tower, in the stifling hot room that was still Professor Trelawney's teaching abode. There were a large mixture of students from all the four houses, and Harry and Ron had not had a class with a few of them before.

' Looks like we weren't the only ones who thought Divination would be a piece of cake,' Ron muttered.

Harry looked around. He had never seen this room so packed, and it still had more people filtering in. He looked up as Malfoy came in with Blaise Zabini and took a seat near the window.

Ron gave Malfoy a look of loathing as he passed by, but it seemed to go unnoticed by the Slytherin. In fact Harry suddenly realised, he hadn't had much contact with Malfoy at all since the new year had started.

Malfoy's threats of '' you're dead Potter,'' at the end of the fifth year, hadn't really amounted to much. If truth be told, Harry now noticed a subtle change in the blond. Maybe the shock of having his father in prison, and spending a long summer without him, had finally made him grow up. Harry knew for certain that the arrested Death Eaters were still in Azkaban awaiting trial. He watched as Malfoy lounged back in his chair talking to Zabini. Malfoy had definitely been more restrained in his ongoing animosity and verbal sparring with the Gryffindor's, which did come as a small surprise- but Harry wasn't complaining. Perhaps Malfoy wanted to keep a low profile this year and he wouldn't be the only one. Harry wanted to get through the sixth year without any nightmarish episodes, if that was at all possible.

The summer had been long and torturous with the Dursleys but not for the same reasons as previous years. They had been icily polite to him due to the Order's request, and had barely spoken to him for the duration of the holidays. Uncle Vernon had stiffly avoided eye contact with Harry as had Dudley. They hadn't asked him to do any household chores either, even though he had offered to help Aunt Petunia. She had given a quick shake of her head and said that it wouldn't be necessary. They seemed frightened to ask him to do anything and Harry had sighed and given up. Aunt Petunia spoke to him in the least amount of words as one could whilst living under the same roof. There were many things that he wanted to ask her, but she deftly avoided any means of conversation with him and he had finally given up in that area too. He found that the days stretched ahead of him with having not much to do. He had pretty much been left to his own devices.

He had seen Mrs Figg a few times and had tea with her, but she always seemed so anxious for him to get home. During the last few weeks of the holidays, he hadn't bothered fishing for an invite - just told her that he was fine whenever he saw her and that all was well. It was what she wanted to hear. He had hoped that he would be able to spend some valuable time with her at least, and learn some more about the Order etc. There was so much about the Wizarding world in general that he didn't know. But Mrs Figg did not seem to be the person to get any type of information from, so he had given up once again.

He knew that the Order would prefer him to stay close to home, or better yet, stay inside the house at all times. So he had complied for the most part. At the end of the fifth year, he had been comforted somewhat, that he may be able to go to the Weaselys near the end of the summer. But once he had returned home and had a chance to think things through – he had declined the offer to go to The Burrow for the end of the holidays. As long as he stayed at the Dursleys, he was safe and Voldemort would probably know of his whereabouts. Therefore, Harry would not be risking the whole of the Weasley family by his mere presence. He did not want to put the family, or any of his friends at risk and had made a shoddy excuse saying that he just wanted to hang out at home. He didn't know whether Ron and Hermione had genuinely believed him or not- but they had never questioned him about it.

He had felt trapped in the house and found himself most of the time in the garden during the daylight hours. He could empathise how Sirius had felt when he was locked up in 12 Grimmauld Place. Even though he knew that it was the safest thing for him, it didn't make it any easier or the time less stifling and boring and ever so lonely. However, Harry didn't complain to anyone or express his thoughts. There was no point.

He had kept up a stream of owls to Mad -Eye and Lupin throughout the summer, assuring them that he was ok and everything was fine. As fine as he could be.

He had relived Sirius's death over and over again during the long break. He made a conscious effort to appear normal when he was around people, whilst in private and in the night - the guilt and loss ate away at him like acid. The chasm in his chest grew ever wider and he desperately kept the agony pursed up behind closed lips and dry eyes.

He felt that if he let himself go and grieve over Sirius, he might never stop. He couldn't bear to talk about it to anyone and thankfully nobody asked him to. Ron and Hermione had carefully skirted the issue ever since he had been back to school, and he supposed he was grateful. There were just some things he could not share with them even though they had known Sirius reasonably well.

The day before term had started, Tonks and Lupin had come to collect him and took him to a private ceremony in honour of Sirius. It had been a quick and short service at the Norfolk Broads, attended by Lupin, Dumbledore, Tonks and Harry. The Order thought it unwise to have all the members present at one time. Harry knew that there was no body to be buried, no ashes to be scattered. Just a simple prayer and flowers thrown into the water. He had spent some minutes watching the bunch of flowers separate and drift along to the middle of the river. He hadn't asked any questions as to why and who had decided to have a service for Sirius. He had thought about it often himself, but felt his mind shutter off when he thought to bring it up in the owls he had sent over summer.

He had been returned to the Dursleys after the service and the next day, some of the members of The Advance Guard had come to take him to Kings Cross, much to the horror of his Aunt and Uncle. Seeing 'his kind' twice in two days had proven more than the Dursleys could stand. Harry could almost hear the whole house (as well as the people in it) sigh with relief at his departure.

He snapped out of his thoughts and looked up as Professor Trelawney walked into the room and smiled widely.

' My,' she said, ' I am so pleased by the turn out! So many of you taking my extra credit!'

Ron smothered a snicker,' she thinks she's popular,' he whispered to Harry. 'Little does she know.'

Harry kept quiet and didn't respond. He knew why Dumbledore had kept Professor Trelawney on at Hogwarts, even after Umbridge had given her the sack. Quite possibly she was unaware of the reasons too. But she looked happier than Harry had seen her for a long time and kept busy by doing extra tutorials for those who wanted it. She also took the extra credit classes that Firenze was more than glad to pass over.

She pushed back her enormous glasses and looked around.

'Ok, well this is what we are going to do. I'm going to put you in partners and I will give you three exercises to complete. In the first and second exercise you will be doing Tarot card reading.'

She paused as murmurs passed through the room.

Ron grinned at Harry,' See? Easy option.'

Trelawney beamed and continued, ' the first Tarot reading you will be doing will be of the Past, then Present and finally the Future. The other reading I will leave to you and your partner to decide upon. Write up both findings. To end, we will do some face reading which you only need note down of your partners. You hand these in a week from today. It'll be a lot of fun I assure you,' she smiled.

'It's a doddle,' Ron leaned forward in his chair and whispered to Harry.' I told Hermione to come with us, but she is so stubborn. She won't set foot in Trelawney's classes.'

Harry nodded. Once Hermione had made her mind up, she very rarely backed down.

Professor Trelawney started to look down the sign up sheet and called out the names of whom she was partnering together.

'Weasley and Boot…'

'I'm with Terry,' Ron said picking up his bag and moving to an empty seat next to his partner.

Harry waited for his name to be called out.

'Malfoy and Potter.'

Harry smothered a sigh, what were the odds of that? He glanced over at Malfoy who seemed to have had no reaction at all. He was sprawled back in his chair, making no attempt to move. Harry stayed seated stubbornly for over a minute as Trelawney continued to call out more names. Finally he picked up his bag and got up. Of course I would have to be the one to go to him, he thought. It was too much for Malfoy to pick his arse up off his chair and come to the vacant seat beside Harry. Typical, Harry fumed, as he sat down heavily in the chair where Zabini had been seated, deliberately not looking in Malfoy's direction.

Once every one had been paired up, Professor Trelawney handed out a deck of Tarot cards to each set and a thick musty book.

' The book explains all you need to know about the cards and at the back is a chapter on face reading. The three exercises have to be completed within half an hour. You may start now.'

Malfoy reached for the deck first and drew out the cards. He did a fancy shuffle and pushed the book towards Harry.

' Read what it says Potter and try not to stumble across the words.'

Harry gave the Slytherin a cutting look, as he flipped through the pages. He laid it open and read out the instructions. He saw Ron looking at him concerned and Harry gave him a tight smile of assurance.

'Ahhh is Weasel worried about you being partnered with big bad old me?' Malfoy drawled with a small chuckle, his eyes glittering.

'Shut up,' Harry snapped. 'Lets just get on with it.'

So much for him giving Malfoy a smidgen of credit earlier. Grown up? No, maybe he was just disguising his immaturity a bit more carefully nowadays.

Malfoy laid out the cards face down as the book instructed.

' You can go first Potter,' he gave a tiny smirk.' Lets see what your brilliant future holds for you, that's if you have any future.'

Harry's brows creased. Malfoy had the uncanny ability to say things that often rung true. He wasn't wrong this time either, but Harry didn't want to show Malfoy that for once, he agreed with him on something. Harry slipped out one face down card from the spread out deck.

'Past,' Malfoy said.

Harry chose another.


Harry finally reached for the last card.

'And here lays your gem of a Future.'

Malfoy looked at him coolly. He then leaned forward.

' Right Past,' he said, and picked up the book resting it upon his knees. He turned over Harry's first card with a slender hand.

' The Hermit,' he stated.

His eyes flicked over the pictures and words till he found the right paragraph.

'The Hermit is a positive card, but lays bare acute loneliness and pain in the past. The advice is to not give up.'

Malfoy's eyes swept across Harry's face. Harry remained impassive to what had been read out as Malfoy reached out for the second card.

'Ok Present. The Hanged Man.'

He cleared his throat and read out the next reading.

' This represents much loss, sacrifice and illusions.'

He stopped for a moment and then carried on.

'There will be a time soon, for you to get back on your feet, even if you feel powerless. Weakness is not the key here.'

Harry shifted uncomfortably in his chair and Malfoy flicked over the last card.

'The Future. Luvvers!' he raised his eyebrows, ' that will be a change for you….' he turned over the page in the book and read out.

'You often have doubted your choices in life and have now become insecure. Whatever happens you will always have choices and because of this your life maybe full of changes and different paths.'

Malfoy leaned back casually in his chair, ' well that didn't end too badly Potter.'

Harry remained silent and pulled out his parchment and started to jot down the readings. Malfoy did the same. After a moment, Harry shuffled the cards this time and spread them out on the table. Malfoy slipped out three face down cards and Harry turned over the first one taking the book from Malfoy.

'Past. The Judgement card. Represents your past as it has been laid out for you, but keep an open mind and know that you still have choices and new possibilities.'

Harry turned over the second card, ' the Present, The Chariot. You will soon have everything you need for happiness. Do not deny it. Do not be afraid of change.'

Malfoy smirked, 'looks like my cards are a lot better than yours.'

Harry ignored him and turned over the third card.

'The Pope. Protection is the key here. No matter what happens, you will always have an angel around you, guarding you from harm.'

Harry tried not to snort out aloud as he read Malfoy's last reading. That's just classic, crappy irony. Malfoy was going to have an angel watching over him? What's he ever done to have an angel watch over him?

Malfoy gave Harry a mocking grin and wrote down his reading as did Harry.

' I think we should do a Love spread. It's a lot more interesting than money and business etc.'

Harry shrugged, 'whatever.'

He didn't care either way. The Slytherin walked over to Professor Trelawney's desk and picked up a new deck.

Harry went first again. The readings here were shorter. Malfoy flicked over all three cards and read out.

'Your Present is The Strength card. You will have a new love encounter.' His eyes flicked over Harry, ' I take it you're single Potter because then I don't need to read out the already in relationship section.'

Harry narrowed his eyes,' yes,' he muttered.

' Thought so,' Malfoy cast an amused look and then read out the second reading.

'Your potential mate is The Star. Your new love will fulfil you in more ways than you knew. Finally the Future is The Devil,' Malfoy chortled,

'this is priceless. You will take great risk in a passionate relationship, which will have repercussions.'

Harry sighed and wrote down the findings again. He shuffled the cards and laid them out. Malfoy picked three cards with his index finger and

Harry turned the first one over.

'Are you single?'

Malfoy gave him an arrogant look,' why tie yourself down?'

Harry read on quickly.

'The Present is The Hermit. Expect some delay concerning a much wished relationship.'

He flipped the second card.

'Your potential mate is The Fool card. You are at risk of wanting what will not come easily, but your desires will come through with your ability and determination.'

' Ha,' Harry finally gave a satisfied smile turning over the final card, 'looks like you have The Devil as well.'

Malfoy's face fell slightly and he looked bored again.

' You don't need to read it out. Passionate relationship bla bla.'

He started to write it down, ' who believes in all that shit anyway'. It was a statement not a question.

' We don't have that much time left for the face reading,' Malfoy said.

'Well let's do each other at the same time, it'll be quicker.'

Malfoy raised an elegant eyebrow, 'do each other at the same time? Now now Potter easy. I'm not usually one to put out on the first date and frankly I'm not quite sure how we could manage that.' He tutted, ' I always knew you had a strange and depraved mind, you've just confirmed that for me now.'

'What?' Harry looked momentarily confused and Malfoy shook his head.

'Oh shut up,' Harry caught on and looked at him appalled.

Malfoy turned the pages over to the correct chapter.

'Anyway,' he drawled,' this should be easy enough. Let's start with hair.'

Draco didn't need to feel Potter's hair to know it was thick. It looked thick and was jet-black, lying messily all over his head. Always messy- the boy hadn't yet learnt the fine skill of using a comb or a brush it would seem. Strangely enough he got away with it. Draco would never admit it to anyone though. The black hair fell quite artfully around his face. His eyes fell to the thin lightning bolt scar on Potter's otherwise flawless face. Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived, kept on living in fact - that must be pissing the Dark Lord off something chronic. That scar was a constant reminder enough, every time your damn gaze fell upon it. Draco blinked, hang on…..flawless? He quickly dropped his eyes to the book and found the hair section reading out what it said.

'Your hair is a measure of physical insulation and endurance of strength. Thick hair is an indication of your physical prowess and your resilience in life. You have great recuperative powers, mmm yeah yeah,' he muttered and handed Potter over the book as he wrote that down.

Harry didn't need to feel Malfoy's hair either. It was blond, almost white and lay in silky strands framing his face.

'If your hair is fine, silky and delicate,' Harry paused, ' you are sensitive?' he couldn't help the disbelieving tone in his voice.

Malfoy looked up,' what can I say Potter.'

Harry made a face and read on.

'You are also likely to look fragile physically, especially if you are of slender form.'

Malfoy did have a slender form. He was also tall- about Harry's height, who had had another growth spurt over the summer. Malfoy carried his frame well, Harry admitted reluctantly.

He studied the pale face for a moment, as Malfoy was still writing. He had a slender straight nose and full pink lips. High delicate cheekbones and a small pointed but determined chin. Very good bone structure. Malfoy lifted his face and Harry sat silently studying the colour of his eyes. Grey, silvery almost. They sort of had a metallic sheen to them. With swirls of darker grey laced in between. His eyes glimmered like polished silver and were fringed by fine, slightly darker blond lashes, which matched the colour of his faintly arched brows. He' s so pretty Harry thought with a startled revelation. It wasn't right for a man to be so pretty, and certainly not for a snot like Malfoy. No wonder Malfoy had all those girls clustering around him all the time. Of course you shouldn't be fooled by Malfoy's delicate exterior. He was very strong and lithe, as Harry well knew from Quidditch.

It was bizarre that after six years of being in the same school as Malfoy, Harry had only now looked at his face properly. But to be fair to himself, Malfoy disguised his good looks quite well with that constant irascible expression on his face. It was hard to tell what he looked like when he wasn't sneering and throwing insults around.

Harry quickly looked down at the page.

'Grey eyes are intelligent with much passion and imagination. Grey eye persons are of a refined class of people with a fastidious streak.'

'Told you Potter. A refined class of people. Something you will never know.'

He gave Harry a coldly assessing look and Harry said tersely,' well that's in the eyes of the beholder I believe. Depends what you call class.'

Malfoy pursed his lips together tightly and Harry bent his head and scribbled down his findings. He handed over the book to Malfoy.

Malfoy stayed quiet for a second and then exhaled loudly, 'so are you going to take off your glasses or what?'

'My eyes are green,' Harry said simply.

'I know they're bloody green, everyone knows they are green. You can see them a mile away.'

'A mile away?' Harry repeated.

'You want to do this properly or what? Take off your damn glasses,' he snapped.

Harry gave him an indignant look, but did take his frames off and laid them on the table. He looked steadily at Malfoy with a petulant look on his face.

Draco studied Potter's eyes and felt an unexpected shiver of surprise run through him. They glimmered and glowed like cat's eyes. They were so bright, so clear and green, that they actually looked unnatural. The shade was so vibrant. Draco had never seen such a deeply vivid eye colour in all his life, well till Potter had come along, but he had never really looked at them before. They pounced out at you, and there was something odd about them. They looked bottomless and strangely haunting. He had no idea how that sudden thought had entered his mind, but it was true. There was something distinctly disturbing and mesmerising about Potter's eyes.

Draco swallowed hard. He suddenly found himself not being able to look away and it was only till Potter narrowed his eyes suspiciously, that Draco was able to rip his gaze away from the green pools. He had never collided with Potter's eyes in such close proximity before. He'd had safety in distance.

Potter gazed back at him with an impatient expression.

' Finished yet?' he said shaking Draco out of his trance. Professor Trelawney announced that time was up and started to collect the decks and books.

'Yes I'm finished,' Draco retorted sharply and finally tore his eyes away from the Gryffindor.

He hadn't finished actually. Too busy checking Potter's eyes out, he berated himself. He read the paragraph from the book quickly to himself as the other students started to pack away their things.

' Deep green eyes are highly energised and inventive. You will need time to understand the spontaneous and sometimes wilful mind of a green-eyed person. Men and women of genius often possess this eye colour. You will need to sharpen your intellectual skills with a green-eyed person.'

He glanced at the rest of the page and hastily wrote it down. Potter had a classic small, straight nose that was ideal. He had well shaped lips and a strong chin, with prominent cheekbones that suggested innocence as well as authority and power. Quite possibly Potter would be very handsome when he grew up, he didn't have such a bad looking face. Potter had no right to be so good looking, Draco thought angrily. He should be really ugly; he deserved to be really ugly. Maybe he put some kind of charm on himself to make him look better? Draco rubbed his chin. Perhaps Potter had always been all right looking, but Draco had spent so much time hating him that he had never really looked at him before. But he had now, much to his chagrin.

The dark-haired boy had already thrown his belongings into his bag, and had started to walk out of the room without a backward glance, as Draco collected his things. He watched Potter's retreating figure and still could envision the green eyes burning clearly in his mind.