Deathbringer walked to his Algebra class, his books in his hand and a huge smile plastered on his face. He whistled a tune he didn't even know as he walked into the busy hallway of Pyrrhia High, grinning like a lunatic.

Tomorrow is the dance.

He was planning to ask his one and only love of his life- Glory Bright- to the dance. Even if they went as friends, it would be okay. Besides, he had so much to say to her. So much he needed to confess.

He would say the two words, winter dance. Then she would give him her usual I-know-what-you-mean smile, and nod her head yes.

He played the scenario over and over in his head.

Such a simple word, yet I'm so nervous about it...

He knew that if he didn't ask quickly, someone else would, and that would be terrifying.

Glory was, to his opinion, the prettiest girl in school. Her long, smooth blonde hair and her bright green eyes, sparkling with mischief and amusement. She was tall and she was perfect. How her eyes were huge, but a little tilted at the ends. How smooth her hair was. How a little lopsided her from was.

She was perfection.

He jumped into the classroom, his eyes hungrily searching for the familiar blonde hair and green eyes. This was the one of the few class he had with her, after all.

He didn't see her.

He passed the group of jocks, who didn't try to trip him as usual. They were staring at their desks like morons. But then, they were morons.

Perhaps he should have noticed, but it didn't bother him then. He never stopped to wonder what had stopped the tradition of the usual morning drill. His mind was on Glory and Glory only.

He passed the group of nerds, who didn't have their eyes glued to books as usual. They were all staring at the wall, not even blinking. It creeped him out a little bit, and he made an effort to not go near the nerds as he made his way through.

Then there- his desk with his friends sitting around it, but still no Glory.

Of all the scenarios in his head, he never thought about Glory being absent.

"Hi," he said to everyone, disappointed, sitting down at his usual seat. He dropped his stuff at his desk, sighing loudly as he folded his arms over his chest, giving everyone a moody grimace.

Nobody answered. Tsunami Paint, his friend with terrifying blue eyes and dyed blue hair with green highlights in them, was staring at the teacher (which surprised him because she was always listening to music with her headphones on, or taking a nap).

Starflight Hernanz, a boy with jet-black hair and green eyes that were always closed because he was blind, always had Fatespeaker Boiling (who had black hair and brown eyes, and had braces) beside him to help him do things blind people couldn't do alone, was resting his head on the desk.

That wasn't like Starflight at all.

Sunny, who had blonde hair and light green eyes, wasn't there entirely.

Huh. Sunny never misses school. She's, like, super proud of her perfect attendance.

Clay wasn't in their Algebra class, so he didn't know if he came or not. He would see in third period.

He was about to ask someone if they had seen Glory when the bell rang. He wallowing in his chair, huffing in frustration and annoyance.

The teacher came in, her eyes staring at the class sadly like her whole family had died. She was dressed 100% black, like this was a funeral home. But then, she also had a reputation for being extremely crazy.

She took attendance, her gaze traveling over the room unconsciously. "Who's missing? Anybody?"

"Sunny and Fierceteeth," Starflight said grimly.

"Thank you, Starflight," Ms. Blaze said softly. Her eyes were heavy and bloodshot.

It came our on accident- he didn't even raise his hand, which was really a bummer because Ms. Blaze was super sensitive about it- and he regretted it as soon as he said it because everyone turned and stared at him, making him feel embarrassed and an outcast.

"You missed Glory."

Somebody started booing at him and some of them started to shoot him dirty looks, like his comment was a sick joke. Was it that much of a ridiculous question? At the sound of the name Glory a cheerleader that he didn't even know started bawling her eyes out.

He was confused.

Ms. Blaze sighed, and didn't meet his eyes as she shushed everyone in the class and answered his question:

"Deathbringer, Glory committed suicide yesterday."