This is something I'm kinda surprised never happened in either the movie or tv series. Or even really in fanfictions! Like, huh, you thought this would come up more often. Guess it's up to me to write what probably shouldn't be written. Attempted fluff ahoy!

"See Jane run" Jane read clearly, nose buried in one of her old children's books. She and Tarzan were sitting very close together, shoulder to shoulder, and she tried to ignore the warm feelings she got from being so close to him, especially since she could tell that he was regarding her with that unmasked affectionate gaze of his. She self-consciously pushed back the bangs of her loose hair, feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks. Avoiding looking towards Tarzan, she instead read through the picture book with an almost fierce focus. She knew if she met his stare she would just become a stammering mess- not a very helpful thing when trying to teach someone proper English. Of course, she thought with an internal smirk, she didn't think Tarzan was paying much attention to the book anyway. And honestly, neither was she. Just as she was considering giving up on this particular lesson, she was distracted by a sudden tickle on her scalp. She was going to wave the feeling away, assuming it was some bug or other (there was a despairingly large number of bugs in the jungle), but stopped before she even moved her hand from the book as the feeling moved, and was soon joined by another.

Jane stiffened slightly when she realized it was Tarzan, with his fingers combing through her hair, but the stiffness was soon replaced with a quiet laugh instead when she peeked at him from behind the cover of the book, to see that he had become focused on a task of his own.

Well, her daddy had theorized that social grooming amoung gorillas could be used as a recreation, and it looked like he was right. Tarzan certainly looked like he was enjoying himself more grooming her than he had been reading the book. Had her reading been that boring, she jokingly wondered to herself. Well, it may have been somewhat strange, but, she mused as his fingers continued to deftly pick across her scalp, it did feel rather nice. She set the long-ago ignored book down, and smiled up at Tarzan, who had shifted from sitting in the seat to crouching on top of it, leaning over her shoulder to bury his hands in her hair. He gave her a boyish smile, and she couldn't help but be bemused at how natural this all was for him.

Seeing no reason to make him stop, she slouched onto the table, abandoning the lesson once and for all, and just let him continue running his fingers through her hair. Frankly she was even a bit touched that he felt close enough to her to do what research suggested was usually kept amoung fellow troop members. Of course, she still couldn't help but grimace when the peaceful moment was suddenly broken by the sound of a soft biting crunch. (Naturally her friend the ape man thought nothing of it, and continued on as content as ever. Possibly even more so thanks to her unwitting snack contribution.)

Welp, that was my attempt at some fluffy humorous stuff without letting any hurt/comfort drip in. I hope you liked it, I was trying really hard to just capture a quick snapshot of a moment, just a little thing that would have been cute to see. I'm not sure how well I succeeded at either of these goals. R&R may possibly see you next chapter, who knows?