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Willow watched Xander and Jesse practice jumping up into the rafters and dropping back to the ground with a smile. "Silly boys."

"My turn," Sharon called out and leapt up colliding with Xander, the two of them falling to the ground.

"That looks like fun," Amy said as the two untangled themselves and stood up perfectly fine.

"Sorry," Sharon apologized.

Xander waved it off. "I can't believe how tough we are."

Jesse dropped back down. "This is so cool!"

"Did you get the guns?" Amy asked Xander.

"Right here," Xander said, retrieving the carpet bag, pulling out one of the gun belts, and passing it to Amy.

Amy pulled out one of the guns and checked to make sure it was unloaded, spinning the cylinder before examining it. "Six shooters? I thought we were going to get target pistols."

"These are easier to use and have more stopping power," Xander explained, "plus we don't have to worry about how bad the kick is anymore, so…" He shrugged.

"Definitely cooler," Jesse said as Amy passed him the revolver.

"Less moving parts," Willow noted, "don't have to deal with magazines."

"Cowboy pirates it is," Sharon said with a grin.

"We're probably going to stick out, but we'd do that anyway," Xander said. "I figure we can complete the wardrobe in the morning and then go exploring. Sound good?"

"Sounds good to me," Jesse said. "How about you guys?"

Greg nodded. "It only takes a couple of hours to mix the foundation and then we have to let it set overnight, so we'll have plenty of time."

"I need to go to the store and buy supplies," Willow said, "mostly spices, since they're so cheap, and a bunch of vitamins."

"Me and Jesse can finish the dining set then," Xander said. "Max is paying a lot to put a rush on that, so I want to get it done tonight."

"I can get us movies while you guys do all that," Amy volunteered.

"I'll go with Willow," Sharon said, "so she doesn't have to carry everything by herself."

"Good then you all have to watch the movies I pick," Amy said with a grin.

"If it's too girly I'll spend the entire movie tickling you during the girly parts," Jesse warned.

Amy grinned evilly. "Better prepare to get some tired fingers then."

"No complaints about girly movies?" Willow asked Xander.

"Nah," he waved it off, "it just means we get to pick manly movies next time."

"That's fair," Willow agreed. She gave Xander a quick kiss. "See you when I get back."

"You think we can finish the table and chairs tonight?" Jesse asked as the girls left.

"Easily," Xander said, "all that's left is sanding, soaking and varnishing before we assemble it. I wanna go over it with actual sand to make sure it's as smooth as possible and since we're so much stronger now it's not going to take long at all."

"Perfectionist," Jesse teased.

"Dude, we are being paid a ridiculous amount to get it done by Monday, I want it to be perfect," Xander said.

"How ridiculous?" Jesse asked.

"Enough to pay for buildings on the other side of each wardrobe we've made," Xander said with a grin.

"Cool," Jesse said. "Let's get to work then!"

"Better grab sunglasses," Xander said, "the sand in the desert is cleaner so we'll use that."

That night at Willow's

"And out first movie for the night is…" Amy grinned evilly and pulled a bright pink video tape out of the bag, "Barbie's dream vacation!"

"Nooo!" Jesse screamed in horror.


Jerry smiled as the small pack of 'children' came through, giving him friendly waves. He leaned on the counter and sipped his coffee.

"Morning, Jerry," Catherine greeted him as she came in.

"Good morning Cath," he replied while pouring her a cup of coffee. "Going to see what madness the gang is up to today?"

"Well, they did arm themselves like they were planning a wild west shootout," Catherine said as she accepted a cup of coffee, "if not for the fact that they gave themselves strength and toughness that surpasses any demon I've ever heard of I'd be concerned."

"They are pretty safety conscious," Jerry said, "more than most adults would be even. Most adults would simply buy guns and head for a firing range, they arranged to take safety classes and bought bear mace so they wouldn't need to rely on guns as their first defense."

"Beings of light," Catherine said with a smile.

The door opened and Max entered the shop.

"I was told the furniture was ready for pickup?" he asked hopefully.

"Let me get Xander," Jerry said, before vanishing into the warehouse and returning a minute later with Xander who was dressed all in black with a black scarf covering his head, a pearl handled six shooter on his right hip, and a foot long dagger on his left.

"Hey, Max," Xander said cheerfully. "Here for the furniture?"

Max nodded. "Done already?"

Xander nodded. "You said you wanted it ready by Monday and the guy paid extra, so we finished it up yesterday, this way you can deliver it in the early morning and he'll feel he got his money's worth. Bring the truck around to the big doors and you can load it up."

"Glad to hear it," Max said looking relieved. He took a bundle of cash out of his pocket and handed it to Xander. "How'd it come out?"

"Best I've made yet," Xander said proudly. "Soaked it in blood to darken the wood as requested, ran a light flame over it to bring out the grain, and used actual sand to sand it down, not in that order of course."

"You had enough time?" Max asked surprised.

"More than enough," Xander said with a grin. "Suns were still up when we'd finished."

"Excellent," Max said, "I'll get the truck."

Once Max had left, Jerry asked, "So, what's the plan for today?"

"Exploring," Xander said excitedly. "We've got all our gear and trade goods ready, so as soon as we've opened the gate we're going to get The Boys and see what the people are like. I'm hoping I can get some actual whale oil and maybe some ivory…"

"Just stay safe," Catherine ordered.

"Planning on it," Xander said cheerfully, before joining the rest in the warehouse, noting that Max had already picked up the furniture and left.

"Almost ready, dude," Jesse said as he finished painting the runes on the massive wardrobe with blood, being careful not to get any on his pirate outfit, black pants with a poofy white shirt.

"Did you use human blood or animal?" Xander asked, pointing at the wardrobe.

"Does it matter?" Jesse replied looking at the paint tray he was using and trying to recall which he'd used.

"It might," Xander said. "Not sure, but probably."

"I completely forgot to add that as a factor," Willow said with a sigh before going to the white board and adding an additional column. "This could change some of our earlier settings. We might get something different if we use human blood on the wardrobe, but used the original circles made with animal blood."

Sharon retrieved the empty quart bottle from the garbage. "It's human," she said.

"Good," Xander said, "that means it's the same as the box."

"It would be kind of embarrassing to aim for Pirate Town and end up in the wild west," Jesse said with a grin.

"Let's get this done before the blood dries," Willow said, "that was the last of the human blood."

Everyone quickly scrambled into place not wanting to miss the chance to visit a genuine old timey sea town after all the trouble they'd gone through to get ready.

Despite their excitement, everyone performed their part of the spell perfectly.

"Felt easier this time," Amy joked as they all recovered.

"A bit," Jesse agreed with a snicker, too tired to stand.

"Who's going to open it?" Sharon asked.

"Whoever wants to," Willow replied with a shrug as she leaned against Xander.

"I just wanna sit here for a while," Jesse said, his arm around Amy as they sat on the floor.

"Yeah," Sharon agreed, laying flat on the floor and staring up at the rafters.

Jerry and Catherine came in from the front.

"Finished the cabinet?" Jerry asked, a bit jittery from the amount of magic in the air.

"Wardrobe," Xander corrected him.

"We're all too tired to get up and open it," Willow said, "so feel free."

"I'm not surprised, that is a massive wardrobe," Catherine said.

Jerry looked it over, but wasn't about to open it himself. After a few moments Catherine rolled her eyes and stepped into the circle to open it.

"Hope it's not underwater," Jesse joked, still not feeling recovered enough to bother moving.

As she pulled it open they could hear the distant cry of gulls. Sunlight poured in along with a warm breeze, carrying the scent of the sea, from the wardrobe's open door.

Catherine smiled. "Looks like paradise."

The children slowly climbed to their feet and took a peek.

"I think that would make Cordy even more jealous," Sharon said. "We should build a beach house there."

"Yeah," Xander said with a smile, lacing his fingers with Willow's.

"How much would it cost to build me one of these?" Catherine asked, picturing having her own island paradise in her closet.

"A regular size wardrobe or a massive one like this?" Xander asked.

"Regular," Catherine replied.

"First born male child is traditional," Jesse joked.

"That's sexist," Willow said, "Amy is certainly as valuable as any boy."

"Amy is already one of us," Xander said, "so I suppose we can build you one for free."

"I've been traded for furniture," Amy said dramatically before Jesse and Sharon gave her a sloppy kiss on both her cheeks making her laugh and wipe her face.

"Let's poke around and make sure it's safe before we make a wardrobe to it for her," Willow suggested.

"If we're going to make one specifically for you… we'll have to go over what it's going to look like," Xander said brightly. "I mean, these are pretty plain. I have lots of designs for fancier ones."

"Mom has a waterbed with dark red wood and a headboard with a cool mirror," Amy offered. "Could you make it match that?"

"Sure," Xander said. "I haven't worked with mirrors yet and there were some cool ideas on how to use them with furniture."

"Bro," Jesse said, "explore first."

"Yeah, let's see what the place looks like," Sharon said.

"Let's get changed!" Willow said excitedly, grabbing Amy and Sharon, dragging them off to the clothes racks.

"Lock and load people," Jesse called out with a grin. "I've always wanted to say that."

"Aren't The Boys supposed to go with you?" Jerry asked.

"We're just going to look around," Xander said, "they are coming with us when we visit the town, to discourage people from messing with us."

"They're good for that," Jerry said with a nod.

Jesse took a gun belt from the carpet bag and put it on, checking to make sure the gun was unloaded before attaching a dagger to the left hand side of the belt and retrieving a box of ammo. Xander did much the same while Jesse loaded his gun and put a small handful of ammo in his pocket before passing the box over to Xander.

The three girls came out from behind the racks of clothes dressed like Amish women, in simple black dresses covered in blue capes and aprons with simple white bonnets.

"How do I look?" Amy asked Jesse.

"Like you stepped out of Little House on the Prairie," Jesse said. "You guys look hella cute."

"Cute as a bug in a rug," Xander agreed taking Willows hands and leaning forward to rub his nose against hers, making her smile widely.

"Let's see how you girls look properly armed," Jesse said, picking up and passing them the carpetbag.

The three girls were shortly all armed, each having carefully followed their gun handling lessons and tucked extra ammo into their aprons.

"Now you look even cuter," Jesse said.

"Huh, you actually do," Xander said as he looked over Willow sounding faintly surprised.

"Let's go exploring!" Sharon exclaimed pointing at the wardrobe. "I have binoculars and I want to get a peek at the town." She retrieved an old set of heavy metal binoculars from her backpack.

"Cool!" Amy enthused and the children gathered around to examine her binoculars.

"Dude, we should totally get some of these," Jesse told Xander.

"Yup," Xander agreed as he passed them to Willow to look at. "Don't know why we didn't think of it ourselves."

The gang walked through the wardrobe easily fitting the entire group at once, as Xander had made if large enough for The Boys to carry building supplies through.

They stepped out onto a beach of pure white sand under bright blue skies, a breeze off the tropical sea cooling them slightly.

"Where's the town?" Willow asked as they looked at the miles of pristine island paradise with not a speck of human presence in sight.

"Um… if each wardrobe opens randomly like the desert ones, then… we could be dozens of miles away from any town," Sharon said. "The box was just a lucky fluke, I guess."

"Fuck!" Xander yelled in frustration letting himself fall flat on his back on the sand.

"Watch the potty mouth, mister," Willow scolded him. "No kisses for five… seconds!"

"That's not much of a punishment," Amy noted.

"I know, but just because he cursed doesn't mean I gotta suffer too!" Willow explained, making Xander laugh.

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