Chapter 3

Silence filled the throne room as Naru just stared down at the frozen Konoha, taking in their features, since she last saw them ten years ago.

'Time has not been kind to any of them...' She closed her eyes for a moment.

After waiting ten more seconds, she sighed, "Any day, now? I'm not getting any younger."

Her voice snapped them out of their shock as Shikamaru gulped, "Nox-sama?"

"Yes?" She cooed with a purr.

He lowered his head, "We humbly ask for your assistance with the war with Oto, Kumo, and Iwa."

She titled her head as if to consider his words before asking, "And what does Konoha bring for my assistance in your war? Don't tell me you think I'll help you just from the mere goodness of my heart? Or are you going to tell me that your village has decided on subjugating themselves to my rule?"

Shikamaru lifted his head, "We plan on giving you the payment of 10 million dollars, along with all of our highest ranked jutsu and we already have several...women ready to obey your every command."

She scoffed, "Under the assumption that I was a man who wouldn't pass up the chance for a new bed warmer? Not that I blame you for assuming as such. The destroyed battlefields I leave behind would cause anyone at first glance to think I was male instead of female. But that doesn't matter. Yuuhei!"

She stiffened, "Yes, Nox-sama?"

"Have you gotten married yet?"

She froze, making Naru tut, "I thought I asked you a question?"

She nodded, "Yes, you did. My sincerest apologies and yes I did, Nox-sama."

"Hm, well, I guess I can't call you Yuuhei, then. Let me guess, Sarutobi, right?"

She barely held in the reflex to flinch, but Naru smiled, "Looks like it's true. Who would have thought the frigid bitch of the leaves would actually get married? Well, desperate times calls for desperate measures I suppose."

"I love him."

"I'm sure you do. And him, Asuma Sarutobi. How he came from someone like Gramps, I'll never know. Moving away from him, how's your little pet project? Has she learned to speak in full sentences yet or is she still the same sniveling little shit hiding in her oversized coat like before?"

Kurenai grit her teeth making Naru disappear from her throne a second later and grab her neck, shocking the rest of them into stiffening, "I'd suggest that you don't move. I'd rather not have your miserable blood screw up my good floor. My head butler works so hard and it would be mean of me to give him more work."

Kurenai clawed at her arm in a pitiful attempt to get her to release her, "I asked you a question about your pet project, Sarutobi. Is she still the same?"

She gagged before she barely managed to cough out, "N-no!"

Naru released her as she spluttered and shook as she rubbed her neck, "She's gotten stronger."

"So centimeters instead of inches. How miserable," She scoffed as she turned to Neji, "Tell me, do you still believe in fate?"

"I do."

"So you do...My, my, you haven't changed at all."

"Tell me Shika, do you think there is a way out of your miserable situation?"

"There's always one way."

"Is there? I didn't peg you as the optimistic type. That's usually Lee's thing. Tell me, Bushy brows, is there hope?"

He gave a stiff nod as he couldn't really trust himself to speak as her eyes were light with amusement. It reminded him of Kisame but on a whole different level and it made him want to tremble.

Before Kiba could speak, Shikamaru spoke, "We need you back, Naru."

"Oh really? Why?"

"Konoha will fall without you."

"And why should I care?"

"You have every right not to care, we tossed you away, spat on you, and practically disowned you publicly."

She rolled her eyes, "And? Get to the point."

"But we need you. There is no else that can help us, the village is in a depression, our forces are weakening and our morale is at an all-time low. Suna and Kiri refuse to have anything to do with us and we are practically banned from entering multiple countries under the certainty of death. The village and everyone in it are hanging on by multiple treads. If the first offer isn't enough, anything you want you will get, just say it. We will make sure to pay you back, but please help us."

She crossed her arms and let the tension in the air mount before she gave a short, "No."

Kiba shouted, "What?! Why?!"

"Don't what, why me, Inuzuka! I have every single reason and right to answer no. Why in the name of fuck should I stick my neck out for you all and put my forces on the line for a group of miserable shits that have been making their coffin for decades? Do you know what I got sticking my neck out? Nearly getting lopped my head off and nearly getting raped for the security of dear Konoha and the manipulations of a group of people that should have retired decades ago. I refuse to come to the aid of a bunch of maggots who have the gall to crawl before me when their back is against the wall with no hope of a savior."

Lee softly commented, "Your flames of youth have disappeared, Naru."

"And who were the ones who stamped them out in the first place, Lee? Because I can guarantee it wasn't me."

He didn't have an answer for that as he lowered his head.

Kiba huffed, "So that's it? You are going to leave us and the village you were raised die?"

"Well, of course. But do you think I would let Oto, Kumo, and Iwa have their fun with you all?"

They all froze in their spots as they stared at her confused as she shook her head, "Oh no, that honor solely belongs to me."

The fear started to sink into the very marrow of their bones, Neji braced himself as he quipped, "So, you are going to do away with us?"

She waved a hand away from her, "Oh no, no, no. That would be too easy and as I said before, I don't want to give my Head butler too much work. I love giving him time with his significant other and having him clean up your miserable body parts would cut into that. And I don't like that. So, you are going to serve as a warning to Konoha."

Kiba croaked, "A warning?"

She grinned as she clapped, "Yes! But you don't need to worry. You will all leave here alive. I had my fair share of dead examples when Iwa tried their foolish attack on Uzu several years back."

Shikamaru paled to the color of sour milk as he recalled that could barely read the beginning of the report that nearly sent his father into shock. The slaughter made everything he saw during the last ten years seem like a stroll through the park and it gave him nightmares for a month until he had a Yamanaka remove it from his memory.

He stuttered, "Y-you...did it?"

She smiled, "Of course. They had a lot of nerve, sending a force of only two hundred people to attack my country. Thinking it would so easy to conquer or cause some lasting damage. I was almost tempted to have one of my commanders destroy half the village for the insult before I decided against it."

Her statement just cemented the fact that the Naru before them wasn't the same when she left the village. She was fully willing to crush them like bugs on the street. The smile she was giving them didn't ease their spirits at all.

Shikamaru could only imagine that Danzo would be pulling his hair out if he knew the information they received right now.

Naru felt very comfortable over their unease, she wanted to savor it for a bit longer, but she knew she had to let them go. They would soon beg for death within the next few hours anyway.

She whistled and a purple-haired maid with a white mask came unto the scene and bowed gracefully, "Naru-sama, how may I serve you?"

"Kyoko-chan, my sincerest apologies, but could you please lead these...people out of my throne room and castle please?"

"Of course, Naru-sama," She bowed once more, before turning towards the Konoha ninja and said in a formal tone, "Follow me, Konoha ninja."

As they were led out of the throne room, they all took one last glance at Naru's smiling face for leaving her alone, when the door closed did she allow a dark, violent grin to settle on her face as she shivered with delight, "This...will be fun."

Kurama wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and kissed her neck, "Yes, it will be. How did it feel?"

"It felt very good. But I'll be more at peace when they are ashes."

They then left the throne room side by side and as they walked, Inari came across them and bowed, "Naru-sama."

She rushed over and hugged him, "Oh you look so adorable in your cadet uniform. You look just like your father with hints of Tsunami from the picture she sent."

He blushed, "Thank you, Naru-sama."

"You know you can call me, Naru or Big sis, right?"


"Oh fine, I'll drop it for now. But, I can't wait until you become nineteen, just one more year. Do you plan on shadowing Esdeath with her husband during their hunting trip, coming up in a few weeks?"

He nodded, "Yes. They said there are several new beasts that they want to add to their collection and they would allow me to capture my first one."

"Oh, how exciting. Good. There's nothing that promotes growth better than hard work after all. You will enjoy it, I can't wait to see what you bring back."

"Me neither, but do you know what's happening? Several say that Konoha ninjas have arrived."

"Apparently, Konoha is desperate for my help."

"Miserable bastards."

"That they are, but that makes it fun."

"They are going to suffer, aren't they?"

"Yes, they will. Does that upset you?"

"Not really. No one screws you over and gets away with it."

She nuzzled against him before letting him go, "I should let you get back to your business, but you should visit me more."

"Of course, and have a good day, Lord Kurama."

He patted him on the head, "You too, kid."

They then went their separate ways and Naru made to relax with Kurama, she would hear all about what they did to them soon enough.

Warning! Scenes mentioning rape, violence, and torture, skip until you see the next pair of bold text!

[With the Konoha Team]

Everyone was a mess, they couldn't believe what they just witnessed, Naru, of all fucking people, was the terrifying Nox who left nothing but massacres in their wake. She was the leader of Whirlpool and was responsible for the decimation of Orochimaru, Akatsuki, and made Kumo and Iwa seem like scolded children in comparison.

Kurenai couldn't even find it within her to laugh at her situation, 'No one is going to believe us when we tell them.'

As they continued to walk, the maid turned a corner and when they followed her, she was nowhere to be seen.

Kiba groaned, "Fuck."

Kurenai said, "We just need to find the front entrance and then we can leave. We just need to stick together and move as one."

Unfortunately for her, it wasn't going to be that easy. The country's streets were made in a certain way that unless you knew where you were going, you were going to get lost. Easily.

Even as they kept in a group, they found themselves going in circles, frustrating them to no end until they finally decided split up to cover more ground and hopefully find a way to the front entrance so they could go home.


She quickly made her way down a street only to run into Issei who could only grin at her slim form.

'Oh, this will be fun. And Naru-sama said I could take her back after she gets sent to Konoha for their lesson.'

He cooed, "Hi~"

"Who are you?"

"Me? Just someone you will become very intimate with soon enough."

She got into a stance, flipped through handsigns, "Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death!"

Issei just stood completely still with a smile as she made to pin him and have him help her team before he pulled her into a kiss before she jumped out of his grip, "Damn you! I'm married!"

He shrugged, "Like that matters to me. Because soon enough you'll be mine."

"Fuck you!"

He allowed his face to twist into a sadistic leer, "Of course, dear."

She paled before she turned and ran off as he laughed, his laughter ringing in her ears as she needed to get away and quickly. He followed after her as she started to grow more and more panicked as he was always just a few feet behind her no matter where she went.

Issei just basked in how unnerved she was, his kiss would take effect on her soon enough and that was when the fun began.

She raced to find her team and get the hell out of this country before she felt herself lose balance and stumble propping herself against the building beside her.

'Dammit, I need to find them.'

She felt her lips were hot as she tried to make headway into finding her team only to collapse on her hands and knees.

"Oh, what a nice position. And such a nice ass as well."

She turned to see Issei grinning at her.


He nodded, "Yes."

She felt her body twitch the closer he got to her as she tried to crawl away, "G-get away from me!"

He decided he had his fill of the cat and mouse game as he stripped her of her clothes, leaving her in only her bra and panties. She barely got the strength to stand and race into one of the buildings.

She was then surrounded by darkness before Issei had her pinned, taking her lips as she pounded her fists on his chest as she felt that she was being sucked of all of her energy. She pushed herself back only to find herself falling and then landed on a soft bed that felt like pudding.

She gasped as she tried to get up only to have multiple hands drag her back to lie on the bed and she saw who was holding her. She was surrounded by multiple naked women, lust-happy and giggling.

"Let me go!" She snapped

They didn't respond other than removing her bra and panties leaving her exposed as they began to kiss and lick every inch of her as she tried to release herself from their grip.

She was in her worst nightmare before she saw Issei who stripped himself of his clothes before he crawled towards her, kneeling before her dripping core.

Kurenai choked out, "Where are we?"

"Where do you think? Your new home and soon you will be just like them, lust-happy and begging to be sated."

He then crammed his cock inside of her as she screamed.


Issei was fucking Kurenai in a private room in one of his favorite towers. She was screwed the moment she used her genjutsu on him and he turned it against her leaving her mind occupied and her body defenseless.

She would soon realize that she was trapped in her own mind and the nightmare he placed her in is connected to her pleasure her body experienced. The human body and brain is an utterly selfish thing, if it got pleasure, it would only want more of it. The want of it would only make the nightmare worse for her until she finally gave in, which would shatter her.

Soon enough he felt her tighten and cum around him, he purred, "Oh, I'm going to enjoy molding you the most. Breaking in pervert haters like you are my favorite. You won't know the meaning of clean by the time I'm finished with you and the night is still so young."


He slowly made his way around, trying to find any sign that would tell him where he was. He clenched and unclenched his fists in an effort to stop himself from getting a cigarette before he caught the scent of smoke. It wasn't like his or Asuma's cigarettes, it was sweet-smelling and it surrounded him.

He looked around before spotting a man sitting on the rooftop of one of the smaller buildings that filled the street he was on. The man came down and he saw that he towered over him by several inches as he gave him a bit of inquisitive glare.

"She sent you to kill me...didn't she?"

"Trust me, if she wanted to kill you, you would have never made it beyond her throne room. And if I wanted too, you would have been dead already."

"Then why am I still alive?"

"Simple, I want to see if the Nara clan are as smart as the Nations say. But I must say, I'm already disappointed. Lazy appearance, slow-moving, and chain-smoker, it's rather pathetic."

Shikamaru braced himself, "So what now?"

"Entertain me."

Shikamaru got into a stance and made to attack him with his shadow but Rock could only sigh as he pulled out a blade that hissed when it hit the air. He slashed through his shadows before tearing open Shikamaru's shirt and jounin vest.

For a split second, Shikamaru felt as if he lost control of half of his body and the icy grip of death embrace him before he fell down on his ass, pale and shaking as he touched his torso in disbelief that he wasn't in pieces.

'That's no normal blade.'

"So...let's begin. Let's put your mind to the test and see if you live up to the legacy of your clan."

Shikamaru could only grit his teeth at Rock's soft smile, which did nothing but stir his unease and he could only hope to get out of this situation alive and in one piece.

'I hope the rest of you guys are doing better than me.'


Esdeath grinned as she trailed after Lee before she let out her killing intent, alarming him as he got into a stance looking around as she showed herself.

He asked, "Who are you?"

"Who I am, isn't important."

"I got separated from my team and-"

"That's your problem, not mine Konoha ninja."

"Why are you here?"

"I was inspecting how long you would last in my private chambers before you would have to be healed. I'd say three hours."

"I'm not going anywhere with you, ma'am. I need to find my teammates."

"Your teammates should be the least of your worries."

She then sped towards him and he barely blocked the kick that would have broken his neck by sacrificing his arm.

He screamed and managed to awkwardly twist out of the way of her planting her heel in the street where his face used to be. He was on full-defense, but it didn't seem to do much, Esdeath was on top of him constantly, lashing out at him until she beat him to the point that he couldn't move as pain buzzed through every nerve he had.

She sighed, dusting her hands clean before she grabbed him by his hair and dragged him to her private torture chamber as Lee fell unconscious.

Soon he woke up, naked, restrained and exposed as a man who had his back turned to him was wearing a white uniform was polishing a set of tools and then Esdeath came into the room.

He simply asked, "How long?"

"The entire night and then I have to give him back."

"Well, let's make sure he has a very memorable stay."

She grinned and Lee couldn't even whimper as he became the toy of two sadists, pushing him towards the edge of death and his own sanity, before bringing him back to full health, before repeating the entire process again.


He slowly made his way down a deserted road, looking left and right before he came across Ichigo who was leaning against a light pole.

"Who are you?"

Ichigo didn't respond, making Neji step closer, "I said, who are you? Identify yourself!"

He scoffed, "I don't answer to a miserable little shit who thinks himself to better because of some false deity."

Neji scowled.

His lips quirked upwards as he took in Neji's scowl, "What a look on your face."

He got into his Hyuuga stance, "Are you going to stand in my way?"

Ichigo stood up straight and said, "Yeah, I am. What are you going to do about it?"

"Prepare yourself."

"Let's see what you got."

He attacked him first, shouting, "Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms!"

Ichigo caught his wrists, disrupting his technique as he gave a slow-raising eyebrow before kicking him away.

"That's it? Really?"

Neji got up and made to attack him in a variety of different moves only for them to fall short, each failed jutsu made him more and more unnerved until he tried to palm strike his heart only for Ichigo cancel his attack and shatter all the bones in his right hand and his wrist.

He screamed in anguish as he held his hand before Ichigo repeated the process with his other hand, leaving him defenseless.

"Tell me, Hyuuga. Is your beloved fate going to save you."

He could only look at the smirking form of Ichigo with his hopelessness as obvious as a sore thumb.

"I guess that answers that."

He cracked his knuckles as Neji could only scream.


He snarled as he tried to find out where the hell he was before he stopped. He tilted his head back and took a big sniff and smelled something off. He whipped around, trying to figure out the scent before he felt that he was being stared at and he called out, "Come out now!"

Kankei appeared before him from the shadows and smiled.

"So this is the supposed Alpha, huh?"

Kiba braced himself and asked, "She sent you after us, no matter. I'll kick your ass and get to my team."

"Oh, your arrogance is appalling, but it does make this fun."

"I'm not scared of someone who works for her. I bet you are as stupid as she is!"

He tsked at him, "It's a shame that you allow your mouth to run amok and you need to fix that."

"Do you think you can take me?"

"Oh, I can do a whole lot more than that. But let's start with making you more humble."

Kiba braced himself to attack only to feel something stab into his side and he slowly looked down to see a red and black tentacle pierce through him.

He screamed when the tentacle ripped out of his side as he pressed his hand against his pierced flesh in an attempt to stem the bleeding.

"Y-you're a freak, just like her!"

"Oh, there's that miserable tongue waggling out of turn again. Shame."

He then shoved his hand into his mouth and made to rip off his cock with a wet, meaty tear, making him scream in anguish before burning the wound shut.

"That's to make sure you don't bleed out, but we have all night to break that miserable arrogance of yours."

Kiba tried to crawl backward only for Kaneki to stab Kiba's hand, keeping him in place.

"Why are trying to run? The fun has just begun?"

He could only shiver in horror as Kankei stood over him and began the meticulous process of breaking his will to live.

Alright, alright it's over! You can continue reading now, it's safe.

The night was over and dawn was soon to be upon Whirlpool, from all over the country, the five Commanders dragged their toys to the front of the village where Naru was waiting with Kurama beside her.

Issei came upon the scene first, dragging Kurenai by her hair, her body was twitching from the hellish pleasure she felt during the night. He was practically glowing from the sexual energy he drained from her during their nightly activities and he couldn't keep the smile off of his face.

"My, my, enjoyed yourself?" She quipped

He dropped Kurenai right in front of her, "Yes, thank you very much."

"Of course. Did she last long?"

"She tried to put me in a genjutsu, which was a fatal move on her part. She got to this state when she tried to free herself but it was much too late. She's a stubborn one."

She knelt down to observe her a bit more, "Hmph, that she is."


She looked up at him, "Yes?"

"When you finish showing them off to Konoha, can I have her?"

"Oh? Well, I haven't spoiled you in a while, but I expect nothing but above and beyond work for the next month if I give you her."


"Good!" She grinned as she patted him on the shoulder.

He felt elated when he heard Kurenai whimper, whether from subconsciously realizing her situation or how she felt in general, none of them knew nor cared.

Rock came before her next, still smoking his pipe, carrying Shikamaru by his tattered shirt, his eyes were glazed over and empty. He dropped him next to the limp form of Kurenai as he bowed to Naru.

"Good morning, Rock. How was he?"

"He failed my expectations, his laziness just made it worse."

"Hm, my sincerest apologies."

"It's not your fault, Naru-sama. It just seems the rumors of the Nara clan being the smartest of the Nations is overblown."

"Rumors are usually hit or miss."

"And unfortunately I got a miss. Shame," He sighed

Esdeath made her way forward, dragging the broken form of Rock Lee, crippled in more ways than one before she dropped him on top of the two. Not even a whimper came from him as he was as limp as a noodle.

"Thank you Naru-sama."

"Enjoyed yourself with Tatsumi?"

She grinned, her smile taking on some of her husband's attributes and warmth.

"I'll take that as a yes. It's always good to enjoy yourself. Tell him hi for me."

"I will."

Ichigo came forward next, his fists drenched in blood as he dragged the twisted, bloody mound of flesh that used to known as Neji before dropping him before Naru.

"I'm back, Naru-sama."

"Good morning, Ichigo. Let me guess, he didn't stand a chance?"

He shook his head, "He didn't he put up a decent fight when I started, you would think a prodigy would have more up his sleeves."

"I can make it up to you if you want?"

He let the corner of his lips quirk up, "No thank you, Naru-sama. But I appreciate the offer."

"Very well, but remember the offer is always there."

He nodded as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Kankei came last, his kagune carrying the limp form of Kiba in such a wretched state that it caused Kurama to whistle, "Well, mutt boy is certainly down for the count. You broke him in more ways than one."

"Of course, he's rather crude for a supposed alpha. Within minutes he was whimpering. I would have felt bad if it wasn't so pathetic. But now he's no longer an alpha by any means."

Naru smiled and clapped, "Great work, Kaneki."

He bowed, "It was no problem, Naru-sama."

"Now, you all have the day off, please spent it at your leisure."

"Of course, all of you are dismissed, except you Issei, stay."

They bowed, "At your leave."

As they left, Naru smiled, "Where do you want her to be placed when I send her back?"

"At the DE tower, Naru-sama."

She nodded as she made a mental note of the location, "Of course. Have a good day, Issei."

"You too," He smiled before vanishing in a flash.

She turned towards Kurama and kissed him, "Take care of the country until I return."

"Of course. I expect you to return soon."

"Is there any doubt?" She quipped before hugging him before gathering the five members, placed them on a boat and quickly made her way to Konoha as he made to wait for her to return.

[With Naru]

She quickly crossed the sea and once she reached land, she gathered all five in her grip before quickly making her way over to Konoha under the cover of night. She had an hour before the sun rose and had to be quick.

Soon she found herself staring at the gates she thought she wouldn't see unless it was turned to ashes. She made short work of putting all five ninjas on display for all of Konoha to see and then hid in the shadows, waiting for the fireworks to start.

As the sun rose and people got up to try to scrape a living, they didn't notice at first, until someone took a glance at the front entrance of Konoha. Then the screams came, first from confusion, then fear and shock fas the village started to unravel with shock as people rushed to the front entrance to investigate.

Naru continued to watch as they pulled them down from where she placed them and then they were rushed to the hospital as their families and team members were informed. She made a shadow clone wearing her black armor and sealed it into a scroll to deliver a message as she put on a seal on Kurenai to send her to DE Tower when the time was right.

She then continued to watch the madness unfold.

The village was abuzz with the news of the torture the five went through and Tsunade felt a headache coming on and knew that today was going to be a long one.

After checking over, all five and making sure they weren't going to die she made her way to the council room. Before anyone could speak, Shizune rushed in, "Tsunade-sama!"

"What is it, Shizune?"

"You got a scroll! It's from Nox!"

Everyone stiffened as the mood became tense as she took the scroll from her apprentice and said, "Move back a bit, please."

She did as she asked as Tsunade undid the scroll and it unraveled to reveal Nox, the black demon wearing a suit of armor. Several civilians were barely holding back the will to not shit their pants over how terrifying the person in front of them was. Nearly everyone in the room moved back a bit in distress.

In a cool hollow voice, Nox stated, "How amusing. The mere sight of me causes you to tremble and you dare call yourselves shinobi? I'd laugh if I could."

Homura softly asked, "What have you done?"

"Me? No, no, not I? However, the ninjas your village sent were a bit too cheeky for their own good. And so I had a few soldiers teach them a lesson. I have to say...they were very nice lessons."

Tsume choked out, "Did you neuter my son?"

Nox gave a slight shrug of the shoulders, "He didn't have much to remove in the first place."

Tsunade just wanted to go back to bed, "What do you want?"

"I just came to collect one. After all, my soldier has grown very attached to her."

"No!" Asuma shouted, toppling his seat, "I won't let you take my wife away from me!"

Nox glanced at him before saying, "Kind of late for that," after which Nox snapped their fingers, which triggered the seal, sending Kurenai away.

Shikaku asked, "What did you do?"

"Gave her back to my men. She has such wonderful screams, besides she looks rather nice, all broken and supple."


"Be silent," Nox quipped

After a moment of silence, "Moving on, the answer to your plea for help is no. And will always be no. I can't wait to see how your village falls. Either by my forces or by your enemies, it will be nothing but amusing."

"Isn't there anything we can do for you to help us?"

"No. There isn't. Try to die the most violent deaths that you can so I turn your miserable corpses into gun powder."

As Nox turned to leave Shizune shouted, "Wait! Do you know Naru Uzumaki?"

Nox tilted their head in thought, "Hmm, Naru...Let me guess, a blonde girl with blue eyes and whisker marks, correct? It's kind of hard not to notice the talk of the Elemental Nations and the main factors of what caused the downfall of your village, but yes I do know her."

Tsunade pushed Shizune behind her, "Where is she? Is she with you?"

"Not with me per se, but she's happy. And where she lives, who knows? Little foxes like her never give away their home, especially to those who have an axe to grind."

Nox then disappeared without a trace as Tsunade just dismissed the rest of them and made to get some damn relief for her headache. Asuma just screamed in rage over the state of his student and his now-missing wife. As everyone just looked miserable and tried to make sense of their horrible situation.

'How am I going to explain this to our daughter and our teams?'

Konoha could only bask in the horror that Nox left them in and wondered what was going to happen next.

[Back in Whirlpool]

Naru made her way back to her country where she was greeted with low bows and she just smiled at them, "Rise, please. Return back to your posts."

"At your will."

After passing the guards, she made her way into the country, taking in the peaceful scenery that surrounded her. She took her time getting back to the castle. She loved seeing each Commander going about their day when they were on breaks with their lives in peace.

Meliodas and his wife Elizabeth were resting on the top of their bar, enjoying the sun under the shade, savoring each other's company.

Esdeath and her husband Tatsumi were walking hand in hand in their civilian wear on their way to another picnic.

Shiro and her husband Ganta were making their way to go another Ferris Wheel ride.

Guts and his men were taking care of their armor and weapons with Guts getting his prosthetic arm checked and scheduled for a new one.

Ichigo would be meditating in his castle before turning in for the day.

Rock would be taking a break before going straight to his office to get a headstart on paperwork.

Issei should be breaking in his new toy in his castle, so he wouldn't be out for a while.

Kaneki would be in the hot springs, allowing himself to detox from the kibble food he just ate.

As she continued to walk, she made her way past Itachi, holding the hand of his fiancee wearing the same golden ring on her ring finger as they made way for breakfast. Neither of them had to say anything, a simple moment of eye contact was all they need before they went their separate ways.

Then Seras came up to her, carrying her open sun umbrella.

"Good morning, Naru-sama."

"You know you can call me, Naru, Seras?"

"Yes, but Naru-sama is more fitting."

"Hmph, good morning, Seras. Do you need anything?"

"Alucard and I are going to feed so we need to go on a hunting trip for the next several days."

"I see. But you know you could have waited until I got under the shade of the castle. The sun is still dangerous to you."

"Not as much as before. But thank you for caring."

"I will always care, Seras. That's my job. From grunt to commander, I care just the same."

She smiled and gave her a hug, which Naru returned with a squeeze.

"Tell your husband to have a good day for me."

"I will. He's been aching for a spar with you."

"Sounds fun. Tell him to meet with me during the night."

"Of course," She smiled before she disappeared into the shadows back to her castle.

Naru could only smile as she made her way to her castle. Her mind was resting on the dear husband on her Commander that just left her sight. She knew it was a good idea for him to take a backseat advisor position, all three of them knew that he was more powerful than Seras, but he agreed to a more passive role. He found himself impressed with Seras and how she led her forces as she took the words of his past to heart and it showed in how she trained them. He made to bounce around certain castles for entertainment. She knew he was happy, even if he didn't really know how to show it. He wasn't alone anymore and that just made her happy.

'Maybe I'll invite everyone to dinner. It's been a while since I had one of those.'

Then she made her way to her castle and found Kurama waiting for her. She just grinned and embraced him as he nuzzled into her for a moment, "I'm back."

"Welcome back."

After exchanging a few words they went their separate ways as she made her way to her office to do work as she opened the door to find an older Ciel Phantomhive leaning against her desk.

"Good morning, Naru-sama."

"Good morning, Ciel."

"What's the snack for this morning? Since I picked yesterday?"

"A secret, I already sent the order in, now let's see if we can chew through this miserable stack of paper before lunch," He scoffed, looking at the paperwork in distaste.

"I agree, but please don't set my desk on fire. Pull up a seat and let's begin."

As they began to work, the sun shined brightly over Whirlpool, but how did such a powerful nation come to be? But you know what they say, Rome was not built in a day.

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