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Summary: This is an alternate version of what happened in the throne room where Bella meets the Volturi coven. Bella will find a new love. This story would be Alec/Bella pairing.

Chapter 1: Finding a Mate

Alec's POV

I stood in the throne room waiting for my sister to come in with foolish boy, his sister, and his girlfriend. I could not believe that foolish boy asked for death from my masters because his girlfriend was now dead. I mean if he was her mate, then that foolish boy would not leave her or even broke her heart! I looked at my masters. My masters were eagerly waiting for the arrival of the arrogant boy, his sister, and so called human girlfriend, especially Master Caius who did not like humans whatsoever.

I shook my head to clear my mind of these unimportant, useless thoughts. I spoke softly to myself, "I am a member of the elite Volturi guard, and I cannot keep these unguarded thoughts within my own mind."

Due to vampire hearing, I began to hear footsteps of my sister, Felix, Demetri, and our dear wonderful guests. I also heard a beautiful sound of a human heartbeat that was like music to my ears. I listened to the wonderful heartbeat so intensely that my dead heart skipped a beat. As the footsteps approached closer and closer to the throne room, I felt like I could not wait to see the beautiful human being that made such a wonderful, musical heartbeat. I became instantly enamored at the musical sounds coming from the precious human heart-that I had not seen my sister, the other guards, and so called guests coming into the throne room until Master Aro had spoken.

Master Aro spoke with authority in his voice, "Oh look, the human is alive! See Edward, aren't you glad that we did not grant your request for your death?"

Edward Cullen replied, "I am not sorry for what I have done by wishing for death upon me. Believing it was true, I thought my mate was dead. Since no harm was done, can my girlfriend, my sister, and myself leave now? I would like to get this stupid meeting over with, so I go to home with my girlfriend. I love her that is why I left her."

All of the Volturi guards, including myself, hissed repulsively at his audacity to disrespect the kings. We smiled amusedly at how the foolish boy was digging himself further into a hole that my masters certainly would not allow him to get out from a certain rabbit hole.

Master Caius was not at all pleased at that foolish boy's statement. I could feel his anger and animosity from miles away as his anger radiated throughout the throne room. He snarled out, "Foolish boy, how dare you make a mockery of our laws! You have exposed yourself to a human or failed to change a human into a vampire as the laws have stated. How dare do you come in here with your disrespectfulness? You ought to be killed and punished! Your so called human girlfriend needs to be killed!"

Upon hearing that statement from Master Caius's words, I began to become filled with unbridled worries within my thoughts and my dead heart. My dead heart swelled from worries about the safety of the innocent human, so I was curious why I was experiencing intense feelings at overall well-being of a soon-to-be-dead human.

I simply smiled at how Master Aro agreed with Master Caius's statement. Master Aro stated, "My brother is right, young Cullen. You and your entire coven have broken several laws, so two of you deserve to be punished for your actions. All of you deserve to have the punishment of death, unless you promise to me that you will serve me in the Volturi guard."

I listened to how two unwanted guests refused my master's offer to serve in the Volturi guard. I thought that it was a big mistake because Master Aro would not give a second chance. I watched as Master Aro slowly approached the human girl with such immense curiosity that I growled inwardly, thinking he would want another guard member.

As he stepped closer to the frightened human, he said, "Ah, young Isabella, nice to meet you. You are so beautiful. Your beauty is exquisite that I had never seen such a beautiful woman like you before ever since I became immortal. Since your boyfriend and your best friend refused to join the guard, perhaps I could convince you to join the guard."

Upon hearing Master Aro's request, Master Caius growled out loudly and jumped onto his feet suddenly-that the ground trembled, so I could feel it being a few feet away from him. He growled out, "Aro, they do not deserve a second chance because we are Volturi, and the Volturi does not give second chances! That arrogant boy and his entire coven deserves death since they have exposed themselves to a human! How dare you offer them places amongst our guards!"

Inwardly, I chuckled at how Master Aro quickly shook his head at Master Caius's outburst. Without even turning his head, Master Aro simply replied, "Why give the foolish boy, his sister, and an innocent human death? Instead, we can give them new destinies; that is, they are to serve the Volturi. I was curious at human's ability to block young Cullen's mind."

"No, she would not be your newest pet, Aro! She is to remain human like I always want her to be. She is my girlfriend, and she is mine," snarled Edward Cullen. He moved in front of her, thus protecting her from Master Aro's view. I shook my head at the audacity of reckless boy testing my master's patience and generosity. I thought that clearly his maker did not teach him all Volturi laws since his arrogance was through roof as if he owned the Volturi.

Without missing a beat, Master Aro simply smiled at the arrogant boy's statement. His red eyes glared at him amusedly as he signaled to my sister to use her gift on the arrogant boy. I watched with tremendous glee as my sister used her power on Edward Cullen. "That's enough Jane. Insolent boy, you have no control in here. I am the one in charge around here. You will never tell me what to do ever again! Do I make myself clear? " snarled Master Aro. Master Aro then signaled Felix to hold the arrogant boy down; while, he continued to address the human.

"Young Bella, can I take look into your thoughts if I may?" Master Aro politely asked. I saw the shy, quiet human hesitated. Slowly, she moved her hand into the Master Aro's waiting hand. As Master Aro quietly waited for an onslaught of her thoughts, he saw nothing. I watched as his eyebrows went up to his hairline as he exclaimed, "Quite remarkable! I saw nothing! She must be a powerful mental shield then. Hmm, my dear Jane, can you try to use your gift on her?"

As I soon heard his statement, I growled loudly as I blurred across the room to crouch down protectively in front of the human girl. I shouted, "No, you will not harm her Jane! I would not allow you!" My sister abruptly stopped and looked at me in confusion. I growled at her once more as she growled back. All three of my masters turned towards me confusedly as if I were out of my mind for protecting a human.

"Enough!" shouted Master Aro. Master Aro sternly looked at me demanding an explanation. Master Aro demanded of me, "what is the meaning of this Alec? You better have a good reason for protecting a human and for defying my orders."

I bowed my head in respect, refusing to look at my furious master. I averted eyes from everyone and looked the ground. I meekly replied, "I apologized for my actions Master Aro. I did not know what came over me, but all I remembered was an extreme, intense, overwhelming desire to protect this human from my sister. I felt an extreme, emotional attachment to this human behind me Master."

Master Aro was speechless at my surprising explanation of my actions because I had never done anything like this before to defy him. Master Aro surprisingly answered, "I am shocked at this sort of behavior you had demonstrated today in the throne room. Hmm, perhaps, this human is your mate. If she is indeed your mate, I need Master Marcus to confirm the mating bond between you and the human."

I nodded solemnly at Master Aro's statement, hoping that Master Marcus would confirm the mating bond between the human and me. As I looked on nervously the interaction between Master Aro and Master Marcus, I stood quietly looking at the ground. Soon enough, the interaction between Master Aro and Master Marcus ended so quickly.

I slowly raised my head from the ground and turned my gaze toward my masters. Surprisingly, it was Master Marcus that addressed the big elephant in the room. Master Marcus announced, "It is true. I see mating bond between Alec and Bella Swan. They are true soulmates. Young Cullen, you are not Bella Swan's mate. She is your singer. If she was your mate, you would not have been able to leave her."

Then, the pompous boy intruded upon Master Marcus's explanation. "That is not possible! She is MINE, MINE, and MINE! You cannot have her Alec!" shouted Edward Cullen at me.

As if it were a scene in a drama movie, I saw how Edward Cullen quickly rushed out of Felix's hold on him and ran over to grab the human by arm. He harshly with him to run out of the throne room doors. However, his misguided plan was stopped by lower guards who crouched down in defensive positions.

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