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Chapter One à The warrior and the tyrant

When foam-iced waves crash upon the shore,

Of one such abandoned island's bay.

It tells the story of the past, never to happen once more.

It will begin from one fateful day,

The day the white tyrant collared the red-amber warrior,

And the she-wolf harnessed to the sled.

Both comets cross paths, in passionate rapture,

In a time where the rivers ran red.

The serene shore of the present where gulls cry and wheel,

Broke to a different cry, when two slaves' fates were sealed…

            The ship docked at an island harbor, where stood a huge fortress on the crest of a hill. An enraged roar rang from the deck of the ship. Over twenty men, armed with thick sticks, were trying to control a small, red-haired man. The man was chained, and had shackles on his ankles and wrists. While the small army of people was trying to restrain the fighting demon, four more men led a long chain of captives out. Even with the heavy, restricting cuffs on his body, the warrior managed to knock out five men, and keep the rest busy until the ship was fully unloaded. They had finally managed to beat him into exhaustion, and lash his neck painfully to the chains covering his wrists, making it impossible for him to see anything except his feet and the ground.

            The slaving ship had landed on a little inland bay a week ago, and had taken the inhabitants of the small fishing town on it's banks there by surprise. They had taken all the able-bodied people as slaves, and killed all the rest. They looted the village and burned the place down. With the heat of the flames died the freedom of the captives.

             They had problems with the redhead ever since they rushed the village. He had killed over twenty-five of their men, and had seriously injured twelve on board the ship. Even though they had taken his weapon, a katana, away, he still excelled in hand-to-hand combat, and threw random blasts of ki at any enemy that came within range. The captain had later found out that he was a top-notch swordsman. The only reason why the warrior was kept alive was because of the lord that ruled over the island.

            The line of new slaves were dragged past a group of old ones. The warrior was still struggling, and needed the fifteen men to tow him to the fortress. A pair of sapphire eyes watched him, following his slow ascent to the gates of the castle. He was taken in, the gates shut, and the azure eyes looked away.

            The warrior was thrown at the feet of the ruler of the island. The redhead's fifteen captors bowed, saluted and proclaimed in unison, "We salute you, Lord Shishio!"

            The chosen spokesman spoke up, "Lord, the slave before you has killed twenty-five, fatally injured twelve, and put five more out of action. However, he is an excellent swordsman, and has incredible strength, for his size. We would have him killed if not for that, and we thought such qualities might be of use to you. I await your judgment, lord!"  

            Shishio looked down at the captive warrior, and smirked, "Name, slave?" The redhead lifted his head, despite the chains cutting into his neck, revealing piercing amber eyes.

            "Himura Kenshin, Iyou/I lord of the bastards." He replied, his voice menacing. The slaver who spoke to Shishio hit him roughly over the head with a stick, and the warrior leapt up, headbutting his assailant. The slaver dropped to the ground like a stone.

            "So then, Himura Kenshin, how would you like to be an officer in my army? You would be given your own quarters, pay, food, and women. If you had rather not, there is always the slave compound, and much work, more pain, and a hell of a lot less food. That would take care of your dirty mouth."

            "I would rather die that serve you!" Kenshin roared, sending a powerful blast of ki in Shishio's direction. The island king shook it off, and ordered him locked up, with no food and little water for the next few days.

            Kenshin was hauled off to the slave compound, and thrown into a dark cell. The shackles were taken off, all except for his feet, which were now bound together by a long chain. He lunged at the slavers, making them scurry to the door and lock it. He tensed up again, as he sensed the presence of another person in the pitch-black prison.

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