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Were days that long, was grass so green,

In seasons of youthful desire,

Roaming over seas of aquamarine,

Where westering suns drown in fire?

Across mountain, forest and river,

We wandered carefree and bold,

Never heeding the days to come,

When I'd wake up, slow and old.

Oh how the silent summer noon,

Warms dusty memories,

In an orchard, midst my dreams,

Underneath verdant, shadeful trees.

Come visit me, you little ones,

Hear stories, songs and rhymes,

A roving warrior's saga,

Of far-gone, golden times.

            The next morning, Kaoru woke to find Kenshin fast asleep by her bed, their hands still entwined. She smiled down at his peaceful expression, his face framed by his fiery hair. His head was rested on the edge of the bed, with his other hand pillowing it.  She could hear sounds of life from outside on the deck. Apparently, many of the ex-slaves were up and about, ready for the mass exodus. She sat up, careful not to wake Kenshin. However, her efforts went down the drain when Sano burst in, singing at the top of his voice. "The sun is shining, we are all gonna get out of this dump, and you are here sleeping?" Kaoru shut him up with a quick smack to the head, and he looked at her, with an expression of mock disapproval.

            Kaoru smiled, "I'm not, but he is." She tilted her head to indicate Kenshin. Sano made a move to shake him, but Kaoru stopped his hands. "Go and do whatever else you have to do, I can wake him up."

            Sano took her hint, and went out, saying something about wanting to get something to eat.

            Kaoru turned back at Kenshin, who was unconsciously looking for her. His head shifted, and his hands skimmed slowly over the bed. A soft whimper escaped his lips, the sound of a puppy that had lost its mother. Kaoru knelt next to him, stroking his back gently, and murmuring soft words to him. He stopped whimpering, now letting out a contented sigh.

            She spoke a little louder, "Kenshin, wake up." She saw his jewel-like violet eyes open, focusing on her.

            "Ohayou (good morning), Kaoru-dono.", he smiled, his eyes dancing with a soft expression. "I slept that late?"

            She nodded, "Hai, even Sano woke earlier than you.", Kaoru chided gently, watching as he chuckled softly.

            He lifted his head, and sat up, "We should get ready, in case something goes wrong." Kenshin coaxed her to stand, and then followed suit. They then left the room, only to come face to face with none other than the icicle.

            "Ohayou gozaimasu, Shinomori-san." Kenshin said, "When will we be leaving?"

            "Half an hour from now.", he replied, then walked off, his trenchcoat swaying.

            Kenshin and Kaoru walked around the ship, grabbing a bite to eat in the process, until Aoshi came to ask him to feed the animals.

            Kenshin walked around the many cages, throwing meat from a bucket to the many tigers, lions, wolves, and other carnivores. Sano got to feed the horses.

            Kenshin came across a cage, smaller than all the rest, containing a little, white puppy. It yapped at him, and plunked its paws on the cage bars, clearly wanting attention. It looked like a little, furry polar bear, with a wet, black nose. (an- if anyone wants to know what the puppy looks like, go search up 'Samoyed' on the net.)

            Despite him being a powerful swordsman and all, Kenshin was a sucker for cute, furry little puppies. "Aww, you're so cute. I wish I could take you with me, but I don't think Kaoru-dono would appreciate that." He opened the cage to give the puppy food, and petted its head, scratching behind its ears.

            Just then, Kaoru came in, and screamed at the sight of the fluffy puppy. "Kawaii! Kenshin, can we keep him?"

            Both Kenshin and the puppy face-faulted.

            Fifteen minutes later, Kenshin led the puppy out, a collar buckled around its neck and a lead attached. The little dog bounced happily after him, clearly excited about all that was going on. Kaoru followed, petting the dog once in a while.

            "So, Kenshin, what are we going to name him?" She asked, "He should have a name."

            Kenshin thought, then answered, "How about Shiroraion (white lion)?" The little dog perked up at the name.

            "He seems to like it. Shiroraion he is then!" Kaoru answered happily, while the puppy barked.

            Aoshi came to tell them that they would be leaving the ship now. Both of them followed him onto the deck, down a ramp, and onto a sandy beach. Shiroraion stuck close to the pair, not used to the new surroundings. Sano was already there, and standing next to him was a rather large horse. Kenshin's eyes bugged out as he saw the creature. "Sa….Sano….you are not planning to keep that huge horse are you?"

            Sano looked at him as if he was nuts. "Of course I'm keeping him." He looked at Shiroraion. "I know that breed of dog. They are small and cute for about three months, then they grow big and cute. He's a Samoyed." He looked at Kenshin. "You keeping him too?"

            Kaoru replied before Kenshin could say anything. "Definitely."

            "Cute, what's his name?"


            "Sure looks like it."

            Once everybody had left the ship, Aoshi muttered. "Minna-san (everybody) you are free to go. Quietly so that no attention is attracted."

            Many of the former slaves set off, determined to find their homes and start their lives anew. Only a handful stayed behind, most probably those who didn't have a home to go to anymore.

            Kenshin glanced at the people who had stayed behind. He only knew Sano and Kaoru out of the bunch, but there was a small girl with a long braid and a tall, dark haired man with rather unruly hair that stood out of the small group.

            The girl went over to Aoshi, and spoke a few sentences. Kenshin assumed that she was the partner that he had mentioned much earlier on.

            She turned to the people who had stayed behind, and yelled, "Ok minna, we are moving out. I am Makimachi Misao, your tour guide for today, tomorrow and the many days after that. Today we will go further into the forest. Please stay in one group and follow Aoshi-sama."

            With that, and a lot of funny looks, the group set off, heading off into uncertainty.

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