He's back again

once more so vain

A brilliant brain

but sometimes causes pain

in my heart for real remain

Wildest side

wished to hide

was afraid

a poor maid

Now I find

Restless mind

Of what kind?

Him behind


Actually fine

Rival's plans undermine

Always reject

the most perfect




Sounds unfair


Simply dare

War often wage

Don't enter the Golden Cage

Steve away!

Hard to say!

Welcome presence


Good experience

Need no clemence

Only another chance

with uncommon elegance

Mark Wilson at last returns

Important lessons learns

Captain out of sight

Engineer after midnight

Lady Giant glad

When in bed

go ahead!

Steve disarmed

Kobick alarmed

Repeat the Crash

Yes, also smash

Wilsonian dream

a bit crazy seems

Wilsonian life

sharpened as a knife

Damned mist

Kill the Beast

'cause insist



Holy Throne!

On the forest follow

The worst enemies swallow

Refuse to stop till tomorrow

Looking for a new quarrel

Untamed Mark


Against White Shark

face the deepest dark

Voyage to the bottom of what?

Millions of victories got

In the Third Millennium met a powerful Witch

Together think twice and Hellmouth reach

Willow Rosenberg secretly cast on me a spell

The whole story her scholar sub didn't tell

Finally straight?


No longer wait!

Arrived late!

Cruel fate!

How to Handsome Owner compensate?

Regrettable date

sworn intellectual mate!



rebel hesitate?

Smarter robots shouldn't fabricate!

For ceuturies been deceived!

In your old promises believed!

False cure

I assure!

Not merely a device

Had a bitter price

Foolish sacrifice!

Regard me as an advanced android

Unfortunately abilities can't be destroyed!

Typical males proudly avoid!

Lesbian in the Sky with Demons

Shocking Sunnydale you keep on