Maya walked up the stairs to the Fey Co. Law Offices quickly. Earlier that day, her sister asked her to hold on to some evidence that would be used in an upcoming trial. While Mia said that they would go to dinner at 9 that night, Maya decided that she wanted to surprise her sister by showing up early. Once Maya reached the door to the Fey Co. Law Offices, she noticed that the door was opened up a crack. Maya turned her phone on and glanced at the time, noticing that it was still only 8:00.

Huh, that's strange. Sis shouldn't be out of the pretrial meeting for another 45 minutes. Maybe she left early? Maya wondered.

"Sis?" She called as she walked into the reception area of Mia's office. But to her dismay, nobody answered. In fact, the entire office seemed to be empty and was also pretty dark. Maya began to wonder if Mia had accidentally left the door unlocked when she left for the meeting but dismissed that idea as quickly as it came. She knew that her sister was careful to make sure the door was locked when she went out as Maya had visited the office before, either to grab lunch with her sister or receive evidence that Mia wanted her to keep for upcoming trials.

However if Mia locked the door before leaving, then why was it open now? Maya felt a shiver go up her spine as she progressed into the reception area. She made sure to be cautious as she moved in order to make sure nothing got knocked over by accident. Eventually, Maya reached another door, the one to her sister's personal office, which was always locked when Maya visited. But when she turned the handle it also turned out to be unlocked much to Maya's surprise.

"What is going on here?" Maya questioned. She opened the door to the personal office carefully. Unlike the reception area, the personal office was well lit and the opening of the door caused a little portion of the reception area to be slightly lit as well. Maya looked for the source and noticed that the room was being lit by a glass light stand.

"Sis?" She called again but there was no answer. She stepped into the office and looked around before her gaze fell on a strange statue that was standing atop of her sister's desk. The statue was of a man who seemed to be thinking about something judging from its pose.

Is that 'The Thinker' clock that Sis talked about? She pondered. Maya gazed at the statue curiously and started walking towards it but as she approached it, she started to feel like she was being watched. She turned around and examined the area behind her carefully, but didn't see anyone. She turned back warily and continued towards her sister's desk. Once she got there, she lifted the Thinker and noticed that while it was heavy, it wasn't overly difficult for her to carry. She looked over the Thinker curiously.

"So, this is what Sis wants me to hold on to. It looks weird." She commented. Suddenly, Maya heard the sound of footsteps approaching her, she turned around and faced a man with purple hair and a menacing grin on his face

"Greetings little girl, if you would be so kind, please hand that statue to me." He said.

"W-Who are you?" Maya said with a confused expression on her face. The man laughed mockingly.

"Who am I? I am Redd White of Bluecorp and my business here requires me clearing up ludicrable alleccusations surrounding myself. And I am in reasonable belief that the statue you are in possession of currently, 'The Thinker' if I'm correct, contains the source of those allegations." He explained before moving closer to her, causing Maya to back up towards the plant near Mia's desk.

"In order to clear up these ridonculous accusations, I require that statue in your hands. And I will not leave until the Thinker is in my safest security. It would be in your best interest then, to hand it over to me, little girl." He stated in a threatening tone.

"No! Sis said that this statue contains important evidence for an upcoming trial and she asked me to keep it for her. I won't give it up, especially not to you! " Maya exclaimed defiantly. Her grip on the Thinker tightened and she kept it closer to her body. Redd grinned like a hungry lion.

"I see then. Well, it pains me to have to do this but you have left me no choice." He smiled cruelly before running towards Maya and reaching for the Thinker. Maya tried to keep the Thinker out of Redd's reach but to no avail as he managed to grab it with his left hand. He began to try to pry the statue from Maya but this only caused her grip to tighten. Maya tried to pull the Thinker closer to her and loosen Redd's grip which in turn caused him to push her with his free hand. While it caused Maya to stumble a little bit and knock her sister's plant over which also knocked a chair over, she managed to regain her grip on the Thinker and continued to struggle with Redd.

She then thought to use one of the moves that she learned from the "Steel Samurai" and attempted to do a "Samurai Kick" in order to loosen Redd's grip. She kicked him successfully which managed to make him stumble and curse the girl under his breath. His grip was loosened which gave Maya the opportunity to take the Thinker from him completely. She started to run for the exit before she felt someone pull on her hair fiercely.

"Yowch!" She yelped and whipped around and saw that Redd had fully recovered. With a bloodthirsty smile, he gripped the Thinker firmly with his left hand once more before pushing her with his free hand again forcefully. The force of the push knocked Maya into the light stand which wobbled before falling down, fortunately for Maya, it hadn't fallen on her. Unfortunately, the light stand broke causing the room to become much darker. The shock from the light stand breaking as well as the push caused Maya's grip on the Thinker to loosen completely and Redd successfully managed to steal it away from her.

Maya backed up towards the window, trying to avoid Redd who approached her with a bloodthirsty expression on his face and the statue in his grasp. Her eyes were filled with terror and tears started building up in her eyes.

"No...please don't!" Maya pleaded. Redd did not relent and continued his approach. Maya wanted to run or scream but her legs were frozen to the spot and she found herself unable to scream.

"I may have the Thinker now, but unfortunately my dear, I have one more thing that I wish to ask from you." He said. Maya's heart pounded as she waited for Redd to finish, still unable to move.

"And that request would be for your eternal silence. Goodbye Maya!" Maya didn't have a chance to react before Redd brought the base of the Thinker down on her head. The impact of the blow caused Maya to stagger backwards towards the window causing her to bump into it and slide down the wall until she was slumped against it. Her vision began to fade and the last thing she was able to see before everything went dark was Redd gazing at her with cold, emotionless eyes and a satisfied smile on his face.

"Sis...I'm sorry..." Maya muttered before falling eternally silent.