-Doran's Ring-

HP AU Fanfic

Chapter 1: Those that walk in the Dark

"Keep the fire to one image Hadrian! Remember! Don't force the flames into submission, guide it, and slowly let it become the image you naturally desire!"

Hadrian gritted his teeth, sweat began to soak through his shirt as multiple beads of sweat rolled down the side of his head. Hadrian steadily manipulated the blue Fiendfyre to Nicholas' advice. Antoninus stood next to Nicholas as he commented and gave advice to Hadrian, slowly watching the training progress of his best friend.

Hadrian waved his wand around above his head in quick circular motions. His other hand was also in parallel with his wand hand as it moved in the exact same motion. Hadrian managed to merge together a feasible image of a Basilisk and had the Fiendfyre serpent spiral around him. Hadrian had gotten stronger with manipulating Blueball Fiendfyre over the summer. He had also decided to create the animal that was his corporeal patronus. Antoninus' corporeal patronus was a thestral, and he manifested that as his animal for his shadow spell Somnum Exterreri. Hadrian thought he would take after Antoninus' example and also make his patronus animal his go to animal when using fiendfyre. It was quite fitting, the giant fearsome snake that the two of them encountered and barely killed was now Hadrian's go to Fiendfyre animal. It was poetic in some sense.

"Good! Keep the fire moving! Don't let it remain stagnant for too long! Keep the movement free and flowing! That's it!"

Hadrian was starting to get the hang of the Blueball Fiendfyre charm better. The Blueball Fiendfyre charm couldn't be put out by Aqua Eructo, a strong water spell. This caused the flames to be even more chaotic and temperamental as the fire will spread quicker as it knows it can't be put out by normal means.

Hadrian hadn't dared to practice this variant of fiendfyre at Hogwarts, even with Antoninus around. Antoninus didn't have the ability to quell the flames afterwards if the Fiendfyre got out of hand, however, with Nicholas it was different. Hadrian could now practice with ease and even push himself to the limit as Nicholas could reign in the Blueball Fiendfyre straight after if Hadrian lost control. The 600 hundred old wizard had a wealth of magical knowledge and experience. Training at Flammel Manor over the summer was the perfect environment for Hadrian to improve his magic. Hadrian didn't need to worry about anything else aside from giving his all in practising the more deadly and fearsome form of Fiendfyre.

"Good! Good! Let the flames flow! Good! Now… Bring the spell to a close Hadrian! End it!"

Hadrian quickly snapped his wand from the right to the left and raised his free right hand up. The blue Fiendfyre Basilisk slowly began to curl into a ball of flames above Hadrian's head. The loud roars emanating from the Basilisk got quieter and quieter as the form of the fiery Basilisk slowly began to fade. Then with a quick slash of his wand, the Blueball Fiendfyre was put out.

Hadrian's shoulders slumped instantly and he quickly started to pant. He hunched over as his hands went to his knees. Hadrian shut his eyes as sweat poured down his forehead, a few drops entering his eyes. Hadrian's white T-shirt clung to his body as it was thoroughly drenched. His toned and muscular body could be seen through his soaked shirt. Three minutes and thirty-two seconds…

"You did well Hadrian! Your control over these flames has improved since the start of the summer!"

Hadrian took let out another large huff before standing up straight to look at Nicholas and Antoninus. Hadrian took off his glasses and used his arm to wipe the sweat around his eyes before putting on his glasses again. Antoninus followed right behind Nicholas, giving his best friend a big thumbs up at his remarkable improvement with the cursed fire.

"The corporeal patronus work that I had you do over the summer has greatly strengthened your magical conceptualization. It has greatly helped you shape your magic."

"It has indeed, the Fiendfyre animal that I am using is exactly the same as my Patronus!"

Nicholas nodded before he waved his hand. Hadrian's sweat-drenched clothes instantly dried. His crazy and wild bird's nest hair also fixed instantly. Hadrian felt the scourgify charm take place and he let out a sigh as he became a lot cleaner instantly.

"Indeed. Much like Antoninus, your corporeal patronus shape and form could be utilized in other magic you cast due to your familiarity and closeness to that magical conceptualization. Antoninus' shadowy manifestation that he uses in his spell Somnum Exterreri is a thestral, just like his corporeal patronus."

A loud bang was heard as the door to the training was flung open. Perenelle Flamel graciously walked in with a tray floating behind her. She waved her hand and conjured out an elegant table with four chairs.

"Time for dinner boys!"

Hadrian and Antoninus hungrily devoured their dinner. Over the summer at the Flamel's, Pernelle had insisted on providing a better and more healthy meal plan. Hadrian and Antoninus didn't put up any fight with her request after tasting her food on the first day. It had been amazingly delicious. It then occurred to both boys after the meal that Pernelle had also lived 600 years along with Nicholas. That was 600 years of cooking knowledge accumulated as well! No wonder she was so masterful in creating such delicious food! It couldn't even be called food, it had transcended into an elaborate and deep work of art! Both boys had now grown significantly taller and more muscular due to all the duelling, magic manipulation, training exercises, and food eaten. Hadrian was now 1.79 meters tall whilst Antoninus was 1.81 meters tall. Both boys now had more of a square jaw with a more sturdy frame.

After dinner, both boys went to their guest rooms upstairs. It was their last night at Flammel Manor. They would be heading back to Britan tomorrow and heading to Greengrass Manor. Daphne had insisted on Hadrian that he and Antoninus come to their Manor during the summer. He had confirmed with Daphne a week ago. Hadrian had told Daphne he would be out of owl's reach so he told her to simply mail it to Gringotts for accountant Bloodfang. He would get the letter to him.

Hadrian rubbed his wet hair with a long white towel. His unruly hair now stood up after being dried with the towel. Hadrian then vanished the towel and began using his wand to fix his hair. After brushing his teeth he sat down on his bed and looked out of the window, at the dark night sky. Him and Antoninus were now entering their third year at Hogwarts. Hadrian was already Head Serpent, with Antoninus, Daphne, the Carrow twins, and Burke as the other six serpents. Time moved so fast… yet there is still a lot that I need to accomplish! A lot more I need to do… This isn't enough… not yet

Hadrian tore his eyes away from the dark night sky as he turned around to the black smoke flooding through the gaps in his shut door. The dark blacks moke then condensed back into the form of a human and Antoninus materialized in his room.

"When are you going to stop using that spell?"

"Hmmm… maybe never?"

Hadrian rolled his eyes before lying down flat on his bed. Antoninus had been showing off that spell ever since he mastered it last week. He could turn himself essentially into black smoke, with parts of his body still remaining, mixing and melding with shadowy dark clouds of smoke. Antoninus could will the smoke to go in whatever direction he desired. Since it was smoke, he could go up high into the air as well… meaning that he could essentially fly unassisted.

Nicholas had told them that Voldemort had learned this spell as well, and had also managed to teach it to a handful of death eaters. However, Voldemort and his death eaters couldn't turn themselves into black smoke completely, only halfway, from the waist and below. This was still good enough to allow them to fly unassisted, which had been the purpose of the spell.

Hadrian would have learned how to perform the spell but didn't bother as he prioritized mastering fiendfyre and all other Blueball varients of fire spells over the summer. He could learn this spell later on from Antoninus and practice then.

"I wonder what will happen at Hogwarts this year? Hopefully, no dark lords and snakes that kill you by looking at you. Would like to just concentrate on our own goals for a year…"

"I agree. It is my first year as Head Serpent… being able to achieve the control and authority that Diana commanded will take time. That respect and fear needs to be earned. I don't think I have the time to spend the entire year chasing around and solving mysteries whilst being Head Serpent."

"I guess… but you will have both me and Daphne whom will listen to you amongst the Serpents, the Carrow twins and Ariana Selwyn as well. The only Serpent's respect you need to earn is Lysandra Burke. However, I think that won't be a problem. You defeated her soundly at the end of first year when you challenged for a Serpent Seat. She doesn't strike me as idiotic enough to go against you. The main work you will need is to establish your authority across the entire Slytherin House. The Serpents will be content with you as Head Serpent."

Hadrian nodded and took his glasses off and placed them on the desk by his bed. He then raked his hands through his messy hair.

"I hope that Julian will tone it down a bit. I'd rather us ignore each other than deal with his little petty squabbles."

Antoninus chuckled at this and sat down on Hadrian's bed.

"Yeah, considering he has lost every single encounter. Oh well, at least we got the cloak from his lack of care for it. And what a find it was. Nicholas had said it was one of the Deathly Hallows. Guess the Tale of the Three Brothers has some truth to it."

"I guess. Whilst it is good to have a Hallow, I don't see the point in looking for the other two. We shouldn't rely on artifacts for power, but our own individual skill."

"Your right… well then, better sleep now. You must be pretty tired after training all day."

"Yeah, I am. Goodnight."

Antoninus then dissolved into black smoke and the smoke quickly swirled through the air and towards the tiny gaps in between the door. Antoninus then left without a single trace being left in the room. Hadrian let out a breath before adjusted his body so that his head lay on the pillow. Show off…

After promising Pernelle that the two of them would eat properly, both boys departed using the portkey given by Gringotts. Once they arrived at Gringotts, both boys talked to Bloodfang that they would like a future investment in potion ingredient dealers. Bloodfang told the boys he would compile a list of suitable companies and get back to them on their next visit. Sharptooth wasn't currently present as he was overseeing the shares that they earned from the Firebolt sales. Over 7,000 Firebolt brooms had been sold already. Sharptooth was overseeing the transfer of 16,210 Galleons into their shared vault that they created last year, vault 1037.

Hadrian and Antoninus were quite surprised that they had earned that much money already from the firebolt sales. They had predicted that they could perhaps earn back double the amount they invested, 5000 Galleons, in six months time, but instead, they had earned triple the amount in one-third of the time. The Firebolt seems to have been an astonishingly amazing success. Hadrian had thought that Nimbus and Cleansweap would affect the number of people who would purchase a Firebolt broom. Instead, the Firebolt broom swept aside all competition and became a dominant broom on the market.

Both boys left Gringotts after they withdrew the standard amount from their trust vaults and went to go buy their school supplies. They had to be at Greengrass Manor in the afternoon. The boys headed for Flourish and Blotts first to get the books needed for this semester.

"Do we even need Arithmancy books? Gosh, these questions are unbelievably easy…"

"Quit whining Antoninus. Come one, let's get the Ancient Runes and Magical Creatures textbook as well. Those are our three additional chosen subjects for this year."

After purchasing their textbooks for this year, both boys left for the Leaky Cauldron to floo to Greengrass Manor. Right before entering the Leaky Cauldron, Antoninus suddenly turned around at a sharp angle and stared at a narrow corridor down the street. Hadrian halted and his became itchy to summon his wand out.

"What is it?"

Antoninus gazed down the street for a long time before letting out a breath.

"Nothing, let's get going."

Hadrian slowly nodded, he would ask Antoninus about it later. He might not want to say it now if someone had been following them. Hadrian put on an uncaring expression as the two of them walked towards the fireplace.

"Greengrass Manor!"

"Cyrus, I would hope for you to reconsider. The alliance that could be created between our famillies is-"

"Enough Lucius. I had accepted your request and invited you over to my home as you wished to discuss purchasing and harvesting ingredients for potions brewing. I had only accepted because of that notion we were to do business on potion items, not my eldest daughter's future!"

Cyrus had a glint of fury in his eyes. He had given Lucius the benefit of the doubt, but he had still insisted on having Draco enter a marriage contract with Daphne. Lucius clicked his tongue together and sealed his lips tight. Lucius gave a cold glare at Cyrus as well.

"Very well then. I'll send you a list of the ingredients I require."

Lucius then stood up and dramatically flared out his cloak. Lucius took out his very posh looking walking stick and stared at Cyrus. Cyrus also stood up and matched Lucius in height.



Cyrus then gestured towards the fireplace. Lucius walked over and took a handful of floo powder before tossing it into the fireplace and disappearing into the emerald flames. Cyrus put a hand to his face and pinched the bridge in between his eyes. What an absolute pain…


Cyrus turned to see his eldest daughter, Daphne, walk out from behind the spiral staircase. Daphne had grown over the summer. She was now almost as tall as Roxxane. Daphne was now 1.70 meters tall. Her body now had become a lot more enticing and voluptuous than before. Her chest was also a lot more noticeable than before. However, Daphne still had room the grow.


"Did he ask again?"

"Yes… I shouldn't have even given him the benefit of the doubt."

A silence then came over Daphne and her father.

"Anyways, Hadrian and Antoninus should be arriving soon aren't they? They are staying with us for the next week. Is everything in order?"

"Yes father, the guest rooms have been prepared."

"Excellent. I have a lot I wish to discuss with the two of them. I believed I missed them the last time they came over and discussed for Roxxane's position on the Hogwarts Board of Governors."

A burst of fire then sounded from the fireplace. Speaking of the devil…

"Greetings Cyrus."

"Greetings, Hadrian, Antoninus. The two of you are early."

"Yes, we ran into a stalker of sorts. He or she was very skillful and monitored us closely while staying hidden. We couldn't identify who was tailing us so we thought to finish our school shopping quickly and come. I hope you do not mind us coming early."

"Of course not, Daphne. Show the two… young men to their rooms. I will go check the wards."

Cyrus then walked off towards his study.

"This way."

Daphne turned around and began walking up the spiral staircase. Both boys followed after up the stairs to the first floor. Both boys were slightly stunned when they saw the more grown-up Daphne. Hadrian was slower than Antoninus from tearing his eyes away from her figure. Hadrian blinked twice before snapping out of it.

"Is Tracey here as well? You've grown over the summer."

Daphne let her mask drop slightly as she gave the tiniest of smiles. It was noticeable to only those that knew her well.

"Yes, she is currently with my younger sister, Astoria… you two have grown as well."

"Ahhh, your sister is coming to Hogwarts this year right?"

"Yes, she is."

Daphne then stopped and two house elves popped out to open the doors.

"If you needed anything, I'll be downstairs with Tracey and Astoria. Get settled in, dinner is at 6:00 today."

Daphne then walked away and vanished behind the corner of the corridor. Hadrian and Antoninus then entered both of their rooms to unpack and get settled in.

Hadrian and Antoninus went downstairs to find Daphne and Tracey but couldn't find a single trace of them. When they asked Cyrus about them he stated that they were in the training room in the basement. Hadrian and Antoninus then made their way down to the lower levels of the Manor. Antoninus waved his hand at the shut training room doors and they opened immediately.

A loud bang was heard as Tracey's Bombarda hit the floor near Daphne. Daphne elegantly side stepped before firing a sequence of spells at Tracey. Tracey hastily put up a Protego shield to block the spells as she couldn't determine the spell trajectory. Meanwhile, Astoria, who sat far away was cheering and watching the duel with interest. Antoninus melted into smoke and appeared next to Astoria whilst Hadrian took the long way around the edges of the room to get to the seating area.

"How did you do that!"

Antoninus put a finger to his lips.


Astoria then looked up at him with puppy-dog like eyes.

"Please! Can you teach me? That was so cool!"

Antoninus was about to respond when a loud yell from Tracey interrupted him. Tracey was sent flying onto her but by a well hidden Flipendo from Daphne. Tracey was then hit by a full-body bind curse and paralyzed on the floor. Despite only just getting to the seating area, Hadrian took his hands out and clapped.

"Good job. You seem a lot more agile and more unpredictable than before."

Antoninus then summoned out his wand and pointed it at Tracey. After a split second, Tracey's body lurched back to life and out of the chained state by the Petrificus Totalus.

"If you don't mind Hadrian, can we duel? I want to see how much I improved."

Tracey sat down next to Astoria, who hugged her and told her she did well. Antoninus subtly waved his wand to heal the bruises that Tracey received from that duel. Tracey looked around and stretched her body and found that she didn't feel sore or bruised. What? Who…?


"No problem."

"Ooh ooh ooh! It's starting! Get him Sis!"

Tracey snorted at Astoria's enthusiasm.

"Antoninus, count us down."

At Daphne's command, Antoninus stood up and raised his wand in the air, pointing at the ceiling.


Daphne shifted her stance and took a step forward, with her wand raised in front of her. Hadrian still remained perfectly still and simply observed her. Having not even drawn his wand yet.


Daphne's eyes narrowed to analyze Hadrian's stance. Still no wand drawn.


A flare of red sparks shot out of Antoninus wand and towards the ceiling. Right before the red sparks went off, Hadrian drew his wand out and fired off a Stupefy. Red light shot towards Daphne as blue light arced towards Hadrian. The two colors then collided in the center, forming a beautiful sight of spells joining together.


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