Chapter 6: That's a Boggart

"I heard quite good things of this Professor Lupin. Hope he is a good DADA teacher."

Antoninus coughed slightly.

"Like you know what is good and bad Tracey. I recall someone was saying how brilliant Professor Fraud from last year was."

Tracey whirled around to stare at Antoninus.

"Hey! I… I…"

Tracey then gave a glance at Daphne in her moment of panic.

"Daphne did as well! HA! You can't fault me for that if even she-"


Daphne was almost about to draw her wand on her as she chased after Tracey, who quickly had started to run towards their DADA classroom. Hadrian and Antoninus looked at each other and gave each other a shrug. Once they caught up, they found both Daphne and Tracey sitting at a table with a spare seat next to each. Hadrian wanted to laugh out loud at how childlike they looked. Both sat a seat apart with their arms folded, eyes glued at the small staircase at the front of the classroom. Hadrian sat down next to Daphne whilst Antoninus sat in the empty seat between the two girls.

"Good morning class."

Everyone then turned to look at Professor Lupin, who stood at the back of the classroom.

"Where did he come from?"

Julian shook his head slightly at Ron's question.

"He must have used a notice-me-not charm! I've read about it, it is a spell used to mislead people into overlooking objects or people!"

Julian, Ron, and Seamus all flinched as Granger began talking and all turned to stare at her. It was as if their shocked expression of seeing Lupin appear out of nowhere now were transferred to Granger. Lupin walked down the center aisle in between the table as Granger explained to the Gryffindor boy trio.

"An excellent explanation of the spell that I used Ms. Granger, 5 points to Gryffindor."

Malfoy rolled his eyes and Crabbe and Goyle gave a cough at Granger earning points. Hadrian glanced to his side and past Daphne, he saw that Antoninus seemed slightly unfocused for some reason. Lupin then turned around and summoned a closet out from the back of the classroom. The closet came forward with a screeching halt as the heels of the closet skidded across the wooden floor.

"Now, everyone, today will be a practical class, books, and belongings away, move the desks out of the way as well!"

At first, nobody responded. First, everyone was simply surprised that they were going to do a practical lesson in DADA. Second, it was the first class as well! A giant rumble from the closet that Lupin summoned out startled everyone and everyone quickly began moving the desks and chairs out of the way.

"Intriguing isn't it? Would anyone like to venture a guess as to what is inside?"

The closet rumbled once again. The sound of the closet tap dancing on the wooden floor echoed throughout the room. Then a boy in Gryffindor talked out loud.

"That's a boggart that is!"

"Very good Mr. Thomas!"

Lupin then walked in front of the closet and tapped it with his wand twice to stop the rumbling.

"And can anyone tell me what a boggart...looks like?"

Granger madly waved her hand in the air before responding.

"No one knows, boggarts are shapeshifters, they take the shape of whatever a particular person fears the most, that's what makes them so-"

"Terrifying, Yes yes…"

Hadrian then noticed that Antoninus wasn't looking at Lupin. He turned to see his eyes narrowed at Granger. Hadrian would need to ask Antoninus about it later. If Hadrian wasn't crazy, Granger wasn't in this classroom when they arrived. Hadrian then returned his attention to Lupin.

"Luckily, a very simple charm exists to repel a boggart… let's practice it now, shall we? Without wands please".

He then cleared his throat.

"Repeat after me… Riddikulus!"

The class then echoed after him.


He then spoke louder at the class

"Riddikulus!" The class once again repeated after him.

"This class is Riddikulus."

Crabbe and Goyle bobbed their heads up and down simultaneously whilst Blaise and Pansy gave a snort. Daphne rolled her eyes whilst Tracey gave a slight cough at Malfoy's joke.

"Good, so much for the easy part… You see the incantation is not enough, what really finishes a boggart is… laughter! You need to force it to assume a shape you find truly amusing… let me explain."

Lupin then scanned the crowd of students until he locked gazes with a shy boy in Gryffindor near the front.

"Ah, Neville! Will you join me please? Come on now don't be shy!"

Longbottom then reluctantly walked forward until he stood in front of the professor.

"Hello! So... Neville, what frightens you the most?"

Longbottom then stammered out, "Profes-Professor S-snape sir".

The class then laughed at this as professor Lupin smirked slightly with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"Professor Snape yes hehe? Frightens all…"

I couldn't help laugh slightly at the sarcasm in his voice. Professor Lupin must have had some history with Snape, maybe they were in the same year during their time at Hogwarts as students?

"...And I believe you live with your Grandmother now, don't you Neville?"

"Y-yes, but I don't want that boggart to turn into her either!"

This had the class roaring in laughter, led by Malfoy. Hadrian couldn't hear what professor Lupin said to Neville as the laughter was too loud. Neville then took out his wand as Professor Lupin motioned his own wand at the closet. With a click, the closet unlocked and out came Professor Snape. The class then went quiet as the boggart Snape strode towards Neville, after slamming the closet door shut. Professor Lupin then whispered to Neville quietly in his ear as the whole class went silent.

"Think Neville… Think…"

Neville mustered his courage and then yelled out at the approaching boggart Snape.


This time the class collapsed in hysteria. In front of them was professor Snape dressed in an ancient looking dress and hat, along with an ugly red handbag. All the Gryffindors howled with laughter, even a few of the Slytherins. Malfoy had an absolute priceless look of shock, his face stuck in an ugly expression. Hadrian and Antoninus also couldn't keep the smiles off their faces at the sight of Professor Snape in an old Grandma's clothes. Professor Lupin somehow managed to yell over the crazed laughter.

"Wonderful Neville, Wonderful, incredible! Okay to the back Neville! Everyone, form a line!"

All the students snapped out of their daze instantly and everyone hurried up in trying to get at the front of the line. Weasley somehow was at the front of the line and walked up towards 'Grandmother' Snape. Hadrian was still slightly bothered by Antoninus' constant quick glances at Granger. Hadrian wondered what Antoninus was thinking about whilst slightly taking note of everyone's deepest and secret fears. Hadrian was a little apprehensive about revealing his own fear. He had absolutely no doubt what the boggart was going to show… Hadrian then snapped out of his thoughts as he saw Tracey nervously swaying on her feet. Daphne even seemed a bit, unlike her usual cold self.

"What do you think your boggart will be Antoninus?"


Hadrian turned around to see Antoninus standing behind him but not responding to him. Hadrian was about to wave his hand in front of his face when he noticed where Antoninus was looking. His eyes were unfocused and stared right through him. A shadow clone huh? Where did the real Antoninus go? At least his clone is still taking a step forward each time a student steps up to the boggart. Hadrian scanned around the classroom. Unfortunately, he doesn't possess Antoninus' eye, so he was incapable of locating the invisible Antoninus. His impeccable timing of casting the disillusion spell and shadow clone spell was as amazing as usual, you could barely tell the switch occurred unless you closely analyzed him up close. Hadrian decided to let him be and took another step forward as another person finished yelling out Riddikulus.

After DADA class, Hadrian, Antoninus, Daphne, and Tracey all headed towards the library for their free period. Daphne and Tracey were extremely quiet after exposing their fears to the class. Both girls weren't happy after the boggart, even more unhappy considering that everyone saw their fears. They were even quieter due to the horrific sight of Hadrian's fear, which was the Dark Lord himself. Antoninus didn't show his fear as Lupin had to stop the class once Hadrian took care of the Voldemort Boggart. All of the students shuddered as they saw the Dark tosser appear in front of the class.

"At least we did something in DADA this year, still… I wasn't quite happy about the Boggart, we shouldn't have had to show our fears in front of everyone…"

Tracey spoke up after a brief moment of silence.

"I guess."

Tracey sat up straighter from her seat and glared at Hadrian.

"I guess? You weren't mad that everyone got to see your fear? That is a weakness that-"

Tracey then caught herself as Daphne tugged the helm of her robe slightly under the table. It then occurred to Tracey that she was lecturing Hadrian about fear and leverage. Tracey blushed slightly before slumping back into her chair. Hadrian meanwhile maintained that near damnable smile.

"Yes Tracey, whilst I did show my 'weakness', I also saw other people's weaknesses. Besides, there are many amongst us have learned to conquer our fear, but the boggart only shows what we are insecure and most worried about… however, that doesn't mean we fear it and would panic at first sight. You would see that a few such as Daphne, for example, Dean Thomas, and, even to some extent, Nevile Longbottom managed the Ridikkulus charm and conquer their fears. Even Weasley managed to counter his fear."

Tracey's face rolled back in disgust at the mention of Weasley, the previous blush on her face gone.

"As long as the person understood their fear, and learned from the encounter with the Boggart, then it won't be a weakness that is exploitable in the future. Although, that won't be true for everyone… there were definitely a few that showed fear, even after they cast Ridikkulus. It was obvious based on the 'funny' outcome. For example, one of the Patil twins from Gryffindor. The Giant Cobra Snake turned into a Clown from a jack o box. It was clearly a desperate act instead of an act of overcoming, and conquering the fear."

Tracey nodded, she also felt it weird when she saw the clown jack o box, that had caused a reaction from the crowd of students. It wasn't like Thomas' Wyvern turning into a squeaking pink parrot or even Weasley's roller skate spider. Thinking of the redhead just wanted to make Tracey puke. Tracey then noticed how the library was a bit quieter than usual.

"Silencing ward?"

"Yes, wouldn't want Malfoy's attempts at eavesdropping to annoy us."

Tracey didn't turn around, she was pretty sure that Hadrian and Antoninus had spotted Malfoy and his gang around in the library.

"Wow, this is a useful spell, I'd better learn it quicker, however, I still haven't quite gotten the handle for visualizing the spell."

"Hmm, keep working hard."

Hadrian then dived back into the advanced runes book he was looking into and zoned out everything Tracey was talking about after.

"DAMMIT! We didn't get to see Black's fear at DADA today!"

"It's alright Draco."

"Yeah, we saw Potter's at least, both Potter's,"

Draco snorted. He had made an error previously already in underestimating both Potter and Black. The two of them operated together way too well. They might have found out Potter's fear, but they need Black's to truly get the edge on them. His group, himself, Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, Theodore, and Blaise had just come back from the Library, after a failed attempt at eavesdropping on Potter.

"Well what is our current progress on the other years? Update!"

Theodore Nott then spoke up.

"The Seventh Year Slytherins are all currently refusing. The Carrow twins have them al completely obedient. The sixth years are rallying to us… and our informant has been updating us on the Serpent meetings. The fifth year is still split. There are those that have decided to stay out, those siding with Ariana Selwyn and others siding with us, rallying under Arnold Yaxley. The fourth years have decided to remain neutral and out of it. We haven't bothered with the second and first years, Potter himself already made it clear that they were useless. He had defeated them all when he first became Serpent."

Draco nodded, still frustrated at their progress. He had thought today was his chance, he might get an edge over Potter and Black. But noooooo, the lesson got cut short because Potter's boggart was the Dark Lord! Wait… the Dark Lord… the boggart! I'll just need to make Black see the boggart as well! Then we accordingly plan to take them down! Draco then came back out of his thoughts and noticed the bickering around him. Everyone except Crabbe and Goyle was going at it with each other. The two trolls were still busy eating their treacle tarts and mundo's muffins.

"We should wait a bit longer! We are underestimating Potter and Black!"

"Are you their fanboy now as well Blaise? You give them too much respect for the simple flashy spells they've shown!"

"Like you know much about spells Pansy! You look at your nails half the time!"

Draco then slammed his hands down on the table and caused all of them to stop. Crabbe and Goyle even stopped mid-bite of their food.

"Blaise, Pansy, I will need you two to help for tomorrow night. Crabbe and Goyle will stand watch… we are going to need a little something from the DADA classroom…"

As Draco was about to further explain the plan for the theft they were about to commit, under meticulous idea appeared in his head.

"Blaise, Theodore… there is someone else I need as well…"

Doran's Ring-

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