Case file: DHD7-U903
Agent: SA Starla Knight
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 09/23/19xx
Country of origin: America
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Transfer status: Complete
Assignment: Japan

Target Name: Tetsuhiro Huang
Race: Obake
Victims accounted: 83
Victims unconfirmed: 65
Allotted: 60/month
Marital status: Single
Children: 0
Profile: Targets individuals who have taken significant risk without success. Enjoys casinos. Becomes violent after losing large amounts of money.
Weakness: Ice, liquor, women.
Mission objective: N/E
Notes: Previous agent MIA. Advised not to play his games.
Last known destination: Hanging Neck Island, Dark Tournament

Welcome, and good luck!

That was it. Nothing more. No partner assignment, no leads.

Starla groaned and hung her head, raking her fingers through her long brunette hair. She'd been in Japan three weeks, and her young age and higher rank resulted in sidelong glares and dissociation. Only the chief, having carefully read the file, had a little too much trust in her analytical skill and negotiation tactics. Now she had to go solo, on a boat overflowing with yokai tournament goers and participants, to an island packed with demons, with only sabotage and a gun. No resources were granted. In her opinion, this was a murder/suicide mission. She'd been in tighter situations and- after the death of her previous partner- maybe it was best for her to go alone, even if she was small and not exactly the strongest. It wouldn't be the first time the deck was stacked against her. This time, literally.

She completed her final checks, ensuring her weapon was locked and loaded, extra ammo, a few amulets and tags, and her travel case. This tournament was being held by the one percent, and to attract her target, she'd have to be one of them.

Once assured of her belongings, she slipped through the trees to the harbor, praying the anti-demon wards and scent nullifying tags worked as planned. Otherwise, she wouldn't make it to the island.