Harry Laid in his cupboard under the stairs as a bleeding, sore, whimpering mess. If one were to look into his eyes they would see many things that shouldn't be present in a boy that was only turning five in a few minutes. In his eyes were a grief that could only come from the loss of someone special to the boy. There was also a turmoil within those eyes that often was accompanied by pain in the lightning bolt shaped scar above the boy's left brow, one that had been ever-present since that cold October 31st four years ago, when Harry's parents, James and Lily Potter were killed. The turmoil wasn't a conflict the boy was having with himself, since that night he had been unconsciously combatting part of the Dark Lord Voldemort's soul that had tried to possess Harry after the man died. The soul would have typically would've already possessed him, or at least taken up residence alongside his own soul, but Harry's skin was impenetrable and thus the soul fragment was unable to invade his body. The constant fight between Harry's will and that of the fragment was meant to come to a close tonight, and the fragment was rebuffed violently enough in its final assault that it was unable to reconnect to the boy before it ran out of the magic that was keeping it sustained. The fragment screeched as it slowly lost the magic tying it to this plane, which woke Vernon Dursley. Vernon Dursley was the muggle- non-magic- husband of Petunia Dursley nee Evans, the adopted muggle sister of the deceased Lily Potter nee Evans. Vernon and Petunia hated anything unusual in their lives, especially Harry and his being dropped on their doorstep without warning, which translated into a hatred for Harry and his magic because he was different from them. As Vernon lumbered down the stairs the grandfather clock in the hallway struck midnight and Harry began to change; he began to grow the about the size of a young bear, his eyes changing to slits as his ears became more feline and shifted to the top of his head. The last of the changes was his bone structure becoming more like that of a cat's and growing a tail and golden fur all along his body- mainly his neck, creating a small mane. As Vernon threw open the door to the cupboard Harry's new instincts took over and he pounced on Vernon, breaking a couple of his ribs, and bounded down the halls. As he ran he crashed into the walls, knocking the supports from where they were secured. When Harry reached the door he crashed through it and kept going until he reached the bush in the park where he often hid from Dudley- Petunia and Vernon's son- and his gang, and as soon as he reached the bush he laid down and passed out.

Meanwhile, in an office in a castle in Scotland, multiple devices used by the headmaster of the said school to keep track of Harry Potter exploded. The Headmaster was busy at a wizengamot meeting and wouldn't know that his plans had been derailed until it was too late to do anything about it.