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Synopsis: Sun Ce's empire has reunited China under Wu. But when a top general falls in love with an enemy… how stable is the empire?

Pairing: Mainly Zhou Yu/ Zhao Yun but various implied.

Warnings: Yaoi, angst

Authors Notes: Just an idea I had… ah, and I am changing history… Sun Quan is Sun Ce's son. Sun Ce is 27 and Sun Quan is 7. It is Da Qiao's son as well. 

An Odyssey of Pain and Love Prologue: Uniting China

            Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang, Lu Xun, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, and Zhou Yu walked out onto the parapet of Wan Castle. The people were assembled below. Lu Meng, Gan Ning, Zhou Tai, Huang Gui, and Taishi Ci walked out behind them. Zhou Tai walked to the edge of the parapet and he looked down at all the people below. He shook his head. The sun was setting and a few guards were setting up torches to illuminate Sun Ce as he spoke. The sky was painted in various orange, red, and yellow colors. Gan Ning leaned against the parapet backwards, looking up at the sky. He smiled slightly and then tilted his head down to speak with the assembled people.

            "You know, the pirates had this saying- Red at night, sailors delight. Red in the morning, sailors take warning." Gan Ning pushed himself off of the ledge, going to stand beside the young form of Sun Quan. Sun Quan looked at Gan Ning, wonderment coloring his face. His eyes begged for an explanation and Sun Ce scooped him up easily.

            "What does it mean, Ning?" Ce asked, smiling at his friendly commander. Ning smiled slightly at Ce, a little bit of sadness in his face and eyes. Ce believed it was because he was thinking of his days as a pirate. He ran a hand through his short brown hair and he smiled.

            "It means- if the sky is red in the morning, there is danger coming… if it's red at night the sea is going to be calm. It's a warning against storms and stuff. It's pretty helpful since we don't have a real way to see a storm coming on the sea. But that little piece of advice helps." Ning said his voice was wistful as he continued to stare at the sky. Quan continued to stare in amazement. It seemed like he was so happy to hear such stories. Ce laughed slightly.

            "I think you have a new fan club, Ning." Ce said. Ning nodded, smiling once again. Zhou Tai continued looking over the parapet, he shook his head and saw Taishi Ci gave him a look. Zhou Tai pointed to the people below.

            "They look like insects, swarming around us…" He said his voice was resentful and bitter. "They look upon us as gods and demi-gods, as heroes. But… we aren't. We aren't gods or heroes. All we did was kill people. Hurt people. I would feel more of a hero if we could've made peace with alliances. We decimated platoons of people, forced their emperors to submit. Made their kingdoms buckle under the weight of stress and violence. It was endless cycle of pain and blood… and what did we gain from it? Land with people swarming about like insects. People who are lost now, people who have lost everything turning to us for support… what are we to do?" Ci looked at Tai very warily.

            "Calm down, Tai. It isn't all that bad. Sure, they accredit us for things we did not do but we never once purposefully hurt them. We fought for a cause… a cause we believed in. This world isn't worth living in if you don't have anything to believe in. We fought for a cause we thought worthy… and everyone else did as well. It's Heavens will. If we won it means that we are in Heaven's favor and they were not. We killed, yes, but we gave them rites and sent them on to the spirit world. We remained steadfast and true in our faith. We restored the Han Dynasty. Please, do not be upset about it Tai. Just take it with a grain of salt and be happy you did not die Please, do not be ungrateful. You are still very honorable. Do not feel too badly about it, Tai. For I will always see you as honorable." Ci looked at Tai, a slight smile on his face. Tai also smiled slightly, a half-smile. Ce looked between the two, almost laughing with the exchange. The sun had almost set. The sky was a dark purple-black except for a small ribbon of pinkish-orange at the bottom where the sun had not fully set. Ce stepped up to the parapet. The people below were looking up at them. Their faces were reverent. Ce smiled at them, his beaming smile made the people quiet down. The last few torches were lit as the last pinkish rays of sun faded from the sky.

            "My divine people." Ce started, holding his hands above, signaling towards the heaven. "I have come to tell you of a place. A place where no one goes hungry and no one is sad. A place where the streets are lined with gold and the wine is plentiful. I am here to tell you about heaven on earth. I am here to lead you to bliss." He paused, the people stayed silent, watching the man as he moved his arms down to his sides and bent his head down.

            "Several years ago…" A male voice started, this time it was Zhou Yu, the Grand Commander of the Wu army, also the prettiest man in China. "The Han Dynasty fell. This decimation of so precious a thing incited riots, people wept openly, lives were destroyed, and families were lost. And then, three kingdoms rose from the dust of the Han dynasty. Three families that were loyal retainers to the Han family. Three families that swore they would restore the ideals of the Han Dynasty. Wu, Wei, and Shu, were the three kingdoms that became involved in this fight. Countless battles were fought. Alliances were made and destroyed… and through all this we all remained steadfast to our goal and cause of restoring the Han Dynasty. Although all three kingdoms fought well, Wu emerged victorious. And from the ashes of the war… a new kingdom will be born." Zhou Yu stopped speaking, licking his lips. Ce walked forward again, raising his head.

            "I am Sun Ce of Wu. I am the son of Sun Jian. I am married to this beautiful lady, Da Qiao and with her I have a son, he is named Quan. My family was born in the midst of war and therefore our bonds are stronger than other families. My sworn brother and closest advisor is Zhou Yu, who is married to Xiao Qiao. We are all a family, my officers, my family, and I. We will remain a family. I want you all to join my family as well. I will make it so everyone is happy, prosperous and free." Ce scanned the crowd and saw Liu Bei in the crowd with his sworn brothers, nodding and smiling. Ce smiled at him.

            "We have lived years in times of famine and war, pestilence and pain. I am going to put an end to this era of hurt. I will restore the Han Dynasty's ideals. This is what I set out to go and this is what I am going to do. I *restore* what we have lost. I will help you better your situation! Welcome to the Wu Dynasty! Welcome to Heaven on Earth!!!" Ce finished his speech, going from a normal speaking voice to yelling at the top of his lungs. People began to cheer loudly and began jumping up and down. Quan looked over the edge of the parapet, slightly scared by the people below. However, he did nothing but scan the crowd. He grinned. Zhou Yu walked over next to him, putting a hand on top of his head. He scanned the crowd for a moment and noticed a lot of people he had fought against. He took special notice in the fact that Cao Cao was there. He inclined his head to the man, smiling as Cao Cao raised a hand in greeting. He once again looked at Quan.

            "Alright little one, it is time for bed." He said gently, scooping the young boy up in to his arms. The remaining members of the Sun family bowed and curtsied as did the generals. Then the torches were put out and they left, returning to the interior of Wan Castle.

            Zhou Yu took Sun Quan to his room, gingerly laying him in bed. He kissed the young boys cheek and ran a hand through his hair. He heard Ce walk into the doorway.

            "You're so lucky, Ce. I will never truly have the joys of parenthood." Yu inhaled, trying to keep himself from crying. "I was so sad when I lost the first one… it was after me and Xiao got married… I got her pregnant that night. And we lost it… lost it because she still went into battle after I asked her not too. I was devastated when we lost the second one… because that one was my fault. I didn't know she was pregnant… but I could have asked… and then that…" He paused, his nostrils flaring and his hands clenching. "Thing sliced her across the stomach… I thought she was going to die…"

            Ce walked further into the room, sitting on a chair near the closet. He continued to listen to Yu. He had never heard his friend speak with such bitterness, contempt, and sadness. He propped his elbow up on his knee and rested his chin in his hand.

            "And then he destroyed some key things for reproduction… and now we can't have kids. She always says that I should have a kid with someone else to secure our line. She's even suggested your wife as an alternative…" He paused, looking at Ce. The soft candlelight reflected the tears on Ce's face.

            "But… it wouldn't be the same." He finished, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes. Ce nodded and walked over to him, encircling his friend's neck. Yu buried his head in Ce's chest, sobbing and letting out years of pent up frustration and anger.

            When Yu pulled away he was done crying, his eyes were red and puffy though. Ce felt his heartbreak for him. Yu smiled, rubbing his nose.

            "Sorry Ce." He said. Ce shook his head.

            "Don't speak such nonsense! You needed that and truthfully, I'm glad you trusted me enough to let me know what you feel…" Ce paused, stroking Yu's hair. "Get some sleep, Yu. You need it. We all do. You'll be able to sleep without worrying about a warning or getting attacked. I won't have anyone wake you up. I'll see you when we get him. Good night, Yu." He kissed Yu on the top of the head, the forehead, and then softly on the lips. He then stood up and left. Yu left as well, nodding to Lu Meng, who was standing by the door.

Lu Meng could not believe it. After years of almost non-stop fighting and killing, after years of constant battles and exhausting living conditions, after years of spilt blood and heartbreaking betrayals… the war was finally over.