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Synopsis: Sun Ce's empire has reunited China under Wu. But when a top general falls in love with an enemy… how stable is the empire?

Pairing: Mainly Zhou Yu/ Zhao Yun but various implied.

Warnings: Yaoi, angst

Authors Notes: Just an idea I had… ah, and I am changing history… Sun Quan is Sun Ce's son. Sun Ce is 27 and Sun Quan is 7. It is Da Qiao's son as well.  Dedicated to my readers J

An Odyssey of Pain and Love

Chapter 1: Ignorant Loyalty

Liu Bei walked away from the castle flanked by Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun. They walked in contemplative silence as the stars shone overhead. Liu Bei stopped abruptly, turning to his sworn brothers and his friend.

"Do you truly believe that Wu was desired by the heavens?" He asked. They looked at him. Zhao Yun turned to look at the castle where a few guards, Taishi Ci, and Zhou Tai were still milling about on the parapet. Guan Yu shrugged and Zhang Fei just looked away. Zhao Yun turned back to his emperor.

"Yes…" He said. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei looked up- a little surprised at Zhao Yun's obvious lack of compassion for their sworn brother's feelings. Liu Bei looked at him- his gaze unwavering.

"Go on…" He supplied. Zhao Yun smiled slightly, pointing to the sky.

"Many people do not believe in this, but I do believe in fate. I believe fate brought us to the fall of the Han dynasty. I believe that fate brought our respective emperors families to war. And I also believe that fate allowed Wu to win. Why them, though?" He asked, his voice pondering.

"It's simple really…" A voice from behind him said. The gentle honey-tenor voice was impossible to misplace- Zhuge Liang. "Although all three kingdoms were strong… Shu and Wei were unbalanced. Wei was strung militaristically… but not so much in strategy. Although I have nothing but high regards for Sima Yi… I do believe that he was careless and made many mistakes. He was not all right in his mind. Jealousy, arrogance, and attitude played strongly into his later strategies- but his attitude was hotheaded and hotheaded people tend to make mistakes… but through all that their army maintained the proper appearance and strength for an army. Their generals were resourceful, powerful, and charismatic… but… their strategy was lacking. However, we strongly relied on strategy. Our strategies were sound but our army was less organized. It was comprised more of peasants than of soldiers and thusly their discipline was lax. Our generals were strong and charismatic… but since we did not have the strength in our forces we would not be able to triumph. On the other hand…" Zhuge Liang paused. Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Zhao Yun all hung on his words- rapt with attention. They grasped at his words as though they were a lifeline.

"Wu was both strong and smart. What they lacked in either they made up with the other. Their generals were brilliant- thusly they had no set strategist. All of them were well trained, well bred individuals who wholly believed in their cause. Their army was pristine, disciplined, rigid, and very well kept. Instead of one man ruling they had a family and those familial values expressed through that led to a network of tightly knitted generals. They treated one another as family, holding nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for their superiors. Not only that but the ages of their generals didn't vary much so it was a very level playing field when deciding upon strategies- all of them were on the same level of intelligence and strategy." Zhuge Liang finished. Zhao Yun nodded.

"I was thinking along the lines of that… of course I could never say it so eloquently." Zhao Yun replied. He nodded once again. Liu Bei looked to his sworn brothers, his eyes shining brightly.

"I understand. I guess then, that what Lord Sun said was true…" Liu Bei muttered, casting amused glances at his stunned colleagues. Zhuge Liang smiled as Liu Bei began to chuckle. "Well, I suppose the rest is history. Let us go- we have people to talk to…" Liu Bei and his company walked off to tell the rest of the generals what had happened. Zhao Yun stole one more glance at the castle- his thoughts containing Zhou Yu.


            Zhou Yu walked towards his bedroom slowly and came upon Lu Xun who was sleeping in a chair in the sitting room. He gently shook the young man.

            "Xun… wake up…" He muttered quietly. The young man started awake. His eyes opened quickly. He stretched languidly and gave Zhou Yu a tired smile.

            "Sorry…" He yawned out before sliding out of the chair and walking towards his room. Zhou Yu looked at the fire- watching his memories play in the flames.

            "Yu! Yu!" A female voice cried out as Xiao Qiao came running into Zhou Yu's tent. He gave her a look as he poured over maps and military strategies. She smiled at him; her eyes glowing with happiness.

            "I'm pregnant!" She crowed out. Zhou Yu dropped his quill, his jaw dropping in surprise. He stood up, scattering the papers and figures. He hugged her close.

            "Oh my god! This is a blessing I dared not dream of!" He said back, kissing her softly and rubbing her stomach. He then looked at her sternly- much like a father would a rebellious daughter. "You mustn't go into battle. It will be bad for you. I swear… please don't." She giggled.

            "Yu! Don't be ridiculous. I'm not even that far along! I'll be fine…"

            Then she came out of the mid-wife's tent.

            "I lost it…" She said quietly.

            Tear streaked face…

            Infinite sadness…


            Zhou Yu glared at the unoffending fire but more memories seeped into his head.

            "XIAO!!!" Yu yelled out to his wife as he saw Xiahou Dun slice her across the stomach. His head reeled and his stomach turned. Millions of soldiers seemed to appear out of nowhere as he struggled to reach her. The Ancient Sword cut down people like they were silk. There was no stopping him as he clamored to his wife's side.

            "I am Xiahou Dun, come if you want to die." His voice rang out. Hatred and rage flooded through Zhou Yu's body. His eyes burned with rage, his muscles tensed with anger.

            "My blade will dance you to your grave." Zhou Yu replied. His voice was raw and husky with anger. Xiahou Dun laughed mockingly. He pulled out Kirin Fang and they began to fight. Neither of them would budge an inch. The sword fight raged on, Xiao Qiao lay there dying, sparks flying as the metal connected and slid against each other. Finally, Xiahou Dun ran. Cao Cao's forces had finally retreated. Zhou Yu dropped to his knees next to Xiao Qiao.

            "You're gonna be okay…" He muttered. The rest of the night he sat outside of the medical tent, twiddling his thumbs, pacing with nervous energy. He felt bad because he had snapped earlier at Ce. He closed his eyes and began to pray to heaven that she didn't die.

            It wasn't until morning that she finally was able to exit the tent. She looked sad. Her face was ashen, her eyes cold, her lips tightly pressed together.

            "I lost my ability to have children." She commented numbly. She sat down on a bench, gripping the edge. Her knuckles turned white as she said it. She closed her eyes, her grip tightening.

            "I lost our second child." She said her voice still listless. Yu's head snapped up, questions forming a million miles an hour in his head. She held up a hand to silence any question he may have had. "I didn't tell you because I was afraid that if you knew you wouldn't let me go into battle." Her voice was still numb.

            "Why? Why did you go in to battle?" He asked. Sadness dripped from his voice like water. She looked at him, her eyes still cold. Her answer shattered their relationship forever.

            "I care more about restoring the Han than starting a family. If you want a family, I'm sure my sister would be happy to accommodate you." She stood up and walked off.

            Zhou Yu tore his gaze away from the fire and he chewed on his lower lip. He looked down at the floor trying to shake the memories from his mind. Yu felt bad since he had not told Ce about what his wife had said to him exactly. His entire life was destroyed. He sighed and laid his head back. He wished he could turn back time… he wished he could just repeat that day with the knowledge he had. He would *never*have let her go off alone. He wanted to hate Xiahou Dun- but he couldn't. He had done all he could to preserve the dignity of his leader to the end. He would have done the same thing for Ce. It was all that kept him from hating Xiahou Dun with his entire being. He sighed and stood up. Moping about his past was going to do him no good. Thusly, he exited the sitting room and headed for his bedroom. He opened the door and sat on the bed, closing his eyes.

            "Why do we have to lose what we love to gain what we have? And why do we want to gain what we have if we know we will lose what we love? Is life so complex that no one can even understand why they do the things they do? I suppose it is just life's complexity theory. Watch as we spiral into darkness…" He muttered to the night as he closed his eyes to sleep.