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Onto the twelfth chapter!

Ruby asked since she was curious about old Jaune fighting. It reminded her of a certain popular comic that has run its course but the writers are beating on a dead horse. "So who is fighting? Why is old Jaune there? Who is young Jaune?"

The Creator smiled. "This one is a story about humanity fighting against the gods to maintain their survival. You may root for the preservation of humanity but both sides have valid reasons to pursue their own actions. The gods whether they don't know it or not are simply following the legacy of the previous supreme beings that they overthrew. Perfect beings often or not do not care about the wellbeing of lesser creations simply because they are not on their level. Just because the God of Light is supposed to be better than a God of Darkness, doesn't mean that god has good intentions for everyone."

Ozpin gulped since he knew what the Creator was talking about, that past was a mixed bag. Did he really do what was right or what the God of Light wanted in its feud against the God of Darkness. Salem gave a smirk since she also believed that Ozma had simply became a puppet… but she then realized. 'What about me?'

The Creator continued. "For the humans, it is time to rebel against their creators. They want to finally roll in an Age of Man for themselves. Enjoy, maybe you might change after seeing this."

Mercury felt a bit uncomfortable that he noticed that the Creator was looking at him. 'What in Oum's name did I do?'

A legendary event proposed by one of the thirteen Valkyries, guardians of humanity, the last creations of the God of Darkness. These warriors were meant to supervise the Gods including the original known as the God of Light. However the Gods became too powerful to reprimand thus they treated the creation below their perfected selves as trash.

Ozpin scoffed at the idea that the God of Darkness could care for humanity, didn't he create the Grimm. "A laughable idea that such a dark god would decide to serve humanity."

Juniper chuckled. "It seems like you're bias up till now, clouds you Ozpin."

Thus when the end of the world happened, the gods elected to destroy humanity despite their creation being ever so faithful and loving to the deities. The gods simply did it for they were bored with the state of Remnant. That's why the Grimm was in the plan to cause something to happen. But since the world didn't get destroyed because of a certain Valkyrie, they demanded the deaths of the human race for entertainment.

But a miracle appeared in the form of that Valkyrie who once saved Remnant. She was hated by the Gods for what she caused. Thus they awarded her the name of Salem which she wore with pride. One to be hated by the light yet that light also wanted annihilation so why not fight for the darkness.

"That person really looks like Juniper..." Nora pointed it out, Ozpin looked at his former lover and thought that her composure would fracture and showcase to everyone the evil force she was. However, the blonde goddess simply chuckled and flicked her hair to the side.

Juniper smiled at the orange hyperactive teen. "Thank you for the compliment. At least I am finally in a scenario."

Ozpin's plan had failed even though he didn't want the information to be leaked, his emotions were driving him to at least achieve a small victory against her. Juniper smugly wiggled her eyebrows at Ozpin, which meant she knew what he was planning. The headmaster of Beacon became incensed at her childish actions. "It seems that I am the right one in this situation Ozpin. Do settle down before you show everyone how much of a child you really are."

Crack! Hiss! There goes another coffee mug along with another special brand of coffee wasted on Ozpin's pants. He then 'hmphed' and looked away while the others sweat dropped at Ozpin's reaction.

Nora elbowed Jaune's arm to get his attention. "Yikes, looks like they really hate each other."

Jaune chuckled as he waved his hand in an airy manner. "Nah… they remind me of an old married couple. They probably love each other." The two immortals spat out in response and glared venomously at the blond knight who curled up in cowardice.

She proposed an event wherein the humans would have a fighting chance, such an event was laughed at by the different pantheons but she had a trump card. It was placed in their laws to allow an occasion like that. They never thought the humans could fight against the perfect and powerful gods, such a thought was laughable.

"Hey! I bet I can beat any one of those gods." Yang confidently stated since she had such pride in her abilities.

The Creator laughed. "So can I expect you to beat me, Miss Xiao Long?"

Yang looked at the Creator and noticed that even if he was near the same height as a normal human, the aura around him was unfathomable to imagine. 'These humans will fight this!' She noticed that the Creator was still looking at her and she immediately shook her head.

Ruby chuckled at her sister's instant backtrack. "Looks like you got-" She was struck with an elbow to the side that caused her to lose consciousness for a while. Yang giggled at her sister's knockout. "Oh, looks like Rubes is just tired."

Tai, Summer, and Blake sighed at Yang's display of preserving her image. Sometimes they would love it for her to think before fighting but she probably got that from Raven.

Salem had talked about the rules despite the insults and jeers towards her, 13 gods would fight against 13 champions of humanity that she chose herself. If the gods won then humanity would be wiped off the face of existence. If the humans won then the gods would not determine their fate till the end of the universe. A one on one showdown to determine the fate of mankind, the first to achieve seven victories would be declared the winner. To sweeten the deal, her Valkyrie sisters had promised that if a human champion would die, the corresponding Valkyrie assigned to that human shall cease to exist. However Salem did not tell this to all of her Valkyries for she was afraid they would leave… but they didn't, instead they trusted her decision except for one who she knew would never like this.

Sun whistled in appreciation. "That's intense man. Everyone's lives is determined by a one on one fight sounds cool."

Neptune groaned in pain. "Of course you would."

Ruby woke up at the time Salem, the leader of the Valkyries, had to sacrifice her sister. "Should she have done that?"

Summer smiled. "Sometimes everyone has to make the hardest of decisions to save the ones we care about. Maybe that Salem did it for humanity."

The different kings of the pantheons simply agreed because they wanted something to enjoy, what better than showcase their power to every single human. To prove their superiority to the other gods. Salem had been granted her event, Ragnarok, was what it was called. The fight for survival began.

Thus Ragnarok kicked off, the gods of all the pantheons gathered to see the bloodbath. All of humanity gathered for the chance to see the spectacle and hopefully win. The first fight was announced and the entire crowd was hyped for the matchup. The gods had picked the Strongest Nordic God, one who wielded the mighty hammer of Mjölnir, Nora stepped onto the arena. She wore only a sash that did not cover her upper chest, a belt that wrapped around her waist, and a skirt that went up to her knees. Her hammer in question was larger than her figure but her muscular build was what caused humanity to doubt their ability to fight a deity that powerful.

"AHHHH! Renny cover up my boobies! Make everyone stop! That's only for you!" Nora yelled out as she covered her chest, her alternate self however was pulling everyone's attention to her gravity.

Ren exasperatedly said. "I'm sorry Nora but I can't… I don't have control over this. I would ask for people to have some decency and not look at my partner." The icy cold glare caused most of the males to shiver and look away with a red blush, they couldn't help but look it was right in their faces.

Some adjusted their pants, including a certain blonde knight who was scolded by his partner. It looks like Pyrrha wouldn't let this one go. "I-um… I'm sorry..."

Yang whistled in appreciation. "Damn… looks like her workout did wonders. Those muscles look like they made generations of muscles on it."

The announcer for the whole event had proclaimed the god's feats to everyone. As the Strongest Nordic God, she once fought sixty-six Jötunn or Frost Giants by herself. These giants were so strong that they had threatened to cause the entire world to freeze over just by their mere presence in the world. They were called Asgard's Greatest Foe for they were the only ones who could challenge the army filled with deities.

"Yuck! Those guys look gross." Emerald commented.

The Creator supplied. "Even with their more horrid appearance, it doesn't stop the fact that they are ridiculously strong."

Large giants had invaded her homeworld and decimated the Asgardian force by themselves. The legendary warriors were crushed, stomped, eaten, dismembered, decapitated, and bisected before the might of the giants. Eventually the survivors were able to wake Nora up from her pancake-riddled coma and she opened the door that allowed the giants to come in.

Nora confidently stated. "If it wasn't for that pancake coma, I would have flattened them instantly."

The giants in their excitement forgot that the god standing in front of them was the strongest. With one blow, she had dismembered one of the stronger ones. She then slowly killed all of them but her face said it all. By the end of the massacre, she uttered her mood. "I'm bored." They wrote legends of what the strength of her single blow encased in lightning. But she called it, "Nora's Hammer".

"How did she do that?! That's insane! There's no one that strong!" Neptune stated since he just saw those giants annihilate those strong looking warriors. Here comes Nora without much effort destroying every giant so easily.

Nora laughed heartily. "See! That's how amazing I am! That's what happens any person tries to steal my man. Try to stop me… Bwahahahahahaha!"

"Um, Nora..."

"Yes, fearless leader?" Nora was confused to why her team leader would ruin her moment.

Jaune gulped since he was afraid of getting hammered like those giants. "Y-You're fighting humanity to kill them… wouldn't that make you a bad guy."

Nora held her chin to question her current belief but that was smashed when a fire started to burn in her eyes. "That means I'm queen of the castle!"

She had used strength and technique to obliterate her mortal enemy, the serpent that was so large to encircle the planet, Jörmungandr. The biggest accomplishment was to lift the mighty hammer without difficulty, forged from a dying star, only the greatest of all in creation could wield it. She was also given the gauntlets known as Jarngreipr that were capable of withstanding any attack.

"Yes I'm as overpowered as Pyr!" Said champion muttered about her being balanced, she felt that Nora was exaggerating her powers a bit.

Yang shook her head in disbelief. "How in the hell can anyone beat you then? There's no human here that can fight other Nora. She's also the Goddess of Thunder, who'd survive lightning strikes that much."

Said person who's been hit by lightning due to his semblance could attest to that, he nearly died. Nora even laughed rather evily. "Yes! I am now the goddess of victory! All of you mortal shall bow to me!"

Ren on the other hand groaned in pain. "I knew I shouldn't have had her watched Deadly Kombat, she loves Ciao Kahn too much."

The first champion of humanity was chosen by Salem herself to hopefully stand a chance against such a threat. What better to fight a battle maniac than an impressive battle maniac of men? Thus she had chosen, the Flying General and the strongest warrior to grace the lands of Vacuo. Sun Wukong, was the first human to have a chance to challenge the deities. Wielding his trusty guandao, he had traveled across the land fighting any who dare stood in his way.

"Woah! Look at me! It looks like I still got my amazing bod." Sun narcistically stated since he looked good and felt that he was powerful since it was said he was the strongest in Vacuo.

Raven scoffed. "I'd crush that muscled idiot."

But they all met the same fate, they were completely annihilated before him. The largest Beowulf, cut in half in an instant. The strongest Nevermore… Sun had grabbed it by its wings and crushed the creature like a soda can.

Everyone looked at Raven and their stares questioned if she could really back that up. It seemed that this version of Sun was no joke at being the strongest in Vacuo. Raven growled, she didn't think that warrior was that strong.

"Hmph, it would be easy." Summer could tell that her long time friend was trying to convince herself that she could be more powerful than alternate Sun. However the more experienced silver-eyed huntress could tell that these humans and gods in that realm would destroy their strongest in Remnant.

This cycle would continue for many years until one day in the midst of his travels, he found himself riding his trusty steed, Neptune, into a battlefield. This field contained two armies of up to one thousand warriors strong as they were about to charge for the winner would declare the right as being the strongest in the kingdom.

Sun was rolling on the floor dying of laughter, his partner on the other hand was stomping in embarrassment. Weiss also giggled at her failed date's alternate self. Neptune was irate on his disposition, why did he get the short stick, first as a photographer and now as a horse. "This is bull!"

Sun was crying, he couldn't quite get up. To see him riding his best mate was the best thing he needed to see. "Aw, that was so good." He saw Neptune's angry face and jokingly stated. "C'mon Nep, it ain't that bad. Sure you're a horse but at least you're helping me become the greatest warrior in all of Vacuo. Now let me see myself kick ass."

The name Sun Wukong… His indifferent face became bloody as his weapon pierced through the heads of three warriors making a human shish kea bob. In a single slice, he had cut in half a man and his horse as easily as he lowered his arm. He squished a man's head with a single hand. He had hit a line of men with the blunt part of the weapon and their spines left their bodies… his name came to be heard throughout. All of Vacuo feared him for he spared no man.

"Looks like the sun didn't shine on them. Aw, come on, that was a good one... Right pops." Yang's pun caused everyone to groan in pain, suddenly more and more people understood Blake's plight if she had to hear this everyday.

Sun shook his head. "You just had to ruin my moment of awesomeness. Where are you going to see a cool guy like me become this awesome?"

Neptune chuckled. "So the fight against Vale's Number One Criminal, doesn't count?" Sun pouted because that fight didn't show him dominating against anyone.

Eventually nothing stood before him any longer… in exchange. Sun sat by himself at the cliff's edge on top of Neptune. Behind him was a large company of men led by Scarlet and Sage followed him adorned with armor and carrying their flag that symbolized Sun's strength. Sun looked up at the heavens, it took him thirty years since at the age of ten he started on his journey to fight the strongest. He finally realized that under the heavens, there was no one stronger than he.

Sun flexed his guns. "I wish I could be as strong as that."

Jaune then suggested. "Wouldn't it get boring. I mean if you are the strongest under the heavens, nothing could ever defeat you. Kind of like that overrated comic, The Player." (Editor Notes: Yes, Shady-kun hates The Gamer with a passion. Especially since in his opinion it has infested and caused horrible zenkai boost fanfics. In Exiled's opinion, if done right, which is rare, then they can be a good read.)

Blake chuckled. "Or you'd become like One Kick Man. Also The Player made the main character overpowered from the start. At least this Sun trained for years to get to that point. Like Solo Leveling."

Sun was disappointed since no one shared his dreams. Neptune patted him on the back. "The real power my friend is to have control of your life, not a power fantasy. I got that one from Peter B. Jordanson."

One day he had lost in a fierce battle by the smarter Arthur Watts and was taken prisoner. The records state that his final words before being hung that day were to be a part of Watts' army to rule the entire world. But the truth to that story was when he was taken prisoner, the true cries of his despair before being executed was due to boredom. After coming to realize that there could be no one to challenge him under the heavens, he fell into despair. Yawning in boredom he had wilfully surrendered to Watts to be executed.

"Oi… What's takin' so long? You're borin' me to death here. Just hurry up and end it, will ya?" After that Sun Wukong was sentenced to death by hanging and his reign of terror in Vacuo ended but being the strongest man in the land did not fade.

Nora chuckled. "There's no way Sunny can beat me! I am the Goddess of the Castle, all of you will bow down to me!"

Ren groaned in pain again. "I'm beginning to regret having Nora see this. She might actually become like that."

The two battle maniacs faced each other with indifferent faces even if the horn had sounded, signaling the start of Ragnarok. Both humans and gods were shocked that the two combatants had lowered their weapons with their backs arched. Their guards were down and they had not taken a stance but they were walking closer and closer to one another with their weapons trailing the floor of the circular ring.

All of a sudden both had grabbed their respective weapons tightly as Sun swung downwards while Nora swung upwards. They were planning to showcase their strength to the other and the audience by eradicating their opponent in the first swing. The two weapons clashed causing a massive shockwave to be felt in the entire arena. Sun's face morphed from indifference to joy as he pushed back Nora.

"Holy Oum! That's so cool. They're not even using any mecha-shifts… I love the classics!" Ruby excitedly piped up, the others were also getting hyped on what they were seeing. It seemed that this was the first time those two finally had a challenge.

Yang chuckled. "Calm down there, Rubes… they might have other abilities that make them not want to use such things like dust or semblances."

Nora growled, she thought Sun would have been destroyed from the first hit. "Come on, other me destroy him! Smash!"

Sun whimpered in fear. "I'm afraid she might turn her anger and frustration on me. Be my shield, my trusty steed." Neptune tried to get out of his friend's gasp but the faunus was stronger than him.

Nora flew a bit backward but she was shocked from the human's strength and noticed that he had jumped in order to deliver a devastating swing of his guandao. Nora had quickly swung her hammer but even in mid-air Sun had blocked it and landed safely. The two then charged each other with renewed vigor, having fought through thousands of battlefields and having defeated thousands of enemies. They thought to themselves that the other standing before them could withstand their first strike. The two then slammed their weapons together, neither lost their footing when the ground below their immediate area became a crater.

"Woah!" Mercury commented, he wouldn't want to face any of these two. He'd die in an instant.

Winter shook her head in disbelief. "I'd fear and love for one of these warriors to help us in our fight against the Grimm."

Weiss giggled. "It wouldn't be that hard to convince them however the alternate Nora might not listen because of her lowly view of humans."

Nora was talking to Ruby about changing Maghild into that kind of a hammer, it was a good thing her teammates had stopped that from happening. How expensive would it be to make a locker of that size.

Her gauntlets started letting out electricity, she arched her back downwards, it made it seem like she was about to fall. But she froze in that position and raised her hammer with two arms as lightning now traveled around the whole arena. She readied her instant kill technique Nora's Hammer and swung towards the surprised Sun.

"Oh, I should try that!" Nora grabbed her beloved Maghild and her hand was stretched to Ren. The more stoic teen knew what she wanted but he shook his head. "Come on Renny, give me some lightning dust, I want to be like that other me."

Her hammer disappeared which caused her to think for a few seconds before screaming in disbelief. "Wha-What?! What just happened?! Where's my hammer?!" Her longtime friend pointed to the Creator who shook his finger at her, as if he was reprimanding a child. Her fun time was snatched from her and she sadly sat down. "It's not that fair, the fight is already over. I just used my instant kill technique, which I will try later."

A prism of pure lightning engulfed the ring, the gods had already dismissed the human's attempts as Nora not being serious to use her full power at the start. But after the lightning faded, humanity cheered. A deep gash had opened at Nora's left shoulder to her right hip, what shocked the Goddess of Thunder was that her blow which was as fast as lightning was blocked. Sun was so fast that he not only blocked the instant kill blow but wounded Nora at the same time.

"WHAT?!" That was the general reaction of most of the crowd with Juniper and Raven raising their eyebrows in surprise. It wasn't everyday you saw someone withstand a blow from that size of a hammer and a strike from lightning.

Sun cheered for his alternate self. "Yeah! You go other me! Show that other Nora, who's boss!"

Sun laughed. "Kehahahahaha! Finally! You're pretty good."

Nora smiled. "Bastard. That strength is wasted on a mortal like you."

Sun then lunged with his weapon as it made contact with Nora's gauntlet that was said to withstand any attack. However upon interaction, the gauntlet shattered to pieces. This shocked Nora since no one in the nine realms could have created such damage on a divine construct. Sun smiled. "An immortal opponent with an unbreakable weapon… that kinda setting is-"

He thrust his spear once more as Nora tried to evade it but the skin of her right shoulder got cut as well. "Just the best, isn't it?"

"He's actually doing it! He's actually fighting Nora whose a goddess, he even wounded her. Sun's so cool!" Jaune stated making the monkey faunus' ego grow to enormous proportions. He felt like he had made love to his beloved banana bread. He was actually the hero and the center of attention.

The two continued to fight until Nora's grip on Mjölnir loosened as it crashed to the ring and it stuck there. On the other hand, Ozpin, rose from his seat in anger. "So it is a rebellion then…"

The gods in the audience gulped for they knew the might of Ozpin's rage against anyone but instead he shivered in ecstasy. "To think that the Valkyries would betray us is… The greatest thrill I've had ever since the Big Bang! Oh Salem~ Come to me~ I missed you~"

Cinder shivered. "That is truly harrowing to see."

Juniper also quaked in disgust. "I cannot stand this Ozpin, this other one makes me want to kill in an instant."

James had to know, so he leaned to whisper in his old friend's ear. "What happened to you two?"

Ozpin sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "... Kids… I guess." The general was confused but it looked like the headmaster would not comment any further.

He then stared lovingly at the leader of the Valkyries, Salem, who in turn gave him the finger after he moaned out her name. "Get the fuck away from me, you old creepy motherfucker."

Juniper chuckled. "My thoughts exactly."

Humanity at this point celebrated as it somehow fought and for the moment was winning against its creators. However the celebration ended when the fallen hammer started to grow and expand as Nora smiled. "Wake up sleepyhead. It's time for us to have some fun!"

"Oooooooh! It's getting bigger! Me likey that hammer is becoming more powerful!" Nora commented, Jaune and Yang wanted to launch puns but their partners had stopped them with a well-timed and precise elbow to the ribs.

Ren sighed. "Nora wouldn't that make it harder to carry."

The orange haired warrior shook her head ferociously. "Nuh uh, I just have to quadruple my workout routine to get those muscles. Then I can use Maghild 2.0, and my team will join me." Team JPR shook with fear, Nora's Workouts were bad enough but quadrupled… it would be pure torture. A single tear ran down Jaune's face at the reminder of the soon-to-be old workout. Those were tears of regret.

What many did not realize was that the gauntlet that was supposed to allow Nora to wield her mighty hammer was a misunderstanding. It was to protect the hammer from the weight of Nora's swings. The crowd was shocked when she lifted the hammer with relative ease on one hand.

Nora proudly stated. "Of course my hammer needs protection from me. I'm too strong, no one can beat me!"

Jaune quickly pointed out. "Nora you lost with your hammer against Pyrrha in twenty seconds."

Nora quickly dismissed it all the same. "That was by ring out, next time will be different. Especially with my Maghild 2.0 that Ruby will help create, it will be the most powerful weapon of all time!"

Ozpin took an important mental note. 'I must remind myself to have more insurance with Beacon's property, the arena for the Vytal Festival, and the students joining. Miss Valkyrie might use this for more inspiration for killer moves.'

She went back into position to deliver Nora's Hammer since her whole body radiated fierce bolts of lightning. "Human… no. Your name is Sun Wukong, right? I have one… request to make. Don't die on me now."

The mighty Nora, going all out with her awakened Mjölnir. Even to the supposedly omniscient Gods, this was a sight to behold! She then threw her hammer at Sun who quickly leaned backwards to avoid the massive hammer. The gods were shocked, this was the first time that Nora had missed her target.

Sun hollered out his appreciation. "Yeah, come on! Show to everyone how cool we are. After this we can get-"

Neptune chuckled. "Sorry to burst your bubble but it ain't done yet. Looks like that Nora just unleashed her real power."

After dodging the impeccable attack, Sun charged right in at Nora who still had a smile on her face. However, he sensed that the hammer was going back to the owner so he used the hammer's rotation to sidestep the attack. Nora didn't use her hammer to throw was not to crush her opponent then and there.

She caught the hammer, nearly knocking her off her feet, but with a show of strength. Her left foot immediately anchored to the ground stopping the hammer's momentum. This was only part one of her ultimate technique.

Blake was stunned. "How did she catch that? That hammer should weigh much heavier than its previous state. She even caught it with no problems."

Nora was inspired as evident by the burning fire. "Yosh, I'll train thrice no five times as hard now. I need to do that move, it could come in handy in breaking more legs."

Jaune groaned, he could feel the complaints rolling in. "There are times like this where I regret being the leader of a team." Ruby nodded. "Tell me about it."

Both Nora and Yang yelled out in outrage, they were being careful, look at their track record.

Mjölnir would come back to her after being thrown. Combined with the velocity and the centrifugal force, all of her strength could be combined and unleashed at once. To make the Ultimate Killing Blow that destroyed the World Serpent in a single strike. Known to Nora as 'Pancake'.

The reason being is after the blow, the once proud serpent. It was flattened to the earth with such force that it's dead body was flattened to become the shape of a pancake. The resounding force was so strong that it separated the once supercontinent in Remnant into many different islands and mainlands.

Nora oohed and awed at the display of herself causing a continental drift while the others had various forms of disbelief on their faces. Coco shook her head. "If she ever gets to that point, I'd quit being a huntress and leaving it to her."

Neptune was being very smug as Sun paled at seeing Goddess Nora destroy a monster of that size. "So… you were saying that you could beat her?"

Sun chuckled, never losing his power of positivity. "Hey! Anything can happen in a fight, you never know who's going to win or lose."

Ren glared at the orange haired girl who suddenly lost all her vigor. She tried to drive for a compromise but the quiet side of this dynamic duo hammered the order even harder. "Nora… no you won't overexert yourself to reach that level of strength. If you do… I'll take away your pancake privileges."

K.O. Nora Valkyrie went down in the twelfth round, at seeing this Ren simply smiled. "But you can still get Maghild 2.0 and you can call it Mjölnir… you can even do Nora's Hammer." Just like Tyson Fury, she got back up at the count of nine. Nora was pumped and hugged her friend that she was together but not together-together in a vice grip that would make a boa jealous.

The hold was eventually removed by Jaune and Pyrrha who noticed that Ren almost saw his ancestors and calmed down Nora with promises of doing the Pancake move as well.

Through it all, Nora gave her finest smile while Sun faced it with his worst. The hammer smashed into the human but he managed to stop it with his head and his weapon. The gods were momentarily silenced that such a person could stand up to Nora's unmatched strength. However Sun was suddenly quiet himself but then two loud snaps were heard across the arena.

Yang winced in pain. "I don't think I could fight like that."

"Oh no! Not like this!" Ruby complained, Sun was doing so well against Nora. One hit had changed the fight so drastically.

His upper body was strong enough to withstand such force and maintain fighting but his lower body was the opposite. His legs snapped under the pressure applied causing him to fall to his knees in defeat. Nora was about to finish the job but the doors to the ring opened and out came Neptune, Sun's trusty steed. He sensed his owner's trouble and wanted to help.

Nora complained. "That's unfair! I already broke his legs! Why does he get a horse?! Why can't I ride Ren to battle like this?!"

Pyrrha simply stated. "Because Ren hasn't been shown in this scenario yet. Also Sun has the horses in the back. The horse is a way to keep the fight fair, he won't be able to walk."

The humans who were stunned and quickly fell into agony over the sudden momentum of the Thunder God cheered. Among them, the loudest of those cheers was Scarlet and Sage who spurred by the actions of Neptune quickly woke up. Scarlet slapped his cheeks and stood up onto the balcony screaming up to the heavens. "Who the hell's giving up here?! Our lord is unmatched under the heavens! The Flying General, Sun Wukong will definitely win!"

Sage grabbed their flag and swung it with his might which only raised the morale of Sun's own army. "Why the hell's the strongest man sitting there, having a nap?! Stand up, Sun Wukong!"

Sun started crying because his teammates were there for him. "My other self can't lose if my teammates are being this supportive! You're going down, Nora."

Nora evilly laughed. "You are but a lowly-"

She was silenced with a chop to the face by Ren who simply sighed at his partner's antics. "You shouldn't always follow what your alternate self is doing. Whoever wins or loses, you'll accept it, right?"

"... Fine."

Ozpin laughed. "Oh? They still want him to fight? Humans are so cruel~ They should have learned their-"

Sun let out a mighty roar as he firmly planted his weapon to the ground and quickly stood up. His broken legs did not bother him at all as he walked to ride Neptune, Nora seeing this let out an ecstatic laugh. "Just what I expected from my rival!"

The Creator highlighted. "For the first time in that Nora's life she was wounded and felt like she was matched."

Nora looked at Sun who also had a smirk on his face. "Ooh, Renny, maybe me and Sun over there should fight and I'll break his legs."

"... Nora, it's Sun and I-"

Sun was fired up. "Let's give it a shot! But it would be me that will-" Suddenly a large amount of pressure was forced onto Sun's and Nora's backs. They were forced to kneel to the ground, they looked up and saw that it was the Creator doing this.

He smiled. "Settle down. You'll ruin the fun part."

The gods were shocked that Nora would even consider placing a mortal being in a distinguished position. Sun with fiery eyes glaring at the thunder goddess charged ahead, Nora answered with another swing but Neptune had jumped into the air and kicked the goddess into the ground.

"I'm kicking ass… wait, why am I rooting for myself as a horse?!" The people in the audience room were laughing at the blue-haired aquaphobia riddled teen. Sun patted him in the back and made a comment about it being ok to ride him.

The two partners from Vacuo then regretted the faunus' comment as Neptune decided to smack him on the back of the head. Sun looked at Blake who laughed and his soul was shattered, now his Blake was thinking he was playing on the other side. "This sucks."

The gods wanted to let out their displeasure for the arrival of the horse however Ozpin silenced them with his aura. "Don't you idiots see… that horse is an extension of the human's body. I allow it, let the horse, Neptune, be Sun's legs."

Nora quickly got up and smiled when Sun avoided another powerful blow thanks to Neptune. Sun then grabbed the end of his weapon and arched it to prepare for a powerful blow. The legend and the truth goes that Sun traveled to the highest mountain where he trained for years to find the one weapon that could showcase his strength.

One day, during the worst storm in Vacuo's history, he had grabbed a specific guandao and swung. His strike shocked both Scarlet and Sage who watched the historic event unfold before their very own eyes. Sun had managed to split the sky into two. He would call that technique 'Sky Eater', he knew he could only use it when he found his rival.

Sun was amazed, maybe he could do that. If he did then he would become the greatest faunus huntsman of all time. "I have to try that. I could destroy any grimm with that move… I need to find a mountain to do that. Maybe Mountain-"

Ozpin stopped his momentum. "I wouldn't disagree but may I remind you Mr. Wukong that you'll be in an unstable area and the technique would require you more than a decade to finish."

Good thing Nora was his rival, one who matched him blow for blow. Nora smiled, she knew it was time to end it, if she didn't take this seriously… she would die. So in return to what she knew was Sun's ultimate technique, she threw her hammer with all the strength she could muster.

"You humans… have piqued my interest… In that case, let's go!"

Sun laughed or yelled out his joy. "No holding back!" Sun instinctively knew that this swing would be the strongest in his entire life. Indeed, Nora felt the same exact way as she caught the hammer but then fell backward and froze. The gods were stunned that Nora would combine two of her instant kill techniques into 'Nora's Pancake'.

"Come on! Win for all of us, Sun!" Ruby cheered along with some including Blake. Nora had forced her team to cheer for her to annihilate the faunus on a horse.

Hammer and guandao smashed into each other as a bright flash erupted in the arena causing most to cover their eyes. As the light faded, the humans and Salem with the youngest Valkyrie sister, Velvet were shocked. The one who they infused with Sun's weapon, Penny, died as the weapon shattered into many pieces. Sun had lost his left arm, his right leg, with his right arm nearly hanging on but it was almost separated as well.

Ruby started to cry, it hurt when one of your friends died especially since she couldn't help anyone. That's why the despair scenario personally scarred her. "No… Penny… why? I thought Sun could-"

Qrow noted. "What you didn't notice was that God decided to use both of her strongest technique while warlord only used one. She also used lightning… there wasn't even a chance."

Nora pouted. "Isn't my fault he wasn't strong enough to beat me. He should have known not to best my Mew-Mew."

Ren shook his head. "It's Mjölnir. Also Nora, how can a hammer of that size become a boomerang. Also, also your semblance doesn't cause lightning strikes."

Nora pouted again but luckily our fearless leader saved the day with his suggestion. "Maybe we could engineer the grenade launcher part to do something similar. I recorded the fight, that way you could always train and Ruby can help." The orange haired warrior crushed Jaune in a hug while spouting stuff about Ren not understanding her problems.

Sun was sad, he had lost, even though his alternate self used his most powerful move. Was it a sign that no matter how hard he tried, he could never get what he wanted? Neptune patted him on the back. "At least you went down in a blaze of glory."

Nora simply frowned as the only wound was to her breasts, a single line showcased Sky Eater's damage. Sun bit on his right arm and removed the appendage quickly as he signaled Neptune to go forward. Sun cried tears of joy. 'This is joy!'

Nora smiled. "Thank you… my rival." She then swung the mighty hammer one more time and directly hit the fellow battle maniac's face. The Flying General's head was separated from his body, signaling the end of the first match to the Gods.

The people who rooted for Nora or Sun felt bad for the brutal way the faunus was killed. Nora, on the other hand, was so happy she was doing her victory dance. Sun sighed. "Well at least I wounded a God, looks like I have to get stronger to reach that level then surpass my strongest version."

Neptune smiled, he knew it was impossible but he wanted to see his partner succeed. That other Sun also fulfilled his dream of being the strongest through hard work and determination. "Don't worry bro, I know we got your back." The two had a very warm bro hug after that.

Even though humanity took its first step towards extinction, Salem quickly marched to her room to select the next fighter. There she revealed a cruel truth to Velvet, "This battle is one of souls… Ozpin would never agree to anything unless it made him truly excited. Therefore if the soul is destroyed, then there is no cycle of reincarnation or return. The dead shall be reduced to the vacuum of space. There is no 'after this' for them… not anymore."

There was an eerie silence that enveloped the room. It was first broken by Ruby who asked. "Why would she do that to her own sisters?"

Summer gave a sad smile. "Sometimes you have to risk everything for a greater purpose."

Ruby tried to oppose this. "But how come the fairy tales-"

Tai touched her shoulder gently. "Those are too perfect of a hero's tale. It isn't always like that for everywhere else."

Even if Velvet's loving nature hated Salem for committing such an action to her fellow sisters, there would be no way for humanity or them to fight and win against the gods. They chose the second fighter, who was the most reviled being amongst those who sat on the heavens.

Cinder snickered. "Reviled amongst the heavens? He must be very powerful to incur such wrath from the divine."

Winter noted. "Is he a reason why the gods hate humanity?"

The Creator shook his head. "Nope… the gods in that world and possibly in your world hate anything below them and treat it with indifference unless an action like rebellion makes them act."

Juniper winced from that subtle statement, Ozpin as well. Jaune smiled. "I'm hoping this guy will give us all a win."

Yang explained. "We all know who it's gonna be. So how strong is this Lover Boy?"

Jaune blushed in embarrassment, they only saw him as a main character throughout all of the previous scenarios. "Well… I'm betting it's not going to be me. Maybe it'll be someone else?"

Mercury laughed. "Yeah, right. They'll show blondie over here in just a moment."

The announcer sounded off the start to Round 2 of Ragnarok. "Let us introduce the next fighter for humanity. He's been called the hope of humanity… here he is!"

Pyrrha commented. "It's definitely Jaune." Her teammates agreed with her except for the blonde himself who vehemently tried to convince everyone that it wasn't him.

Raven sighed. "Hope of humanity… yeah, right… How can humanity ever hope to beat a god?"

A large pillar shot out of the ground as white doves surrounded it, all of a sudden various wildlife entered and bowed to the figure who remained unmoved. All of the gods, especially the ones who decided to fight in Ragnarok, instantly frowned. The announcer continued. "Who would've thought?! God blessed them and said to them 'Be fruitful and increase in number. Fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that walks on the earth…' But to think this day would come!"

Mercury supplied. "Dude looks like a mix between a Chad and a Stud."

The figure's hand began to move slowly and clenched his fist. "That the man would eventually rebel against his creator. Defining the essence of humanity, he is truly a man among men."

Emerald snickered. "Sounds like this guy is full of himself."

Ruby yelled. "This guy sounds cool! He's like a great superhero to all!"

All of the humans were in shock over the figure who immediately jumped down and landed on the ground with no difficulty. "The only thing he holds faith is in is in the weight of his fists."

Once the light shined on the appearance of the first men, every female human and god immediately blushed for they had never seen such perfection in a creature. Especially when the only thing covering his body was a single fig leaf covering his nether region. "He's the ultimate survivalist! With a knack for unarmed combat! He was given life but also gave birth to the original sin."

"Oooooohh, that's one sexy bod." Yang drooled, they haven't yet seen the face but that body was sculpted by the greatest of sculptors of all time.

Weiss blushed but crossed her arms under her chest. "Such a sinful nature to even be that nude in a public setting."

"Yeah! He should take it-"

"YANG!" Her teammates interjected while the blonde bomber looked hurt and embarrassed by her suggestion.

He smiled as he held the apple in his right hand and took a bite of it in front of all of the gods. This of course caused them to glare at him but most could not stand up to him in a fight. "In all of history, there is no man infinitely despised by the gods except…"

"If there's anybody that can stick it to the gods… it'd have to be him!" All of the men knew who he was and saluted towards greatness. "The Father of Humanity, his name is…"

"No, no, no, no, NO!" Emerald rambled on while Cinder was simply amused. The girls in the audience simply blushed and nearly swooned at seeing the face of the Father of Humanity. Emerald looked like she had a mental breakdown, there was no way her partner-in-crime looked like that. 'What makes it gross was before they showed the face, I fucking liked his body… Ew!'

Mercury on the other hand was overjoyed, had his constant worshipping of the sex god worked wonders for him. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! It's my time! Praise me!"

Nora was only one of the two unaffected by the alternate Mercury's looks. "Meh, should've been Renny instead."

Pyrrha was the other one not affected since she was waiting for Jaune even if it was an older version. "He looks handsome but Jaune is better." Jaune blushed in embarrassment but it felt nice that his partner felt like that.

"MERCURY!" The perfectly handsome man met the hatred of every single deity and smiled at them. This further incensed the male gods but the females swooned at the sight of his deep grey eyes that showed off his incredible confidence.

He frowned at the taste of the forbidden fruit. "… so sour."

Emerald's eyebrows were twitching. "How? Just how did they get you there? Father of Humanity, you're not even that great to receive an honor like that."

Mercury gave a smug smile. "Don't be like that Em. People always hate greatness when it starts, they don't realize it until it's over."

The dark skinned green haired thief scowled at Mercury's statement. "What decided to make your current self great? Don't kid yourself any further for everyone's sakes."

"Just shows that you love me, Em."

"Die in a ditch, Mercury."

Ruby chuckled at the two having a back and forth. "So who's going to fight Mercury?"

The announcer then received some abrupt news and said. "Apologies, the one facing the progenitor of mankind was supposed to be Shiva, the Indian God of Destruction, but his majesty insisted he fight the Father of Humanity. So-"

Velvet sank to her knees in sadness. "No… he was supposed to be the last boss."

Coco's eyebrow raised questioningly. "Who's this majesty? When did we see him? What could make bun-bun over there so scared."

Salem bit her fingernails in anger. "That fucking geezer! How can he do this?! This is against the rules!"

There appeared to be a tick mark on the forehead of Juniper which showcased her anger on who the mystery god was. "Of course, it's him. He'll bend over backwards to get what he wants no matter what. It seems this version is no different."

"Blasphemy." Ozpin refuted.

Entering the ring through the hymn of violins signaling the start of a god's massacre on the weak. Ozpin frolicked to the ring and danced a bit before he revealed his true form instead of the frail one he was used to. "If we are to call Mercury, the father of humanity. Then it would only be fitting to say the same to him! The godfather of the cosmos. Using the powers of creation on a whim, returning anything that doesn't suit his fancy back to the void!"

"Uh, not to sound mean but that's just gross to see, Oz." Qrow pointed out and avoided a coffee burn from a stray streak of special blend of the Headmaster's coffee.

Ozpin grumbled at his alternate self's proclivities. "That isn't me!"

Emerald chuckled. "Looks like you'll lose anyways Mercury."

Mercury was a bit silent at the revelation that his other self had to fight possibly the strongest god in that universe. Yet his other self was calm and didn't show any signs of fear. "Let's see, even if he's the strongest, my other self will knock him down."

Mercury didn't really react when the more hulked up Ozpin appeared before him that had also released his aura. This of course caused humanity to sit down in fear, this old guy was too powerful to even comprehend. "Truly, the King of the Gods! Eons ago, he brought about the end of the Titans to decide the mightiest gods. Infamous for committing the crime of patricide, he had killed the God of Light and the God of Time to become the strongest!"

Tai whistled as Ozpin looked even more menacing than he could remember. "If only we had this version, I guess the Grimm would have been extinct a long time ago."

Summer giggled. "If only he could fight in the frontlines."

The people in the theater room laughed while the headmaster in question became more sullen as his good name was being trampled upon. Salem, was shocked, that version of Ozma did what she couldn't. 'Thank Oum for that then. If he was this powerful here, then he wouldn't even need the academies or an army.'

"This old geezer, gets off on battle! A real god among gods! OZPIN!" The gods cheered for the godfather of the cosmos who had finished his pre-battle dance and stared down the unimpressed father of humanity.

"Now then our second round shall begin! Mercury vs Ozpin! A battle between the fathers of humanity and the gods!"

Yang yelled. "Come on Mercury! Beat creepy Headmaster up!" A lot of the other students also cheered for Mercury because humanity needed to win this. This battle seemed to have been even if Ozpin was truly overpowered in this.

Mercury felt good maybe because people were going to be cheering for him. He felt important, not anymore strung up to be someone's henchman, to be his own person even if he was fighting for something he didn't like… at least it what he decided on his own. He felt manly tears run down his face and gave a small sniffle that went unnoticed by almost all. The Creator just smiled.

Ozpin walked around Mercury while the handsome human just looked ahead of the powerful deity. "Hey, will you be alright without that thingy? Y'know that uniting with the Valkyrie. Without that."

He stopped walking and looked down at the father of humanity who stared at the god's eyes. His presence indicated for humanity to bow but Mercury was not even minding the Father of the Cosmos. "Kiddo, it'll be over before you even know it."

"Damn! Since when could our coffee-addicted Oz do that?" Qrow remarked while Raven laughed at the thought of an intimidating Ozpin.

Jaune and Ruby shivered in fear, that Ozpin just looked too menacing. Weiss stated. "By what he said,it intrigues me. Why is he so confident that the match would end before Mercury could react? Is he so fast that his hubris brings merit to his capabilities?"

Ren nodded his head. "That version of Headmaster Ozpin beat the God of Light and the God of Time, he must be incredibly overpowered."

Mercury decided to answer by pointing up which caused Zeus to be surprised. "… it's already here."

Zeus looked up to see a green haired Valkyrie on top of a pegasus. Velvet was elated. "It's-"

Salem chuckled. "There's only one of us who can truly be fitting for the progenitor, Mercury. She is the perfect one to help him against Ozpin, the 7th Valkyrie, Emerald!"

"No, no, no, NO! I would never-"

Mercury interrupted her by giving a hug. "Aw, I knew that you were hiding your true feelings about me. Who knew you'd be this loyal to me? It actually-"

The grey haired assassin leaned back to avoid the fatal slice from Emerald who growled like a feral dog to what Mercury had done. "I'll kill-"

She then face planted to the floor because of the Creator's power. Her daggers then disappeared, Cinder simply stood up and helped her helper to her seat. Emerald wanted to jump right back into the fray of trying to kill her partner. Her will was easily erased by a simple glare from Cinder.

"Emerald, calm yourself, right this instance."

Emerald looked down, the last thing she ever wanted was to disappoint for cause trouble for Cinder. "Sorry."

Emerald then jumped off the Pegasus. "Mercury, your hand!" She outstretched her hand to reach for Adam's. "We only have one chance to match wavelengths."

Mercury smiled as his outstretched finger and hers touched and she truly started to change shape in a large burst of pure light that went to his right hand. He chuckled. "Now in this moment, we are one."

Ruby was excited, Sun's weapon was so cool along with Nora's. "I wonder what's his weapon? It has to be really cool!"

Mercury smiled. "Well-"

Yang turned around, her eyes and hair were glowing red as she growled. "Just say it, buster. I'll show you no mercy!"

Mercury backed away, he had no support from a saddened Emerald. It looked like worshipping the sex god called Jaune had no benefits of getting any of the hot girls in Beacon. 'But at least I got the spotlight now. It's really weird for me to see Emerald go inside me without any difficulty.'

Ozpin along with Salem and Velvet were interested in what would be the father of humanity's weapon to fight the strongest god. But when the light faded, the arena was filled with the laughter of the gods and the groans from humanity. In his right hand was a single knuckle duster.

Mercury looked at his knuckleduster. "Hmmm…" He then clenched it and it truly fit perfectly in his fist. "Oh yeah, I'm liking this." He then cranked his neck that made two cracking noises as he took two steps closer to the hulking God of the Cosmos.

Ruby's mood glowered. "That's so lame. Why a knuckle duster? How's he gonna beat the headmaster with that?!"

Mercury defended himself. "Hey! I can beat anyone with these two hands."

Ozpin was very amused and started clapping. "Hohohohoho!"

The gods laughed at Mercury's ridiculous action to face Ozpin with just a knuckle duster. The announcer also laughed. "This man intends to have an all-out fist fight with the God Ozpin! Could there be anything more manly than that?!"


Emerald recovered herself from Cinder's disappointment and was about to joke about Mercury being a dad but she stopped herself. Mercury was stunned, his eyes were wide and his lips were moving yet a sound did not utter from it. Cinder was also curious as to her henchman's reaction, she did not know why being called a father could affect him so much.

Mercury lazily turned his head behind to see his two kids, Abel and Cain who were cheering him. The latter yelled out. "Make sure you slug him for us too."

Mercury was absolutely surprised, he'd be lying to himself if he said he would get kids. After what happened, maybe it was a deterrence. But to see his kids support him and that he noticed they didn't become like him… it gave him joy. "Man… did I do good?" If he was the Father of Humanity, his kids love him… was he doing better than him.

He nodded and smiled since his kids were now supporting him. He examined his knuckle duster and looked at Ozpin and noticed something odd with the hulking god. "So… where is your weapon?"

The gods became pissed at how casual Mercury in speaking to the King of the gods, this surprised Ozpin since no one was like this to him. Salem simply face palmed while Velvet was scared of the repercussions the old god could do because of the disrespect. Ozpin laughed. "Oh… you're talking to me."

Ozpin chuckled. "I agree, that is a lot of disrespect towards my fighting prowess."

Juniper giggled which caused the headmaster to glare at his former paramour. "I didn't realize you still fought. Don't you use kids to do your battles for you."

He clenched his fist near his face. "You see I really want to hear the sounds your bones make when I grind them to dust, see~" He then kissed one of his knuckles with an audible 'chu' sound. "So~ I'm going bare-handed!"

Tai shivered in disgust after seeing the exaggerated movements of Ozpin as a god. "He's just so creepy."

Qrow even drank from his flask after seeing Ozpin kiss his own knuckle. "That will haunt my dreams. I need to drink more to forget this."

Mercury nodded. "I see… gotcha. But I think you'll regret that later."

Jaune smiled. "Damn! That was a sick line. If I did something like that, I would choke."

Ozpin jumped on one leg as if he was warming up and gave Mercury a thumbs up. "Hohoho, that's the spirit! Well that's enough talk for now. For starters…"

He appeared in an instant within a hair's breadth of the father of humanity whose eyes widened on how fast the old god was. "Why don't you try this on for size?"

Raven's eyes widened in shock, there was no way that just happened. "He's even faster than the last god and the faunus combined. He just appeared in front of that grey haired boy in an instant."

Mercury's sweat began to drop, he was anxious. This just showed how powerful the old god was, blinding speeds with a muscular body that indicated tremendous power strikes equaled trouble. "I bet the other me wouldn't even flinch."

A fast straight flew from his left but Mercury easily moved his head to the side and avoided the blow. What made Ozpin smile was that blow could have easily killed an average god let alone a human being. The speed of that single punch being thrown was about 0.01 seconds. "Oh? Not bad~"

… 0.01 seconds, that went through the minds of everyone in the theater before they gave off their unique gasps of shock. Ruby was flabbergasted. "Headmaster is that fast?! That's faster than even my semblance on sugar! But Mercury dodged it so easily, maybe we can beat the gods!"

Juniper was even more astounded. 'I don't think I've ever seen anyone move and fight in one tenth of a second. No wonder my other self was disturbed at an older Ozpin fighting against the Father of Humanity.''

Ozpin chuckled. "Didn't realize I'd be that strong in this scenario. It's very enlightening, I suppose."

Mercury was pumped. "You see that! I dodged that, it was me!"

Ozpin became even more excited and dove to throwing more punches this time at speeds of 0.001 seconds and 0.0001 seconds but what shocked the deities was Mercury. He had easily dodged all of them without much effort. He wasn't impressed by Ozpin's blows but simply observed.

"Holy Oum! There's no way a person can dodge such powerful punches at that speed!" Sun commented as others were starting to get impressed by Mercury's prowess.

Yang whistled in appreciation. "Well that saved a lot of time, oh come on, you guys are just all stiff!"

Everyone groaned at Yang's joke but it didn't stop how awestruck they were at how fast Ozpin was throwing these punches and how easy it was for Mercury to dodge them. It gave them more hope than Sun's fight. They were now cheering for humanity to win this round.

Ozpin then threw lightning fast jabs from both hands that exceeded those previous speeds. Meteor Jab was what it was called however Mercury coolly dodged all of them, Ozpin increased those speeds but the progenitor of mankind remained unphased. Even if the old man reached 0.00000001 seconds, Mercury had not been struck once.

"This is so unreal! Go, Mercury, get revenge for me!" Sun yelled out his cheers while the others were also cheering for that version of Mercury. The real Mercury on the other hand was feeling the love and appreciation from his skills even if it wasn't directed at him. 'This feels different… I like it.'

Cinder was amused, who knew that Mercury would want so much of those nice feelings he swore he hated. 'It just proves that these scenarios are changing everyone. I have to prepare for the situation that my two henchmen may have second guesses or a change of heart.'

The last punch looked like it overextended but Mercury leaned back in order to avoid it. He didn't know that Ozpin was preparing for an even faster and more powerful kick aimed at the human's lower body. "There's more~"

Divine Axe was what it was called, the gods remembered how it was used to destroy the entire lower body of the giant. The giant was well known because the ability of the creature was his weakness. But to everyone's shock, with no expression on his face. Mercury simply jumped up and flipped away from the devastating kick. "What?!"

Ren was definitely impressed. "That kick was incredibly fast and the timing to dodge that was zero to none. But how did he do it so easily. He hasn't even been hit by the strongest god."

When was there ever a time that someone had dodged completely all of his strikes so effortlessly. "Oh, that's just wonderful! You're really something… but-" He taunted the human since he didn't even attempt to land a punch on him. "You can't beat me if you're just running away, you know?"

Mercury exhaled. "You don't need to tell me that…" He jumped on one leg just like Ozpin before he started his barrage of punches. "Well, for starters… How's this?"

Emerald snickered. "He's as cocky as you, there's no way he's going to even be able to match that."

To the gods he vanished in their eyes, the next thing they saw was that Ozpin had moved his head to the side but his cheek got cut from Mercury's straight left. The punch traveled at around 0.01 seconds. Mercury then started the exact barrage like Ozpin from 0.001 and 0.0001 seconds speed of blows to the Meteor Jab and he even perfectly executed a Divine Axe when Ozpin thought he had dodged the last punch.

"WHAT!?" The entire theater erupted in confusion, Mercury had just literally done the same moves as Ozpin.

Qrow's flask had fallen to the ground, Coco's sunglasses fell off from her face, and Nora even became quiet. That display of strength and speed were too unreal. Jaune asked. "So that's the father of humanity… man… he's just too strong."

Yang's jaw was still on the floor because Mercury was beating someone who killed one of the Brothers and a God of Time. "I can't even make a pun on this… it's just too amazing. He's really doing it."

The kick nearly sent him to his knees but he had managed to plant his feet. "…You... You're not too bad." Ozpin was then irked when Mercury decided to ignore him and look towards the sky.

Jaune had stars in his eyes as he stared at the screen. He became a fanboy for this version of Mercury. "Damn, he's just so cool!"

Mercury felt like he received water after wandering in the desert. He was just complimented by his idol. He whispered while clenching his fist in victory. "I did it."

Humanity cheered as Velvet jumped for joy. "Amazing! I was worried for a second since he was stark naked!"

"Oi, I'm not a pervert. Don't you go ruin my moment!" Mercury refuted those claims, didn't everyone know that he was just this awesome whether in real life or in that scenario.

Velvet continued her train of thought. "So I immediately thought he was a pervert. But he's a fighter and he's super strong! To think a human could copy a god's technique-"

"Velvet." Salem smiled as she decided to remind the youngest Valkyrie. "Fu fu, did you forget about the birth of Mercury himself? He was designed to be a copy of the gods… and as such, he can perfectly replicate any move he lays his eyes upon. Even those made by the gods!"

Mercury gave a smug smile to Emerald who groaned in pain. "You hear that, Em? A copy of the gods themselves. It means I'm perfect, no wonder I helped make humanity… but wait, if you're the Valkyrie… who's the mother of humanity then?"

She clenched her fist and laughed smugly. "He can take the pride and the arrogance of those bastards and shove it right up their asses! That is the power of Mercury or in other words. It has been called the Eyes of the Lord."

"Hoh. So my power is like true sight… that's cool, it means I can see everything and copy anything but make it better. No wonder I'm cool." Mercury noticed, no wonder he was the Father of Humanity.

Ruby was amazed. He could see everything and copy it, that was like a cool superhero power. "That's so awesome."

Weiss chuckled. "Or a powerful hack but useful nonetheless."

Mercury simply stared when Ozpin shivered in delight and gave him a crooked smile all the while fastening his feet to the ground and slowly tilting his head to the side. If it was meant for intimidation, Mercury didn't mind it at all. "Ho ho ho… Ain't this peachy~ I haven't had such fun in quite a few millennia."

"Damn, that Ozpin sure has a few screws loose. Does he really love to fight?" Qrow remarked.

Raven smirked. "If that Ozpin was like this one then no one even me would have been safe from his actions for control." Ozpin glared at the tribal leader, he was not a control freak like what Raven suggested.

"But I wonder-" He disappeared in a flash, Mercury frowned since his eyes could clearly see what was going on. The god was circling around him in faster speeds than what he displayed earlier. "What about this?!"

Mercury replied by leaning to his side and twisting his head to the left to avoid the massive leg from causing any damage. Ozpin was shocked, he was sure that technique would definitely hit. That was the one that instantly knocked out the God of Light, his father. Ozpin looked behind him to see Mercury adopt the same stance. "You?! HOW?!"

Juniper chuckled, if only that could have worked for her but then again maybe Ozma could have made a difference. Ozpin looked at her and shook his head. "I think even with that version I could have beaten them."

Juniper was amused. "Couldn't help to try?" Ozpin decided not to answer, it was best not to open a precarious situation in front of everyone.

Mercury smiled. "Looks like I got this one in the bag." He then wiggled his eyebrows at surprised Emerald. "And you thought I was done, ha!"

Emerald growled, she couldn't admit that she thought alternate Mercury was cool. He was also better than this version of her partner by a mile. He was also winning the fight against the strongest god, what was happening to her… 'It's just the effect of this Oumdamn simulations!'

His head whipped to the side from Mercury's kick which caused him to fly to the other side of the ring's wall. He was down on the ground with the back of his creating a miniature crater on the wall. "He… He's down! The omnipotent and omniscient Ozpin has been knocked off his feeeeeet!"

Blake's eyes widened in shock. "He actually reacted to that! But the Headmaster was all but a blur!"

Sun responded the cat's sort of question. "That's because he's the Father, that must mean he's the strongest. I wonder what would have happened if I fought him?"

Yang quickly answered. "You'd be a peal on the canvas after he's done with you. Hell, you can get the chimpion of the fastest defeat." No one laughed except for one, that being a blonde knight who snickered.

Her immediate family except her birth mother instantly responded by holding her down. The blonde bomber had a rabid look on her face and the ahoge atop her head turned into a little heart as she tried to get closer to Jaune. It seemed that was the tipping point for Yang. "C'mon! I'm not going to do anything… maybe a couple of them… but not all!"

Blake face palmed, she could at least understand some of her language. The blonde of Team RWBY probably wanted to have Jaune's face sucked by her own lips. She was also grateful that it was stopped… 'I need to have these feelings checked. Otherwise I might become like Yang.'

Mercury was currently picking his nose waiting for the god to get back up, he didn't even address the shocked faces of the other gods. "Not to mention that Ozpin's mighty attack was replicated perfectly by Mercury!"

"Ugh…" Ozpin slowly looked at the human ahead of him but his version only saw himself. He got up to one knee but his focus was to Mercury who had not moved since he delivered the mighty kick that knocked him down. "It's as if I'm fighting a mirrored version of myself!"

Mercury opened his mouth. "I don't really want to do this, you know? But this is a match so… sorry 'bout that, pops."

People in the theater immediately laughed at the clear dismissal of a threat the other Ozpin was to the Father of Humanity. Even Ozpin felt ticked off by that, that was an act of disrespect, in the back of his mind he was rooting for his other self to teach other Mercury a lesson.

James couldn't stop laughing. "That… that was a good one. I ca-can't breathe! This is just too good!"

Qrow was on the floor having a hard time to breathe along with his estranged sister. The drunkard finally talked. "Oh, that's a good line. I should say that next time."

Salem laughed out loud along with the humans, the gods were utterly fearful of Ozpin's reaction. The elder god's entire body twitched, when was the last time he was ever disrespected like this, not even the Titans or Giants were like this. "… Pops?" He then started laughing uncontrollably. "Oh man! Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! I'm just so happy, so hyappy~!"

"Geez, that is just creepy. He looks aroused..." Neptune noted which made some in the audience shiver.

Velvet even spoke. "Can we not mention that again?" A silent consensus was reached by everyone there. Last thing they needed to point out was how insane this other Ozpin was in comparison to their Ozpin.

He clenched both fists as his body was trembling with adrenaline. "I'm so happy. I'm about to burst." He extended his left hand straight towards the human while his other hand had it facing down on the ground.

His eyes held so much fighting spirit that was not seen since he decimated the Titans along with the God of Light and the God of Time. "Well then, little monkey. Can you follow this? Let's find out!"

One of the gods was surprised. "He's using that move… against a human?!"

"That looks troubling. It looks like Ozpin is becoming serious." James noted.

To explain this, eons ago somewhere in the milky way, at the decisive battle of the Titanomachy between the Greek Gods and the Titans. A young Ozpin had completely decimated the mightiest Titan, his father who personified time. But, as he spat out the broken teeth and blood forming from his mouth. A thought emerged, he who had not taken a single hit from any titan was taken surprise by the one strike that connected to his chin. Hell not even the God of Light, one of the brothers, touched him in their duels. He had beaten that smug asshole to a pulp before beheading him with his leg via a kick. But this… this was different.

Yang whistled appreciatively. "So the only one that hurt him back then was this God of Time, not even the Brothers could match up to him… that's insanely strong. Hell he might be over op now."

Mercury smiled. "That means I could have beaten the God of Light and that God of Time just as easily."

Emerald brought his dreams crashing down. "You're not him and you'll never be. Stop making a fool out of yourself." The grey haired assassin simply smiled in amusement, who knew Emerald would be affected this much.

'That bastard… I couldn't even see his strongest attack. By the time I'd noticed, he'd already smashed me in the chin…' He moved to where his father lay unconscious. "Can't really say you've been a good father… but…"

He then raised his foot and aimed for his father's head. "You were one…" He delivered a mighty stomp that caused the Titan of Time's head to explode across the floor of the planet they fought in. "Hell of a fighter."

Ozpin was appalled at his other self's behavior. "Even I wouldn't do that. That's something Raven would do."

Raven growled in response, even if she did love to fight, she was never ever like that even to someone who gave her a good match.

At that time, Ozpin took that final strike from his father, and he burned it into his body, naming it as his own. Containing all the respect and resentment for his father, the mere mention of its name…

He then charged in a single step as Mercury's eyes widened in shock. Everything around him seemed including himself to have stopped moving altogether. The mere mention of the name was said to exert control over all of time. It was truly the fist that surpassed time.

"He can stop time!" Yang's shout caused everyone to once again reach a state of surprise, how could Mercury even hope to fight this. The other Ozpin had just transcended speed to stop time.

Juniper smirked. "Ah… so that's how he could beat such powerful deities… would you like to share something, Ozpin?"

Ozpin chuckled. "Sadly I don't have the ability nor the technique to stop time in order for myself to move… it is an interesting one to learn though. Maybe I can?"

The antagonists in the theater shivered in fear slightly, they couldn't imagine Ozpin being capable of being that fast that time stopped just for him. He would be nigh unbeatable if that was possible. However, one by the name of Mercury disagreed, his smile showcased his supreme confidence. "Nah, it'll be fine. I bet my counterpart can beat that easily."

Emerald scoffed. "If that happened, I'd even go on a date with you."

Mercury chuckled. "You gonna back out of that if it happened."

Emerald smirked. "On my honor I'd do it since it's never gonna happen."


Mercury dodged the strike from Ozpin and landed his own straight punch that caused the god's head to twist around violently. He smiled at this new technique. "I like this."

Emerald exclaimed rather violently. "What in OUM'S NAME!" Her mind had shut down for a bit and then realized she had lost the bet against Mercury. This was unfair on so many levels. 'How the fuck was I supposed to know he could do that?! Who in Oum's green Remnant can move through stopped time? There has to be a limit to what he can copy!'

Mercury noticing her distraught state whispered in her ear. "I was thinking about sushi, by the way."

The people in the audience were shocked, just how powerful was this Mercury. He just moved in the area of stopped time. He had countered what seems to be Ozpin's most powerful technique.

"I'm sorry, but what in the actual fuck can those eyes not do?" Coco asked.

The Creator appeared. "Honestly even a being such as myself are afraid of such eyes. He can literally do anything anyone can do as long as he sees it… what a terrifying ability."

From that one punch, Ozpin's head had turned around three times, the god saw in front of him a confident Mercury who was walking away from him in the space of stopped time. "Thanks for the cool move, pops."

Ruby chuckled. "Man, he is so cool like that."

This only stoked Mercury's ego even more than what was naturally possible. The arrogant assassin was on Icarus' level at this point. Jaune commented. "He just killed the headmaster that easily."

Time resumed as all beings stood up in shock that Mercury had not broken a sweat, Salem and Velvet smiled as the leader cheered. "He did it!"

The announcer stopped for a moment before yelling out. "What the hell just happened?! Ozpin, father of the cosmos, has been brought crashing down to earth!"

One of Ozpin's sons, the Greek God of War, had grabbed the balcony in disbelief. "Impossible… the old man raised his fist… I just thought about it… the next thing I knew… his head is facing the other direction and Mercury is now on the other side."

"He moved at the same speed as Ozpin then… that kinda makes sense… but how was he able to copy that?" Tai asked.

Summer giggled. "Simple, dear… his eyes possibly work outside of what he actually can see. It's an automatic reaction." She looked at the Creator. "Is that why you are afraid of him?"

The Creator shrugged his shoulders while adopting a surprised look, the audience was equally surprised that Summer had guessed something that an omnipotent being would respond to. "Perhaps… he was made to rebel against beings like us. Whether he liked it or not, even other Creators such as myself cannot stand up to him."

Mercury smugly smiled. "Damn… I am that awesome."

Mercury coolly looked behind and down at the bloody face of Ozpin. "That's why I warned you. That you'd regret it… right?"

The announcer approached the unconscious form of Ozpin. "I can't believe it if I didn't see it, gods and goddesses! But this isn't a dream, folks. Because he's out for the count! What we are witnessing is the birth of a new miracle for all of history!"

Ruby cheered in victory for humanity. "Yay! He did it! He saved us!"

Mercury sighed in delight. "It was just too easy."

Emerald growled. "If it wasn't for those eyes, I wouldn't have to-"

Mercury of course interrupted her before she could finish that sentence. "Careful, darling. Maybe after sushi we could have a romantic dance at the ballroom."

"Eat shit and die, Mercury!"

Cinder chuckled. "It is your own fault, Emerald. Never be this confident in making a decision when you don't hold all the cards at the table."

Humanity cheered once again as Velvet was completely stunned from the turn of events. "He's strong… way too strong… even if he can copy their techniques, being able to surpass the original is something else… Who the hell is that guy?!"

Salem smiled. "I believe I mentioned it earlier, but the source of that man's strength is his conviction… his hatred… towards the gods." Velvet looked at Mercury who simply looked up towards the sky since he was not interested with what was going on the ground. 'Hatred? How?'

"Hey, I can hate a lot of things. They can get under my skin pretty fast." Mercury explained.

In the Garden of Eden, the natural utopia built by the gods for the first man, a very nude Mercury lived his life alongside his fellow creations. He ate grapes while lazily sleeping on a huge bear while being surrounded by the white doves who were his friends. He had a perfect life until that day happened…

"Damn… even his junk is perfectly sized and shaped..." Yang droned on as several girls in the theater including one dark-skinned girl nearly drooled at the sight of Mercury's natural state.

Mercury was certainly impressed. "Well at least this scenario has one thing we have in common."

Ruby had one question. "Why's he naked there and why's he not so much in the arena?"

The Creator chuckled. "You'll find out Ruby. I will clarify on some information that is not present but I think you will all enjoy what is going to be present here."

In Heaven's court, in front of the many gods, the most perfect human woman was on trial for her supposed actions. "No… You're wrong…" The voluptuous woman with blonde long hair threaded with flowers was completely naked yet only the one who said she committed the crime cared for that fact.

She was Mercury's wife, Yang, the first woman in creation. Tears were spilling out of her eyes, her hands were praying that the Gods would listen to her. She didn't want to leave the Garden and leave Mercury all alone. "I swear upon the gods, I didn't eat the apple!"

… "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" Yang bursted with fiery red hair and eyes, good thing her family held her down again before she could do any damage. They were certain due to the aforementioned name, she would go after him.

The assassin, on the other hand was in a state of utter distress and joy at the same time. He got a hot wife to bang that gave out great kids that love him like a dad. But the real one would emasculate him and he knew Emerald might help with that. For the moment, he was silent but nevertheless thankful. 'It seems praising the sex god, Jaune, was a good idea. It finally gave me a great reward.'

Most of the guys had to cover their eyes from such a sight even if it was tantalizing, the fear of Yang's wrath compelled them to do so. Jaune and Ren had their eyes closed by their respective partners.

Raven simply scowled at the state of this alternate Yang. 'This weakness disgusts me. Have some pride as the Mother of Humanity.'

The one who accused her of committing the forbidden action pointed at her to only showcase his stance on the matter. "Objection! I saw you eating it with my own two eyes! As my name, Marcus the Serpent, I swear it to my fellow deities." The tree of knowledge, found in the Garden of Eden, was told by the gods towards Mercury and Yang to not eat its fruit otherwise they will be removed from paradise.

Emerald was surprised, she nearly jumped from her seat when she heard something crash. People looked to the source, they found Mercury had used his hands to crush a glass of soda. It didn't even register to the assassin until he looked down at the mess he made. "Sorry… I-um… sorry..."

Cinder knew what this was about, it seems that seeing his abusive father be in a position of power while trying to ruin his life could cause a violent reaction from him. She just didn't realize it would be so immediate. 'Perhaps because of this high highs he received in this scenario, the sudden appearance of a low caused it to swing violently in his behavior… I might need to have a talk about this to him. I could use this for control, if necessary.'

In truth however Marcus had tried to take Yang as his own, he had tried to test her faith to Mercury but only met resentment. The serpent had tied his body around Yang as she tried to get away, he then pulled her next to the tree. "NO! Please stop!"

Tai growled. "That goddamn son of a bitch! I'll kill him. I'll kill that fucking snake."

Qrow stopped him. "Hold on there, Tai. I know but we have to remember he ain't here and we ain't there."

Mercury's fist was clenched, his eyes saw blood. How dare his father ruin his paradise? What in Oum's green Remnant did he do to him? 'I'd fucking kill him! Again and again and again!'

"Hihihihi you're mine now!" Marcus had started to fondle her tits, she tried to fight back but her limbs were being held tightly by the god's appendages. But still Yang called out for help. "Please someone help!"

Raven scowled. 'You should fight him yourself. Don't become so useless, fight back!'

Yang growled. "I'd fuckin' kill him! The dude is dead!"

Marcus then licked her cheek. "Nobody will save you here. Just surrender to me, you're not worth for that brat."

With tears in her eyes she cried for the man she truly loved and knew who would save her no matter what. "Mercury!"

Ruby prayed for someone to save her alternate sister. "Come on, Mercury you gotta help Yang."

Mercury's hands clenched further, he wanted to- 'Woah, woah, hold on a minute. Why would I help her. In the end, this isn't real. Hell the broad even if she is sexy is just a target in Cinder's scheme. I'm just enjoying all of this because I'm the star and I beat a god who's the most powerful… right? I have to be right… if it isn't… am I changing… is it because of… him? I never should have been interested in this, this ain't changing the badass I am.'

"Whoa! What the-" Out of nowhere, two doves appeared and managed to strike the god in his eyes. The pain caused him to let go of his hold, Yang then quickly ran away and pushed him away. The perverted deity lost his footing and smashed on the tree. By the time he realized anything she was away, probably running to Mercury. His target was gone, failed by these stupid birds!

"Qrow… I never told you how I loved your other form. But I love it so much." Tai's comment caused the drunkard to roll his eyes and decide to drown himself in liquor once again.

Marcus growled in disappointment, what did the brat have over him. In the end wasn't he also a piece of shit. He grabbed the apple and instantly thought of the plan to remove her from this paradise. He bit it and ignored how bad it tasted. "That bitch! Fucking me like that… I'll show you who you're messing with!"

"That fucking bastard." Mercury grumbled in utter hate, he had nothing but contempt to his alternate version of his father. But it didn't mean he was right… he was becoming like his father. Some arrogant asshole that lived his life as a killer. But what other choice did he really have? But it still didn't let go of the feelings of intense desire to kill his alternate version of his father. 'I really hope my other self does it.'

Back in the courtroom, Marcus proudly showed off the apple that he bit as evidence. "Behold, this is proof that she ate the apple!" Yang was stunned, she had not even done that but the gods in the courtroom would believe a god's word over hers any day regardless of the situation. The chances of a human gaining the guilty verdict where the judges, prosecutors and the court were Gods was 99.999999%!

"That son of a bitch!" Yang exclaimed while the others were furious at this hideous display of justice. Mercury was on the tipping point, he couldn't keep his emotions in check anymore… he might lash out if he sees more of this. He wasn't doing this for any other good reason other than seeing his old man get killed in front of him again… maybe it would satisfy him...

All the gods immediately stood up in anger and shouted at her. "Banish her!" "Yeah kick her out!" "Get her out of here!" She was immediately sentenced to be banished from the Garden of Eden. Yang fell to her knees in agony as tears fell down her face. "No… Does that mean… I'm going to be… separated from Mercury? I don't want that!"

Seeing her true hurtful expression caused the grey haired assassin to stand up… wait, was he now fighting for her? It was laughable, truly the real Mercury shouldn't stand up, but he couldn't handle it. Here was a person who actually felt hurt by the event of losing him… when was the last time he had that?

Cinder shot a glare at her henchman with prosthetic legs. "Mercury, sit down. Calm yourself." She then stood up and whispered into his ear. "If you do not… then you will suffer the consequences. Remember she is a target in our plans. So calm down or else-"

Mercury definitely felt the heat turn on where Cinder was holding him and sat down albeit with reluctance. To the others in the theater, they were surprised and they also wondered who this Marcus was to Mercury since he was so angry at the mention of his name and the appearance of his face more than them.

Marcus stifled his laughter watching the despair on Yang's face. 'Hmph… this is your fault for being with Mercury in the first place. If you won't be mine then you're not needed here. Go and suffer by yourself on the surface!'

The doors to the courtroom suddenly opened and out came a large giant who was supposed to be guarding the entrance however… He fell face first to the ground and out came Mercury carrying a basket of apples from the Tree of Knowledge.

Jaune smiled. "So that's how you make an entrance."

Of course, the first man didn't care of the aghast faces of the Gods as he carried many apples in the basket he held in one hand. He simply walked slowly to where Yang was. Her face, however, was stuck with sadness at seeing him in her trial. Marcus was livid, was this human about to ruin his plan? "Mercury! What are you doing!? This is a sacred place of judgement! Your kind isn't welcome here!"

He drew his face closer to the basket, picked up one apple and took a large chunk out of it in front of all the Gods. All the Gods including Yang were stunned on what Mercury did in front of them but the man didn't care one bit. He started chewing loudly, Marcus yelled out in protest. "You ate one!"

Mercury gave a warm and light-hearted smile, seeing his alternate self screw with the other version of his father felt more… enjoyable than killing him. "Looks like I'm still a badass."

Velvet cooed out. "It's so romantic!"

Sun was confused, most romantic he ever did was stalk and photograph. "How so? He just ate apples."

Coco chuckled. "You don't get it abs. Busty over there was gonna be removed from paradise because she ate an apple but she really didn't. Hot stuff over there just ate an apple in front of everyone which means he leaves with her regardless of the judge's decision."

Mercury chuckled. "He just did it because he wants to see that smug smile wiped off that fucking snake."

Jaune surmised. "Maybe but maybe he also doesn't want to leave a woman who truly loves him." Mercury stopped and pondered about that one… could he really do such an action. Well, he never met one… but would he… do that?

Mercury spat it out onto the ground and wiped his mouth. "So sour!" Marcus shouted in protest once more. "And you're already spitting it out?!"

Despite the shocked faces of the Gods, he continued to get an apple, bite a chunk out of it, chew and then throw the bitten apple to the ground. He did so until he finished all of the apples that were in the basket. He then nonchalantly threw away the basket, his cheeks were like a chipmunk due to how many chunks of forbidden fruit he just ate. Yang started to cry because now it was her fault that Mercury would be tossed out from the Garden of Eden.

Summer smiled and then looked at her two daughters. "Sometimes we can't stop the men we love from doing stupid things, I hope you girls know this. Happens to your dad a lot."

Tai chuckled. "Ain't that the truth."

The first man stopped walking when he noticed Marcus was in front of him. The serpent berated him on his actions. "Mercury, if you think that you're saving Yang by messing with the trial then you-"

"Yang." Mercury completely ignored his presence since he pushed him aside and was now looking down at his wife. He then extended a hand to help her get up, which caused her tears to stop flowing from her eyes. "If you're leaving, then I'm coming too."

"Man… that's a badass! He completely ignored that snake guy and rushed in to save the love of his life." Jaune's comment made several nod their heads in approval, for Mercury, it only helped to create more denial or confusion in himself.

Could he become a… nah, he'll always be like… himself?

She couldn't believe that he would sacrifice everything just for her especially for a chance to be immortal and living in paradise. Her eyes questioned what he was doing but all he gave her was a simple smile that meant he did it for her. In joy she jumped and buried her man towards her impressive bosom with a hug. "Mercury! Mercury! Oh, Mercury!"

Some of the guys responded with a bit of a bloody nose to which the blonde brawler growled at. "If I see anything rise, I snap it in half!"

Blake sighed. "Well to play Darkness' Advocate, you are buck naked with your assets on full display in front of everyone… so calm down."

He was confused from his wife's actions. "Y-Yeah, that's me. What's wrong? Please don't cry, Yang. I'm here already."

Marcus gritted his teeth in anger and frustration over Mercury's actions, he would definitely show him what happens when you mess with him. "HISSSSS! You bastard! You got flowers for brains?! You think you can fuck with the gods and walk away to get a happy ending?!"

"He's such an annoyance. I wouldn't mind if he got killed off." Blake grumbled.

Mercury had removed Yang's arms and protectively stood in front of her against the monstrous snake-like dragon. "Now, now… My little bird friends told me about you. You made Yang cry. I'll never forgive you for that."

Marcus lunged at Mercury. "What of it, you worm?! How about I send the happy couple back into dust from where they belong?!"

"Oh? Well I don't think I'll need my ability for this." Mercury easily caught the hands that were supposed to pierce him. With a little tug from both sides, he had split in half the god in front of the entire court. Marcus died an agonizing death while Mercury decided to throw the two body parts to where the judge was.

Most of the audience cheered after the snake was viciously halved in two. Mercury was crying tears of joy. 'That was so beautiful!'

He then grabbed Yang's hand but her expression looked downtrodden. "I'm so sorry, Mercury, because of me-"

He interrupted her while they were walking towards the exit of the trial court of the gods. "No, Yang. I did this for us. Let's go. Together. We'll make a paradise of our own." And so, Mercury left with his beloved Yang and they lived a happy life together on Earth with their children.

"Aw, that's so nice and romantic!" Ruby cooed at the very manly display of Mercury being with her sister. This was on the level of how Jaune was so nice to her or to her teammates.

Mercury for the first time in his life saw another life where he was genuinely happy. But what did that mean for him personally, it wasn't like he could get his alternate self's powers, it wasn't like he could join the side of good… no, he was Mercury Black. Unbeknownst to him, he was changing.

The humans were non-stop celebrating for their all-father had just knocked out one of the strongest gods. Even Salem couldn't stop her laughter from having that old bastard get beaten and humiliated. However, the good times had to stop.

The announcer was about to stop the match and declare Mercury the victor via knockout but giant fingers had squeezed his mouth shut. Ozpin slowly stood up, even though the old god was covered with bruises, the only noticeable damage was that his nose was broken. "I ain't done yet."

He then twisted his own head back to its original position, Mercury noticed him and sighed. "Oi pops, don't go pushing yourself, you hear me."

Weiss winced as the older god had put back his head to its original position. "Normally a blow like that should kill anyone but it probably speaks volumes on how strong this version of Headmaster Ozpin is. But isn't Mercury too confident, his opponent has gotten back up quite easily. Shouldn't he be concerned?"

Winter nodded. "Truthfully, yes. But based on his abilities, it seems like he could simply counter whatever is thrown at him."

Ozpin cranked his neck hard until several loud pops could be heard, he glared at the progenitor of mankind. "You don't have to tell me twice… now I see that your casual speech wasn't just for show. But you've piqued my interest now…"

He pointed at the human. "This old man has got something he wants to ask you." He then clearly pointed at the clear eyes of Mercury that held nothing. "I can't feel the flames of hatred towards us gods within those two eyes of yours. So tell me. What's the real reason you're here to fight?"

Ozpin chuckled. "It seems my other self has figured it out. The true motivations of Mr. Black and why he fights."

The others were confused, it was clear as day that he wanted revenge for the gods for manipulating certain events that caused the Father and Mother of Humanity to be banished from their paradise. Mercury even challenged the idea with a certain smugness in his tone. "Yeah, he wants to kick ass. Just like me because I'm a badass."

Mercury chuckled, he took a step towards Ozpin with a determined look on his face. "HAAAH… you thought the same too, huh?" He then looked at Salem who instantly flinched. "They all say the same thing about me 'Hatred', 'Resentment', 'Revenge.' I don't need any of that. There is no reason why."

He stared down Ozpin with a flame under his belly, he clenched his fist. "Is there any man that needs a reason to protect his own children?"

Silence permeated throughout the room. All of the figures in the room felt a sudden chill as those words resonated throughout them all.

"That… that is a true man. He knows what it means to protect something he cares about." Tai smiled while Summer and Qrow agreed. But the other member of Team STRQ who decided to leave everyone, would disagree about that principle if the man in question wasn't strong enough but she couldn't force those words out of her mouth, wouldn't she be lying about her true motivations for her decisions.

Mercury was amazed yet confused. His other self was talking about being a real man or having a real purpose. Again, why should he compare, they lived different lives but… is it wrong that he felt that his other self was doing something right.

The humans in the arena started bawling their eyes out after hearing such heartfelt compassion. Mercury's children felt a shiver run through them and without any instruction… all of humanity began to pray. In all the ways they knew how.

In that moment. There were no divisions of race, gender, nationality, and creed. From the statesmen to the criminals. The rich and the poor. The good and the evil. For the first time in all of mankind's history, humanity stood as one. They all wished for the same thing. Mercury's victory against the God of the Cosmos, Ozpin.

"He's so cool. I wanna be an awesome superhero like him!" Ruby cheered out her appreciation, she didn't know all of humanity could band together like that.

Blake gave a sad smile. "If only we had a rational one for the faunus kind."

The gods were stunned at how fired up these humans were towards what Mercury had just uttered. Ozpin smiled. "You… even worked up the crowd… not bad kid…"

Mercury raised his fist at Ozpin. "You should have stayed down… you do know this next hit will kill you. I'm done playing around. I need to win… sorry, pops."

Ozpin started to hug himself tightly. "Seems bluffing won't work anymore. I'll admit it… you're a strong one… possibly the strongest I've ever fought in my entire life… but-"

He started compressing his own flesh. "I don't like to use this since it could kill me but it's the only way to defeat you. HMMMMMMMMMMMM! AAAAHHAHHAHAHHHH"

Emerald winced "Eww, that's just horrible to look at! The hell would the geezer mutilate himself."

Jaune grimaced over the muscles that were colliding and pulling from each other, the noise… the noise… it was… "Dear Oum, this is the extreme of like Monkey Sphere Y! Son would never do that when he powers up."

Pyrrha giggled. "Aw Jaune, you're such a geek."

He started to scream in agony but his body was transforming, from the hulking mass of a god that exuded strength. He was now becoming a slimmer version of himself, he had completely compressed his muscles. "My final form, the Unbreakable, ADAMAS."

A very intense fear surrounded everyone in the theater, it was if they knew they were facing certain unfeeling death. Some were shivering, some were crying, some were clenching their fists. It was as if a primal fear appeared in all of them… even Raven was seeing 'Nam as soon as Ozpin's final state was showed.

But for the headmaster, he felt… nothing. Truly it was jarring for him but he absolutely and positively felt… nothing. He looked at Juniper who was looking down and murmuring as if she had seen her worst nightmare that was impossible to escape from. 'Is that what I am to become… in order to stop… all of this?'

Babies started to cry, Salem shivered in fear. 'This is my instinct but… The primal instinct within me just detected the greatest threat I've ever seen.' Mercury had even adopted a fighting stance when he saw Ozpin's final form.

'I'd be serious too other me. Looks like the old man isn't playing anymore.' Mercury gulped, seeing Ozpin's final form… it was worse than anything his old man did. He even looked to his boss and noticed she was hyperventilating. Was this how strong Ozpin could get if he was serious… why the hell were they going to screw him?!

The first man raised his guard subconsciously especially when Ozpin's form had the god's muscles scream as they held back the overwhelming power since it was compressed to its very limit. It was as if something malevolent had just been born.

"Oum just stop it! It's horrible enough to look at it but it's making so much awful noise! Renny, tell it to go away!" Nora hid behind her sloth-like friend who decided to turn the girl around and cover her ears.

The orange haired then decided to close her eyes. "There, now I can't see or hear anything. Thanks Renny!"

Ren gave a small smile. "No problem, Nora."

The one who took the initiative, was once again Ozpin who charged in for a devastating straight right punch. A definite true god's fist that if made contact would unleash fatal damage to whoever faced Ozpin. Mercury even copied the way Ozpin was about throw the punch but he dodged it and hit the old god on the chin.

James stated "This Mercury was able to make Oz's head spin around three times, I'd expect nothing less. Didn't he just copy the same maneuver."

However, Ozpin did not even flinch due to his now super enhanced durability and followed up with a left that was swiftly countered thanks to Mercury's eyes. Ozpin let out an excited squeal as he followed with another right but the human countered. The old god then kept throwing more and more barrages of fists at Mercury who countered and dodged all of them. These fists were even faster than the ones thrown by Ozpin when he stopped time. No… it was if he was faster than time could possibly happen. Mercury answered by continuing to swing even faster and harder but the old god wouldn't slow down his assault.

"WHAT?!" Another exclamation rang out in the theater, the blows that had once hurt the God of Cosmos was causing no damage at all. Hell, Ozpin's punches were so fast, the Creator had to slow the action down to eight million times in order for them to see what Ozpin and Mercury were doing. Without it, they would have thought the two were just standing.

Velvet shook her head. "That Mercury… he's not human..."

Salem growled and slammed on the rails of her balcony. "NO!" Velvet was surprised but Salem continued. "This is bad! Really, really bad!"

"Why? Because he isn't beating him as before wouldn't it just cause the Headmaster to eventually lose if he can't hit Mercury." Pyrrha asked.

The Creator gave a sad smile. "Even though that Mercury is amazing… he's still mortal." This drew confused looks from everyone, for even that Mercury to keep up was beyond mortal he must be-

Mercury's face, more importantly his veins started to expand and show itself clearly on his face. All of a sudden, blood spurted from his nose. A steady line then fell down from his nose which he quickly wiped off. The announcer yelled as the gods started to cheer. "Huh… What's this?! Despite holding up against the barrage of blows, Mercury's started bleeding?!"

"WHAT!? HOW DID HE BLEED?!" Another exclamation rang out, everyone was surprised, he didn't even get hit by one of Ozpin's punches.

Mercury knew it, he just didn't want to say anything. 'Am I dying?... So in the end even with all that… what I just fail… so what's the fucking lesson in all of this, then?!'

Velvet was in shock, she couldn't understand. "HOW?! He's bleeding! What's going on? Did he get hit but it looked like he countered and avoided Ozpin's blows."

Salem slammed her fists on the railing creating fist prints on the metal. "He's starting to overheat!"

Ruby was confused. "So he's a… robot..."

James muttered. "Most real one if that's the case."

The Creator chuckled. "I assure you he is all flesh and blood."

The two combatants once again started punching at an ever increasing volume of punches. Velvet looked to her leader. "Overheating?! But-"

Salem clearly looked at their fistfight and noticed the ever worsening condition of Mercury's eyes. "You probably didn't notice, but even though Ozpin keeps throwing them like they're nothing… Normally every single one of those swings is a guaranteed and unavoidable one hit kill to Mercury."

She grabbed her hair in anger, about to pull it out of its roots. "In other words, Mercury for this entire fight… has pushed those eyes to the absolute limit even if it brings him unbelievable pain, just to avoid death and to keep on fighting!"

"So this entire time, he'd been using his power to the limit in order to hit Ozpin." Salem wanted clarity to which the Creator nodded.

The being who made everyone watch this adopted a frown. "I told you, I might be scared of him… but in the end he is mortal. Mercury over there used his power ever since Ozpin threw the first punch to the utmost limit. It's a miracle he used it for that long, normally the fight would be over."

"But because its Headmaster Ozpin who's jacked up and loves to fight… it was inevitable." Blake asked and the Creator smiled. "Sadly… it is."

Ozpin growled as he received another hard punch to his face but he noticed that Mercury's eyes had started to bleed. Salem stomped on the ground furiously. "It means Mercury will be the first to fall!? I never expected the old bastard to exploit the technique's one weakness through attrition! That fucking limp gorilla piece of shit!"

Ozpin nearly fell out of his seat, even though Salem hated him that much. It was still very much not what he expected if she insulted him that much. "I… am definitely not a limp gorilla piece of shit."

Juniper chuckled. "I could repeat that verbatim to you Oz… would you like that?" Ozpin grumbled something while the blonde master of evil smirked. "I still got you, Oz."

But Mercury's punches were definitely working since there were holes all over the god's body. He even exhaled steam, it seemed that Mercury's punches could cause Ozpin's flesh to be ripped into shreds at any moment. Mercury had countered another right that seemed to have stopped the god's momentum for just a second but the two once again started swinging relentlessly.

"C'mon me! You're making us look bad." Mercury cheered for himself to win… this one mattered for some reason he couldn't exactly point out.

It was only a matter of time before we were brought to that moment. Mercury had dodged a strong kick from Ozpin and delivered one to the god's temple that seemed to have staggered the God of the Cosmos. In spite of the fact that a mere graze may be fatal for the human, Mercury would never falter! He merely returned every blow for blow with his eyes despite the immeasurable number of punches.

More people joined Mercury's own cheer like the students even Ozpin and James, they wanted humanity to win especially when it was a guy who was pouring all the stops to win. "Mercury! Mercury! Mercury!"

Those two who stood in the ring continuing to weave their fists together. Raising their stakes to their limit. At the sight of such a beautiful dance of combat, both sides erupted into cheers. It was as if both found themselves resonating as one.

Ozpin had started to bleed from the number of hits Mercury struck him with but the old man never stopped and never gave an inch and continued punching. The Greek God of War, Ares, his son started to cry tears of joy. "I never once thought that a fight could be so beautiful…"

"Are they killing each other or putting on a show?" Weiss asked.

Her cute partner responded with a shoulder shrug. "Who knows… but I still want humanity to win so..." She then cheered. "Go Mercury!"

Velvet fell to her knees crying as Salem stood strong holding back her tears. "Mercury, you beautiful bastard."

Coco lowered her sunglasses to stare at the ever awkward partner of hers. "Should I be worried, Velv? Are you going for tall, mysterious, and handsome over there? I thought you were more of the tall, blonde, and painfully-average-with-a-lot-of-potential type of girl."

Velvet gave a very cute glare to Coco who simply snickered, the bunny couldn't really look any mean or angry. Her ears moved in a way that would distract the fashionista.

The two continued to fight, their fists were simple streaks of light by this point. The gods had stood up chanting their godfather's name while taunting the human who dared to even fight against him. "Ozpin! You see that, Mercury! Your fists aren't doing a damn thing to the mighty Ozpin!"

The humans on the other hand chanted their father's name out loud, hoping it would give the man the strength to win. "Just give up already, Ozpin! Go for it, Mercury!"

Ozpin kept on punching even though he received on full force the might of Mercury's punches, on the other hand, the human already using his eyes to the utmost limit continued to dodge and counter the god's sure-kill blows. Yang started crying. "He just keeps going and going… please win for us Mercury. Please come back to us!"

"Little dragon… you need to really look into who your going to have as your-"

Yang groaned in pain, did she now have to worry about another lover boy. "Old man… isn't it kind of weird hearing this from you?"

Tai then looked to two loves in his life, one of which smiled while the other sneered. He then chuckled. "You got me… just don't be like your uncle over there."

"Hey! I've been faithful-" He then held out the flask. "-only had one love in my life, pal."

Abel, one of his sons, started crying alongside his mother while covering his ears from the sounds of the two. "Ozpin, please! Let papa win!" Cain, his other son, started kneeling down to pray. 'Go down, go down, go down! Hurry up and fall before it's too late! I don't want a father I will never see again! I'm sorry for everything, please come back to us.'

Mercury's fists tightened with anger, what was he supposed to do about his other self. He can't even affect what his other self did… but there was something very interesting that might change his perception about his other family. 'Everything's all peachy and nice but… what did my kid mean by being sorry for everything?'

In the midst of the fervor that had taken place in the Heaven Arena the first to foresee the resolution was none other than Mercury himself. An infinity of tiny triggers causes an event to happen… Mercury landed a punch to Ozpin who opened his mouth to let out blood, one of those blood had travelled and landed in the center of Mercury's right eye. The shock of the unexpected event had caused his nose, ears, mouth and most definitely his eyes to bleed uncontrollably.

"NO!" The ones on Mercury's side yelled in disbelief, this was how the incredible Father of Humanity was to lose… because of simple bad luck.

Ruby complained vehemently. "That's wrong! They should stop the match… Professor Ozpin cheated with his blood. Mercury should win now!"

Summer hugged her in an attempt to comfort her. "Sometimes, Ruby… in a battle, anything and everything could happen. Sometimes it isn't your good day. For him, it wasn't..." 'Just like mine...'

He raised his fist to his face… and saw nothing but darkness. He had been blinded by Ozpin's blood, and then was struck by the old god's punch that caused the human's head to whiplash violently. Humanity was dazed, their father who had never been hit, had just received his first punch.

"NO!" More outraged yells rang out, from that Salem's description. A single hit from that Ozpin was a sure one-hit kill especially in the final form.

Mercury looked down in despair. 'So this is what it is then… no matter what path I get… I end up failing. Is that what this Creator wants to show me?! So why the fuck should I care about being good or bad?!'

The Creator gave a sad smile to the assassin. 'If only you could see the bigger picture… you can have so much potential… too bad Rooster Teeth doesn't like male characters.'

"So is this one finished. Sad, thought it could have potential." Raven grumbled, she wasn't all for the root for humanity against an unstoppable and immortal force.

Ruby was about to say something but a blonde knight intervened. "I'm afraid the fight isn't over yet. Unlike you we don't leave friends or family behind that easily, Ms. Branwen."

The tribal leader snarled and dashed to Jaune who seemed to have not lost his confidence at all. He stared her dead in the eyes as she approached even when she reached for her… 'Wait! Where's my-'

"As I said before, no violence. Sorry, Ms. Branwen. If you'd like maybe after the entire session is done, you can visit Mr. Arc over here but… such an action would require you to go to-"

"Save it! I'm not wasting my time on weaklings." Raven glared and simply looked away from everyone. Jaune smiled at Ruby and helped his best friend calm down. Summer and Tai and even Qrow were shocked at the more bold actions of the… blonde scaredy-cat. However Yang was the most affected, to see a man like that stare down the woman who had plagued her dreams and thoughts for so long. She needs a new pair of undies and fast...

The announcer declared. "It- It's a direct hit! Ozpin's fist has finally connected with Mercury!" Mercury stopped himself from falling on his back but Ozpin continued the assault, as he landed an uppercut that forced Mercury to jump a bit.

The father of mankind crossed his arms to protect his lower face and his upper body from the onslaught of sure-kill punches. Mercury had been pushed to defend while Ozpin mercilessly pounded away at the human. Salem fell to her knees in defeat while Velvet couldn't believe it, weren't they winning at one point?

The leader of the Valkyries started to cry. "It's taking all he has to block all of Ozpin's attacks… it's likely that Mercury is no longer able to use his eyes anymore. He can only see darkness and that means… this is it."

Juniper sighed. "Guess the fight is over, how can he fight back when his main weapon and ability is lost?"

Ozpin gave a sad smile. "Sometimes what is best is not to get hit but to get hit and keep getting back up. Have a bit of experience on that, so I can't fault his efforts of doing an insurmountable task."

Was it a hallucination or did Ozma see regret and sadness in Juniper's eyes when he shared his opinion?

Peter, the Norse Leader of the Gods and the Father of Nora, gave a sad smile. "I guess this is over… it's the end. The human can no longer use his eyes but…" Mercury's head lowered from the intense blows but Ozpin followed it up with a kick to the human's midsection that caused a violent jet of blood to come out of his mouth. "He was one hell of a guy."

Yang covered her eyes with her hands but she still heard the sounds of her one true love being destroyed. "Ah… Aaahhh… Dear… just stop… please stop… No more…" Abel started to also cry but he was unable to shut his eyes as he saw his father get beaten up in front of him. "You've done more than enough, dad! Just go down!"

Ruby started to cry along with some like Nora, Velvet, Pyrrha, Weiss, and even Blake started crying. Sun and even Neptune shed their own man tears. No one wanted to see family members watch you die. Mercury was deeply affected by this. 'You stupid idiot! Just give up, it will do you good. You get to have everything you have that I can never have! Why risk it all?! You're as much as a bad parent like my old man was!'

Cain had started to openly cry as he shouted, he noticed his father had not moved a single inch when he was blocking all of Ozpin's punches. "You idiot… Just give up and come back to us! You stupid old man!"

The humans in the stands with tears in their eyes also bawled out the same messages. "No more! It's already been settled! You've done more than enough! Someone! Please, please stop them!"

"Stop! Just stop it! Just quit and go back to your family!" Ruby shouted hoping that alternate Mercury would get the message. The other adults were also feeling like it was unnecessary, Mercury was finished. There was no way he could win.

Others joined in to give Mercury their support, hell even Coco was doing it. It was hard to see a beatdown look so bad on a human who refused to give up. Oddly enough, the only one who didn't resort to such a display noted by Cinder and Emerald and Juniper was Jaune. The blonde knight had not said anything except give a sad smile like what the Creator was giving.

Mercury angrily smashed the couch he sat, surprising Cinder and Emerald. "What more do you have to fight for?! You have everything I never have and will never get so why?! Why are you still not going down?!"

As all of his children began to fall deeper and deeper into agony over his beatdown, their father, thrust into darkness was able to say something that shut up everyone in the crowd. Ozpin on the other hand was rearing for the strongest punch he ever threw in his entire life but decided to give his greatest opponent one last thing to say before he ended him. "You… I'll give you one last thing to tell all these pathetic humans as their all-father. Come on just tell how you qu-"

"Ah… somewhere out there… a baby is crying… it's alright…"

Silence permeated the audience, looks of utter confusion or surprise or in Jaune's case… hope. "It isn't over for a guy who wants to risk everything for the people he loves. He'll just get back up."

Mercury was utterly lost. 'He goes through all of this… all he cares about is some baby out in the world crying? What the fuck does that mean? You-'

Tears started falling out of Mercury's eyes which caused even more of his children and his wife to cry louder. What gave him a smile on his face was the memory he always treasured. When Abel was born, Cain had tried to stop him from crying by playing with his newborn brother. Mercury decided to try the same tactic while Yang simply laughed at the two. He had decided then that his wants and dreams coincided with his purpose that he found later in life… it was to be the best dad he could be even if he knew it wouldn't always be perfect… at least he did his best to his wife and to his kids. "…don't cry… Your dad's here to protect you I'll make sure… to beat anyone that tries to make you cry."

The students started crying when Mercury declared that even though he was facing a behemoth of an enemy, he will not waver. He promised to beat down anyone who would even make all of his children, humanity, cry.

Mercury in the theatre had gone silent, his hands no longer clenched or shaking. It was as if the assassin was stuck in time. The words of his alternate self deeply impacted him… he was fighting even if he knew he was going to die and never exist… just so that he could protect his kids. That sounded really, really ni- 'What the hell is wrong with me?!'

Ozpin heard enough and slammed his strongest punch at Mercury's face, blood from the first human flew in the air. He was falling down, a collective gasp rang out at the human and Valkyrie side of the arena. His family was stuck at seeing their father and husband for the first time seem human. All Mercury ever thought about. 'My dream was to be a father to my children but I'm not perfect… I couldn't stop my eldest son from killing his brother… I couldn't stop Yang from being removed in the garden… I couldn't stop all the problems humanity as a whole has faced… I can't even stop them from crying right now… but everything I do… I do it for them.'

Mercury started crying. 'Even if his father was a dick to him… he just went on to make a good life for himself. Didn't matter if he was strong, at least he tried… what did I do then? Just sold my soul in order to get away from everything, come right out… and became my father… then what should I do? All roads lead me to failing then...'

'Just watch and then later… I shall speak to you.' Mercury looked up and saw the Creator staring down at him with a sad smile. 'All will be cleared soon.'

However Mercury took one more grasp at victory! To Ozpin's shock, Mercury had used his left hand to grab his head in order to stop himself from falling to the arena floor. At that moment, Ozpin for the first time felt fear. "… WHAT?! You should be dead!"

"No way! He did it!" Ruby was astounded, he couldn't see yet he fought on. That's something you can't even find on X-ray and Vav! Is that what it takes to be a superhero?

Jaune smiled sadly. 'Even though I can tell he's on his last legs… at least he goes down swinging.'

Pyrrha was very suspicious amidst her tears and attempts to comfort Nora, she wondered why the sudden change in her partner and then looked at the Creator who was definitely looking at Jaune. 'Did the Creator tell him something?'

The first man kept a strong grasp on his opponent's head, even with the enhanced strength of Ozpin, he couldn't pry away. Mercury then with eyes that could no longer function gave a teasing smile to the older god. "Found you…"

"Holy Oum! That's cool!" Yang exclaimed, she found it truly badass for Mercury to take the strongest punch from the strongest god. Only to use it as a way to get him since he couldn't see. "That's just badass!"

Qrow chuckled, shaking his head. "Crazy bastard."

The gods stood on their seats in shock. "He's smiling!" Peter nearly fell down his throne in shock and the two ravens perched on his shoulders had flown away in surprise. "He took the hit on purpose?! That human is fucking insane!"

Mercury and Ozpin smiled at one another and began another barrage of punches although the human could only use his right hand that had the knuckle duster since his left hand was occupied with holding Ozpin still. The two didn't even attempt to dodge but simply absorb every blow, they didn't stop when blood fell out from their bodies, they didn't rest even though their muscles and bones were under immeasurable pain.

"This is getting Oumdamn intense, I don't think I can breathe watching any more of this." Neptune added.

With punches that were going even faster than before, before they knew it neither side in the arena was able to utter a word. Amidst the painful silence only the groaning of bone and flesh could be heard, and those sounds, reverberated around the arena.

The two did not even move an inch from where they were punching. Ozpin had slowed down tremendously and even got a fistful of the first man's hair in order not to fall to the ground. The two just threw fists now from one hand at a faster pace, this continued for a minute. To put it into perspective, because of how fast they were a barrage of sure-kill punches to the face in a second was about fifteen hundred. Therefore they in that one minute of them going all out, they threw around ninety thousand punches and received the same amount.

"WHAT?! There's no way!" Nora yelled out, ninety thousand of those strong blows could kill almost anything if they weren't immortal. "That's impossible, right Renny?"

Ren shook his head in disbelief. "I don't think I can accurately tell what are these two strengths, Nora. They should have gone down a long time ago."

Eventually after that one minute of intense punching, those sounds came to an end… The two landed punches at the other one's chin. Mercury was stuck in the position of punching as Ozpin fell to his knees, utterly defeated. Everyone in the arena was stunned into silence, it took a while but the announcer finally proclaimed. "The almighty Ozpin, has been brought to his knees!"

Ozpin's muscles started to warp, then an explosion of steam enveloped the entire arena. There panting, having no energy to stand up was the old sickly thin version of Ozpin, he exhaled. "It's over."

The theater, at least the ones fighting for humanity stood up and celebrated. People were hugging and cheering Mercury's name for doing the impossible. He beat a god, humanity had finally won.

Mercury was astounded, he didn't think he could even win especially against that. It was nice to do something that was… good… and that he came out on top. "Nice one, other me."

All of the humans jumped for joy and yelled out their father's name in victory. Yang started to cry tears of joy, his two sons hugged each other in relief with Cain even proudly yelling out. "Nice one, pops!"

The announcer realized what Ozpin said as he looked to Mercury who had not moved since Ozpin went down. A feeling of dread permeated around the arena for the humans, Mercury's family had a look of horror and disbelief.

The cheering stopped, a horrible feeling hit everyone's gut… they didn't want to believe it but it was there… standing in front of them. The father of humanity was not moving at all, the smile on his face did not comfort those who had wished truthfully for his victory… or for the one that was going through a turbulent change.

Cain dropped the bombshell as he looked at his father who still did not move but had a smile on his face like he succeeded. "He's… dead."

The hands that were used to pray for her husband's wellbeing fell, Yang started to scream in agony. The man she loved was dead, the announcer verified for all. "M-Mercury… is already dead!"

Ruby wailed, her favorite superhero so far died before he could save everyone from the bad guys who were the gods. "It can't be… he just won!"

Weiss hugged her partner in an effort to comfort her. "We know… it's truly unfair."

Yang was also holding the tears from her eyes. "Even if I don't love the guy, I can't believe he's dead!"

Emerald looked at Mercury who had seemed to have stopped moving except for his mouth that was rambling on. Her first instinct was to ask if he was o- 'No, no, no, no, no. What's going on? My first instinct is to talk about how right I was but-' She looked back and saw that he was now crying. 'This is the first time I've seen him be this affected.'

Ozpin chuckled. "Hmph, you only just realized it? He already passed on… well before I dropped but even then he still wouldn't bend a knee, he didn't even try to run… no, if anything…"

The old god remembered the exact moment that the first man passed was when he grabbed his head, he was shocked that the human still fought as if he was still alive. "Even in death… this kid… he just kept on swinging."

James wiped the tears from his eyes. "Unbelievable… even after all that… he knocked old Oz down even if he was dead."

Ozpin smiled. "I guess our father shows just how incredible humanity can be once we reach our full potential."

Juniper sighed. "If only we had people like him, I guess. Everything would have been fine in the beginning, Ozpin."

He slowly got to a relaxed seated position, the Godfather of the Cosmos noticed that even the gods were silent. It was if they were honoring what Mercury had accomplished. "Phew… Hey kiddo. Seems you managed to put this geezer flat on his ass in his top form. That final form should have lasted twelve minutes… I couldn't hold it for more than two against you… You're one hell of a man!"

He was. He truly was. That was the sentiment that carried in the hearts of those who cheered for his victory. Mercury didn't see it like that, he- 'Wait… why is everything frozen?'

Mercury was right, everything was frozen except for him and the Creator who was smiling at him. "I'm sure you want to talk to me."

The grey haired assassin definitely wanted to talk to the Creator. "What was all of this for, huh? Just a reminder of how other me's have better lives than I have! I know my life ain't that good but that does not mean I'm gonna become like that other me... He lost! What right does anyone have to think he's so brave and courageous for leaving everyone he loves behind?! Is this a lesson, huh? What, that every path I take will fail!?"

The Creator gave a smirk. "If you saw… then maybe I was a bit too on the nose on this one. Well you are right, it was for you but you simply didn't see what I was trying to tell you."

Mercury was about to shout when the Creator's hand landed on his shoulder, which caused him to stop. "Every single one of you human beings has potential, regardless of what path you take. I'm here fulfilling the job of making everyone reach their purpose in life."

"So what you're gonna tell me to do good and-"

The Creator started laughing. "Honestly, who cares." He let go of his hand on Mercury's shoulder and appeared behind the teen. "I have seen many different futures or possibilities, Mercury. About everyone here really, maybe I should enlighten you."

He appeared in front of Ruby as he continued his lesson. "Once upon a time or shall I say in a distant timeline, you managed to be good and evil, one of your hardest decisions but in the end you married Ruby Rose and had four kids together and became a great house-husband."

He was now next to Jaune. "In one reality, Jaune is older and an established hunter who takes you as his adopted son and you have so many cherished memories with the one you call as a sex god."

He was now behind Velvet. "I like this one, you rebelled against Cinder and managed to snag this bunny. Hell, you two got married and had a family."

He appeared next to Emerald. "In this one, you just simply bow down to whatever Cinder wants and then she cuts you off because of a single loss to Blake. Emerald then kills you by having you see the worst nightmare you could possibly think of."

The Creator finally appeared next to Mercury. "Just like the Mercury there, he chose whatever the consequence may be but he lived through his full potential. Whether that is to be the next big criminal or huntsman is entirely up to you." He then looked at the frozen audience. "I should resume time back to its normalcy. Remember Mercury, it will be up to you to decide your fate… do not forget your own potential as a person. Who knows, maybe you could find happiness or ruin?"

After that, Mercury found himself sitting down as time resumed. Cinder looked at him with a questioning look. He might need more time to think about myself. "Sorry boss, need a little time to think. It isn't always easy seeing yourself die."

All of humanity started to cry and grieve the loss of their father, Mercury even though he knew was going to die, fought on... to protect his children. He never once fell to the ground in defeat, even though his eyes could no longer work, he willed himself and never quit. Ozpin sighed sadly, as cracks started to appear in his arm as if he was going to disappear. "I was never a good father… always blamed what happened on others."

Ozpin smiled at seeing the fulfilled smile of Mercury stare not only at him but towards his children and his actual family. That was the first time, the God of the Cosmos, saw anyone being contented at losing a fight. "What a shame… if this were a contest of endurance… if you hadn't died by this point. I'd have to give it to you. No doubt about it."

Summer smiled. "He was such an amazing person. He will be missed. But what will happen to humanity, they're down two fights."

Jaune sighed. "Well we are down two to zero, but I believe we can bounce back."

Mercury's body started to disintegrate to dust as the visage of the Valkyrie who assisted him, Emerald, disappeared along with him. Yet she didn't look mad, she was happy to have helped such a wonderful human being. Yang tried to reach out along with her two sons, as if they could catch him. In the end, all that was left of the first man was the fig leaf he wore. "The second battle of Ragnarok ends! With Ozpin being the ultimate victor."

Emerald was mad. 'How can you even be happy with him?! He just killed you, you trusted him and… I can't get that mad if he did something like that...'

Humanity looked down with tears in their eyes and defeated frowns written on their mouths. For the second time, humanity faced the despair of defeat and the ever closer doomsday for their entire kind. But…

All of humanity suddenly placed a hand on their hearts and looked up to the sky with newfound determination amidst all the tears and pain of defeat. All of humanity stood tall in that moment! For even though their father, Mercury, had passed away… He had left a great inheritance to his children.

In the sky, it was as if Mercury was there giving off a proud smile and extending his fist to greet his children. Mercury had given all of them the power to rebel against the gods. Along with the force required to do so… anything less would be a disgrace to what he had accomplished.

Mercury sighed. "At least I died nearly winning... I guess."

Emerald was shocked. 'What the hell happened to this asshole?!'

Velvet ran in the halls, had tripped but she immediately got herself back up and charged into the selection room. She noticed that Salem was eating in a large banquet table surrounded by pies. She was outraged that her leader had not felt anything for the death of Emerald. "What is the meaning of this, Sister Salem!"

"Velvet." The calm voice had shocked her, she instantly looked behind her and found the second eldest of the Valkyries. Sister Cinder had a stern but caring face as she looked at the very emotional Velvet. "Calm yourself."

Cinder snickered. "Why, I certainly never imagined myself as a tool for humanity?"

Juniper chuckled. 'Yet you were so eager to be a tool for me.'

Velvet had tears in her eyes as she approached Cinder. "Sister Cinder, you saw it too right? The knuckle dusters were unscathed, weren't they? So why! Why did Sister Emerald have to disappear with Mercury?!"

Cinder sighed. "Velvet… Volund is not simply a technique wherein the Valkyrie becomes a weapon. It's a technique where man and Valkyrie become one… in other words… you entrust everything to the other. You fight as one, and you die as one too."

Nora was still sad about Mercury's death as she sniffed. "That sucks. Who would ever want a semblance like that?"

Pyrrha answered. "Some who are obsessed with being a hero, I suppose." Jaune, Summer, and Ruby protested. If it was to protect someone then why wouldn't you risk everything?

Velvet couldn't say anything but simply let out squeaks as tears fell from her eyes. She remembered Emerald as a sassy but loving Valkyrie who understood the importance of family, she often taught her how to read and fight. But now… now… she was gone. Cinder hugged their youngest sister in the hopes to relieve her pain.

"There's no need to cry, Emerald was well aware of this kind of battle we are facing." Velvet listened but she tightened the embrace. "But… I didn't even get to say goodbye… I couldn't do anything for her…"

Cinder did not say anything after Velvet openly told her feelings. "Sister Cinder…" Suddenly the hug started to hurt and veins bulged from Cinder's arms as if she was doing a vice grip, Velvet was forced into her rather large bosom. "Ow- Sister Cinder! You're squeezing me!"

Cinder was not amused at the sudden change in her alternate self's behavior. 'Why am I acting like this?'

Velvet instantly said nothing and trembled with fear, Cinder had out of nowhere adopted a face of pure rage. This was a total shift of behavior, she then vowed. "Fucking bastards! I'm coming for you now."

Emerald and Mercury shivered in fear, they have not seen a Cinder who was more non-sophisticated act just as mad. Was it cheating that they determined, this version gave them more chills.

Velvet realized what she had forgotten when dealing with Cinder. 'I… almost forgot… Two powers dwell within Sister Cinder's body… two halves of the same whole. The one that shall tremble with fear or anger.'

Cinder chuckled. 'Sounds like my situation with the Maiden. Both parts are mine but one of them is in a weakling who didn't even stand a chance against me. A weird metaphor to use.'

She quickly got in a good mood to switch Cinder back to her more calm side. "P-Please ca-calm down Sister Cinder!" However both Valkyries stopped as loud sounds of chewing and swallowing surrounded the room, Salem was now gorging on Heaven's worst pies. Which meant she was super stressed, of course they were now down two to zero. Five more wins then the gods would wipe out all of humanity.

With cheeks filled with pie she yelled out her frustration over the last battle. "Jat' fucking ol' piece of shit! How dare he-nom- ruin my trump card jush like jat!" She now realized the momentum was solely on the god's side, she knew humanity couldn't take another loss but she didn't know who the gods would pick as their next champion.

Ozpin gave a smug smile. "You should talk without food in your mouth. Have you heard of something called common decency?" Juniper glared at him but said nothing, she would be in the same position if she lost to Ozpin in a battle.

'If we lose the next one too… we have to stop it from happening! No matter what!' Suddenly two rings came from her scroll as she quickly looked at it to see who the gods have decided as their champion. Her eyes widened in horror and she quickly removed all the plates and pies of the table and instantly went quiet.

Neptune asked. "What could have caused such a reaction?"

Sun shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe the champion that humanity will have to face is really dangerous."

Cinder and Velvet got closer to their leader and found out why she was behaving like this. The next god who would fight humanity was chosen to be the Greek god of the Seas. Velvet yelled out loud. "Right after Ozpin is his older brother!"

The people who were rooting for humanity paled, even if that version's Ozpin was the strongest… it would suffice to draw a theory that his older brother would be strong if not nearly equal to the Lord of the Cosmos' strength.

Cinder scowled. "They seem to be pushing us to the wall… did the fight against Mercury truly scare them?"

Cinder nodded her head. "If I was in the god's situation, after Mercury's performance, I would do the same. This would be done to weaken any hope that humanity could ever win against a deity."

Velvet was panicking. "Even though it's only Round 3, they keep sending their top-tier fighters…" Salem was not answering since she was currently holding the scroll's screen tightly as if she wanted to break it. "What are we going to do?! The Sea god is Ozpin's older brother, you know? Isn't he super strong?! Are you listening?! At this rate, aren't we going to get completely shut out by the gods!? Hey are you-"

Coco chuckled. "Bun bun, I know you know I really love you. But you need to eat a chill pill. This isn't really helping the situation."

Velvet pouted. "I can't help it. They're in a bad situation I need to-"

Yang chuckled. "Well you don't have to worry anyways Lover Boy's up next. Maybe he can win for all of us."

Salem instantly placed her long finger on the youngest Valkyrie's mouth which shut her up. "Velvet. Would you mind shutting up your mouth, for just a moment?" She then gave her a warm smile but crossed her finger to Velvet's neck. "If not, I may end up removing your entire head instead."

Cinder shivered in fear, it reminded her of the time she failed to meet the expectations of Salem when she was training. 'Dear Oum, they carry the same weight.'

Velvet nearly screamed but kept it in. 'Of… of course! That's a hell of a thing to say with a smile on your face.' She then decided to hug Cinder who seemed to have been laughing at her reaction. 'Though not as scary as Sister Cinder's switches.'

Salem started to sweat as she looked at her entire roster on the screen but couldn't find a match against the Greek Sea god. 'Although, we've been cornered so quickly… Who… Who? Who could possibly fight the god known as the Lord of the Seas!?'

Her eyes were closed but she did not even notice a large hand had gone behind her. The hand then slammed on the screen which stopped at the name of Jaune Arc and showed a picture of him in Beacon. "I shall go."

Emerald gasped. "What? Where did he come from?"

Jaune was also surprised. "Didn't know my other self has stealth powers."

Pyrrha shook her head. "No… it's simply the ability of yourself as a warrior."

But the three Valkyries had faces of disbelief looking at the man who volunteered to fight Poseidon. They were also in shock that they did not even notice him enter the room to volunteer. They only noticed him when he slammed his hand on the scroll's screen.

"Eh… but you…" An older Jaune with white hair and wrinkled skin while wearing a yellow kimono which had flower designs. He wore a black haori and a red scarf with flower designs as well but sheathed on his back was his katana, Monohoshizao.

Yang laughed. "That's a really long sword there, Lover Boy. Compensating for something?"

Jaune blushed while Pyrrha ran to the defense of her partner. "Yang! Stop it right now. Jaune is never compensating for anything!" She then eeped like a red reaper as the pair in JNPR blushed heavily as it was accompanied by the laughs of the hunters-in-training.

He had a cocky smirk on his face as he saw the shocked faces of the Valkyries. Velvet had to ask the elephant in the room. "You… you're Jaune Arc, right?" She looked at the picture a younger version of Jaune Arc. "You're completely different to the record. To put it bluntly… you're an old dude."

Jaune winced at the surprising amount of venom in that one observation. "Old people can still kick butt."

Ozpin chuckled. "Thank you, Mr. Arc. My point exactly."

Jaune raised an eyebrow, he was amused but also insulted. Velvet clarified her point. "The souls summoned here should have nothing to do with the participants' state at death. I thought combatants took the form of their peak, their golden age."

Salem slammed her both of her hands on the table, unaware that a jug filled with cow's milk was teetering off the edge. "That… should be the case. Why take this form then?"

Raven smirked. "Age deteriorates one's ability to wield a blade. He is merely leading humanity to utter catastrophe."

She noticed the jug fall over since it was situated near the corner of the table. What made it worse was that it started to empty out its content, Jaune smiled when he saw this. He simply reached out with his katana and quickly stuck it towards the jug's handle. He then slowly moved in a downward arc to capture all of the spilled milk. When he returned it to the table it was as if not a single drop had fallen to the ground. He then grabbed the jug and sighed. "That was close. If I didn't notice this then it would have definitely spilled all over the floor."

Everyone in the audience was stunned at that incredulous display that they just saw. Raven was mumbling one word over and over again. "Impossible… Impossible… Impossible..."

Even Pyrrha shook her head in disbelief at the amount of skill shown by older Jaune. 'Just… incredible. He was able to catch the jug with the sheathe of his sword. Not once was his movement wasted… everything was perfect. Also… older Jaune looks… sexy...'

He quickly drank the milk and licked his lips after it. "Hmm, cow's milk. That's really good… hm?" He noticed the pies that had been thrown out to the floor by Salem, he thought it was definitely a waste. He sat down and started gulping all of them up even though they were Heaven's Worst Pie Ever Made. "Oh, this is… I don't know what this is but it's really good."

He loudly burped and cleaned his hands full of crumbs. "Phew. That was quite a feast." All the while Salem stared intently at the old man. 'Indeed, he is quite different to what I imagined but…'

Her mind played over and over and over again the sequence of the calm and precise strokes of his katana on catching the jug and retrieving all the milk inside. 'He just recovered the jug without spilling a drop… he is definitely a master of the sword. His moves… he is definitely the real deal!'

Raven grimaced, she could admit… that she had never seen such a master of the blade like that before. It was fascinating that very maneuver was so elegant but what really captured her eye was that she did not see a single drop of milk fall to the ground. It was as if time stood still for that container. "Ok… he's really, really good."

Qrow was wondering if he was drunk, he just did not see that. "Damn… looks like the old blonde is what we needed after all."

Jaune stood up and chuckled, apparently he had not done enough to convince him he was good enough to fight the God of the Seas. "Heh… It's been four hundred years since I died and reached Heaven and yet I continue to endlessly pursue the Way of the Blade. This Arc's evolution is far from over."

Salem squealed in excitement, a very happy grin on her face. 'Maybe he can really do it.'

Jaune posed coolly. "In other words, this is my Golden Age." Velvet was star struck, his aura certainly proved he was the real deal. 'Wow… he is so cool!'

Coco chuckled that caused Velvet to be embarrassed, evident by her reddened cheeks. "Before, you complained about how he was too old to compete. Now you bow to his awesomeness."

Velvet pouted again. "That was before we saw how good this Jaune was."

Jaune scratched the back of his head while laughing. "Ha! I also have experience over the water."

Salem was very interested. "Oh? What do you mean?"

Jaune gave a cocky smirk. "Well I died by drowning, so it means I've already faced the worst that water has to offer!" All that met his was silence until Cinder simply replied. "… no offense… but you're an idiot."

Yang looked at Jaune and smiled. "I found a pun buddy."

Jaune shook his head. "I may now appreciate your puns, Yang. However… I don't think I can make one as bad as yours."

Back in the arena, the gods were still at an all-time high due to the fight between Mercury and Ozpin. One god excitedly stated to his companion. "Damn, that was awesome! Especially considering that guy was a human!"

His companion agreed with him. "I know, right? It's been millennia since I've been so excited! I'm hyped up for the next fight, too. Although we all know that these humans have no chance against the gods!"

Ruby yelled angrily. "Hey! Mercury almost kicked your butts."

Summer giggled at her daughter's display. "But in the end the gods still won. Who knows? Maybe this third match will be different."

The arena started to shift, the renovation allowed only a small ring surrounded with water. It was like a stone circular ring surrounded by the sea. The announcer then broadcasted to the entire arena that the next fight was about to begin. "Up next is… following on from Humanity's second loss, the third battle of Ragnarok is about to begins now!"

He took a deep breath. "In the Gods' corner! He bears no love for all pitiful humans. One could even say that he enjoys testing them? But that is what defines a god! The harshest trials! That indifference to life is the realm of the GODS! He follows the almighty Ozpin!"

The door on the left started to open, and the same dread humanity felt with Ozpin instantly flooded the arena. "He represents the gods in Round 3!"

"Damn, this is a lot of pressure and he hasn't even showed himself." Tai commented.

Raging water from the arena flowed in but as soon as the god took a single step, the waters parted in the middle just for him. A very muscular yet fit and handsome being stepped slowly into the ring, he had a large dark blue trident in his right hand. He had used his powers to stop the water from ever touching him since he had complete control over them. "If Ozpin was the King of the Cosmos, then this God rules all oceans with an iron fist. The ruler of the seas!"

He had arrived at the small platform, the gods were trembling in fear while the humans were surprised that this ruler of the seas had caused the miniature ocean to part for him. "Even the gods tremble at the thought of invoking his wrath. The most fearsome god, the second of the three brothers of Olympus… known to man as the Lord of the Sea! His name is Ren!"

"Oh! So that was Ren! What do you think… ah… Nora! Are you alright?!" Pyrrha was very concerned since Nora had stopped moving along with foaming at the mouth. The energetic hammer wielding warrior was simply murmuring while her pupils were going in different directions.

Ren was also concerned. "Nora, what's wrong?"

Nora was mumbling. "H-h-h-h-ha-ha-hot-hot-HOT! Hot RENNY! That chest is SAIDO CHESTO!"

Jaune chuckled. "It seems that alternate Ren has caused Nora to shut down for a bit." He then looked at his brother from another mother. "You know she'll want to have you wear that outfit along with looking like that."

For the first time in a long time… Lie Ren learned the true meaning of fear… it was in the form of a Nora who was motivated by both love and lust. 'I think I'll need to hide for a while after we get out of this theater. I think Team SSSN will accept me.'

He had caused the waves to crash down, to finish his dramatic entrance. The god had a very expressionless face on but his eyes told everything about his disgust at seeing the humans and his fellow gods. He was wearing a skin tight long sleeved dark blue shirt that left openings that showed off his chest and his lower back. He had a cape tied to his pants that extended all the way to his calves. "Hmph… nothing but filth before my eyes."

Blake trembled in fear. "Unlike Headmaster before… that Ren hates everything below him. Also how is he the older brother, he looks like the youngest."

The Creator smiled. "Ozpin there chose to become frail and old because he thought it would help make the best battle of his entire life. The man was a battle maniac, Ren over there is simply a non-caring combatant."

The humans were outright frightened, this was Ozpin's older brother, and his element was around the arena. This didn't bode well for the next of humanity's champion. But they noticed a man wearing a samurai outfit, had a straw hat covering his face and was rowing gently to the arena with a small wooden boat.

Ruby was in awe, somehow that wooden boat was not destroyed by Ren's tumultuous waves. "That's so cool. I like the entrance. How come that boat isn't destroyed? Aren't those waves really strong?"

Weiss shrugged her shoulders. "By this point, I cannot even tell how strong both sides are."

"And now! In all of history, who is humanity's strongest swordsman? Was it the demon of Mt. Kurama who cut apart the Taika Clan of Menagerie with his blade in a single night? Minamato Yoshitsune? Nay! Was it the founder of the Shinkage-Ryu School and the Sword Saint of the Sengoku Period, who struck fear into the heart of the faunus during the Great War? Kamiizumi Nobitsuna? Nay! Was it the silent samurai of the Edo Period, said to be unmatched in all of Haven? Takayanagi Matashirou? Nay! I would posit… that this man who is about to face the God of the Seas is the strongest!"

Winter's eyes widened as those other names were mentioned. "Dear Oum, how strong is this Jaune than most of them. They're legends in Mistralian history!"

James chuckled. "I believe this battle will be the most important in humanity's survival. No offense to the last one."

Most of the humans were confused on who this man was but at the same time they were hopeful he would bring the victory to stop the gods' momentum. His boat landed on the small circular ring, he then stepped up to arrive at the fighting ground. "You ask why this famous loser in history stands at the peak? Is it because of his ultimate move, Tsubame Gaeshi? Or perhaps it is due to his intense drive for revenge against Musashi?"

Pyrrha was very intrigued, since when did Jaune have a secret technique or a rival like that. This Jaune must have gone through a lot to have these achievements. "What is this 'Tsubame Gaeshi'? Who is this Musashi that Jaune wants to have revenge on?"

Jaune shrugged his shoulders. "I wonder how I got this strong… maybe I should take notes to become a better swordsman."

Ruby asked. "But you're a knight. He's a samurai like that guy in Blake's books. How will you get better with that kind of techniques?"

Jaune smiled. "Can't help to try, Rubes."

"No! No! No! Neither of these are correct!" Jaune stepped three more steps to present himself in the center of the ring, he removed his straw hat which caused a lot of the humans to gasp in shock. "Even in defeat, he advances! Even in death, he takes one step further! Even now, his blade continues to pursue true mastery!"

The gods were confused, Ren looked disinterested while Salem and Velvet confidently smiled and crossed their arms. "Humanity's Greatest Loser! Jaune Arc!" He chuckled from his old nickname, it seemed to have persisted even after his death.

Once again an awkward silence filled in the theatre, it would soon be stopped with a single expression. "EHHHHHH?!"

Yang was confused, how could Jaune be this confident against a god who was probably within the same league of power like Ozpin in the last match. "History's Greatest Loser?! Sounds like he never won a single match. Kind of like sparring classes."

Jaune was embarrassed when his nickname was announced. 'I mean I never beat Cardin in a fight but… come on. I could have won one right… but the name doesn't give me much hope.'

Some of the humans were confused at the appearance of an old man that was going to fight a God. "Huh…? Why have we got some old guy up next!? What the hell are they thinking back there!?

Raven sneered. "He's that good yet he hasn't won a single match… there has to be something wrong with that."

The Creator confirmed any suspicions that the people in the audience were thinking of. "This Jaune has never… ever won a single match. He had lost to every single swordsman in his time. Thus he was recognized as History's Greatest Loser. Also he is weaker than Mercury."

Mercury groaned. "I know he's the sex god but how is he going to win if I couldn't win."

A boy with red hair that was tied into a ponytail with blue eyes, who had a bandage on the bridge of his nose, and scars on the forehead and the left cheek. He had five scrolls that contained his family's techniques. This boy was Atreus Nikos who reacted violently after seeing Jaune by yelling out. "This is unacceptable! I will never accept this decision! He lost to mother! Why is he now representing mankind!?"

Pyrrha's mind died right there… was that a… a… a blue eyed child with her features… did she have a kid with Jaune. With the name of Atreus… a great warrior… she was in heaven. She wanted to hug the Creator, back to back scenarios with her and Jaune being together. 'I swear I will not let this go to waste! I will talk to Jaune and get me an Atreus.'

Jaune was confused by looking at the child named Atreus. He felt he was looking at a boy version of his partner. "Huh… cute kid. Looks kinda familiar."

Yang also was interested in the kid, it seems like most felt that the kid was familiar. "Hmm… looks like P-Money but who's the dad?"

Blake face palmed. 'Sometimes I don't understand why people can be dense in some situations.'

He explained further by looking at the scrolls. "Mother should hold the right to represent humanity! It's clear within these texts of the Five Rings, considered to be military treasures. She's also the founder of the Niten-Ichi-ryu style. Masters, am I wrong!?"

He looked at the other masters of the sword who were present during Jaune and his mother's time. Yoshika Seijuro who was the main instructor of the leaders in Haven. "Hmm… I'd say you're right. Your mother beat me too."

The spear wielding monk also nodded, his name is Hozoin Inshun who was the greatest practitioner of the Hozoin Spear Style. "Indeed, the Musashi is the greatest swordsman I've ever fought… However I'd like to hear her own thoughts on the matter."

A red haired grown woman with a lovely physique and figure, had crossed her arms under her D-cup breasts. Her rather perfect appearance was marred by the large x shaped scar on her forehead. She seemed to have been focusing since her aura was leaking out, her eyes were closed but she still noticed Jaune. Pyrrha Nikos, the Musashi and the Greatest Swordsman in all of Mistral possibly the entire world, wanted to see if Jaune was worthy to take the challenge. 'Has he changed?'

Pyrrha was surprised by her changed appearance, she looked more mature and battle hardened. She looked like a certain Queen of the Amazons without the rage against a certain Greek. "Wow… I didn't notice I could look like that. Though I wonder how I got scarred like that. Whoever must have done so must have been a very skilled opponent."

She looked to Jaune who was almost like Nora when she saw Alternate Ren, but he was pointing to her and her alternate self. "Pyr-Pyrrha… but-but… h-h-how!? You-You loooooookkkkk…" She was a bit disappointed that he would not find her appealing. ""

A bright color of red flooded her cheeks as if her world was enlightened. The one she wanted to be with acknowledged her beauty. To tell the truth, she only thought that he would only say something like that to Weiss. But she gave him a true warm smile that caused him to blush and brushed away some stray strands of her hair. "Thank you Jaune."

Yang whistled appreciatively. "Damn… P-Money became… I can't even make a pun because I'm just stunned."

The crowds of the humans were heckling and booing Jaune for even being there. Velvet was scared. "Th-The crowd's getting restless! What do we do?" Salem gave a small smile since she knew about his capabilities. "… I believe… in that man's continued pursuit of the blade."

Jaune smiled. "It sounds like when Pyrrha always motivates me."

Pyrrha smiled at Jaune. "Of course. You definitely have potential, I know you can become the best sword fighter I've ever met."

Weiss groaned. "You obviously think so, Pyrrha."

Jaune slowly unsheathed Monohoshizao from its tsuba or scabbard, and calmly arched it from his back all the way to the front. He grabbed his dai-katana with two hands and smiled at the God of the Seas. Everyone noticed that the raging waters that Ren created and had become a serene pond. Pyrrha had opened her eyes and smiled, the masters that doubted Jaune's technique grew silent and surprised.

Raven stood up in dismay, with a single swing of his sword he displayed only the surface of his skills. The once raging waters had become peaceful and calm, even the once tense aura that resonated in the arena had dissipated. "H-H-HOW?! That's impossible, even I cannot do that."

Summer giggled. "Well he did train after he died for a very long time. He definitely is better than the other sword fighters I've seen."

Ares started sweating, the human's technique just came from out of nowhere. Most gods didn't even see the change until he brought his sword to the front of his body. Loki, the God of Mischief and half-brother of Nora giggled. "It seems humanity still has some cards up their sleeves."

The gods started talking loudly at the sudden change. "Look… the waves stopped when the old guy drew his sword." Another god spoke out. "I've never seen anyone even in Heaven do that!"

Atreus laughed, he mocked Jaune for his trick. In the end, mother beat him therefore mother was better. "Hmph! What are you all surprised about? Like he'd be able to do that! Right, mother!"

Nora was mad, this kid was badmouthing her fearless leader. "Hey! He's being really mean to the bossman! How can he say that? Didn't he just do that amazing thingy with the water?!"

Jaune chuckled. "Isn't the first time I've been criticized for my actions? I can hear the tiny Miss Goodwitch in my heart doing almost the same."

Pyrrha quickly drew out one of her two swords and in the blink of an eye, the Five Rings texts were cut to pieces. Atreus was stunned, why would she destroy her greatest works? "Mother why did you destroy the texts?!"

Ruby was surprised. "Wow! That was faster than even my semblance and it was cleaner than Crescent Rose going through a Beowulf."

"They are no longer needed." The two masters were crying tears of joy along with Pyrrha as she gave a warm smile directed at Jaune. "That is the form of enlightenment. He is truly without rival now. Jaune Arc has become unparalleled beneath the heavens!"

Jaune blushed at the heavy praise that his partner gave. "Maybe I should do some water tricks. I think if I do that I can finally beat you in a spar."

Pyrrha gave another grin. "Well that would mean more and more training. I would love to make it even harder for you, Jaune."

Ren tilted his head to the side and lazily grabbed his trident, he was clearly dismissive of Jaune's existence. Even the older man's trick did not cause a reaction, Jaune smiled. "How interesting and exciting."

The announcer proclaimed the third round of Ragnarok between Ren, God of the Seas, versus Jaune Arc, History's Greatest Loser. "FIGHT!"

Ruby was excited once again. "Ooooooooh! Who's going to win? I'm hoping Jaune beats Ren so that humanity wins a fight."

Nora pouted. "I'm cheering for my hot Renny! He's gonna beat fearless leader and will join me as victorious warriors." She then looked at Ren with a look of mischief. "Now you need a trident, with my Mjölnir, Pyrrha's double katanas, and Jauney's long katana. No one's gonna stop Team JNPR from breaking everyone's legs in the festival! We're gonna win the prize and become the best team in all of Remnant!"

Ren sighed. "Whatever you say, Nora."

Jaune looked at the katana thoughtfully. 'Maybe instead of a katana, how about a greatsword?'

After the declaration, both fighters did not move in the slightest from where they stood on opposite sides. The only sound the arena was making was the rushing water, and the tense noises of the crowd. One of the humans commented. "Um… what's going on? Hasn't it started? So why is it, that they haven't moved an inch?"

Nora complained. "Yeah! What's with all this waiting? They should just charge and fight, fight, fight!"

Ozpin chuckled. "Not every fight starts like that Ms. Valkyrie. They are simply both analyzing the best way to strike the other."

Nora had a hand on her chin as if she was imitating a very famous statue. She was thinking really hard about what Ozpin just said. "Hmmm…. I can see Renny doing that. But I can't see Jauney doing that. I mean he is the fearless leader."

If this was an anime, Jaune would have just barfed out blood, a verbal arrow had struck his heart and his brain. "... Thanks, Nora. That definitely hurts when I'm trying to be a great leader. I also think, you know."

Unlike the bouts that preceded it, the third round began with a stillness like that of water. They stared each other down, the calm before the storm. But Ares noticed why the two fighters had not moved. "Hmm… they are but a step out of each other's range… it would appear that both want to achieve first blood by countering the other's first strike-"

"Pfft!" Ares was surprised from the interruption of his brother, Hermes. He then composed himself with a chuckle. "Nope. Ren is not concerned with his strike. He's merely going to strike down any fly that enters his range. There's nothing else to it."

Sun whistled appreciatively. "Damn. Didn't know that Ren was that good."

Ren sighed. "I don't fight like that."

Jaune closed his eyes and suddenly dashed with his katana extended hoping to catch Ren off guard due to how fast the older man was. Ren did not move a muscle, out of nowhere the god had moved his arm. He simply pierced Jaune in the chest with a single move and he wasn't even looking at the human.

Several shocked gasps and sounds rang out in the theatre room, Jaune was visibly alarmed, Ren was aghast while Nora looked like she wanted to barf. Mercury was confused. "Wait… what the Oum just happened?! He just died instantly and that easily. Where's my revenge, damn it!"

Ruby yelled out, her first best friend was killed in front of her. Ren had not even broke a sweat when he pierced Old Jaune's chest with his trident. "NOOOOO! Jaune didn't die. This must be a mistake."

Pyrrha had this gut feeling, honed by many battles she endured. 'This feels too easy. I feel like this is not Jaune but I can't explain it.'

Jaune opened his eyes revealing it was part of his mind, he started sweating and made a nervous laugh. It seems that one mistake against Ren would cost him his life in a second. Atreus had heard the comments from the crowd about why he was sweating already when he didn't move. The boy of Pyrrha confidently stated. "Hmph! He's exhausted from just maintaining the distance! At the end of the day, he's just the same loser that he's always been!"

Neptune was very confused. "H-How?! Didn't he just die… wait… Was that his semblance? His illusion just fought the Ren guy… I'm confused."

The Creator chuckled. "Nope, everything that just happened earlier was in Jaune's mind. He was trying to find the best way to fight Ren but it was instantly destroyed. This ability is very unique because the only ones who can use this are those who have fought many times against all types of opponents."

Ruby's eyes sparkled with deep interest. "Oooooohhh! That's so cool."

Yang smiled. "Well that's useful but the kid should just believe in Loser Jaune more."

But what everyone had not noticed yet except for Pyrrha was that Jaune was already fighting Ren. To be exact, he had fought with the God of the Seas ten times. Jaune exhaled heavily while holding Monohoshizao tightly. "Hmm… this one's out too…"

Within the short span of time since starting without anyone realizing, Jaune Arc, had already died eighteen times. Every time he saw himself fight Ren, it didn't matter how hard or how fast he dodged, he still died in a variety of ways. He got stabbed in the chest and the eye, pierced to his neck and his chest, disemboweled, dismembered, cleaved from the shoulder down to his stomach, cut half of his head off and in half, bisected, and beheaded.

Jaune grimaced at how many times he died and in each fashion from the courtesy of alternate Ren. "Damn… I didn't realize this would be this gruesome."

Pyrrha's fists clenched along with several other females, they never wanted to see Jaune be brutally murdered in a fight even if it was a battle to the death. The former scenarios made them hope that he would win… however it seems that Ren was really, really strong. "Jaune… are you alright?"

He gave a sheepish smile to his partner. "Yeah… just give me a minute. It's hard to see yourself die over and over and over again."

"Shit…" No matter what way he looked at it, Jaune felt he was bound to die. Even if the god hadn't moved since he entered, it felt like Ren's trident was aimed directly at him. 'How do I beat this guy?'

Salem and Velvet were watching the tense ceasefire between the two, the youngest Valkyrie was really, really worried. "Oh no! Jaune is already backed into a corner. Maybe this was a bad idea. His title of being the most fearsome of the twelve gods of Olympus."

Yang chuckled. "Damn… who knew this silent guy was the most feared out of such people like the Headmaster."

Ren chuckled. "I'm apparently so good that I stopped Jaune in his tracks. I wonder if I can do that in sparring classes."

Jaune started to tear up, he was only able to beat Cardin due to his new power-up and Pyrrha's training. The question was his capabilities against his other teammates and friends. 'How much training will it be to beat Ren...'

He shivered when he felt in his bones that Pyrrha looked more pumped up to train him to be on the level of the Jaune who was now unparalleled under the heavens. 'I think I'm gonna hate this new training. Especially if Nora joins in with her new hammer.'

Salem sighed. "The twelve gods, huh… This is a good chance for you to know what really happened and why Ren is so feared."

"…Eh?" Velvet was confused but Salem continued. "Originally, like the Valkyrie Sisters, they were thirteen in number just like us."

Velvet was surprised, if there were thirteen then how did it go down to twelve? "Amongst the thirteen gods, one was killed by Ren himself."

Ren was surprised by this. He knew by his own conscience that he wouldn't be able to kill anyone of his family. 'But that alternate version was born as a perfect being. Perhaps his ego got to him.'

Nora pouted. "Maybe that god was a bad guy. My Renny would never do that."

Velvet was shocked. "But a god… killed another… god! That can't be, wouldn't that God be banished under law. Then why-"

Salem interrupted her. "The god's name was Adamas, the Greek God of Conquest." The gods in the stands heard the lead Valkyrie utter that particular name. They quickly shivered in fear, some cried in terror while others prayed for safety. Velvet couldn't understand because she never heard of this one, it's always been the three brothers. Ozpin, Hades and Ren, but there was another one?

Yang shook a bit in fear, the reactions of those other gods determined how scared they were if Ren did anything. "Wow… he killed one of his brothers… one of the head honchos… and they were alright with it."

Blake sighed. "Fear is a great motivator when the one committing an action on the populus is more powerful than them."

Raven and Juniper and Cinder smiled. 'Someone gets it.'

"His name is feared. None dare utter it… because they are afraid of their wellbeing of the consequences. He was one of the gods to inherit the blood of the Almighty Kronos, the older brother of Ren and the younger brother of Ozpin."

In a flying ship with dozens of cannons around the vessel, on top of it was a large lavish castle, in the throne room guarded by many Cyclops was Adamas who sat on his throne decorated by human bones. He had cracked one of the skulls that was his armrest and venomously spat out his hate over the decision. "That little shit, Ozpin, will rule all the heavens! He's the youngest... I won't accept this. I'm the rightful ruler ever since Hades is in the underworld! What the fuck are they thinking?! I am the God of Conquest, Adamas! It is my birthright."

"Geez, that guy needs an actual makeover, stat." Coco commented which drew some pained groans from the crowd.

Weiss was disgusted on this god's image. "It is horrid to even look at."

Winter nodded her head in agreement. "A leader like that would only bring a tyranny to his subjects."

After Ozpin and the Gods of Olympus had overthrown the titans, Ozpin's inheritance of the title of ruler of the Cosmos since he was the one who killed Kronos. As a result, he rebelled to get the title of ruler of the Cosmos. So he freed the Titans and Gigantes from the Pits of Tartarus, and bent Typhon, Father of All Monsters, to his will. With all of his army, he marched into Olympus.

James commented. "What a powerful army of monsters… and this god was defeated by the young Lie Ren."

Ozpin sipped on his coffee again. "I believe by his showing… he is not more powerful than myself but he is almost there."

But he still needed help to deal with Ozpin so he stopped first in Ren's Palace. Adamas was sitting and trying to convince his younger brother to join him to rebel, but the God of the Seas wasn't even listening or looking at his older brother. Even though both gods were sitting at different sides of a large banquet table.

Adamas continued his explanation why it would be beneficial to join him. "I have already the support of forty nine out of the fifty members of Ozpin's council. Thanks to the effort of Hermes, half of the thirteen gods in Olympus have promised to defect at my signal."

Tai was amazed. "He got a lot of support yet… he was killed by his own brother just so easily?"

Qrow drank from his flask. "I believe we'll see what happened when they talked to each other. I'm sure Ada… something... wants his brother to fight Oz."

He then slammed his hands on the table. "Ren, if I can just secure your support… Ozpin's fate will be sealed! No brother should look down on his elders, common sense, isn't it? You will support me, right Ren?"

Ren wasn't even looking at him, he seemed to have been so focused on the ceiling. He then sighed at everything Adamas just said. "It's so pathetic for you to even do this… older brother."

Yang winced from that cold and calm insult. "Ooh, damn… Now, that was a burn, what do you think Weiss-Cream. Sounds like something you'd say to Lover Boy if he tried to charm ya."

Weiss growled. "I am not that mean, Yang!"

Yang chuckled. "Aw, don't worry Weiss-Cream. You'll still be a bit cold to us."

Adamas growled and looked down, his hands clenched his knees. He was also shaking in anger. "Sorry, I didn't catch that… It's a long table, after all. Ren…" He then grabbed the large table with a single finger and lifted it fairly easily. He then launched the table at the god of the seas who simply moved his head to the left and avoided the attack.

"What strength and speed?! There's no way Jaune can win." Neptune placed his two cents in.

Ruby objected. "If there's anyone who can do the impossible. Then it's definitely Jaune!"

"What the fuck did you just say to me!?" He then walked slowly to his younger brother, fully intending to intimidate him however Ren was clearly unaffected. "C'mon, speak up… So that I don't miss what you just said. Come on! I dare ya'!"

He was enraged at Ren's dismissive attitude. "…Tsk. Ozpin is one thing but you too! Just who do you little shits think I am! Look me in the eyes! I'm older than you! Show me some fucking respect, you little shit!"

Ren disappeared for half a second in Adamas' eyes, when he reappeared the black haired handsome god had his trident in his hand. He didn't even look at his older brother when he decided to give his decision. "We have no need for armies. No need for betrayals. No need for support. Such are the gods… ever since the beginning we are meant to be perfect beings… and yet…"

"You have managed to defile everything we stand for." Adamas was about to spout something but soon grabbed his scythe prepared to deliver a quick death. He then charged at the sea god when he noticed Ren simply stared at the ground. Ren was humming, clearly uninterested and disgusted at the sight of his older brother. "Hm~ Hmmm~ Hmm~"

Yang winced at the tone of Ren's voice was so emotionless and uncaring that it could unnerve anyone at their core. "Sheesh, that's just inhuman. He's just humming now. He doesn't even care about his brother."

"DON'T YOU DARE LOOK DOWN ON ME!" It was at this point, Adamas remembered that ever since Ren was born, he never looked him in the eye, not even once no matter what he did. "LOOK ME IN THE EYE, REN!"

Blake gave a sad smile. "That's a sad way of living."

Ren was clearly angry by the actions of his alternate self. "There is no way that I could do that to someone."

Ren's eyes then moved to look at his older brother straight in the eyes. The scythe of the God of Conquest was near his neck however he looked unfazed. Unfortunately for Adamas, the moment his brother looked at him, his life was taken by him. Ren's trident had pierced the God of Conquest's chest quite easily, nearly bisecting the god in half. "Re-"

Jaune was surprised. "He just did that… so easily… What kind of monster, is he?"

Nora jumped a bit in horror when she saw her best friend who is together with her but not together-together kill his own brother in cold blood. 'It was just too easy for him. It was like lifting one's arm to ask questions in class or point in a direction.'

Ren swiftly threw the body towards one of the walls as his former brother died on impact. Blood had stained his expressionless face, he then started to walk away. "It seems that I removed the one who was about to stain our image. Isn't that right, Hermes?"

The god of the seas never even looked back to notice that the god of the messengers come out from a pillar and bow to Ren. "Indeed." And so at Ren's request, Adamas, the God of Conquest, his name was stricken from the annals of history. It was as if Olympus had only had twelve gods in all its existence.

Hermes further explained to his brother. "That wasn't even the scariest part, Ren's decision to completely remove a god's existence was the first time all of Heaven reached a unanimous decision. Not one objection was uttered. Nor was there any discussion on the matter. That is probably why… he is more godlike than any other."

Juniper was definitely impressed. "What a powerful and splendid way of displaying his might over everyone."

Ozpin shook his head. "To erase someone from history is just purely despicable."

Jaune noticed that his opponent, after he had caused the raging waters to calm down was looking at the ground. He couldn't fault the deities' supreme confidence since he could be killed in an instant. "Heh. Seems my opponent doesn't even see me as a threat… Can't fault him for that. Well then… what to do."

He had brought his blade to perch atop his shoulder, his next action completely stunned the crowds for both the gods and the humans. Hell even the Valkyries' eyes nearly popped out of their heads in surprise. "Whoa there…"

Jaune sat down from where he was standing a while ago. "… Ah. Phew." He gave the god a teasing wink. "Sorry, I ain't interested in dying today."

… This was the general thoughts of the people in the theater. The silence was broken by one Sun Wukong who made confused noises. "Huh?... Wait a second! Why is he sitting down!"

Yang commented. "That's either badass or stupid of Lover Boy to do against that Ren."

Jaune gulped in fear, he didn't think he could ever do that against a human opponent or the Grimm. "I don't even get why the other me is so confident."

To explain why Jaune Arc was like this towards any battle he's ever been in. A simple stone gravestone was the only thing that showed he was actually remembered as a swordsman. In all his life, Jaune Arc, never won a single match.

In the closing years of the Sengoku Period, in the city of Echizen, in the Toda Dojo. A very muscular Cardin was swinging his wooden bokuto towards a fellow trainee, with his powerful swing he roared out. "SEI!" The trainee's sword broke in half and the trainee fell to the ground on his butt tired from absorbing Cardin's onslaught.

Cardin was the nephew of the master of the Toda Dojo, the heavily muscled man slammed his bokuto to berate the trainees. "You lazy bastards! You've been slacking off lately!" The other trainees were scared of opposing him since they were not as strong as him but a single person entered late. "Listen up! A moment of weakness on the battlefield can be fatal-"

Nora had to say it. "Wow! He got extra muscular and probably got more brawn than brains."

"YAAAAAWWWNNN~" Within the renowned dojo of the swords master Toda Seigen, that boy was considered little more than dead weight for most except the swords master himself. His eyes were definitely showcasing how sleepy he was since he just woke up and realized he needed to go to the dojo today. "Ah, Cardin. What a wonderful day."

… A general reaction was duplicated once again… The silence was broken up by Weiss who simply groaned as Jaune appeared on the screen having just woken up. This is accompanied by the fact that he was going into a dojo to train against stronger warriors. "It looks like he hasn't changed at all."

"Ja-Ja-Ja… Jaune Arc! Late again, huh? You're pretty brave, aren't you, you little shit." Jaune blushed in embarrassment and laughed again. He bowed a little to what Cardin said, what people were unaware of was his selective hearing.

He bowed again and again in respect. "I am unworthy of your praise!" Cardin immediately interrupted him, the muscular man was so angry that his veins were nearly popping out of his neck. "I'm not praising you!"

Nora was laughing at Jaune's actions. "HAHAHA! Oh, he's the same level of funny like our Jauney here."

Jaune started to cry once again. There goes his reputation built on the foundations of cheating, vomiting, and losing. "... No pancakes for a week and that's final. If you get a pancake, Nora then… Ren will not eat or drink or use anything herbal."

The stoic member of Team JNPR gasped in horror, it seems that Jaune was not playing around. Nora was distraught, since when was Jaune this serious in giving orders. She looked to her only hope, the Invincible Girl, who was about to convince Jaune to lessen the charges but he would not stop. "If Pyrrha intervenes… then no more training on the roof."

There went Nora's last hope like a certain film franchise about space wizards intended for kids that got destroyed by social justice and an incompetent director/writer. "I'm sorry."

Jaune sighed. "Fine… only for three days." He couldn't bare to really make Nora who was often bubbly and energetic, really sad.

"I'll whip you into shape, Arc!" Cardin threw him a bokuto that completely surprised Jaune who fumbled with the sword that hit his hands. "Eh! ...Wait!"

But Cardin simply ignored Jaune's concerns and was going for his patented swing that relied on strength rather than technique. In an instant, the easy going and sleepy attitude of Jaune changed to a more focused look with a glint in his eyes. An opening strike that usually breaks the trainee's bokuto and the trainee himself.

Raven smirked. "Even with that lazy appearance, he actually has killing intent."

Jaune had blocked the initial strike with two hands grabbing the longer bokuto, Cardin instantly started to be gleeful since it was such a long time where a trainee of his level had blocked his strike. Cardin then launched a series of the same strike but Jaune parried and blocked every blow until an upward thrust had removed the bokuto from Jaune's hands.

Cardin's strength had completely blown the training sword off of Jaune's hands, he had no more weapon to defend himself. Jaune moved backwards until his back was against the dojo's wall. However the muscular man charged in looking for the kill. Jaune held his hands up while giving a laidback smile. "I give up."

Raven was incensed, even though his weapon was tossed away. She could see the little advantages that would have beaten the more muscled man. Jaune had the element of surprise, he was smarter and faster, along with the hard headedness of his opponent which would have been easy to exploit. "This is just bullshit. He should have won if he continued, why stop?"

The Creator chuckled. "You'll see… maybe you'll appreciate weakness and the power of losing."

Raven scoffed at such a notion, strength was everything. If she was strong then Summer wouldn't have died, if she was strong then she wouldn't have to have left Yang as a baby, if she was strong then Salem and Ozpin would have been finished. Losing meant death of everything you loved and wanted, there was no power in it. Another girl by the name of Cinder shared the same notions without the personal reasons.

Cardin had stopped the bokuto from potentially injuring the dead weight known as Jaune Arc. The muscular man was sweating heavily but had a look of confusion on his face. "You… give up?"

Jaune instantly nodded, never letting go of that wide smile. He exhaled a bit, knowing he wasn't turned into a shish-kea-bob. "Yes. It is definitely Cardin's win. So I gave up."

The blonde winced a bit when the larger man slammed his giant hands on his shoulders. "You… You call yourself a warrior!? If you lose your blade, then use your fists! If you lose your fists, then use your teeth! Struggle until the very end!"

Yang and Sun both agreed at the same time. "Yeah, you should."

Blake and Neptune sighed in disagreement. "There's a point in checking one's fight."

The younger brother of Toda Seigen arrived in the dojo to stop Cardin since he was his father. "Cardin, stop. That's enough, he won't get it even if you throttle him like that." Cardin stopped his attempts at persuading Jaune to carry on their fight, his father looked away from the two and looked at the swords master of this dojo who was sitting at the far back, enjoying what he was seeing."Brother, Arc possesses no talent for the blade. There's no point in letting him stay here. He's just another disappointment."

Pyrrha growled at the sentiments of, in her viewpoint, a so-called master of the blade. 'Why do most people not believe in Jaune's capabilities?'

Jaune awkwardly laughed while the swords master Toda Seigen or his original name, Leonardo Lionheart, was thinking deeply. The founder of the Toda Style, the aged master of the Kodachi asked. "Arc, why… admit defeat so quickly?"

Cinder scoffed, the idea of Leonardo nowadays as a master of the blade was simply maddening. The headmaster of Haven was softened by the job and her mistress. "That is a good joke."

Ozpin chuckled. "I can not see my old friend using a sword."

Juniper chuckled and whispered. "I can't see the coward even fighting let alone becoming a master of a certain sword style."

Jaune walked a step forward to look at Leonardo straight in the eye. "Why, even if I were to fight Cardin one hundred times, I would not hope to even prevail in a single spar. Hence if I were to injure myself fighting now… then it would damage my future prospects."

Ren nodded. "That is a very unique way in looking at how one should fight. It's not cowardice, it's long term planning."

Jaune was thinking very hard about this way of fighting. "Hmm, maybe I should do something like this in sparring classes."

Pyrrha giggled. "Well that would mean we'd have to be training harder and harder to make you stronger if you want to intentionally lose."

Ah, the hope and dream to have a peaceful Friday were deflated in an instant by his partner. "Nevermind, I'll stick to what I have been doing this entire time."

The blonde gave a smile while the master was utterly stunned from Jaune's line of thinking, it was true to use that form of reasoning to maintain one's potential. His younger brother dismissed Jaune's excuse. "Hah, prospects!? Seems we've got a budding merchant over here. Coming up with all these-"

Jaune interrupted him by bowing again but this time had scratched the back of his head nervously. "I'm unworthy of such praise from someone like you~". Father and son vehemently told Jaune that it wasn't praise.

Yang laughed. "Man this version of Lover Boy is pretty funny to watch."

Leonardo just stood up and spoke to Jaune. "Carry on." Before leaving the dojo, the old master could definitely hear the jokes, laughs, and insults towards Jaune Arc despite what he showed against Cardin earlier.

Everyone had erred in their judgment of Jaune Arc's true nature, the blonde was hanging upside down on a tree branch while eating an apple. "So… just how… do I win this one?" His mind played the image of the exact moment Cardin had used his upper body strength to blow off the sword from his hands. 'If I want to beat Cardin then I should train my arm strength… No… given our different physiques, leg strength is far more important. That's one of the basics of technique after all.'

Sun chuckled. "Well since he doesn't have my bod. Of course he'd have to do all this training."

Coco laughed. "That's a lot of confidence there Six-Pack. I've seen way, way better bods from other people." Sun deflated after that… his abs were his most defining characteristic.

His concentration was interrupted by a bunny that was hopping around the tree he was hanging from. "OH?" He then finished his apple and jumped out and landed on the ground fairly easily while the bunny seemed to have jumped up a wide log that was face down on the dirt. "OOH!"

"That's it!" He then started mimicking the bunny's movements on the dirt by using his hands and his feet to launch hops across the ground. "This is the kind of movement I need!" The bunny noticed a human next to him moving like him and decided to get away.

"Um… not to diss Jaune but how is jumping like a bunny supposed to make him stronger." Nora asked.

Pyrrha smiled. "It will strengthen his lower body considerably along with giving an easier spring to his steps."

Coco playfully whispered in Velvet's ear. "Maybe you should hop around noodle over there. After that you can do some training with each other, maybe a bit of riding, bun-bun." Velvet blushed a new shade of red and yelled out her partner's name in embarrassment.

Jaune was shocked at the speed and decided to chase after it. "Ah!" He chased after it even through the rough terrain of the forest, he never stopped hoping. "Wait for me!"

Instead of learning from the dojo, Jaune Arc sought his training and meaning from the nature around him. He had chased the bunny to a cliff side about a kilometer away from where he found the bunny. The bunny jumped off the edge, Jaune jumped to catch it and then realized he had jumped off a cliff so gravity intervened, thus he fell. "AAAAAAAAAAAH!"

"... The dolt couldn't even look down if he was safe or not." Weiss commented at the ridiculous fate of Jaune's training.

Yang chuckled. "Didn't know you cared about Jaune that much. What did he do to you Weiss-Cream? Did he melt off your stone cold heart and give it a 3:16?"

Weiss growled at the blonde brawler. "Say it. Say it one more time and I swear I will shove Myrtenaster up-" Winter was able to stop her sister from saying anything more than what was intended.

On the cliff's edge, a defeated bunny was carried by its ears by Jaune who had managed to climb the face of the steep cliff while carrying an animal in one hand. "Woah. Compared to the dojo's food… still not enough…" He was sweating profusely with several scrapes and bruises all around his body, dried leaves stuck to his hair. "I'll shape my body with meat… that is to be my training!"

Sun was amazed. "Wow! He was able to climb that steep cliff so easily while holding a strong bunny in one hand. He's amazing."

Coco chuckled. "Maybe instead of eating that bunny, he could eat-"

"Coco! Stop it!"

At that same forest, near a riverbank, while cooking his food Jaune noticed the beasts of the wild engage in a fierce life and death battle. He had a piece of cooked rabbit in his mouth, earlier he was copying the movements of a frog that leaped around. But then a snake appeared, and the two animals were looking at each other.

The snake hissed, retracted for a bit as the frog tried to leap away. In a second, the snake lunged and managed to bite the frog however it was then captured by a hawk that flew off into the full moonlit night. Jaune looked at the entire scene with joy. 'Beasts that exhibit the flow of battle… This shall also be part of my training!'

Pyrrha nodded. "A very unique way to learn the fundamentals indeed… maybe I should add this to the regimen."

Jaune gulped in fear. "Dear Oum, may you guide me in the next life."

Each time he lost… alone, he would refine his skills for victory. That was the talent Jaune Arc possessed. So half a year had passed, in a familiar dojo, Cardin was still beating up the trainees. Someone had entered the dojo. "Apologies for my lateness."

Cardin was shocked, he thought the dead weight had left. He turned back immediately to look at Jaune. "Arc! You disappear for half a year and now you-"

The blonde boy who lazily went around the dojo was no more, it was replaced with a teenage version of Jaune Arc, one whose body improved. His muscles were more defined, and his laidback attitude had an aura of confidence. He smiled at everyone who was looking at him with surprise. "Would Lionheart-sensei happen to be in?"

Pyrrha was drooling a waterfall from her mouth but she wasn't the only one. Ruby, Blake, and Yang were deeply affected since they imitated the undefeated champion. They were entranced by that… SAIDO CHESTO! "Hum-ma-na-hum-na-na-ma-na… so that's what Jaune looks like after so much training."

Yang placed her hand on Pyrrha's shoulder. "P-Money… if you're able to make that magnum opus. Every girl in Beacon will definitely love you for what you did."

Jaune felt uncomfortable as he saw his close friends and his partner stare at his alternate self like a piece of meat. Although it was good for him to see his physique improve… if this was the consequences then… 'I might need someone like Nora to help against the hordes.'

Cardin had renewed vigor as he stepped towards Jaune. "Jaune, very interesting. You look like a changed man. Have a bout with-"

"You were indeed a strong opponent… Cardin, it took me one hundred and forty six tries to surpass you." He then bowed to the muscular man. "But… I have surpassed you and I'm done with you now."

Yang laughed. "Damn… he just tossed Cardin aside. Maybe you should do that Lover Boy in the next spar."

Jaune sheepishly smiled and scratched the back of his head. "Well… um… I don't know if I can fight him after what happened when my aura awakened."

Cardin replied with a humongous swing of his sword. "Don't you look down on me!" He was deeply insulted when the blonde walked away from him and had his back turned. Jaune instantly turned around with the same focused look he gave when he blocked his attack. Cardin stopped and saw himself get cut in half with an easy cut from Jaune's sword.

"Woah! He just killed him… that easily." Ruby was shocked.

Blake shook her head. "No… I think it's Jaune's ability but somehow he managed to project it to Cardin. This causes his opponent to think about fighting him."

Cardin couldn't speak, to everyone in the gym, he had turned around to swing but stopped when Jaune turned around and brought his hand out to signal the muscular man to stop. Cardin was covered in sweat as the others were shocked by his sudden inaction. Jaune laughed. "Let's stop alright."

"It… It's my loss!" Jaune was surprised by the sudden bow of submission coming from Cardin. Jaune wanted him to get up, this was embarrassing. "Huh… oh my… This is rather troubling."

Weiss was shocked. "He just stopped him with a look. That must be a win then."

The Creator shook his head. "No… that wasn't a match so it means he has not won yet."

Leonardo had arrived and was smiling. "I see." Jaune looked back to see the swords master being glad that he came back. "Jaune… you…"

Jaune's eyes lit up with glee. "Oh! Lionheart-sensei!" He then bowed in respect to the aged master of the Kodachi. "I came today with a request to you. Please do me the honor of demonstrating your technique!"

Ozpin was impressed by that Jaune's dedication. "To surpass Mr. Winchester and now challenging a master swordsman, I like his tenacity to improve. No doubt, he will lose but it is admirable to face against someone like Leonardo."

The whole dojo was shocked making Cardin admit defeat was one thing but immediately challenging the master was a simple death wish. Leonardo closed his eyes and expertly unsheathed his sword. "Well then… come forth!"

He raised his sword at Jaune Arc, it was like a giant lion was bearing its fangs at the young blonde. Jaune excitedly drew out his sword and charged, it only took him three seconds to lose the fight. From that day forth, Jaune never returned to the dojo. Many years later, a very old Leonardo who needed a walking stick to travel was invited by the blonde for tea.

Mercury chuckled. "So he decides to fight his master once and loses in record fashion. Then he goes away for such a long time in order to train to beat his teacher. However when he invites him to a fight, the guy got old… seems like a waste."

Cinder shook her head. "No he's not inviting him to fight. He simply wants to show how much he's improved. It seems he wants to show his ability to his master."

Emerald scoffed. "Come on Mercury, it's so obvious. The old guy is blind, how could he even fight a younger swordsman who's been training non-stop to beat him."

"Shut up, Em!"

"It's been a while, Jaune." The blonde who had grown up in both physique and appearance was now a young man who was practicing countless sword swings. His eyes glowed with happiness again after seeing his teacher.

The four girls who had feelings for Jaune were now drooling once again. Some of them were chuckling at this display while Weiss had face palmed. "The dolt syndrome is truly contagious."

Jaune was surprised by the growth in power and appearance. "Huh, maybe I can become stronger through losing."

Raven growled. "Ridiculous." But she couldn't deny the progress of this Greatest Loser was better than her in Beacon. 'Maybe I should try that kid's technique. But how do I scan someone like him?'

He bowed to him in respect. "Lionheart-sensei, I am honored that you came here. It has indeed been such a long time."

Leonardo gave him a smile even though his eyes looked blank. "You didn't come back, so I got curious. I came to check you on my own." Jaune got up and helped the man to his house. "I am deeply grateful for your consideration. Please come in. It's not much, but I will prepare some tea for you."

By the time he visited Jaune, Leonardo's eyes had already been faded due to age. And yet… All of a sudden, Leonardo's eyes opened wide in shock as if he saw what was in front of him. A number of strong warriors were glaring at him, if he moved he felt they would all attack him in amazing coordination. A man of his ability would have a hard time with this many enemies. That image had pierced his mind.

Qrow whistled appreciatively, man that Jaune clearly had very suicidal training for many years without much rest. "He's crazy."

Tai chuckled. "Nah, he's just determined to be the best."

He walked forward and touched a pillar that was clearly cut by Jaune's sword. It was nearly severed in half, what was surprising to the old teacher was that it was so clean. "I can clearly tell, even with these useless eyes of mine."

He saw in his mind's eye, Jaune Arc was battling countless enemies with different styles. 'Jaune, what sort of insane training have you been doing!?'

Jaune shivered in fear. 'I have a feeling that Pyrrha will place this in our regimen especially with the Vytal Festival coming up in three weeks.'

Ren was definitely impressed. "He prepared for any person he could ever fight around his place."

Jaune was so proud in showing off his training, he laughed at his teacher's amazed expression. "Ah… it took me four years and nine months… I finally did it. To finally surpass everyone back home."

In Jaune's home, several walls and pillars were cut in different areas, what was very noticeable were the names on the papers with a x-shaped mark. Leonardo walked around, even if he couldn't see, he knew how many of the warriors in their city would never be able to beat Jaune. 'None of this was done for the sake of showing or fighting another. It was all just to further his strength. You've done so well to come this far-'

He stopped his thought because he felt the aura of himself back when he destroyed Jaune in a spar. "Oh, Jaune." In the back wall of the house, his name was the only one there but it was already destroyed. "I see… you've surpassed me too."

Summer smiled. "So it's not that he couldn't win a fight that mattered. He lost the first fight and then trained to surpass that opponent. But by the time he could fight again either he wasn't interested since in his mind he beat them or other circumstances caused those opponents to not fight him. Sad to see his name be soiled for things out of his control."

The Creator nodded. "But he wore that title with pride because that's who he was."

The two were sitting down on the floor and drinking Jaune's prepared team. Leonardo drank for a while and then coughed after consuming it. "This tea… is just awful." Jaune nervously scratched the back of his head and laughed in embarrassment. "Haha, that's just because I just grabbed some random leaves."

"Jaune, I-" Leonardo wanted to speak out his suggestion for the young warrior to become a warlord for his city however he heard Jaune bow again. This must have meant he was going to decline.

Jaune smiled. "I'm sorry… I appreciate the offer… but it is time that I move on. There is no longer anything that interests me within this region. For the time being, I think I'll just go on a journey, losing all the way."

Jaune smiled, he felt inspired to do the same. His doting partner however with a single glare destroyed those dreams. 'Aw… I wanted to do an adventure myself.'

Nora chuckled. "Silly Jaune-Jaune, if you went on a journey without us to lose all the time. Who'd be there to film your amazing defeats? So if Fearless Leader wants to do this then Team JNPR is with you to see you lose to everyone you fight!"

With that, something shattered inside Jaune probably his pride. "... Thanks… Nora."

"Good luck, Jaune." With those words, Jaune Arc had left his home with a newfound purpose. Few historical records trace his journey after he left Leonardo Lionheart's dojo. Yet in spite of his missing parts in his life, everyone knew that he continued his loss streak everywhere he went.

The master of the Ito Dojo who was the founder of his own style, Ito Ittosai Kagehisa, had slammed his bokuto onto Jaune's stomach. The blow caused him to lose his sword and was sent flying to the ground. Ito looked at him with a thoughtful glance at the downed blonde. "You lack training."

Yang winced in pain along with some of the people in the theater. "Yeesh… that's gotta hurt a lot."

Jaune whimpered. "Maybe I should rethink-"

Nora interrupted her team leader's backtracking on such a plan. "No! We're doing this after Beacon. We shall see Jaune lose like this and get stronger because of this."

Jaune looked at Ren and gave a defeated smile. "When we graduate… I'll give you my will… and tell my family that I love them dearly."

Ren understood his team leader's wants and nodded. "I shall... good luck."

He grabbed his stomach that was heavily bruised from the impact of that blow. "I surrender." Even with all of his losses, he grew stronger, ripping out the name of the founder of the Ito Style with his hands.

He was now in the middle of the Yagyu Dojo, bowing to the strongest practitioner of the Yagyu Shinkage Style, Taira-no-Munetoshi. Jaune looked up and asked. "Please show me your teachings." Munetoshi had struck his kendo stick on Jaune's hand as he gave up since it was his sword hand that was struck. He ripped the man's name as he grew stronger.

Blake was astounded at his desire to be the strongest yet… it was so different from her mentor slash ex-boyfriend. "He's just going through even if he doesn't get a rematch."

Ruby smiled. "Of course cuz he's already beaten them."

He met the Sword Saint, Kamizumii Nobutsuna, and was instantly defeated while the old man had stayed on his horse and had also not moved from his spot that Jaune had pleaded for a spar. "I lost!"

He then noticed the sword saint had left him as the rain started pouring on his exhausted body. "Haha… as expected of the sword saint. I never stood a chance." Like the dry soil thirsting for the rain, Jaune sought out foes he could not defeat from lands far and wide. Day after day, he continued to lose but it never removed the ecstatic smile from his face. "Now then… how do I win this time."

Weiss sighed in annoyance. "He still has that idiot-wearing grin on his face. However I cannot fault his drive to improve."

Pyrrha smiled at Jaune's indomitable will to lose and then to refine his own capabilities with his sword was inspiring to her warrior self. "Jaune is always impressive to me."

Yang chuckled. "Of course he is to you."

One night while training under the harsh power of the waterfall, a swallow had begun its descent over Jaune before flying back up again. In that instant, Jaune reacted while his eyes were still close as he raised his blade to the sky as if he was cutting something above him. The sparrow eventually was cut in half, his blade was so fast that it could still give a precise slice to a small bird.

Raven was certainly impressed. "... How did he do that? He was able to make such a clean and precise cut when his target turned at such incredible speeds."

Qrow shook his head in disbelief. "I don't know but I haven't even seen you make a strike that fast." Blake also had the same reservations for her undefeated mentor in the White Fang. 'Not even Adam could have done that.'

Ren was also perplexed. "The speed to such an action is almost inhuman and he has no aura there."

Therefore if you were to ask, "Why was he absent from history until that fateful day?" Then the answer is simple. It's because he continued to lose. All the while, climbing until he reached the peak!

Ruby's eyes sparkled with wonder. "Wow… maybe I should appreciate losers more often."

Back in the arena, Jaune was very relaxed but still remained sitting down amidst the surprised reactions from the crowd. Ren on the other hand still had not even glanced at the older warrior but to Jaune he was definitely focused on ending his life in a single hit. "I'm not interested in dying today but… I doubt surrendering will work this time, right?"

He bowed to the god, his eyes showed how much his fighting spirit was alight. "Please do me the honor of seeing your technique." The gods and the Valkyries were shocked at Jaune's sudden action while the humans were horrified, did he not understand how strong this guy was.

Sun chuckled. "Man, he must be a masochist to want to fight a god to lose and become better."

Velvet shook her head. "I don't think he wants to lose. If he loses, he ceases to exist. He just wants to fight someone in their best."

Jaune stood up and dusted off his haori, he gave a sad sigh. "Welp, guess that didn't work, Jaune…" He looked at everyone who helped him on his journey to become a great swordsman, he held his Monohoshizao calmly and started exhaling and inhaling. 'I can't run away now… if I did that… I'd no longer be able to hold my head high.'

Mercury smiled. "Looks like the fight's gonna finally begin."

Nora cheered on. "Let's go Renny! Destroy old Jaune right there and there!"

Pyrrha was cheering for her partner. "Let's go Jaune! You can do this!"

He tightened the grip on his long katana, and raised it high above his head. He was standing on the toes of his left foot as if he was now preparing for his charge. 'To those who paved the way for me… to my kin!'

Strong winds suddenly blew off all the tension, it was as if Jaune had raised his hands up and he had sliced through the air. This display of skill or power surprised everyone except Ren who had remained still and emotionless after everything. Jaune inhaled strongly. "Here I come."

Ruby was excited to the utmost degree. "OOOOOOHHHH! What's he gonna do? Maybe even a special move… or wait, what if his weapon is a-"

"Chill, sis. Let lover boy do his magic." Yang had interrupted her baby sister before she went on a non-stop monologue about weapons. That was the only thing she regretted when she took care of Ruby at a young age… probably also the cookie addiction along with the belief in milk giving her a mature body and increase in height. 'But at least I didn't leave.'

He began the fight, in an instant he closed the distance and was within his strike range. He brought down his famed Monohoshizao, a single strike imbued with the might of his entire body. However Ren was not phased since he simply moved to the side without much effort and prepared to deal the killing blow with his trident since there was no way for Jaune to counter since his sword was close to the ground after the missed swing.

Pyrrha was worried. "No, it can't end like that."

Juniper frowned. "If it were that simple then he wouldn't be proclaimed as being unparalleled under the heavens."

Ozpin nodded. "I must agree. It seems that this Mr. Lie is heavily underestimating Mr. Arc."

The Monohoshizao possessed a weight four times greater than the average katana. In accordance to the law of inertia, halting its acceleration especially in a downward slash was said to be nigh impossible. However the experience Jaune had accumulated gave birth to his ultimate technique. His entire body tightened in anticipation, especially since he felt the trident was getting closer and closer to his head, intended to rip half off his head clean off.

Raven was dismayed. "F-Four times?! There's no way that is physically impossible, especially when he just used all of his strength for the opening blow."

Cinder commented. "Hmm… rather interesting of him to leave himself this open."

Emerald murmured. "Or he could have just been an idiot and decide to just end things with a single blow."

Mercury shook his head, he believed in the sex god that gave him a sort of an awakening and a chance to be a main character. "I think my Sex God isn't that lame to do so."

This ultimate technique is capable of catching a swallow with turning speeds exceeding two hundred miles per hour. A supremely swift strike called the Tsubame Gaeshi. Jaune had switched swiftly to a new position to swing upward. Ren stopped his approach as he looked down and noticed Jaune's katana had somehow started its swing to his head. The god simply dodged back with his entire body but the blade had managed to cut a few hairs that were on Ren's forehead.

"Fast… that was too fast. How did he manage to do that when the trident was so close to his face?!" Neptune complained, to him, Jaune couldn't possibly have the strength to even do such a technique from a bad position.

Ozpin noted. "What a great balance of raw strength from both his lower and upper body. Add to that impressive reflexes and the will to take anything head on. A dangerous swift strike that would normally beat anyone else. But to Mr. Lie, he still saw it coming from a mile away. It was just that he was in a bad spot."

James nodded. "Indeed this doesn't show how great of a swordsman that Jaune is… it shows how much better that Ren is. However impressive of Jaune to cause the god to take him seriously."

Ares was shocked with his jaw nearing where his chest was located. "That human! So fast! He beat Ren's swing, that's impossible!" Hermes was amused since he realized something from Poseidon's reaction. "Oh? Fascinating… even for Ren… he's looking a human in the eye."

Coco asked. "What's so good about that? Isn't that kind of normal to look someone or something in the eye when you fight?"

The Creator laughed. "Because in all of that Ren's life, it was the first time he looked at someone in the eye and they did not perish. When he does such an action like what he did to his brother, Adamas, he had already killed them in a single strike. That is why it is so impressive."

Nora was angry and she pouted at Jaune. "Jauney! Why would you hurt Renny's hair?"

Jaune insisted that he was entirely innocent. "He was gonna kill me, Nora!"

Ren held the cut strands of his hair but what changed a bit was his expression was a bit serious. He was now looking at Jaune as a threat to his life. Jaune on the other hand was elated and chuckled. "You finally met my gaze, eh? Hi, kiddo. Let's do this for real now."

Yang laughed. "Damn! Old Lover Boy still retains his cockiness even in the face of a guy like that."

Winter scowled. "Talking in battle is a sin. He is wasting precious time."

Summer giggled. "Or he's just simply having fun."

The disrespect and casual attitude of the swordsman caused Ren to level his gaze with the old swordsman, the god of the seas even frowned which caused the gods to gasp in shock. In almost all of his fights, this was probably the most damage anyone had caused to the God of the Seas. Jaune chuckled from the attention. "Looks like I got first blood, didn't I?"

Blake thought it was a bit hyperbolic of a fact that God Ren's only case of damage was his hair being cut. 'Yet… it looks like the god is so used to winning everything with a single strike. So I suppose the claim is not unfounded.'

Ruby was impressed. "Wow! The most he got damaged. That's so cool."

Ren chuckled. "At least it isn't that bad of a haircut."

Atreus looked in amazement over Jaune's ultimate technique. "That's… that's the legendary Tsubame Gaeshi." Pyrrha held the scar on her forehead in pain, she paid more attention to the one on the left. "Mother, are you alright?"

Pyrrha was surprised. "Oh… so the one who gave me that big of a scar was none other than Jaune."

Jaune was hurt, he would never want to hurt his partner, his rock, and his best friend like that. "I- sorry… Pyrrha."

Pyrrha chuckled. "Oh Jaune, it's alright. That isn't me just like that you over there isn't the real one. But it does give me hope that you will give me a good fight, one day."

Jaune smiled. "Of course. I do need to show you that I've improved because of you."

Weiss cringed at such blatant flirting. "Ugh, get a room, you two."

Pyrrha laughed. "Jaune… I'd never imagine you caused me to feel this pain again." On the 13th of May, in a small island called Ganryujima off the coast of Haven, the fateful day between Pyrrha Nikos, the Swordsman Blessed With Victory and the one who held the title of Strongest called 'Musashi', was fighting the Greatest Loser Jaune Arc.

Yang definitely complained with a growl. "Oh, come on. Even in this overpowered reality, she is considered the strongest. Blessed with victory, my ass! I call hax! This is really unfair."

Pyrrha giggled. "If you'd like to complain, Yang. Then why don't you beat me in the next sparring class. If you do, maybe you'll get the title of strongest."

Yang decided to preserve her dignity from being destroyed any further after the sick burn by the normally timid champion. The others were laughing though, Jaune even gave his partner a hi-five. Yang growled even louder from that. 'Once I get my hands on you Lover Boy, you'll wish you were attached to P-Money at all times.'

The two were in a stalemate, none of their strikes were landing from Jaune's Monohoshizao and Pyrrha's dual katanas. Jaune charged in a single step, with honed muscles he swung his long yet heavy katana with ease. The weight made it impossible to block against so the red haired woman had dodged out of the way to avoid a killing blow.

But even if the initial attack was dodged… as if retracing its steps, another swing came flying from her blind spot. The second strike flew with blinding speed, eliminating all of her defensive options. She had no choice but to take the swing head on as it sliced from the bottom of her right eye to her left forehead that left a scar. She was lucky she had decided to close her eye or it would have been cut in half.

Velvet couldn't believe it, she would have never thought to have seen the Pyrrha Nikos suffer a blow like that. "Incredible… just… Jaune is so incredible. From losing all the time to wounding the strongest one."

Mercury chuckled. "Damn, that strike looks impossible."

Pyrrha looked at Jaune who groaned in pain and nodded. She liked that he was listening to her recommendations to improve himself in fighting. "I'm just saying you need a reliable technique when you lose your shield. But don't worry I won't have you jump around like a bunny… it might be much, much worse though."

Her sadistic giggle caused the blonde knight to pale in fear. 'Who knew I'd become afraid of training with my partner?'

Pyrrha chuckled while still feeling the effect of Jaune's technique on her face. "Heh. Now that takes me back, Jaune… Hear this, God of the Seas. I don't know where you come from… but for you to take him on without a care."

She took an inhale and shouted. "Don't you dare go looking down on the one we all hold unmatched under the heavens!" All of the other sword masters felt and thought the same thing, they were angry at the amount of disrespect Ren gave. Jaune blushed. "Aw, that warms my heart."

Pyrrha blushed as Jaune wrapped an arm around her shoulders and held her close. In response, the redheaded champion simply laid her head on her partner's chest to the chagrin of the other ones who were starting to like Jaune. The blonde knight whispered in her ear. "Thanks for everything, Pyrrha."

"No problem Jaune. Just hold me like this." Jaune agreed and even subconsciously pulled her in even closer. Ren had to clamp a hand on Nora's mouth as she was about to ruin this moment with her excitement over the two becoming closer now.

The humans started cheering for striking the first blow to the near invincible Ren, Velvet was praying that they would finally win. 'Nice this'll work for sure. Sister Cinder may you grant victory to humanity!'

It was Cinder who had fused into Jaune's Monohoshizao creating a divine weapon capable of killing any god. Jaune smiled at the performance of his sword, it was simply perfect. "Hmm… the weight and edge of the blade is truly remarkable. This sword is truly one fitting of my own tastes!"

Cinder scoffed. "I expect nothing less of myself even if I am used as a weapon."

Ren growled in anger and stepped forward, this amazed all of the gods. For the first time Ren had moved to meet an opponent. "This… this is an amazing development, ladies and gentlemen! Ren, the god of the seas… has begun to advance on his opponent!"

The god quietly exhaled and took a stance perfect for lunging, Jaune's eyes opened wide in shock, it seemed things would get serious. A raging storm of strikes from Ren's trident from everywhere in front of the swordsman started. These strikes were as fast as they were powerful, one hit could spell the end for Jaune. But the older man simply moved and dodged from every strike, if one came close he would parry and block it.

Sun was shocked. "... Not as fast as the headmaster but… it's getting there. But what makes it scary is that it looks like he isn't even trying that much."

The Creator laughed. "True but he exerted effort when he advanced, in all of that Ren's battles, this was the first time he actually did such a thing. The thought of a human like Jaune causing this much damage has infuriated him."

Juniper noted. "So far this Jaune has managed to not get hit… how much longer can he last before he will eventually cease to exist."

Pyrrha scowled. "He'll win this. I believe in Jaune."

Ruby nodded in agreement to Pyrrha's perspective. "Yeah that's right. He'll kick Ren's sorry ass all over the arena!"

In the face of the Sea god's raging storm of strikes, Jaune just kept on weaving, his entire being became fixated with evasion. He tried to strike in a small window but the God simply blocked it with his trident and pushed him away. Jaune managed to land on his feet on the ground and kept on blocking, moving, parrying, evading all of Ren's rapid strikes.

Velvet was astounded. "A-Amazing! Jaune can see Ren's trident at that speed! He's going at a half a second per strike. Does he have special eyes like Mercury had?"

Mercury also agreed. "Yeah, only I can be that awesome."

Emerald groaned in pain. "Looks like the only thing this scenario did for you was to increase your ego ten-fold."

Salem shook her head, it seemed that Velvet just couldn't see what Jaune actually was doing in order to survive. "No, he can't see the spear's movements. He can dodge them because he's already experienced them."

Velvet was confused, how Jaune could experience them if it was his first time fighting the god of the seas. "Experienced? …But, this is their first time meeting each other, isn't it?"

Salem smiled. "That is completely irrelevant to the Arc. After facing countless strong opponents, suffering defeat after defeat, he continued to battle them in his mind. Jaune has been watching Ren ever since he entered the arena. He has analyzed his gait, his breathing, even the way Ren blinks. All that information allowed him to formulate an image of Ren in his head. With that, he faced the image countless times."

A scene of multiple Jaunes fighting multiple Rens appeared where both fought in very different ways and different styles. Salem continued. "Thus simulating all the thousands of attack patterns his opponent could possess."

Ren was amazed, he could not think of a single person he met who could analyze a battle so many times from different angles in a short amount of time against a more powerful opponent. Nora was also amazed by her fearless leader's capabilities. "Oooh… is that why Jaune-Jaune is the team leader?"

Ozpin chuckled. "Mr. Arc does have potential though that wasn't the main reason. The main reason was actually-"

James interrupted him. "Because JNPR sounds better than other combinations he could have thought of."

Juniper then continued this thought. "He also couldn't stop thinking about me thus he named a team after me. Isn't that right, Ozpin?"

Ozpin clenched his fist in anger and trembled in fury over these accusations. "You two… I'll deal with both of you. Mark my words."

Velvet was impressed, not even her sisters or Salem could accomplish such a feat. "He could do that much in such a short span of time."

"Indeed… if Mercury could be called the Ultimate Counter then… Jaune would be called the Ultimate Scanner." Ren lunged with his weapon as Jaune grit his teeth in order to anticipate it. In one of his scenarios Ren had punctured Jaune's chest with the same move. In the real world, the elder dodged the blow and moved the weapon to the side with ease for he had experienced it. "No matter the number of attacks, or the speed of each one, he simulates the following move and proceeds to counter or avoid it!"

"That's really cool!" Ruby exclaimed.

Raven could not fault such a unique way of handling a battle. "Impressive. A very accurate way to determine the course of battle. I should try that more often."

Jaune smiled while Ren's eyes widened for a moment. "Jaune has honed the ability to read the finest details of his foe in the heat of battle. If I were to give a name to such an ability, I would call it the Thousand Image Defense."

Jaune dodged moves that would have killed his images in so many scenarios. Even if Ren increased the speed of his trident attacks. 'I know this one. I saw this one. I knew that one too.' He dodged another strike of Ren's that could have stabbed his foot, Jaune was breathing heavily but he was smiling. Ren however had a big frown on his face, the human should have been dead by now.

Nora pouted. "Yeah Jaune should be dead by now and Renny should have won. This is unfair."

Jaune had a little tick on his forehead. "Oy, did you forget who's on your team? Don't make me remove your pancake privileges."

The arena started to surround itself with cheers from the humans' side. "Nice one Gramps! You're history's greatest loser alright!" The gods on the other hand could not believe it, first it was Sun then it was Mercury but now it was this old guy called Jaune. "W-Whoa… How many attacks did he just dodge? He escaped Ren's barrage without a scratch."

Ares was scared yet he was glad that he didn't join this Ragnarok to fight these human warriors. "H-He ca-can predict the moves of a god?"

Hermes this time wasn't amused or smiling, he was honestly frightened on these human's potential. "I believe so. He's done it so far."

Ares was sweating while biting while biting the nails on his fingers nervously. "What is wrong with all these humans that have reached the peak. Just why do all of them face us with a smile on their faces?!"

Yang chuckled. "Cuz we love to have a good fight."

Sun laughed. "Nah, man! It's because we don't know when to quit!"

The battle had reached a temporary standstill but what surprised Jaune was that Ren chuckled and now had a smile on his face. "Heh." He then started whistling which still confused Jaune but at the same time the gods were excited, the last time he whistled, his opponent was destroyed.

The ones who were cheering for humanity suddenly became afraid of Jaune's chances. Even the blonde knight himself was hoping that the older and more experienced warrior could defy the odds. They did see Ren destroy his brother when he started to whistle. "Come on other me, beat other Ren!"

Nora on the other hand, was excited. "Oooohhh! There's the moment I've been waiting for! Annihilate him, Renny!"

Jaune however snapped out of his confusion and became focused once more, Ren was rearing himself up for a lunge just like what he saw earlier… However, this new one far surpassed what he predicted. When he charged, for a second Jaune was slack jawed. 'He's moving faster than I can read.'

It was by pure instinct, he moved his sword to guard against the trident but Ren successfully struck his side. The pain caused Jaune to spit out blood, this worried the Valkyries and the humans and the people who personally knew Jaune.

"Holy Oum! That was too fast! That was like near Headmaster speed level when he did that barrage against Mercury." Sun shouted out. But it was incredible for that Ren to surpass the level of strength and speed of Jaune's accurate prediction.

"What's wrong?" Jaune glared at the god while holding onto his new wound which started to bleed. He wanted to say something but he knew that if he opened his mouth, blood would come out again.

That moment was the first time, the God of the Seas had uttered a word to humans. "I thought you were capable of reading my moves?" His face turned into a malicious yet prideful grin as he laughed at Jaune's state. "But you can't see anything, can you? You insignificant piece of shit!"

Nora was quiet, normally if Ren was winning, she would of course celebrate. However… what he just said to her team leader was nothing like the Ren she knew or felt for. This was one felt more uncaring and prideful… it felt wrong to cheer. Jaune gave her a warm smile. "Everything's fine, Nora. Why don't you put more energy into cheering for me to win."

That snapped Nora from her sad mood. "Of course! Go Fearless Leader! Beat Jerk Ren!"

Pyrrha chuckled. "Even with the vulgar words, he managed to retain you're bluntness, Ren."

Ren groaned. "I don't meant to be that blunt but… I can't help it."

Jaune chuckled. "To who you're blunt to also didn't change here."

Even the fastest scanner cannot reach the gods. The announcer broadcasted what had just happened. "Ren… Ren's trident has pierced Jaune's side!" Jaune was still holding onto his wound as it began to bleed heavily, he was also breathing heavily due to how much energy he used to dodge most of Ren's strikes.

"It looks like even History's Greatest Loser, is little more than a harmless goldfish before the ruler of the seas!" Jaune heard that and stood his ground with a smile on his face, he looked back at what the God just did. 'Looks like it ain't gonna be that easy this time. So this is a god.'

The gods began their chants of how superior they were to humans and how Ren was perfect. "Hell yeah! That's why Ren is the God of All Gods! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! Train all you like, you shitty humans, you guys will never reach us!"

"G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G.O.G! G-" Ren turned around to glare at the noisy gods who instantly shut up and sat down in fear. They didn't want to upset the God of the Seas for he would easily wipe them off the pavement.

He looked back to Jaune with an irritated look. "Hmph. What useless bottom feeders we have as gods. If it were up to me, I'd kill all of them."

Ren growled in discontent. "He even doesn't care about his fellow gods. What a giant douche?"

Jaune chuckled. "Well in his viewpoint, he is the perfect god thus being called a God among Gods. Why would he care about those below him? It only makes me want my other self to win against your other self."

Jaune chuckled. "Damn, you're a scary one… why not just accept your supporters' cheers? I mean what's the harm with that?"

"Sup… porters?" Jaune was confused at Ren's very dismissive tone to the other gods. The god of the seas adopted a cold and unfeeling look at Jaune that made him wince. "We have no need for the herd. We have no need for support. We have no need for betrayal. We have no need for such nauseating aspects like friendship or family. Such are the gods. Supporters are entirely unnecessary to those who have attained perfection. You, humans, always want our favor to clean up your messes because you are simply shit. But in the end, you'll follow our orders because you are too weak and too dumb to do anything about it."

Jaune lowered his head. "I kind of feel hurt when he said that… was he talking about me."

Yang chuckled. "Nah… he was talking about all of us." She clenched her fists in anger. "Makes me want to punch him though."

Just for safety Ren pulled up his arms. "May I remind that version of me who is a God is not me."

Jaune was shocked at what came out of Ren's mouth, so he digested all of that information for a bit. His surprised expression turned into one of sadness as evident by his frown. "Hmm… so that's how you gods operate, huh?" He then lowered his head and gave a sad smile. "Heh… that's a pretty sad existence, huh?"

Blake nodded her head in agreement, living for so long could become a very miserable way of living. "That's pretty true. No wonder he's like that."

Ren's eyes darkened, his mouth turned into a furious snarl with the same expressionless mask he wore. He charged in with fury and decided to unleash the same strikes that wounded Jaune earlier, but the older warrior was hanging on. "Begone, trash."

The strikes became more and more until it looked like it encircled the entire ring while Jaune was doing the same but he was getting cut more and more often than he would have liked. "L-Like a thunderstorm, Ren's thrusts rain from above! He's aiming to end the match right here and right now!"

Pyrrha blanched in fear, how great of a warrior this other Ren was… yet he wasn't trying all that much to fight. "Looks like Jaune's comment caused him to be a bit serious… these gods are scary to face against."

Juniper muttered something along the lines of. "Say the truth, sister." Well, she did have experience facing a god.

Ruby was starting to wane in her hope for Jaune to win. "This is unfair. Jaune was doing so well in the beginning. How strong is this Ren?"

The Creator sighed. "You will see his power level and truly wonder how a being like that could exist."

In the bleachers, Ares was shocked at his uncle's expertise at handling a trident. "Such a fierce technique! What blinding speed! I see that one would have to use Father's control of throwing attacks at a hundredth of a second in order to counter this."

Hermes looked at it differently. "If it were only a matter of speed, he could and would read and react to it however… whatever that human conjured up in his head of what Ren's strength was but an inkling to his true strength. The true depths of the ocean god are but a mystery to even the gods themselves. So the thought of a human probing the deep is unfathomable… he'll drown before he gets there."

Sun was deeply astounded at what that God just stated about Ren's power. "Damn… as deep as lowest bottom of the sea. That's pretty big, how is Jaune gonna do this?"

Jaune clenched his fists in anger, for some odd reason… he really wanted his other self to win. Maybe it was because the man had not once known victory once but he persevered to be the best. Even if it wasn't to protect humanity, it was still a commendable goal for the Arc. "I think that ability of his can do it."

Weiss pointed out an obvious. "But if Ren could go beyond what your other self could predict then he will do so again even if the ability will evolve."

Only one way to respond to that fact… Yang growled. "That's fucking unfair…. shit!"

Salem was enraged at how difficult it was getting for Jaune to counter and evade every one of Ren's blows, the wound on his side was not helping him at all. She was almost ready to tear anything in sight, this was bullshit to her, everytime they got any sort of momentum a god would counter and everything was back to square one. Velvet yelled out her support of Jaune. "Don't you lose on us Jaune!"

Coco snickered. "Maybe you need to be a bit more hands-on when you cheer for your man, Velv."

Velvet grinded her teeth in exasperation. "Coco! This is really serious!"

Coco sighed and gave her a weak smile. "Yeah… I could tell bun-bun. Just trying to lighten the mood a bit."

But what the gods didn't count on was that Jaune's ability evolved through the countless exchange of blows. One was about to pierce his leg, he simply stepped to the side. "I know this one." One was about to pierce his back so he spun and nearly sliced Ren's face. "This too." He parried another blow aimed at his head. "I learnt this a second ago."

Raven smiled, Qrow was utterly speechless, the reason was it had been such a long time for someone to impress his sister in fighting. 'Should I be worried she'd go after Tai Jr.?'

Summer prayed, she didn't want humanity to lose. But there was this nagging feeling in her gut that the Gods would inevitably win. So she cheered. "Come on boy! Fight!"

Jaune's sword had already surpassed humanity and entered the realm of the gods. Ren had to maneuver his body back after his lunge failed with Jaune ducking and was met with a swift counter of a strike from the long katana. Jaune stepped into another swing since he saw that Ren would once again strike him from the previous spot. 'He's going to do that.'

He then stopped instinctively as he peered into Ren's eyes that showed no emotion but were staring at him as if he knew Jaune was going to do that. 'Impossible.' Jaune's problem was that he was fighting Ren, when he sliced upward he found nothing but air. The god of the seas was behind him and preparing for another strike.

Shocked gasps rang out in the theater again. James was astonished at Ren being one step ahead of Jaune's analysis technique. "Wha- How?! He was able to do the same thing Mr. Arc just did?"

The Creator chuckled. "No… he just simply was far ahead that Jaune didn't have the time to measure anything Ren could have done in that moment."

The god brought down his trident but Jaune managed to avoid the sure-kill blow by moving back. He then kept the trident away with his blade, he looked back at the god with a sense of dread. 'He's read my own reaction and he even aimed at my blind spot!'

Nora was worried, she didn't want her cool old team leader to die to a false version of her love. "That Renny's got to be cheating."

Pyrrha sighed in frustration. "No he's not cheating. He is too damn perfect in fighting. Even I am jealous on how he manages to use a polearm so easily."

He tried to slice the god from where his blind spot was but when he turned around, Ren was already gone. The god of the seas leaped up and launched another and this time faster barrage of strikes. Jaune kept on blocking every shot, he couldn't dodge anymore. 'No matter how hard I try, the goal slips from my grasp… It's so fast… no… so deep.'

Yang was shocked. "You can't even see a bottom there. Is that how powerful Ren is?"

Winter stated. "There probably is a bottom, it's just nearly impossible to reach its depths."

It was as if Jaune was sinking all the way to the abyss of the deepest ocean however he endured the pain, he even had a full mouthful of breath to work with. 'But… I will persevere! There!'

Neptune whistled appreciatively. "Man! This guy just doesn't quit!"

He jumped back to avoid one that nearly sliced his forehead, he then dodged and slipped out of harm's way before slashing at the stationary god. Ren showed a face of surprise as the human seemed to have avoided all of his hits and now his sword was this close to slash his cheek.

But he avoided the incoming hit fairly easy by leaning back. "Hmph." He was clearly unimpressed that the human couldn't touch him no matter how hard he tried.

"Gah! How hard could it be to wipe that look off his face! It's pissing me off!" Mercury complained, that guy was probably more of an asshole than him.

Emerald snickered. "Now you know what others think about you."

But Jaune continued to charge, he even switched grip and relied on his teacher's technique in order to reach him. He then moved forward with the Ganryu Style Tiger Claw but before the blade could make contact with Ren's face, he had shifted his body to avoid the blow and was now behind Jaune. Jaune loudly gnashed his teeth in anger and turned around to deliver another slash but…

A single blow from the trident to the side of Monohoshizao caused the famed sword to break into two. The blade was launched to a different part of the arena. Jaune shouted in surprise as Ren simply destroyed his weapon like stomping on an ant. "Don't get cocky. Small fry."

"NO!" Ruby and Pyrrha yelled out loudly, this couldn't happen. What would happen to Jaune now… would he disappear like Mercury did in the last round? Thoughts like this circulated around most of the people in the theatre who were hoping for a change in humanity's fate against the gods.

Jaune clenched his fists in anger, he was definitely seething since he was exhaling rather heavily as if an attempt to calm himself down could work that way. "Fuck… what are you gonna do now?"

Ren's jaw tightened in anger, he was also enraged at what his other self had done. Nora had decided to hold his hand in order for him to calm down… It didn't work, those words he just said to Jaune were something he really hated. Not because of Jaune's low self-esteem that could have been destroyed from a friend or a teammate's word… 'It's because I thought of it when he became our team leader… I never gave him a chance that much in the beginning. I thought it was horrible how he cheated since others earnestly worked hard to get to where he is… are those thoughts going to come out here-'

Nora had pinched his cheek which caused him to stop thinking for a bit. When he glared at her, her response was a pout. She then scowled. "Renny..." Her expression lightened with a smile. "It's alright. That was back then and what you're thinking isn't what is now. So everything's good."

Some fragments of his katana were falling to the ground as Jaune still couldn't believe what had just happened. Velvet yelled in agony, another one of her beloved sisters was dead. "Sister Cinder!"

Somewhere outside, two thieves cackled at the prospect of Cinder being killed. Emerald was shell-shocked, like an ineffective ability that was supposedly unstoppable and undodgeable. She couldn't reach the reality that Cinder was killed in front of her and she didn't do anything. She trembled in anger and fear, possibly over the fact that her savior… was gone. "Im-Impossible! Cinder can't be dead."

Cinder wanted to groan in annoyance over Emerald's… tendencies or perspective towards her. But it was replaced with anger at Jaune and Ren. 'That old man let me get destroyed. That god killed me. If I were there… actually I wouldn't be able to do anything against them. I don't think even with the power of the Maiden that it could be possible to defeat them.'

Most of the crowd of humans shouted in defeat as the announcer told everyone. "W-What's this!? Jaune Arc's famed Monohoshizao has been shattered by the might of Ren!" The gods and even the Valkyries knew this was over, the match was decided. In a move no one could have predicted, Jaune had lost his divine weapon. The Valkyries had lost another sister in the process, his loss was assured.

Pyrrha growled in frustration. "There has to be a way to..." But she knew without a weapon, to fight with… it was over.

Jaune gave her a sad smile. "At least I tried my best, right? It hurts to see me lose like this but at least it wasn't a total one-sided beatdown."

"That…" Ren smiled in utter delight, what he wanted was for the insignificant piece of trash to bow to him. "Go on, say it. You were always a loser, always have been. Improvement, what a fucking joke. No matter how you change, you'll still be shit… You don't even deserve to be a fighter, let alone a warrior, always needing others to make you stronger. You are simply weak."

The people in Beacon were rather stunned at the very venomous words coming out of the God. However the one most affected was Jaune who looked down quivering since his legs were shaking. The blonde knight was wracked with so much anxiety, so much self-doubt clouded the thoughts in his mind. He already knew he didn't deserve to be in Beacon, he knew he only wanted to be a huntsman on a whim. He was unaware of the risks and how much determination and dedication he needed to become like his teammates.

'Still… I can't really disagree with what other Ren said.'

Ren was also shaking in anger, he couldn't believe that his other self would say that to Jaune. But he would be lying to himself that he wasn't thinking of this. He explained it that he was worried about the safety of the team then about Nora to have an unprepared and incomeptent team leader. But deep down, he knew… that he hated Jaune back then. 'I was blinded by my expectations… it's good that I learned unlike a studio. But how can I apologize to Jaune… we never really had talks like this in a team. Maybe other teams did so… I'm really bad aren't I?'

Nora and Pyrrha wanted to help their respective partners but both knew no matter how much they motivated or assisted in to mend their hearts. It would still be up to them to take that step forward and maybe become brothers.

Weiss would never admit it but… she thought what God Ren said was close to what she would tell the blonde knight. Even without the amount of venom, when did she actually talk to him about his advances… she just simply scolded and berated him which only made things worse. "That was just mean… just mean."

Looking defeated Jaune kneeled in surrender, his head bowed to the mighty God of the Seas. Even the tone of his voice showed his loss. "… That's it for me…"

Ruby looked defeated, her hope had been reduced. Another hero was lay conquered by the gods once again. "No… it can't be."

Her mood was interrupted when her mother embraced her. "Have more faith with your friend. I believe he is more resilient than you realize. I mean if he wasn't, I wouldn't think of my son-in-law for my two daughters that way."

Yang and Ruby both squeaked in embarrassment over their mother's interest in a certain blonde knight thanks to these scenarios. Raven scoffed. "The match is over. Rather disappointing he would give up just like that."

He then stood up and laughed out loud at himself. "Or so I'd like to say." Ren had a look of pure annoyance, why wouldn't this unimportant piece of shit just surrender or accept his place. Jaune looked back and saw Pyrrha, he gave her a warm smile. "But that… just won't fly this time."

Pyrrha was so delighted, Jaune was still not giving up even if everything looked bad. "Yes! Fight on! …Wait why is he looking at me like that? Didn't we fight to the death and I killed him and he gave me that scar… I'm confused?"

Nora yelled out excitedly. "Who cares?! Jauney's back and he's ready to kick some ass!"

Emerald sighed. "Puh-lease… he has no more sword. He's useless."

Ruby objected. "Nuh-uh! We are going to see Jaune come back and win against bad Ren."

'Just like that time… isn't it Pyrrha.'

According to the records created by the always correct Peter Port, on the island of Ganryujima. The famous battle where Pyrrha had arrived to the duel late, in anger and in frustration, Jaune had thrown his sheath into the sea. Pyrrha would reply to such an action "If you have no use for your sheath, then you are already dead!"

Or so it was written… The Tale of Ganryujima created by Peter Port was published one hundred and fifty years after the duel itself, meaning its claims were nothing more than hearsay… especially when the man only covered the battle itself and insisted that it lasted for three days.

Ozpin sighed shamefully. "... He does have the talent to create many lavish tales. Oh, Bart is going to be so mad knowing that his comrade could turn history into an ahistorical account."

Qrow chuckled. "Well… who else will teach Grimm Studies?"

Ozpin thought about it… he even sipped from his coffee again. "... We are severely understaffed in Beacon… but the coffee budget is more important."

This is the truth. One day, Jaune Arc had stumbled into the Nikos Dojo in order to learn its teachings, there he met Pyrrha Nikos and challenged her to a fight in order to show her teachings. The girl agreed and promptly beat him until he was utterly exhausted and lying on the dojo floor. However this did not stop the blonde from continuing to go to the dojo again and again. Eventually the two talked like normal people and decided to train with one another, they promised not to show off their more special techniques to one another.

Nora cooed. "Aww, so it's very close to home. Jauney and Pyr train most of the time and Pyr beats him to the ground in all their sessions."

Ren sighed. "Nora, too soon."

Jaune chuckled. "Well… I haven't practiced with Pyrrha yet while using my new awakened state."

Pyrrha smiled. "We will get to doing that, don't worry."

This lasted for five months, they began to enjoy each other's company and spent time outside the dojo. One day, she gathered the strength to confess her feelings to him. He was the only one who understood her as Pyrrha. But… he rejected her since it would interfere with his plans of fighting her.

Pyrrha became disheartened after hearing that. 'So even if I confess, it's useless because he will never accept my feelings because of his dream… so what should I do?'

Disheartened, it was the first time she had lost in her life. However she did not give up, she eventually convinced him if they were together, the fight would have been more intense in a life or death situation.

Pyrrha regained hope in her capability to confess before the season three ends. 'So this is teaching me not to give up and show Jaune why I love him… Then I'll do it… I just want to be happy with him and more for myself… if he is happy with me then that would be great.'

Yang cackled. "Damn, P-Money copied Lover Boy over here in courting Weiss."

Jaune blushed in embarrassment. "I- I- I… I think I should refrain from trying to ruin myself any further… Was I really that bad?"

Ren chuckled. "Jaune, you made it seem like the word no and its implications were never explained to you at all."

Then she told him they were to do endurance training in the forest… they had sex.

The reaction of the entire theater was silence accompanied with wide-eyed looks and slack jawed mouths. This was definitely caused due to the visual and audio supplement of the scene in question. To the two doing the deed, their faces were as red as someone could possibly get without fainting from all that blood rushing to their heads. Awkwardly they let go of their close and tight embrace and looked the other way.

The two had the same thought. '... Um… is it bad that… I liked it.'

Lots of it.

Those slacked jaws had hit the floor. They also had the same thought. 'Damn… they're not stopping at all.'

Tai cackled. "Damn… he beat me in that department." The disgusted faces on both his former wives and his daughters told the entire tale. Even his male teammate nearly barfed out his contents… he did not want to know about his sister and his brother from another mother on how many bangs to make a Yang.

Nora was astonished. "Who knew Jauney had this much stamina?"

Ren hissed. "NORA!"

Summer giggled. "It's a good thing I wouldn't have to worry about my girls being disappointed."


Lots and lots of it in various different positions and styles, the blonde thought that this was extra training and became a master of it eventually. Soon they did it everywhere and anywhere, sometimes they skipped swords play and went into sword meet hole play instead.

Yang rolled on the floor and started laughing out loud. "HAHAHAHA! That was a good joke! Oh, I need to include that."

Jaune looked at Pyrrha with a small smile, both partners were still blushing heavily after that kind of intense training. "Um… I suppose we're not going to do that."

Pyrrha tried to give a smile but ultimately she looked away and muttered. "Not now, Jaune."

The longest of which was their three day no break escapade that left the two utterly exhausted but happy. Jaune for the first time in his life was happy with what he did that didn't involve fighting or training. He fell in love and so did she, their secret honeymoon lasted a week… and they didn't stop.

Jaune and Pyrrha looked at the screen and realized that their alternate selves were really happy, the question was if they got together? Would they be happy?

Pyrrha was in a conundrum, did she truly love Jaune or the idea of Jaune being a break from her life. Jaune was in the same state, did he truly love Pyrrha for who she was or did he love her for helping him become a better huntsman therefore she was just a training partner.

A week before their fated battle, the Nikos Clan had discovered the affair and were about to remove Pyrrha's name from the family records and all of history if she did not kill Jaune Arc. They didn't want their family of victors to be involved with the Greatest Loser in all of Mistral. Pyrrha didn't care, she finally found happiness, what she did not expect was that Jaune heard this and immediately challenged her in front of the clan heads.

She could not say no, for it was her pride and drive to succeed in any fight that drove her to say yes. They did not talk for five days, after that, maybe their relationship was over… She remembered how she cried non-stop for days, she refused to see anyone. She was distraught over him selfishlessly doing with this just to save her. Did he not care about what she thought? But deep down… she was angry at herself for not being able to do anything.

Pyrrha bit her lip in frustration, sometimes she did think of Jaune like that. She loved how selfless he truly was albeit a bit altruistic like a red reaper. But she hated how he didn't care about his own well-being, if he was willing to sacrifice himself to save one person despite what others perceived him as, Pyrrha knew… he'd do it without any hesitation. But she also hated her own indecisiveness when it came to making her own decisions because she usually had people doing it for her. Was it right to be with Jaune or was this simply a way to not become the Pyrrha Nikos that everyone expected.

She was then surprised when a warm hand had embraced her own. She looked to see her sheepish looking partner smile at her. He then told her. "Let's talk about this at length after we get out. We'll cross that bridge when we get there."

On the night of the sixth day, Jaune broke into her room and promised her that this fight wouldn't destroy anything they had. "Who knows maybe I see you in the next life? One where we continue to fight and train forever."

She liked the sound of that, for one last time, they did it until the crack of dawn. His endurance training had reached near perfection. That was why she was late… She needed the adrenaline and time to regain her fighting form… Jaune had literally caused Pyrrha's legs to stop working for a month when she lost her focus. Jaune was in the same boat, he was so dehydrated that he spent twenty minutes in seawater to refresh himself. His pelvis also had a hard time moving at any direction.

Raven groaned in pain. "So this grand battle was almost ruined by all of this."

James shook his head in disbelief. "I hope this isn't how teams in the Vytal Festival prepare before the start of competition."

Ozpin chuckled. "Glynda would have to go through so much noise and cleaning complaints in many rooms in the dormitory."

Back to the island, after Jaune had unleashed his Tsubame Gaeshi that had scarred Pyrrha's face. He couldn't quite tell her that she looked even more ravishing… it might turn into a fetish. He hoped it wouldn't.

Mercury was once again amazed by his sex god. "Only he can make injuring people into a sexual obsession. All hail the sex god!"

Emerald groaned in despair, it seemed his fixation with Jaune being a sex god would not stop especially with how much action the scraggly blonde got. "Ugh, just die in a ditch already."

Mercury chuckled. "Nah, I can't die in your home."


Cinder put her foot down. "Emerald, stand down! That is enough."

The green haired thief stopped due to following Cinder's order but she would be planning her revenge against the grey haired assassin. 'I'll do it after the date… I'm a woman of my word and I lost the bet.'

But the two were heavily panting, after all a night of non-stop endurance training followed by four minutes of back and forth fighting was only interrupted by his ultimate technique.

Her aura was leaking out, she remained focused and unfazed by the wound on her head. She still could see clearly even if the blood could have impaired her sight. Jaune smiled. 'As expected of the renowned Pyrrha Nikos. She is unbelievably strong.'

Jaune clutched the part of his clothes nearest to his heart, it started to hurt maybe because he knew what would happen or was it because of Pyrrha. 'I cannot match her as I am now… If we continue, I will die. Now is the time to end it.'

"I surrender…" He then threw his sheath into the sea revealing his motives as clear as day to Pyrrha who was surprised. Throwing down one's sheath meant that this would either be you continuing the journey as a swordsman or holding your sword for the last time.

"Or so I'd like to say but this is too much fun, Pyr! If I quit now…" He gave her a warm smile. "I am certain I would regret it for the rest of my life!"

Yang chuckled. "So Jaune is really crazy… all this for a fight. Why?"

Pyrrha answered her with a sad smile. "As a warrior, the best way for one to die is after a beautiful fight with an equal opponent. The spirit sometimes overthrows self-preservation."

"Fun… regret…" Such unique concepts for the woman blessed with victory, every fight never felt anything except for this one. Maybe it was because of what happened outside this battle but she knew she couldn't deny his or her own feelings. She removed her haori, leaving her with a sleeveless and very form fitting black shirt.

She gave him a joyous smile and tightened the grip on her two katanas. "That is what you have to say for yourself as a man of the blade? Jaune…" She began to laugh uncontrollably and stopped with a huge open grin on her face. "Very well! To the death! Let's fight to our heart's content!"

Jaune was pretty surprised, it wasn't because Pyrrha looked so happy but… 'She looks like all the weight was removed from her shoulders… maybe that's what other me wanted to do so that she wouldn't have any regrets.'

Pyrrha gave a sad smile. 'This Jaune and that Jaune always think of other people while trying to say it was their actions. How I love and hate that attitude.'

Jaune raised his sword as he prepared for one of many slashes he would use in this fight to the death. "It would be my honor to accept your challenge!"

They both charged at one another, the battle that followed, would only continue for a matter of minutes. Their blades locked as Jaune and Pyrrha had managed to fight to a standstill no matter what they did. Jaune kicked her away and once again used his Tsubame Gaeshi to create another scar on Pyrrha's face, the redhead didn't have the time to dodge the second strike.

Ruby winced in pain. "Ouch… so that's how Pyrrha got her other scar. It's badass that she can still see after that."

Weiss was amazed at the level of swordsmanship between the two. "Incredible… those two are pulling out all the stops."

Ren was also impressed because Pyrrha managed to slightly move her head so that her left eye wouldn't be that affected by Jaune's sword. "To think in that short amount of time is unprecedented, yet Jaune cannot follow through because Pyrrha will see it and counter."

Nora didn't like to see her other teammates fight to the death, actually she would have loved them to make up but… what really cinced her was how happy they were fighting each other. They were able to communicate towards one another through the strike of a blade. "They should fight forever."

A secret between these two was forged, one man loved the blade and took all of nature as his teacher. One woman aimed for the peak while walking down the lonely road of success. The two were crying tears of joy as they prepared for their final attacks. They both thought. 'Ah… so much fun! To think a swordsman like this existed.'

Their blades met and only one drew blood, the other had her face splattered with said blood. Pyrrha had struck first, delivering a fatal blow to Jaune's chest in an x-shaped pattern. The blonde coughed out blood before his arms grew weak that he could no longer carry his heavy katana. "So… this is it, huh?"

Pyrrha felt pain and sadness upon mortally wounding her partner. Yet that same partner was quick to reassure her. "Pyr… it's alright. It's not us..." He then looked at the screen with a determined look on his face which confused her. "Maybe we can fight each other to the limit without the death of course."

She gave him a hug. "I would love that… Jaune. But we have to get you to my level first."

He confidently stated. "Ah, I think you on my level." They both snickered at their antics as partners.

He cried tears of joy with a satisfied smile on his face as his dying body fell into the unforgiving sea. He reached out to Pyrrha who was stoic but he knew she was only hiding her tears. 'I wanted to fight more… and to be with you!' To the two of them, that was the happiest moment of their lives.

Nora cooed, her heart was set ablaze from seeing such romance. "That is just so sweet."

Ren clearly pointed out. "Nora, she just killed him, how can that be sweet?"

Nora hit him on the shoulder, she pouted at him with a menacing glare. "That's because you don't understand the way to a warrior's heart, Renny. This scene is like one step below marriage."

Jaune smiled, his heart raced and it became warm at seeing Pyrrha with such determination aimed at him. He couldn't let her down. 'Pyrrha… things will be different.' The god of the seas on the other hand had an angry frown on his face at the amount of disrespect Jaune was giving to him. He wasn't even looking at him, he didn't even fall into despair at losing his divine weapon.

Yang taunted out loud. "Yeah! What do you have?! Lover Boy never gives up! He's gonna destroy you with a broken sword."

Ruby cheered. "Come on Jaune! Win for humanity."

Mercury joined in because he wanted someone to get revenge for him. "Win for me!"

Jaune walked to the broken half of his Monohoshizao and called out to Ren. "Hey mighty god of the seas… do you mind if I ask you something?" Ren glared at him as if saying what sort of nonsense this loser has to say now. "Have you… Have you ever lost yourself, and found you trained until the sun rose?"

A squeak was heard which clued everyone in on Pyrrha who looked flushed. "It was one time back when I was ten… I thought it would make me become a great fighter."

Jaune asked. "Did it?"

She shook her head. "No it just helped me cause sleep problems for a month."

Ren was confused, he was perfect, he had no need for training. He was born with his abilities, he was born to be a God among Gods but Jaune continued. "Have you ever cried, tears of gratitude for those that made you stronger?"

Jaune admitted this to everyone. "Everytime I fight whether I win or lose."

Ren looked at his teammate and bluntly stated. "That's kinda sad, Jaune."

The blonde knight sighed. "I know right."

When Jaune said that, flashes of the masters he faced in his lifetime appeared, the last being Pyrrha. He couldn't stop a wide smile from appearing his face. "Have you ever felt love towards your opponent in a fight to the death?" Ren never answered instead he scowled.

Raven scoffed at such a notion, how could one love someone when they are attempting the same goal of winning through eliminating the other. "Such foolishness."

Jaune lowered his hand to pick up the broken half of his long katana. "Never mind… my bad." He then turned around with a smug grin on his face that clearly irritated the god. "You've never felt anything like that, huh?"

Blake groaned. "He is still so confident, how can he fight back with a broken sword?"

The Creator laughed. "I've seen a world where a guy cut a demon's head off with a broken katana like Jaune's. Anything is possible I guess."

He then looked at his broken sword. "You see… this guy here… The sword. It is our history, the hearts of idiots from all across time." He gripped hard at the broken part so much that his hand started to bleed. "There's no fucking way that I'm losing to a guy, that's never even considered the hopes and dreams of others!"

"You go say it, fearless leader!" Nora cheered on.

Cinder snickered. "How is that going to help? You literally destroyed me, I was your one chance at victory and you blew it."

Juniper's eyes widened. "No it's impossible… he has no magic ability. How?!"

His weapon started to glow a bright light which surprised all the gods, the Valkyries and even Ren himself. The announcer said it best. "What's happening right now!? Jaune Arc should be defeated yet he picks up his broken weapon with not an ounce of defeat written on his face. Now, the broken shards of Monohoshizao are giving off light!?"

Ozpin looked like he saw the two brothers in front of him, he paled instantly. "That-That- That's impossible?! There is no way he can do that?!"

Some of them were confused as Sun asked. "What is he doing? All we can see is a bright light where Jaune was at… is he going to heaven?"

Weiss answered. "Don't be ridiculous. He is not dead yet. I do not believe an experienced warrior can be killed with a single cut to his hand."

Ruby highlighted something. "Someone died getting shot in the foot."

Weiss was deeply astounded of such a feet occuring. "... Ok… I can admit that anything can happen but… come on it was just a cut in his hand."

"Th-That's… No way…" Pyrrha looked absolutely stunned at what she was seeing. Atreus looked up in worry. "Mother? It's so bright… what is Jaune doing?"

She started tearing up, the emotions she closed for so long began to burst. Her love for Jaune was back and in full swing. She was mumbling for a second before erupting into a full blown scream. "Jaune… you… JAUNE!"

Yang chuckled. "Besides having what she's having. What is P-Money seeing that caused a Jaunetastic reaction and in such a Yanging way."

Everybody groaned at the horrible puns while Summer giggled at her daughter's attempts. She then held her two daughters closer. "I think the comeback is going to happen right now."

One could clearly see Jaune holding two beams of pure light, if one looked close enough, they would see two Valkyries embodying this light. Cinder, the one that was supposed to be dead was back. One version of her was furious, the other one in quiet determination. When the light settled, Jaune now had Monohoshizao in his right hand and Pyrrha's katana on his left hand.

Emerald was elated to the nth degree, her mistress was alive and… there were two of them. Her mouth was watering at the aspect of two Cinders while Mercury's face blanched at the aspect of two bosses. He didn't think he could handle that.

Cinder was very surprised at her being reborn into two blades instead of a single one. But she had to wonder, how did Jaune Arc revive her after being shattered by Ren's attack. 'He has no magic so… Oh… so that's how he did it. Clever one that old man truly is.'

Jaune was also surprised. "I'm able to use Pyrrha's style? But I'm not as good as her."

Pyrrha chuckled. "Well I do train you exclusively on my experience, so maybe you adopted some parts of my style. But it seems your other self after many years of training had perfected it. It actually makes me proud. Maybe I should get another sword and replace it for my shield."

Jaune snickered. "Then we should get matching swords, that would be cool even Ruby would help with it."

Ruby was jumping up and down at her friend's request. "Ooh, ooh, ooh! I'll do it! I'll make the best classic sword you'll ever see!"

"NI" Pyrrha had burst out into tears while Atreus was simply star struck, how could the Greatest Loser of All Time be able to use her mother's style. "TO" The gods were shocked and miffed, this battle should have been over. "GAN" Velvet was smiling, her sister was back while Salem was proud of what Jaune had accomplished. Not many can evolve the sacred technique of the Valkyries.

"RYU!" Ren growled, where the hell this come from, his face would ask. He felt the newfound power and instantly went into a fighting stance which shocked the gods. Was this new transformation that powerful that even Ren had to give it respect?

Nora and Ruby cheered, especially the red reaper who was excited. "Now he has two swords! That's awesome."

Jaune was amazed at his other self, he looked so confident and majestic holding those two swords with the determination to win. 'I want to have… no I will get to that point. Maybe I should train more.'

Pyrrha felt elated that her partner would emulate part of her technique or the whole of it to fight against God Ren. 'It is like I am fighting with him together against an unstoppable foe… is that my destiny… to fight with my friends instead of handling things on my own for no reason.'

Jaune Arc had now become the wielder of the Nitoganryu Style, which was founded by Pyrrha Nikos as the best offensive and defensive style any swordsman could use. He had newborn determination in his eyes. He wasn't going to lose this time. "Here I come. This time, we fight together, Pyrrha."

The gods were gobsmacked and angry at this new development, while the humans were starting to cheer in excitement. But both sides had the same thought. 'The broken blade… has now become two… Shit! That's so cool!'

Yang chuckled, she also couldn't deny how cool old Jaune looked like with those two swords. Somehow his confidence seemed to infect everyone's hopes that he could win now. "Looks like he's not compensating anymore."

Blake smacked her hand on her forehead, accompanied with a groan for her partner's joke. "Yang… seriously. Don't ruin this moment too much."

Jaune with his two blades was now staring down a god as if he were inferior to him. Velvet was crying tears of joy relentlessly, her Sister Cinder was alright and looked better than ever. "Ah… Sister Cinder." She fell to her knees in relief. "I'm so glad… I thought that was the end… but why… why did she become two swords when split."

Salem chuckled. "That's the true nature of our fifth sister, Cinder. The power bestowed upon her name… One who trembles in anger and the one who trembles in fear! Two forces share the same body. She is truly on a level of her own!"

Emerald was still confused. 'Cinder, trembling in fear… Impossible, all but lies and slander!'

Cinder was surprised on how much her mistress had planned for her own survival. 'There is the reason why I follow her.'

Juniper on the other hand was simply amused. 'Either I planned for this or it was simply on a whim.'

Velvet was really impressed on Salem's planning, it must have meant she knew that all of this was going to happen. Why did she even doubt her? "As I'd expect of you, Sister Salem! You saw this coming and-"

"Heh… Heh…" Velvet stopped herself since Salem started murmuring while wearing a very amused smile. "By the gods…"

She then erupted into euphoria, often fist pumping in the air, stomping her feet or just hollering her victory. "My god, that was a good roll! What are the fucking chances!? Oh my god, that's fucking lucky! Hell yeah! Suck a fucking dick you gods!"

Ozpin's eyebrows raised in surprise, he had forgotten a time when she really became excited at something. "You're very vocal about this."

Juniper chuckled. "Well a victory against something truly annoying fills me with so much joy. I have a feeling you know what I'm talking about, right Ozpin?"

Ozpin's face darkened as he knew what she was thinking. Cinder was also astonished that her mistress could react like this. "So it was all by chance… I'm not sure how I should think about this?"

Velvet was scared, this was the most excited or happy she's seen Salem been. Salem herself was moaning in pleasure that things were going her way. "Jaune, for the win." She was able to compose herself, thus like a leader she outstretched her hand to the swordsman. "Now go forth, Jaune Arc!"

Jaune was a bit afraid of Ozpin's reaction due to what he assumed was his former lover moaning his name. 'This feels weirder.'

Jaune laughed at the Head of the Valkyrie's enthusiasm as he stared at Ren with a cocky smile. "Well, guess it isn't over yet. Wanna fight our hearts out? O mighty god of the seas."

Ren was annoyed by the human's way of trying to fight, he simply said. "Worm… trash… that's all you are… relying on that girl of yours… pathetic." The time for pleasantries was over, both fighters looked serious, with a single inhale from both, they started anew.

Nora cheered on. "Kick that fake Renny's ass, Jauney!"

Pyrrha also stood up, she felt the momentum change. "Come on Jaune! You got him on the ropes."

Raven scoffed at the notion, this hope was sickening, the mortal could never beat the immortal because of the latter's nature and experience. "He's never going to win."

Summer chuckled. "Who knows? Maybe the Greatest Loser will become the Greatest Winner."

A surging storm of trident attacks flooded the area but this time Jaune did not evade any of the attacks, now with the two katanas on his hands, he was blocking every single attack. This frustrated the god of the seas to no end, especially when the elder had completely stopped the momentum of one of his strikes.

"Woah! He completely stopped Ren's strikes. Before he just rolled with it. Is the second sword, a powerup?" Ruby asked.

Ozpin highlighted. "Having a second sword allows more options for Mr. Arc in terms of both offense and defense."

Every human was filled with new hope as they cheered even if their throats would collapse, Atreus was entranced by the display of Jaune's new skills, he even saw his mother fighting Ren right now. He rubbed his eyes to remove that image, there was no way that loser would be like his mother. 'F-For a second there, Jaune looked just like Mother.'

He was also angry that this loser would copy his mother's techniques so easily. "Those moves are yours, Mother… So why is Jaune-"

Pyrrha smiled. "No Atreus, it is only natural." Even through her son's confusion, she still retained a proud smile. "It is likely that even in death, Jaune continued his battle with me… Thousands, no, tens of thousands of times… always fighting to the death… always to his heart's content. Until he burned those scars into his body."

Pyrrha was astounded by the level of dedication that other Jaune had in order to just beat her. 'I didn't know that Jaune could work to such lengths in order to beat me.'

Atreus did not understand why his mother would be alright with her greatest rival copying from her. He had no right, but at the same time, he had not known of their rich history. Sadly he only knew the history fed to him by his clan and the report of Peter Port. "But… even so! He is little more than a cheap imitation of you! Will that be enough to reach a god?"

Pyrrha chuckled. "It's more than that…"

Raven scoffed. "Clearly the scarred redhead is biased. What can fakes do against original and perfect techniques?"

The Creator laughed. "I remember the last one who said that… it didn't end well for that king."

Ren was infuriated, how come this human did not die? He refused to believe that the human could be a match for him. So he tried to lunge a really fast spear strike but Jaune had used the shorter katana to block and push away the trident with a surprising amount of strength. That was simply the technique of his master, Leonardo Lionheart, the Kodachi Wielding of Toda!

Sun was impressed with Old Jaune's show of strength and his reflexes to instantly block the spear strike. "Who knew this old dog got some new tricks?!"

He was now shuffling through all of Ren's hits, all of his steps were done on the tip of his toes yet he had the best of balance. He dodged all of Ren's strikes like a certain boxer who floated like a butterfly and sting like a bee and was the greatest of all time. Jaune was now using the Floating Footwork of the Yagyu!

Blake's eyes widened because now he was dodging all of Ren's strikes. "Amazing. He looks like he's dancing on stage."

Qrow cackled, as he noticed something peculiar. "Man it's only his toes that are touching the ground when he wants to move. How did he get such great footwork, it's honestly unfair."

Velvet was also stupefied by Jaune's techniques. "So he mastered them all to the point where it's natural? It can't be."

Coco answer her. "Bun-bun. I think we've seen the impossible so much it has become possible."

Ren's teeth gritted in anger because his trident was stopped by Jaune's shorter katana, the older man shocked the gods with his impressive strength. He had gotten this from the brute strength of the Itto! He then pushed him away and his Monohoshizao had somehow turned into a whip as he used the Smooth Combinations of the Sword Saint!

Raven was once again astounded at the display of sword techniques. "He is striking in such weird angles while not losing any speed."

Tai commented. "And he's not stopping at all."

Suddenly, blood spurted out from a cut but this time it wasn't Jaune's, Ren had gotten a wound on his cheek from the whip-like strikes. The gods had their jaws implanted to the ground, this was the first time in all of Ren's life that he received a wound. It was as if multiple sword masters that Jaune lost to were fighting with him. No matter what Ren did he would get a minor cut on different parts of his body.

He jumped back and tried to pierce the older warrior but Jaune immediately caught the trident with both of his katanas that were crossed like an x. Pyrrha was proud that Jaune had used her technique. "Along with my dual wield… That's no imitation… we truly have been melded into his soul. A gathering of various swordsmen through years of cultivation, his blade has finally touched the heavens."

Jaune had gotten into a fighting stance to anticipate the god's next set of attacks to counter. Pyrrha proudly declared. "That is what it truly means to be unparalleled under the heavens! That is the true strength behind Jaune Arc's Nito Ganryu!"

The announcer had the same disbelief as his fellow gods at seeing the state of Ren. "I… I've never seen anything like this… The mighty lord of the seas… Ren is…" Said god was littered with wounds in his upper body as if he was cut by hundreds of blades yet it did not affect him but simply helped him get angrier. "Covered in wounds! Jaune Arc has wounded the God of Gods!"

The others cheered, Jaune couldn't believe it, his other self had finally caused significant damage to the God of the Seas. Ruby was crying tears of joy. "Finally… our hopes have been realized. He can win this!"

Raven sighed in annoyance. "... I guess I was wrong. He does stand a chance."

Juniper raised an eyebrow in speculation, suspiciously she felt that the God was not yet done even if he was covered in wounds. "There's something wrong..."

Like every battle that had preceded it… hope had returned to humanity. One man even psyched himself up. "Come on… come on… this time… this time!" Humanity erupted into its loudest cheer yet. "Our lives are in your hands! Go for it, Jaune Arc! We're all counting on you!"

Ren looked down at the hand that was covered in blood, he then looked at all the wounds surrounding his body. "Hmmm…" He then laughed and whistled just like before when he pierced Jaune's side, the elder swordsman immediately knew what was going to happen. He wouldn't be surprised anymore, he anticipated the worst.

The god of the seas had gathered the blood that flowed and subsequently smacked his face with it. He then slicked his hair back up and gave a very smug yet demeaning grin to Jaune. "Hmpf… so you claim to have read me entirely… is that so…"

There went that hope for the ones who cheered for humanity to win its first victory. It seems like God Ren was not yet done. Nora pouted in frustration. "Aw, come on! Fake Renny can't be this strong!"

Pyrrha's jaw tightened, she felt something was very, very wrong. There was a sense of looming agony she could feel that other Jaune will suffer from a now more serious God Ren. "I just hope Jaune will last this next barrage of strikes. If not, it's all over."

His muscles on his arm tightened which let out squirts of blood, he then got into position again. "Know your place human." He then struck… just like that, hope had been stolen from man by the gods. Jaune couldn't move because of how fast Ren was, the next thing he knew, a sharp pain enveloped his left shoulder. He had been cut there, he tried to move but then his forehead got cut by another blindingly fast attack from the god of the seas.

Yang growled in anger. "Oumdamn it! Just when Jaune gets the upper hand for a while somehow it isn't enough! Why is this god so strong?!"

The Creator chuckled. "Because the depths of his power has not yet been seen."

In the face of Jaune's masterful techniques, Ren was only interested in turning this into one of pure strength. Jaune had used his technique of his images in order to scan but what surprised him was that they were all instantly destroyed by this version of Ren. He tried to block one but it went through his dual wield guard and wounded his eyebrow over his left eye. 'N-no good… even if I see it, I can't react to it in time!'

Ruby pouted, this was such a crud of shit for her. There was no way Jaune could lose after such an epic powerup. "Come on! This God has to be cheating!"

Jaune adopted a thinking pose. "Maybe it's because this is the first time he's been able to fight properly and seriously that causes such a problem."

Pyrrha nodded, she agreed with her partner's observation. "If Ren's power is an iceberg, I'm afraid we've only reached the halfway point in what he can actually do."

Ren laughed. "Heh!" He then copied Jaune's technique of multiple images and delivered a barrage of stronger and faster strikes that the swordsman struggled to block, there was no more room to dodge even once. He still got cut as various cuts started appearing throughout his body.

To the outside it was as if a dome of raging water was flooding the ring. "There it is! Ren's rain of blows that aim to envelop even the earth like a flood! He's reversed the situation in an instant!"

Ren was shocked. "Oum! That is just too overwhelming! I can't believe Jaune is still alive."

Weiss was concerned over the older version of Jaune but she didn't quite show it. "I don't want this to be over but it might."

Ruby complained. "Come on guys! Jaune has reached this far! He can't lose now, we can't stop cheering for his winner winner chicken dinner!"

Ares was shocked at his uncle's mastery of his own strength, speed and weapon. "His-His moves are too fast! His afterimages even created a dome! Within all of that lies a torrent of strikes. That human is done for."

Inside the dome, Jaune was fading but struggled to gain any momentum. He was blocking from everywhere and anywhere as every single strike was definitely one that could kill him before he realized. He then saw the real Ren and aimed a well-timed strike at him that should have bisected the god. But all he hit was an afterimage, Ren had maneuvered quite easily behind him and launched three strikes that caused three more cuts to appear on Jaune's back.

The swordsman coughed out blood. 'Whoa now…' A Jaune who was sinking ever so deeper in Ren's deep sea was utterly helpless when the bottom gave in to another abyss, the god wasn't even using his full power while Jaune was using everything to survive. 'I finally thought I reached the bottom but it just keeps going!'

Jaune grimaced. "It is limitless."

Pyrrha tightened her fists in agony, now more than ever… she just wanted to see Jaune win. "No he can't just quit now… but who can help him?"

He grimaced as the flood never stopped, he was doing his best to block all the strikes. It was only a matter of time before he lost to the better opponent. He grimaced in pain. 'This doesn't look too good…' He closed his eyes in defeat. 'So this is it…'

A sinking Jaune with no more power couldn't even hope to reach the bottom of the Sea God's power. 'Well… losing's nothing new for me… just the same as always… looks like I never win…'

Jaune adopted a defeated look, his eyes showed that he clearly lost hope. 'Hell even the fight against Cardin and his teammates was a fluke… if my aura wasn't here. I would have lost easily.' He gave a saddened sigh. 'Can I win on my own merit… or do I have to really rely on others just to have a chance.'

Out of nowhere a hand grabbed Jaune to stop him from sinking further, a voice called out to him. He looked behind and his eyes widened, he saw Pyrrha had stopped him from falling ever closer to defeat. 'Pyrrha… I-'

His eyes widened in surprise when she gave a small sweet kiss to his lips, her smile was the same as before when they would have dates outside her household. But he knew those eyes of her were telling everything. It said that she believed in him no matter what and that he was going to win, because he didn't have to fight alone.

Pyrrha looked at him with a mischievous smile. "You always get angry at me when I want to fight by myself, you don't get the chance to do a selfish action like that. I- We're here for you Jaune, whether you like it or not. We will win as individuals and as a team by working together."

Jaune chuckled. "... Sorry about that. I think I need to work on my self esteem."

He then looked around and saw all the people he encountered in his journey to the peak of becoming the greatest swordsman. They all smiled at him and helped him float. He then heard his name ring out. "Jaune. Jaune. Jaune."

He looked behind him in surprise. "JAUNE! JAUNE!" Every single swordsman in the arena held their imaginary swords and chanted his name over and over again as if they were fighting with him. The gods could not understand what was going on even some of the humans but to those who have held a sword, they all knew.

He saw swordsmen cheer him on while swinging, he even saw the various masters do the same. It truly touched his heart. "Hang in there, JAUNE! This is it, Jaune!"

Raven was stupefied. "What in Oum are they doing?! How is that supposed to help? Since when does the power of friendship and bonds solve a fight?"

What the tribal leader didn't realize was that the entire Team JNPR, Mercury, Team RBY, Velvet, Sun and Neptune were all adopting the same poses while yelling out older Jaune's name. Hopefully cheering him on to finally win the battle. "Win, Jaune, Win! Win, Jaune, Win!"

He then saw something that stopped his world, he saw a red headed boy next to Pyrrha do the same action as everyone around him. What stopped him was that the boy was cheering his name… and he had blue eyes. Tears started to fall down his eyes. 'Pyrrha... he's beautiful.'

Jaune stopped his cheering as he was definitely curious yet confused at the same time. 'Why does the other me react to Pyrrha's kid? Couldn't be mine.' Pyrrha simply giggled at her partner's befuddled expression.

Pyrrha then roared out while holding her own sword. "Show them all our hearts as warriors! Come back to me, Jaune!"

The blonde had removed the tears and chuckled in appreciation. "Heh." 'I guess those idiots and I… are the same as ever too.'

He started having more success in dodging the flood of strikes from Ren as he moved forward every time. 'My pathway always started with a loss.' All that had lived for the sword, felt it by instinct in that moment. That Jaune Arc was only just getting started.

"Hard work! Hard work! Yeah, Yeah!" Sun and Neptune yelled out.

Ruby shouted out. "Come on, you're almost there! Win this for all of us!"

Mercury called out his newest inspiration. "You can't lose now! Avenge me!"

The images of Ren were slowly getting clearer. 'Once…' He had been struck in various areas but he didn't show that it affected him. 'Just once…' The god of the seas sensed that something was wrong, he should have won already. Each flash of pain that fired in Jaune's brain… and every drop of blood that dripped from his body…

Jaune looked down and he could clearly see the incoming strike from Ren's trident. 'I…' It only served… The incoming trident attack from Ren was batted away with Monohoshizao which shocked Ren. The force of such a parry caused the god to jump in the air and back away from the subsequent quick strike from the shorter katana.

"He did it!" Yang cheered again as others shared her sentiment, they were now in the endgame. It felt like Jaune was close to that one scenario that would ensure his victory.

It only served to make Jaune Arc stronger! "You know…" Salem and Velvet were on the edge of their seats as they felt the momentum swing in Jaune's favor. Jaune yelled out with blood dripping down. "I want to win too!"

"I also want to win too!" Jaune rallied by his other self had shouted this out loud. Hell even Ozpin was on his feet, cheering his other self on.

Even Qrow and Tai and Summer had joined to cheer on Jaune to victory. They didn't want the gods to win, it was time for the Age of Man to happen.

Ren sneered and launched the same flood of strikes but Jaune had dodged and ducked over and under all of them, he then managed to get a quick strike that cut Ren's other cheek. That was the moment… that the edge of humanity's blade, finally touched the bottom of the abyss.

Jaune concentrated, his eyes even closed could see everything surrounding him. Ren attempted another pierce from a non-moving Jaune who had even lowered his guard. He scanned deeper. The vibrations in the air. The slight trembles of the earth. He scanned all of creation at once.

Cinder's eyes widened as she took all that information in. "What… How in Oum's name can he do that. Such a feat should be improbable to even accomplish."

Pyrrha answered. "Because he's Jaune."

A peaceful and relaxed Jaune felt everything around him. Everything the world had given Jaune, was put on display. He would steal the techniques of the gods. In that moment, he was truly unparalleled in all existence. Even Ren's piercing attack was moving in slow motion.

Raven adopted another slack jawed appearance… "It can't be… he has become unparalleled in all of existence as a swordsman. Such power is… so awe-inspiring. I must have him as a-"

"Stop! I will not allow you! For the limited usage of a brother's favor, don't go after gdilf there and especially the younger version there. And no you can't use your ara-ara powers." Qrow instructed his estranged sister who sighed in annoyance, she had lost a potential leader for the tribe.

He dodged to the right which shocked the god of the seas, the announcer reported this. "W-What's this!? Although his body is riddled with wounds, Jaune Arc has managed to evade Ren's high speed assault."

All of Ren's attacks were not hitting anything, Jaune was moving and dodging faster than the god of the seas could comprehend. Ares was stunned. "That human… was able to… evade all of Ren's thrusts entirely!? W-What in the world… how many thousands of steps ahead is he reading!"

Jaune's afterimages were also dodging Ren's attacks where before they would be sacrificed in order for Jaune to learn the next move, this time they were moving even faster than Ren's assaults.

He was now so close to the previously unreachable God. Jaune smiled as he looked up while Ren looked down at the elder warrior. "Finally… Finally made it this far… Hey there, God of the Seas… Did ya' miss me?"

Everyone who cheered for humanity instantly let out their shouts at the top of their lungs. "GOOOOOOOOOO! WIN FOR ALL OF US!"

Pyrrha clenched her fist, it was time to end it, she hadn't felt this since the last swing of their fated battle. "JAUNE GOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Jaune went into position, he brought the shorter katana ahead of him while his famed katana was outstretched behind him. 'You see… for ages men waged their lives… upon these forged hunks of iron. To all those before me, to all those who guided me. That formed the history of the blade, thank you all.'

Jaune finally understood how to get stronger. 'I should train harder for the ones who guide me and for the ones I need to protect. On their honor, I shall give my best and enjoy what I'm going to do.'

Pyrrha gave a satisfied smile. 'And I shall fight with you, no longer will I be the invincible girl… we will be the invincible duo.'

Jaune charged forward, there was only one technique he knew would defeat his godly opponent. The one that also stopped his legend, shall also create a new legend. NITEN GANRYU STYLE:

Nora was amazed. "He's using Pyrrha's special move."

Jaune charged ahead with now both blades behind him as if he was doing a certain anime called the Na*bleep* Run. Ren's trident was inches away from piercing his face but it did not faze the blonde. SWALLOW TIGER COMBO, THOUSAND BLADES!

He had shifted his body to the right, and brought the shorter katana that sliced through Ren's trident and his forearm. The god of the seas had a look of confusion along with anger, the hand flew away from Ren along with the trident's edge. Every single person in the arena held their breath.

Nora jumped with joy. "He cut it!"

Juniper stood up in utter shock. "Incredible… this is… could this happen?"

Ozpin smiled. "See… humans can be amazing in their own way. Even against a more powerful enemy, somehow… victory can be achieved through pure perseverance… That is why I will never stop… Juniper."

Juniper looked at him, he expected a growl or even a sneer. He was utterly silenced when he saw a melancholic smile etched on her face. "I can't as well… but this makes me appreciate humanity a bit."

Ren was unimpressed, he caught his right hand with his left hand quite easily. The god then brought it down with malice to Jaune who was dumbfounded at the god's fighting spirit. However Monohoshizao made its mark by cutting of his left hand as well from a very rapid slice.

No one could breathe, the impossible was becoming real. Humanity was going to win, they waited with bated breath for everything to work out for Jaune to win. Ruby prayed hard. 'Please if there is a god in that world who cares about humanity, please don't take this away from us! Give Jaune the victory!'

All the gods knew what was going to happen. From Ares to Hermes, to Nora and Ozpin. Sun was the first one to fall, Mercury was the first step in the right direction, and Jaune was-

Ren caught the trident's edge with his mouth as he charged at Jaune, fully intending to kill the human right here and now. Jaune charged and brought down his two katanas in the same way Pyrrha had done in their battle. Blood erupted in a x-shaped pattern as the God of the Seas felt pain for the first time in his life.

Tai had to ask. "Is it over?"

Ren smiled. "Jaune did it."

He let go of his trident as it dropped to the floor and weakly gasped in pain. "You…" Jaune inhaled and exhaled but still kept his focused look at Ren, the god could do anything. "You…" Blood flowed out like water from Ren's mouth, suddenly the same x-shaped cut appeared in the god's back.

Blood erupted from the halved body of the God of Gods as his trisected body fell to the ground unceremoniously. "Fucking piece of shit…" With that, Ren, the God of the Seas who was said to be equal to Ozpin in power lay dead beneath Jaune's feet.

Everyone cheered and hugged it out like football fans celebrating when their team wins, not like those ones who change because the specific club won. Pyrrha and Jaune jumped for joy as they were given a Nora Bearhug Variant No.4 that should have crushed their ribs… thank Oum for Aura. (Exiled here thinks he is talking about what others call soccer. Don't call it that to Shady, he'll go on a tangent about how football is way, way better.)

Ren was happy that it looked like Jaune was able to get out of his self-esteem problems and he was able to bury those regrets he had in his perception of his brother from another mother. 'I feel like this has created a deeper bond between this team.'

Salem and Velvet hugged each other in joy, the sword masters were jumping in victory. Atreus was crying tears of joy, Pyrrha gave a warm smile at seeing Jaune victorious against Ren. Jaune looked at his work and placed Monohoshizao on his shoulder. "Phew."

He then turned around with a pleasant smile on his face, the wound on his side did not seem to affect him. He was just too happy, he even gave a cheeky wink to the humans who cheered him on. "I guess winning for once… feels pretty good, huh?"

Jaune laughed. "I can't believe he can be so bold after that incredible fight."

Yang smiled. "He Oumdamn deserve to do anything right now."

Ruby was still jumping for joy that Jaune had beat God Ren. "He won! He did it!"

The announcer couldn't believe it, for the first time in all of history, the gods… the gods… "The… The… The… The winner of the third bout… of Ragnarok is… HUMANITY AND ITS CHAMPION! JAUNE ARC!"

Pyrrha then leaped over the barricade and instantly leaped into her lover's arms. They embraced and cried over feeling each other's touch for what seemed like an eternity ago. Atreus then arrived looking confused at why her mother gave this reaction to Jaune. 'Sure he won using mom's moves but Mother was never like this with any guy.'

Nora cooed out loud. "That is so sweet. Maybe you two should do the same more often."

The ones she directed this to blushed a heavy red and glared at their orange teammate. "NORA!"

Pyrrha gave a smile and held Jaune's hands as her son's eyes widened tremendously to show how shocked he was. "Atreus… I figured this was the right way to say this… This is your father, History's Greatest Loser, Jaune Arc."

With that the audience stopped their cheers, a loud crash and several mentions of the blonde knight's name rang out. It seemed that Jaune had fainted and with the apparent foam coming out of his mouth, he'd be out of it for a while.

It took two seconds for the young redhead to comprehend what his mother just stated. His appropriate reaction was that he fainted. Jaune chuckled as he peered into Pyrrha's eyes. He truly missed this. "I guess it feels good to win you back as well."

Blake chuckled. "Like father, like son."

The third bout of Ragnarok had ended after thirteen minutes and seven seconds with the victor Jaune Arc closing the round holding his unconscious son and kissing the love of his life who killed him. What more could you want in life?

Neptune shook his head. "Only if you were crazy."

The Creator then appeared to all of them as he teleported to where the screen was. "I hope you enjoyed that one. Now onto the next one I have planned. After this will be another scenario then I shall let you all go. But first I have to make a few changes, so be prepared everyone."


All of a sudden James, Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury were gone. In their place was Adam Taurus and Glynda Goodwitch who looked very confused as to why they were back in the theater. But what shocked most was definitely a proud faunus with a distinct look who smirked at everyone looking at her.

"It's like you've never seen the Leader of the White Fang before." Sienna Khan had made her presence known to everyone in the theater. But what shocked Ozpin and Qrow was the brown-skinned girl who should have been scarred and down in a secret place under Beacon.

"Where am I? What's going on?" Amber, the Fall Maiden, was next to Sienna and was confused by the sudden change in scenery.

The Creator chuckled. "All will be answered, but I may implore you to sit down wherever you want. The next show is about to begin. "

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