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"What's first then?" Mercury asked.

"It will be Awaken. The world is called Runterra which has several regions, one will be called Piltover where innovations or new inventions are created by the smartest of scientists. Another is called Noxus who is currently at war with the archipelagic region of Ionia. Noxus wants to grab more land from its neighbors for their homeland is completely barren. Their goal is to expand in order to feed their people. We will see the war on two sides in Noxus and in Ionia. Last would be in the Ruins where past wars created a land filled with broken weapons and dead bodies. Currently, Noxus is fighting a battle there against their main enemy Demacia."

"I'm excited let's see it!" Nora's yell made the Creator smile.

"Enjoy the show then." The Creator snapped his fingers as the screen flashed to the outside of a grandiose opera house.

A number of high tech special forces came out of their vehicles to the Piltover Opera House as the fine architecture was ruined by the four dead security guards near the entrance. A bloody touch was added with the words 'Welcome to the Show!' written on top of the doors.

The special forces then moved out of their way as the 'Steel Shadow' calmly walked on her machine-like legs. Glynda Goodwitch looked around the scene as her piercing blue eyes looked at the commander, "Who dares disturb Piltover?"

"Hey, you became a freaking terminator-" Qrow was interrupted as Glynda used her semblance and flicked the alcoholic's favorite flask to his forehead.

"Looking pretty cool, Miss Goodwitch." Yang's compliment was not noticed by the deputy headmistress who instead noted. 'I look really young and ageless in this world.'

"Actually you are around a hundred and forty years old but because you have reconfigured your body into a cyborg. You don't exactly die because of age, Miss Goodwitch." The Creator answered her suspicions although it was weird for him to read her thoughts as easily like that.

The commander replied. "From our reports ma'am at around 1800 the notorious serial killer 'The Artisan' Roman Torchwick instantly took out the four guards and proceeded into the theater where he put on his performance for all."

Glynda looked to the commander. "No one survived."

The commander simply nodded. "He killed about 480 of the attendees ma'am. All of them were from the elite families of Piltover. Shall we proceed?"

Glynda motioned for the rest to follow her. "Let us begin, on your lead, break down the theater's door. If we know Roman he would be at the stage itself watching us enter."

Everyone looked at the criminal mastermind in question, Roman yelled out. "Hey I'm a thief not a goddamn murderer!"

The scene shifted to a huge colosseum as Mercury Black, the Glorious Executioner, was in his private booth watching the captured soldiers of Ionia and Demacia fight to the death in order to gain the chance for freedom. 'They ain't getting it until they go through me.'

He was spinning his knife as his trusty spinning axes were right beside him. A unknown broken blade however was hanging on his chair, 'When in the hell is the Exile gonna show up? I'm getting bored watching these dudes fight.'

Someone barged into his room. "I see that you are waiting for the main event." Mercury didn't need to look to see that his brother, James Ironwood, one of the leaders of Noxus along with the title of 'The Hand', had decided to grace his presence.

"Aren't you?" James smirked which seemed to highlight his large scar on his right eye.

"I don't need to watch such trivial duels. They don't compare to the glory of an actual battle, little brother." Mercury just waved him goodbye and James had left, 'I'll show you a real fight brother.'

"So what's my job?" Mercury asked.

"Your version is the key entertainment of their land. For Noxus, gladiator duels showcase one's talent in fighting and raise morale that Noxian troops are far stronger than the ones who are captured. You decided to add the stakes of earning one's freedom by either impressing you or fighting you to the death. So far, none have succeeded and you killed every last single one of them." The Creator explained.

The scene shifted to Yang Xiao Long, The Blade Dancer, who was standing in front of the Ionian Councli as they were all seated in the Placidium of the Navori. The sacred land and temple of the people of Ionia was under siege as near them were legions of the Noxian army. Possibly many more as indicated in the ten ships currently docked near their harbor.

"We must fight to preserve our lands, why can you not understand that?" Yang exclaimed as the council members shook their heads.

"General Xiao Long, we as a people have followed the natural law in these lands. We have decided to not engage the approaching army." One of the council members spoke as Yang's response was to stick one of her blades that surrounded her body to the ground.

"That's just Oumdamn stupid to do." Mercury remarked.

Weiss sighed. "This council is as bad as the one in Vale." Glynda had to stop Ozpin from trying to hug Weiss because of someone understanding his pain.

"Are you saying we just allow them to invade and take over the lands our ancestors have inhabited since the beginning?" Yang's eyes begun to glow red.

Another council member stated. "If it is what Ionia wants then we shall not attack."

"Question, even if it's cool I'm a general with blades, what are they talking about Ionia telling them what to do?" Yang questioned.

"To guess Miss Xiao Long, these people are dependent on their lands because of something beyond nature. Am I right, Mr. Creator?" Ozpin guessed to which the Creator nodded.

"You are somewhat right. The lands of Ionia are very mystical and its people are very spiritual. Nature gives them what they want whether from food to shelter. It leads them to follow their own respective destinies. It protects them when it feels like it is the time to do such a task. It is as if the land is truly alive." The Creator told them.

"So you're telling me that their land abandoned them?" Weiss asked to which the Creator shrugged his shoulders.

"I couldn't quite tell you the answer, the lands of Ionia will always help its people that live in it but probably in different ways."

She stomped on the ground causing fractures to show up in the floor beneath her. "I will not allow a fate to happen to my home and its people. I will call up the army-"

"You shall do no such thing! Only the Enlightened One may do so. General Xiao Long you are acting irrationally, if we fight we lose more than what we gain." Another council member interrupted her.

"Fine… then I will face the army myself as a rogue criminal. I will enlist the services of my sister then." Yang thought aloud to which another council member spoke up.

"Your sister, the Rogue Assassin, if I am sure has left the Kinkou Order to follow her own path. Master Tai has given the order that the order will not be used for anything but to suppress the League of Shadows led by Master Qrow."

Her face scrunched up in annoyance, 'What the hell?' Her options were running out. "Is there anyone?"

The same council member gave her an answer. "None."

She turned her back on the council member as the blade she stuck to the floor flew to her. "I will protect these lands as of the Enlightened One has told me to do so. You cannot stop me."

She walked away from the room and later reached the entrance of the Placidium where upon the horizon, the Noxian Army waited. She sighed as she made her way down but stopped upon noticing a few farmers, soldiers and monks.

One of them bowed. "It will be an honor to follow you into battle, General Xiao Long." She smiled to all of them in return.

"I do not guarantee a victory, but I do promise that our sacrifice will not be in vain. Who's with me?" They all cheered in response as she looked towards the horizon, 'Ionia, hear my prayer.'

"See guys I can be inspiring too." Yang said while her teammates instantly shook their heads which made her mad and gave them subsequent nookies.

"Where's Jauney?" Nora asked as the Creator chuckled.

"He's in this part."

The scene changed to a large white tent as Jaune was sitting on his chair looking at the map detailing Nockmirch, the middle ground between the Kingdoms of Demacia and Noxus. Crocea Mors was strapped to the back of his already impressive silver armor that covered his body.

A Demacian soldier entered his tent. "Sir, we have received news that the Noxian Army as you have predicted has begun their march and crossed the border."

Jaune smiled, 'Finally a fight.' He stood up from his chair and approached the soldier. "Give me how many were spotted and who is leading them. I presume it will not be General Ironwood."

The Demacian soldier nodded. "Scouts have numbered the invasion force of around 30,000 to our 12,000. You are correct sir that General Ironwood and General Poledina are not leading the force. But it is The Sinister Blade, Blake Belladonna who is leading the army, sir."

'Blake.' The assassin slash capable warrior was the only one who gave Jaune a wound on the battlefield that not even Ironwood have accomplished. He was also the only target that had not been slain by her blade. They have fought for ten separate times and there were no victories only draws.

"Sound the horns, we march towards the Noxian army." The demacian soldier eagerly ran out of his tent as he grabbed Crocea Mors. 'It ends here… Blake.'

"How does it feel kitty cat to fight the man you l-" Yang's mouth was shut by Blake's hands who did not want to be reminded on how she felt during the screening of her rescue.

"Things will be different here." The Creator said as Ironwood quizzically raised an eyebrow. "Different how?"

"Simple, there will be music in the background." The audience sweat dropped at that. "Well let's see of what happens in all four of those scenarios in the world of Runterra."

Inside the opera house, the steps are littered with flower-like mines while all around the area are dead elites with a single bullet hole in their bodies. They were killed while sitting down as Roman Torchwick moves towards the concert piano on stage and starts playing.

The night beckons while you dream

In the gladiator arena, crowds are cheering while watching captured soldiers fight to the death for the shot of freedom and approval of the Noxian people. There was one mercilessly beating another man on the ground, one had punctured another with a spear, while a gladiator had batted away his opponent's sword as he stabbed him in the chest. The gladiator then played for the ground as Mercury sat bored still spinning his knife around.

A life never lives in peace

Yang's fist opens to reveal a spirit flower leaving her palm as she walks forward. The Ionians who follow her give her a path down the middle as her focus sticks to the invading Noxian army which has grown in number than when she last saw it at the Placidium. She can see the people were afraid yet they were brave enough to face down an army of around 20,000. She would have liked to thank the hundreds who joined but there was a battle to be fought and won.

As you stand upon the edge
Woven by a single thread
And fate may fall down upon you
While the devil is knocking
Right at your door

The Piltover Special Forces kick down the door and take positions as Glynda struts her way into the theater. The Special Forces notice Roman continuing to play the piano as they walk further inside the place. In the arena, the remaining gladiators stopped fighting as the special door in the center of the arena revealed, Pyrrha Nikos, The Exile. An announcement immediately stated that 'Whoever slays the Exile shall be free no matter what.' The gladiators loved the prospect especially since she was chained to a post.

Mercury stopped spinning his knife and looked in intrigue to what Pyrrha was about to do since her trusty broken blade was with him. Pyrrha simply glared at him and charged straight at the gladiators.

Meanwhile Yang had charged with her army against the Noxian frontline as she danced her blades and cut many men who tried to charge at her. Her blades went through even those who held onto their shield. Her blades were on a mind of their own as she slew a lot of soldiers in a graceful dance. She then charged at a line as she burst through everyone while her blades pierced the enemy. However the soldiers were parting way to a charging Cardin heading her way who had a dagger on his head and a giant axe.

So all you restless
Each night you hear the drums of war
Awaken, awaken
The voice begins to call you while you hunger

"Wow… Yang can dance!" Ruby excitedly stated as her sister was shocked she had moves like that and could use blades in that fashion.

"What is it with Pyrrha and most of her versions being the best or a champion?" Everyone looked at the embarrassed Mistrallian Amazonian champion after Blake's comment.

Pyrrha dodged slightly to the left as she let a gladiator thrust into where she was before. She grabbed him by his helmet and slammed him into the ground, breaking his skull. She then took hold of an opponent's spear behind her and stabbed another gladiator that was charging right at her. She then turned around and aimed a precise punch to his sternum that effectively crushed his ribs.

Mercury looked excited as Pyrrha was dominating these soldiers like it was nothing. She hadn't even broken a sweat as she threw the spear into another gladiator. She caught the last one with her chains and threw him over her body, effectively taking him out of the fight. She stared Mercury dead in the eye and smirked while letting go of the chains. Mercury had let go of the knife in his hand and reached out to Pyrrha's weapon and threw it at her.

A taste of destiny you're searching for
Awaken, awaken
The fight is at your door, take up the cause

The charging Cardin who was on fire at this point slammed into Yang who flew high up in the air before crashing down into the ground. Her blades had scattered all around her as she tried to get up upon seeing her allies lose hope after the attack by the Undead Juggernaut known as Cardin. She looked up to see him staring down at her as his axe was ready to cleave her in half while the Noxian Army was cheering behind him.

Back in the opera house, the Special Forces along with Glynda were still walking cautiously on the stairs until the soldiers one by one started to be ensnared by the carefully laid out mines of Jhin. Their feet were stuck as Glynda became well aware that Roman had stopped playing and that there was no way to get the soldiers out without losing a leg.

"Come on, no one is that dumb to fall for an obvious placed trap like that." Mercury complained which some others wholeheartedly agreed. They were Special Forces why didn't they even look down for traps.

Pyrrha looked to her chains and noticed that they were cut by Mercury who threw her broken blade. She then looked up to see Mercury jump from his special booth with his trusty spinning axes in his hands as he laughed at her to make the first move. Glynda started moving around the entrapped soldiers as the mines started detonating. Roman then drew his gun and was now aiming at the rushing Glynda. Cardin prepared his deadly swing as Yang closed her eyes.

"NO!" Ruby yelled begging for that version of Yang to fight or dodge. She didn't want to see her sister die a hero like her mother.

Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken
Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken
Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken

Cardin swung only for it to be blocked by a white barrier that was prepared by Weiss, the Enlightened One. Weiss smiled at Yang whose eyes had tears of joy leaking out. "I came with backup." Yang looked at her sister, Ruby, the Rogue Assassin as she ran past her while wielding her sickle and kunai.

Pyrrha charged at Mercury who threw both of his axes. She expertly deflected them up into the air, what surprised her for a split second was him running at her with manic glee. She swung her now reformed sword but Mercury had dodged it by going underneath the blade by a hair's width. He grabbed his two axes that came back to him and were still spinning in his hands.

Roman fired his first shot that narrowly missed its target hadn't Glynda used her implanted wires to secure herself to the massive chandelier of the opera house. She drowned out the sounds of her men dying and the explosions with the only thought of taking him down.

Ruby leaped into Cardin's massive left arm and swiped at his neck that should have caused blood to flow but it only made him angry. She jumped when he tried to swat her away and threw smoke bombs at his face that disorientated him. Yang charged at him and used her blades to pierce various parts of his body. This only made him strike at nothing while Weiss used her magic to propel Ren to the army as he drew his blade which caused a large tornado to propel onto the battlefield killing many troops. Amidst the chaos, Illa went through people in her lightning mode until she arrived at Cardin and blasted him with a huge lightning bolt.

"No Nora I cannot summon any tornadoes from my sword." Nora became really disappointed upon learning of her childhood friend's inability to do something cool. Hiding your emotions can only get you so far in life.

As you stand upon the edge
Hanging in the balance
And fate may fall down upon you
While the devil is knocking

Glynda then attached herself to the roof in order to avoid the well precise shots of Roman. 'He only has one more bullet left.' She immediately detached herself from the roof and dove straight at the serial killer who then missed his last shot. He bowed to her as she was about to slice him with her mechanical blades for legs.

Pyrrha had blocked both swings from his axes and head butted Mercury that caused him to stagger back. The executioner only laughed while Pyrrha smirked as they both charged at each other.

So all you restless
Each night you hear the drums of war (Hear the drums of war)
Awaken, awaken
The voice begins to call you while you hunger (While you hunger)
A taste of destiny you're searching for
Awaken, awaken, awaken

The Noxian Army charged as Cardin had unleashed his ability as an undead and charged at the Ionian Champions. Yang, Ruby, Weiss, Ren and Ilia looked at each other before charging with their forces at the invaders.

The movie stopped as Ruby yelled. "That was awesome."

"It is not finished yet." The creator told everyone.

The scene shifted to the land of Nockmirch which was burning as the entire area was littered with the corpses of Demacian and Noxian troops. In the center of it all was a bloody and battered Jaune wielding Crocea Mors and an equally bloody and battered Blake with Gambol Shroud.

"You won't win Jaune." Blake smirked as her opponent simply laughed at.

"I could say the same thing Blake, but it won't stop me." Blake raised an eyebrow and sheathed her weapon before dropping into her patented iaijutsu stance.

"Hoh… Blake? Isn't it always Belladona, Skank or Bitch?" Jaune replied by simply sheathing Crocea Mors to his back.

"You've earned my respect. You are the only one who has not only wounded me but nearly killed me. Truly, I enjoy our fights." Jaune knew this was going to be their last draw, one would live and one would die.

Blake simply stretched her back forward in order to emphasize her assets. "Are you sure you didn't enjoy anything else?"

"Don't you dare say it Yang or I will end you!" Blake covered her partner's mouth instantly as soon as her other version started to seduce the other version of Jaune.

"As team leader, I am forbidding you to do that to Jaune!" Ruby yelled as she will not admit to being jealous of her teammate's more mature body. 'I thought milk was supposed to help me get that.'

"In this version, Mr. Arc seems to be very capable of fighting one as dangerous as Ms. Belladonna. I am sure he will not stoop-"

"Yes I do enjoy looking at your chest while we fight."

The audience along with the other version of Blake gawked at his bluntness while Qrow just said. "Take it back Oz, kid's an idiot."

Blake couldn't stop herself from laughing and wheezing. "Finally, the otherworldly soldier is just a man. Oh you make things ever so interesting Jaune."

Her aura encased her entire body as her hand was directly on the guard of her weapon. "It is time to end this. Noxus shall prevail and Demacia will not stop us."

Blake charged at Jaune who also decided to do the same, her hand on her weapon as she drew it. She was slightly surprised that Jaune had not put a hand on Crocea Mors but she didn't care she needed to win.

They were at a blade length's from each other as she drew her blade first but he ran towards her. 'Shit!' She couldn't stop and she knew her blade would not be able to reach him first before he reached her.

So she instinctively but her feet down to stop but Jaune carried on with his pace and then everything was no more… why did it feel so warm. She then realized something was inside her mouth and… she liked it.

She then saw Jaune's mouth on her mouth… kissing. It felt good, she tried to pull him away but he grabbed her back and pressed her against him. Jaune continued his dance of tongues against the assassin who then after a minute and a half stopped struggling. He then let go as she dropped to her knees in front of him, she couldn't even feel her legs.

Her expression was a face of frozen shock as she saw that he gave a warm smile. "This was our last battle… as enemies Blake."

He then went down and carried her bridal style. "As allies this is only the beginning, we must make haste however. There is still the part of rescuing your sister, finding a place to stay and raising a family."

"Huh?" Her only intelligent response out of so many that popped into her head.

He smiled at her. "I'll tell you all about it. I even caused the greatest distraction in Demacia which is probably a mistake as well."

"There our presentation on the land of Runterra has come to a close. I will load the next one, please wait patiently." The Creator then went to his collection of tapes to find the specific short one to show to the people of Remnant.

"Blake… don't tell me you're thinking about Jaune?" The girl in question shyly looked down when hearing Weiss' question.

"What's next some other girl magically falls in love with the imbecile because of watching a bunch of made up scenarios take part." Weiss had to let her frustration out, to this point she still couldn't see why people would get so hung up on Jaune Arc.

"This next world is unique in the sense they don't have Grimm yet they have aura." That got everyone's attention.

The creator continued. "Their world is divided into two areas, normal human beings and martial artists who are using their aura to either fight other martial artists or maintain order in their world. The story is of Jaune who had no aura decides to learn martial arts yet in order to do martial arts in that world, you need aura. He meets a teacher named Qrow Branwen, hailed as one of the strongest, trains him regardless of his disability. He manages to open his aura and teach him his own martial art style."

"Heck yeah, I'm cool!" Tai, Ruby and Yang roll their eyes on that one. Qrow hasn't been serious with training anyone since Yang's accident and Ruby's incessant begging.

"Tragedy struck however when people of the martial arts world decided to make Qrow into their weapon. They did that by killing his lover, Summer which caused him to go into a rampage and kill both martial artists and normal humans. He then met Jaune and destroyed his ability to use aura. Jaune however did not give up and through hard work and a lot… a lot of blood he managed to be able to use martial arts and is strong enough to lead a clan. We are picking up in the story where Qrow has come back with the Tribe along with his sister Raven to destroy the martial arts world."

Raven's smug face was all Qrow needed to stop from voicing out his strong opinion of going back into the tribe. He would have gone back to the tribe if Tai, Yang and Ruby didn't need him after Summer's death and his hate at that time towards Ozpin.

Qrow Branwen walked out of the airport with a lit cigarette on his mouth and his flask by his side. His tribe/family led by his sister walked out as well with their weapons as they were fully prepared to create carnage to whoever stood in their way.

"FREEZE!" Three rows of police officers had blocked their path as they all trained their guns on the Tribe while a tank was standing by but this one was aimed at Qrow.

"You are all under arrest for trespassing into this country. Qrow Branwen surrender or be shot to death immediately." Qrow simply laughed and threw away his cigarette at the police officers.

"You're all just so goddamn funny-" He disappeared from the sight of the police officers as they were confused to where he went. A horrible screeching sound came from behind as Qrow had literally kicked off the top half of the tank.

"It looks like I didn't skip leg day." Qrow remarked at what his other version could do.

"See being with Ozpin makes you weak." Raven's comment was met with glares from Ozpin, Glynda, Tai and Yang. But she didn't care, this just proved that the tribe would have been stronger if the two had decided to go back to a life of banditry.

"Let's go." With that the Tribe had easily and quickly massacred the police officers, guts were hanging out in the open street as Raven easily sliced through an entire line by herself. Their eyes were set on the Martial Arts Center where the Headmaster was located. If he died, so did the Martial Arts World that Qrow wanted to destroy. "It's payback time."

"Buddy's pissed." Mercury stated as this Qrow was more impressive than their Qrow who nearly killed them after they extracted half of the maiden from Amber.

Meanwhile, Jaune was meditating in his room when the doors opened revealing Master Leo. The elder then bowed towards their clan's leader. "Jaune I have news you need to hear."

Jaune opened his eyes and slowly stood up. "What is it Master Leo?"

The master of the Lionheart Style sighed since he knew of his ward's obsession with meeting and trying to talk with his former teacher. "Your teacher, Qrow Branwen, has been spotted in the airport and is on his way to the headquarters to destroy this world."

Jaune couldn't stop the enthusiastic smile from showing in his face, 'Finally.' He walked to Master Leo. "Master Leo, inform the elders and Yang. The Rose Clan is going to meet the most wanted criminal in all of the Martial Arts World. We shall leave at once."

Master Leo nodded and quickly bowed before leaving the room as Jaune clenched his fist in anticipation. 'Wait for me teacher. I will show you my resolve.'

"So Jaune is a leader of my family?" Ruby asked the Creator who simply nodded.

"To be more exact, you as the former leader gave it to him. During the events of Qrow's rampage, an assassination was carried out to kill you but Jaune saved you from your captors even if his aura was recently damaged. He then encouraged you to get treatment which led you to leave your clan but placed him as the temporary leader of the Rose Clan. At first he vehemently disagreed but because of your sister, he agreed and quickly made the Rose Clan the most feared in the Martial Arts World."

Qrow had just opened the doors as two dead Martial Arts officers were sent through the glass doors. Qrow exhaled the smoke which made him look more like a rabid dragon. "So boring."

He saw his tribe make quick work of the officers who were trying to stop him in the ground floor. Raven had decapitated one and had sliced the throat of another as she smiled watching a man choke to death. One big bandit had slammed another officer into a pillar as half of his body became encased in the concrete structure.

Another bandit had used his three-section staff to slam one officer into three other officers. A bandit carrying chained Sais had maneuvered his weapon to stab two others through the chest.

One officer who had a nasty gash on his temple that caused the blood to flow to his right eye was panting heavily. "These… guys are too strong." His co-worker silently agreed with him but what both didn't notice was one bandit behind them with an axe in his hand. He quickly swung when they noticed and decapitated them quickly. This action scared some of the martial arts officers since they were simply outclassed.

One officer asked his fellow officers. "Where are the goddamn clans! They haven't arrived yet?"

One instantly answered him. "Not yet! It hasn't been long since we've contacted them remember!"

Raven gutted another officer as the other two bandits behind her had crushed the skulls of three other martial arts officer. "What? Is that all?" She confidently put her blood red katana on her shoulder and smirked. "You're all so weak. You deserve to die, you trash!"

"I like this version of mine already." Raven stated that earned her another series of glares while Qrow was stunned at the very brutal nature of his former family in another world.

"It seems they are unstoppable." Ozpin remarked to which Glynda agreed. Even though these officers had aura, it was like a huntsman fighting with a normal civilian.

The other officers lost their morale at that and accepted their defeat since Qrow had decided to walk slowly but he suddenly stopped. The officers looked at the escalator and their spirits were elevated. As Qrow smiled and threw his cigarette again. "Heh! So you've finally crawled out? Ozpin!"

Ozpin calmly arrived at the ground floor and surveyed the scene of dead and injured martial arts officers whose goal was to stop the Tribe from reaching him. One vehemently said, "Sir you should take shelter until the backup arrives-"

He slightly raised his hand which stopped the guard from talking. "Take care of the wounded. I'll take care of them." All of the alive officers were shocked at his announcement.

"But sir! Those guys are-" He just ignored as one bandit smiled.

"Get a load out of this guy! Is he really going to fight us alone-" That bandit stopped as Ozpin released his aura which was very strong and he looked directly at them. He took a small step forward and his aura had simply expanded to large proportions.

The bandits quickly went away from Ozpin as they were sure that he was going to strike and they were all going to die. One even exclaimed, "Shit!" As the rest of them readied their weapons but were noticeably sweating and shaking.

"This version of Ozpin is way cooler than our Ozpin. At least he fights." Qrow stated which earned him a glare from Ozpin.

"I do fight." Ozpin pouted which earned a large amount of laughter from Ironwood.

"Ozpin the day you fight anywhere close to that level is the day I retire from the military. When were you ever a frontline fighter?" Ozpin's pout grew larger as Glynda realized how big of a headache she will get when they get back after his tantrum from being embarrassed.

One of the bandits who encased the officer in the concrete pillar asked. "Yo boss! I don't know who that is, but can I get a go at him?"

Qrow smirked. "You're dead, all of you if you fight him." That bandit smiled and charged straight at Ozpin who had not moved one inch and let the rest including Raven encircle around him.

A kick, two scythes and an axe was heading towards him in different parts of his body but Ozpin remained motionless and emotionless but instantly he moved both arms and his foot into a basic tai-chi stance. The next thing the officers knew was that the one aiming a kick at him had his leg shattered, the axe bandit was dead after a single hit to his chin and the scythe bandit was also dead after a punch to his face. The force was so extreme that one of his eyes had popped out clean from its socket.

"…" This was the normal reaction of everyone after seeing Ozpin easily demolish those three bandits that had eliminated his guards very easily. He hadn't even taken a single step.

Raven and a bandit with a three section staff charged with their weapons at the ready. He had slightly moved his head to the left in order to avoid the thrust of the staff but grabbed the end in order to block Raven's katana. He then kicked the staff bandit up and threw him at Raven.

The bandit with the chained Sais had stayed behind and made his move by throwing one aimed for his head. "Checkmate." Ozpin's reply was gently holding the sai and throwing it back to the bandit which he had to block. The force behind the throw was enough to throw him into the second floor.

One hooded bandit tackled him from the back but Ozpin hadn't moved so that bandit tried to lift him but to no avail. Ozpin simply jumped up and squashed the bandit's head with a curb stomp. The dismantling of the Tribe made the other members nervous about fighting him which caused Qrow to walk up with a lit cigarette on.

"Raven, take care of those who haven't died." Raven instantly nodded and sheathed her sword.

"Yes boss!"

Raven didn't have to look in order to see her brother's smug face. Tai simply chuckled but then frowned at this version of Qrow.

He exhaled his cigarette before dropping it to the floor. "Thanks for waiting Ozpin. Let's begin the main event."

Ozpin frowned at the sight of this more rabid and violent Qrow. "I don't know how it got to this. But if this is my destiny, I will not run from it."

Qrow smiled. "My goal of destroying the Martial Arts World ends with your death, OZPIN!"

Meanwhile Jaune, Yang, Master Leo, Master Bart and Master Peter were in the Rose Clan's limousine that was currently stuck in traffic. The silence was getting to Yang as she looked at her grandfather, Master Leo. 'Che! What's up with these situations lately? Because of this I-'

She stopped her line of thought as she looked at Jaune who definitely had become more of a man in her eyes than before. 'I promised to protect him because of what Ruby said… but I think I'm starting to fall in love with him.'

"Looks like it's your time to fall in love with Jaune, Yang." Blake smugly stated as Yang muttered around the lines of not interested. What did peek her fashion sense was what her counterpart was wearing. 'I got to get me one of those.'

Master Peter broke the silence with a deliberate cough. "Clan Leader, may I say something?" Jaune nodded as the overweight master continued. "It's not really a good idea to go to the Martial Arts Alliance building right now."

Jaune and Yang were surprised but he continued. "He may have been your master before, but he is a sworn enemy of every Martial Artist under the Alliance. If you get wrapped up with someone like that, nothing good will come out of it for you. Plus the relationship between the Alliance and our clan isn't so good to begin with, we should just let them fight it out-"

"What are you talking about?!" Jaune interrupted and Master Peter was about to talk but stopped after seeing the young leader's glare.

"No matter what he is my teacher who saved my life and the Martial Arts Alliance is something necessary to protect for the entire Martial Arts World. Those two are fighting and I owe it to Master Ozpin to do this. To be honest I'm a bit scared, I don't know what's going on with Teacher and the Alliance."

Yang was worried. "Then why…"

Jaune continued. "But how will I feel about it later if I just avoid the situation simply because of that. Yang, when Master Tai sacrificed his life for me." Images of a bloody and dying Tai hugging Jaune from the debris of an explosion that was meant for him.

Ruby and Yang started crying at seeing their father's death to which the single dad comforted his two daughters. He didn't see the eyes of Raven which was filled with sadness, she still cared for him even after everything.

"That day, I saw it all clearly. The meaning of life as a Martial Artist. Ever since then I've wanted to live without any regrets as a Clan Leader of the Rose Clan and as a person. If teacher doesn't want to stop then it is my duty as his student to stop him either by words… or by my fists."

Yang couldn't help but blush at his declaration but what surprised her were the elders simply smiling and not speaking up about his decision. It seems it took this long for him to earn their respect.

The driver then spoke out. "Clan leader, we have found the source of the traffic jam. 20 meters away from the Alliance Building is a very fortified police blockade."

Jaune responded by getting out of the car and sprinting in the direction of the Alliance building as Master Peter and Bart followed him. Yang complained, "Hey-"

Master Leo, her grandfather stopped her, "Yang please protect the Clan Leader and follow us. It is our duty to see his decision through no matter what. We shall escort him to the enemy as they see the glory of the Rose Clan."

Yang then called Blake on her cellphone while running with everyone, "Blake we have a situation. Jaune has learned that his master is in the Alliance Building and is on foot. The entire clan is following him."

Blake simply smiled. 'It seems that there are more dangerous things than Qrow Branwen.' "I understand, I will send our allies there, good luck."

Back to the Alliance Building, tension was palpable as neither of the two Martial Arts Masters have moved. Ozpin had adopted a very aggressive stance of the tai-chi branch while Qrow had his arms in his pockets.

"Why are they standing there like that? Wouldn't boss just finish it in an instant with his skills? How long are they gonna stare at each other? Argh!" The bandit with the staff cringed upon Raven placing a tight bandage around his ribs.

Even the Martial Arts officers were tense, "Why aren't they moving?"

One of them answered, "Didn't you notice, they are already fighting. It's a battle between two monsters." Both respective masters' aura had started to come out and heavily drowned the room with how much pressure it was giving in the area.

"They are already fighting in their heads, taking in even the tiniest of movements from their opponents and forming scenarios with it." Qrow then chuckled and started walking towards Ozpin who didn't move an inch.

"How boring. How long are you gonna keep this up, Ozpin! No one's coming in to save you guys. Now, let's change the pace a bit to something I'd like." Qrow then disappeared in front of everyone.

"Impossible, they disappeared!" One officer yelled while Raven could clearly see it. 'No they're moving too fast for anyone to see.'

Ozpin's eyes moved slightly to the right as he was able to feel Qrow ready his attack from behind him. He shifted his body accordingly and blocked Qrow's punch with his left arm. Qrow instantly launched another punch with his other arm but Ozpin used the same arm to block it and grab his sleeve.

Sensing danger, Qrow pulled back his other arm and aimed for another punch but Ozpin arced his shoulder up a bit for the punch to miss. Qrow went through a series of consecutive strikes but all were being blocked by Ozpin.

Feeling frustrated, Qrow quickly charged ahead with more ferocious strikes sending Ozpin back to a concrete pillar. "How about this!" Ozpin jumped and landed a knee which shocked the officers.

"Chief!" But what surprised everyone was that the harsh strike was stopped by Ozpin's hand. He then pushed Qrow away as he landed a far distance away but for the criminal, there was no damage.

"Uoh! This is… the Reflection Technique. Said to be one of the greatest tai chi techniques since it bounces any attack to the one who attacked." Ozpin then went through a series of postures before stopping with his arms near the center of his body.

"Qrow… you cannot defeat me. None of your attacks will ever touch me." Qrow simply smirked.

"Hmmph! Good, then let's see if you can live up to that claim! Ozpin!" Qrow threw a punch aimed at the old man's head but said master reflected it onto the concrete pillar. The impact of Qrow's punch caused a major dent to appear in the structure itself.

"You've so cool here, Uncle Qrow!" Ruby cheered which stoked the ego of the already prideful drunkard.

"Thanks pipsqueak." Qrow commented while rubbing the hair of his favorite niece.

Qrow quickly followed with a kick that decimated half of the structure but wasn't able to even scratch Ozpin. He moved to the side in order to avoid the left straight of Qrow as the old man was genuinely impressed with the strength being displayed. 'He destroyed a concrete pillar just like that. One's bones would have been pulverized even if it was blocked. He is definitely ferocious and hasn't stopped his intense aggression. But-'

Ozpin blocked another kick and shifted his body to the left to avoid the right straight. He then hit Qrow with a kick that caused him to go back a bit. Qrow then launched another punch which was quickly countered with a punch from the old master to his jaw. "Ozpin! How long are you going to skitter around like a goddamn rat?!"

Raven was certainly impressed. 'That old man is nullifying all of Qrow's attacks. It looks like the legendary Tai Chi Arts with probably his clan's style. We should have believed the rumors of stopping the flow of power. No matter how Qrow attacks, he can redirect it in any direction he wants. He can even return it back to the attacker. But Qrow will find a way and kill this fool.'

Ozpin kept on redirecting, countering and blocking all of Ozpin's attacks regardless of where they came from. 'I have trained and honed my body and technique for this fight, Qrow. Your attacks and martial arts derive from powerful attacks mine is on stopping attacks. It's like a knife fighting against a river. No matter how powerful your blade is it cannot me no matter how strong you are.'

"You're pissing me off!" Qrow's punch was pushed away and his elbow was subsequently stopped before making impact. Ozpin then used all of Qrow's power to push him away but Qrow launched a spinning back kick aimed at his face.

"This huge attack of yours." He used both hands to stop the kick to which Qrow was surprised. "I'll return it back to you!" Using Qrow's momentum, Ozpin threw Qrow away to the upper floors making him crash through the second and third floor roofs. However the younger master instantly appeared in the ground floor which shocked their audience.

"Good, you have to be at least this good in order for me to enjoy crushing you." Qrow's feral grin made Ozpin angrier.

"Qrow… do you not realize it yet? You can't beat my technique or me!" Qrow had no damage to be seen even if he went through concrete floors from his own attack reversed at him.

"Bullshit! I'll show you. How I'll destroy this alliance… by destroying you!"

Qrow leaped into the air but Ozpin dodged the stomp by moving slightly to the right and also avoided his subsequent punch by pulling Qrow away from its intended target. "Ozpin!" Qrow yelled as said master turned around and inflicted a blow onto Qrow's back causing him to skid across the floor.

Qrow charged right back with a feral smile on his face but was met with a swift two handed push strike that caused him to skid again across the floor. Ozpin decided to warn his enemy. "You cannot win Qrow. Not when you decide to just use your unnatural power."

"I like this version of myself." Ozpin commented which only met mutters from some of his friends along the likes of because he can fight and actually is on the frontlines.

"You can't catch a break, Qrow. Look at it you're ass is being handed to you." Qrow glared at Tai to which the single father simply laughed.

"This is embarrassing even for your standards." Raven said to which Qrow yelled out.

"Oy! If you're so great then why don't you fight Ozpin one on one." Raven decided not to answer and instead smirk at the irate drunkard of a hunter.

Qrow wiped the stream of blood that came down from his mouth. "Shut up! I've finally got it now. That move ain't so special after all!" This surprised Ozpin enough for him to take a step back as Qrow rushed towards him.

His feet slightly disappearing from everyone's view caused the Alliance Chief to quickly realize, 'He's using the Hwan Foot Technique.' Ozpin looked back to see two more versions of Qrow charging at him as well.

'Is he trying to attack me from behind while distracting me from the front' The Qrow in the front had launched a punch which Ozpin immediately blocked. Only to then lean back and let the Qrow from the right miss his punch and then jump behind to dodge the stomp of the last remaining Qrow from above. He looked behind to only trap the arm of the Qrow from behind but then was shocked after it dissipated. 'An afterimage!'

The real Qrow had instead grabbed his right arm and smiled. "I've got you now. Let's see ofif you can still play old man." Qrow immediately tossed him into the air and quickly appeared in front of the still shocked Ozpin. The kick caused Ozpin to wince as he blocked it with two hands, 'It seems he found out after all.'

As soon as the kick found its mark sending the older master into the second floor, the push caused Qrow to fly straight into the third floor once more. This caused the officers to be stunned since they have not ever seen the Chief get blown by a powerful attack while using his Changing Reflection Technique.

Raven smirked. 'So his technique uses the ground as his basis. Meaning he can't use that ability unless both feet have to touch the ground.' Ozpin winced and tried to get up slowly.

'That Qrow is a goddamn monster but with that force, he should be out-' His thoughts were interrupted by the yelling Qrow who lined up a punch with the attack causing the second floor to explode in a pile of smoke and debris.

Outside the police chief of the city, Roman and his forces, were stationed outside waiting for Qrow and his tribe to come out of the Alliance building.

"HAHAHAHA!" Everyone laughed including Neo silently at Roman being a police officer while the experienced criminal seethed at the fashion sense of his alternate self.

"Quit it." Roman yelled which made the laughter come out even more turning him red with embarrassment.

Roman was nervous since he didn't know if they needed more men or firepower to stop these terrorists. He then looked behind to see that his officers were huddled behind him. "What the hell are you fools doing?"

He then stopped in his tracks as he saw the three Rose elders along with Yang Xiao Long and the leader Jaune Arc arrive while a few of his men were down for the count. "How many times do we have to explain?! Take us to your leader!"

Elder Leo's yell seemed to have frightened the police including Roman since he did not want to even fight one of the strongest martial artists alive even if he was old. "Ah, what brings you here elder? This area is-"

"What? You again." Roman had his head bowed in respect. "Sir, do excuse me. I'm an official on orders right from the Council. Wasn't it a rule for the Munim such as yourselves to not interfere in government business?"

Jaune stepped forward. "I'd like to ask you the same thing. I'll cut to the chase, if you really are here to help with the situation. Step aside, give me a chance to talk to my teacher myself."

Roman laughed. "For the Rose Clan Leader to even propose that is laughable. There's nothing you can do to stop that monster. He's become an insatiable and destructive dragon."

Jaune exhaled as the raw aura came out of him which caused all of the police including Roman to fall to their knees. "Please let me do this. You can see I'm not the same as I was."

Roman could just nod which caused the Rose group to walk ahead of the police force, 'What the hell is with this insane pressure? He's way way stronger than the fool who fought the Ghost Doctor. Did that kid just complete his training?'

"What the hell kind of Aura was that?" Yang shout out.

The Creator replied. "Only those with large amounts of aura and fine control can accomplish such a feat as pressure without touching anyone."

Meanwhile Ozpin kept on blocking Qrow's attacks but it would send him into more concrete pillars since he was off balance. Qrow had not let Ozpin place his two feet on the ground and just kept on relentlessly attacking. "You can take a few hits, old man. That's good. I thought you were already done. It means I can beat you up even more."

Ozpin yelled out. "Qrow stop this madness, your using the Black Origin Threshold for these powerful attacks. Don't you know it could kill you!"

Qrow kicked the floor which caused it to fall down as Ozpin was shocked and charged for a punch. "If you're gonna lecture me then show me your skills!" Ozpin pushed off Qrow and leaped out of the way but the younger master had followed him and delivered a devastating kick.

Ozpin had used both of his arms to block the blow but it sent him crashing through the escalator but he managed to stand on the fractured ground with both feet. 'I'm on solid ground I can fight back.' However Qrow had kicked several debris of the destroyed escalator towards Ozpin that forced the older man to jump out of the way.

He then noticed that the incensed Qrow had closed the distance and blocked another punch but the shockwave caused most of the damaged floors to crash down to the ground floor. Ozpin was breathing heavily yet was still standing as Qrow was very annoyed as he yelled. "You still have the strength to fight."

"Damn Oz, you can take a hell of a beating. Why don't you fight on the frontlines instead of hanging back?" Ozpin glared at Qrow's comment, he didn't hide… he just strategized.

Ironwood nodded. "I must agree with the miscreant for once. Oz, why don't you want to fight with us against her."

Ozpin decided to just pout and look away from the two as his closest allies and friends sighed at such childish behavior.

Yang remarked. "If only Uncle Qrow was as good as this." Qrow then held his chest since it felt like a knife went through his heart. He always prided himself as the 'cool uncle', hearing this from his two nieces was a blow to his confidence.

Qrow charged for another punch as Ozpin started to channel his aura and placed his right foot behind and placed his left arm forward. 'This is my last attack, the forbidden technique, All Counter Origin Strike. An attack that utilizes all my aura to execute, I could possibly die once I use this but I will stop you now, Qrow!'

If Ozpin looked closer he would have noticed that Qrow's eyes were getting more bloodshot. 'Shit! I'm starting to lose consciousness, I haven't used the Black Origin for this long in a while. That stance… he's planning to take me down with him. Not a fucking chance! There is nothing that can stop me now!'

Qrow roared as his breath started to come out as steam and he charged towards Ozpin who was firmly in place with his offensive stance. Qrow reared his arm for a devastating punch but out of nowhere. "Teacher, wake up!"

Qrow immediately stopped at the unknown voice, 'I've heard that before…' Everyone looked at the new people in the room. Jaune Arc with the rest of the Rose Clan had arrived shocking the Tribe, the Alliance officers, and Ozpin himself.

Jaune had tears in his eyes as he pleaded towards his former master. "Please teacher, wake up!" Qrow had stopped his advance as he was confused as to who was calling him teacher. Jaune started walking slowly to his former master after taking his stopped advance as a sign of reaching to him.

Ozpin was shocked but did not let go of his stance, 'That boy is…?' Raven was the voice of the tribe in one sentence. "Who is that little boy? What does he want with Qrow?!" The rest of the Tribe had recovered enough to grab their weapons and aim it at the new arrivals who had not even reacted to the terrorists.

Jaune continued his approach. "Teacher, don't you remember me. It's me… Jaune Arc."

Qrow grimaced as he was blocking out a major headache from seeing this Jaune guy. "Tsk! Ozpin! Let's finish this."

Jaune was shocked at the intentional ignorance of his presence. "Teacher… you… don't-"

Qrow interrupted. "And you! If you try to interfere with this fight. I'll kill you!" Jaune was about to say something but Qrow immediately spoke. "And who the hell are you calling teacher. I haven't even taught anyone as weak as you. Say any more bullshit like teacher or anything else then I'll kill you."

Jaune still moved forward to Qrow who was once again surprised, his arms were down and hadn't even took a fighting stance. "Even if I die… you're still my teacher."

"This guy is simply an idiot." Roman complained again.

Pyrrha yelled. "Say that one more time and I will-"

The Creator appeared right in front of her. "Ms. Nikos, I must remind you that violence without my permission is not allowed. Also you are not his mother."

The villains were chuckling at his statement which only got a glare from Pyrrha as her teammates decided to calm her down. 'I'm not that much like a mom to Jaune. I'm his partner, I'm supposed to support him.'

Qrow gritted his teeth but the elders and Yang had moved near the Tribe which caused them to be surprised since they were near the entrance a moment ago. Elder Leo decided to intervene. "I won't forgive any more disrespectful behavior, Qrow. You may have been that boy's master…"

Elder Leo had unleashed his aura which caused Qrow to cautiously take a step back and the Tribe to shiver in fear. "But he's the head of the Rose Clan, Jaune Arc."

Ozpin had a look of relief, 'The Rose Clan are here?! But I thought they hated the Alliance' One of the tribe members who used a staff. "Who the fuck are these guys? Who in the hell is this old man?!"

Qrow sighed. "What the hell is this bullshit? Oy! Raven! Wrap it up! We're going. I've already lost interest. You're fucking lucky, Ozpin. It seems you don't get to rest in a coffin just yet."

Ozpin was shocked but Jaune went into Qrow's way. "Teacher! You can't just go like this!"

Qrow reared his fist for Jaune's head. "I said if you said that shit again! I'll kill you." But Elder Leo had suddenly appeared with the left palm of his hand which shocked everyone to how easy it was.

"There is no way that old man can ever do that?!" Qrow remarked as Ozpin, Glynda, Ironwood, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald silently agreed. There was no way the old coward even though he was a hunter could do that.

Ozpin chuckled. "Probably back then but years of becoming a headmaster with paperwork and council meetings can destroy a fighter-"

Ironwood interrupted by coughing loudly. "Ahem, excuses!"

"I won't let your disrespectful manners… go any further!" Leo pushed upward that caused Qrow to fly away as he tumbled before getting on his two feet. "I told you clearly before. He is the leader of the Rose Clan. If you didn't hear it then I'll clean out your ears for you. But if you really want to raise your hand after hearing that… your life will end here."

Everyone was tense due to the prospect of these two monsters but Jaune immediately said. "Elder Leo. I was talking with him, please let me finish this conversation."

"That guy's an idiot." Mercury commented to which the villains snickered and our heroes glared especially the one murderous one from Pyrrha.

Leo looked at Qrow who had just lit a cigarette and then at Jaune. "Clan Leader, this man is-"

"Elder Leo!" Leo was shocked at the strength of Jaune's voice. Jaune looked at the elder in the face with a very calm expression. "Please. Believe in me, I can take care of myself. After all I am the Rose Clan Leader."

What shocked Qrow was the strong elder master bow to Jaune. "I understand, Clan Leader. Be safe."

Qrow was annoyed and decided to turn his back on Jaune and walk away. "This is a fucking joke! If you follow me or talk to me, I'll kill you and that old man for sure."

"Teacher… if that's what you want then-" Qrow turned back and charged at Jaune as the Alliance members were shocked but the Tribe was bloodthirsty for their leader's next kill.

But what shocked everyone was Jaune taking a step and holding onto Qrow's outstretched arm as he then flipped him over and slammed his head through the ground with the same hand. "Then I guess I have to show it to you!"

Jaune then proceeded to stomp at Qrow but he managed to get away from the stomp that caused a crater. Qrow was stunned on this kid's power but then became serious as he noticed Jaune's aura rise and rise.

"Let's settle this here and now, teacher!"

The screen turned to black as the audience voiced their displeasure. The Creator then appeared in front of everyone. "I'm sorry but that's all that I have to show you of this Breaker world for now. We are almost running out of time for this evening but I just received word that I have to show you another scenario."

"What do you mean?" Cinder asked.

"What I mean is that the higher ups have requested for a change and I am forced to so. But I have to show you these two possibilities in your world. Here's the next one it's in the land of Vale however it is with kingdoms where they are fighting against a nation called Plegia that worships the Grimm and is trying to resurrect the god of all grimms."

Ozpin was shocked. "Really?"

The Creator nodded. "The reason is there is a religious sect that controls that nation called the Grimleal. Actually you will be surprised who is the leader of this sect. Anyways I think you need to see this."

The screen showed a large camp with many soldiers and magicians walking around, these were the Shepards of Remnant. They have gone through the initial war against Plegia to avenge the death of Emmeryn. They had fought the nation of Atlas and withstood the forces of General Ironwood from invading Vale. They were all led by King Tai and Queen Summer and were prepared for the final battle against the Grimleal to stop the resurrection of the God of Darkness.

"I have a question, why would I invade Vale, shouldn't I help them against this Plegia?" Ironwood asked.

The Creator answered the general's question. "You could have but the people around you were worshipping the Grimm. They had influenced you with magic to serve the Grimleal and try to destroy Vale by killing King Tai. Once your country was conquered, you finally woke up from your spell. However due to the war, you are unable to help Vale leaving them to themselves."

Qrow asked slash complained while he pointed at the blonde bear. "How the hell is this guy the king?"

The Creator looked at the veteran drunkard and hunter. "Well he was the symbol of peace and prosperity after the Queen had sacrificed herself to Plegia. It worked to stop the war, you then married your lover in Summer and had two babies named Ruby and Yang."

Ruby yelled happily. "Yay! I'm a princess and dad and mom are heroes! This is awesome."

The Creator looked at her. "Actually you're with your mom and dad fighting against the Grimleal."

Ruby was confused. "Eh?"

Speaking of King Tai he had sighed under the pressure of the situation. The last battle against the Grimleal nearly cost the Shepherds everything. During the final battle, his best friend and the Shepherds tactitian, Jaune was controlled by their enemy to nearly kill him. It was only thanks to his daughter, Ruby, that they were able to escape and Jaune was able to snap out of Plegia's control. 'It still is weird for my grown up daughter to be helping me. She must have suffered through a lot to risk her own future by going back in time to help us defeat the God of Darkness. I will still beat those who look at her even if she is at the same age as all of us.'

"Time travel does not exist." Blake said to which the Creator smirked.

"Who knows? This version of Ruby comes from a future where the Grimm have surrounded all of Remnant. Thanks to the God of Light, she goes back to the past to help her father defeat the Grimm. She wanted to hide her identity in order for her future to be safe while helping the Shepherds in the Plegian War. However her father finds out her identity after he saved her from the hands of the Plegians. Even though the effect may ruin her future, Tai still cares for Ruby like a daughter and gives her the freedom to stay in their current timeline instead."

Ruby hugs Tai who smiles and softly pats her head. "Thanks dad."

He grimaced at the thought of Jaune being controlled by Plegia. 'To have them go so low to control my best friend is despicable… however I'm more worried about Ruby. She's been closer to Jaune but maybe that's because of him teaching her how to do tactics on the battlefield.'

He decided to walk to Jaune's tent but then overheard a crash and was about to go swords blazing into the entrance but saw that it was Ruby holding her Crescent Rose to Jaune's chest. 'I want to go but there must be an explanation to this, so I must listen.'

Qrow then stated. "See this version of you handles his daughters in a not so overbearing but still protective and trusting manner."

Tai pouted as he was about to respond but noticed that Ruby and Yang didn't even defend him so he became even sadder with a large dark stormy raincloud appeared in front of him.

In the tent, two people looked at each other. One filled with shock, hurt and slight regret while the other who was holding a weapon was filled with hatred and determination. Jaune, the tactician of the Shepherds who was helped by Tai when he suffered from a bout of amnesia. They had forged a partnership through the Plegian War and decided to help him by conserving the peace in Vale.

On the other hand was Ruby. A princess from the future, daughter to Chrom. A woman hailed from a ruined future to protect the world from the God of Darkness and save it from destruction. She appeared time and time again to help the Shepherds, and found herself joining along with her friends, the Shepherd's children that came from the future.

These two helped each other from personal to professional matters, step by step they found out that their hearts resonated to each other. And yet, because of the last battle, everything was about to fall apart.

Tai complained as his aura leaked out. "What?! That version of me should already kill that blonde!"

Ruby hid her face from her dad and mumbled. "But… I kinda like Jaune." Tai was about to explode but The Creator appeared and had instantly snapped his fingers. The blonde's legs were tied to the couch by chains along with his arms that drained his aura.

The Creator then stated. "Please calm yourself. Don't worry these chains won't drain your entire aura. It will just suck out a majority so that you can calm down." Tai weakly tried to get out of his chains.

The tip of Crescent Rose pointed at Jaune, seeking retribution. "I am sorry, Jaune." Ruby said, her tone was cold as steel.

"Ruby…" He called her name in desperation, begging for her acceptance. "…I understand you need to do this but-"

"If my father is right, then we can change our fates. But if the dark future is to be averted, sacrifice must be made. I wished it wasn't true. You can be controlled by Ozpin and Salem, it happened in the last battle it can happen anytime! I… I have to… kill you, I know this is murder, I know that. Please forgive me! But I need to save my father!" She continued, her strong facade faltered for a second but Jaune was not convinced. His heart screamed in pain when her eyes started to tear up for such a strong woman to emotionally tear herself to do an act, hurt him a lot.

"Why does Rubes need to kill Vomit Boy?" Yang asked.

The Creator answered. "In her future, Ruby learned that her father was killed by a traitor during the final battle. The traitor was in the Shepherds, that was one of her goals. If she could kill the traitor then her father would be saved and her future would change to a peaceful Vale."

Weiss sighed. "However the traitor is the unsuspecting Vomit Boy who is her lover."

Ozpin grimaced. "How did I end up on the wrong side?"

The Creator looked at him and gave a sad smile. "The God of Darkness promised you everything you ever wanted. You just needed to make the sacrifice and determined it was worth it. For her and for them."

He wanted to reply with that it wasn't true but he knew at that time he could have decided to join her and that would mean they would have been alive. They would have not been involved in their conflict.

Blake asked since she thought about this character. "Who's Salem?"

The small council of Ozpin along with Cinder were worried about the Creator looked at the black cat. "I'm sorry I can't tell you. However all I can say… she's important."

Ruby was holding her tears, why was there a painful feeling that cut deep in her heart? 'I knew that she would do everything and anything to save the world and would do it without any hesitation. But why does it hurt!'

"Ruby, you don't have to…" Jaune whispered. Almost pleading, for his voice was weak and filled with shame. He wanted to tell not to do this, tell her to stop. But what rights did he have, after all he was destined to destroy the world, he bore the Fell Dragon's heart. The source of the God of Darkness' power. He was the final part that will help God resurrect again and have the Grimm take over the world again. He was the sources of all her pains.

"ENOUGH! DON'T MAKE IT ANY HARDER!" Ruby's shout made him flinch. "Don't resist, and your death will be swift and painless. If you hold any love for Tai-" '-and me.' "Then let this be done." 'Why did it have to be him?! This isn't fair. Haven't I suffered enough?!'

Winter stated. "Truly if this Jaune fellow wanted to make it easier. He would just leave these Shepherds behind, stay away from the final battle so that the heroes will win."

The Creator shook his head. "Fate would not allow such a thing. He is to integral to either saving the world or destroying it. That is his destiny, it will just delay the inevitable if he does."

Ruby asked. "Why do they have to go through this?"

Ozpin sighed. "Sometimes, Ms. Rose. What makes the life of a hero are the many sufferings he or she will have to endure. The tale of a hero starts with tragedy and might end with one as well."

"Draw your weapon!" she commanded, her form changed into a combat stance. At the very least she wouldn't deny him a warrior death. She hoped he didn't see her hands shaking. She needed to save everyone, everything from the mission to her actions was for the greater good. However to take the life of someone who completed her. Someone who made her feels so alive. It hurt so much.

He could see that she was waiting for his response or an answer, he wanted to help her. For her to finally achieve the happiness she wanted…But all he could see in front of him was someone who was hurting.

Her tears had started falling out, through the bond they shared Robin could sense the hesitation in her heart. He didn't want to bring out his sword. 'That why it was so hard for her to do it.' It made him happy in some ways, knowing that Ruby loves him just as much, if not more.

Jaune looked down at his feet and let out a sign. When he looked up, there was a tired yet content smile on his face. "…Very well, do it Lucina. My life is yours… it always has been"

Weiss yelled out. "That idiot said the worst thing to ever say! You're literally making it worse for her!"

Yang nodded. 'Playing on my hon's feelings. I know you're dense but you can't be this dense!'

Ruby pierced through his shirt but instantly noticed when something dropped to the ground. Jaune also looked down and grimaced he had placed something very important as a necklace but Ruby's crescent rose had pierced the string. Ruby looked at him again and asked. "What is this?!"

She didn't want to believe it, a gorgeous golden ring with the words 'Till the end of our lifetimes.' She tried so hard but she started to openly cry. Was she angry, happy, sad… this hurt so much.

He sighed. "I was planning to do it much earlier but I forgot due to all this battles. I had to plan for everything and I kept on putting this on the shelf. Once I found out about me being unable to control myself. I had planned on ending everything myself but you arrived. I didn't want to do this-"

Tai yelled out. "Why is my little girl with this son of an Oum?!"

Raven sighed and said ironically. "At least he didn't run away from his problems"

"D-don't look at me like that! I love you! Do you have any idea how hard this is for me? Especially after this!" Ruby said angrily, tears flowing down from her eyes.

Robin took a step forward, then two, and three. Discarding his sword he wouldn't make this any harder for her. He stopped in front of her. "I know. I also love you, you completed me. I would give my life for Tai… And for you"

Crescent Rose was held high, ready to strike. "Just… promise me that you'll find someone else who cares for you, someone who won't ever make you cry again. Promise me you won't be alone. All I want is for you to be happy, Ruby. That's all I've ever wanted." Jaune continued, his emotions pouring out in each word.

"Just stop Jauney, you're gonna make Ruby regret everything if you say something like that." Nora said as Ren agreed. 'There has to be better ways to say your last words to the beloved who's going to kill you to save the world… ok I have nothing.'

He took one last look at Ruby's face seeing everything. 'She is beautiful, isn't she?' If this would be his last thought then it's not a bad one, not at all.

He had accepted his fate, waiting for Crescent Rose to take his life. He was going to miss this life. He was going to miss her, his fiancée. She was strong. He knew she would be fine, both her and Chrom. He was not needed, not anymore.

Something hit the ground with a dull thud. His eyes flickered open to see Ruby had dropped to her knees, Crescent Rose laid carelessly on the ground. Her body trembled and her lips quivered. The tears stream down her face; she let them hit the ground uncared for. She couldn't take this! Her resolve had been broken, she brought her hands up to stop the tears but to no avail.

"I don't want to lose anyone anymore!" Ruby felt disgust of herself for trying to kill Robin, the thought of doing it sickened her to the core regardless of whatever reason it could be.

She felt Jaune's arms wrapped around her. Strong, familiar and ever so comfortable, pulling her in so her head rest against his neck. She was about to say something but everything that came out of her mouth was sobs and sniffled through tears.

"Shhh… easy now. Easy. It okay, Ruby, you did nothing wrong, don't cry." Jaune let her tears wet his coat, he smothered her hair in order to ease her

"Regardless of my fate, I will do my best to change my destiny." She wrapped her arms around his neck as well.

Her tears had stopped as Jaune wiped away her tears. "I was… so stupid… Jaune… If I lost you, I don't know what would happen to me. I'm supposed to be there for you and I will. We will face the God of Darkness together."

Blake cooed. "This is just so beautiful!" Her team sighed because they knew of her love for not only porn on literature but also for romance.

Cinder scowled. "This is too disgusting. Who wants something like this?" Emerald instantly deflated since she was about to cry if Ruby killed Jaune.

Pyrrha was biting her fingernails in jealousy with a crazed look in her eyes. 'That should be me! That should be me! That should be me! I should be the one with Jaune not Ruby. She's not his partner.'

They stayed like that for a while, holding each other. Ruby gradually calmed down, only with the occasion hiccups she had stopped crying. Jaune could be careless about his now drenching coat, if it could offer her any comfort then he did not mind at all. "Jaune," she said, pushing off his chest. "y-you…" she sounded unsure. The look on her face told him that she wanted to ask him something, something embarrassed. He looked at her gently and brought his sleeve up to clean her face, waiting patiently for her.

"You think… you think I'm beautiful, right?" Out of all the questions, that was the least expected.

Jaune, who has taken back in surprised of the question. He studied over Ruby's face, she was blushing, averting her gaze and peeking out of the corner of her eyes in a self-conscious manner, he thought she look cute like this, especially that little rosy nose of her due to her crying. Sensing that she was afraid of what he going to answer, Jaune knew he had to comfort her. Beside the question was an easy one anyway.

Putting both hands on her shoulder and forcing her to look directly at him. "Of course you are, how could you not be? To me you are the most breathtaking view in this world. It's why I wanted to marry you, Ruby." Jaune answered honestly, grinning.

"This Jaune kid… is number one on the list." Qrow mumbled in anger.

Yang chuckled. "There's the smooth Lover Boy I know. Maybe Weiss is jealous that he wasn't like this to her."

A sharp elbow to her ribs caused her to gag a bit. Weiss glared at the blonde bombshell. "I do not Xiao Long! If not, I am simply worried for that Ruby to be in a relationship with him!"

Ruby blushed a little harder, embarrassed but happy by the honest answer. Jaune's answer and the warming gaze he sending her made her heart jump inexplicably. She subconsciously moving closer, he too leaned in slightly.

Tai on the other side of the tent had been listening for the last ten minutes and had his hands on his Falchion. However once he realized that there would be no death, he sheathed his sword.

"That's a fucking cop out, return to the tent!" Emerald complained as Mercury laughed at his fellow assassin. She was supposed to be unfeeling towards romance.

"No keep it on me! My baby should be thirty five before getting her first kiss!" Tai yelled out which received laughs from everyone.

Ruby wanted to hide in a ditch. 'Dad! Why do you have to keep on embarrassing me?!'

He was definitely taken aback by his best friend's faith towards him but he was also angry for making his daughter go through this. His thoughts were suddenly snapped when he heard moans coming out from the tent. Unfortunately for Chrom any musing on his daughter's reaction to being caught kissing in public was interrupted by a soft yet intensely passionate moan

"Ahhnnn! Jaune, I-, I-"

He definitely heard an audible suck with another feminine moan. "It's ok Ruby, let me do this for you."

Blushing bright crimson Tai suddenly realised that the so called kiss had begun a few minutes ago... And judging from that sound it seemed Jaune had moved from Ruby's lips to her neck. 'Wait, wait. Why do I know this?!'

Yang commented on her father's behavior "Creepy thing to do old man."

Tai answered back. "It's not being creepy when my little girl's chastity is on the line."

Mercury whispered. "Good thing my dad wasn't like this… or maybe I would have liked it if he did… I need a dad." The grey haired assassin became depressed from that line of thinking while Emerald glowed with joy. 'Now I have a new illusion for him. One that involves daddy and spanking.'

Raven said. "If it was my daughter since this guy is strong. I have no problem with their relationship. Their children have to be strong as well."

Qrow scowled. "Ok Ms. Might is Right, there are other things that a parent should consider. But you aren't anyway." The two siblings got into a glaring contest but it was stopped when the Creator appeared in front of them. A silent understanding was given, they will talk about this sooner or later.

Mortified but with no escape he had no choice but to try plug his ears as his daughter's soft moans increased. "Ahh, You-Your hands... Mmm"

"Ruby... I-Mmmph" Whatever Ruby had been meaning to ask was cut off, it seemed Jaune had taken the initiative back.

"Mmm, more..." Ruby's voice filled with lust had caused him to pound his head to the ground. He was sure that if he made enough noise, the couple would stop but it seems from their increased moaning that the mission had failed.

Yang looked at a really red Ruby. "Okay, hon, it's time for you to-"

Ruby yelled out. "Mr. Creator, please!" Hearing her silent plea, the Creator snapped his fingers and chains had bound Yang and Qrow, more tied to Tai.

Yang looked betrayed as her sister looked… excited. "No way, Ruby you-"

Ruby stated with a determined expression. "I have to see this Yang. I'm an adult now, if I'm old enough to kill then I'm old enough to see what Blake is reading. Also… it's Jaune… I kinda like that."

The Creator had also tied Pyrrha down from since she was about to charge to the petite reaper and strangle her. They had also ignored her yells of "It should be me! I should be the one with Jaune, not any of you!"

Ozpin sighed. "Glynda, we need to hire someone to be the student counselor. It seems our students have a lot of problems. Place it in the highest of importance for Beacon next to the coffee budget."

Glynda remarked. "That's the best idea you've had in a while, Ozpin."


The others were shocked as they looked at the Creator who shrugged his shoulders. "The higher ups decided to change the rating since you guys can handle seeing something like this."

He then looked at Ruby. "Also you and Jaune doing this is a strong possibility in the future… maybe you can take notes."

What killed her family was the fact she got her scroll and started writing notes and then she looked to Blake who was crying tears of joy. Weiss on the other hand had decided to move to Team NPR. "I'm sorry my team is going insane."

'Oh gods... No! ...Please no!' Tai had been trained from childhood for combat; he had honed his senses almost to perfection. Very little escaped his notice, he was proud of his abilities and his alertness, however, at that moment, with no way to escape eavesdropping, he wished more than anything that he was mistaken... That he hadn't just heard the sound of clothing falling to the ground.

Ruby moaned out. "Ahh, here!" He distinctly heard the sounds of licking. 'Oh gods… why did I imagine my best friend and my grown up daughter?!'


'No, no, no, no, no, no…' No matter how many times he repeated this word. Even with his anguish increasing by the second, there was unfortunately no way he could miss the sound of two bodies quickly collapsing to the ground. It was like the gods responding to him saying 'Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh my god.'

"Who knew little Red can do grown up stuff?" Roman commented which Ruby yelled out the default response that she drinks milk.

"Jaune... Please... I want-mmm, I want to feel you... Ahh, don't tease me" hearing his proud and beautiful daughter panting passionately was distressing in all kinds of ways. And so, blushing bright red, doing whatever he could to block out the sounds and feeling more uncomfortable than he had ever felt in his entire life, Tai was left lying against a hill hearing his eldest daughter and his closest friend passionately, loudly, making love.

"Ei—ahhhhhnnn!" a loud pleasure filled shriek piercing the air left little doubt as to what had just happened...

"I can admit this… Lover Boy has some moves." Even though the audience couldn't see what was going on. The sounds were enough for everyone to understand that the couple were going ham for half an hour before the shriek pierced the room.

Ruby asked retaining her blush. "Can Jaune really do this?"

The Creator nodded. "Only to those he truly loves, sometimes he lasts for half a day." Pyrrha, Ruby, Yang, and even Blake had started bleeding from their noses while Mercury was bowing down in reverance. Meanwhile Weiss was shaking her head. 'Perverts! I'm surrounded by them, all of them closet perverts!'

Tai blushed when the moans became louder. '...She sounds just like her Mother... OH GODS!' Unfortunately this would be the start for some incredibly disturbing thoughts that would continue to rise unbidden in his head. 'I don't think I can even look at Jaune and Ruby the same way again.'

"Ruby... I'm... Ahh" Grabbing his hair and on the verge of tears, hearing that was almost a relief. 'Finally it's over. Jaune's stamina is not that great. I can wait here for a bit and then go inside to confront the two.'

"Inside. Ahh.. Inside... Please...Mmm" He wasn't sure what he thought of his daughter's response, he was sure he didn't want to think about it. 'So that's how Morgan was made.'

Ruby mumbled. "I kinda like that name for a kid. Ah-" Her thighs started tingling even more. "I'd like to have a family with Jaune."

The Beacon staff and students were shocked hearing this from Ruby and then they realized. 'She's still in puberty… did we awaken a monster?'

And so, with Ruby letting off one final shriek (that Tai vowed spend the rest of his life cleansing from his mind) it was finally over and the two lovers were left lying on the ground panting and kissing. He could hear the smacking of lips was even louder than before. 'Please stop.'

Breathing a sigh of relief and attempting to bring his mortified blush under control Chrom finally sat up to finally confront them. "Mmm... Again?" Only to be stopped dead by hearing his daughter's question, her voice thick with lust.

Blake, Ruby and Pyrrha were panting heavily and drooling from their mouths as Pyrrha said it best. "My precious! Must have precious! Must have babies!"

Ozpin looked at Glynda. "We also need to establish more safety measures for young hunter in training pregnancies."

There's a breaking point for every man. This was it. He then shook his head around to remove those sinful thoughts and those proud thoughts of Jaune being ready for the next round. He then grabbed his trusty Falchion and was about to storm in to stop the next round, someone bumped him on the head which caused him to crash face first to the ground.

"NO!" Tai, Qrow, Yang and Pyrrha yelled at the interruption. They wanted someone to stop Ruby and Jaune for different reasons.

He looked to see Summer with a warm smile on her face. He growled at her. "Why? Shouldn't we stop this? She is our daughter, she is not in the right mindset for a life altering decision? She should do it when she is not emotionally distraught!"

Summer grabbed his foot and started to drag him away. "You will not remove the chance for me to spoil my grandkids. I also love Morgan and I like to see my daughter smile more." Tai couldn't resist his wife pulling him away from saving his daughter. 'I will see you Jaune very soon. You shall receive my wrath!'

Tai pouted while Qrow laughed. "Same old Summer. I could see the short stack do that to you, bro."

Yang smirked at the cute red faced Ruby, she wanted to 'aww' but at the same time beat up Jaune to death. 'Maybe he'd be a good boyfriend for Ruby… what the hell am I thinking?'

Getting ready for the next round of love making. Jaune had stopped sucking on her neck as he smiled. "Don't worry. I'm not mad, it was my fault after all," He reassured her.

"I could have killed you" She whispered.

He looked at himself before shrugging. "You did a rather bad job at it."

She glared at him. "I don't understand you. How could you be so calm? I nearly killed you! You should hate me! You should be-" Jaune's index finger pressed on her lips, silenced her.

"Because I know why you did it, and I love you for it. I could never hate you Ruby" He turned slightly red and rubbed the back of his neck. Maybe he was being a little too cheesy.

"You're always-"

"Shut up Yang! Let me have this!" Yang was shocked at Ruby's outburst as she looked very interested in seeing this.

'No… when did she become this interested with Vomit Boy. Have I failed as an elder sister?'

His hands reached out, cupping her face. Before she could even react, his lips pressed on her. Her eyes widened as he ended the kiss, it was short but enough to sent electricity through their brain. She let go of the kiss and breathed out. "Please Robin! Don't go… stay here… with me…tonight,"

He smiled warmly. "I am never leaving you princess." And in the heated of the moment both leaned in closer. The kiss was slower this time, both pouring all of their emotions into it to show how much she meant to him, and he to her. For the briefest of moments, their troubles vanished, the war forgotten, all they needed right now were each other. Then one thing led to another…

Their moment was heard by the entire camp with the Shepherds either celebrating their union or being very disgusted that it lasted till the morning.

Ruby was red since she tried to banish those adult thoughts that made her thighs tingly. 'Jaune has so much stamina… I think I need an adult for this.'

The Creator then said. "Here are the previews for the next screening."

The screen showed Cinder walking on the suburbs of Vale until she stopped at a simple yet stylish one floor ranch house with a small yard and a flower bed that were both meticulously cared for. One would expect a house like this for a housewife but not Cinder Fall. She elegantly pushed through the entrance of the house, her once sadistic yet cold expression changing to a warm and caring face.

"Honey I'm home!"

The rest of the villains were shocked by two things, one she was married apparently and two when could she make a face like that. What surprised them next was Jaune arriving in the living room with a pink apron entitled 'Kiss the Cook' holding a bottle of expensive red wine. To Emerald she knew that brand to be her boss/crush's favorite.

"Cindy! Welcome back dear."

The Creator chuckled on the look of Cinder as she saw herself as a lesser version of herself. "That's not all, the second scenario is this."

The screen showed a nervous Jaune who was standing in front of the room of RWBY's door. 'Oh god, what the hell am I doing here? Why did Yang just-'

The door opened revealing a Yang who had worn her usual outfit but this one was different since there was no jacket. Inside was a very red Ruby who looked like she was pleading to him to go away.

"Jaune! Good on you for being here! I thought I would have to make you come here by force."

"Um… Yang, what on Oum am I doing here?" Yang smirked and used her strength to pull him in the room as she immediately locked the door, barring his only escape unless he wanted to escape through the window.

"If this is about what happened last week, I am so so so so sorry." Yang chuckled but shook her head at the embarrassed Jaune.

"What did you do to my little brawler?!" Tai's outburst caused a red Yang to slowly retreat into the couch. It did not help that her team and the other people in the theater were snickering at her dad's affections probably leaning on obsession.

"Well… if you want me to forgive you for what you did. I have to let you do a little favor for me." Jaune was surprised, he expected a punch that broke his skull. Was Yang leaning her chest too much on him, any more he might see something.

"What is it?" Yang smiled as she grabbed a slowly retreating Ruby who was very red.

"I need you to teach my little sister about relationships and what guys can do to with their-" She slowly licked her lips which caused Jaune to experience shivers.

"… assets." Ruby hid her face while Jaune was shocked.

"I think you'll enjoy this one." Yang cornered Jaune with her chest and on seeing his blushing face. "Because. I. Will!"

"I'll kill the fool who touched my little girls. Qrow, get the Zwei, it's time!" Both overbearing parent and uncle were readying the plans for the murder of a certain blonde hunter. Ruby was blushing of thinking of what Yang would do with her first boy that is definitely just a guy friend.

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