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"What the hell is this?" Appearing into the room was a confused Coco Adel and her nervous best friend Velvet Scarlatina who were wondering where they were. Her question came from the fact that several junior students, the Roman Torchwick, some Mistral students, General Ironwood, Ozpin, and Glynda Goodwitch in a theater.

"I have decided to bring some new company to our last screening." The Creator appeared with the two in tow.

"Literally this is what you guys have been doing?" Coco asked as she decided to sit in a newly created couch that was next to team RWBY and NPR. The nods she got from the audience meant that they must have been here for a long time.

"Is everyone ready for this one?" The Creator asked and since no one responded or decided to comment about the two. There were a few muffled screams but those came from Qrow and Tai whose mouths were covered with sheets that came from the Creator's creation powers.

Cinder Fall was a monster. A monster that was talented in her line of work like lying, cheating, stealing, and killing. She was good at what she did whether it be for power or respect or revenge. No one got in the way of the Cinder Fall.

Every good guy in the room stared at Cinder who was now coming up with a solution to not only get the Maiden but also escape Beacon and create a new identity. The Creator on seeing her distress commented. "Do not worry certain parts of what has transpired may not be remembered by some people to protect the rest in this room."

Ruby complained. "That's not fair Mr. Creator! Why are you helping a bad guy?"

The Creator answered. "I do not choose sides, I simply want to show all of you without any repercussions that will drastically change events in the timeline."

Only one person who was close to her had no clue of who Cinder really was or what she did and she'd kill to make it stay that way. Cinder walking on the suburbs of Vale until she stopped at a simple yet stylish one floor ranch house with a small yard and a flower bed that were both meticulously cared for. One would expect a house like this for a housewife but not Cinder Fall. She elegantly pushed through the entrance of the house, her once sadistic yet cold expression changing to a warm and caring face.

"Honey I'm home!" She walked through the modest yet extravagant living room while she heard the sounds of the kitchen. This told her that person was finishing the touches on their dinner. A dinner that washed away all the troubles she had in that dark world.

"Cindy! I'm in the kitchen!" Walking into the kitchen, a smile coming to her face as she saw him. Clad in a 'kiss the cook' apron and cutting up chicken by the sink, with his ridiculous mop of blond hair and deep blue eyes, and that dumb smile on his face, the one that was reserved for her.

Pyrrha was breathing heavily on this househusband version of her partner. To her this was the most handsome version she had seen yet. This lived up to her own dreams besides the knight in shining armor saving her from the celebrity life.

Cinder's eyebrow had raised questioningly, 'There is no way I would fall for a wimp like that.'

"Hey babe, I was starting to get worried. I even brought out the first aid kit if I had to find you bleeding on the street again."

She scoffed at his suspicion. "Jaune, that happened once."

He raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Does it need to happen more than once for me to care?"

She then slid up behind him, wrapping her arms around his more toned waist. She then planted a soft kiss on his neck. "I remember it worked out well for you."

"Because I met you?" He questioned as she chuckled.

Her purr caused him to jump a bit, he looked into her predatory eyes. "Because you got laid."

He chuckled. "You're bad."

"Who knew all the big bad Cinder needed was a wimpy blonde nerd?" Roman's statement caused Emerald to glare at the experienced criminal while Cinder unconsciously started to cause her part of the couch to burn due to her half maiden powers.

"I suggest if you still loved your life Roman then you would quit it." Cinder's suggestion was met with mere laughter from both Roman and Neo. Her hand roared with empowered flames but were quickly extinguished by the Creator.

"Remember no violence, Ms. Fall." She simply glared at the Creator who ignored this jab. On the other hand it looks like Nora commented towards Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, and Ruby.

"Don't you think Jauney is the perfect husband?" Those girls started to blush red as Ren raised his eyebrow questioningly.

Nora answered. "Well think of what fearless leader is good at. He cooks, cleans, sews, and is able to establish friendly relationships without any problem if it's not in Beacon. He's like the best househusband you can ask for."

Jaune then turned to her and wrapped his arms around her. "What happened?"

She sighed. "I got caught up at work today. Long day, especially since my bosses are starting to be more demanding. It doesn't help that my employee slash partner is too flashy and childish."

She was supposed to say more but his kiss on her forehead silenced that action. "Sorry baby. Why don't you get changed? Just relax in the living room. I'll bring you something to drink. Your favorite brand."

She rested her head on his chest and smiled. "That sounds nice."

"Then go, I'll prepare it for you." He said as she walked away but not before a slap to her behind from her husband.

"That dude's got brass beach balls to do that." Mercury remarked which then earned him an icy glare from Cinder that promised death.

"I'm rooting for this kid, personally." Roman commented.

'Maybe Jaune could do that to me?' Pyrrha squealed from that daydream of a notion that caused her teammates to simply sigh.

Cinder smiled. "It seems that you will be punished later. I hope you won't fear from that dear."

Jaune smiled in return with more confidence. "I'll be waiting for that honey."

A few minutes later, Cinder had returned to the living room clad in the uniform of her conquered husband. Sweatpants and a Pumpkin Pete hoodie that was the first casualty in the first weeks of their relationship. She first called it childish and ghastly but it grew on her.

Roman had just started rolling on the floor and laughing loudly while Coco simply closed her eyes on the fashion monstrosity.

"How did I fall for this fool?!" Cinder stated to which she could clearly see that there was no way she could even see a situation where she is in love with Jaune.

She made her way to her favorite chair which was a rich dark leather recliner that had too much padding on it. However Jaune was able to show her the error of her ways, he was surprisingly good at that.

"Emerald." Said minion of the killer lady looked at her expectantly.

"Yes, Cinder."

"Make a note on that chair. I want that chair. It looks like that fool has a bit of a redeeming quality." Emerald was shocked but followed those orders but now had a job to do. Observe Jaune Arc and if it would ruin her chances then end him. He wasn't that important and he could actually cause harm to their plans in Vale.

Her knight clad in the same apron had brought a strong weapon. A martini of her choice to which he gave her. "Hey baby. Here's your martini."

She gratefully accepted the drink. "My hero." She then patted the area next to her, a signal that meant for him to sit.

Cinder gave a smile. "Hmm... he has good taste."

He sat next to her. "So tell me about it."

She sighed, it was getting harder for her to come up with ways to talk about her work without mentioning what really happened. "You know that we've got a big acquisition coming up right? So, we're supposed to be outsourcing right now. These contractors are killing me."

Jaune placed a comforting hand on her lap. "That bad, huh."

"Jaune they're the worst. The boss of these contractors… Salem is providing the manpower but is just so needy. She's constantly droning on and on in our meetings about 'getting their due' and 'what her people are owed' and 'exes ruining everything.' I just keep on having to tell her this is the best deal or plan she's going to get but she just wants everything to be done quickly despite having more time than others."

Ozpin was shocked, here was a member of Salem's group working under his nose in his domain. This was the first for him to be fooled, what he didn't know was that this would happen a lot of times under his nose.

Jaune grimaced. "Is it a good deal."

She nodded. "It is. To die for, babe. If it happens, we'd rock this city to the core, if she'd just listen."

Jaune chuckled, he believed his wife a hundred percent but it didn't mean it was funny for him to hear a lot of exaggerations. "You sure love your hyperbole."

Cinder smiled. "Don't I though however-" She scowled. "There's a lot of problems with the people I work with. There's one guy who is annoying, one who is silent, one who is arrogant and opportunistic. Along with the guy I'm working with who's been bitching about his ex leaving him and how the world will know his pain. I think I'd adopt it as a torture method to be honest."

Blake had a suspicious feeling to who that person is, 'It can't be Adam.'

"Well at least he doesn't wear all black honey." Jaune was expecting a comeback from her but her silence was all that he needed to know his joke was right.

"Damn, that's intense. Let me guess the love of his life ran away and now he compliments it by looking like an edgelord."

Cinder nodded. "Jaune, he even mutters her name every time in a sentence."

'Goddamn it.' Blake knew Adam was obsessive but this was too much. She didn't expect it to be that bad... 'Maybe I should have handled that differently.'

He chuckled. "Well if his wardrobe is like that then I guess it is torture to wear. Good thing Pete looks good on you."

She flicked her finger on his forehead. "Hush you. I make everything look good."

He smirked. "I love you and I know you love me."

The oven started beeping from the kitchen as she ran a hand along his cheek. "I do. Now go fulfill your duties and feed me."

He snorted as he got up. "You should be more grateful that one of us knows how to cook. I swear it's like you have a talent for burning things to a crisp."

"It's a talent." Her dangerous smile faltered when her scroll began to ring and she glanced at the caller ID. She groaned as she realized it was Roman again. "I'm sorry but I have to take this. It's from work."

"No problem I'll just get the food could you handle the table." Her response was a simple nod. She waited for him to be in the kitchen before receiving the call, audio only with a growl.


Roman chuckled. "Well someone's in a mood. Did you sleep on the wrong pile of ashes?"

She demanded. "Speak."

There was silence now coming from the other end that told her things were not looking good. "We're behind schedule. When Little Red hit the docks that was a major supply that's now gone. I need two more weeks to do it safely."

She took a deep breath but was still angry enough to get her point across. "I'm not a woman to disappoint, Roman. You misunderstand. You think I actually care about your safety along with the group and that infuriating imp you carry around. If you fail to meet the deadline… then I think I should show you the consequences."

"Damn! Somebody's whipped!" Yang yelled out which earned a fiery glare from Roman as Cinder agreed with the blonde bimbo.

"Don't worry Roman. I'm very sure you enjoyed being my bitch." Cinder chuckled even if Roman fumed with anger.

However her opinion of this Jaune person was getting better. A man who is the perfect househusband who then follows her every order was one she wanted in the back of her power driven mind.

She smirked when he heard him being nervous. "I- But I-"

She interrupted his nervous ramblings. "If you do not make the deadline in the warehouse by this Friday. Expect me to-"

Jaune suddenly called her from the kitchen. "Cinnabon bun! Do you want potatoes or rice with the chicken?"

Roman was about to interject but she quickly silenced him. "Silence you fool." She then covered the receiver. "Do we have sweet potatoes, dear?"

Roman smirked. "Talk about a full one eighty."

"Yes! I'll put them on."

"Thank you baby! Carry on my kitchen knight!" She removed her hand from the receiver. "They will tell stories in the underground if you say anything of what had occurred. If you fail me expect your life to end right there, Roman."

Roman asked. "Who the hell was that?"

"Someone who can kill you with a single word. Do we understand each other? Also if you try to search for him then you shall face me."

His forlorn reply filled her with happiness. "Yes… ma'am."

"Good. One way or another, I will see you Friday." She quickly ended the call before he could respond due to Jaune entering the living room with the roasted chicken with sweet potatoes in his arms.

"Are you alright?"

She answered instantly. "I am. Let me fix the table for you. Afterwards can you feed me something else Jaune."

The slight sway of her hips caused him to nearly cause the meal to fall and for his temperature to drastically rise. But he smiled. "I'll get the tools dear. But first let's eat."

Pyrrha blushed. "I don't think I can watch anymore of this." She didn't want to admit that she wanted this but she also did not want to see an adult scene with her crush and a superior sensual and more mature girl even if she was evil.

"There's more." The Creator commented.

The scene shifted to Jaune as he strained against the bonds linking his hands to the back of the metal chair. He'd spent what felt like most of the last hour trying to get the cuffs to break, but they hadn't even budged. A cold sweat ran down his back he considered the consequences of staying here any longer. He had to get out, and he had to get out now. He shuffled his feet, tied to the chair's legs, along the floor, pushing himself back and forth.

Maybe, just maybe, if he had Aura, he could break one of his hands enough to get it free. It'd suck, but hey, it'd worked for that guy in that movie, why not him? He grit his teeth in anticipation as the chair leaned further and further back. He was almost there, just one last push! He closed his eyes and waited as the chair began its fall. It would all be over in a-

"My, my, aren't we an ambitious little Huntsman?" A terrifyingly familiar voice called, as a hand caught his shoulder, robbing him of his momentum and righting the chair. He shuddered as he felt the hand release its grip on his shoulder and trail down his chest until he could feel her breath on his ear.

The Beacon people were alarmed, it seemed that marriage was a front. "Jaune get out of there." Ren yelled.

The Creator laughed. "Do not worry about your friend. There's more here than what meets the eye."

"Are you bored of me already? We still have so much to discuss." She purred.

"I'm not telling you anything." He snapped back.

She chucked as she slowly pulled back, her nails raking along his chest, before walking around the chair to face him. "I imagine you think that sounds brave."

Cinder Fall taunted with a smirk. "Don't worry, you're far from the first man to believe this, and you won't be to first one to break either. All you have to decide, is how much pain we're going to go through to get there." She hummed as she cupped his chin, forcing him to look her in the eye. "Just between us, I don't think it's going to take all that long."

He snarled as he opened his mouth wide and twisted his head to bite into her hand, only to have his efforts rewarded with a sharp crack, as a slap from her other and sent his head spinning to the side.

"Who knew Lover Boy was into this?" Yang questioned as Blake raised her eyebrow in amazement.

"Lover Boy? Yang don't you call him Vomit Boy." Yang realized what she said and blushed in embarrassment as Tai was about to comment but his mouth was covered.

Raven groaned. "Oh shut it you big teddy bear. You can't be this overbearing, you have to let them go."

Glynda smirked. "Says the one who's the picture of deadbeat parent." Raven was about to unsheathe her katana but that also disappeared thanks to the Creator.

She tsked. "But, I've been wrong before. Not that it matters, we have all the time in the world, and I'm far from squeamish. How about you, little Hunter? I bet you're not a big fan of blood."

"You're a monster!" He growled.

She rolled her eyes. "First time I've heard that one, I assure you."

"Doesn't make it any less true. Just you wait you will be brought to justice."

She chuckled as her finger touched his chin and forced him to look up at her. "Ara ara. And what, dear Huntsman, makes me a monster?"

"You're a murderer!" He accused.

She scoffed at his accusation. "I've killed people, yes. So has any number of your little friends, the Huntsmen you read about in the news, the soldiers that guard your borders."

"Um… That's different!" He defended.

"See Roman, everyone no matter who they are can never win against me in a battle of wits." Cinder laughed as Roman muttered along the lines of hired help being more of the problem.

"Oh? Are those people a special kind of dead that I haven't heard about, one that doesn't count as much? If so, I must share this news immediately." She stated while her hands slowly teasingly went around the bounded boy's legs causing him to squirm. He dared not look ahead as there was a danger in seeing her cleavage.

"They kill when they have to. They do it to protect people. I do as well. You kill innocents" He argued.

"Protect them from whom? The disenfranchised, the desperate? Why do you imagine those bandits and faunus are so willing to resort to violence? Could it be that they've found that their voices have fallen on deaf ears? That your council has turned a blind eye to problems that are too complicated or expensive? Who has time to think about all that when elections are just around the corner? Especially when you have good little Huntsmen like you to deal with it. Yes I kill innocents but don't tell me that huntsman also don't do the same."

Her monologue stunned him. "I- I- Twist it however you want, it doesn't change anything. You kill for yourself, nothing more."

"Don't fall for it Jaune. Be strong!" Pyrrha and Ruby yelled as they didn't want their knight to fall to such a wicked woman.

She chuckled. "And that's what makes me a monster?"

"Doesn't it?" He challenged. "You only care about power."

She scowled. "Do you know who doesn't care about power, little Huntsman? Those that already have it." He opened his mouth to respond, only have it snap shut as she stuck him again. "See? What are you thinking about right now? It's hurting me, isn't it? You crave power more than anything right now, because you have none. I imagine this is a new experience for you."

"I knew she was bad for you. Fight her off fearless leader!" Nora yelled out.

Weiss interjected. "Um… I think they are roleplaying, Nora. As in what couples do."

Ruby sweatdropped. "Couples are weird."

"Eh… then maybe Ren and I should do something like this." The man in question visibly shook his head to demonstrate his objection.

He spat blood at her, it falling just short at her feet. "You're wrong. I've been powerless almost my entire life."

She snorted. "Oh please, what have you ever truly struggled for?" She gestured towards him. "You never wondered where you next meal is coming from, have you? Have you ever had to walk from one town to another because you won't survive the winter if you stay? Do even know how to hunt? Have you ever stolen, not out of spite, but out of desperation?"

He was about to say something but she interrupted him as she smelt that she was winning this battle of ideals. "No, you haven't. Mommy and daddy took care of all that for you, but it still wasn't enough, was it? Despite the fact that you had everything that you could ever need, you wanted more. You wanted to be a Hunter, you wanted power."

"I wanted to help people!"

"You wanted to be a hero." She corrected. "You wanted the glory, to be someone, to have people notice you. You chose a life of violence, little Hunter, that sounds pretty selfish to me."

"She's wrong. She doesn't know anything about Jaune." Pyrrha repeated this over and over upon seeing Jaune losing the fight to this Cinder.

Ruby sweatdropped. "Um, Pyrrha, you know this isn't real right."

"I'd never dream of hurting someone I didn't have to!" He defended.

She grinned wickedly as she leaned in. "Oh, but you have thought about hurting people, haven't you? Perhaps some big, bad ruffian, a bandit that no one cares about. I bet you've been waiting for it, the chance to test your skills, to know that you're better than them."

"I've never-"

"-admitted it, I know. But, you have thought about it, I know you have." She chuckled as she watched his head fall. "Oh, don't be so dramatic, it's perfectly natural. The only thing that's different is the reasons why we fight. Tell me, little Hunter, what did you imagine would be waiting for you when you returned from the battlefield, bloody and victorious?"

"Shut up." He mumbled towards the floor. "It's not like that, I just…I just wanted-"

"-to be special. To be acknowledged, to be praised, to be admired." A smirk found its way to her face as she moved over to him. "Perhaps by a woman?" He looked away and she burst out laughing. "Oh Gods, of course it is! Don't worry, little Hunter, that just makes you like the endless stream of young men that have marched off to fight, adventure in their heads and murder in their hearts. It certainly doesn't make you special."

"Just get it over with." He snapped.

She chuckled, pushed him back in his seat and straddling his waist. "Oh no, my little Huntsman, you wanted to talk, remember?" She said, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Tell me about her, this woman you'd kill for."

"Damn this is getting hot real fast!" Coco yelled out as Velvet tried to shush her but everyone was realizing they would see something real adult soon.

"Ms. Adel that comment is highly inappropriate." Glynda spoke as the others just snickered.

"Well you don't have to worry about anything Miss G. The one who is the most worried is P money over there." Pyrrha blushed in embarrassment over Yang's statement. Was it really that obvious?

"I wouldn't-"

"I bet she's beautiful, isn't she? Yes, she'd have to be to rile you up so. They're always beautiful, you know."

"Stop." He demanded.

"I bet she doesn't even know your name, or if she does, she's never said it with anything but contempt. You thought that maybe you could change all that if you just did something special enough, if you were special enough." She allowed Aura to flow into her arms, and watched the boy squirm painfully against the heat running through her. "Tell me, am I getting warm?"

Cinder smirked. 'Probably should add this under more enjoyable torture methods.'

"Fuck you." He gasped.

"Oh, I bet you've dreamt of that too." She taunted as she slowly grinded her hips on his. This caused him to squirm and beg for the blood to not go to his lower parts.

"No! I would never ever think of you." He shouted back.

"Please, you've been more nervous in the past few moments than when I was threatening to torture you. Do you want me, little Huntsman? You certainly wouldn't be the first, I'm afraid that doesn't make you special either." Her taunts had started to hit home after she noticed a certain part was getting harder.

The five girls in the audience that were clearly affected by the showing of the blonde's bulge started to blush and imagine what it would be like. Meanwhile Cinder smirked on the blonde's appendage. 'He is of noticeable size.'

He struggled to somehow lean further back in the chair. "I'm not-"

"-very selfless, as it turns out. The world at your fingertips, and you still wanted more. Learned to fight, to protect yourself, and you still wanted more. Now you're sitting here, my prisoner, and you still want more." She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "You're so goddamn selfish."

"Please-" he begged.

"Please what, little Huntsman?" She asked. "I need to know what you want in order to give it to you. Is it for me to stop?" She nipped at his ear. "Or perhaps something else?"

"I can't my duty-"

"Oh, but you can, and I think you will. And your current duty is to serve me." She whispered, pressing into him. "Just say the words. Show me how selfish you really are."

The girls who were starting to have feelings for Jaune except Cinder were on bated breath. They lost in the battle of sensuality but they still hoped that this Jaune would not give into temptation. Pyrrha bit her lip until blood came out. "It's not fair! It's not fair! I should have one with Jaune! Where's mine?!"

He swallowed. "I want-"

The several ringing of the doorbell stopped the couple from going further as Jaune sighed. "I want us to continue but I'm afraid someone has to answer the door."

Cinder growled. "If it was anyone else I would kill them instantly." She got of his lap and went to their desk and grabbed the keys and quickly unlocked the binds of her husband. "It seems I need to answer this."

Jaune nodded. "Well I'll get things ready for our guest, why don't I meet them Cindy!"

Cinder didn't respond as Jaune went out the bedroom door. His steps indicating that he was making his way to the house's entrance. 'Could Emerald just have been late this time? I was this close.'

Outside, Emerald Sustrai was standing in front of the Arc-Fall door trying to purge anything that might incriminate her boss… and hide their activities from her husband. 'Luckily for us he's dumb. But honestly this is tiring to do week after week. It's amazing that they've been together for half a year.'

"Ah, you're still the obedient slave." Roman taunted as Emerald gave her the finger and gave another fiery glare to Mercury who was laughing at that comment.

"I will murder both of you in your sleep." Even though Emerald fought back, Cinder sent her a silent glare that meant for her to be quiet.

"Don't worry Emerald. I think I needed to talk personally to Mercury." The silver haired assassin gulped in fear. Last time Cinder talked to someone 'personally', they were never seen again since he helped in disposing of the body.

She took a deep breath after she had knocked twice again. She steadied herself for the ensuing shenanigans. The face that answered the door was friendly, almost unreasonably friendly, with its bright blue eyes and goofy grin. She noticed as well that he was sweating slightly, half-naked and… 'Don't look down, she will kill you if you notice that you interrupted their time again.'

"Um… P-Money, you're drooling." Yang noticed the rapid surge of drool hanging from the champion as she soaked in the image of a very fit but muscular Jaune.

"Um… Yang. I think you should look at your team." Yang looked to see Weiss doing another face palm as the other two members were in the same state as Pyrrha.

"Hey Em! How's it going?" Jaune asked, as he leaned against the door frame.

She responded with a bored tone. "Oh, you know, just keeping busy."

"I, um, like your new outfit?" He said, glancing down at her.

'Outfit?' She looked down at her usual outfit, one that was meant to draw eyes places other than her hands, and realized what he meant. She had made a habit of changing into something a bit more...conservative, before coming over in the past.

"Damn you're trying so hard to remove Cinder's husband, you're willing to do that, Em." Mercury snickered at Emerald's increasingly red face filled with embarrassment.

"Mercury, calm yourself. I think you already know that Emerald would never do something that would cause harm to anything I own." Cinder's smirk caused Emerald to be even more embarrassed and shocked.

'Wait… she's actually accepting this guy.'

She mentally shrugged. Damage done. 'Damn! It's not like I can use my Semblance on him now.' It was time for another excuse. "I was, uh...hiking. It's a new hobby." She lied.

"Cool." He accepted easily, stepping back and holding the door open. "Come on in and have a seat, I'll go grab Cindy."

"Thanks." She walked inside and found herself in the comfortable home. Looking back to what Cinder does she would have never expected this for the one who saved her on the streets. 'I'll never get used to this.'

She made her way to the living room and settled on the couch, sitting opposite of what she'd learned was 'Cinder's chair.' 'What a shocker… all black and leather.'

She was quick to stand when Cinder entered the room, despite Jaune waving for her to remain seated. "Ma'am." She greeted.

Motioning for her to take a seat as she found her own. "How are you Emerald?"

"I'm well Cinder. I have an update about the situation at the…office, like you asked." She tried.

Cinder nodded absently. "Yes?"

Emerald coughed and shot a glance towards Jaune, happily resting on his own plush, brown recliner. "We uh, found out where the um… water was coming from and-"

"Fascinating." Cinder cut her off, eyes scanning over her, before narrowing. Emerald instantly knew that she was going to regret coming to their house. "Emerald that is an… adventurous outfit."

"Busted!" Mercury yelled out as he laughed but then groaned after a sharp elbow to his ribs from Emerald.

"Looks like someone's gonna be put in the kiddy corner for seducing her man." Roman laughed as Neo found it funny since the two partners in crime appeared.

"Yeah, she started hiking recently apparently! Surprised me too, I always thought she was a city girl." Jaune offered.

'Don't make the situation get any worse.' Emerald thought since her face was already as red as a certain Beacon student's name.

"Aw, Oum! This guy's an idiot." Roman's comment made some people laugh.

"It would be an inconvenience and a benefit to have a naïve partner like him." Winter said to which Weiss agreed however Pyrrha wanted to contest if it wasn't for her two teammates stopping her.

Cinder glared at Emerald who was trying very hard to hide. "Hiking? That must be quite a lot of work. My and doesn't she look thirsty? Jaune, could you be a dear and grab our resident 'hiker' some water?"

'Please, please. For the love of the mighty Oum, just don't do it Jaune.'

"Well you are thirsty Emerald." Everyone laughed at Mercury's comment to which Emerald wanted nothing but to just disappear.

"No, no, no! I'm fine!" She blurted out, leaning forward out of her seat.

Cinder tsked. "Nonsense dear, you look positively parched. Don't you think so, honey?"

Jaune smiled and motioned for her to sit as he stood. "I can see it. Don't' worry its just water Em, I'll be right back."

Cinder looked to him. "Can you also place on a shirt as well? Emerald might get even thirstier."

The laughter in the audience reached higher levels that caused Emerald to want to use her semblance to cause unspeakable Lovecraftian nightmares. However what crushed her spirit was seeing Cinder laugh at her misfortune.

"Thank you dear, take your time." Cinder encouraged.

Emerald's eyes followed him in silent horror as he merrily left her to her doom, Cinder's gaze boring into her. As soon as he cleared the room, she snapped back to the dark-haired woman. "It's not what you're thinking!"

Cinder raised an eyebrow. "You know what I'm thinking? Is that your Semblance now?"

"N-no, I just-"

Cinder smirked. "Part of me is surprised you didn't try to use your Semblance on me while you showed off, though I would have known of course."

Emerald's brow creased at that. 'She does not get it does she?' "How-"

"Because I always know." She said, leaving no room for argument. "Though this," she made a gesture towards the green-haired girl, "cavorting around in front of me AND my husband? Might be worse."

"Someone please just end me." Emerald whispered to herself as Mercury was getting a huge kick out of this along with Roman and that little imp.

Sweat trickled down Emerald's forehead as she was face to face with an incensed Cinder. Her jaw worked up and down trying to come up with words but they escaped her. "Um- I- I-"

"Got the water!" Jaune announced, as he re-entered the room, delivering it with a flourish. "Here you go Em."

She sighed in relief which did not go unnoticed by Cinder as her glare increased. "T-thanks."

"No problem!" He said, as he walked back over to his chair. "What where you guys talking about? Water in the office? Like a leak?"

"Precisely dear." Cinder answered, staring Emerald down.

"Yeah you're leaking in front of other Cinder's hubby." Roman commented as the others started laughing in return.

"Dead men. All of you!" Emerald exclaimed.

He shrugged. "I can take care of it for you, no need to hire someone."

"That's ok!" Emerald rushed out. "We've got a guy!" 'Don't involve yourself. For Oum's sake Jaune, read the fucking atmosphere.' She looked at Cinder who was questioning her with another glare.

"Are you sure? I'm pretty handy."

Cinder stopped him from pressing further after she patted his arm and gave him a warm smile. "I know dear, but I think that this was caused by lack of proper maintenance, and I simply insist that people clean up their own messes. Isn't that right Emerald?"

Said tan girl simply nodded quickly as Jaune's decided to let it go. "Well ok, if you're sure…"

Cinder smirked at Emerald's reactions. "Certain, my knight. After all, this should be taken care of by…"

"Tomorrow!" Emerald snapped out, sitting on the edge of her seat.

"Excellent." Cinder nodded, before turning to Jaune and motioning to Emerald. "Dear, look at how stressed she is."

He frowned. "You ok Em?"

'You're asking that? Are you kidding me?' Emerald quickly answered. "Great! Never better! Fantastic!" 'Just let me leave. I'm sorry for interrupting your me time, Cinder. Please spare me.'

Cinder shook her head slowly. "Poor thing's a mess. Jaune, could you go get some wine for us all? Maybe that will calm her nerves."

"Sure!" He agreed, popping up again.

She immediately shrieked and stood up in order to stop him. "NO!"

"What's wrong Em? I thought this was paradise for you." Mercury's taunts were getting worse and worse for Emerald as her alternate version's situation was getting worse and worse.

"I didn't expect to enjoy this. But I most certainly do. Jaune… huh. Maybe I should talk to him." Cinder thought aloud which incited the glares of Pyrrha, Blake, Yang, and Ruby who were all along the lines of no bitch. Emerald certainly discovered her new target. 'That Jaune will die to prevent all of this.'

"Emerald." Cinder warned in a low tone, forcing her back down into her seat. "Our home is your home, and apparently, what is mine is yours."

Jaune shook his head. "Geez Em, you're frazzled. I'll grab some of the good stuff for us, won't be two shakes."

"Oh, I think we still have a bottle of the Mistralian left dear, see if you can find it." Cinder offered as he walked towards the kitchen.

Emerald's hope was gone. 'Don't leave me with her!' Emerald would bet every dollar she'd ever stolen that bottle didn't exist. She winced as his footsteps faded. "Cinder, I would never-"

"Oh?" She drawled. "Do you not find my Jaune attractive?"

Her hands became hot with fire which made Emerald flinch. 'Any answer will cause a painful death.' "No! I mean yes!"

She hummed. "So, you admit to being attracted to my husband."

Emerald sighed as she accepted her fate. 'This is hell. Mercury smothered me in my sleep last night, and I'm currently in hell.'

"Oh, that hurts, Em. I thought this was what you wanted from Cinder all this time." Emerald had hid her face from seeing any more of this horrible situation.

"Not that I could particularly blame you of course. After all, I chose him."

She sighed in relief again. 'Thank the gods. She finally let it go. She's just going to talk about her and Jaune-'

"If you hadn't acted on it, of course."

Just like that Cinder's words destroyed any chance of escape. 'The Gods can fuck right off.' "I-"

Cinder shrugged. "Let's see how Jaune feels about it, shall we?" She turned and yelled to the other room. "Honey! Did you find the wine? Any will do if you can't find that bottle, but I've got a question for you."

Emerald was screaming internally. 'Let this nightmare end already. I'm sorry I will never wear these kinds of clothes again.'

"Coming!" His voice called as his footsteps echoed down the hall. Cinder smirked at her as he entered the room, glasses and wine in hand.

"What's up babe?" He asked, concern clear on his face.

She smiled at him. "Oh, nothing life threatening…" A glance at Emerald confirmed that that was untrue. "…It's just that I've found out what's got Em so down."

He perked up. "What's that?"

Cinder gave him a sad look. "She feels unattractive."

Emerald started to sweat more as she was getting more nervous with what his answer would be. 'NONONONO!'

Some girls in the audience were dreading Jaune's answer since this version was more or less the same as the one back in Beacon.

He scoffed. "That's ridiculous, she's beautiful. I'm sure lots of guys are dying to meet her."

Emerald winced. 'We're both going to die here Jaune… actually it's just me isn't it.'

The woman in red sighed. "That's what I said, but she wasn't convinced. She wanted to know what you think, dear?"

He was about to answer but Cinder stopped him. Cinder then shook her head. "No baby, like, would YOU date her? Hypothetically, of course."

Emerald's ruby red eyes almost popped out of her head. 'Don't respond idiot! It's a TRAP!'

His cheeks colored red which meant that Emerald was in the danger zone. "Oh."

"Come on Jaune, you like someone who is red haired, a bit chunky and treats you like a mother does to a son." Pyrrha challenged which earned a lot of sweat drops from the audience around her.

"Um. Miss Nikos might I suggest to actually start trying to be in a relationship with your partner." Ironwood immediately regretted that statement as Pyrrha looked at him like he was the Oracle of Delphi.

"You don't have to answer!" She assured him hurriedly.

Cinder silenced her with a hand. "Nonsense dear, it's just a simple question. This is about you after all."

He coughed. "Well, I uh…" His eyes met the floor.

"Jaune wouldn't say anything right even if he was married." Ruby asked which earned a groan from Weiss.

"Ruby, I think you understand how idiotic that fool really is." Weiss clearly explained.

Emerald was pleading to any god listening and to Jaune. 'NO! THE ANSWER IS NO! PLEASE JAUNE PLEASE!'

He swallowed and looked at her. "I mean…yeah, if I hadn't met Cindy, and you had asked…I'd probably have been head over heels."

Qrow growled having removed his bonds. "It looks like being blonde is truly the key to getting women no matter how stupid they are."

Ozpin chuckled. "Yes it seems they have truly mastered the art of the H.A.R.E.M"

Emerald's hopes of being able to communicate freely with Cinder outside or inside this house were shattered. 'WHHHHHYYYYYYY!?'

"Awww, that's so sweet." Cinder crooned at Jaune, before turning her gaze to Emerald. "Now, don't you feel better? Don't you feel more attractive?"

"Amazingly so." She squeaked.

Jaune chuckled as he set the glasses down, pouring wine for them. "Well, now that we've got the awkwardness out of the way, did you want to stay for dinner? I was just about to cook something for all of us."

"NO!" She yelped, leaping from her seat, earning a hurt look from the blond. "I mean…You've inspired me! I've got to get back out there! There's plenty of fish in the sea!"

"Emerald I will have to educate you on making better excuses in the moment. It seems it could be a very big weakness going ahead." Cinder whispered softly to which the green haired assassin dumbly nodded.

Cinder smiled. "That's the spirit, dear."

"Thanks for everything!" She blurted out as she rushed for the door.

"Go get'em Em!" Jaune called after her as the door slammed. He shook his head and turned to his wife. "You know, I wouldn't have guessed how much of a mess she is."

She chuckled. "Yes, she has a talent for putting up facades." She hummed as she stretched in her chair. "Also, I'm hungry."

He smiled at her. "Alright. I've been looking at some interesting recipes you'd like. Dinner will be ready in a jiff."

She shook her head, rising from her seat and walking over to him. "But I'm hungry now."

He laughed. "I can't make it any fast-"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in ear. "But I'm hungry for you… Jaune." She added a light kiss on his neck that sent pleasant shivers down his spine.

She smirked, enjoying the way he stiffened, and how his arms wrapped around her soon after. "Then what kind of house husband would I be if I didn't feed you? We also didn't finish that scenario earlier, let's get back to it. My mistress." He whispered back.

She truly loved moments like these, she would kill to make them stay.

"That's the end for that scenario. We are going to move on to the next. For what it's worth I am sorry for giving you this." The Creator appeared and immediately got to work on setting up the next scenario.

Emerald sighed in relief, 'Thank Oum that's over. There's no way that Cinder-' She immediately looked to her boss/crush and realized she was giving a warm smile to the events that were shown. 'Time to kill an Arc indeed. Give him the worst nightmare I could ever make.'

"Is this next one where my nieces are screwing this Jaune dude." The Creator nodded as Qrow drew his flask and drank from its contents again.

"Oz you don't mind having one missing student right. I mean it's a combat school-" His musings were stopped by Glynda who was giving an icy glare.

"You know you're really pathetic Qrow. Can't afford to see old wounds." Winter smirked as the experienced hunter growled.

"Oh shut it Ice Queen. Ain't no one even trying to court you cuz' you're too much of a bitch." His comeback was received with a fierce growl as the two were about to fight until the Creator appeared and tied them down to the couch.

The Creator sighed. "Looks like it's hard to keep things civil. Well onto the next one. Please don't murder Mr. Arc, he is essential to you all."

A nervous Jaune who was standing in front of the room of RWBY's door. 'Oh god, what the hell am I doing here? Why did Yang just-'

The door opened revealing a Yang who had worn her usual outfit but this one was different since there was no jacket. Inside was a very red Ruby who looked like she was pleading to him to go away.

"Jaune! Good on you for being here! I thought I would have to make you come here by force."

"Um… Yang, what on Oum am I doing here?" Yang smirked and used her strength to pull him in the room as she immediately locked the door, barring his only escape unless he wanted to escape through the window.

"If this is about what happened last week, I am so so so so sorry." Yang chuckled but shook her head at the embarrassed Jaune.

"Well… if you want me to forgive you for what you did. I have to let you do a little favor for me." Jaune was surprised, he expected a punch that broke his skull. Was Yang leaning her chest too much on him, any more he might see something.

"What is it?" Yang smiled as she grabbed a slowly retreating Ruby who was very red.

"I need you to teach my little sister about relationships and what guys can do to with their-" She slowly licked her lips which caused Jaune to experience shivers.

"Damn I'm sexy aren't I." Yang concluded after that small display. On the other hand, her birth mother scoffed and proudly stated. "A beginner's move at best."

Yang scowled at Raven who only returned with a smirk of her own. "I was doing more than that at your age. Ask your father and he would tell you." Said man was blushing and sweating profusely, he didn't want to traumatize his little dragon about Raven's more... adventurous... ways.

"… assets." Ruby hid her face while Jaune was shocked.

"I think you'll enjoy this one." Yang cornered Jaune with her chest and on seeing his blushing face. "Because. I. Will!"

Alright, honesty time, Yang loved her sister and cared very much for her growth and adaptation to this new world. ...However, there MAY be a slight chance that she may have... exaggerated her sister's interest in boys for another purpose. It wasn't technically lying as such, it was just taking the truth and, well, bending it a little so that it becomes beneficial for herself.

"Oy, I thought you were supposed to take care of Ruby's innocence!" Qrow accused as Yang decided to bang her head over and over against her hands. This was not what she wanted to hear.

Yang hated after seeing different scenarios of her and Vomit Boy. 'This actually might happen.'

"You want to help, too right?" Yang approached Jaune who had been silently taking in the madness before him, as he often did nowadays, and she took one of his hands with hers and looked into his eyes pleadingly. "Maybe, if you and I just... showed a little affection. It would give her an idea of how relationships have evolved when it comes to this generation." Yang explained, not knowing where half the things she said were coming from.

"Basically, you want to kiss to teach her some kind of lesson about modern relationships? There is the internet for that, isn't there?" Jaune asked, lifting up his scroll that in no way resembled a scroll, the internet access on the device likely able to teach the innocent young girl all there was to know about the nevermores and the beowulves.

"Oumdamn tell her. My little angel should not be touched like this until she's forty five!" Tai had broken out of his bonds and yelled out his frustration leading to Ruby wanting to hide in a ditch.

"Just shut up you teddy bear. Others are watching." Raven's apathetic statement caused Tai to flinch and sit back down.

He decided to grumble his words. "My little girl doesn't deserve this. Not to a playboy like him. What did my family do to deserve a cruel fate like this?!" The others sweat dropped at the actions of the overbearing single parent.

"Oh but I think it would help if it were someone she trusted. Look just put your hands here-" Yang took his hands, placing them on her bare waist between her shirt and bottoms and moved closer to Jaune, only afterwards realizing her hasty move and growing a blush as her eyes reduced size.

"Erm- Is my opinion on the possibly mentally scarring event just moot or-?" Ruby piped up from where she stood, preemptively holding her hands in front of her face, a gap between her fingers allowing her vision that could be closed as soon as she saw something that may pop up in future nightmares.

"Close your eyes Ruby!" Tai's scream was silenced by the Creator remaking his bonds that had sealed the incensed father.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Xiao Long but I will not have you ruin this screening." Said blonde bear was struggling again which caused his family to sigh in embarrassment.

"How did this even happen?" Ruby tweeted out as her hands were still holding the front of her face. "Last time you guys didn't even talk much without Yang making fun of you."

"Um…" Jaune couldn't quite explain what exactly had happened in the fountain.


"Oh why the hell are we going back. This is so cliché." Mercury complained as others agreed with his sentiments.

Jaune didn't know why he decided to help Yang late at night. It's just he couldn't handle her somber mood that day when the brawler was mostly happy. Yet he was nervous because she could have been looking for a fight after Professor Goodwitch had banned her from using the arena after beating Sky to a pulp.

His normal reaction was about to come out of his mouth as he went to the fountain. He nearly emptied his stomach if it wasn't for-

"Uhh, you done checking yourself out or what?" came a sudden voice, causing Jaune to topple forward out of shock, plunging straight into the fountain, causing a great splash as he dove in.

Gasping for air, he rose to the surface before wiping his eyes and turning towards the startling voice. What he saw made him stop dead. There, standing drenched in her uniform before him, was a rather ticked off looking Yang Xiao Long as she fixed him with a glare.

He would be scared if he was at all focused on her face. The uniform she had kept on now stuck to her wet skin, dripping water droplets down her body, reaching all the way down her legs. But the main focus of attention was the not-so-waterproof white shirt she had been wearing, which was now soaked through, revealing two voluptuous breasts barely held back by a yellow bra.

"Fanservice much blondie." Coco added as everyone could see the blonde brawler's prized assets.

Through Tai's muffled screams, Yang just laughed. "I don't mind much. I know about what I can do to others. Isn't that right partner." She placed Blake in a headlock to which the faunus tried to get out of. "Oh and Nora, Ren was looking."

Ren immediately felt the fury of the Valkyries as Nora was pouting while glaring at the normally controlled best best friend. "Nora, I swear. It was there and I couldn't look away."

Nora then looked away as she crossed her arms under her also impressive chest. "Stupid Renny."

"Jaune, what in the world is wrong with you?!" Yang exclaimed, shaking to get herself dry, causing movement in areas that Jaune could not keep his eyes off of.

"S-sorry!" he spluttered after realizing a few more seconds of vacant staring would probably earn him a slap "I wanted to help you!" he exclaimed.

Yang gave him a confused look whilst ringing out her golden locks, holding back the urge to go ballistic at the harm of her hair. "Help with what?" she asked him.

He pondered his words, 'I stalked you to your room and listened in while you had a private conversation with your little sister' probably wouldn't go over well. Instead, he'd play coy and try to see if he could avoid giving away too many details. 'Let's hope this works.'

"So, I heard from... Cardin, who listens in to your door occasionally, that you need help with something? Something that a regular guy couldn't take? Something rough, per chance?" he spoke, breaking a nervous sweat as he wondered how in the world that lie would hold up. Yet instead of appearing to be skeptical, Yang suddenly looked excited.

"He's a stalker as well. I don't care what you think Oz! That bastard is dead!" Ozpin only shook his head at Qrow.

Ozpin calmly stated. "We can't have you kill him Qrow. We need him to unlock his aura, we might need it against her."

Qrow sighed. "Fine but after that I'll kill him."

"You will?!" she exclaimed in confused glee, Jaune was relieved she bought it but even more shocked by her apparent willingness to do it.

"Yeah, yeah, I'd uhh, I'd love to! It'd be fun!" he responded fervently, nodding rapidly as Yang took him by the wrists with a widening grin

"No matter how rough I have to be?!" she was growing more and more excited as Jaune gulped, still incredibly nervous but desperate to get her help.

"Yes, absolutely, be as rough as you want!" Jaune stated assuringly as Yang let go of his wrists.

"Thanks, let's get started then!" Yang announced stepping back and giving him a challenging smirk, Jaune looked around the very public area.

"Wh- I, you mean.. do it here?" Jaune whispered, being unsure enough about the idea already, let alone as an exhibition act!

Coco snickered, "Looks like that kid has the right idea. Quit it with the foreplay just do it!"

Velvet piped out. "Um… Coco. I think you should keep that to yourself."

Coco raised an eyebrow questioningly but then felt the death like aura coming from Pyrrha, Ruby and weirdly enough Blake. "Oops."

"Yup!" she confirmed before pulling her right fist back and doing something Jaune would never have expected.

Punching him right in the stomach and sending him flying backwards, Jaune didn't even have a second to analyze what had just happened before something equally amazing occurred. His body flipped itself backwards and he somehow regained some balance mid-air, grinding his shoes down on the pavement and coming to a halt around twenty paces away from his attacker.

"Cool moves fearless leader." Nora yelled out loud as Ren was surprised. 'Since when was Jaune that good. He took a powerful punch from Yang and he's not even throwing up.'

"What the hell, Yang?!" Jaune shouted, the thing he least expected in that moment was to be sent hurling down the school grounds.

"What do you mean? You said you wanted to help me work on my hand to hand combat!" she exclaimed, perplexed at the reaction, even more-so at Jaune's mid-air recovery.

Jaune slapped his forehead. 'I shouldn't have jumped into conclusions. This is Yang we're talking about. Of course this is what she meant.'

"Hey! I'm not that one-dimensional right guys." She looked at her teammates for reassurance but what her soul was her own sister not trying to look at her.


"Well, I mean you really love fighting Yang and you're really a tomboy-"

Blake interrupted Ruby's sentiments. "In one sentence I can already describe my partner. She's a hot-blooded female warrior who loves fighting and bars."

Yang became depressed at hearing that. 'I can't be that one-dimensional.'

"Come on, if you win, you'll get a priiize~" Yang chirped, bending over slightly, still apparently not noticing her wet breasts showing through her shirt, not that Jaune was going to complain. Yang offered that prize because she pretty much knew Jaune would lose. 'I mean come on its Vomit Boy. Even if he luckily beat Cardin, there ain't no way he could ever come close to beating me. '

Jaune grit his teeth. 'I only have one shot at this.' He began slowly walking to Yang as she raised an eyebrow at him suspiciously. "Before we do, I want something, like a good luck charm"

"Like what?" She asked as Jaune closed the distance, being a bit closer than normal as he answered.

"I think a kiss from someone beautiful could give me some real motivation" He stated, instantly shutting his eyes since he was bracing himself for the smack he was sure to receive for this.

"You want me to kiss you?" Yang asked as Jaune opened his eyes to see Yang standing where she was before, looking at him in surprise with what appeared to be a very slight tinge of crimson upon her cheeks. Was it possible... that she wasn't one hundred percent against the idea?!

"There is no way my little dragon would ever think of anything like that!" Tai had once again escaped his bonds. The Creator was about to use his powers but Raven stopped him.

"I shall take care of him. I want to see if this boy is strong for my spawn." Raven declared while drawing glares from Tai, Qrow and Yang.

Her blonde hair was turning red along with her usually lilac eyes. "You have no right to talk about anything I want, mother!"

The growl at the end did nothing but simply earn a smirk from a very cold and cocky Raven but the Creator stopped them from going any further. "Please stop."

The two then looked away from each other as the rest of Team RWBY sighed on seeing this family drama.

"Yes, very much so! It doesn't have to be long but I think it would really help! I mean imagine how much confidence I'd receive if I got a kiss from someone gorgeous like you!" Jaune stammered out, though he feared he might have said too much as she simply stood there slack-jawed.

"Uh- what I mean by that is, well, you're very pretty and I think about kissing you a lot, I mean not a lot lot but well, you know…" Jaune trailed off, rambling on and on until a sole finger met his lips.

With a look of confusion, he peered down at Yang as she sported a slightly larger blush and addressed him slightly bashfully. "Well... if you think it would help… that much I guess we could..." Yang stated as Jaune stood in amazement that it had actually convinced her.

'Yes remember the plan Jaune after the kiss just get the hell outta dodge when she's distracted.' Jaune reassured himself of his foolproof plan in his head.

"But only a short one, got it?" she raised her finger authoritatively in front of Jaune as he simply nodded.

"Then, come on, don't keep a girl waiting" That was it, the invitation, the thumbs up from the gatekeeper of the golden gates to bliss. She puckered her lips and leaned forward. Jaune followed up by taking his arms and reaching them around Yang's back and taking hold of her, without any time to spare her in case she changed her mind, Jaune acted.

Pulling her in and pressing his lips to her. As soon as they touched Jaune felt an incredible sensation, her lips felt incredible against his own and he was wanting more, he leaned firther into the kiss, advancing it from a simple peck on the lips to a full on kiss. She was still slightly wet from his splash and that only made it smoother and wetter to the touch.

Yang let out a short moan before she attempted to move back out of the kiss, but it hadn't been five seconds and Jaune wanted more regardless. 'If I remove myself from this then she'll be able to beat me up. I have to make it last longer.'

"You fiend!" Tai yelled as the rest were either laughing or in the girls who are interested in Jaune's sake be absolutely mesemerized.

The Creator decided to input. "Just to clarify, your Jaune also has the same skills as this Jaune."

He immediately regretted showing this piece of information as Pyrrha immediately looked like a predator stalking her injured prey.

Pulling her body fully against his, Jaune entered Yang's mouth and licked her teeth, she initially let out a 'mmpf!' and attempted to pull away but began to feel pleasure and relented, allowing Jaune entry. At this point Jaune felt his chest pressing up against her wet shirt, feeling the mind numbing pleasure of her breasts being squeezed between them as Jaune wrestled with Yang's tongue, both softly moaning by this point.

"Ah, that's so cute Velvet! Your man does have some skill after all." Coco stated as the beret wearing hunter was laughing at her friend's tomato-like face.

"Coco! Why'd you have to say that?" Velvet feared for her life as the others who liked Jaune turned their attention onto her. 'I don't want to die! I'm still young.'

Yang on the other hand had her eyes firmly planted onto what was going on, a bit of drool was escaping her lips. Her face was covered in a big blush of red as her mother snickered after seeing her reaction. "Such a virgin."

"Like you had any better!" Yang immediately objected to what her mother was saying.

Raven smirked. "Oh my. I have Tai has given me a few of that and so did… Qrow one time." The Beacon staff and students along with Tai immediately looked at the pale drunkard who was shivering.

"I-I-I- It was… one time- alright."

Jaune forgot about what the kiss was all about instead melted in to the hot, searing kiss. Yang lifted her hands to Jaune's hair and pulled his mouth in closer with a gasp of passion as Jaune's hands moved lower down her back. Before he would have never considered copping a feel but in the heat of the moment he was willing to face the consequences. Yang moaned into his mouth as he felt up her cheeks, him enjoying how plump and soft they were to the feel before returning to his make out session with the blond who might as well have been the only girl in the world at that point for all he cared if he was honest.

Yang left Jaune's mouth, leaving a string of saliva between them as they stared at each other, both panting slightly, Jaune still holding Yang against him, something of his growing hard over the feel of her body beneath the wet uniform.


Yang immediately interrupted whatever Jaune was about to say. "Oh hello? Oh hey Ruby! What's that? You want me to come back at this very moment of time? It's life or death? The school will blow up if I don't?! Okay, I'll be right there!" Yang answered the 'call' not so convincingly before stepping back out of Jaune's grasp "Really sorry Jaune, maybe we can practise together some other time!" she excused herself before sprinting away in a fluster, her cheeks still devilishly red.

Flashback Over!

"Nice excuse Yang." Blake taunted as her partner growled.

"Don't you like this kitty kat. It's like one of your porn, right?" Blake ignored that obvious jab over the Ninjas of Love series. She was tempted to make the same comeback of it being erotic literature but decided to just let Yang know she won.

"What?" Ruby exclaimed as the two blondes completely ignored the other person in the room. The way it felt to lay his hands upon the blonde beauty's skin, feeling her warmth and feeling her essence as her body remained inches from his own, making his mind begin to lose control.

As she looked anywhere but to his eyes, her breath grew heavy and hot and brushing against Jaune's skin. Her chest moving in and out, occasionally one of her voluptuous and impossible to ignore breasts of heaven brushing against his clothed chest, the sensation surpassing any barriers as he felt a tingle throughout his entire body. He had to admit, he found himself sneaking glances every so often at the cowboy esque attired huntress following their brief time together. The sight of her wet uniform clinging to her and appearing almost transparent entering his mind whenever it wandered in that direction.

Of course, it was natural for a teenage boy like himself to fawn over what was visually either a gift from a God that wishes for an increase in population or a miracle of genetics. The flawless skin, big bright eyes and golden hair that seemed to brighten the room, soft like velvet to the touch. Her physical form, her legs and thigh that's sway could hypnotise even one such as Goodwitch, the busty figure that left little desired otherwise that you could indulge in deliriously as well as the pair of mounds that currently drew closer to his chest. Of course, as mentioned, any boy would fawn over such things. However the difference was for most boys this would be an illusion, a dream that you would never share with anybody.

Yang smiled. 'Didn't know Lover Boy thought of me like that? The Miss G was a bit too much though.'

Jaune tugged on her waist, drawing her body even closer to his as she made out a soft whimper, Jaune relishing in the feeling of her form compressed up against his own, feeling odd occurrences below as she lifted her scarlet face to look into his eyes.

"Uh, guys, guys?! Vomit boy? Loving sister?! Can anyone hear me?! Can anyone get me out of here?!" Ruby called out desperately, wishing for a lever to pull that could open up a hole beneath her to escape through or a sudden slap to wake her up from a lucid figment of her sick imagination she wasn't aware she had.

"NOOOOOOO! No need to fear for I am here-" Tai's outburst was cut short after a hard blow from Raven's katana had knocked the bear of a parent to the floor.

"That will shut him up for a while." Yang glared at her mother as she grabbed her father's unconscious body and placed him on the couch.

"Quiet now, Ruby." Yang whispered, mind elsewhere entirely as she now found her body moving by its own, her left leg curling around Jaune's calf, pulling him further into her form. There was no turning back now, even if her mind wanted this to stop, which it definitely didn't. Her body was already way too far gone to pay any notice.

Yang lifted her hands, resting one palm upon Jaune's cheek, using the other to touch the back of his head with lusty eyes before she drew in with her lips. A sudden inward gasp was heard from the huntress as their lips connected, both pressing against each other with so much pressure, the warmth of each other's lips alone causing intense pleasure on both sides. Jaune and Yang kept their lips firmly pressed against each other as they both did their best to enjoy the feel of each other.

Blake's nose had started to bleed as Weiss sighed when she also noticed Yang commit the same action. 'I'm stuck with perverts aren't I.' She then noticed Pyrrha's 'tendency' as she started biting her lips and fingernails in jealousy. 'I take it back. I'd rather be with perverts than yanderes.'

Yang's eyes scrunched closed as she breathed in through her nose, her breath tickling Jaune who was busy laying his hands over her bare back, pulling her in and loving the feel of her skin. She breathed heavier as he reached his hands higher, sneaking up past the back of her shirt as he touched her back sparing no skin as the kiss persevered.

The blondie placed both of her hands into his hair and focused all her senses on this kiss. She knew it was bound to get even more intense so she didn't immediately increase the intensity, deciding to take this initial kiss for all it was worth as the sensation between their lips began to grow electric. With her hands in his yellow locks to stabilize herself, Yang momentarily moved her body back from Jaune's, their lips connected all the while, before she would move back into his body, even closer than she had been before. The sensation of losing her body's warmth rendered nothing compared to the heaven that came with her returning to grind against him.

Seeing how the 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' tactic was so unbelievably effective, Jaune raised both of his hands to Yang's neck, holding her, not roughly as to hurt her but for what he was about to do. With the heat of the kiss increasing, Jaune removed his closed lips from hers. Instantly yearning to reconnect, Jaune performed a series of pecks, the sound of their lips continually parting and smacking back together coupled with the feeling of Yang pressing up harder against him and the softness of her lips seemingly increasing with every time he came back into contact with them.

"Hmm… maybe Vomit Boy has his uses." Yang thought aloud which Ruby immediately objected to.

"I object! As team leader and lovable sister, you can't do that to my first boyfriend." Tai immediately woke up after having Ruby say the word 'boyfriend'. He then looked at the screen and saw Yang being sensually kissed by Jaune. He would have protested but another blow to his head had knocked him out.

Raven only grinned at her action and to what was going on screen. "A novice but with much potential… I approve especially from what I have heard of his semblance. He'll give genes that are strong even if he is not."

Yang blushed at hearing her mother approve of a guy who she did not have feelings for. 'Or do I? Wow, it's like he knows how to give me what I want.' She then yelled at her. "Oy! Since when did you play matchmaker, deadbeat."

The deadbeat comment caused her to want to kill her offspring but she settled for an uncomfortable glare. 'Let's see if you can keep talking like that once I get my katana.'

Then eventually, it came time to proceed. Jaune was the one who initially opened her lips with his own before reaching with his tongue, coming into contact with her pearly whites. Opening her eyes half-lidded, Yang let out a giggle in Jaune's mouth before opening her teeth and allowing Jaune entry.

Yang held her tongue back at first, forcing to Jaune to part his lips before pressing even closer onto Yang's mouth, his tongue coming into contact with hers as they began to slide over one another. A shared groan echoed off the walls of the dorm room as Jaune and Yang interlocked once again. Jaune now reached down further as Yang struggled to contain herself, moving her body erratically against his as he explored every corner of her mouth. Making their way down, Jaune's hands reached the point they had only briefly came into contact with the previous time.

Yang's breathing hitched as she felt Jaune's hands upon her black shorts, his fingers digging lightly into her rear as whatever moans she emitted were muffled as her mouth was fully occupied with accommodating Jaune's tongue and lips. The warmth in her deceivingly supple buttocks was enough for Jaune's mind to fall further. Caught up in the moment, Jaune pulled at Yang's waist, growing into a light dry hump as he could not get enough of her body, this caused an unexpected side effect, however, as Yang's leg that was coiled around Jaune's suddenly pulled hard, taking his leg off balance as they both toppled to the floor.

Mercury started to have drool escape from his lip. "A Sex God. He's a Sex God!"

Coco cat called as she was impressed. "Have to say Velvet. You picked a nice one to cuddle with."

Ruby was still traumatized from the display of the two blondes. "This is making me sick."

As Jaune looked up from where he had fallen to the floor, he saw the ceiling high above him as his mind temporarily forgot where he was. The reminder came bright and clear as his vision was suddenly filled with the sight of a lusty eyed Yang Xiao Long clamber onto his fallen body.

Feeling her body sprawled over his own, Jaune regained his bearings just in time to look up and see Yang with arms resting beside his head stick her tongue out, allowing her saliva to drip down into his mouth as Jaune accepted gratefully. When Jaune focused, the girl dribbling into his mouth had changed somewhat, her hair had grown a lighter shade and her eyes were currently growing a vibrant deep red. She also appeared to possess more... energy than before.

Wasting no more time, Yang dropped her face down, connecting her mouth with Jaune's sloppily beginning to exchange saliva with as much passion as she could possibly muster. Jaune instantly felt the effects of Yang's changed appearance. Her passion had increased almost threefold!

In this different appearance, no matter how much passion Jaune put into kissing the light blonde beauty, she gave back at least twice the amount. When he reached up to grab her cheeks to intensify their kiss, Yang did something almost animalistic and immeasurably pleasurable.

She began to grind heavily into Jaune's form, Jaune thanking the heavens he wasn't wearing his chestplate as he felt every part of her press against himself. Along with humping him senseless, the kiss also grew exciting to no extent, their deep kiss spilling saliva left and right as they never even left each other's mouths for a second.

Ruby's eyes were immediately shut by her elder sister as soon as the humping started. Pyrrha on the other hand was biting her fingernails in jealousy. 'That should be me.'

While Blake stared in horror and at the same time in enjoyment. 'It can't be… How does he know how Takehiro takes Nina in Book 2, page 68 of Ninjas of Love 2: Attack of the Shinobi?!'

Tai and Qrow growled but had to remain civil due to the Creator looking down at them. Glynda, Weiss and Winter remarked on how shameless this was. Ozpin and Raven and Ironwood truly didn't care. Meanwhile Mercury and Ren had to shift their pants as things were getting tighter, along with the prospect of not showing their partners the effects that the video was doing to them.

Nora stared in amazement. "Who knew Jaune Jaune could do this? Pyrrha is such a lucky woman imagine if he did that to her." Pyrrha immediately went into daydream mode with drool leaking out of her open mouth as her thighs started rubbing at each other. 'Yes do it to me! Jaune!'

Lost in the pleasure, Jaune reached his arms around Yang's back and pulled her in close, her tongue almost reaching its way down his throat before he rolled over, finding himself on top of the girl now. Wanting to take advantage of this new position, Jaune leaned back slightly before performing an act he had only fantasized about with her.

Still pressing against Yang's soft and wet lips with his own, Jaune took hold of Yang's right breast over the yellow top and tan jacket, kneading the feel between his fingers as a loud groan echoed out of Yang's cavern. If it wasn't for what happened next Jaune would have proceeded to get to the other one as well.

Loving the new sensation so much she couldn't lay still, Yang grabbed Jaune's shoulders and rolled over once more, resulting in her on top once more as Jaune would have continued to lose himself in the mound his hand still lay upon, something stopped them. The feeling that they had run into something.

Blinking their eyes open, hands still anywhere but to themselves and lips still very much preoccupied, the pair of deep blue and glowing red turned to their obstacle to see a pair of legs that lead upwards to a mortified expression belonging to none other than Ruby Rose. They may have forgotten that she was still there.

"Fucking cockblock-"

"Ms. Adel that is highly inappropriate!" Glynda had interrupted the complaints of Coco on not being able to see anything Rated 18 above.

"What it was getting to the good part even Blondie was getting excited herself." Yang could not deny what Coco said. She had not seen that kind of passion even in the videos she used to watch before Beacon.

Yang sighed. 'I'm never gonna look at Vomit Boy the same way again. At this point I'll admit... he may be Lover Boy.'

Yang's hair began to return to its original color along with the shade of her eye turning lilac one more. She lifted her face away with a light smacking noise and a glistening line of saliva remaining between their lips.

The sole sound occupying the room was that of the two still entwined upon the floor panting lightly, still recovering. The next sound was that as a metal click as the pair looked up to be met with the sight of Crescent Blade's barrel end aimed directly at their faces.

"T-There's a new kind of Grimm! One that infiltrates your friends' minds and turns them into perverted monsters!" Ruby cried as she much preferred that reality to the one she was facing right now. Closing her eyes tight, she tried to deny everything she had just seen.

Roman laughed. "Aw! That's too cute. She's still in her cooties stage."

Yang tried to talk to her mortified younger sister. "Ruby-"

"No! Stay back! I'll get you and Jaune help, I swear!" Ruby was fidgeting her prized weapon obviously very scared of what she had just seen.

The boy who had just got through ravaging her older sister's mouth lay a supportive hand upon her shoulder. "It isn't an evil act, it is a thing that people do that feels good, and that's not a bad thing, okay? Here, just a quick one." Jaune spoke quietly as Ruby's mind struggled to function properly.

One thing her poorly working mind DID register was what Jaune had said last. Ruby reached her hand for Crescent Rose once more but it was too late as Jaune lent in and captured her lips in one fluid motion.

"Ok I fucking changed my mind. Useful semblance or not, he's a dead man-" Qrow was then tied to the couch the same way as his teammate. Speaking of Tai he had just woken up to see Ruby being kissed and before he could go ballistic. Raven interfered and put him into another state of dreams.

Raven sighed. "What is it with blondes?" She looked at the screen. "They really inherit anything from the past generations." She found it amusing that a blonde had managed to get both a reaper and a warrior to him despite looking weak.

"Glynda, I think we need to be strict on who Mr. Arc gets to be with in terms of female companionship. Especially the Rose-Xiao Long Family." Ozpin noted as he was impressed that the talents of Tai managed to show itself in the fake student. He couldn't say it out loud, he might be thrown into the screen.

Yang on the other hand didn't know if she would be angry or happy on Jaune's actions. At this stage she was conflicted, it was like she wanted to see more from this. 'I'm sorry mother (Summer) I think I let another Tai corrupt me and Ruby.'

"Hmmpf-!" Ruby failed to call out as she waved her arms around frantically at the air around her. With Jaune's hand placed upon her shoulder she could barely move it. As a last resort she looked over to her usually protective older sister, however she didn't receive much help as Yang stood there absent minded, placing her fingers to her lips, the sensation still lingering.

As Ruby lost hope of getting help from Yang, she began to relax more, and when she did, she experienced something rather strange. As she focused on the sensation upon her lips, she felt the warmth he was emanating and the soft feel of his lips against hers, it almost felt... enjoyable. There was also a certain tenderness as he crushed his lips against hers.

"No! Fight it!" Qrow yelled out as said reaper was getting red at having her secret but not so secret dreams come to life. 'Jaune is just being so careful… I actually like it. But he's my first boyfriend... ah! I feel a little tingly in my legs.'

On Jaune's side, the little sister's lips provided a definite contrast to what he had just experienced with Yang, he didn't try to pull anything else on Ruby, sticking to a simple kiss. This, however, provided an unexpected but welcoming feeling of ecstasy. Her lips were cooler than Yang's hot and heavy kisses, yet the way hers locked his lips in the kiss provided a higher level of euphoria that he hadn't felt so much from a simple tongue-less kiss previously.

'It's like I can have this until the day I die.' Whether it was the allure of a younger, less experienced girl, there was a certain quality about kissing Ruby Rose that he felt night indescribable, not that he would spend this time trying to think of the proper term.

He suddenly let go of the kiss and smiled. "Do you want to continue?"

Ruby gulped as her eyes became a bit glazed as she muttered. "Please."

Yang on the other hands started breathing heavily, the heat was getting to her. "Do it."

Seeing Ruby's eyes go half lidded as she muffled out something unintelligible, Jaune felt like he could grow more comfortable with this. Shutting his eyes entirely, he kissed her again but this time pushed in slightly harder, the euphoria increasing immensely through this simple act as he placed hands on both shoulders and drew her in a little closer.

This time, Ruby's eyes shut entirely as she began to appreciate the feeling for all it was, coming to slowly understand how her respectable older sister could become such a state from things such as this, if it felt this good from something as simple as this then...

Jaune was delightfully surprised with this kiss but he decided that taking it any further with Ruby was not advisable given her inexperience and the fact that her elder sister was literally right behind them, doing god knows what as she hadn't said a word to either of them. Ruby had enough for one day, he supposed.

As Jaune tried to pull away, however, his lips could only separate half an inch before he heard a small whimper from the younger girl as she pushed her face forward, re-capturing the older boy's lips and reaching her arms around Jaune's torso, drawing him in closer. He was pleasantly surprised by the forward actions of the red reaper but he let Ruby dictate her own actions.

Ruby wasn't really thinking as she acted without reason or logic, only knowing she didn't want this sensation to end so quickly. The renewed kiss blindsided Jaune as he was suddenly on the receiving end of her lips being pressed up against his, Ruby shutting her eyes tight as she began to enjoy this 'learning experience' for all it was worth. Trying to adapt to this new development, Jaune's free hands trailed down to Ruby's waist, meaning only to hold her body there but young Miss Rose misinterpreted this as the first stage of what she had seen Jaune did to her sister's rear end.

"Isn't this enough?!" Qrow complained to the Creator who shook his head.

"I am sorry but we are nearly done I hope. I've never seen this reality before. It is its own reality though but it could happen at any time and anywhere." The Creator mentioned which got the two siblings red with embarrassment or was it excitement. The knowledge that it could happen at any time and anywhere as long as Jaune made the first step.

This thought caused a spike in her excitement as she brought her body up to Jaune's, her smaller form pressing up against his and granting him an insight on what certain body parts of a smaller proportion felt like when mushed up against his hoodie clad chest, his arousal growing more as the feeling sent his mind into a spiral. The feeling of her body as well as the sudden move from Ruby sent him off balance for the second time that day causing Jaune to stumble forwards, forcing Ruby to trip backwards as they began to topple over, their lips still connected and minds elsewhere entirely.

They were met with an obstacle as Ruby's back legs met the wooden frame of Weiss's bed on the lower bunk, the young girl falling down onto the soft mattress, not too long after followed by Jaune coming down with her, his larger frame sandwiching the girl's body against the bed below. They were met with an obstacle as Ruby's back legs met the wooden frame of Weiss's bed on the lower bunk, the young girl falling down onto the soft mattress, not too long after followed by Jaune coming down with her, his larger frame sandwiching the girl's body against the bed below.

"NO! NO! NO! Not my bed! Do it on Blake's!" Weiss complained as she didn't want to see any action on her bed. Blake just sighed, she didn't want anything going on her bed except maybe her and J-

'Don't go there brain. I'll talk to Jaune about what he thinks about the faunus.'

Their lips had separated, Jaune's sight now of the cheerful young girl lost for words, breathing into him as deep blue now met shining silver. The two remained like that for a while, unsure of how to proceed and the feelings of each other's bodies compressed against one another tiding them over for the time being. "Please..." Ruby spoke between two pants, her pleading tone bringing some sense to Jaune as he listened intently to what the docile girl had to say next.

"Can we go for a little bit longer?" Ruby asked, Jaune cracking a half smile at the almost childlike formation of the question as he nodded slowly, glad to give her what she wanted.

Placing one hand above Ruby's head and the right upon her cheek, stroking it affectionately to build Ruby's anticipation before he leaned in slowly, his lips falling onto and connecting with the silver haired girl's. This time he immediately pressed in with considerable force, Ruby's eyes closing reflexively as he enjoyed her soft lips once more.

Parting her lips, Jaune slowly entered in, taking things slowly. Ruby squirmed a little beneath him, his tongue began to explore the roof of her mouth before coming in to contact with her own. Feeling her slippery tongue against his own, Jaune coiled his tongue, acting as the aggressor as his tongue began a one sided wrestling match with Ruby's tongue.

As she grew more accustomed to the feeling, Ruby fought back, her nimble tongue sloshing around Jaune's, him now acting on the defensive as Ruby once again went on the attack. Not thinking much anymore Ruby reached her hands around Jaune's head, pulling him in even closer.

Eventually, due to her being somewhat of a rookie, Ruby had forgotten to breathe. Regrettably, she pulled her head back, forced to take in a large breath after the passion she just enjoyed took its toll upon her.

"I won't let you go!" He growled as he moved his head down and beginning to kiss her exposed neck, causing the intense blush upon Ruby's face to redden further as she struggled even more to regain her breath. Ruby pulled down on Jaune's shoulders in the heat, causing him to land with his head below her face, finding himself feeling the smaller but uniquely pleasurable breasts once again.

"Stay away from my daughters!" Tai woke up and dodged Raven's swing of her katana. The Creator was about to intervene but sighed since he felt it would nearly be over.

Enveloped by the sensation, Jaune was barely conscious as he tried to savor this fleeting moment. When he looked up, he was expecting to see if Ruby had gotten her breath back again, instead his jaw nearly dropped at what was occurring before him. Having crawled up onto the bed on her hands and knees, having apparently had enough of being a spectator, sat Yang Xiao Long. What shocked him was that she was currently leaning downwards, her blonde hair draping down the bed sheets, locking her lips with Ruby's.

Both siblings were shell shocked while Weiss was incredibly disgusted by what was being shown. Blake on the other hand was drooling. 'I should record this secretly. This is getting way better than Ninjas of Love: Kuniochi Edition.'

"That Jaune guy, maybe he's alright." Mercury commented since he could respect a man who could make two hot girls who were siblings kiss each other after he kissed them.

Without the gentle attitude Jaune had taken, Yang licked Ruby's lips fervently before invading her younger sister's mouth and taking it all for herself. Jaune remained stupefied by the actions of the two half-sisters, Ruby reciprocating by returning the liplock with as much adoration as Yang did her.

Jaune had arrived at the point of no return was when Yang and Ruby simultaneously half opened their eyes, their tongues still violating each other slowly, sending Jaune one of the most lust filled glances, or rather, the most sensual look he had seen from anybody.

No longer able to hold himself back, Jaune lifted himself up off of Ruby's form, his body instantly missing hers but he knew he'd be compensated soon enough. Taking both girls by the shoulder he knee-walked over to the end of Weiss' bed before resting with his back against the wooden backboard.

"That idiot is dead for contaminating my bed!" Weiss yelled out as Yang and Ruby were still shocked of what their alternate versions were doing. They were also conscious yet were still kissing each other. They were also breathing heavily while maintain a state of blood red on their faces.

Guiding the girls, he pulled Yang up on his left, her form draping over his left side, lengthy leg coiling around his left and available hand upon his torso. Similarly taking Ruby on his right, her arms coiling around his right arm and pressing herself up against his right side.

"I want the both of you." Exchanging a look between the two wild, disheveled girls, first of all leaning to his right and pressing his lips to Ruby's in a chaste, yet wish fulfilling kiss before pulling away and turning to Yang. For Yang he leaned forward and instantly enveloped her mouth with his own, going for the sloppy brief kiss with tongues instantly touching before he took his lips away, leaving both girls severely disappointed that he left them both unsatisfied, their eyes begging for more.

Smiling, Jaune performed a simple act, opening his mouth wide and sticking out his tongue. The two girls needed no further information as they shared a look, making a silent agreement. Before greeting Jaune, the two girls faced each other, Yang leaned in to her younger sister and approached her mouth, unloading a load of saliva onto the younger girl's tongue.

Following this, the girls gave into the demands of their bodies, Ruby first in lurching forward and taking Jaune's tongue, splashing the saliva over each other's tongues as she began to lick dotingly up his tongue. Not to be left out by any stretch, Yang raced her head forwards, colliding her tongue into the equation as the three began a three-way kiss that defied every expectation any of them may have had previously.

Tai was about to object again but Raven interrupted him. "Don't tell me you didn't want to do that with me and Summer."

Tai immediately shut up about that as he had to close his eyes to avoid the sight of his daughters being defiled. He also had to shut his ears because their sounds were getting louder and louder.

"He's a sex god. He could get the boss, those two and the cat. That's his power." Mercury drawled out as he never thought one could do such a thing.

Slurping, licking and savoring each other's' taste, the trio licked tongues vigorously before a number of things would happen. Yang and Ruby would move in further, ending up in all three tongues occupying Jaune's mouth as he chuckled in ecstasy. Pursing his lips, Jaune would occasionally trap the two tongues and suck on them as he delighted in the wet and hot texture of the two girls' tongues. Once returning to the status quo of a three way lick fest, Jaune would often focus on one, taking a while to concentrate purely on Yang.

Whilst he would explore all Yang's dripping mouth had to offer, Ruby would lean closer, slathering her tongue all over Jaune's face and kissing his cheek. Ruby would also turn to the occupied older sister and run her tongue along her face, brushing her eyelash as the sister felt the love from both of them combined.

One large deviation was when Jaune pulled his tongue away, only momentarily. He pulled on Yang's waist upon his right and coerced her into lifting herself up, kneeling up above him. Jaune took this chance to do what he knew for definite would burn itself into his memory for years to come from. Bringing himself upwards, starting at below her belly button above the hem of her black shorts, Jaune brought his tongue and ran it up against her hot skin. His tongue trailing up her burning body, his lead lifting when he met her jacket, landing his tongue next directly between her breasts, tasting her midriff before continuing on upwards.

Jaune's tongue had quite the adventure of Yang's skin as he traveled vertically still, leaving a trail of saliva in his tongue's wake as he licked up to her neck, his tongue coming up, licking her lips momentarily, feeling their silky touch before continuing still. Licking over her very eyelid before stopping to deliver a kiss to her forehead.

Yang absolutely couldn't restrain the staggered moan she let out as he laid claim to her body with his tongue. He wasn't done, however, as he took hold of her right hand and placed two fingers in his mouth, sucking on them, enticing both him and Yang as he lent back downwards, and keeping her digits in between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

Jealous at the goddess proportion adoration her older sister had just received, Ruby threw herself onto Jaune, taking his mouth for her personal use as her lips ensnared his, this time, rather than a french kiss, she regressed back to pressing lips against one another, the change in kiss refreshing for the both of them.

It took some time before Jaune woke up and he realized that they were now on the floor and a lot of the bed sheets and pillows were next to them. He looked around to see Yang and Ruby were next to him. He then realized that both siblings were still awake with glazed eyes of lustful expressions looking at him.

"Where were we?" Yang spoke as she jumped up on top of Jaune, leg either side of him as her blonde hair cascade down beside his face. With a grin she dropped down, continuing with the angelic series of pleasure that he could not thank his parents enough for bringing him into this world.

'Ah shit! Here I go again.'

"Thus ends this scenario." Everyone decided to do their own thing after the scenario slash film ended. Qrow and Tai were let go of their binds as they banded together to hunt for the one known as Jaune Arc. Glynda, James and Ozpin were talking amongst themselves on how to bring Mr. Arc's potential with his unique semblance.

Winter decided to talk to Weiss. Ruby and Yang were still catatonic with Blake trying her hardest to wake them up. Cinder spoke to the rest of the villains on how their plans should now include a certain Arc as he might be useful. Coco was pleased while Velvet was simply flustered after seeing those two particular scenarios.

"So what happens now?" Emerald asked.

The Creator sighed. "I will see you again but I must have you return to your own timeline. If I have you go for any longer, it might disrupt the order of events. I have given you the potential of Mr. Jaune Arc. It is up to you on how to use it. I hope you enjoyed your stay but before you go. I shall show you a preview of the next part."

The screen portrayed the dorm room of JNPR as all of its members were in their respective beds. This all changed when a scroll started ringing causing Jaune to grab around the area of his bed. He quickly grabbed his scroll and clumsily pointed around to answer.

"…" Nothing came out of the scroll which caused him to quickly end the call and sigh. Pyrrha suddenly woke up as she was concerned for her partner waking up early to what seemed like a prank call. She also noticed him get up in nothing but his sleep wear to the door.

"Jaune are you alright?" The blonde nodded and gave her a dopey smile which indicated how tired he was.

He quickly answered. "Don't worry Pyrrha. Maybe it was Cardin again. I'll just get some water and come back."

The redhead nodded and quickly went back to sleep as Jaune sighed in relief. 'She doesn't need to see this.' It was a good thing that it was only a week removed from the events of Forever Fall so his teammates would think that maybe he was still being bullied.

"Nora what's wrong?" Ren asked as the often hyper best best friend was currently quiet and being very inquisitive.

"Renny, doesn't Jaune Jaune look different to you?" Ren was surprised at this statement but then realized while looking at Jaune. 'He has more of a backbone than before in our reality.'

'Still I should prepare for that one week grace period, the teachers are giving us to prepare for the Vytal Festival.' He quietly opened the door and closed it shut. Standing in the quiet hallways of the Beacon Dorm while relaxing in the moonlight may be one of his favorite pastimes in this school.

He smirked as he heard footsteps coming from his left and right side. "Yo boss. How's school like?" A short gray haired man stood next to Jaune as he was holding a cat in his arms. He wore a black mesh shirt with assorted arm warmers over a red leather jacket with gold studs on its shoulders. He completed his outfit with black trousers.

"Oh my Glynda it seems we have to invest in more security at Beacon. Especially in our dorms." Glynda liked Ozpin's proposal but could not believe that outsiders were in its halls.

"How did they get in and what relation do they have with Mr. Arc?" Glynda asked.

Jaune smiled. "Ah nice seeing you again Formaggio." He then looked to his left as another man appeared from the shadows with a hand held mirror in his left hand. This man wore his hear in six pigtails while wearing a matching vest with long sleeves and pants that were black and white. His shiny circular elbow and knee pads along with the square, metal buckle shone in the darkness. Holes appeared in his outfit that revealed his abdomen and neck areas.

The man bowed to Jaune. "It is nice to see you again boss."

Jaune nodded to him. "Illuso, still shining brightly I see."

"I still see you making corny remarks." A cold voice cut through the darkness as a man with short blond hair with three short mats braided at the back of his head appeared in front of Jaune. The man wore a dark two piece suit with a spider web like motif running along it. Inside was a bright yellow shirt, he finished it with a large stylized pendant around his neck.

"If you're this serious then it means I didn't have to worry about you Prosciutto." The man known as Prosciutto laughed softly at what Jaune said.

"Um, um, um, um, I still think we should hurry before anyone notices." Out came a man with a severe lack of a chin with cauliflower ears and green locks of hair that made him look like a carrot. His dark jumpsuit with fishing hook motifs was completed with assorted arm warmers and shoes along with a sleeveless green fur coat.

"Holy Oum! That guy looks like a pineapple!" Some were laughing however Cinder noticed a similarity between the ones that were talking to Jaune.

'It's as if they are gang members… no… they're hitmen. I can see it in the way they move around, there were no sounds to their steps but this Jaune still heard them. Meaning he's involved since they call him boss.'

"Pesci, I told you to work on your confidence. I'll tell you that I'm a bit disappointed." Pesci immediately apologized to which Jaune sighed.

"So are you fucking anyone yet boss?" He heard the licking of the lips of a man who appeared next to Pesci. This man had purple long straight hair that descended down to his shoulder. His dark suit had a concentric circle motif but lacked the right sleeve and a large part of the right side. He wore matching gloves and shoes with a transparent mask covering his right eye. There were decorative chains at the shin level in each leg over his trousers.

Jaune chuckled. "Sorry to disappoint you Melone but I'm still a virgin. Don't touch anyone I tell you not to."

The man known as Melone groaned in disappointment. "Aw but it would have been so nice to sample those two siblings." He licked his lips. "Their genes must be exquisite."

"I will murder this fucker!" Yang exclaimed as she wanted to punch this imaginary character.

"Can't you fucking keep it in your pants for the boss?" The glasses wearing man with his spiraled light blue hair. His white colored blouse and band patterned trousers lighted up in the darkness.

"Thank you Ghaccio." Jaune keyed in on the black schlera and red irises that belonged to the man who was next to Ghaccio. His purple hair was being kept in a black, hood-like headpiece which hanged several small metallic bubbles bearing the letters of 'N, I, R, R, O, Z.' While bear chested, his long, black and lapel less coat with straps crossing his chest in an X was finished with pants in long horizontal stripes of black and white.

"Risotto… what has happened? I thought I told you not to have you or The Squad enter the premises unless under duress." The Squad did not talk and instead looked down in agony as Jaune looked at the members and asked.

"Where's Sorbet and Gelato?" Ghaccio replied.

"Boss… they're fucking dead." Jaune took that statement in as the rest of the hitmen shivered under the pressure he was giving. A feeling of death went through them all it just meant that he was pissed.

"What happened?"

The audience was shocked at the turn of events, this weak looking pretty boy was the head of assassins.

"It can't be." Pyrrha couldn't believe her eyes.

Risotto coughed before speaking. "A few weeks ago the two found something in the Underworld. There was a lot of things happening but Bruno and I decided not to intervene. No one wants to mess with you, boss. It was around the time you gave your instructions after reaching Beacon. They were determined to find a group of people. Two days ago they stopped coming to the house. The next day we found a near dead Gelato with a hole in his chest as he told us that they were coming and that Sorbet was dead in a warehouse. When we reached the warehouse-"

"How bad was it?" Jaune asked after seeing their downtrodden faces.

Prosciutto sighed. "The bastards left a charred skeleton, we only identified the body after seeing his unique nail polish."

Jaune closed his fists. "I left you and Bruno in charge, Risotto. What happened exactly after I left?"

Illuso remarked. "After you left, the Underworld decided to move to another person. Our partners also went to them that includes Junior, Roman and Bane. All we know is that this person's name is Cinder."

Cinder was surprised at the mention of her name although it was true that she had become the master of the seedy Underworld in Vale.

Jaune opened his fists. "For Sorbet and Gelato, we shall have our revenge. To this new person, I declare war. To our old partners, let them know that I am coming and I will take back what's mine."

He opened the door. "Anything else you want to add?"

Risotto nodded. "Shall we team up with Bucciarati's group?"

Jaune nodded. "What else did Gelato mention?"

"That it was Sorbet who stabbed him after he thought they killed this Cinder's bodyguards." Melone added.

Jaune chuckled. "So we are dealing with Aura users… perfect. They shall know how wrong they are to mess with me and Passione. I want information, I shall meet you again after this week."

Mercury and Emerald had gulped in fear, this Jaune was if not scarier than Cinder. That warm expression was just a mask that hid this monster's true identity.

Pesci asked. "Wh- What about the Queen sir?"

Jaune raised an eyebrow. "What about her?"

"I think idiot over here is asking if she is going with us for the slaughter." Formaggio explained to which Jaune shook his head.

Jaune smiled. "I think I don't need her for now. Cinder… huh. I think its fair time to come back as the King. My other plans will not change. Vladimir is still to arrive at the respective homes of Team CDRL. Give them the Passione welcome. Be safe my friends."

The Squad then disappeared into the shadows as Jaune walked back with Pyrrha just waking up again. "Jaune is everything alright?"

If she had noticed she would have noticed his bloodthirsty smile. "I think I will enjoy the break, Pyrrha. I will truly love it."

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So that's what you're getting in the next chapter along with the characters going back to the RWBY reality. Now they have to deal with the knowledge of the potential of Jaune Arc. Our heroes will not remember what information was given about the likes of Cinder because The Creator willed it so. Our villains will not remember certain parts about our heroes because The Creator willed it so.

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