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"So I think no one has any objections to Love Is War that is not a Schnee." The two Schnees instantly raised their hands in protest but Qrow just kept on laughing.

"This is the funniest thing I've seen. We need more Ice Queen Junior to be more honest with her feelings." He drank from his canister again but started choking because he couldn't stop laughing.

Jaune asked. "Can I talk to you for a bit Mr. Creator?" The Creator moved to the blonde knight as the hunter in training whispered to him. Afterwards The Creator decided to move away and smile at Jaune.

"… That's a great decision. Mr. Arc. Oh well, enjoy then this scenario."

The screen transitioned to the outside of Beacon as the Emerald Forest had turned into Emerald Park. On one bench was a couple sitting on a bench that brought the attention of Jaune and Weiss since they were intentionally loud of what they were doing. The guy had his arm around his girl as he complained since he looked at her chocolate lollipop. "Aww, c'mon. Just one bite babe."

The girl smiled and opened the wrapper of the lollipop. "Alright, fine." They then stared at one another's eyes as the boy leaned closer and opened his mouth. The girl inserted her lollipop into his mouth and then they both smiled.

Weiss had started shaking while suddenly blushing which confused Jaune. "H-How lewd!"

It cuts into the both of them being in the student council room where Jaune asks. "You're still mad. Is it even worth it?" Weiss had turned away from him holding her hands to her chest where she was embarrassed/disgusted.

"They don't have enough self-awareness of their actions as Beacon Academy students. Coaxing someone like that in public, it's just despicable! It's silly and vulgar." She then remembered what the couple were about to do and for a split second she imagined she was the girl on the bench about to give Jaune her lollipop, an indirect kiss.

She immediately blushed and squeaked in embarrassment.

Blake smirked. "I told you so who knew you were so old-fashioned." Weiss glared and growled like a wild animal to the black cat.

"Shut up! Just because I see a relationship like that doesn't mean that I am old fashioned!" Her tirade caused Jaune to think. 'Maybe I should have just hinted that I liked her and then played hard to get… nah it wouldn't work. But yay other me!'

Jaune sighed since he was exasperated about what she was saying. "That's a mean way to put it." He reached down for his lunch box that was wrapped in a green cloth which surprised her since he doesn't always bring a lunch box.

"President, you brought your own lunch today?" He was starting to unwrap the cloth.

"Yeah. My grandpa in the country sent us a lot of vegetables. It may not look great, but I have confidence in the taste." He opened the lunch box as Weiss stared and was amazed of what was his lunch.

"What's so important about his lunch?" Coco asked as the narrator suddenly answered.

It was the first time Weiss had seen such a lunch, her meals were always been carefully prepared by the top chefs in Remnant. Her lunches were designed to be appealing, to taste like heaven, and provide a balanced nutritious diet. However Jaune's lunch had boiled vegetables with octopus styled red wieners on one side and on the other side had omelets, hamburger steak, rice and seasoning of seaweed egg that he covered on the rice.

Nora happily yelled out to Ren. "I want that Renny! Give me that kind of lunch!" To which the stoic man took it as a challenge to make it the tastiest in order for her to stop with the numerous stacks of pancakes.

'Finally I will get rid of her pancake addiction. I must get the recipe from the Creator.'

All the food one could want crammed in a box without a care for one's balanced diet. It paid no rules to the cuisine, it was like a child's box of treasures. Her heart was filled with emotion and hunger. 'Wieners sliced to look like an octopus! They really exist! I want to try one but…'

Weiss' pride would not allow her to go below her station to beg for some cute food. "Let's go lunch! Let's have some wonderful lunch. Hi guys!" The voice of Beacon's secretary, Ruby Rose arrived in the scene and immediately looked at Jaune's lunch box.

Ruby looked at her chest and then looked at her other self's chest and noticed a lot of growth in its character. "How-"

The Creator answered. "You drank a lot of milk and two years later, you became more physically mature than before." The rest of the Team RWBY facepalmed themselves because they knew that Ruby would become even more addicted to drinking milk in order to grow up.

"I'm going to drink more milk! Our mission is to make me grown up, guys!" Ruby had fired up while the rest of her team glared at the Creator who shrugged his shoulders.

"What? I was telling the truth."

Ruby looked joyful. "Wow! Jaune you brought your own lunch today. It looks delicious!"

Jaune had prayed for a bit before getting ready to eat his lunch."I know, right? I made it all myself."

Ruby pouted. "Lucky. Please give me a bite, president!"

Jaune was a bit surprised. "Sure I don't mind at all Ruby."

Weiss let out a shocked gasp as she heard Ruby squeal in happiness. "Really?" Jaune replied with a quick suggestion. "Sure I'll give you a piece of my hamburger."

Weiss heart started to hammer in her chest as it started to hurt but she didn't know why. 'Ruby? Why?'

Yang and Blake started laughing which Weiss responded to the clenching of her fists. "Who knew Ice Queen Junior was so jealous of her partner?" Ruby laughed at what Qrow commented.

Ruby took a bite out of the hamburger as she moaned in pleasure. "It's so out of this world! The piping hot juice that spills out of a hamburger is simply delicious, but there's something about Jaune's that makes me jump for joy."

She jumped to show how happy she was not realizing that her assets had also bounced with her.

Some of the guys decided to move their pants a bit as Yang growled out her threats as a big sister would to any pervert. "Who dares, huh? I'll kill them all!"

Jaune was smiling which caused Weiss' fists to shake in fury especially when he handed her one of the cute wieners. "Here."

"Yay!" Ruby then ate the whole wiener as the world stopped for Weiss. Her eyes became pure blood red, her expression cold and murderous, when she saw Ruby eat her wiener. 'Ruby… I considered you a friend… but if your life was in danger tomorrow, I wouldn't lift a finger to help you.'

Jaune looked to Weiss and grimaced immediately after seeing her look of anger or frustration. 'What's with that scornful stare about?' He looked at his lunchbox and realized about her being a Schnee. 'Is my lunch really that miserable that you hate its existence?!'

"This Jaune may be smart but he's still as dense as he is now." Jaune complained about Ren's remark towards his other self.

He grabbed a container and opened its cup part to pour hot miso soup which Ruby happily exclaimed. "Ooh, some hot miso soup."

Jaune confidently remarked. "It's no good if the rice gets cold and hard, but if you have it with miso soup… in that instant, the two will merge into a supreme dish." He ate a piece of rice and immediately drank the miso soup and then sighed in relief.

"Try it." Ruby challenged him since she didn't believe about his taste. "Alright, I'm warning you I am a food critic."

He handed the lunchbox along with the cup that he just used which caused Weiss to pout and angrily stomp in the room. 'Hey! Why did you take it from the part he already ate from?' Ruby then ate the part of the rice as Weiss silently complained. 'That's an indirect kiss! Have you no shame!' Ruby also drank from the cup where Jaune had placed his lips on. 'That, too? Not fair!'

Jaune then looked to where Weiss was and was surprised at her expression. 'Why is she so scornful?'

While Ruby was enjoying what Jaune had given her. Weiss had planned her next move. 'Very well… if that's how you're going to do it Jaune… Ruby. I'll come up with my own and show it you all tomorrow!'

"Man, Ice Queen Junior… you're petty." Qrow remarked.


Ruby ignored that retort from both Schnees as she nodded her head. "Definitely, Weiss is exactly like that. Always planning, smart, and loves to hide her true emotions like how she loves all of- dow!"

Ruby had tried to give Weiss a glomp but the younger Schnee had used both of her arms to push away Ruby's attempt. "I am not even like that, you dolt!"

The next day in the student council room, Kaguya had displayed her lunch to the two who were simply sitting down on the couch. It was made with fresh ingredients and was delivered piping hot only a minute before she stepped inside the room. It had rice, lobster, tuna, duck, pickled plums, caviar, and minced onions. Jaune was amazed on how clean and rich it looked, this was suspicious from her. "Your lunch really looks special today-"

"Way to flex your wealth there Weiss cream." Weiss was embarrassed at Yang's statement since she had a meal like that one time. 'Shouldn't I strive to have the best meal for-… oh god this alternate version is like me. It doesn't mean I like Jaune!'

"Of course." She smirked knowing that stage one is complete. "Yes. The chefs got a little carried today, and had a special order made of the finest local ingredients."

Jaune looked at her and then looked down as his stomach rumbled loudly. "It looks delicious." She had to stop herself from fist pumping. 'Yes, it does! Now ask me for some! Just a single bite! And in my infinite kindness, I will grant it to you.'

Looking at her ingenious plan, a mini-Jaune appeared to showcase this scenario. He looked at her in reverence. "Gimme, gimme!" She would then pat him on the head as she smiled. "Then I'll take some of yours in return along with a few favors that are for my benefit."

In the real world, she was excited to see him try to ask her for a bite because it would be one step closer to confessing his feelings to her. 'Now! Come to me!'

But suddenly Jaune reached down and got his lunch box which shocked her. Ruby looked at her. "What did you bring today, Jaune?"

Jaune smiled as he opened his lunch box that revealed the classic red wieners that were shaped in a squid, rice, along with some green packets. "Nori, these green packets are very cheap."

Ruby looked at his lunch box as her eyes shined in happiness. "Wow! You brought squid wieners again, too! They're so cute."

Blake smirked. "It seems that Weiss over there is mad that Ruby is having it easy talking to Jaune."

Weiss growled and scowled. "Shouldn't we discuss of you liking Jaune after seeing him rescue you from Adam Taurus!"

Ruby tried to stop them since the person they were talking about was there in the room with them. "Guys!"

Jaune looked at himself and then looked at Blake as he was genuinely surprised. 'Blake likes me? Yang and Ruby like me? Does Weiss actually like me? I think Pyrrha likes me-' He looked to see her biting her fingernails and then glare in jealousy. 'Actually I am really sure she likes me more than a partner.'

The Creator smiled. 'Things will be very interesting with Jaune.'

Weiss' aura started to magnify in killing intent as her exquisite and expensive lunch box was on her hands. "President… You like oysters, don't you? Would you like one?"

Jaune was surprised at her tone of voice and then realized. 'I'm getting the same bad feeling from her that I got yesterday!'

Jaune sighed. "Am I really that dense?" The others decided not to answer his question since it would be obvious especially with the increased amount of female attention.

Pyrrha patted him on the shoulder. "It's ok Jaune… let's include that in our daily training. It's called notice my feelings for you and ignore the rest of the bitches."

Everything was going great until the last part as Jaune sweat dropped. The other girls who either had or were starting to have feelings for the blonde knight glared at the red haired undefeated champion. "Um… Pyrrha I think we need to include the please don't hurt my friends for me in that training."

'Why would she go out of her way to give me some incredibly high-class food?! She has to be plotting something! And if I do…' Mini-Jaune looked at Mini-Kaguya's smug face as she said. "Is that your food? How cute…"

He frowned. 'Is she giving me food because she feels bad for me? Is she pitying me?!' He slammed his hands on the table which shocked Weiss and Kaguya from his unusual behavior. He looked at his cheaply made food compared to Weiss.

"I cannot accept it! There is no way I would be able to repay you for food of this caliber!" Weiss replied with banging her head on the table after dropping to her knees. 'Just give me your wiener!'

Some of the dirty minded people in the audience snickered at that statement while Yang smirked at Weiss. "You really want Lover Boy's wiener that much, huh?"

Weiss smirked back. "Since when was he lover boy?"

Yang immediately realized her mistake and blushed. "W-Wha-What do you mean Weiss cream?! There's no way Lover- I mean Vomit Boy like that…"

Weiss continued to smile viciously. "Face it Yang, you're full of hot air, now you're in love with him and you don't know what to do." Yang's response was her hair and eyes turning red but stopped when Ruby got in between the two.

Weiss then noticed a lunch box on Ruby's hands that looked like Jaune's. "Anyway… what is that? You never bring lunch like that, Ruby."

Ruby smiled. "Oh! This? President made one for me too!"

Jaune smiled as he started eating. "I can't just let all the ingredients go to waste. It makes no difference if I'm cooking for one person or two."

Ruby ate a piece of what Jaune prepared for her and gave a pleased sigh. "It's so good. You're an amazing chef, Jaune."

Jaune became slightly proud from that compliment. "I'm glad to hear that." Meanwhile Weiss looked despondent after seeing the interaction between the two. Her plans were ruined because of Ruby. How could she eat from his lunch box? That's what he wanted.

Jaune was surprised at Weiss reaction but became slightly sad. 'Is it weird I wanted her to be like that for me…'

Weiss bit her lip in anger. 'You cattle who assumes human form! You prideless parasite who lives by feeding off others. You simpleton who sends all nutrition to your chest. You repulsive creature that has no meaningful brain cells!'

Her glare intensified when she realized Ruby was minding her own business. 'I will never forgive you!'

Ruby started to cry as she looked at Weiss. "You actually think that?" Weiss had to go into danger level 2 and initiate instant damage control so that her life would be safe from her family.

"Of course not Ruby… you're very um- special to me… Partner." Ruby's response to give her little sister hug variant number three that almost killed Weiss due to her energetic partner's strength.

"You're lucky that short stack over here is too forgiving, Ice Queen Junior." Qrow remarked which earned a glare from the original Ice Queen.

Jaune became frightened after seeing her glare. 'Weiss is glaring like crazy. She looks like she's trying to kill me! Should I accept the blame for whatever she's mad about?' He started eating faster to finish his lunch box. "Oh no! Today's Club Day! I have to finish quickly."

Weiss looked shocked, she reached for his lunch box as her dreams were starting to fade away. 'Ahh!' She then saw him eat the last wiener in his box. 'My wiener!'

She fell to her knees in complete sadness after seeing his empty lunch box and him running out of the council room. Her wiener and her attempt at sharing lunches with him were gone. 'I've been played… like a fool.'

In front of her Ruby was holding one wiener that Jaune had made for her. "Weiss, say ahh." Weiss opened her mouth and Ruby inserted the cute shaped food into her mouth. After tasting the wiener, everything gloomy and dreary became bright and pristine.

Ruby smiled. "Isn't it really good Weiss? Let's eat together."

Ruby was still hugging Weiss. "Aww, I'll always share my cookies with you Weiss." Even though Weiss hated those sugary treats that caused her partner to be really hyper. She appreciated the gesture and whispered her thanks to her.

Weiss hugged Ruby and smiled. "Ruby, I'm sorry I misjudged you… you really are human. Rest assured." Ruby then responded. "Wait, what do you mean?!"

The Creator then said. "That's the end for that scenario since I need to set up the next scenario but while I set that up. How about watching this cute scene from this version of Ruby." (AN: Sorry if I massacred this in text. You know the video already, chika dance. I couldn't figure out how to translate it into text. Forgive me for that.)

School bells rang out as Ruby was lying down on the big desk in the student council room. Out of nowhere a catchy beat started to play, her legs started swinging back and forth. "Ready, ready, ready set go!"

After the last word, she got out the table moved her arms to a straight line and shook her hands and head around. She then circled while moving back to the center of the desk while moving her arms up and down.

She started singing and dancing to the beat. "All of Beacon Academy, knows that we're super cool and the school council really hecking rules. Pika~ Pika~ Pika~ Pika~ Pika~ Pika~BOO! School Prez and Miss Weiss. Mercury and Secretary Ruby 3. Don't you think we're such a perfect team? We're doing cool stuff! Secretary, secretary power!"

She then moved to the couch and then got her trusty love detective hat that was on the desk. Before dancing again she removed the hat by throwing it across the room. "Everyone is living in a filthy dirty twisted world. Everyone is hiding what they really think. But they all know. Love Detective Ruby's gonna solve all of your problems problems with a punch! And can you please share your lunch?"

She started moving around again in different dance moves. "I may not be smart but I'll soon find your heart! Shuki, shuki, shoki, shoki, shoki, sette! Better pay attention, Ruby's on the case! Chuki chuki doki doki fortune teller. Anyone in love can be a heroine (hunter)! Yeah I'm gonna shine. Just like the stars in the sky. Ruby to Ruby to Ruby Ruby, yay!"

She then posed in different ways before retreating to the open window the same way she moved to the front desk. "Shuki, shuki, shoki, shoki. Chuki chuki doki doki. Shuki, shuki, shoki, shoki. Chuki chuki doki doki." She then grabbed a small nevermore that was hanging on the curtain and opened her arms letting the small creature fly. "Go back to the forest."

… The audience was pondering on what they just saw but the general consensus was either 'WTF?' or 'How cute!' Ozpin looked to Yang who had been recording that little performance. "Miss Xiao Long did you get all that?"

The blonde brawler nodded. "I recorded it for Ruby to do it later when we get back… and to give it to Dad and Uncle Qrow. You need it Prof?"

Ozpin immediately nodded. "This will help in recruiting new hunters to Beacon."

Glynda was confused. "How will that help?"

Ozpin smirked. "There's one thing you don't understand Glynda. Everyone realizes that cuteness is needed to be protected. One of the ways men die for. If we had this to influence the masses to fight back against the Grimm since they would destroy this!"

Ironwood glowered. "Hold your proposal Oz. Atlas needs this more than you! Beacon has enough, share your wealth."

"Yes but Ms. Rose and her cuteness are part of Beacon. They are the heart, you shall not pass with your situation, James!" Ozpin challeneged as the two were sizing each other up not one wanted to give away the secret to mass recruitment.

Glynda facepalmed as she was even more exhausted. "Children. I'm surrounded my children pretending to be adults." She looked to Ozpin and Ironwood who were now shouting at one another. "But it seems that we have to include this as an advertisement for the Vytal Festival. I hope it helps in helping us from our debt."

The Creator then arrived out of nowhere. "Sorry it took so long but it is ready. We are going back to the one where Jaune saves Blake in Mountain Glenn." Jaune was confused but his partner immediately told him that she would give him the summary of what happened.

Adam asked. "What did he do?"

The Creator replied. "He beat Adam Taurus in a one on one fight."

Ironwood, Winter, Coco, Velvet along with Adam and Jaune were shocked from that statement before they could respond. The screen started to turn on again and showcase the next scenario.

It was supposed to be a simple match. A friendly fight between two professional Huntsmen, observed by referees. It was supposed to be a fight that signified the unity of the Four Kingdoms, a fight that made people cheer with joy whoever the victor was. How did something as innocent as a friendly fight turn so… deadly?

Jaune certainly didn't understand. He and his team were at the coliseum cheering for Yang when the matched started. It went well enough on the first half with both Yang and her opponent, Mercury, dueled, displaying all their strength and skill out in the open. Even Pyrrha would readily agree that their masters would be proud to see them duke it with everything they had. After a long and enduring fight, Yang came out on top. But after the fight she somehow used her semblance and hit the guy to the knee sending him screaming in pain.

"There's no way I would do that?! That guy must have done something." Yang complained about her unknown behavior in a match. Cinder grinned upon learning this development. 'It means my plan has succeeded. I guess it was right for me to have Emerald and Mercury as a duo, I should not involve Neo at all in the later fights.'

Ruby yelled out. "Yeah! No way Yang could ever do that!"

'Easy to say, the rest of the tournament was cancelled, launching a full blown investigation of the match.Team RWBY was effectively under house arrest though it was mostly Yang who was kept in. Yet we don't know what is really going on.' Jaune found it strange that even if the video showcased her mercilessly beating her opponent after. 'Was it just me or was that Mercury guy smiling.'

"Gosh… I sure hope they're ok." Jaune said worryingly as he eyed the doorway listening to some of the words coming from the other side. He also noted the two droids standing guard making it look like there was a real convict amongst them.

But Nora waved it off with her happy go lucky personality. "I'm sure they're fine. Come on now. It was just a harmless accident. One punch. I can take one of her punches without my aura and still be standing."

"Yes, but not everyone has electrical powers like you do, Nora." Ren explained patting his partner down. "I still don't understand why Yang would do such a thing. She was already victorious. There was no reason for her to deliver that blow. It was totally uncalled for."

"Screw you Ren!" Yang yelled out as Raven smirked.

"Why shouldn't you beat a weakling? I'm proud you actually did that. They're wrong to think otherwise."

"Raven!" Tai yelled at his ex-wife for making the whole situation worse for Yang. Blake on the other hand had not said anything because she actually thought it could happen based on her love for fighting and how her semblance lets her go out of control once in a while.

"We don't know that." Jaune reasoned. "Sure, Yang might be a bit of a wildcard at times but I don't think she would attack someone unprovoked."

"But we all saw it." Even Blake seemed to be disappointed of it. "The whole world saw it. Even I… can't defend it."

Yang was surprised at Blake's statement. "Come on partner, tell your other version that she's wrong. You believe me, right?" Her mood got worse when Blake looked away and grimaced which meant that Blake actually believed this could have happened. 'Why? Blake I thought you would believe me. After all we've been through.'

Jaune got irritated at hearing that. "How could you say that Blake?! She's the one that defended you against General Ironwood when he was about to detain you for being an integral part of the White Fang. You were part of an organisation which murdered and executed innocent people while Yang went too far in a fight. Frankly, I'm disappointed in you."

Blake's eyes sought answers to the floor as her ears also dropped down which indicated that she had no response to what Jaune said. Her shoulders had stiffened while Jaune reasoned with everyone. "Sure, Yang might be a bit of a wildcard at times but I don't think she would attack someone unprovoked. I believe Yang is innocent!"

Yang became red as something warm hit her heart. Every time she communicated to Jaune was making fun of him vomiting back on the airship. Hell they didn't even have a real interaction without her giving a backhanded compliment.

It didn't make it better when said guy looked at her and gave a completely warm smile. "Don't worry Yang, I always got your back." Yang could have smiled back but then noticed the other females glaring at her so she decided to respond with a nod.

She then looked at her partner who had not raised her head up from the floor as her shoulders were shaking. "We will talk about this later kitty kat."

Adam on the other hand was giving of a smug smile. He felt that his former flame's relationship with the blonde bimbo as partners at its breaking point. 'See I told you Blake it would be worthless. Now come back to me, be with me, Blake.'

They heard the door on the other end of the hall shut signaling the end of the interrogation. Jaune raised a brow and had a thought come to mind. "Or… we can ask from the source directly. Wait here. I just need to get something for Yang."

Yang let out a sigh as she slumps her shoulder on her bed, her gaze focused boringly out the window. It was so quiet around here. And the noise the droids were making outside their room wasn't making it any better. She couldn't understand. Was it really just hallucinations like Ironwood said? Was she so stressed out that she accidentally mistook Mercury's gesture as an attack? No…

That can't be. She would never succumb to something as blatant as hallucinations. She was an experienced warrior, a Huntress for crying out loud, a protector of the world. There was no way she could mistake that. That man attacked her and she retaliated in kind. He was the one who struck first. But then again… the videos showed differently and a million people could testify that she was the aggressor. It just didn't make sense. She swore that she could have seen him about to hit her and that out of nowhere she saw Raven having the same smug smile in front of her. 'What's wrong with me?'

Cinder smiled since she realized what the Creator had done for her. She was sure that he didn't reveal anything about what she was really doing in Beacon and for who. He was actually showing her that her plan was going to succeed. Keeping the same smile, she moved to Emerald's ear whispering softly to Emerald. "Take note of what illusion you should show her my dear."

Click…The door to the room clicked which made her sigh. "I don't feel like talking right now. I already said what happened for me. Fuck off!" She made a blatant statement to whoever was on the other side. She didn't want to deal with another interrogation especially from people she knew believed she did it.

"Not even for a nice slice of chocolate cake?" The voice said with an oddly cheerful tone. Yang looked to see a sheepish looking Jaune holding a plate with a slice of double chocolate cake.

Pyrrha bit her fingernails again but made sure Jaune did not see her in this state. "Why does she get his cooking?!"

Yang felt a shiver down her spine since she noticed the malicious aura of the undefeated Mistral champion. 'Geez, she needs to chill. She's becoming like one of Blake's characters… what was it called… yan-dere?'

Jaune then looked to his teammates. "I can make you my mother's double chocolate cake." The three all shined up on hearing their team leader's food was going to be made.

"Yay! Jauney's gonna bake again!" Jaune smiled at Nora's celebration since he enjoyed making sweets… actually if he thought about it he really liked cooking. 'I also like to clean, sew, fix… my mother made me a househusband didn't she?'

"Jaune?" She muttered his name, a hint of surprise in her voice. "How did you get in here?"

He shrugged. "I asked the General to give me special permission so I could visit. Sometimes being friends with the big wigs around here pays off." Slowly, the boy pulled a box from his belt showing it to the prisoner. "My sisters say that sweets are the best medicine for sadness… so I thought I'd get you a cake. If you don't mind."

A small smile came upon the blonde bomber as she looked at the boy's literal 'sweet' gesture. She wasn't really hungry but that cake looked mighty tempting.

Yang asked. "Hey Lover Boy can I have your cake?" She licked her lips for an added effect although Jaune had no reaction, Pyrrha looked irate.

"Oh sure, Yang. I'll even make cookies for Ruby and sushi for Blake." The two girls mentioned started drooling from their mouths since they knew how good Jaune was in the kitchen.

"Sure. Why not? It's not like I got anything better to do." She accepted finally after a brief pause. Without even waiting for his consent, she dug her hands in and grabbed a piece before taking a good bite off of it. "So… does everyone think I'm crazy too? What does Blake think?" She asked bitterly.

Jaune started scratching his head and sweating. "Um… I can't exactly speak for everyone." He then shook his read regaining his vigor. "But I still think you're innocent in all of this."

"Well that makes one of us." The blonde bomber smiled taking another bite from her treat. "Half the world says I'm crazy while the other half thinks I'm a girl with no control over her own fists."

"Hey, don't listen to them." Jaune stated holding the girl's shoulder. "People just believe what they see. They don't know Yang Xiao Long like we do. I've seen you fight before. Yes you can be reckless sometimes and a bit of a firecracker in a box but I know that you wouldn't hit that guy if you didn't have a reason."

"Didn't think you thought of me like that, Lover Boy?" Yang questioned while her blonde classmate looked at her with another warm and dumb smile that made her heart beat faster.

Jaune stated. "I believe in you Yang because you're a good friend." Yang grimaced for a bit on the mention of 'friend'. 'Maybe I should get to talk to him and try to know him a bit better. It's all for Ruby's sake.'

Pyrrha sneered at Yang's attempt to ask her partner. 'I must get him away from all of them. They're starting to realize his greatness. Number one priority is to get him away from Weiss especially. If she starts to like him… he'll fall in head first. If I can't have Jaune then no one can. Ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha!'

Despite the evil monologue from his partner Jaune was thinking. 'You know if I think about it I haven't really established any bonds with any other females in Beacon except Ruby, Pyrrha, Nora and Velvet. Kinda sad really.'

"Oh yeah?" She challenged. "So what did you see?"

"It doesn't matter what I saw." The boy said strongly surprising her. "What matters is what I believe. And I believe that Yang Xiao Long is not a crazy psychopath."

"Y… you really believe that?" The girl stared, a little caught off by his honesty.

"Definitely." There was no hesitation in his answer. Just the confidence his father gave him. "Yang isn't someone who would go around looking for a fight. No… wait… that's wrong. You would definitely look for a fight, but not without reason!" He corrected quickly earning a short grin from the beautiful boxer. "Ugh… what I'm trying to say is… I want to help."

"Well… whenever my sisters have a problem, the first thing we usually do is… talk." Jaune admitted. "That's how we understand one another. So… tell me everything that happened. From beginning to end. I know what everyone saw but I want to know what you saw."

Yang could tell the dork was being serious. She wanted to rebuke it but thought 'What did I have to lose? Why am I feeling better because he believes in me?' She was confined to her room until the investigation was done and that would probably take forever with Mercury sent back to Haven.

"Yang… do you like Jaune?" Yang instantly looked at Ruby and her cheeks tinted red but she gave a wide smile.

"That version of me does but I'm not going to get your first crush from you, hon." She grabbed her into a headlock where she gave her a nookie. Ruby was glad that this action hid her red face from Jaune but he didn't notice what Yang was talking about.

"I…" She opened up but stopped midway on her first word. "I don't know what I saw. I mean… for a moment I really thought Mercury attacked me. After I tore through his aura, I turned around and wave at the crowd. Then he said something to me and attacked. I'm sure it was something about my mom and I just don't know what happened next. I acted on reflex and punched him on the leg."

Having to live with seven sisters can teach you a few things about women not many men can learn in a decade. He knew Yang to be volatile in nature and perhaps even destructive, but never personal violence. She was someone who would beat up someone only when that guy deserved it. But if that was the truth, then how come he and million other viewers saw her attack like that? 'Maybe it's an ability of Mercury?'

Emerald and Mercury started to get nervous since Jaune was getting close to what they were planning to do in the Vytal Festival. Cinder was surprised. 'I didn't think he could be capable of actually determining my plan. I need to be more careful when with him.'

"So… do you still think I'm crazy?" She asked which he waved it off.

"I already considered every member of your team to be crazy going after Torchwick with his giant killer robot." He jokingly added which made the girl laugh softly. "But why was your mother involved?"

Yang became a bit afraid about delving into her complicated relationship with her mother however said parent was slightly interested of what was going to be told.

Jaune was confused. 'I mean I never knew that other woman next to Ruby's dad is Yang's real mom. But why should that matter?'

The blonde brawler sighed. "It's something that's been bothering me since seeing her on that train. I just don't understand what she's doing."

Jaune sat next to her on the bed where Yang gave him space to do so. "You want to talk about it. I'm a good listener."

She looked at him with an eyebrow raised questioningly. "Is this your talent after listening to your sisters?"

He gave a shrug from his shoulders. "Well that and listening to my dad talk to my mom." He decided to say a joke to lighten up the mood. "What would my sweet talk be like if I didn't mention him everytime."

This time she gave a loud laugh. "That's true! I bet your female fans can quote your dad at this point when you give advice." She grinned at him. "Careful Lover Boy, I might end up falling for you."

Jaune grinned at her back. "I woudn't regret being with you. You're really beautiful and I'd be a lucky man to be with you."

Yang was about to say something when she heard Jaune say out loud. "Well it's true." Because of those three words, Yang was stunned silent and decided to take a page from her younger sister and hide her embarrassed face. 'Why am I feeling like this? It's Jaune… but that's not bad. Oh no, am I this close to stealing my sister's first actual crush.'

"My own mother," Yang growled when she was finished. "I mean, how can dad tell me to just give up like that? And yet, he still knows and talks to her. Does that mean he doesn't care about me enough to be offended on my behalf? Or worse, does he agree with my mom's decision to abandon me?" She sighed and shoved another large piece of cake into her mouth. "I just don't know what to do," she said around it.

"It sounds rough," he said. "And you say you think it's the same woman who saved you on the train when we were fighting the White Fang?"

"I'm sure of it. She was masked, sure, but her outfit looked identical." It wasn't like Qrow had done much to hide that, either. Oh, he'd refused to answer, of course, but he hadn't said no. Yang groaned and leaned one elbow on the bar. "I just don't know. I mean, she saved me. That means she has to like me, right?"

He was about to say something but he realized she was going to vent out her suppressed feelings. "But she left dad and me behind. I get that she might have had reasons for it, but to not even send a letter?" Yang buried her face in her hands and glowered. "That pretty much shows she doesn't care. I've got evidence that she does and doesn't care, which doesn't exactly make things easier when her own brother won't tell me the whole picture."

Qrow paled since he just realized that he wouldn't say anything about his sister to help Yang, his niece who depended on her. He growled at Tai. 'Why the hell do you still hide her from Raven? Does this mean you still love her after what she did?!'

Raven groaned. 'Make that one favor and it comes to hunt you. Note to yourself, leave your kids alone and just run. I should have just done what that book said. What was its title again… Oh yeah! 'Best Anime Parents: How to Make Your Children Better' I should have not helped her against that trickster.'

"Do you want to meet her that badly?" Jaune asked. "I thought you were happy with Ruby's mom?" It was a good thing that Ruby told him about their family situation after telling her that he got seven sisters.

Yang's head shot up, eyes wide. "I am," she protested. "Summer was great, don't get me wrong. I shouldn't even care about this woman. Summer wanted me, even if I wasn't her child. She always had me on her lap, always called me her daughter and always made me call her mom." Yang sighed and shook her head. "I'm not even sure why I'm so hung up over this. Summer was perfect and I don't want another mom. Even if my real one came back, I wouldn't be able to treat her like I did Summer. She's burned that bridge a long time ago!"

Yang cheered. "You go other me!"

Jaune calmly stated. "Yang, you still want to know. That means deep in here-" He pointed to his heart. "You still want her to be there in your life."

She then was brought back to those bad thoughts. 'Damn… he got me.'

"I… I guess I do." She finished eating the last part of his cake and all she got was agony as Jaune rubbed her back and she clenched her hands onto the bed's sheets.

He got into a thinking pose. "In an ideal world," He said once since he had to wait for her to get back to normal, "If everything was perfect, what would you want?"

"Other than Summer back? I dunno… I don't want my real mom to come back and try to be that, and I sure as hell don't want her near Ruby, if she couldn't even be a mother to me. I guess I just want answers. I want to know why." Yang looked down at the bar, then smirked a little. "And maybe to punch her in the face, but maybe that's just my fists talking."

Raven smirked. "Like you can even stand up to me. You're weak, maybe if you got stronger I could pay attention to what you had to say."

Yang, Tai, Qrow and Tai glared at her as she chuckled. "What? You want to fight? I doubt you could even beat me."

"She sounds like she deserves it." Jaune stated. Those words brought a smile to her face. "Thanks. So… what do you think? What should I do?"

"Don't look for her."

Yang's shoulders stiffened. She hadn't expected that especially from his tone of voice. It was a bit unusual to see Jaune being so serious. "I thought you'd tell me to follow my heart or something. Or something generic like your speeches in those conferences." She whispered. "I guess you think it's a fool's errand too, then."

"Not that," he said. "I'd tell you not to look for her, but it's not because I don't think it could work, and if you choose to ignore my advice, then I'll still support you however I can. You're important to me Yang."

Hearing that from that version of Jaune made her happy and she wanted to follow his advice because he would be with her all the way… 'I'm sorry Ruby. It looks like Yang is now in the competition for Lover Boy.'

Pyrrha, Ruby, Cinder, and Blake either glared at the blonde or felt shivers down their spine. 'I feel a disturbance in the force. The competition is now going to be harder.'

Jaune was still unaware of this new development but he was smiling on seeing himself help the alternate Yang. 'Maybe I should help her when we get back. She could use the support especially when that 'mother' is near her and loves to rile her up.'

Huh? She glanced over at him, eyes confused. "Then why?" she said. "Why tell me not to?"

"Because she doesn't deserve you, Yang. Because she sounds like a bitch!" The professor's fist struck the bed, the angry huntsman's sapphire eyes shone brighter. She couldn't stop staring at them. Those same eyes turned to her, and pierced straight through her. "It's not the best advice, I know – and honestly, I think it's pretty selfish advice on my part. You're special, though, Yang."

"You're strong and brave, you've sacrificed so much for Ruby without asking for anything in return and your entire team relies on you to be the rock for them. I'd say to quit on that woman because frankly, she doesn't deserve to be a part of your life. If she can't see how wonderful you are, then screw her!" He flung one arm to the side, expression set in a deep frown. "She's the one who loses out and she doesn't get to come back now and pretend she had even a thing to do with making you the woman you are today. In fact, all she's doing now is making you feel even worse. To hell with her!"

Team RWBY and JNPR were surprised at how angry the other Jaune was. Last time he had said anything this strong was to Cardin back when he was bullying Velvet in the canteen. Raven glared at the knight and smirked. "You got something to say, boy."

Jaune shivered in fear at the prospect of a trained huntsman and bandit looking him in the eye daring him to say something. However before he could talk, Yang stood up to be in front of her and him. "Leave it."

Raven smiled as she went closer to her daughter. "Oh, and what are you going to do about it? You acting like his mommy now. Is that what you want, Yang?"

That insult sent her eyes and hair into crimson red, she was about to throw a punch but stopped when someone grabbed her arm. She was about to yell out in frustration to whoever stopped her but she was hit with a tremendous amount of aura. She looked to see a serious Jaune who had removed his blockers as he stared at her mother.

Raven on the other hand was surprised to see this much amount of aura and pressure directed at her. She would have gotten her sword if the Creator had not confiscated it when she arrived in the room. He stated. "Please, stop."

She smirked and then sat down. "I approve, with his genes you can make strong children for me and the tribe."

Yang was furious at her mother, why was she alternating from being a bitch to being a mother. But she stopped when a calm and warm aura had surrounded her. She looked to see Jaune smile at her. "She isn't worth it Yang. Remember I'm here for you."

She blushed quite heavily from that as Jaune removed his hand from her arm, they both sat down and Jaune had placed the aura blockers back on which immediately cut the aura that was suffocating the room.

Roman said it best. 'Kid's a monster, plain and simple. He looks like an amateur but once he gets better. Even Cindy will have a hard time against that.'

Adam gave a bloodthirsty smile. 'Finally a challenge worth killing. And an Arc to boot as well. This will greatly help the cause!'

"Why should I be offended by the opinion of someone I don't care for the opinion of?" He smirked at her. "If Summer or Ruby said something about you, you'd take it to heart because you trust and respect them. But if someone who doesn't even know you says you're not worth anything, then why the hell should you care? I could say your dad's an idiot. It wouldn't make it true, though, since I don't even know the guy."

Tai fumed at that, what right this Jaune guy had to criticize his way of parenting. 'He's on my number one shit list! Even though he fought back against Raven, he still flirted my little princesses.'

"Thanks Jaune. You really… helped." Yang's cheeks turn a shade of scarlet as the boy melt her worries away. She knows that he's only saying those things to make her feel better. After all, what can one kid do to prove her innocence? But still… it was a nice sentiment. Something that was rare in these days.

"Hey, what are friends for if you can't put your trust in them?" He smiled before turning to the door where the droids were guarding. "I have to go now. Get some rest, convict."

She chuckled at his wordplay. "See ya around, officer. Oh and if it's not too much trouble, mind getting me another cake from the fairground? The one with pineapple would be nice."

He smiled as he left. "Alright see you again, Yang."

The Creator then appeared. "I leave for three minutes and I felt Mr. Arc's aura surround the room. Quite impressive although I would ask for you to refrain from doing so again."

Jaune nodded. "I'm sorry but I had to be there for Yang."

The Creator smirked at his word choice since the blonde brawler had definitely felt that one. "Nevertheless I need to say that this was to showcase a more peaceful time after Jaune's heroic save in Mountain Glenn. I will shift the scenario to a more bleak part, this will take place in Mantle. I would also ask you to wait for the scenario to play out for questions to be resolved."

The screen changed to a dirtied Yang who had spat out blood, they were currently still on the New Beacon fighting the possessed killer robots, the White Fang and the giant fog grimm that dispenses large masses of Grimm to the fallen city of Mantle. 'It's only been a month since Beacon fell from the White Fang and that dragon.'

Cinder viciously smiled. 'It seems that my plan really works however I would like to know why I even attacked Mantle. Unless I was ordered to go after the Winter Maiden. Which means she is in Mantle, will the Creator however remove this.'

Adam was surprised although his mask hid his facial expressions. 'It seems this partnership with Cinder will work.'

Explosions rang around the New Beacon which made her scowl since she heard the shouts of White Fangf soldiers echo around the dock where she was at. She looked at her gauntlets and smiled. 'Good thing I resupplied.' She took a quick look from her cover and was surprised to see a group all following Adam Taurus who had his mechanically created arm that replaced his amputated arm.

"Wait… what happened to Wilt and Blush?!" Adam growled since there was no way he would ever let go of his precious weapon.

The Creator sighed. "Well I showed you fighting Mr. Arc in Mountain Glenn, he beat you by cutting off your sword arm. He then saved Ms. Belladonna while a portion had exploded trapping you under rubble. You were then picked up where your arm was replaced. Meanwhile Mr. Arc was proclaimed as a hero by General Ironwood and the most wanted criminal for the White Fang for being your bane."

Adam instantly keyed on the blonde mop of hair from the meek teen with large amounts of aura. He smiled. 'I will enjoy destroying you when we fight.'

"Search the vessel and kill everyone who is an enemy!" Out of nowhere three bullheads with the White Fang insignia crashed to the ground. Adam looked to the source and noticed that instead of the Atlas ships, it was Grimm that were causing all of it specifically giant nevermores.

"Status report. What is going on?" Adam asked one of the Trackers behind him.

The elite ox tracker stated. "Sir, it seems that the Grimm are attacking anything and everything whether friend or foe. They're all coming from the fog grimm, sir by the time we are finished we might go down with this ship. Our bullheads and other transport vehicles will not survive the storm."

Adam grimaced. "We have too much to do. Blow this New Beacon to kingdom come!" Yang thought for a moment about what she should do in this situation. But she knew that if she didn't stop them here then they would all be in danger since they have to secure the Winter Maiden.

Yang got out from her cover which caused the White Fang soldiers to point their guns at her while Adam simply smirked. "Ah, one of my Blake's little so called friends. So you've come to die haven't you?"

Yang smiled and got into a fighting stance. "Nah just here to kick your face in. Then I'll give your ass to my feline partner to skewer the beef."

Yang was disappointed. "Damn I couldn't have said something else. Then again maybe I did, it's hard to come up with these last minute."

Blake sighed and whispered to her partner. "Yang please not now. Can't you tell that this is a serious situation? Also I'm sorry Yang… I should have had your back since you had mine. Can you forgive me?"

Yang smiled and put her partner in her standard headlock with another noogie. "Come here cat! Let me give you a petting."

Adam was seething since he was seeing the blonde manhandle his Blake. 'That should be me. That should be me.'

Adam laughed. "You and what army. You're all alone. I have heard you got those other teams with you what are their names again. CFVY, SSSN, ABRN, NDGO, BRNZ, all those people along with the robot. But you can't stop the cause! Mantle will fall."

Yang was about to say something but someone interrupted her. "Mantle may fall, but it does not matter-" Heavy footsteps caused all of them to tense but the aura caused Adam's mechanical arm to ache.

Jaune arrived to the scene with Crocea Mors in his hands, Wilt and Blush on his back, and Ironwood's Pistol strapped to his side. Showcasing his conquests along with blood staining his armor had made the faunus behind Adam very nervous. "We will damn be sure to avenge it."

"The Bane of Adam."

"The butcher."

"The Scourge of Menagerie."

"He's here. Why is he here?!"

Yang was still shocked that Jaune had arrived. 'He actually looked cool in that moment.' "Why are you here Jaune?"

Jaune gave a warm smile. "I said that I would always be here to support you. An Arc never breaks his promises."

Yang decided to hide her face from everyone because it became crimson again. 'Why is he so goddamn smooth sometimes?! Why can't it be- Ok stop there for a minute Yang and just relax. Things are getting a bit to Jauney-… I should just talk to him sometime later.'

Jaune was confused. "I'm a bad guy to them… but I haven't faced any White Fang and I'm a supporter for faunus rights."

Ren stated. "Sorry Jaune, as long as you're human. You are the enemy, especially since they don't like your heritage."

Jaune scowled at the sins of the past being directed at him. 'I just wanted to be a hero. Why is it so complicated?!'

Adam grimaced since he heard his forces have second thoughts as they saw the blonde fake hero appear before them as a form of justice. His replaced arm started to ache, maybe it was the trauma or maybe it was metal whip blade by his side that had replaced Wilt and Blush that wanted to rip into Jaune. "Let me guess, you want to talk again?"

His blonde nemesis, the one who took Blake from him. Despite what he did, his eyes still looked for peace and completely sickened him. But he looked at his forces. "Wait here."

Jaune was nervous seeing his alternate or future self face to face with a living legend who was sitting on the back. He could swear that said living legend was giving a bloodthirsty aura directed towards him. 'Looks like I have a bigger reason to train in order not to die.'

Nora smiled. "Lookie there Renny! Jaune-Jaune is standing up as a man. We need this Jaune now."

The hero of the White Fang and the fake hero of Beacon stood face to face once again since both had sheathed their weapons, one could assume that they were just talking. However the hand on each of their weapons said otherwise. One was waiting for the other to strike in order to justify a glorious battle with each other.

"What do you want?" Adam tried to control the rage in him however his tone was very haughty.

Jaune took a deep breath. "Well I wanted to propose a truce for a while."

The audience was shocked at the audacity of this Jaune to avoid a battle. Roman yelled out. "Doesn't he know that edgelord wants to kill him immediately for stealing his bitch and taking his arm with his weapon with him?!"

Adam glared at the mention of Blake being a bitch and the edgelord comment but he couldn't deny the filthy human's comment. 'That other version should have killed him immediately when they first met.'

Adam, the White Fang, and even Yang had to take a full minute to analyze what the knight just said. Even with it, it still seemed implausible what Jaune had just said to the person who loves to rip his guts apart "… A truce?"

"Yup, a truce. Your allies are gone by the way. We chased them off, as an escape plan they commanded the big fog grimm over there to destroy everything in Mantle to burn away the evidence." Jaune smiled. "So I'm hoping you let me and the rest of my team destroy that and you can all leave Mantle. I mean you got what you wanted. I don't think Mantle can be saved, you can just get all the credit for it anyways like in Beacon."

Adam didn't believe this from the one who he had crossed blades with. From what he remembered on the train, this knight would have sacrificed his life to just save one innocent person. To go and leave a city with possibly countless innocents and at the same time allow them the victory was very odd. "I wouldn't expect this from you."

He gave a sad smile in return. "I've changed I guess… The fight with you, learning about my family's past, killing General Ironwood, not saving the day in Beacon, taking a black arrow and a grimm dragon's teeth to the heart, destroying Mountain Glenn to save the team and damn Vale in the process. I'm not a hero but I'm not a villain. You and I are alike, we live for a mission to complete. I'm just giving you an escape that you still win and if I die you still win and complete your mission regardless."

Pyrrha, Ruby, Yang and Blake's heart broke from each of those hopeless words spoken in that version's monologue. Their knight had fallen and rolled into the mud but had decided to still protect and fulfill his duty. It really hurt them since Jaune would never become like that unless he had lost a lot. 'We have to support him.'

The others were confused or surprised at the list of events that Jaune had mentioned such as killing General Ironwood, taking a fatal wound and living, along with destroying Mountain Glenn. 'What the hell happened?'

Adam started chuckling before going into full blown laughter which surprised both sides who were earlier about to fight on the docks of the New Beacon. After laughing for a bit he gave a smirk to Jaune. "I'll agree on one deal." Jaune was confused but Adam continued. "You and me fight one on one in a later date. I will humiliate you in front of the White Fang and our cause will be completed with the death of an Arc."

Jaune grinned back at him. "I'll do you one better. I'll fight you and your White Fang and I will conquer you just like my ancestors." Inside this confident façade however was a different story. 'Why'd you say that, you Oumdamn idiot?! Just because you learned some new moves, how am I gonna do this now?!'

Adam growled and pointed to the outside of the docks where the fog grimm was getting closer. "Destroy that then. If you don't I will separate your head from your body." He then looked at his brothers in the White Fang. "Let us go, we are done here. We have destroyed Mantle. We need to move onto the next plan."

The White Fang retreated back into their bullheads and left the New Beacon alone as Yang was still shocked about the last three minutes. "Did that really happen?"

"That was anti-climactic as all Oum can want." Emerald complained with others agreeing although a certain red haired champion was glad that her partner did not have to fight the living legend. Didn't help that he would fight against a giant fog grimm.

"How's tall, geeky, and somewhat handsome gonna do now? That's literally air he's gonna fight with?" Qrow asked.

Jaune smiled when Ruby yelled out. "Because he's Jaune and he's awesome." But even he did not know on how anyone can beat a giant cloud.

Jaune grabbed Wilt and Blush out from its scabbard and held it in one hand and Crocea Mors in the other. Taking a deep breath, he let his aura flow through his entire body although he had a small scowl on his face. 'The last fight took a lot out of me but I'm going to need all my strength to beat this.'

He looked back to Yang. "Hey Yang can you catch me after everything?"

Her appropriate response to his question. "Huh?"

Jaune looked at Crocea Mors. "Are you sure this is the right time?" Out of nowhere a cheerful voice rang out from the handed down weapon. "Come on man you got to trust me? You can do this just let me help you out."

… 'Did a weapon just talk out loud… What the hell?' They all looked to the Creator for explanations where he smiled. "Just watch on what he will do with this Crocea Mors."

"A talking weapon, me must make it! Me must make it!" Weiss had to control her partner from having a weapon high as always.

"Ruby, weapons can't talk. It's a work of absolute fiction. You cannot make one, as your partner I forbid you from trying to make one for a week." Ruby even tried to use her patented ruby dog eyes however they couldn't budge against this ice queen.

"Did your weapon just-"

Jaune interrupted her. "Oh this… I got this actually after the dragon bit me through the heart back in Mountain Glenn. Apparently I woke up inside the um-sword-um-realm. The spirits of the previous generations in this sword decided to teach me the past techniques of the Arc Clan. So I'm going to defeat the dragon with a technique I learned that needs two blades. Help me because I feel after I do this I won't have the strength to walk."

He grabbed his scroll and immediately dialed for his reliable partner. "Jaune?"

He smiled. "Pyrrha I need your help. This has to be quick. You and Nora are in the control room right?"

Pyrrha could see from her partner's face that this needed to be done and she could not object to anything. "Yeah, communications are still working."

Jaune calmly stated. "I need you to tell to the remaining fleet that I will kill the dragon. Try everything to convince them we are on their side. Tell them it's me returning as a hero to give them more time to save the people of Mantle."

Pyrrha scowled. "I don't like this Jaune."

Jaune quickly said. "Sorry Pyrrha. I hope you understand." He quickly hung up his scroll as his aura started to leak out of his body that became a bright light in the center of darkness. His aura started to spread throughout both of his blades. He was prepared to use his semblance as a way to blow out the fog. 'I have a feeling.'

Thinking of how his friends and his allies would be hurt if this fog grimm continued to spew out large amounts of grimm. 'This cannot stand!' Out of nowhere a bright flash from Jaune caused a huge explosion of light to go throughout the area. Yang had quickly covered her eyes from the large natural flashbang. She waited for everything to calm down for her to remove her hands from her eyes.

"That semblance is really strong, we should try to develop it even more Jaune." Pyrrha said which her partner nodded to her proposal. 'How am I gonna train to use it against friends? Since the trigger is about protecting friends?'

Adam was surprised. "So this is that fool's semblance. An ultimate defense against my ultimate attack." 'Why I'm very excited to kill him now!'

Her reaction to what was in front of her caused her jaw to drop to the floor. Flying across them was another grimm dragon similar to the one they killed in Mountain Glenn but this one looked smaller. 'It was using the fog to disguise itself. How did Jaune-'

Out of nowhere cannon shots flew out and started shelling the inhumane beast as it roared in defiance. Suddenly the comms on the New Beacon rang out. "This is the Admiral in charge of the New Beacon. I know you cannot reply to this but… Jaune Arc, please give us time. We decided to give a little cheap shot. Kill that goddamn dragon."

Jaune felt more inspired by the Admiral's faith and used his now ultra-enhanced strength and speed to run towards the edge of the docks. He then jumped up and in two seconds was above the dragon as it roared at him. He then disappeared in a white flash as the dragon suddenly screamed in pain after having two slashes appear in its face.

Jaune appeared again behind the dragon and pierced the two blades into its back making it wail out in pain. "Spirit and technique, flawless and firm." The dragon turned its head back to Jaune and growled in anger as it tried to bite him.

He disappeared once again before the dragon could place its jaws on him. "Our strength rips the mountains." Many copies of Wilt and Blush and Crocea Mors were thrown out of nowhere and pierced the dragon's hide in different parts of its body.

Ruby moaned out loudly. "He can make many swords! I need this! I need Jaune! Jaune gives me swords!"

Jaune had blushed at Ruby's comment since he did not even know he could make copies of weapons. 'I'd be ridiculously overpowered with that. I have massive aura, a semblance that can push away anyone to protect, it's also a literal flashbang. Along with making different copies of weapons, that's where I would drop the line.'

The dragon's wails of pain broke through the sky of Mantle and caused the ground to shake. "Our swords split the water." More and more copies stabbed and pierced through the dragon's hide as white flashes went around the dragon.

Jaune appeared behind the dragon again and slashed horizontally. This caused the dragon to screech and arch its back. "Our names reach the imperial villa."

"The two of us cannot hold the heavens together. Two Realm Striking Slash!" Jaune appeared behind the dragon and charged while slashing downward. While the blonde knight went through the beast, it took a while for the dragon to separate into two vertical pieces as it fell to the ground with a small whimper of what it used to be. Jaune charged like a missile with a crash course to the docks.

Before he could ever land head first, Yang arrived and grabbed him while using her aura to cushion their impact. She then groaned in pain but looked down to see a heavily breathing but conscious Jaune. "You're incredible… we need to go to the others quickly Jaune. I'll support you this time"

Jaune gave a weak smile. He didn't even care that Yang had carried him bridal style. "Thanks, Yang…"

Everyone was amazed at this Jaune's actions with a talking sword and the Arc techniques. Jaune asked. "Can I really do that?"

The Creator looked at him with a warm smile. "Sorry about the talking sword but that comes in another reality I'm afraid. Your sword however becomes a bit stronger the more faunus blood it sheds. The Arc techniques I'm not so sure. I do say we might see another Arc technique soon.

Cinder scowled. 'He's going to be a major problem soon. I'll need to have him serve me unconditionally before the two versus two stage in the Vytal Festival.'

Ruby with bright eyes had grabbed Jaune's shoulders from behind and straddled up his back. "Jaune, Jaune! We need to work together. Quick pull out your sword!"

Yang snickered with glee. "Oh, Ruby, you're growing up so fast. Didn't know you needed Jaune's sword that much?!" Her eyebrows wiggled at the mention of the 'sword' as her younger sister blushed bright red and released her hold on the blonde knight.

She reached for her hood to hide her face. "Yang!"

In another part of the New Beacon, the rest of the team were recovering from the battle. Weiss had managed to make them leave with her newly found Maiden powers. However she wanted to kill them for hurting Winter and trying to steal the Maiden powers. Her fully formed knights stood on guard to pierce any single one of them.

Ironwood and Winter had started sweating on the mention of the Winter Maiden. 'We failed?' They looked at the Creator who had whispered to them. "Do not worry, I am very careful of removing information once you go back to the real world."

Weiss commented. "The Maiden… like the fairy tale. Why'd they destroy a city for a legend?"

Velvet answered. "Groups like that don't need any conviction. They can just use any excuse." The secret group of Ozpin was very grateful for the second year honor student for removing any chance for further questions of the Maiden. However this made Ozpin question his plan. 'Does Salem succeed regardless of what I plan to do?'

"Kid…Winter needs you." The mention of her sister brought the heiress out of her enraged state. Surprisingly the power she radiated disappeared along with her knights, which vanished into thin air. Immediately she turned to the corner noting her leader holding Winter in her arms.

With dread in her heart she rushed to Ruby's side seeing the tears falling down her cheeks. It didn't take much to put the pieces together. "No…" Weiss muttered softly, kneeling beside her sister's body.

Winter became unnerved at seeing her still body and immediately looked at her younger sister who was shaking with was it fear or was it shock. She went to her beloved sister and pulled her closer for a hug, she then comforted her by rubbing her head. "It won't happen to me. I swear Weiss."

Qrow got hit with an unbearable feeling of sadness at seeing Winter's dead body with a black scar across her face. 'This means she got ambushed like Amber… I'm going to kill those bastards.'

The little red riding hood choked a sob. "I'm sorry, Weiss. I'm… I'm so… so sorry. I tried everything. I really did. I swear. I wanted to… I wanted to help her. But… there was… there was nothing I could… do. There was… really… nothing…" The little girl looked as if she was begging for forgiveness for her weakness. Her hands cradled over the cold body, trembling with fear.

Weiss' felt her heart breaking. Her legs gave way as the death of her sister sunk in. The pain that followed was bitter and unbearable but she endured it nonetheless. She had too… for her sake. Quietly she reached out for her sister's hand, hoping to feel her touch once more.


Roman argued. "How the hell can that guy help Ms. Perfect over there. She's dead."

Cinder was clearly amused. "It seems that the smart shield and the healing of himself is not all of his abilities."

But alas, someone had beaten her to it. All heads turned to the boy at the center of the group as his eyes burned with same determination he held the day Vale fell. The blonde knight was breathing heavily and had limped towards Winter with Yang right behind him if he ever fell.


He didn't answer. The young hero simply smiled softly at his Snow Angel before pouring his aura out with all the might he could muster. The daunting prowess of a hero showed itself… and once more, a bright and warm light engulfed the room like a blazing star amidst the darkness.

"That is my dream, my wish. I… want to be a hero of justice. I'd do anything for you Snow Angel. I promised you, you're too important for me to let down." Weiss started to cry as she grabbed his form.

Pyrrha bit her lip since two sides of her psyche were arguing at each other. One wanted to help him no matter what to become the hero he could be. One wanted to protect him from everything and anything thus denying Jaune's chance but securing her newfound foundation in her life.

Ruby smiled. "Aw, Jaune you and me have the same dream! You and me can be best heroes forever!"

Jaune grinned back at her. "You bet!"

Weiss was silent upon seeing her not only lose her sister and be powerless to stop it and the fact she was holding Jaune like an actual friend. 'What happened to that other me and Jaune? Can I really be friends with him after all that he did?' She quietly stated. "Jaune, why did you ask me for a date all this time?"

"Hmm… I just wanted to keep you happy, I guess. It's just when I first saw you… you were really sad and lonely. I thought you could use a friend or maybe something closer… I don't know I was inspired by a blonde ninja in a village." Jaune mumbled as his face turned red in embarrassment.

However he didn't see Weiss' pale face redden up after hearing Jaune's logic. 'That imbecile, what logic! You could have done something different than court me. I should have as well listened to him. It's not right for me to shut him off.'

"You can't! You're barely hanging on in aura." Her tears started flowing down to her cheeks, she even hit him lightly on the chest. "I love my sister but you can't do this to me. Last time you used your semblance for this on Amber while at around seventy percent. You were unconscious for a week! Oum, you were dead for ten seconds. Wha-"

"Sorry. I'll bring her back no matter what it takes." Jaune interrupted before darkness had surrounded him.

Everyone could not respond to what had just been stated by an emotional Weiss as Ozpin asked. "Are you saying that Mr. Arc?"

The Creator nodded. "The amount of aura causes Jaune to literally super heal anyone. From what I can tell he can heal even the mortally wounded or comatose. In extreme cases, he's been able to bring back the dead but can't do it if they were dead for about three days."

Jaune looked at his hands. "Can I really?"

The Creator shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows? Maybe or maybe not. You have a lot of potential in you. Just like a friend I had who saved his own world even if I told him he would die… he still surprised me."

Jaune fell to his side as the others rushed to him. Winter all of a sudden sat up gasping for breath. The scar on her face had disappeared and she looked as good as new. She was knocked back down by a teary eyed Weiss who tightly hugged her. "You're alive."

Winter was confused but look to her side and saw the blonde knight who she saw was unresponsive as Qrow was yelling at them. "Quickly to the Whale. He's not breathing."

Yang had grabbed his body and ran with the rest of them as she was picked up by Qrow. "Wha-"

He interrupted. "Not now Ice Queen. We need to go. Mantle has fallen and the kid is not breathing. Save it!"

The Creator then stated. "That is all for now. I think we should go now to the previews for the next one."

The screen changed to Team JNPR's dorm room where a single scroll ringed a notification that caused the young hunters-in-training to groan. Nora yelled out. "It's six in the morning and it's a Sunday! We got no classes. Shut it off!"

Pyrrha groaned again. "It's not mine-" She heard a loud thud sound off in the room and quickly sat up to see Jaune holding his scroll and mumbling to himself. "… Jaune, are you alright?"

Ren became amused. "He must have realized it's his turn to cook pancakes."

Jaune grimaced. "Oh no, it's ok other me."

His frantic eyes and hyperventilating breathing looked at her as he jumped to her. Her face became crimson while Jaune mounted her and placed his hands on her hands. The blonde knight of a leader directly kissed her on the lips. Her eyes widened with shock as he licked his lips. "Oh I've always wanted to do that. I don't know what will happen to me Pyrrha. But let me tell you that I've always looked up to you and at you when you're not looking."

Pyrrha looked at Jaune who was looking down at his feet. "Jaune is it-"

Jaune yelled out. "I can't help it. Ever since initiation I've been looking at you. You're too beautiful for me Pyrrha!"

Pyrrha grinned as the heavens with all its angels sang out her joy. Her eyes became a bit crazy as her head definitely did so. 'He proposed to me! We'll get married, he'll be staying in the house while I work. We will have a suburban home with a neat lawn and a beautiful flower garden. With nine kids we'll create the perfect family. I'll win against all those bitches! '

The undefeated champion's response as her face became as red as her hair. "Eep!" She then fainted as Jaune caught her and gently laid her to rest on her bed. He then ran to Ren and yelled out. "I need your oh wise wisdom."

He started to bow down repeatedly as Ren sighed at his leader's sentence. He really wanted to correct it but he looked down to see that he was doing it at a faster pace. "Jaune what's wrong with you?"

Jaune looked up at him. "My life in Beacon is over! My parents are coming to Beacon and we are all dead!"

Nora then asked. "What's with your parents?"

Jaune asked. "What's with my parents?"

The Creator sighed. "Different versions of your parents will come to Beacon and change everyone's life. Speaking of parents-"

An older version of Ruby arrived in front of everyone with several gasps went out of different members of the audience. Her shoulder length hair was tied back in a half-up and half-down style and wore a hooded cloak which is white outside and red underneath. Under her cloak is a high-neck décolletage blouse with studded wristbands on the arms, a black and white over bust corset, a skirt with white tulle underneath, grey leggings, and knee-high boots with red soles.

Ruby's eyes started to tear up along with Yang's as the older Ruby smiled at the both of them. "Hello my babies."

Ruby smiled. "Mom?"

Out of nowhere, Sun and Neptune had arrived but noticed that all the attention was towards Summer. Neptune tilted his head in confusion. "Um... guys. We're also here. Don't forget us."

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