Hey guys its been awhile, ive been busy with school and I have finally finished (yay) and will have time to write, if you noticed I have removed all my old fics this is cause I felt they wernt good enough and ill be rewriting them so to start off ill be rewriting macs life in jasper which had been rushed from when I first wrote it so here is it rewritten, plz read, review and enjoy

Malcolm's POV

my head was leaned up against the car window as I watched the vast forest whiz by me, this was it, a fresh start.

It had been almost a year since dad had died and I guess mom felt it was time to start fresh, new state, new town...jasper as it was called was where we were heading, a small town in Canada, it seem like I nice town.

"you ok back their" my mother said worriedly

"yes, everything's fine just been cramped in this car for far too long " I reassured

"dont worry sweetheart its just up ahead...see" she pointed at a sign that said Welcome to jasper

"oh joy"i said with a hint of sarcasm

my mother just rolled her eyes as the view of buildings and houses raced towards us.

Jasper was just your average small town with its few stores here and their, a school and a whole lots of houses, we wernt rich or anything so basically our new home was in the mid range neighborhood .

I saw our new house come into view, I had seen the listing so I knew it when I saw it, it wasnt anything super fancy, it was just your average medium 2 story houses with 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom but all in all a very decent home.

My mom pulled into the driveway and just beside us the mover truck pulled in. we got out of the car and my mom went to go talk to the movers.

I left my mom to her own devices as I wanted to see the pool that was stated in the listed that was outback, to my surprise it was decent size but from the looks of it hadn't been cleaned in years so the deep end of the pool was full of leaves water and mud, ha I already know my mom is gonna make me clean that out.

I went back out front and my mom had already inside so I went inside, their wasnt much to see as the place was empty beside the 4 boxes the movers just brought in.

my mother noticed me in the hallway and told me to go pick out my room which was upstairs so I headed up their.

I chose the room that was on the far left as it was the biggest and would be a problem to set up all my stuff so I went back downstairs to notify my mother and she than told the movers where to take the stuff with my name on it.

½ Hours Later

the movers had already left and the entry way looked like an episode of hoarders, I made my way upstairs so I could start unpacking.

I started off with my plastic tub labeled Malcolms electronics which was basically only my ps3 and my computer, I didnt have that great of a computer...it was an old business system by dell that my dad gave me on my 13th birthday, despite its age I cherish it, then their was my ps3 which my aunt bought be when I was 10 but I wasnt much of a gamer so it acted more as a bluray player/netflix stream box but maybe ill get a few games for it this year, I dont know.

I started unpacking which took me about 2 hours as some of my furniture was disassembled so I had to put them back together.

I headed downstairs and unlike me my mom had just started on the kitchen which I decided to come help her with.


we had gotten all the required things unpacked and ate pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow I would be heading down to the school to have me signed up and given my classes, I wander how the kids are there, these thoughts drifted through my head as I drifted off to sleep

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