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Chapter 46: Love Never Gets Old

Humming escaped from a young girl's mouth as she skipped along the hallway of a certain apartment. She carried a doll in her hand and smiled brightly as she walked in the apartment with her parents in tow. Her short black hair and lovely brown eyes shined as she looked around for two certain people.

"Hey now, don't go running off now," a certain black-haired man said with a laugh as he saw his daughter running off. "She certainly loves her grandma and grandpa," he said with a chuckle.

"Well they're wonderful people Andrew," his wife said next to him with a plump stomach. She was a beautiful woman. She had long flowing blond hair and enchanting blue eyes. "May seems to love them a lot," the pregnant woman said with a big smile.

"You're right Celine. Sometimes I think she prefers to be here than she does at our own home," an older Andrew said as he wrapped his arms around his wife's waist as they followed their daughter.

They ended up seeing the sight of May being smothered by her grandmother with love. "Hi mom," Andrew said as he walked up to Cindy and gave her a big hug. "Where's dad?" he asked as they all walked over to a table and took a seat as his mother took a seat across from him.

"He had an errand to run. Luckily, your sister is picking him up now," Cindy said as May jumped up onto her lap. "Hey now, take it easy," Cindy said happily to her only grandchild as May got comfortable.

The years were kind to Cindy, despite how crazy her life was. She was fifty-eight years old and yet she didn't look that old. Her black hair still shined, and her eyes were still as beautiful as before.

"How's the birthday girl today?" Cindy asked her five-year-old granddaughter. May gave her a big smile that told Cindy everything. She then turned towards her son and gave a big smile. "I swear, you keep looking more and more like me aside from the fact that you're a man," Cindy said as she looked at her son.

"You think so? I thought I looked like a mix between you and dad," Andrew said with a laugh.

"You seriously have no idea how identical you look like with mom," a new voice came in.

Suddenly, Alice came into the room.

"Auntie Alice!" May exclaimed.

"How's my cute little niece?" Alice asked with a smile.

May then proceeded to run up to Alice, letting Alice pick her up. "Seriously, you look like a male version of mom here."

"The same can be said about you sis," Andrew rebutted.

And it was true. Both Andrew and Alice right now looked like gender-bent versions of their parents when they were younger. Not only that, but their personalities were similar to their parents, yet different in some aspects. Right now, both Andrew and Alice were working in Parker Industries until eventually succeeding him later on when Peter decides to retire. However, Andrew and Alice inherited their parents' superheroes' identities, so right now the name of Spider-Man and Silk now belong to them.

Heck, even Celine knows about her husband's and her in-law's secret.

Suddenly, the front door opened, revealing Peter.

"I'm home!" Peter's voice echoed throughout the house as the sound of the door opened and closed. When he turned, May launched herself at her grandfather who caught her and lifted into his arms. "Hey there birthday girl," he said kissing his granddaughter's cheek.

Cindy smiled as she stood up and approached her husband of many years. She gave him a kiss and then gave one to her granddaughter as well when she felt left out. "You were gone for so long," Cindy said passionately which made their children roll their eyes. Many years of marriage and yet the two still seemed really passionate about each other.

"You know I'd never be gone long," Peter said making Andrew and Alice roll their eyes at their parents while thinking of leaving the room to give them space. "We'll have more of that later. Right now we have a birthday to celebrate," Peter continued happily.

"Yay!" May screamed as she scrambled out of Peter's arms to get ready to eat cake and open presents. This caused everyone to laugh as she rushed around while Peter wrapped his arms around Cindy's waist.

"You want to know something?" Cindy asked.

"What is it?"

"Never in my entire life did I ever expect this. I mean seriously, what are chances of getting married to a successful CEO? This isn't like a cartoon you know," Cindy jokingly said.

"You're telling me. I never expected this either. I mean I always imagined myself as a man of science, but a CEO of a famous company that's on par with Stark Industries? That's something I would have thought in my entire life as well. And the funny thing is that my dreaded Parker luck had a hand in it."

"Are you thanking your bad luck at this point?"

"At this point, I'm not sure if I would even call it bad luck," Peter jokingly said. "Rather, it feels like good luck because it gave you, Andrew, and Alice."

"Yeah," Cindy said while giving Peter a kiss on the cheek. "And our family is still growing," she said while seeing her daughter-in-law's pregnant stomach. "We'll be having another grandchild soon."

"You plan on spoiling it when the time comes? Like when May was born?"

"You know it," Cindy said with a smile.

"Knew it," Peter tenderly said. "Anyway, let's head back. May's probably waiting for us."


And the two returned to where their entire family was, celebrating their granddaughter's birthday. As the party went on throughout the day, Peter and Cindy were happy with the life in front of them now. After many years of isolation (on Cindy's part), hardships, and awkward moments, their life was complete.

And that's it!