Hey guys! I apologize again for not writing in awhile. Well, here's the next chapter to my Dino Crisis story. (Don't worry, I spelled checked this time, twice! lol.)

Los Angeles, California. One year ago.

Strannex Tower. 11:15 p.m.

The senator had arrived to give his press meeting in LA, regarding the emissions fuel related to Global Warming. It was supposed to be just another regular mission-protect the senator and escort him back to New York. Matt had done these missions before, protecting politicians wherever they went.

It was only one in a thousand that someone would target a politician; however, to Matt, it seemed as though a lot of people from around the world wanted this senator dead. Senator Martin had a great deal of influence in politics and-before his campaign as senator-worked with other officials into shutting down oil rigs that were illegally transporting oil and fuel to terrorists in other nations.

A few days before the press meeting, a message was delivered to the senator claiming that a contract was out on him: 1 billion dollars to whoever kills Senator Martin. "Do you think after receiving a message like that," Bill said, one of Matt's colleagues. "He wouldn't be scared shitless?"

"Who wouldn't?" Matt had his team ready to escort the senator out of Strannex Tower. The building itself was massive, stood fifty stories tall in the center of L.A. and was one of the major corporations by Strannex Corp. The company mainly did investing in computer software and stocks and bonds. The company offered its press room to Senator Martin to deliver his speech. I've got a bad feeling about this.

The press meeting was over, and now it is time to get the senator to New York. Matt did not like the manpower that he had for this assignment: seven guys-including himself-armed with only one pistol and one automatic weapon. If I had it my way, I'd have a full force of men armed with more than what we've got now. Not that he had a problem, he just knew something was wrong and it will be very soon that-


"We're taking fire! We're taking fire!" One of Matt's teammates reported on the radio.

"Get Martin out of here!" Matt ordered his people as they stormed to the roof with the senator. Matt frantically called to his three guys that were two floors below them, but no answer. All he heard on his comm-wrist was screaming and automatic rifle fire coming from the press room. "Damn it!"

Matt made a mad dash for the roof where the helicopter was waiting. He readied the MP5 and aimed for the rooftop door as his men were getting the senator to the helicopter. The door flew open and men dressed in stealth fatigues began firing upon Matt and his team. A gun battle ensured, and Matt got on the radio and ordered the pilot to take off. "Come back for us later!" The pilot didn't argue. The helicopter lifted from the helipad and took off from around the building.

Matt didn't know how many guys were sent to assassinate the senator, but already twelve gunmen came storming to the roof-and it was only Matt and three more of his teammates left. He shot and wounded three of the twelve assassins-but it didn't matter. They were out numbered and out gunned. He went to reload the MP5, but he was out of clips.

"Shit!" Matt pitched it. He tried to count how many assassins were left. If we're lucky, we can just keep moving and shoot them while taking cover. Matt tried to reach for his revolver, but he felt it caught on something. What the-BAM! Matt fell back to the ground. He couldn't breathe, he felt like he was suffocating. "Matt!" Bill yelled as he saw his comrade shot and bleeding. "Oh my God, they shot him!"

He couldn't believe it, his own gun snagged in his side holster and it went off, and now he shot himself. He felt his own blood seep through his vest. I can't breathe… I can't… I. Matt's vision blurred. The last thing he saw was one of the assassins charging at his teammates while firing upon them.

Matt began to see bright lights. He was in a hospital bedroom. It was a facility for agents of S.O.R.T. whenever they became injured during their field missions. He felt a damp cloth over his head, and a soft hand touching his own hand. "Matt?" It was a women's voice, sounding soft and pleasant. He awoke, and saw himself hooked up to three different machines.

"Matt? How are you feeling?" Matt turned his eyes to see a beautiful red-haired woman. He knew who she was. Matt couldn't talk because of the breathing device the doctors had on him, but he nodded to let her know. "You're a lucky guy; the backup arrived just in time to extricate you and your team. The senator is safe; the U.S. marshals escorted him back to New York."

Regina explained to Matt what the doctors told her: when Matt shot himself by mistake, the bullet shattered two bones in the ribcage and the bullet itself went through his lung. Matt still cursed at himself for letting this happen. He had that revolver for seven years during his service to S.O.R.T. and it never failed on him. Now he was going to be paid a visit by his superiors about this, possibly to order him to find another standard issue-he didn't care though. I'm alive, that's all that matters.

Matt felt the side of his head throb. Damn… Feels like someone hit me with a golf club. He got up on his feet and saw that he and his teammates fell and landed in another part of the jungle. The T-Rex's roar disappeared far away into the valley, and there was no sign of any other Dinosaurs around. He looked only to see that his fellow team members were half conscious, and Kirk is missing.