Welp I'm back and with another list of possible powers though this one is slightly different considering that most are powers that I made up for a few hero rps that I joined so prepare to see some interesting ones.

Shadow Moon: user can turn into a shadow, in this form user appears like a shadow completely flat against whatever surface they are near. While like the user can climb the shadow of things and travel through/in shadows. User can also form a shadow bow which fires a dark arrow. The arrow will hit with the same amount of force as a regular arrow except the user can decided if it's a blunt arrow head or a tip arrow head. Depending on the phase of the moon user can heal serious injuries, poision, and possibly dieases..User will also be able to create a Luner Shield

Pretty much all depends on the moon and shadows. Could be interesting to use considering the whole climbing on shadows or traveling in somone elses shadow for a surprise attack. Though I will admit that this power has similiar abilities to the powers in The Dark Below which is a really good read.

All Sight: (Eyes turn Blue)Energy Perception: Able to perceive the energy (be it electromagnetic spectrum (aka X-ray, inferred, gamma ray vision ect.) or auras)

Visual Linking: The user is capable of sharing their vision or eyesight to other, but the shared vision doesn't enhance (in other words she allows someone to see through her eyes)

(Eyes turn Red) Blood Flow Vision: Can see the major and minor veins of living things (only on living things)

Telescopic vision: Can look 6.2 miles away

Microscopic vision: The user is able to see items that are normally too small to be seen with the naked eye at normal clarity (requires focus)

360 Degree Vision: Can see in all directions at once (passive)

Illusion Vision: The ability to see through illusions. (passive)

Night Vision: The ability to see with little or no light. (passive)

Blindness immunity: Pretty much immune to things that causes one to be blinded. (passive)

As you can see this would be pretty much the ultimate in eye sight based power. Heck you can easily just take one of these powers and use it by itsels. Izuku can easily find out multiple ways to use eyes like this. There is also the fact that there hasn't been too many fics that focused on Izuku getting eye based powers. That and with All for One he would seem just a bit more like a weaker version of Superman XD. This one is the weaker vision of powers I have created so be prepared for some of the bigger ones.

Angel's Grace:

Calming aura he can generate an aura of peace and serenity that can amplify/induce peace on beings inside their aura. The aura extends to about five feet around the user.

Healing Aura user can project an aura of healing and mending energies, focusing the energies they emit from themselves and those effected have their physical wounds healed. They can even cause at a greater extent can cure infectious diseases and poisons, can heal one's mental state and/or even heal one's soul. Though the more serious the thing needing mending is the more tiring it is for the user

Life force detection can sense the presence of life-force and possibly gain detailed understanding about the life-force they are sensing, including the amount/size of life-force they are sensing and whether it is hidden.

Aura Reading: can perceive auras, normally invisible fields of energy that surround every living thing, this can be used to sense emotions, health, power levels, or the targets moral alignment. They may also be able to sense auras surrounding inanimate objects under special circumstances.

Wing Manifestation: Gavreel has or is able to manifest wings that grow or are attached to the body allowing flight

Pretty much as the name subjest this would pretty much be Izuku with angel powers/abilities. I think I saw one fanfic that had Izuku with angel wings but that one didn't keep my attention. That and this one is a bit more angelic than the one I saw in passing. Add All for One and you pretty much add all the strenght that is usually related to any angel we see in the comics.

Cosplayer's Dream: Cosplayer's Dreams is a quirk any cosplay or otaku would kill for! With this quirk the user is able to make any "toy" or "item" real! It will have all the same abilities and weakness that it has from it's show of origin. Of course toy also include creature figures and they actual become real and grow to the size they would be in whatever "world" they came from. Last but definitely not least is when the user goes full cosplay and dress up as a character from a series. They gain any abilities/powers/skills they would have from their show/magna/movie/ect of origin.

Despite being a powerful quirk, the quirk does have a few drawbacks. Items and objects tend to turn back to normal if out of Hanna's reach for five minutes. User can only bring six things to life at a time and if they are really powerful say something like a legendary pokemon the amount is pretty much halved. Said creatures can only be alive for three hours which the time is also halved if they are really powerful. Even though they will listen to the user they do have their own personalities and ideas so may end up doing things their own way. As for full cosplay well they have to actually make the outfit and be able to put it on. In other words not something they would be able to do quickly or on the spot since they wouldn't always be near their cosplays

Well this one right here has the be one of the most OP powers that I have created. So yeah Izuku would need to be more than just a All Might Otaku to use this power to it's fullest. The one will be under the stories that it wouldn't be bad if Izuku didn't get all for one. Though if someone does want to use All for One and decided how it would affect this quirk well I would love to find out what they would do with it.

Power for All: has the ability to create and bestow powers onto people who don't have powers and onto himself. Though what powers the person gets is totally random. It could be just one ability or multiple ones user never knows. The powers the user gives tend to last for two hours. For those who already have power the user enhance the powers and abilities of those who already have powers. Increasing them to twice there normal abilities for two hours.

Yeaaah abut there only being three yeaah fib a bit about that. For those who can't really decided on what type of power to give Izuku. Though considering this power I don't see Izuku gettng One for All. Though considering this power All for One would have eyes on Izuku when he discovers he has this type of abilitiy. Heck wouldn't be surprise if more than a few people would think that keeping his abilities underwraps would be the safest way to go. Especially considering what it can do.

Deminsional Storage: The power to store anything in a fold of dimension/space and re-materialize at will. The user can put items/beings into a separate dimension for safe keeping, and can summon them back with relative ease.

Welp back to the more normal powers out there. This one right here pretty much would really on Izuku having items at the ready for whatever hero work that he might end up walking into. Might want to go with a more genus Izuku/inventor Izuku since he could grap whatever he might need from his D-area.