Round 4 – Aversa (Robin's Victory)

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As a quick note: Aversa obviously calls Robin her brother, I know some people may get weirded out about this, so I've tried to avoid that in any sex scenes. Ultimately you guys should all know not to take this too seriously, they're only nominally related, it's just her teasing him about their connection.

Also: Goddamn, I envisioned this chapter being pretty short, but I wound up sticking to my idea of Robin and Chrom forming their harems out of love, not pragmatism. So, I ended up writing an Aversa love-story, that I think can hopefully justify a romance with our villainous Plegian, well, hopefully you enjoy!

It was another warm, sunlit morning in the Shepherds camp near the heart of the Valmese continent, and once again the leadership squad was gathered together, thoughts and conversations whirling as they huddled around a private meeting within the spacious strategy tent.

This time however, the meeting was under far less auspicious conditions and with a far less pleasant outlook. Tensions were high throughout the group and the discussion remained several orders of magnitude more serious than their previous meeting on the topic of Robin and Chrom's potential love-life and their request for the two begin breeding their female comrades.

"Aversa… she says she's here to oversee Plegia's investment!? She's here to spy on us!" Chrom spat, balling his hands on the table and beginning the planning by getting the obvious out of the way first.

"And she expects us to simply comply? As if we should give her free reign of our camp?" Cordelia added, looking equally affronted by the suggestion.

The red-headed Pegasus Knight's hands were clenched tight around the spear, her weapon unrelinquished even in their strategy tent. She hadn't let it go since she'd first laid eyes on the Plegian Witch strutting towards their mess-tent. For those who knew her past, it wasn't hard to guess why the usually calm Knight was reacting so viscerally to the woman who'd helped lead the Plegian forces during their last war.

"Fie," Say'ri breathed, frowning in concern as she caught onto the strained tension filling the tent, "I know not what your history with this woman is, but even Panne and Yarne have agreed that she's come to us alone, with neither allies nor companions to be found…"

Her implication hung thick in the air. The Princess of Chon'sin was a kind and noble soul, but the harsh years of her personal war against the Conqueror had hardened her, and while she was just as optimistic and hopeful as she'd ever been in her days in her family's estates, she now tempered that with a streak of cold pragmatism.

"W-We can't just kill her!" Maribelle balked at the very suggestion.

Having been at Aversa's mercy herself, she had absolutely no love for the Witch. But, for now at least, she wasn't an enemy; she'd come as a foreign envoy, alone and under diplomatic pretences- ostensibly Aversa was here in the interests of peace and co-operation.

"Unfortunately," Robin added with a beleaguered sigh, "She's no fool, and I doubt her master is so eager to be rid of her. He must assume that we won't actually do anything to her, maybe because he thinks we're too idealistic for that, or perhaps he believes we're smart enough to understand it wouldn't be a good idea. In any case, she's obviously here to spy on us, so we can only assume she must have some means of getting in touch with Plegia. And if her messages just stop the same day she arrived in our camp…"

Visibly grinding his teeth, Chrom's body shook with a million things he wanted to say. But slowly, with great effort, he let out a slow breath and forced himself calm.

That woman and stood and laughed while they'd fought to save Emmeryn, she'd been the one to shred their strategy in an instant, revealing that she -or perhaps Plegia- could control the Risen.

Despite his occasional hot-headed nature, Chrom was not by nature a vengeful or hateful man, but there was absolutely no disguising his feelings towards Aversa. He had fully intended to hang her corpse on display besides Gangrel's, but by the time they'd finally sacked the Plegian capital, rather than fighting alongside her liege he'd been surprised to find she'd long since fled into hiding. The key strategist of the Plegian forces had abandoned them, and Gangrel's remaining forces had been easy pickings for Chrom's revenge.

Yet, despite his occasional heated temper, the Exalt was no fool, nor was he prepared to let himself be strung along by past bitterness. It didn't need to be said that murdering the new Plegian King's right hand while she was visiting with a legitimate diplomatic cause would absolutely destroy any hope he had of keeping the tentative peace that had been established with their neighbouring nation. Even if the desert country was too weak right now to possibly manage an invasion, angering their ever-belligerent neighbour while almost the totality of the Ylissean forces were away with him on campaign was a recipe for disaster.

It was clear. For now, at least, they had to play nice.

Looking around the room, from one of her cherished friends to the next, Tiki's expression turned pained as a dull ache settled in her heart. As a Manakete she was naturally far more attuned to the emotions and feelings of those around her and now, her companions -a group that usually surrounded her with the sensations of warm positivity and unbridled optimism- were all stewing with frustration and the pain of a still healing wound.

The ancient manakete didn't know what had happened, or what their history with this Plegian woman was, but to imagine something like assassination being discussed so calmly in the same strategy tent that was usually home to Robin's brilliant, life-saving tactics that had protected so many of the common folk around Valm left her long tapered ears drooping in sympathy for what must be a wrenching pain shared between them. That, at least, she felt she could understand.

However, perhaps even more concerning to the Voice of Naga was the sight of the man that she herself so frequently turned to for comfort (and for a chance to luxuriate in the feeling of an aura so wonderfully similar to Mar-Mar's). Robin was bent over in his seat, with his eyes unfocussed and his attention clearly wandering through far off thoughts. Instead of the sharp, kind and worryingly focussed man she respected so keenly, he appeared almost nothing like his usual self, and rather than the same hurt feelings she could see radiating from so many of her other companions, his aura in disarray, whirling in confusion.

Indeed, from the state of him, if not for the delightfully vibrant scent of his seed Tiki had been able to practically taste on Olivia's breath when the dancer had raced into her tent to warn her and Say'ri about the emergency meeting that had been called, she would have simply assumed that Robin had been dragged barely conscious away from his desk after another all-nighter. That at least, was something of a comfort, the thought that their worryingly diligent Tactician had so many women now looking after him in every sense was a gentle relief, but it only made it more concerning to see his state now.

"Robin," she probed carefully, "Has something happened?"

It was potentially a remarkably tactless question, the equivalent of simply putting your foot directly down a step you had no way of seeing, and even with all her centuries of experience, she felt her breath stilling in her throat at asking it. Even so, she knew she needed to understand this, for her own sake if nothing else. She knew of Ylisse's pains from Plegia and scattered bits of their shared past, she knew nothing of this dusky Plegian Witch, but from the scattered information she'd gleaned so far, her arrival shouldn't be any more personal for the Tactician than it had been for anyone else.

"Huh? Ah, I… ah… no, nothing specific," he answered uncharacteristically vaguely, shaking his head in a sharp motion to finally bring himself back to the present, "I feel… I just… I think I'm just shocked. I never expected anything like that. For so long I've wondered about my past, about any connections I may have lost, I always put it behind me, so… to hear now… for her to say she's my sister? How am I meant to take that?"

"You can't possibly believe that," Chrom scoffed, rejecting the very thought of it, "You saw how she was acting, just saying whatever she wanted, she was just trying to get a reaction from you."

"But nothing she said was a lie," Robin pointed out with a conflicted shrug. As much as he'd love to simply dismiss the idea as simply as that, he'd already gone through the entire argument in his head a hundred times over, "And if she was just trying to unsettle me, then she wouldn't have needed to clarify what she meant... It wasn't something she made up on the spot."

And, of course, being who she was, Aversa had taken tremendous joy in laughing at the sight of his dumbfounded expression as well as the equally shocked faces of the other Shepherds when she'd revealed the truth of her heritage, and their shared connection.

Smirking with undisguised condescension, she had savoured their reactions for several long moments before explaining that while she and Robin shared no blood-ties, she was indeed Validar's adopted daughter, raised with his sole affection and attention after his young son was cruelly stolen away from him.

That last jibe alone had been enough to set Robin's world adrift. There was no doubt that was her intention, but even knowing he was dancing completely to her tune, he couldn't possibly restrain his heart when he realised exactly what she represented to him- rather than just an old enemy he'd defeated from a nation he'd helped humble, Aversa was someone directly connected to Robin, someone with an insight into his lost past. There was a very real chance that this woman knew exactly who he was and what had happened to him.

It was a frustrating and even embarrassing feeling. Robin had long ago made the conscious decision to leave behind whatever his history was, to focus only on his new family and his role as Chrom's right-hand. For years now, ever since he'd taken up command of Ylisse's forces and ever since he'd committed himself to the man's cause, he'd believed that would be enough for him… but even if he had managed to still his heart, his soul as a Tactician still bristled at the hidden knowledge.

Regardless of anything else, and irrespective of what his own feelings may be, there was still tremendous value in knowing the truth of his past, not least of which in understanding exactly how he was related to Plegia and to the current leadership. He wanted to know more. To have the answers so blatantly dangled before his nose was almost enough to make him want to snarl, exactly as Validar intended, he was sure. Whatever the current alliance between their nations was, he doubted Aversa would part with her secrets easily.

None of the Shepherds had really been sure what to make of her surprising revelation, but ultimately they all cared for and trusted their friend too much to be seriously concerned about it, Chrom especially had immediately waved off any worries he may have had on the matter.

It was lonely Lucina, standing alone on the edge of the tent whose downcast expression came as a match for the Tactician's. Staring blankly, with clouded eyes as the conversation ebbed and flowed, her hands clenched and relaxed repeatedly at her sides while she wrangled with a great many thoughts; what she knew of the future-past, and what this new information may imply for the worries that were still to come.

Of course, his daughter was never far from Chrom's thoughts and he soon caught sight of the troubled look on her face.

"You're worried Lucina?" he prompted, as gently as he could manage, "Don't worry. I understand and you're not wrong, I know we all share your concerns."

The princess perked up with a start at that, her eyes suddenly alight with both surprise and confusion, as if she'd been read like a book. But there was no way for Chrom to have known what was truly bothering her, and his thoughts were in a completely different direction.

"I never expected she would already know about you and your friends, let alone the truth about where you've come from."

"That is concerning," Robin nodded agreement, "It's not even common knowledge among our own forces, there should be no way Plegian spies should have been able to find out anything like that, it almost defies reason."

They had, of course, initially attempted to steer their unwelcome visitor away from where she could get a good look at any of the time-traveller children.

But Aversa had ignored them completely, stepping around both Frederick and Chrom to stride directly up to Lucina, before openly addressing her as the Princess of Ylisstol, the daughter of their Exalt.

"Oho, so it really is true… the resemblance up close is uncanny isn't it? So, you truly are that Exalt's daughter?" she had mused, blatantly speaking her thoughts aloud for everyone's attention, before spinning around and pinning any of the other wayward children with similarly piercing expressions, they could all clearly remember her words now, "Oh, don't look so surprised! Did you think we wouldn't know who you were? Plegia has an amazing ability to gather information…"

Gritting his teeth at the thought, Chrom could feel his hackles rising again. It was only all the more reason to be rid of her, which made their inability to do so all the more grating, "But… that doesn't make sense. Why would she tell us that she knew? Surely there's no advantage for her in letting us know she's aware of the truth?"

Predictably, none of them had any expectations that Aversa was here with honest intentions or had revealed her hand with any kind of good-will.

"So we know she's laid all her cards on the table," Robin answered, the strategic elements of his brain slowly clicking into place as the shock slowly passed, "She's making a show of being open, showing us that there's no reason to suspect her of hiding something from us, as well the fact that it'd be pointless to try hide anything from her. She's saying that if she knows this, she knows anything else we may also wish to conceal."

"Fie, and also… that there's no need for us to be rid of her should she have come across Lucina's origins in some other manner," Say'ri finished Robin's logic, speaking the cold implication he'd left unsaid, "A terrifying plan, and 'tis one that only makes her seem even more dangerous."

The Exalt's hands twitched at his side, but Chrom kept himself calm, even as he was assailed by numerous competing desires.

"I'm surprised to hear you two talking about something like that so plainly," he answered simply, "I feel as if I should stop this discussion before it goes any further, but…"

"Now hold on!" Maribelle suddenly interrupted, standing to the fore and crossing her arms furiously under her ample breasts, "We cannot simply, simply… assassinate whoever we wish! We are better than them! Ylisse does not lower itself to such barbarism!"

Leaning forwards, Frederick tempered that opinion somewhat, "Assassination? No, of course not. But we live chaotic, dangerous lives on the battlefield. As a Knight of Ylisse, I'm pledged to protect anyone under my gaze… but I would sooner taint my honour than abide any harm to milord Chrom, or indeed, any of our allies."

It was a cold and very pragmatic statement, one guaranteed to inflame a furious ire from the highly principled noblewoman as well as anyone who shared similar sentiments.

However, just before any further argument could take place, it was the calming voice of the Queen that quickly cut through the tensions and doused the quick flaring tempers.

"There's certainly a lot we need to consider. But, before we go any further down this talk… Lucina, honey, I'm sorry but could you step outside for now?"

"… Mother?"

Facing her daughter staring back at her with an expression of clear confusion, and a voice tinged with hurt, Sumia stumbled for a reason to explain her request.

"Oh!" catching the woman's eye, Robin perked up in her place, "I see! You're thinking like that, huh? Interesting, that's, wow! Er, but… Sorry, Lucina, I'm going to have to agree with your mother on this. I think I can guess what she's about to suggest, but it'll only work if you and your companions are able to act completely normally, that means you can't know what we're planning."

"I-I see. Of course, th-that makes sense. Very well, then, I shall take my leave."

Unhappy but somewhat mollified, Lucina nodded politely to everyone in attendance before slipping gracefully out the tent and back into the morning sunlight.

Flushed with relief, Sumia flounced on the spot, which sent her enormous chest bouncing hypnotically through the air- a welcome sight for any of the males in attendance.

"Robin! That's amazing! You already knew what I was thinking?"

"Not a clue sorry!" he laughed in reply, grinning even wider when he saw her jaw drop in confused disappointment, "I was just saying that to help convince her to leave. Honestly, I'm probably not really myself right now, I'm still so frazzled by everything I can barely think straight."

More than anything else, right now he just wanted to go back to his tent and be comforted by his fiancée's. Perhaps it was a little selfish to rely on them for like this, but after feeling unmoored from the world in the wake of Aversa's revelations, the thought of Cherche's nurturing, Olivia's pampering, or Tharja and Noire's shared adoration was enticing beyond words.

A small, pragmatic, part of him couldn't help but worry about how dependant he'd already become on these women. Far from his earlier isolated independence, these days it felt like he was thinking about them so frequently that he could only properly focus after calming down with the women he'd pledged himself to, if for no other reason than to make sure they didn't think he was ever ignoring them in favour of his duties or anything else. Even so, his work still got done, and thanks to their help and support, it often got done faster and more efficiently than ever (he'd surprised himself at just how skilled he'd become at filling out reports while being deepthroated), so he could only really accept that this dependence was just part of being a family.

Putting aside Robin's antics, Sumia coughed, fighting for attention as she took command of the discussion once again and pausing for just a second as she attempted to gather the right words for what she needed to say.

"I agree with everything that's been said, Aversa is definitely a threat and one we cannot afford to underestimate. The fact that she's the one that's been sent to check in on us is no coincidence… But even if she is a Plegian agent, she's still here to join up with us, she's still going to be working alongside us for now. Even if we did resolve to… to get rid of her… we can't guess what the consequences of that would be, I think we all know that, it's just too risky.

"But we do need to deal with her. So! I think, rather than putting a knife in her back… we should put a child in her womb!"

All eyes were on the Queen indeed. And most of the jaws were hanging low.

The silence was deafening. But Sumia remained undaunted.

"She's an incredibly beautiful woman and she knows it, I've never even met anyone as provocative as her! She's clearly come here pretending to play nice with us for now, but she's not here as just a game and regardless of what Plegia's spies may have found, even she wouldn't be as bold as to just waltz into the middle of our camp if she wasn't looking for information. We know that, and she knows we know it… so she expects us to be on guard around her… So, instead, we show her a weakness, one she can't resist pouncing on!"

"I… I see," Maribelle spoke slowly, blinking away her shock following the Queen's sudden declaration as she began to follow her words, "Undoubtably she wants to make sure she can find the best sources of information possible. Which means, rather than spying on us from afar, or ensnaring some common soldier in her schemes- she's here because she believes she needs knowledge that only the Shepherds know, she's most likely planning to seduce one of our male comrades."

"A-Ah! So, what she said about Lucina and the others, her acting like Plegia already knows everything, that was just a bluff!?" Lissa caught on just as quick, bouncing on the spot with excitement as she jumped into their tactical discussion, "Wow! Yeah, I could totally see someone like Vaike or Virion falling for that!"

Standing a short distance from Robin's side, Cherche gave a snort, but said nothing. Thankfully for the nature of their conversation, since beginning her relationship with the Tactician, she'd been able to take her former-liege's place in these strategic sessions.

"That's… Hmm… So, you want us to be one step ahead of her, to control her through her own intentions? She's expecting us to stonewall her, so we play into exactly that, but we leave a flank exposed to bait her in and use her own plan as a trap. It's risky, it might even be too obvious, but… but if we managed it, we could completely neutralise her without her even realising it. If Plegia thought she was successful at infiltrating us, then they might not even feel the need to monitor us as closely!

"We already know she thinks of us as soft and foolish, so we would just need to play into that expectation, put up a front of us naively trying to keep her away… but at the same time, have someone appear vulnerable, someone who could act like they were being seduced but who could turn the tables and seduce her themselves!"

Even as Robin finished laying out the groundwork Sumia had suggested, turning it from an idea into something of a nascent plan… almost everyone present already felt like they could predict exactly what the Queen's next words would be- as if her racing breath and flushed red face weren't tell-tale signs enough.

"Y-Yes, that's it exactly!" she cheered, already having turned away from the Tactician and towards her (suddenly wary) husband, "A-And, and obviously if we're going to control her like that it needs to be someone she wants to put all her attention into! So, so obviously the higher ranking the Shepherd, the better! And, hhhaa, well, who could be more enticing to someone like her than the Exalt himself? She'd never expect anything like that from you Chrom, you'd be perfect for it!"

It was hard to disagree. The plan was so intensely out of character for someone like him that even his fellow Shepherds would never have suspected him capable of it, if not for the specific situation they'd found themselves in, and the fact that the man was currently in the midst of a breeding competition that had been requested of him by his female comrades, it would have been absolutely unthinkable.


The man himself however was, not unexpectedly, caught in a firestorm of conflicting emotions at the very suggestion.

No matter how much he'd accustomed himself to the strange and enticing situation he'd found himself in the last few days, nothing could have possibly prepared him for the reality of having his beloved wife suggest that he seduce the woman who'd had a hand in murdering his sister.

As a man, there was no denying the dark attraction the idea held. To take her plans and turn them to his own benefit, it wasn't something he'd ever considered before, but wouldn't this be a form of revenge on her? And, of course, Aversa was a stunningly beautiful woman, no matter what else he felt towards her, he couldn't possibly deny that. Even so, no matter how the suggestion tempted his darker impulses, it was still a dangerous and worrying plan, one that left him hesitant…

Going along with the female Shepherd's expressed and willing request for him to breed them was one thing, he'd managed to accept that. But to go out of his way and trick someone into bed with him was something very different… No matter how much he hated her, no matter the bitter feelings that still twisted within his heart and no matter that she was still his enemy…

His morals, his sense of justice, desires, pragmatism and fears for his comrades all clashed painfully within him and in the end, he could only turn his gaze away, unable to come to an answer that he could stand behind.

"Chrom, come now," Sumia urged, her tone turning softer as she saw the worry in his eyes, knowing she was rubbing up against a deeply painful topic, "You'd be great at this, there's no-one who motivates people like you do. You're the one who's give all of us something to believe in, you're the one we all rally behind and keep us together. If there's anyone who can turn her into an ally, it's you!"

Again, he paused, this time dazzled by the incredible light of his wife's kindness, the same kindness that had saved him so many times. It was a choice he'd never considered, even with all the talk about seducing her… what if, rather than tricking Aversa into bed with him and trying to control her like that, he really could somehow change her? If he truly could find a way to get her to fall in love with him, could he somehow redeem even someone like her? Could she atone for what she'd done? Could he somehow find a way to forgive her? …Did he even really have the right to feel bitter need for her to do so, given the pains that Ylisse had surely inflicted on her in the past as well?

"A-And…" right on cue, Sumia's smile turned lopsided and the light of her kindness became perverted once again, "And, just imagine it! One of our enemy's very generals carrying your child! You negotiating with Validar while his own daughter hangs off your arm! Hhha, it's a really hot image, isn't it!? It is!"

Somehow, with only one exception, they had all become accustomed to this new side of the Queen's personality shining through that even that outburst passed without comment.

"I think Robin would be just as good," Tiki spoke up, throwing a spanner in the works with a delightedly playful expression shining on her face, right as the conversation seemed to be heading towards a conclusion, "I nominate him for the role. We've already requested he help breed all of us, and now that she's joined our forces, it only makes sense that we treat Aversa just the same as another female Shepherd for him to try conquer."

The Divine Dragon's choice of words was intentionally lurid and the ever-stoic princess standing in place at her side flinched with each one. Blushing beet red in mortification, Say'ri looking as if he'd just about been bowled over.

"L-L-Lady Tiki! Please! Speak not of su-"

"Surely even someone like Aversa wouldn't dare try and seduce the enemy leader… it would be just far too obvious, she'd have to expect we'd stop that. Rather, is not more common for an insidious enemy agent to work their way through a Lord's right hand? Surely we've all heard stories of such a man chafing at the bounds of his station, feeling like he was due greater regard?"

Ignoring her self-appointed guardian, Tiki laughed happily and her teasing demeanour grew hotter still.

"And, if we're looking for a man who can keep a woman under control… well, from the looks I've seen from Cherche, Tharja and young Noire recently, it would seem that our Tactician has already proven himself remarkably adept. And I'm sure we all saw the interesting new adornment Olivia's been showing off so prou-"

"Lady Tiki! Fie, please, I beg you! No more!" the swordswoman's dignity was thrown aside as she pleaded with her charge. Her whole body was flushed red and her legs were trembling as she bowed her head deeply towards the busty manakete, "I know, I know what you wish to say, and I shall accept your scolding later… But please, 'tis… 'tis too much to hear the Voice of Naga discussing such bases matters…"

The older woman's playful expression faded as she heaved a sigh, "Really, Say'ri… we'll never get you knocked up if just this much is enough to overwhelm you… Or, perhaps you need something else to focus on. Would it be easier on you if you just went ahead..?"

By now, tears were welling up visibly in the exiled-princess's eyes as she shook her head, almost too mortified to speak, "F-Fie… I… mo-more than anything… If you really must then… then I… alongside you…"

Tiki sighed again and quietly let the matter drop.

Then, as the attention shifted away from them, she gently reached out and clasped her friend's hand with her own. She wasn't truly upset, nor had she been pushing the swordswoman on a whim. As a manakete as well as an older woman, she could understand the truth of the flustered girl's heart, beyond what Say'ri could admit, even to herself.

A dragon's patience was not infinite, but it was great. Even if Tiki personal felt no desire to wait any longer, she still would, for the sake of a woman who didn't even know she was in love, and who wished for nothing more than to be bred alongside her closest friend.

Sumia, having had the wind stolen from her sails faltered momentarily, "W-Well, I suppose Robin could work too… but he's probably already far too busy with all the other women he's already claimed… U-Unless… h-he truly does intend to turn every woman in this entire camp into his love-slaves, and lay his hands on any woman before his eyes!?"

Coughing rapidly, she quickly crashed that train of thought before it went any further. Clearly the Queen preferred her husband take the leading role… but equally, she was true to her nature and couldn't help but acknowledge how enticing the scenario was even regardless of the man involved.

"A-Anyway, what I was thinking, was that I would act just a little cold to Chrom when we're in public. Aversa will think there's some wedge between us and that she can use that as leverage. So, Chrom, all you need to do is act like you're a bit frustrated with me, and, well and maybe a little pent up? Like your resolve is being tested."

Murmurs of surprise spread out among them. It was actually a fairly well thought out strategy, especially for something that was made up in just the last few minutes.

'That wouldn't work for me, would it?' Robin mused. Since none of his relationships were officially in the open right now, acting suddenly cold to his fiancée's wouldn't help anything, 'And it sounds like Sumia's really thought this through. So, should I just leave this to Chrom then?'

Regardless of the "game" he was playing with the Exalt, and despite that he still had absolutely no intention of backing down on that front, Chrom was still Robin's best friend, and the Tactician wasn't oblivious enough that he hadn't noticed the slight strain his successes had left on the man. No doubt his efforts were being directly judged against his friend's. Perhaps if he did leave this up to him, it could be something to kickstart Chrom's resolve a little… it was a little callous to think of any woman in such terms, as little more than a target to be sought after, but Aversa wasn't someone that Robin particularly minded considering coldly.

But… just one look at Chrom, and Robin could easily see that his friend was deeply hesitant about this idea. As Exalt he already had the weight of the world on his shoulders, was it really right to push something like this onto him as well? Especially when there was absolutely no doubt about how important it was to have Aversa's influence contained.


And then, at that thought, Robin blinked sitting straight upright as a startling realisation struck him, 'Huh, no, it's not that I feel I need to do this… I… I want to do this.'

Logically, it wasn't something he could explain even to himself, but when Aversa had said she was his sister he'd known it was true. That was a huge part of why his head had been left spinning, trying to make sense of everything, after their initial meeting. There was a connection between them. And even if he put that aside, from a purely pragmatic point of view, she had answers that he needed.

'Is it just that I want revenge on her?' he considered his motivations carefully, making sure he wasn't stepping down a dangerous path, 'Or that I'm just attracted to her?'


Robin was no saint. He could easily recognise that he did indeed lust for her, and that he couldn't easily forgive her for what she'd done. But, neither of those thoughts were what was tugging at his heart when he thought about what he wanted to do next.

"Well, more than anything else, we need to speak with her first," he spoke up, finishing their discussion, "We need to find out what we can from her, so we can plan what our best course is. And, if nothing else, if she really is going to be staying with us, we both need to know where we stand with each other."

A rough consensus was reached around that point, and no-one seemed to have anything else to add to their planning, so without any fanfare and with just a trace of awkwardness, the meeting drew to a close.

However, just as they were all making to leave, another voice rang out, a wild and thoroughly confused yell!

"Wait! Wait a damn second! What the hell!? That Plegian Witch has some to spy on us and that… that's your plan!? And, and what's this about Cherche and Tharja anyway!? Or Tiki going on about breeding!? I've been standing here this whole time waiting for someone to explain what exactly the hells is going on!"



"K-Khan… Flavia…"

Somehow in all the excitement and worry from this morning, it had completely escaped anyone present that despite being part of the leadership-team, the East Khan hadn't been part of any of their recent meetings.

To her, a plan that amounted to nothing more than Chrom trying to seduce and knock up the foreign agent that was currently infiltrating their camp must have seemed like nothing more than absolute lunacy!

Thankfully, once again, Sumia stepped awkwardly up to the plate.

"Hha… um, er, Khan Flavia… sorry… er- why don't we get the other women together, and I'll explain, later?"

Stahl had originally been the one assigned to show Aversa around the camp and, while he'd done an admirable job of keeping her attention focussed on one aspect of their lives or another, and from keeping her from wandering however she wished through their fortifications, the stress of doing so meant his stomach was killing him by the time he was relieved and he was more than happy to return to his standard guard duties when the others finally caught back up with them.

"Aversa," Robin began, drawing level with the Witch, "I don't want to waste any time playing games. Can we speak freely… brother to sister?"

"Ahahah! So, you've accepted it? The beautiful bond we share between us?" she laughed, "Oh, I'm just so relieved! My beloved long-lost brother that I've missed so dearly has finally come back to me. I was adopted after you, so of course you're my beloved elder brother… Ah, and of course, I have nothing to hide from you at all. After all, we're allies now, are we not? Just speak your desires, and… I'll tell you anything you wish."

Losing her condescending tone, her words were honeyed and her hips swung in wide, sensual arcs as she paced towards him, her focus entirely on him and her eyes alight with excitement.

"Ah… Although, if you really need me too… I'd prefer if you could take me away somewhere private if you truly intend to make me reveal everything. I am a maiden after all."

Bent over towards the tactician, her hands were held under her considerable breasts, and, despite himself, Robin couldn't possibly have missed the way they bounced as she twisted aside from him in an act of shyness.

More than one of the male Shepherds swallowed heavily at that sight. And, stuck as the direct focus of such intense teasing, Robin would have normally been blushing red and scrambling for his composure.

However, in this moment, thanks to everything he'd gained recently, the strength of love and support between him and his fiancée's kept him standing strong… Specifically, in this case, because of just how relentlessly Noire and Olivia had drained him dry since he'd woken up this morning. After having already spent several loads inside his archer when she'd straddled him atop his bedroll and two more to his dancer when her lips had wrapped around his shaft until their interruption during breakfast, Robin was easily able to maintain the same zen-like calm he'd experienced the previous night. It would take more than even Aversa's impressive bust to shake his focus right now!

"No, that won't be necessary. I'll need more details from you later, but for now all I want to know about is your mission here. You told us you're here to check in on Plegia's investments in our campaign, but Validar could have sent anyone to act as a messenger or supplied any of his commanders if he wanted to align with our strategy. So, why are you here instead? You're far too important for something as simple as that."

"Oh, such kind words! I-I never knew my beloved brother held me in such high esteem! I'm flattered… but, perhaps it's not true…" her voice dropped to a whisper and her eyes cast down to the ground, "You seem to assume that Plegia values me highly, but Validar hasn't been looking my way as often anymore, perhaps I'm here because I've fallen from his favour…"

Drawing out the moment, she let that possibility linger across the group for several long seconds… before straightening up with a cold laugh, staring down superiorly at the group of them, as if mocking them for even having considered such a possibility.

"Hah, you really do hang on my every word, don't you? So devoted… Well, unfortunately my dear brother, there's no interesting answer to your question. I have no ulterior motive for you to uncover, it's exactly as I already said, a purely diplomatic check in. And, as for why I was sent personally, well, I can only imagine that's so Validar would feel assured that we would succeed in our shared goal."

Chrom crossed his arms defensively, "Shared goal? What do you mean?"

"She means Walhart's death… but why is that so important that you'd be sent?"

The Exalt narrowed his eyes at that and at the calculating expression on his Tactician's face. He hadn't missed the phrasing he'd used, not Valm's defeat, but Walhart's death.

Aversa chuckled darkly, showing off an imperious smirk, "Why, isn't that obvious? Validar is deeply concerned about this so-called Conqueror and is equally concerned that the self-proclaimed peace loving Ylisseans will come to some accord with the man, perhaps offering him mercy or forgiveness at the point of their sword.

"Indeed, it is a truly chilling thought… that the same nation that was so ravenous to murder our last King may also be so sloppy in the search of their hypocritical ideals that they would leave the entire world open for this mad-man or another like him, to return and threaten Plegia once again. That's unacceptable to us. Valm and the threat it represents must be absolutely pacified, Walhart has a uniquely dangerous cult of personality and he must be stopped… that is, after all, why you've been entrusted with Plegia's considerable assets."

Leaning forwards with a sultry smile, Aversa gave everyone present a generous look down her equally generous cleavage, her teasing making it abundantly clear that she was including herself in that asset count.

Fury churned in Chrom's gut. With all the bitter past between them, he was in no mind at all to enjoy the show, "Spare me your insinuations, Witch! I don't like the sound of that demand one bit, and that's not at all what we agreed with your King. It's true that Walhart is our enemy, but, if he does surrender… if we can make him see reason… Then I will offer him a chance, just as Em would."

"Fie!" surprisingly, it was Say'ri that stepped forward in that moment, the Chon'sin exile speaking up right as Aversa began rounding on the Exalt, "Forgive me, but I cannot abide that. Tch, I mean not to stand between you two, I understand that there is some enmity between you and this woman, so I am loathe to speak, but I cannot hold my tongue in this matter, 'tis simply not possible for me to accept that."


"Aye. Pray think not poorly of me for this, 'twere you to decide to cut this woman down, my sword would act with yours in an instant. I do not make light of the assistance Ylisse has rendered me, I shall forever be in your debt, and 'tis my greatest wish that our nations shall forevermore be friends. Sir Chrom, I am your ally above all else… but, in this matter, I must agree with Plegia's stance.

"For all that he has done, for all his crimes, for all the madmen that follow him and the ruinous destruction they have caused- Walhart cannot be given a second chance to rise again. We must put him down once and for all. Aye, if you have some reservations in the matter, 'twould be my pleasure to land the killing strike myself."

"Alright, alright, that's enough of all that," waving his hands in the air between them, Robin swiftly shut down any impending arguments there, "Look, there's obviously a lot to consider with that, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, we're a long way from the Valmese citadel, and until then, we all have the same objective. And honestly, from everything we know of the man, I doubt Walhart's pride would let him surrender in the first place, the image he's built of himself would shatter if nothing else.

"But, regardless of that… Sister, it seems you're correct, so long as you are here to help up defeat the Valmese forces, then our interests are aligned. Come to my tent later today, I'll draft up some plans for how you can fight with us."

And finally, for the first time since her arrival within their camp, it was the Plegian General who found herself suddenly on the back-foot, "What? Is that some kind of joke? You expect me to take the battlefield with you?"

"Of course," Chrom smirked. He knew this wasn't how he should be acting under Sumia's plan, but he couldn't help but allow himself this petty vindictiveness, "You just said it yourself, Plegia's considerable assets have been entrusted to us, it's only natural we make use of them."

"And why would you possibly imagine I would agree to this?"

He shrugged, "Because it doesn't look like you brought much in the way of supplies with you. We travel light here ourselves, and we don't have any room in our camp for hangers-on. If you're not going to pull your weight, then we're not going to supply you a tent, and we're certainly not going to feed you. You're free to follow after us, of course, but we don't have resources to pamper someone who's just here to observe."

"I see," she scowled, sneering at them with a look of utter disregard, the look of someone who's just completely failed your expectations, "Then I expect you shall place me directly on the frontlines, right whe-"

"No," Robin cut that off, "That doesn't make sense, you wouldn't do any good with such a restricted view. You'll be with me- maintaining a flexible position closer to the centre, then adjusting as the conflict shifts across the battle lines. We'll be on the move a lot, but you should usually expect to be towards the middle of the battlefield, where we can influence things the most. It's not the safest position, but nowhere in combat really is, you'll have plenty of time to react to anything coming your way."

Aversa's complaints died in her throat as she was once again caught off guard, this time by the serious look on her brother's face, as well as the thoroughness of his plan towards her. It was a far cry from the suicidal frontline position she'd expected him to try force her into.

"Robin," Sumia spoke, chewing on her lips with a moment of doubt as she questioned him, "Don't you think she would be better paired with Chrom? He'll be the most able to protect her from any-"

Shaking his head, he vetoed that suggestion instantly, "No way. I can't possibly risk something like that. Their fighting styles don't mix at all; she's clearly a mage and she uses her pegasus for long-ranged, mobile attacks. Chrom often moves directly through our vanguard, he can't possibly help her like that, and there's only limited assistance she'd be able to offer him in return… And, more than anything else… I don't want to entrust Chrom's safety to anyone but you Sumia, you're the one who's protected him all this time. No, you keep him safe, I'll keep an eye on my sister."

"Right, of course."

Even despite her previous arguments, and her own plans for her husband with the Plegian, Sumia swallowed her disagreement and the discussion was settled immediately. Ultimately, the battlefield was no place to be thinking about anything but survival and victory. No matter how much Sumia may have wanted her husband to spend time with the Sorceress, she would never want to risk his life to do so.

And even aside from that, given his status as a valuable target, and how frequently his work kept him from training as harshly as the other Shepherds, they had all been urging Robin to step away from the front lines for some time now. Robin was a strong fighter, easily among the most elite in the world, but the Shepherds were the elite of the elite, and despite being just as much as key target as the Exalt, he simply wasn't as skilled a combatant. With how varied his role was, how frequently his attention was pulled in a hundred different directions and how his workload had only increased since their landing in Valm, it was becoming a terrifyingly regular occurrence for Robin to be counted among their wounded after most major engagements.

No one could possibly raise an objection to him now presenting a strategy that shifted him to a slightly safer position.

Rather, every one of them was smiling in relief at the thought, Chrom more than anyone.

Finally secluded back within his tent once again, Robin could at long last relax, and he could think.

The relaxation was helped immensely by the heavenly feeling of Cherche sitting atop his lap, rolling her hips in long languid motions as she slid herself up and down the full length of his cock. Squeezing her incredible pussy tight around him in a soothing, gentle massage as her soft moans tickled past his ears and her arms linked lovingly around his neck, she soon had the Tactician drifting in a pleasure enough to dispel even his endless tensions.

Despite it not being something either of them had ever previously imagined for themselves, they'd both found themselves thoroughly enjoying Robin's newfound harem lifestyle. Even so, because of that, and how much fun Cherche had found in sharing, it wasn't often that his first fiancée got him all to herself like this, so -for now at least- she was taking full advantage of this moment of tender lovemaking.

It wasn't doing much to help with his thinking, not with the way her body quivered gently around him and especially not with the feeling of her soft, supple skin flushing warm under his touch as he traced his fingers all along her back… but Robin was, of course, far from complaining.

'So then, what is the best thing to do? Is it best to leave Aversa for Chrom to handle?' his concentration was rattled by his cock pressing up against Cherche's womb once more, with her resulting shiver leaving her pussy coiling around him in blissfully hot vibrations, 'E-Even though he may not be able to bring himself to do anything? Is… Is it best for me to just take care of this myself?'

It was at least partially a pointless question to even ask, and the sensation of his shaft pulsing greedily inside his lover as he considered it brought him to exactly the same answer he'd reached in the strategy tent. He wanted to do it. He wanted to be the one to handle Aversa, to nullify whatever she was planning on doing, and to bring her to heel. He couldn't deny that Aversa's looks and the sultry, sensual prowess she radiated was a large part of why the Wyvern Rider was now moaning aloud at the feeling of his cock swelling even thicker inside her… but even aside from her looks, even if he ignored that, his answer remained steady. His desires were painfully simple, he wanted her, he wanted to be the one to take care of her.

As ridiculous as it was, now that he knew there was a connection between them, he wanted to do what he could for her. After all, blood related or not, it was a brother's role to step in when his sister had gone down the wrong path.


"Hnn, y-yes, love?"

"I… I want to breed Aversa. I want to be the one to do it."

"Ngh, G-Gods! Robin, are you serious!?"


"You're really thinking about another woman, now!?"

He winced, but despite her words, she didn't stop moving. She wasn't really mad, and she wasn't even bothering to feign it very well… it was hard to believe someone was upset with you, when they were throwing their head back and sighing in delight.

"There's all kinds of excuses I could give- that I don't want to put that burden on Chrom, that I want her information… but ultimately, all I know is… I want to be with her. Whatever connection there is between us, if I can, I want to save her."

Not many details had been shared about Lucina's nightmare future, but it was almost certain that Plegia and their Grimleal were pivotal were right at the heart of it. His words weren't sophistry when he said he wanted peace between their nations, but he also wasn't naïve enough to believe that was particularly likely; stopping Grima's resurrection would assuredly put them directly on a collision course with Robin's father.

Robin would do everything he could to stop the apocalyptic future from coming to pass, he would take up arms against the desert nation once more and he would willingly face off against his own family. But, if it could be managed, if he could do so, he wanted to save Aversa from that. Not even the Grimleal would survive a world of Grima.

"Hhnn, s-so, so you intend to take her as one of your wives, alongside us?"

"I, o-oh that's good, nnn, I haven't really thought that far."

"Mmm, well, Sumia will probably be upset."

"But you don't mind?"

"Heh, you know I've quite come around to this harem idea actually. It's, ooOOHHH, hhnna… It's like being part o-of one big family. And, if I can manage to share you with two Plegians already, I'm sure I can handle one more."

"Hnn, Cherche… You, all of you… I can't possibly have deserved any of this. You're all far too good to me."

"Heh, well, you just keep th-that in mind after this child of yours is born, and I say I want another one…"

"Of course. Hmph, isn't that my pride as your husband? I'll knock all of you up as many times as you want!"

Cherche's moans rose in satisfaction and (some of) Robin's thoughts turned again to the task laid out ahead of him. It was all very well to say that he would aim to breed Aversa, but it was a lot more difficult figuring out a way to actually do so.

As he'd surmised earlier, he couldn't just try follow the same route Sumia had laid out for herself and Chrom. Putting up the front of being a lonely, overworked Tactician was an obvious answer, and there was no denying that he would most likely make for an attractive target like that. But what the Queen didn't seem to have considered was that an act like that had no long-term viability. Was he then supposed to just stay away from his fiancée's (and Olivia)? How long would that last, weeks, months?

Even if he could convince the four of them to accept something like that, the moment Aversa learned the truth about them, she would know that she'd been tricked, and everything would collapse like a house of cards.

'Ah… Wait! Then, in that case…"

Then, what if he did the opposite? He wouldn't pretend to be a lonely, long suffering man. He would take a different route, and one that would make him seem almost too easy for Aversa to wrap around her finger.

To his deceptive, lying sister… Robin would be completely open and honest.

"Oh? Y-You look happy," rolling her waist slowly all the way down to the bases of his shaft, Cherche's pussy constricted heavenly tight around him as she shivered through another gentle orgasm, "Did, hhgnnn, f-feels sooo good… Did you come up with a plan?"

"Hey, I'm always happy when I'm with you," he assured her, earning a soft laugh, "O-Oh! B-But yes, something like that."

Collapsing into his chest at his words, she laid her head on his shoulder, moaning hot against his neck as her hips continued bouncing gently along his length.

"Mnn, w-well, that's good. B-But don't get so wrapped up in this, th-that you forget… You promised Tharja she could, nghh, could teach you the magic to apply your symbol yourself."

Robin frowned.

It was true, of course. Tharja had wrung that particular promise from him just the previous night. But, considering that she'd done so while also wringing his cock down her throat, it didn't seem particularly fair!

Engraving his own personal sigil on the skin of the woman he loved, like some brand of ownership… No matter how eagerly it had been requested, a part of him couldn't help but scream that was surely too far! But even so, the other parts of him always rose up to remind him that, above all else, he'd vowed to himself, to make them all happy, as happy as he could possibly manage. And, even if it had been a shock to see his mark on her, there was no denying how proudly his dancer wore both her collar and brand.

Tharja had never been one to shy away from her desires, nor one to stand on any regrets. If that really was what she wanted…

"I'll go see her after lunch."

"G-Good! I, hhha, I know Olivia was happy to receive it from her, as proof that she's one of us… But, I know Tharja would prefer your personal touch."

Cherche's hips rolled down, and she shivered again, peaking once more as she felt his cock pressing solidly up towards her womb.

"Heh… and, maybe I would too?"

By the time that evening rolled around, rather than just arranging time with Flavia, Sumia had wound up gathering all the female Shepherds together in the same strategy tent they'd used earlier.

It had been rather tricky to arrange without arousing suspicion from their Plegian visitor, but it was the look she'd seen on Lucina's face when sending her away that had convinced her it needed to be done. She knew Chrom wanted to protect their daughters from this, and as Queen she was well aware of the ned for secrecy and discretion, especially in matters as sensitive as these.

But that wasn't the relationship she wanted to have with her own children.

She wanted to be honest, and open with them. And, if her husband was (hopefully) about to start going around knocking up Lucina's friends and their mother's, then surely, she needed to know about it.

So, after informing the other already involved women of her intentions and receiving their likeminded agreement in turn, she'd arranged to bring all the Shepherd females together, where they could finally speak openly about their plans, once and for all.

Or, at least, that had been the original idea.

Instead, the wind had been rather taken out of their sales when, moments after they'd begun launching into their explanation, they were told that apparently all the second-generation girls were already well aware of what was going on, thanks to Noire having done exactly the same thing, just the previous day.

From there the discussion had turned into a complete mess… but Sumia was at least able to take some solace in the fact that both her daughters appeared to be mature enough to have taken the news relatively in stride. In fact, rather than being shocked or confused by the breeding plan, they both seemed to be downright interested in it.

She, of course, wouldn't do anything to push them one way or another. It was completely their own choice how they handled this… but, seeing both Lucina and Cynthia discussing it so easily did make her wonder that -if they did choose to partake- if they could possibly do so side-by-side. It wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, so long as they were both happy, but even so, she wanted them to get along as sisters and the thought of two Royal Princesses bent over and impregnated simultaneously… Well, considering it was her own children in question, Sumia tried not to think about what an enticing image that would make.

Ultimately, so long as they were happy, no matter how they went about things, or didn't; whether they chose to have children or not, she would be happy for them.

On the other hand, the few remaining first generation women that hadn't already known about the plan -Nowi, Flavia, Sully and Panne- were not happy to realise they were the last to be told about this entire strategy, and were shocked speechless at hearing the now long overdue explanations both in regards to hearing the time-traveller girls openly admitting to their missing memories, and from hearing their companions equally open intentions to bear Robin or Chrom's children…. and that a number of them were already pregnant!

"Haha, this all sounds really fun!" Nowi was, perhaps predictably, the first to jump onboard with the explanation. Shrugging her shoulders, she laughed with excitement at the thought of the changes soon to be rippling around their camp, "Nah, don't you think so too? We'll have a really big family! You'll have all sorts of brothers and sisters, doesn't that sound great!?"

"Gah! Mother! You don't have to participate in this," the younger Manakete bit back with a loud groan. She could already feel a headache coming on, this was exactly why she hadn't wanted to say anything about what Noire had told them, because she'd just known her mother would do something stupid, "Weren't you listening to Mrs Cherche and Miss Miriel? It's only meant to be if you want to be part of it. A-And, and I'm already plenty strong, I'm a dragon!"

"Indeed. That is a most perceptive point you raise there," Miriel butted in, having perked up to the conversation at hearing her name, "The very goal of this endeavour is to ensure we can make our progeny as strong and therefore safe, as possible. However, as you've ascertained, it's unclear just how much additional potential would be added to a Manakete lineage, even with high grade breeding stock. When the supermajority of your abilities comes from the power of your draconic form, then it does seem reasonable to deduce that your maternal line holds precedence here."

The scientist considered her thoughts a moment, then frowned. It made logical sense, but it was just theory, and thus somewhat unsatisfying, "I feel I must caution you against surety in this matter though; conjecture has proven only of limited help thus far, given the limits of what we know already and the sheer number of variables we must contend with. If you would be willing, the most sensible thing, I believe, would be to run a comparison. Let me make an accurate measure of your results before and after."

"Er-ah, ha… wait, after?"

"Of course. Thus the comparison. Now, Nowi… since, as your daughter as identified, we don't know what, if any, traits a Manakete should prioritise in their mate, the choice of your partner should be simply down to personal preference. That is, would you prefer to be bred by Robin, or Chrom?"

"Oooh! I thi-"

"Wait! Wait! WAIT!"

Luckily, despite her diminutive size, Nah was still stronger than a regular human and was able to drag the auburn-haired woman away before she could make matters even worse than they were.

"Hmph! I can't believe we're even talking about this idea, it's ridiculous, it's disgusting!" probably just as predictably, Severa was scowling at anyone who met her eyes as she loudly voiced her own displeasure, "It's insane! It's demeaning! What the hells mother!? You're really going to go along with something like this!? You're just going to be bred by Robin, o-or Chrom, like it doesn't even matter!? What about my father!?"

"Oh?" once again, the scientist's interest was piqued and Miriel looked up from where she was being dragged away through the tent by Nah, "Interesting, (I say, do unhand me! H-Hey!) Th-That is, so you're saying you remember your father? That is most curious!"

Caught out on the spot, Severa's tirade was momentarily halted and she flushed lightly in embarrassment, "N-No… I don't… B-But, it's definitely not either of them!"


Rooted shamefaced on the spot, with her hands clenched tightly together, Cordelia was too mortified by her daughter's accusations to even response. And so, in return for all the times her friend had stepped up to assist her recently, Sumia stepped carefully towards the tempestuous mercenary.

"Your mother isn't necessarily going to do anything Severa. She'll make up her mind on what she wants, just like anyone else here. And, if she does choose to join in, then it'll be just as much for your sake as anything else… you know how much she loves you, you can't blame a mother for wanting to protect their own child."

And with that, the damn holding back the fragile young girl's emotions finally burst.

"I-I can look after myself!" she sniffed, quaking in place as her eyes flooded with sudden tears, "This is stupid! Y-You, you don't need to whore yourself out for my sake!"

"Severa!" breaking free of her shock, Cordelia dashed past her friend, collecting her daughter immediately in a tight hug, "I'm not… I'm not thinking of anything like that… You're no… Severa, you've never been a burden to me, or an obligation, or anything like that.

"If I do anything, it'll be because I want to, no other reason than that. I'm… I'm not really in any rush. If I do fall in love with a man who would be your father, I won't hold back, I'd be happy to marry someone who could give me a child as wonderful as you. But I'm also not with anyone right now, I'm just taking it day by day, okay?"

For the first time in a long time, Severa didn't shy away from her mother's offered affection. Instead, she simply allowed herself to be bundled tight against Cordelia's (minimal) chest, "O-Okay." she nodded, eventually.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the room from where that was unfolding, Panne was shaking her head with a sigh as she quietly thought over all the little revelations and explanations she'd been told. Of particular interest to her, was that -given that Tiki herself had helped lead the explanations- the other Shapeshifters seemed to be taking part in this plan was openly as the man-spawn were.

Examining her own feelings on the matter, she was fairly sure she was still recovering from the shock of it. Nothing that she'd heard had been anywhere near her expectations. Of course, with her nature, she'd been aware of several, new scents congregating around the Tactician's tent, and that a few of her friends had begun walking around with his aroma layered thick around them. But it hadn't been any of her business, nor had she put much thought into it, man-spawn concerns like that had been quickly dismissed from her mind, which was why it had been such a surprise to be suddenly made aware of the full scope of what she'd overlooked.

Ultimately however, Panne wasn't a particularly romantic person at heart, and ever since her son had joined the Shepherds, she'd slowly accustomed herself to the knowledge that she seemed destined to mate with a man-spawn at some point. Folding her hands across her chest, the shock slowly ebbed away, and the Taguel's thoughts turned to much more practical matters.

"I suppose I'd best keep this news from Yarne," it wasn't hard for any of them to imagine just how much of a mess it would cause if news of this plan spread among the camp, let alone to the general soldiers. Discretion had been mentioned repeatedly by the other women, and it was clear why, "Hmph. Well, in any-case, I'm sure he'd be overjoyed to know I shall make him the strongest Taguel inheritor possible."

"Well, I'll be damned," Sully shook her head as began re-evaluating Olivia in an entirely new light, "Turns out you really were onto something yesterday, huh?"

Laughing happily in response, the dancer pulled her hips out towards her friend, proudly showing off the new symbol of ownership stamped directly atop her womb, "Hehe, yup! Sorry, but I went ahead first!"

Eyes wide as she recognised the Tactician's familiar symbol from the missives Robin sent out, Sully gave an impressed whistle, "Geez, you really did it, didn't you? I can't believe a shy thing you like you really just went out and got knocked up, just like that!"

"I-I, I didn't just get knocked up!" Olivia stammered back, quailing a little against the words, but determined to get her feelings out, "It was much more than that!"

Looking away from where their (usually) meek young dancer was gesturing to the collar around her neck and forcefully explaining the joys of being owned a thoroughly overwhelmed Sully, Flavia turned her attention back towards the Ylissean Queen.

"Huh, well, I can't say I can make much sense of all this. But at least I guess I understand that crazy plan of yours now. But are you really sure you've thought this through? You saw what happened with Noire; even if you're alright with having another woman in your husband's bed, what are you gonna do if a kid of Aversa's winds up paying us a visit?"

"Any child of Chrom's will always be welcome in my household," Sumia answered without a moment's hesitation, "That goes to you too Flavia, I'd be overjoyed for you to have his child."

"Er… ahha, is-is that so?"

"Hehe… but why would you settle for some muscle-brained child? Wouldn't you rather your successor was an heir of the Legendary Tactician?" Tharja questioned, rudely butting into their conversation, a sly grin flashing across her lips as her cheeks flushed lightly, "And… hehe, it would be very enjoyable for you too. My daughter and I can both vouch for his incredible prowess in bed. He's absolutely insatiable, a real untamed beast! Isn't that right, Noire?"

"O-Oh, ah, um er… I d-don't, not a beast, he's always very gentle with me, e-even when he's being rough, o-or when he's holding me down, he's always so careful not to hurt me… it always feels… really amazing."

Talking so candidly about the lover she was sharing with her own mother was more than poor Noire was prepared for but, despite blushing herself a vibrant red and quaking terribly on the spot, under the Khan's gaze, she did her best.

"Tharja…" Sumia drew out the other woman's name with chilled frustration as she rounded on the mage, "Don't you think there's already enough women competing for Robin's attention? I don't know how he makes time for you all as it is! …And didn't you personally say that you didn't want any more competition for him just the other day?"

"Oh, but those were just the naïve words of an innocent maiden, one longing to be in the arms of her true love… That was before he bred me… before he held me in place and made me his woman!"

Speaking with a furious smirk, Tharja's usually subdued voice carried far louder than necessary, and soon all eyes were on the argument unfolding in the middle of the tent.

"But now I understand! Robin is so strong and so powerful, far too much for a woman like me to handle by herself. Why, even with my own daughter helping me, we can only just barely manage to satiate his overwhelming desires… Ah… Can you imagine how hard it must be on him? Our poor, long-suffering Tactician, having to restrain himself so much, even after he's done so much for every one of those here, even after we all owe him our very lives…

"I love him more than anything, and I need to make him happy, I need more sisters to help me… Nowi, Panne, Sully, Khan Flavia… You're all so strong and capable, aren't you? Surely you would be willing to assist our beloved Robin?"

Listening to this blatant appeal, Sumia grit her teeth in frustration. Aside from how out of character it was for Tharja, the most anti-social Shepherd in their forces, to even begin to concern herself with others like this, it was transparently clear she wasn't being the least bit honest about her intentions. The Queen could easily recall the Sorceress herself saying that the only thing worse than having a camp filled with their future children, was if those children weren't Robins- clearly she was willing to attempt to stack the deck to help push her chosen man forwards.

Even so, no matter how obvious the Plegian's ulterior motives may have been, there was nothing Sumia could think to say in return. Obviously Chrom had been well satisfied with her for years now, she could hardly claim there was some pressing need for more women to be taking her husband's bed, other than that she was sure he would make a fantastic father for their children.

"Ah, but I'm probably asking for too much, aren't I?" not really used to playing a crowd, Tharja switched tack, making a show of musing aloud with a shrug, "After all, with how amazingly massive Robin's cock is, I doubt any of them could even handle it… Hehe, they'd probably just wind up losing their minds in pleasure."

"I-I was really shocked at first too!" Olivia piped up awkwardly, blushing furiously under the sudden attention but still eager to try stand up for her lover, "I-I didn't think it would possibly fit, b-but, it felt incredible! It was like my whole body was wrapped around him!"

"I-I, um, ahh, eer… y-yes." Noire added with a mortified nod, throwing her own support into the conversation as much as she could manage while spreading her hands wide, offering an approximation of the size in question…

…Or, at least, she attempted to, before Cherche reached around and pushed her hands back together. Chiding the younger girl with a shake of her head. Clearly, from the silencing glare she was directing towards Tharja and her companions, the proud maid didn't agree at all with sharing such intimate details about their lover.

"Hah! Is that really all you can talk about? Have you really got nothing else to say about him?" Sumia glowered over Cherche's attempt to end the conversation, "Well, you've all seen what a wonderful father and husband Chrom is. He's the man we've all placed our hopes in, and he's more reliable, and more stubborn than anyone! I promise you, he'll make any woman happy!"

That, uncharacteristically, inciting statement from the typically peaceful Queen quickly ruffled more than a few feathers. Even Cherche, who hadn't appreciated this lurid discussion of her man to begin with, and Noire, who had been looking for a hole to crawl into, were glaring angrily at Sumia's implication.

And, of course, just as predictably, it was Tharja who reacted first. Stalking forward with a growl, she covered the distance between them in an instant, matching Sumia's gaze with her own as she stepped forwards, until they were standing directly against each other, with the Sorceress's enormous breasts pressed heavily up against the Queen's own massive chest.

And at that, with both women quickly erupting into more and more specific details about their respective man, chaos immediately descended onto the proceedings.

"Ah, Lady Sumia!"

"Oh, Cherche?"

A short time after dinner, and several hours after the argument that took over the assembled meeting of the female Shepherds, Cherche caught up with the Queen as she was returning from an evening bath.

"I wanted to apologise, from all of us, about what happened… I think things just a little bit out of hand."

"Ah!" Sumia sagged with relief, the warm smile shining on her face making it clear she'd wanted to say exactly the same thing, "Thank you, I was just thinking exactly the same! I'm really sorry about all… all that! It just got little out of control."

The Shepherds had fights and disagreements, just like everyone else. But thankfully, given how close their bonds were and how deeply they all did care for one another, those spats never seemed to last particularly long. Even in this case, there really was no ill will or hard feelings felt. After they'd had a moment to calm down, they'd both understood that it had simply been an emotional reaction in defence of the man they loved. It was normal, given their respective positions, when someone was discussing the person they cared for, it was only natural they would be sensitive.

But, of course, it hadn't been Cherche that Sumia had been arguing with.

"I know Tharja feels just the same," the pinkette explained, "She won't say anything, of course, but she was depressed all through dinner and she's spent the last hour in her tent working on this little charm to keep you safe in battle- I've been asked to drop it outside your tent later tonight."

Sumia laughed lightly as she took the small talisman from the maid's outstretched hand and her gentle expression matched the bemused smile on the Roseanne woman's face.

They all knew their Plegian companion well enough by now. Despite her slightly darker tendencies, Tharja was (mostly) a good person at heart, but she was also a practical and very proud one. Just like a pampered housecat, she would never deign herself to apologise for anything. But, if she regretted her actions, she would fluff her tail and show her affection, to try smooth things over all the same.

"I'll go see her tomorrow then, I should apologise to her too anyway… I'll er, I'll bring her some baking!"

Cherche nodded, mollified by their agreement and relieved that the guilty weight on her chest, from her own part in the argument, had been dispelled. Bidding the Queen goodnight, she turned to leave.

"O-Oh! Actually, um, ah, Cherche… This might be good timing. Do you have a minute to spare? I was hoping you could help me with something?"

"I do have something I need to take care of soon, but if it won't take long, then I will certainly try my best. How can I be of assistance?"

"It's, actually, it's something I've been meaning to talk to you about for some time now… Um, well, you see, now that our position in Valm is a lot more stable, since we're not really racing around so much- you've probably noticed that we've started taking in a lot more civilians to assist around the camp. And, so, I've been thinking, I'd like to hire a maid."

"Oh? A maid?"

"For Chrom… Lately, he's been spending so much of his time arranging deals or diplomacy, writing letters back to Ylisse and dealing with all the other regions, it's almost like it was when we were back in Ylisstol. And with all the meetings we've been arranging with the other Valmese regional leaders, it's been even worse than ever. I've seen how much it's worn on him and I can't help but worry, I need to find someone who can look after him, someone reliable who can take care of the smaller things for him so he doesn't have to worry about them… Ah! I mean, I-I've obviously been doing as much as I can to help too, but, it's not much different for me either."

As Queen, Sumia had far more duties of her own than any of the other regular Shepherds, it wasn't as simple for her to look after her husband now as it had been during the previous war. And especially now, when the situation in Valm was finally turning to their favour and he had the entire weight of this continent as well as his home nation bearing down on his shoulders.

In Ylisstol, she'd had any number of reliable servants or staff she could turn to, but here it was just her, Robin and Frederick that were making do.

"I wanted to talk to you about it, because I was hoping you might be able to recommend someone?"

"I see… Well, it's true that I do know some women that I think very highly of, that must be completely wasted right now, floundering in the ruins of Virion's defunct domain."

She paused, considering the idea. But as she did so, another thought occurred to her and her eyes narrowed as she evaluated the Queen. Given everything that was going on, and so many of their recent conversations, it was difficult for her not to worry about ulterior motives.

"Lady Sumia…"


"I… Well, it's very possible I could find someone who would be suitable for a task such as that, there certainly are a few candidates I can think of immediately. But…" she'd been through this before with Virion, and she had little appetite for a repeat, "I feel like I must say, it is not a maid's duty to sleep with her liege."

"Ah, huh?" Sumia stepped back, her eyes wide with surprise at the sudden strict tone, "Eh? Of course not! D-Doing something like that for duty, or out of obligation? That would be terrible! I would never… Cherche, you must know, Chrom couldn't even consider anything like that that!"

That was true, Cherche realised. She was so used to thinking of Lords and Nobles like Virion, it took her a moment to remember just how hesitant Chrom had even been towards the suggestion of the harem plan. Even till now, he still hasn't laid his hands on a single other woman, not even Cordelia…

"Yes, of course, you're right. I only wanted to make sure," she sighed, dismissing the worry with a shake of her head, "I'm sorry, I believe I owe you another apology for that. It's just that we've all seen how you want to help Sir Chrom with the other female Shepherds, so I was worried you may have had similar ideas for them."

Sumia nodded with a small smile, thankfully she didn't seem to have taken any offense.

"That's because that's us. We've all agreed that this is something that we want to do. I-I would, I mean, of course I would welcome it if we could find a maid who would love him just like I do, and how wanted to have his child… but it's impossible to try force something like that."

"Of course," Cherche agreed, that was completely different, "If that's what she wished for, then, well, surely there's nothing better than a woman being properly bred by the man she loves."

Her hand drifted happily to her own womb at that thought, Cherche had experienced that delight herself and fully intended to repeat it several more times.


And so, her worries were relieved. The Wyvern Rider knew better than anyone that there was nothing at all rare about a servant falling in love with their master, she'd seen it several times before herself. She'd simply wanted to make sure that any woman she respected enough to recommend towards the Exalt wasn't going to find herself pressured to be part of what was going on, without it being what she wanted for herself.

"Actually, now that I think about it, I may have someone who would be absolutely perfect for you."

"Oh? That was quick!"

"Heh, at the very least it would be nice to see them again. If you'd like, I can send out some messages tomorrow and see if I can find them," Cherche paused, now that this was sorted, her mind moved past this plan and back to her original goal. A hot pulse of desire pulsed from her core, and she found herself suddenly impatient, "But, for now, I should get going. Like I said, Robin asked me to help out with a plan of his tonight."

From out the corner of her eye, she could just barely make out the form of Tharja slipping through the shadows around the edge of their camp, most likely her signal to their shared lover would be sent soon.

Making her way very quietly around the Shepherds camp that night- ensuring she had a complete mental picture of where all the fixtures were located, Aversa's mind was abuzz with possibility.

Her mission this time was dangerous, possibly more so than any other task Validar had set her on so far, she'd even found herself begrudgingly agreeing to fight alongside the Ylissean forces in battle, with their prized Tactician watching over her no less. But, as risky as this assignment was, it was also filled high with promise. The Shepherds were living up to her expectations, following the same pathetically naïve ideals Emmeryn once did, which left her plenty of room to manoeuvre, which left her plenty of room to pry.

The Exalt's face rose forefront in her mind at that thought, and she didn't even bother supressing a soft laugh at the image.

Despite how quickly the Queen had shifted to her husband's side the moment Aversa had entered the dining hall, and despite the airs she'd put on after that, the Plegian hadn't missed the distance that the royal wife had been seated away from her husband before catching herself. Was that how they usually sat? Or was something different about today? How very interesting.

Of course, she wasn't so impudent that she didn't also take careful note of the deep love she could see between the two as well, exactly as she'd heard so much about in her intelligence reports. But all the same, there was definitely something endlessly entertaining about seeing such insufferably saccharine people suffering from the realities of their world; it seemed the Shepherd's illustrious leader and his pretty young wife were fighting!

She doubted it was more than a small argument, at the very least it wasn't so big that either was willing to publicly show their displeasure, perhaps it even related to her own arrival in their camp? No doubt it would all be sorted out soon but, for now at least, it was clear to her that there was some small wedge between the two… and, that only made her eager to see about twisting it just a little more!

Aversa was, by nature, a cautious woman. She had betrayed countless people over the years and was always prepared to be betrayed in turn. The moment she'd noticed the distance between the Exalt and his wife, the first thing that had occurred to her was to wonder if this might be some trick, that they were putting on an act towards her. But all through her (surprisingly good) meal, and through her travels around their camp since, she couldn't imagine a single benefit to them for doing something like that.

All it would do would be to give her an opportunity to get closer to the man, something that would be in all of her interests and in absolutely none of his. Especially given how openly he wore his hatred of her on his sleeve.


There was no small part of her that delighted in the man's anger towards her. The Exalt was far from the first man to dislike her, and he certainly wouldn't be the last. But, through all of experience, one thing she'd found time and again, was that just because a man hated her, didn't mean that he didn't also desire her… it only meant that he desired her in a different manner.

And that was oh so very easy for her to use.

It wasn't a bad idea really, a little risky, but while the Exalt wasn't her kind of man at all, he was -regardless of his other, countless, faults- very easy on the eyes… He was a simple man, and likely with the right incentive, a man who would be very easy to have dancing to a tune that she would prefer from him.

At the very least, he was a lot more straightforward than her ever-guarded and inscrutable brother. Noting his tent coming up before her as she fixed his location in her mind's eye, Aversa couldn't help but smile as her mind drifted to thought of the far more interesting prey.

Robin. She could barely keep herself from laughing when she thought about the absurdity of the situation, and that the two of them would be reunited in such a farcical manner, never mind that they would now be sharing the same camp, living in the same area and even fighting side by side.

She knew well that he had absolutely no clue about his heritage, nor what he was truly meant for, she hadn't possibly missed the look in his eyes when she'd teased him with details about his mother. Details, amusingly enough, that she didn't even truly have. Even Aversa had only heard scant mentions of the woman who'd absconded with him as a baby, and she knew little about what Validar's true plans with Lord Grima really entailed.

All she knew was that he was Validar's son, but even that, to really consider them family was laughable, their connection was a joke at best. Despite that though, she had thoroughly enjoyed watching him squirm when she'd declared him her brother, and she'd found herself a cruel delight in teasing him since. Family or not, taking a man like him down a peg was always enjoyable, and he did have the most amusing expressions.

Which, perhaps, was why she'd then felt so frustratingly unsatisfied when he'd given her no reaction at all to her earlier goading. Even when she'd practically slithered up against him, and teased him about revealing everything, it had been like talking to a brick wall. That certainly hadn't been to her expectations, from her earlier estimates of the man, and the kind of naïve fools she knew like him, she'd expected him to flinch away, stammering like an idiot and blushing red- she'd taken him for the kind of man to avert his gaze from even the barest hint of an exposed leg, let alone the kind of provocative teasing she enjoyed.

'Heh, actually, that's not such a bad idea. I cou- Oh?'

Blinking, stopped in place as she passed by the Tactician's tent, Aversa was knocked from her musings by a heavy, continuous rhythmic sound of flesh, on flesh.

Even she hadn't been intending to be as bold as to try peek into her brother's tent on her first night in their camp. But now, turning in place towards the noise, she couldn't help but crane her head over as she slowly shuffled forwards, almost in disbelief. It was a sound very familiar to the Witch's imagination, but not something she'd ever actually heard before in person.


Curious and more than a little interested, she quickly spun around, checking that there was no witnesses in the area, before sneaking right up to the tent and, with a minute's careful work, pried open the modest sealing spells holding it shut.


Clapping a hand over her mouth as her eyes shot wide and her body jolted stiff, Aversa just barely managed to keep herself from gasping aloud.

Robin's quarters were suitably well lit, meaning she could instantly identify Cherche -one of the assorted unimportant Shepherds she'd previously paid minimal attention to- and, she could just as easily identify the sight of a woman losing herself in delighted ecstasy.

Moaning wantonly, the stoic-looking Wyvern Rider was lying naked atop her brother's desk, with her breasts shaking in place and legs kicking high in the air, as the Tactician held her strongly in place, his whole body seeming to slam himself forwards, driving himself mercilessly into her.

The fabric of the tent and the previously activated sealing spells had both served to muffle the woman's blissful screams, but now Aversa found herself assaulted fully by the pinkette's heady moans, and the way her cries pitched higher and longer with each time her body was rocked back across the table. With her hands clinging forcefully to his shoulders, her waist bucking up against his and her legs doing nothing but hang uselessly in the air against his thrusts, Cherche seemed to have entirely given herself up to Robin's desire. And, judging by the way her head fell backwards, each time he drove himself into her, it seemed like she'd never wanted anything else.

Standing mouth agape as she unintentionally spied on the sight of her brother fucking the Shepherd's Wyvern-Rider senseless, Aversa was shocked to her core, her face flushing at the sight as the sound washed over her.

'I never even heard he'd taken a wife! How did we not learn of this? … I… I suppose it must be a new development, and it can only be expected really…'

Her attempt to control her thoughts drifted as she watched the way her brother took a firm hold of Cherche's legs, pulling her ankles high into the air towards him and giving him even greater leverage to ram his full length into her, sending the woman's screams echoing even wilder as she shook her hips back into him.


Suddenly snapping herself back to reality, Aversa realised that several minutes had now passed with her simply drinking in the display playing out before her. A building heat ebbed through her body and there was no small desire to stay and keep watching, but her discipline quickly drove her backwards, reeling away from the pair and beating a hasty retreat from the tent. Almost stumbling back out the entranceway, she paused only just long enough to awkwardly stitch the sealing wards back in place between her trembling fingers, before slipping away and off into the night.

"That… that was dangerous…" she whispered when she was finally secluded, some distance away on the far side of the camp. Heaving a sigh, she forced her body back under control, slowing her breathing back to normal and returning her thoughts back to the mission at hand.

The first thing she did was chide herself for her recklessness. Standing so witless there in the open like that was completely unlike her. If it had been dangerous just peeking into the tent of the Shepherd's own strategist, to walk in and then stand around as he fucked his wife was utterly beyond reason. Under any normal circumstances she would have been furious at herself…

Still, this time at least, she seemed to have gotten away with it. And soon the anger dissolved away as an excited grin spread out wide across her face.

Regardless of how it had happened, she'd just stumbled on something very new, and very interesting!

The fact that she hadn't been aware of her brother's relationship was a key clue, her spies would surely have noticed something like that. And now that her mind was working properly, she knew for sure that there was no sign of a ring upon either his hand or hers, nor had there been any significant tells in how they'd conducted themselves around the camp.

For whatever reason, whether it was political, personal, or just a desire to protect her, it seemed that Aversa's beloved older brother had wanted to keep this little affair a secret.

"Heh, heh… hehe…"

If Aversa had been a little less flustered and a little more familiar with the camp, there was a chance she may have noticed a lingering dark shadow, hidden behind one of their supply carts and observing her from several meters away.

And then, perhaps, she would have had the clarity of mind to notice a small -almost imperceptible- burst of magic coming from her stalker. A signal very, very similar to one that had gone off several minutes ago when the Plegian had been making her way towards Robin's tent.

As it was though, her mind was so abuzz with what she'd seen, that she missed the signs of the plan unfolding all around her.

The following day, Aversa again found herself caught completely off-guard.

This time, the shock came after she'd broken her (carefully weakened) pegasus bridle on the training field and had used that as an excuse to get another one from the supplies tent- and more importantly, to take a full inventory of the Shepherd's supplies for herself. However, instead of going through the mundane task of cataloguing racks of weapons and piles of items, she instead found herself drawn once more towards the sound of desperately muffled pleasure and the hot, wet rhythm of two bodies coming together.

Swallowing heavily, with her original plan completely forgotten, Aversa found herself peering quietly through the back recesses of the tent, and over towards where she was shocked to see the Shepherd's beautiful young pinkette dancer spread out, face down atop one of their large supply crates, being mercilessly fucked by the same man she had just last night seen balls deep inside that Wyvern Rider!

Olivia, she thought the girl's name was, was lying with her legs raised in the air, lying flat across the crate and spread out completely helpless, with her hips shaking greedily up against Robin's harsh thrusts and both her hands clamped forcefully over her mouth in a vain attempt to stifle the heady cries that continuously slipped out.

Not so much as even attempting to brace herself in place, her entire body was visibly given up to Robin's whims, and the Tactician was taking full advantage of that, slamming the full length of his cock into the delighted dancer with far more violent force than Aversa would have ever believed possible from her meek-seeming brother. Even with Cherche, there'd seemed to be some measure of restraint in how he'd fucked her across his desk, but here he seemed fully content in simply pinning Olivia in place and using her as an outlet for his lust- and of course, the girl's ecstatic cries said everything needed about her thoughts on that.

Sliding in closer, even without really acknowledging just what she was doing, Aversa crept around the edges of the box she was crouched behind, her eyes going wide and heart racing as she took in every detail of the scene.

Robin's hands were holding furiously tight to the dancer's supple round hips, as if affirming and ownership over her by the very means he held her, and driving that point in deeper with each time he yanked her forcefully towards him, before jolting her body forwards with the powerful strength of his thrusts.

It was an absolutely clear display of force, of dominance and, combined with both the heady smell of sex and cum now catching up to her senses, as well as the thick rivers of his seed she could see running down the girl's legs, pooling on the ground below them… an equally powerful display of breath-taking masculinity.

Just the same as the previous night, this was nothing at all like what she'd expected from the famously kind and gentle Grandmaster of the Shepherds.

Despite herself, she couldn't help but take a moment to simply marvel at the sight. Aversa was a woman who knew well the thrill of utterly dominating someone, of crushing them entirely under your will -albeit never in this manner- and the sight of Robin's violent thrusts paired with Olivia's eager submission sent a hot pulse of conflicted desire throbbing from her womb. Aversa had met no end of men more handsome, powerful or cruel than Robin in her travels, and she'd dismissed them all out of hand without a second thought. None had ever interested her for a moment beyond what she could take from them. Yet somehow, it was the surprising sight of once again finding this famously soft-hearted man unleashing a hidden depravity that left her legs momentarily rubbing together and her thighs damp with impulsive thoughts.

But it was only a moment. And when the moment passed, those insolent thoughts were replaced with a far colder realising and her appreciative smile with a far darker smirk.

'Oh… oh my! What have we here?'

She had been looking for information and this was far beyond anything she could have possibly expected, far better than she'd even have dared hope for! Not only did it seem that her older brother had gotten himself married, but it seemed he was cheating on his wife!

Aversa had to keep herself from laughing aloud, it was perfect, an absolute treasure trove! But even more than that, even more damning, he was audacious enough to be cheating on her with another man's property!

'What a fool! I can't believe it! Is this truly the man Validar thinks so highly of?'

Plegia didn't have a lot of information collected about the young dancer, she was just another member of the Shepherd's rag-tag band. There was no specific history attached to her that they'd found and Aversa had never had a reason to pry, until this very moment, Olivia had been utterly dismissed in her mind as entirely unimportant- possessing no vital information and utterly inconsequential to her goals.

However, even if she'd never paid more than passing attention towards the girl, she still couldn't have possibly missed the magical insignia engraved just below the girl's stomach, an utterly degrading sigil of ownership stamped directly atop the dancer's womb- given the kind of attire she'd been flouncing around the camp in, the dancer had barely even made any attempt to hide it.

While Aversa didn't recognise the symbol herself, she knew well what it represented and what it meant for a woman to have such a mark branded onto their skin.

Dark magic like that was not easy, nor was it cheap and it was certainly not the kind of spell her foolish brother would ever put on his lover, no matter how much he seemed to have the dominant role in their relationship. No. She was certain of that, at least, a few surprises aside, she'd taken his measure long ago and knew him well to be far too much of a boring do-gooder to even consider something as intoxicatingly exciting as that.

No doubt the girl was an escaped slave.

'Heh… and, that collar of hers must be ensorcelled too. Else it would have been long since removed.'

It wasn't particularly difficult to imagine what must have played out; a beautiful young girl was rescued from a life of cruelty and fell in love with the man who'd appeared as her saviour, dedicating her life -or at least her body- to him instead.

It was a familiar tale and, unfortunately for those involved, one that typically concluded with the apparent saviour hung from the city gates and the slave dragged back to her master. Slaveowners were men of influence and power, and those who would steal from them, usually, were not.

'That Olivia, she's a rare beauty to boot…' Aversa mused as she slipped secretly back through the tent, sparing one final (lingering) look towards the happy couple, 'Enough that even my reckless fool of a brother would betray his wife for her…'

That, at least, she could understand. Given her line of work, Aversa had never put great stock in a man's faithfulness. Few men bothered to think beyond their most simple desires when a beautiful woman threw herself at them, and the famous Tactician it seemed, was no different.

'She must be worth a high price indeed. No doubt her master would be eager for her return.'

It wasn't something she could put any energy too just yet, but it was worth adding to her plans. It could very well be well worth her time finding out just who this owner of hers was, someone rich enough to own a slave of that calibre and jealous enough to brand his insignia into her with dark magic could very well become an extremely useful ally.

After what she'd discovered the previous two days, Aversa was barely even taken aback the following afternoon when, after paying her dear brother a surprise visit to deliver a specially prepared lunch of her own, she could see the Traitor Mage's sandals sticking out from under his desk while he talked to her.

What did surprise her though, almost to the point of dropping the food-tray on the ground, was the sight of the Traitor Mage's daughter's boots sticking out right beside her own!

It was no secret how utterly enamoured Tharja was with her brother, and after the displays she'd already seen from him so far, it was fairly clear he didn't hold fidelity in particularly high regard, so she'd at least partially expected to find him with the Sorceress at some point. But this was ridiculous! A mother and daughter! Even if they were time displaced, they were still blood related family… and they were still both blatantly crouched under his desk, sharing the same man's cock between them!

It was unbelievable! This was exactly the kind of hedonistic depravity she would have expected from some corrupt, rich merchant… not at all from the second in command of Ylisse's Shepherds! The kind, caring and thoughtful man Aversa had seen throughout their camp!

None of this matched one bit with the impression she'd had of him in their encounters on the battlefield, nor with the stories she'd heard of him in all the intervening years. He was meant to be soft and innocent, pragmatic to an extent but idealistic to a fault… Not the kind of man who would meet her eyes, smile warmly with her and calmly carry on an amiable conversation with her while a mother and daughter were servicing him!

All the words she'd intended to say, all the taunting and teasing she'd planned to enjoy at his expense flew from her mind and it was all Aversa could do just to keep her composure while Robin kept talking, as if nothing at all was amiss.

They weren't even being discreet about it!

Or rather, it seemed like both women were enjoying themselves far too much to even begin to keep quiet. Even from the moment she'd walked in the whole tent had been filled with the (only barely subdued) wet sounds of two pairs of lips sucking, licking and kissing up along the Tactician's length. And Robin, it seemed, was enjoying himself no less. Judging by the way he was so frequently moving one or both his hands below the desk, clearly stroking them through one of the women's hair… and all the while, just smiling guilelessly back up at her.

In the end, by the time Aversa stumbled awkwardly out the door and back into the campgrounds, she had managed little more than some strained pleasantries and a few aborted attempts at flirting.

Like that, she would probably have wandered all the way back to her own tent in the same shocked daze… if not for the fact that just a dozen or so meters outside the Tactician's tent she noticed Cherche -the woman she'd originally taken to be Robin's wife- making her way past her and towards the man's tent!

'A-Ah!' her mind snapped back sharply back into focus! She'd been planning to blackmail him with the information about his affairs, but this could prove even more useful! 'Oho, brother dearest, it looks like you've done it now!'

At worst he'd be left pained and lonely after his various women all left him. And, at best, it would go even further than that, and the news of his infidelity would destroy his reputation among the Shepherds, leaving him an outcast! Either way would work magnificently for Aversa's plans!

Turning on the spot, she moved herself over to a good position, watching with bated breath as the pinkette Maid-Knight pulled the tent flaps open and slipped inside. Grinning wickedly, Aversa crept closer… awaiting the fireworks and the ensuing screams!

A minute passed without fanfare.


And then, several more, just the same.

Her mind spun and the daze of confusion it felt like she'd been feeling so regularly when dealing with her brother lately settled around her once again. None of the women had fled the tent, no spells or curses or screams were flying around the camp…

…Nothing seemed to be happening. Nothing at all.


Outright stunned, Aversa's smile turned into a furious scowl and finally, her last nerve snapped!

Storming back towards Robin's tent, caught somewhere between disgust and disbelief, she ripped the tent flaps wide open!

"Ohhh, ahhn! Gods! GODS! ROBIN!"
*Shlup* *Shluuup* "Mmhmm, it tastes so good, Mother! Ahh, I can't get enough." *Smmmch* *Shluup*
*Shlup* *Shluup* "Of course, that's only natural. Mmmm! You're lucky I've decided to share." *Shluuuup* *Shmmch*

And Aversa was left stopped dead in her tracks, her jaw hanging low and body jolted stiff as the screams that had hitherto been silenced by the tent's wards now assailed her full force…


Cherche was indeed screaming her lungs out. But, unfortunately, instead of the shouting match the Plegian Witch had been hoping for, she was shouting with unbridled ecstasy as she bounced wildly up and down along the full length of Robin's cock.

And, with the Tactician's seat now pushed back to accommodate for the Wyvern Rider in his lap, the entire scene was now on full display before her eyes.

Facing with her back to her lover and her hands holding to his around her slim waist, Aversa could see clearly how the pinkette's tight pussy was stretched wide around the thick shaft as he bodily slammed her down along his length. Moaning delightedly and screaming in joy, Cherche was long lost in the pleasure and seemed to have apparently been far too impatient to even finish undressing. Her boots had been kicked off and her skirt rolled back, which meant that her modesty was hidden only by the sight of Noire and Tharja's heads between her legs.


Looking from the overjoyed maid, to her fellow Plegian's, Aversa's throat went dry and her womb throbbed hot as she drank in the sight. Kneeling dutifully at their lover's feet, the mother and daughter's hands and bodies were both wrapped tight around each other in an intimate embrace as they openly exchanged wanton kisses around Robin's balls; engulfing his full sack carefully between their mouths and pleasing him along with each other as their lips locked lovingly together.

Somewhere in the midst of this display, Aversa's mind jolted blank.

A mother and daughter were kissing eagerly around their shared lover's balls, while he was fucking another woman directly above them. That same woman had entered the tent to find two of her comrades sucking off her man, and had proceeded to simply jump into his lap.

It was all too ridiculous to put into words! It was intense, depraved and hedonistic beyond reason! Aversa had seen and heard of many corrupt, debauched or decadent practices in her missions for Plegia… but she'd never come across anything like this. She'd never seen anything like what she was now seeing from her older brother, a man who she'd taken to be foolishly innocent, and almost too gentle to even lay his hands on a woman.

But, as she'd seen repeatedly now, there was nothing gentle at in the overwhelming dominance he showed towards his lover. There was no question of his desire as he drove his cock roughly up through the full length of Cherche's pussy.

And, from the expressions she could see on all three of the women… they each looked happier than she could ever remember being.

"Ah-huh? Oh, ah, Aversa?" it was only as her vision slowly un-fogged from yet another mind-numbing orgasm, that Cherche finally took notice of their voyeur. Moaning aloud even as she attempted to address the other woman, she'd relinquished complete control of her body to Robin already, and her words came only in gasps as she was repeatedly shoved down her lover's cock, "Y-You're h-here? I'm sor-Nghhh! Yes! YES! ROBIN! RIGHT THERE! HhhghNNN! … Hha, I-I'm sorry! I tho-thought the entrance was sealed?"

"Hmm?" finally looking up from the women surrounding him, Robin looked towards Aversa for the first time, "Oh, sorry sis, I'm a little busy right now! Let's talk later!"

And with that, she was entirely ignored. Far too wrapped up in their own pleasure, neither her brother, nor any of his lovers paid here the slightest bit of attention as the debauchery continued unabated before her eyes.

Too bewildered to even attempt a reply, Aversa staggered out the entrance and back into the soothing afternoon sun. The moans following after her, and the sudden, delighted shriek that passed her a short distance later told her that Noire had taken her turn next atop the Tactician's cock.

"What… what was that? What was… any of this?"

Beyond being ridiculous, she couldn't make sense of it. She couldn't believe it. It didn't seem possible. It was so counter to everything she'd expected and anything she could have possibly prepared for, that Aversa was left simply wandering through the camp in a dazed confusion.

That man had four women. And all were seemingly not just willing but delighted to share him!?

It was like something out of a bad story. An easily spotted lie told by a man in a bar, trying to make himself sound worldly. It was not something she'd ever expected to encounter, and especially not among this band of do-gooder, idealistic idiots!

When Aversa finally returned to the sanctity of her own tent, she sagged heavily into her bedroll, and her body shook lightly, both with heated desire as much as with a keen strategic interest. She could feel a hot ache from between her legs, just as intensely as she could feel her thoughts scouring over everything she'd discovered and everything she now knew.

After a moment, her emotions (and loins) had cooled enough that rationality took precedence once again, and slowly, she found herself laughing!

"What the hells!? Ridiculous! I can't believe it, I completely overestimated him!"

He was just a man.

After seeing Validar's incredible interest in him, and that even Lord Grima had deigned to take the man's form when arriving in this time, Aversa realised that she'd naturally begun thinking of Robin in the same manner, that her brother must be some special, or exceptional existence.

But he was just a man.

After hearing so much about him, and even seeing his prowess on the battlefield first-hand when he'd defeated Gangrel's forces, she'd built up an image of him in her mind similar to that of her father. She'd imagined him to be logical, composed and far, far too intelligent for the kind of displays she'd kept finding him in so far during her time with the Shepherds. That was why she'd never imagined anything like this, and that was also why she was so taken aback and so shocked to see him like that.

"Pha, it seems that the title of "Legendary Tactician" really is just a title."

He was just a man.

And, worse than that, he was obviously the kind of man who brought into his own hype, the kind of man who gathered a few achievements and then began to believe all the stories every nobody commoner snag about him. He even thought so much of himself that he'd started this pathetic little, ego-boosting "harem" among his allies. No doubt he must think that a few tactical successes and one victorious campaign meant he was Grima's gift to women, probably due to his head being filled with praise courtesy of that Traitor Mage.

Clearly none of the other Shepherds were doing much to dissuade him of that notion either. Aversa snorted at that thought, she could just picture it, the lot of them fawning all over him, throwing their adulation at his feet, the Great Tactician that had saved them all. Why would they mind if he'd taken a group of women for himself? Surely a man like him was too good to have just one!

"Greedy," she scoffed, "And arrogant. Their so-called genius strategist is just another greedy, lustful beast. And given how often I've run into him like that already, I doubt he's got any self-control at all!"

Rather than the intelligent, calculating but emotionally weak man she'd expected, the Robin she'd reunited with seemed to be driven by nothing but his pride and lust, nothing but his basest instincts.

Truly pathetic!

But, useful.

Even despite how low he'd dropped in her estimations, there was no denying that he was the lynchpin for the Shepherds, and that he was a key reason for their unprecedented successes to this point. For whatever else he was, on the battlefield, he was valuable beyond measure- and, given Validar's clear interest in him, perhaps even more important than that Exalt of theirs was.

She didn't know exactly why her father wanted that man so badly, but she knew he wanted him as badly as he'd ever wanted anything. And Aversa would deliver him.

Slowly, at that comforting thought, her disgust turned to excitement and her scowl faded into an eager grin.

She had met countless men just like this before, greedy, thoughtless morons who laid their hands on any woman that wiggled their hips at them. And, she had seen just how far those men would go, just how easily they would betray their principles or their friends, for the sake of a particularly tantalising prize.

There was, ultimately, no-one simpler to control. Just a little bit of prodding and then the temptation of something unattainable… a new woman to add to his harem, but one just a little out of reach…

And without him even realising it, Robin would be dancing entirely to her tune.

For all her research, skill and military intelligence, what turned out to be the (second) biggest thing Aversa hadn't been prepared for was the unflinching kindness of the Shepherds.

There was no misunderstanding her initial icy reception among their group, but as the days passed the chill thawed and the sheer good-nature of her new comrades shone through in its place. Even despite her making no particular efforts to win anyone's favour or act friendly in the least, Nowi still saved her a seat at dinner, Lissa and Maribelle tended to any injury she suffered, Gaius traded her desert for a second helping of their lunch portions, Cherche took care of her laundry, Kjelle looked after her armour and Libra mentioned her name alongside everyone else's when he gave his prayers.

She had only ever been introduced to the Plegian army as an adult, one who had completed Validar's training and stood at his side. She had only ever been feared or respected from that position, and in his name. And of course, the same was true for anyone she worked with in Plegia, never before had she been so openly approached without any caution, and never before had she been treated as nothing more than an equal.

It was a strange concept and one Aversa found surprisingly difficult to adjust to. It was almost easier when they had been wary of her, then she could at least understand their fear of her, that was normal.

She had had superiors and subordinates before, she had gritted her teeth while accepting terrible orders or laughed gleefully while giving her own… but the days she spent with the Shepherds were different. They made her realise, for the first time, that in all her life until now she had never before had comrades. Robin was supposed to have taken that role in her life, she guessed, but he had disappeared, leaving her alone… and it was only now, when she was reunited with him, that she finally found what it was like to have companions.

Of course, she didn't accept anything as comfortable as that so easily. Having grown up in a cold, heartless environment, surrounded by shadows and schemes, all her life she'd been taught to survive by being more merciless than anyone around her… but somehow, that only made it worse, and made her more bewildered by the Shepherd's irrepressible kindness.

Her first instinct was to simply take advantage of it, to use the gifts freely offered up to her for her own purposes… but the quickly lost any appetite for that.

There was little she could actually gain and no reasonable way to use something like basic kindness towards her real objectives.

Instead, she just wound up feeling petty and small, as if she was tying children up in schemes they didn't understand and weren't bothered by. No matter how many times she tricked Donnel into doing errands for her, he still did them with a smile. No matter how few winks or suggestive smiles it took to get Vaike to pack her bags, she still knew he'd do it just the same if she just asked. If her Pegasus was feeling off, then Sumia took care of it just like anyone else's. If her weapons broke, then Frederick fitted her with new ones of just the same quality as the rest.

It was a strangely humbling experience.

It was as if everything she'd known and everything she'd prepared herself for was just thrown away, like it was completely unnecessary when it came to these fools! She didn't need them to fear her to ensure that the men would remember never to do more than look, and she didn't need to manipulate anyone to ensure she ran no risk of mistreatment behind her back. There were no ambitious officers looking to use her as a stepping stone, nor were there any jealous fools trying to drag her down into the mud with them.

There were only her new companions. Her comrades. People that, after a few days and despite a few lingering misgivings, treated her no different than anyone else.

That alone was a strange an alien thought to the Plegian Witch, one that caused no small amount of insecurity…

…But what truly caused her mindset to begin changing was the even that happened a week after she'd stormed out from the Tactician's tent.

"You… You saved me..?" Aversa breathed, staring up wide eyed and disbelieving at the face of her older brother, the Shepherds Tactician, and the man who had just pulled her from within inches of the icy jaws of death, as he held her tight in his arms, pressed against his chest with surprising reassurance.

Scattered all around them were the cooling corpses of their enemies; a small contingent of straggling Valmese soldiers the Shepherds had cut off from their main force's retreat north. Three were dead by her own hand, but seven more, including the one who's blade had been almost scratching against her throat, were dispatched by Robin.

Away to the right, she could see the humbling sight of her mount, limping injured but alive, from how they had been forced to the ground.

Her chest tightened and her vision refocussed on the man, "You… You saved me?" she repeated, lying almost limp in his arms with her hands clinging instinctively tight to his cloak.

He would have been well within his rights to have let her die. No-one in the Plegian army would have stepped in like that. If she was easily within reach, or if they believed there was a good chance she would survive, then their fear of her would force them to act, but for someone to throw themselves into danger to save her from certain death… was something she'd never even imagined.

Normally she would have dismissed such concerns and normally any show of such favour would have earned nothing but derision. But the last several minutes had severely curtailed her pride.

She had been too arrogant.

Not wanting to trust herself to the plans of a man who had all the reason in the world to hate her, she had taken her own initiative. Almost as soon as the battle had begun, she'd completely thrown his instructions by the wayside and flown off to dispatch their foes in her own manner.

It should have been fine. She was the lead general of the Plegian Army, the one who served as strategist for both that idiot Gangrel as well as Lord Validar. She had planned out her own movements and positioning countless times. Especially against what was just a small force of Valmese soldiers, it should have been well beneath her!

But… it had been years since she'd been on a battlefield, and even longer since she'd been near the fighting herself. She was out of practice, her movements through the air were less crisp than she recalled and both her instincts and reactions were slower than she remembered. Her path had been predicted, she had been ambushed, and she'd almost been killed. If not for the sake of the man she'd refused to trust, rushing headlong out of his own position and through a full detachment of enemy soldiers, she, Aversa, would have been just another casualty.

An involuntary shudder ran down her spine at that thought and she found herself pushing closer against her brother's embrace, even without any specific intention to do so. It was a chilling thought, and even worse, a humiliating one. If not for him, she would have died here, on some random battlefield in some insignificant Valmese field, killed by some nobody soldier… and the only thing that had prevented that was the very man who should have had every reason to cheer it on.

"Of course," he answered gently, stroking a hand soothingly along her back, drawing out another shiver from her as Aversa's body reacted to his touch, "I told you. That's how our Pair-Up strategy works, we all look out for one another. Always."

Pair up. Another of her brother's unique strategies. And another thing about him she'd underestimated, waving it off as nothing but a novelty. Now, held in his arms as she was, she couldn't possibly fail to understand this, it was a strategy she would have never even imagined in Plegia and, she could tell without a doubt that this was the core of the Shepherd's miraculous strength. The selflessness to dive into danger to protect a comrade, and the strong bonds of trust between them that gave them a reason to do so, that was why the pacifistic Halidom had turned the entire world's military on its head. This was why a rag-tag band of nobodies was a seemingly impossible force, able to turn back even the seemingly invincible Valmese army. And, of course, why Validar considered them such a threat.

And now… now she was covered by that exact same protection.

It was yet another strange feeling, one she couldn't resolve immediately and one that left a warm flush spreading from her chest, to her cheeks as she pulled herself up to a standing position.

"Why?" she asked, without even really meaning to.

For him to have saved her from the position she was in, he had to have acted without even a moment's hesitation. That was what made this entire thing so unbelievable to her. If it had been some trap or tactic of his, some way to curry her favour, then she would have understood, but even for him, to decide something like that in a split second was impossible. He had saved her out of no desire more than simply wanting to keep her alive.

"Surely it would be convenient for you if I were killed? Do you not hate me? Don't you want your revenge? Heh… Or, don't tell me, you've got a soft spot for your poor little sister after-all?"

Folding her arms beneath her substantial chest quickly served to remind him that she was not little in any other sense of the word.

"You're right. Even if I'd like to deny what you're saying, I can't. I'm not so great that I can just forget what you did in the past war, it's not that easy… But… But, I don't want to be ruled by the past, and I know Plegia's hatred is as justified as our own."

Frustratingly, he was as composed as ever. His eyes barely even took a moment to appreciate the jiggle of her breasts before returning to her face. Was this because of those whores he always seemed to have around him? She couldn't believe that, men always looked for more, no matter how much they already had.

"For now at least, you're my comrade," Robin assured her, "And I want to think of you like that. I want to believe there doesn't need to be another war between our countries."

Despite herself, and despite her annoyance at her continued inability to control his gaze, Aversa was surprisingly charmed by his words. They were hopelessly naïve and childishly optimistic, but to hear that idealism directed at someone like her, after everything she'd done her entire life, and especially when that exact sentiment had just saved her life, left her feeling surprisingly warm.

"How unbelievably foolish, I'm amazed you can even say something like that with a straight face. Heh, but at least your actions match up to your words, you really are a lot more than just talk… I'm impressed," she answered finally, speaking as smoothly as she could manage and hiding her ruffled composure under her usual cynicism, "That was far above my expectations from you… but, you shall not find me ungrateful."

Behind her façade, Aversa was in pieces. Her thoughts were scattered, her heart was pounding and her countenance was completely off balance. So, she simply fell back on her usual instincts, dropping to a hip and bending over enough to ensure that Robin got a more than generous eyeful at the bounce of her massive cleavage as her voice dropped low.

"The battle appears to be winding up, it looks like you've yet another notch in your belt after all. I doubt there's anything more I need to do, so I'm going to take my mount back to camp to get healed… so, when you're all done here, why don't you come by my tent? Heh, it's not in my nature to be in anyone's debt, so, I'd love to find some way to… reward you."

Her finger slid softly down his chest as she spoke and then, without waiting for an answer, she spun on her heel and walked way- ensuring her hips swung even wider than usual.

And strangely, perhaps for the first time, rather than just a rush of success or an anticipation of victory, she found herself flushed with genuine enjoyment at the thought of her mark's eyes following the curve and swing of her ass as she left.

That evening, several hours after the battle, Aversa was looking incredible.

Having left her headdress behind, her silken white hair was pulled up into a high, regal ponytail. Her collar had been equally left behind, giving a full view along her long, slender neck and drawing the gaze down her clavicle. Her skin was soft and supple, thanks to more than an hour spent in the bath with her most treasured cremes. Her skin-tight dress was pulled an inch higher and held around her a little firmer, showing visibly that her huge breasts wouldn't lose in perkiness to anyone in their camp. All around her was a gentle, alluringly dusky scent, her favoured perfume and one guaranteed to capture the attention of even the most stoic man.

And she was currently pacing circles around the centre of her tent, simmering hotly with the slow rising frustration that it was nearing midnight and Robin was still nowhere to be seen!

Aversa was well practiced in her role, this was far from the first time that a man had stood her up or ignored her invitation. Given the kind of people she was usually tasked to deal with, the strong and assertive movers and shakers of the world, there were any number who had wanted to "put her in her place", or simply show that they would act only on their own accord.

But… it was the first time she felt personally affected by the absence.

The first time that, rather than laughing behind their backs at the weak attempt at dominance and laying the foundations for her next web, she was left just simply stewing in her tent, barely able to think of anything but the events from earlier.

She had a lifetime's worth of experience in acting weak, or feigning helplessness when needed, but it had always been done with the proverbial (or occasionally, real) dagger held behind her back. She had never intended to ever show that true side of herself to anyone, let alone to Robin. When lies and deceit had always been her most reliable armour, knowing that he had seen her so openly and honestly vulnerable left her a sense of having been held naked in his arms. It was a feeling of intimacy she'd never planned, nor wished for.

This wasn't right, this wasn't part of the plan!

None of it was!

The plan was very simple, wonderfully so. It was the same plan she always used; she would identify a key mark suitable for Validar's intentions, she would work her way close to their circle, and then she would ingratiate herself with them, to one level or another. Sometimes they would hate her, sometimes they would love her, sometimes she would only need to inspire their lust to have her- whatever the case was, the result was the same, her mark would want her, he would chase her and… by the time she was done with them, she would have given a lot less than she'd taken.

Forever teasing and suggesting, she would always remain just barely out of reach, never quite giving them what they wanted- until their use was finished and she abandoned them forever.

That dance, that act of elusive seduction had always been her pride, the core of her self-respect that underpinned everything she did.

Aversa had given much of herself and her dignity away, over and over, for the sake of Validar's ambitions. But he had always trusted her to remain autonomous, and in this, at least, she had always held herself back. Even if it would have been easier, to drag someone deeper into her net by pulling them into her bed, she had always refused to ever allow anyone to actually catch her. In that alone she had remained selfish.

She would endure the pawing hands, the rough grip on the back of her head and the sweaty kisses going down her neck. She would smile invitingly no matter how stupid, disgusting or depraved her mark was. She would gasp in fake excitement when they pulled her into some secluded corner, and even force a submissive moan when they shoved her roughly into a wall, or wrapped their hands around her neck, to remind her of their power over her…

…She would endure all that, willingly and without restraint, because when she had finally milked every last drop of use or information they had, all those illusions would suddenly vanish, and her mark would realise that they had been chasing nothing but a spectre, forever just barely out of reach.

She would never cross that final line. That was her own personal pride. And when she was done with them, they would be ruined, and she would disappear from them forever. That was her victory, and she savoured it greatly.

At least… that was how it was supposed to go. That was how it always had gone. But even she couldn't lead someone on if they refused to chase her!

And worse, she couldn't make new plans to spear down his resolve, or crush whatever pathetic resistance he was putting up to ignore such a blatant invitation from her. Not when tonight all her mind would seem to return to was the memory of that Valmese blade, just a finger's width from her throat, and of the feeling of Robin's strong, warm embrace holding her safe.

A small part of her mind cautioned her to switch tactics, to abandon her attempts towards the Tactician and try something new. Whatever disagreement that the fool of an Exalt was having with his wife seemed to have persisted, and there was clearly a simmering tension from the way the two acted around each other, even in public- there was more than enough space for a well-placed needle to push them just a little further apart, and she was well versed in exactly how to place that needle… And, who knows how Robin may react if her attention wandered elsewhere..?

But the rest of her shut that down. Logically she knew that her making any sort of real approach towards the Shepherd's leader would be glaringly obvious, and as much fun as it was to imagine their various reactions if she could properly get some level of control over him… it was far more likely she would just get completely blocked of. She had far less excuse to be approaching Chrom than she did for Robin.

She paused, stopping in place as her hands balled into fists and her eyes glared a hole in the side of her tent.

No. That wasn't right. She knew better than to lie to herself.

All those excuses were true, but they were just excuses. She was more than skilled enough to know how to play a pigheaded idiot of a leader off against his equally moronic followers. And, in the morning, when she could examine all this with a clear head, she may very well decide to do exactly that. But right now… right now, she just wanted to see Robin.

She had been scared. That was the embarrassing crux of it. She had been moments away from death, by her own mistake and, for the first time in a very, long time, she had actually feared for her life. And, just like a novice soldier dealing with the adrenaline of their first battle, now she couldn't calm down.

Aversa felt restless, frustrated and uneasy. No matter how much she knew better than this, or how devoted she was to Validar's cause, she was wound up and tense in a way that wouldn't relent.

And the man whose presence she knew would be a comfort right now was nowhere to be seen.

Another half hour of useless pacing passed in just the same manner. And finally, with the moon shining high in the sky and almost all the other Shepherds tents now dark, Aversa's stubbornness finally wore down.

'Hmph. Well, I can't possibly get any information out of him if I don't talk to him… so… if he's not coming to me, then the only thing I can do is go to him.'

Logically, it made complete sense. It was what she should do. For the sake of Plegia's interests.

'Yes, of course. For my mission.'

A moment later, Aversa's tent entrance was flapping quietly behind her as the Plegian Witch slipped silently out towards her brother.

"Well now, aren't you a bold one? You do know it's bad manners to keep a lady waiting?"

"Huh? Oh, Aversa, good evening." Ah, right, sorry, you wanted to speak to me, didn't you? I've just been busy with all of this, it must have slipped my mind."

Looking up briefly from his desk, Robin gestured to the piles of maps, charts and tomes all spread out before him. Stepping forward for a closer look, Aversa understood it at a glance, it was the plans for their next movements, calculations and outlines for their positioning, their best formations, the likely terrain they would be moving through and the expected actions the enemy may take against them.

It was quite the task, a heavy workload for even the most diligent strategist, filled with more than a little of the kind of basic logistical grunt-work she would usually pawn off to one of her subordinates. If nothing else, it certainly explained why she'd seen no sign of him since their forces had returned back to their campsite.

Feeling charitable, she made no comment on the sight of Noire and Olivia curled up together in the bedroll towards the back of his tent, nor towards the various articles of the girls' clothing strewn haphazardly around the premises. From the contentment she could see in both of their faces, it seemed that Robin had found time to do more than simply bury himself in his work. But for now, she would let that go, she already knew exactly what kind of man he was.

"Unfortunately for you, you've already missed out on your reward… Hehe, but then, after the performance you put on today, well, I suppose if you do continue to look after your little sister like that, I may just have to see what I can do to pay you back… You've left me with a whole evening to think up ideas now…"

Dropping his pencil, Robin turned around in his seat, finally facing her properly and Aversa found herself momentarily caught in the seriousness of his gaze.

"I don't need any reward or anything like that, and it doesn't matter to me if we are related, or how. So long as we're fighting together, if you're in trouble, I'll protect you."


Given her status, as well as the duties she performed, Aversa was very familiar with flattery, with declarations of love, of loyalty, or even of hopelessly naïve statements of valour like that. She'd heard it more times than she could count, and she reacted exactly as she always did- an encouraging glint in her eyes accompanied by a slyly inviting smile, and with just enough loosened control to allow a hint of flush on her cheeks. It was a well-practiced act, honed to absolute perfection.

And yet, beneath her façade, her heart was thundering at his words and the control she used wasn't to force her cheeks to go red, but to keep her entire face from turning crimson! Her steps were measured and sure as she slid across the tent towards him, but her breath ran short, and it ran shorter still as she watched his eyes trace up and down her figure, as she noticed him drinking in the full wide arc of her hips as they swung from side to side.

"You're lucky I'm the fiercely loyal type. I've never been one to begrudge a man who's willing to -Oh?" perhaps it was because of everything that had happened today, or perhaps it was simply due to how off-balance she always seemed to be when it came to her brother, but as she stepped towards the Tactician, she could see the finer details of exactly what it was that had been occupying his time, and everything she'd been planning to say was suddenly derailed, "Oohh, that's… that's today's engagement you've got setup there, isn't it? Hmm, you're re-doing the entire battle, ah… and, shifting the northern teams to the west of that hill?"

Despite the unintentionally honest interest, she was still partially testing him, she had expected him to pull away and desperately hide his private workings from her curious gaze.

"Oh? You noticed that quickly?"

Instead, his eyes lit up and he turned the sheets around to better face her.

"Actually, if it's not too late, I'd love to get your feedback on this! Usually, the Morgan's and Virion are the only people I can really talk strategy to, so I'd be very interested in getting your perspective instead."

Again, her heart pounded, but now, her suggestive smile surrendered to one of pure curiosity. She could hardly deny her own interest in the idea, to hear his strategies directly and talk tactics with the Grandmaster of Ylisse was a rare opportunity.

"My, my! So eager for a woman's company this late at night? Heh, and here I was thinking my big brother didn't want anything to do with his poor, lonely little sister…"

She slunk in close, intentionally standing right above his shoulders, where she could be sure he could easily take in the alluring scent of her carefully prepared aroma… As she did so though, she quickly realised that this also left her in a prime position to be awash with the heady and potently masculine smell of sex coming from him in return. Her womb throbbed with appreciation, but, in spite of her earlier restlessness, her attention was soon entirely elsewhere. Her love of tactics was much the same as his own, and as soon as the strategic discussion started, all else faded to the background.

"Tch, your eastern divisions are much too far apart. You've put them like that purely out of hindsight, but that's only because you know where today's enemy was- that's completely worthless as a general strategy."

"Yes, I thought the same myself. Originally at least, but you see, if I keep Panne here, and Yarne here… then, being Taguel, they can…"

The conversation continued on into the night.

Soon Aversa's original reason for standing had been forgotten and she had pulled up a seat beside him and was pouring over placements and compositions with just as much zeal. Whatever discomfort may have laid between them was swiftly forgotten as they each lost themselves in the task and, more than anything else, simply savoured the chance to speak about tactics on equal terms to someone who could understand just as much as they did.

Hours passed just like that, right into the early morning before either of them had even realised it. In the end, their session was only ended when Tharja very physically came and physically pulled Robin down to the bedroll with his other fiancée's. The Sorceress was clearly very annoyed with the night having dragged on longer than it had been planned, but… judging by the soft gasps that echoed out after Aversa as she stumbled out of the tent herself, it seemed she had no objection to staying up a little later still.

For her own part, finally snapped from the strategy session, the full weight of stress and exhaustion from the day finally caught up with the Plegian Witch as she made her own way back out into the night. Exhausted now, both physically and mentally, she slumped heavily down into her own bedroll the moment she slipped back into her own tent… but, with all her worries and strain seemingly dissolved under the enjoyment of being so lost within a world of strategy, she fell asleep with an open and relaxed smile on her face.

"Ahaha-hah! What a surprise! I never could have imagined that our illustrious tactician would be such a weak flyer! Don't tell me this is your first time on a Pegasus?"


If Robin had intended to craft a more comprehensive reply than that, it was completely lost over the sound of the wind rushing past their ears and the blasts of Aversa's magic thundering down upon the scattering bandits below them.

As it turned out, Aversa's second battle alongside the Shepherds took place only two days after the first, almost two weeks since she'd joined their camp. This time however, their opponents were just a motley crew of raiders that the Shepherds had learned were harassing the nearby villages. Bandits rarely posed much threat to a trained soldier and almost none to an organised army, which meant that they had far more lenience in experimenting with new strategies… but, it also meant that Aversa had managed to convince Robin to try support her, directly, riding on the back of her Pegasus and using the increased mobility to command the entire battlefield.

Unfortunately, probably expectedly, the hapless Tactician was barely able to concentrate long enough to cast even the simplest spells, let alone try give any sort of coherent instructions as they darted and dived wildly across the skies. In the end, he could do little more than hold on for dear life as Aversa easily controlled the mount with one hand, while using the other to rain destruction down on their foes. It was a remarkably humbling experience and one that gave him a much better understanding of just how much Cherche had looked after him in the few times they'd flown together.

"Ca-Can't we slow down!?" he screamed, raising his voice over the crackle of dark lightning spearing towards yet another group of fleeing raiders, "I can't hit anything like this!"

"If we move slower, we'll be a target for their archers!" she laughed in reply, countering his please on the principle of the matter despite the enemy archers being long since routed, "Come no! This is pathetic, brother! Stop complaining and enjoy yourself!"

Ever a woman of duplicitous intent, Aversa made sure to slide herself just a little further back as she called out that final request, pushing her shapely round ass even tighter up against Robin's waist. Already throughout the flight, his hands had shifted from taking a secure hold on her hips, to where they were currently wrapped tight around her waist in a full-armed hug- one that only grew firmer around her with every twist and roll she guided her mount through.

"Hehe, now, isn't this nice? It's not often the two of us get such quality time together!"

Given how composed and downright stoic her brother had been to her advances ever since she'd joined the Shepherds, to have him now clinging do forcefully to her was a very welcome change. His body was wrapped around hers and she could feel the heat of his breath on her neck, it was exactly the kind of situation she wanted him to spend his nights dreaming about… and one she was finding rather enjoyable in its own right besides.

Robin always kept up such a serious front with her, like all her teasing was just rolling off him without effect at all… but as they were now, with the thick, heavy length she could feel pressing up against her back between them, with the sensation of it pulsing hard and hot even through his clothes, there was no possible doubt of exactly what effect her body and her close proximity was having on him.

Nor was there any doubt as to what was garnering such a reaction, when she could feel his cock twitch hungrily against her every time she slid around in the saddle. Bringing her Pegasus through a sharp turn, Aversa used the moment as an excuse to grind the soft flesh of her ass back against his crotch and, before she could stop herself, a small moan fell unbidden from her lips as she felt Robin's hands squeezing her even tighter, and his shaft pushing iron-hard into her, until her cheeks were moulded -for just a moment- around his shape.

"He's not even trying to hide it!'

His grip loosened as their mount evened out, but she made no attempt move away, and he was already as far back in the saddle as he could fit, meaning she had all the time she needed to relish in the sensation of the famous Tactician's desire raging achingly against the thin material of her dress. And, after a moment's consideration, she reconsidered.

'Or… perhaps… is it that he can't hide it?'

Despite having no intentions towards doing so, Aversa had seen more than a few glimpses of Robin's cock already in the times she'd run into him and his lovers around their camp, but those had always been at a distance, or just a fleeting view. Even with it being as forcefully restrained by his clothes as it was, feeling the full length, girth and sheer weight of it now locked tight against her was another thing entirely. And, even without any experience of her own to directly compare it to, just the size of it as she could picture it in her head was as daunting as it was, exciting… more than enough to have her own body flushing hot in primal response. She could practically feel her womb yearning each time his cock twitched against her.

Grinning, she savoured the moments pressed up against him. No matter how innocent seeming, or kind and gentle her brother seemed, he had a cock so fearsome that it wasn't even possible to attempt to hide his arousal when they were like this… As a woman, Aversa was beginning to think she could understand the looks of dazed ecstasy she'd seen on his lovers.

Laughing aloud and feeling her blood race with a whole raft of emotions, she kicked her mount into another wild dive, twisting them through the air till they were flying just scant meters overhead of another group of their fleeing bandits.

And this time, heady with the adrenaline as well as the vindication of knowing she was desired, Aversa breathed out a long, low moan as Robin's arms clung furiously fight to her and their enemies were scattered in all direction.

Two Days Later

"You wanted to see me Lissa?"

"Aheheh, ah, yup!"

Watching curiously as the blonde princess tied the tent flaps loosely behind them -enough so that her tent was closed, but not so much that a curious person couldn't see inside- Robin had a distinct feeling that he'd fallen directly into someone else's plans. It was a feeling that quickly intensified as Lissa stood up, turned to face him and then fumbled her words, twisting awkwardly on the spot for a moment before simply urging him further inside.

This was unusual.

For all the time he'd known her, Lissa had always been one of the most open and forthright people he knew, but now, watching as she bounced anxiously on the balls of her feet, she appeared to be bubbling with so much nervous energy that he couldn't help but be concerned. Her green eyes were sparkling, her hands were twisting around each other, and a rosy blush was quickly blossoming on her cheeks as she held his gaze.


All the usual signs were there. He, the Grandmaster Strategist and renowned tactician had just walked directly into yet another of Lissa's pranks. As usual. Or perhaps, as always.


"Ahe, well, you know I've noticed what you've been doing recently, with Aversa," she began, a little awkwardly but stronger as she built up steam, "You're, ah, you're trying to make her think th-that you're some kind of crazy playboy, right? So, she'll think she can control you like that, with s-sex?"

Despite having already been impressed with how easily the blonde had once again walked him directly into her plans, Robin was honestly shocked at her deduction. Lissa was no fool, he knew that, but even with how bold he'd been lately, he really had thought he'd managed to be a little more discreet than that!

And, despite everything he'd done lately and the huge boost to his confidence it'd given him… having Lissa, a woman he'd love for years, both as a younger sister and as a woman, telling him that she was completely aware of his various indiscretions around the camp left him struck dumb. His head spun and his cheeks burned with embarrassment as he scrambled to offer an apology.

"I think anyone who pays much attention to you would have noticed!" she teased, her own mood noticeably lightened by the sudden change in his, "Tharja's been showing off that brand you gave her for days now, I have to change the sheets anytime you visit Noire in the medical tent, Cherche's forgotten her panties in the storeroom twice now, and recently Olivia always seems to disappear during meals!"

Each word she spoke shot directly through Robin's spirit, until he was left wincing in mortification. He'd intended to be a little obvious, of course, but only at the times that Aversa would be paying attention to him…

'Oh sweet, merciful Naga!'

Rather than making the Plegian Witch think he was licentious… did all his female comrades now think of him like that!?

"Ahehe! There it is! There's that rubbery face of yours I love so much! I haven't gotten to see it much lately!" Lissa laughed happily at his anguish, but her smile was kind as she reached out and squeezed his hand with her own, "It's fine, really. I don't think anyone else's taken much notice honestly. Well, the Manaketes and Taguel, I guess, I mean, Tiki's always going red whenever she looks at you, and Nah's been doing a LOT of reading lately… but you can't hide anything from those guys anyway."

"I, uh, well, I'm sorry," he stammered, struggling to maintain eye contact, "I didn't realise I was so- I mean, I'll try be more careful, of course, it's only th-"

"Ah! no, no! That's not what I'm saying, I wasn't complaining! I know you're only doing it for everyone's sake! It's the same as why Chrom's been pretending to be mad at Sumia," she quickly interrupted him, waving her free had as if to clear away his apology, "And besides, we all knew y'know, with this whole plan, that you'd end up with a number of us… I'm just, hehe, c'mon, Robin! Did you not notice where this tent is?"

He blinked, completely thrown for a loop by the sudden shift in direction.

"Er, no?"

As the Shepherd's tactician, he had to keep track of a seemingly endless number of things. The specific orientation of all their tents within the camp had not, until now, been one of them.

Seeing his confusion, Lissa laughed again, a victorious smirk spreading across her face and Robin was again reminded of the sensation of having fallen completely into her trap.

"I was really careful about where I setup this time! I thought about it a whole lot… We're right on the main path through the camp. A-And, and right between the training field and, and Aversa's tent."

Robin's body jolted, his mouth going dry as his brain quickly raced to fill in the blanks.

"A-And, and Aversa will be just finishing up where she's out there now, practicing her hexes with Tharja… uh… s-s-so…"

Her hand squeezed around his and, for a moment, Robin couldn't help but simply soak in exactly what was being suggested as much as the beauty of the blushing, nervously excited woman before him.

He'd noticed since he'd walked in that she'd seemed freshly bathed, and that her hair had been let loose around her shoulders, but he hadn't previously given much thought to either. Likely not to arouse suspicion, she was still dressed in just the same casual outfit he'd often seen her in when she wasn't on any particular duty- a soft, two layered yellow and white dress, with long cream-coloured legging underneath. The modest design still did an admirable amount to show off the light curves of her figure as well as her modestly sized chest. And, without a crinoline in place, the slit up the length of her skirt gave him a full view of her slender legs.

Lissa had grown a lot in the years he'd known her, and while she still wasn't quite a match for Emmeryn in either the size of her bust or the force of her curves, she was a long way from the slightly scrawny young girl he'd first met. Slim, toned, with delicate features, a determined expression and a figure that seemed to grow ever more womanly each time he looked at her, Lissa was fast blossoming into one of the most captivating women in their camp.

"There's no need to wait, is there? You already know, I-I mean, I've been open about my feelings…"


It was tempting. Almost irresistibly so. His entire body seemed to alight at the very prospect, at just how easy and how wonderful it would be to accept. This beautiful, charming young woman, someone that he loved dearly, had gone out of her way to not just present herself to him, but to do so in a way that helped his other goals. And she was right, she'd told him clearly how she felt about him. She'd told him that she wanted to be with him, that she wanted to be his alongside his other fiancée's, that she wanted him to be the one to breed her. When he'd made it clear he intended to marry all the women he ended up with, he couldn't possibly have missed the light in her eyes growing even brighter than ever. He wanted to repay her… he wanted to make her happy…

"I… I can't. I'm sorry, Lissa."

Her face fell, and his heart went with it.

"O-Oh… Y-You, hha, you don't want to? Aheh, s-sorry, I, I ah, I really must seem pushy, huh?"

"NO! No, I don't mind that at all! I'm flattered, I really appreciate it!"

"Then… you, you just think of me as like a little sister?'

"Er," Robin blinked, once again struck by an idea he'd never previously considered, "No. No, not at all. I'm incredibly attracted to you! I've thought back to that time you kissed me a thousand times! Gods, Lissa, I would love to breed you, hhha, can't you see how badly I want that?"

Any sense of gentlemanly tact or shame seemed to have long been discarded with the nature of this discussion, so he directed her eyes lower, where she could see clearly the signs of his own arousal struggling heavily against the confines of his pants. Lissa swallowed visibly at the sight, and her tense grip on his hands slowly relaxed once again. As wary as he was to admit it aloud, there was no doubt at all that Robin's desire to push her down, strip her clothes off, and spend all afternoon with her wrapped around him was just as intense as her own desire for that same outcome. The thought of knocking her up was just as enticing to him as the thought of carrying his child was to her.

"It's, it's because you're so important to me. Because I care about you, and want to be with you so badly, that I want to do it right."

Robin wasn't perfect and he didn't have infinite resolve. He took shortcuts, he made mistakes and he had regrets. But in this, at least, as with all his fiancée's, it was desperately important to him that he took as much care as possible. These women, his comrades, meant the absolute world to him, he loved them dearly, and he loved Lissa just the same. Even with the strange competition he'd found himself in with Chrom, Robin refused to let himself take anything for granted. He was smart enough to know there was no way he could possibly be worthy of the boundless affection he'd been given by so many women already. He wasn't going to just go around sleeping with his friends, they meant far too much to him for that. He wanted them to be his family.

Carefully pulling his hand free of hers, he stepped towards her.

"Huh, what do y-Ah!?"

Jumping at the sudden feeling of Robin's hands taking a gentle, but secure hold of her waist, Lissa's words caught in her throat with a small gasp.

And then, just as tenderly and just as firmly, she found herself eased backwards, step by step, through her tent.

"Aha? You changed your mind? Hehe, we-Oh? My desk? E-Er, I don't mind, but don't you think the bedroll would be more comfortab- ohha!?"

Suddenly hoisted aloft and onto the wooden desk, Lissa very quickly found her skirt flipped up over her waist and her leggings pulled off, discarded carelessly over his shoulder.

"Ohhe, R-Robin! Wo-whoa! You're, you're quite good at that, huh?"

In the span of just a few seconds, she blonde princess was left blushing deep red, in nervous but excited anticipation. Sitting on the edge of her desk, her legs were kicking awkwardly through the

In the span of just a few seconds, the blonde princess found herself sitting on the edge of her desk, kicking her legs nervously through the air with her thin white (and very wet) panties displayed clearly to the man she loved. Blushing deep red, she squirmed on the spot in nervously excited anticipation, making no moves to shy away from his touches as Robin's fingers traced softly up along her thighs.

"J-Just, just give me a se-second to, to, to, Ah? Hhha!? Oh!"

Her panties were stripped off just as expertly, and discarded over his shoulder just as lightly.

"H-Hey, ah!? NNgh, R-Robin! Oooh, y-you're touching me really gently… hhaa… f-feels, feels good…"

"O-Oh!? Ah! Hey! He-hey! What're you!? Don't lick there! I-Isn't that weird? I don't know if I taste- Ah! Th-That's! Ah! Oooh!?"

"Oh! Oh! AH! I've never! Nnngh, your tongue! It's! It's! AH!"

"Gods!Gods!Gods!Gods! ROBIN!"

Two Days Later

Sitting on a log and staring listlessly at the smouldering embers of their main campfire with a dissatisfied look on her face, it took a frustratingly large amount of Aversa's willpower not to turn around towards the disappearing back of the Tactician as he walked away to go turn in for the night.

"Oh? That's a funny expression from you, what's got you so down?"

Looking up at towards the new voice, the Plegian almost fell off her seat in surprise when she saw the Shepherd's red-headed Pegasus Knight moving to sit down across from her.


She was, of course, well versed in this woman's history. Given her actions in the past war as well as her current loyalties, Aversa knew well that almost all the Shepherds had ample reason to hate her and, even if she'd taken no direct part in what had happened to her, Cordelia's reasons to despise her was even stronger than most. Yet, even so, here she was, making an effort… just because they were temporarily fighting on the same side. Even though they must all clearly know that she was only here to use them, that she was spying on them, they were all still kinder to her than she'd ever been to anyone.

It was exactly what Robin had said and perhaps that, most of all, was what prompted Aversa to speak next.

"Oh, it's nothing important. I'm just saddened by how cowardly our venerable Tactician has turned out to be. I extended a gracious invitation just now, for him to escort me back to my tent for the night… and instead, he's left me here, all alone. Hah, it's such a shame. I can't believe the older brother I admired so much would be this afraid of accepting a woman's heartfelt offer."

In reality, behind her blasé sarcasm, it was starting to sting. She had been a lot less subtle in her advances lately and still Robin never seemed to make a move on her. At first, she'd wondered if he was simply content with the pathetic little "harem" he'd built for himself, but just the other day she'd spied him with his head between that blonde brat of a Princess's legs.

He'd seemed to accept her in other ways, they spent a good amount of time together, they seemed to get on well together, and she knew well that he wasn't some celibate monk. And yet, each time she left an opening for him to chase her, he instead pulled away, forever remaining closed off and just one step barely out of reach.

"Ah... Well, I suppose I can understand that, why he would hold back I mean," holding her head in her hands, Cordelia gave one of her patented sighs, "It's not easy. Even when you're sure you'll be accepted, there's still so much to… it's hard to take that next step, especially when it means so much, when there's an entire future tied up on it."

Aversa's pensive expression turned predatory, "Hmph, that's right. I forgot, you've got eyes for that leader of ours, don't you?"

"Ah! E-Er! N-No! I wasn't, I didn't mean, it was, p-pu-purely hypothetical!"

"Heh, but he didn't choose you, did he… He wanted that other woman, your best friend, isn't that right? And now you walk around our camp every day, greeting their children and having it rubbed right in your face."

"It isn't like that! Don't speak about them like that!"

Cordelia was well aware that Chrom had never realised how she felt, and she was equally, painfully, aware that Sumia had always gone out of her way to prevent her from being hurt by every part of their relationship. She knew to the deepest depths of her soul that she had been the one who hadn't gotten her feelings across to the Exalt, and she had been the one to promise and assure her friend a thousand times that she had no issues with her accepting his love. All the blame for how things had turned out was directed entirely at herself. And any tiny scraps of lingering ill-will that had remained in the most shameful parts of her soul had long since evaporated under the sheer enthusiastic force that was Sumia's desire to share Chrom with Cordelia… a topic that had been discussed even before this new breeding request.

And anyway, she loved Lucina and Cynthia dearly, they'd both taken amazing care of her daughter. The sisterly love shared between the three of them was obvious to anyone and Cordelia couldn't possibly think a single negative thought about either of them.

"Well, whatever it's like, it's pathetic for you to just accept being disfavoured like that. You should throw it back at him, get another man of your own and flaunt what he's missed out on. Heh, let him see your full pregnant stomach and know that child could have been his."

Cordelia blushed furiously at that and Aversa's own cheeks were dusted red at the depraved thought too. Neither woman was quite sure just how serious that suggestion really was.

"No… no, I could never do something like that. And, and I don't want to either."

Shaking her head, the Knight slowly gave voice to the thoughts that'd percolated within her for so long now.

"I've always been indecisive on things like this, I'm bad at it. I try treat it like my training, where there's a right answer, and I just need to work hard enough to find it, so… so I always hold back, telling myself I just need to work harder, for longer, and then I never do anything. But I won't do that anymore, I've been thinking seriously about this, I'm not looking away from it. And, when I know for sure what I want, when I know what I want to commit my life to, then I'm going to have no more regrets! I…I've already promised myself, that no matter what I decide, I'll never reconsider it, I won't spend any more of my life looking backwards."

Snorting, Aversa turned away. She'd been having some fun teasing the serious woman, but her reaction hadn't been anywhere as enjoyable as she'd hoped. These sorts of encouraging, confident discussions were no fun at all.

"What I'm saying," Cordelia continued, regardless, "Is that Robin is probably exactly the same as me. He's a pretty thoughtful guy, and you've seen how careful he is, he wouldn't do anything unless he's sure he can understand it entirely and that he can see it through to the end, he's not one to take half-measures or do things on a whim. I, heh, um, I just mean, I can't really see him with anyone but those that he knows he loves."

The Knight gave a shrug and Aversa found herself seriously contemplating her words. Unexpectedly, it seemed there was some actual merit in the words of the woman she'd previously taken to be a worthlessly naïve romantic.


It seemed that, despite what a shameless philanderer her brother had turned out to be, he still had some degree of dignity. It made sense, and it certainly tied in with what she'd seen herself from his interactions around the camp. So, was that the truth of it then? Did he just think it was fine to lay his hands on anyone around him, so long as he could justify it by saying he "loved" them? It would explain why he was still so cautious around her, despite his incredible lack of fidelity to his current four lovers.

"Maybe you're not as foolish as you look after all."

Cordelia objected to that comment, but Aversa had already tuned her out.

So then, to get him properly dancing to her tune, she would have to make him love her, and to believe that she loved him in return? It wasn't an unfamiliar task, she'd played the simpering lovestruck woman any number of times, and the untouchable villainess with a hidden soft-spot almost as much, she could easily ju- 'No.' she knew better than that. Putting on some act like that around Robin wouldn't work, especially not now after all the time they'd spent together. She'd come to understand him somewhat, and she knew the same was true in return, he wouldn't be fooled by a sudden change in her personality any more than he would have been taken in by her trying to trick him with flawed strategies.

A scary thought unveiled itself as the true answer became obvious; in order to ensnare the Shepherd's Tactician, in order to have the man Validar thought so highly of dancing to her tune, then rather than pretending… Aversa would have to truly open herself up to him.

It was a disquieting thought, far outside her usual strategies. In all her life, all her missions and all her marks, she had never once opened up honestly to a man before, there was always a better way.

But… but perhaps, for Robin, it might be fun?

He had a way of sticking in her mind beyond what she was used to, and he was certainly a prize far more valuable than any of her previous targets. And all she had to do was just let him get a little closer?


Four Days Later

"What? Are you asleep!? Shall I call that dancing girl of yours to come perk you up?"

"If there's some point you're trying to get to, please, don't wait on my behalf."

Aversa's finger stabbed into the paper spread out before them.

"You really believe a man as incompetent as Vaike can hold that area alone?"

Following her gaze to where she was pointing, Robin's face shifted to a frown.

"Put Donnel with him. Whenever the idiot is with the bumpkin he always tried to show off what a professional, "veteran soldier" he is. Hmph, who knows? Maybe we'll be lucky, and he'll actually stay in position for once?"

"That's not quite how I would phrase it," Robin muttered in reply as he shifted their formations around, examining the entire battlefield once more following the new adjustment, "But, it's a fair point that they do complement each other's strengths. Hmm, in that case, so long as I… yeah, if I just, so then Cynthia and Cordelia are here, then, okay, that should be good."

This time it was Aversa left staring in deep consideration at the new adjustments.

And then, after a minute's examination, she slumped back in her chair, breathing out a difficult sigh. In just a second, he'd taken her alteration, the strongest flaw she'd even been able to find in his plan and had improved it far beyond what she'd seen.

"You… are a very frustrating man. Hmm, do you really so enjoy showing off to your little sister like this?"

It was a strange and unusual change in her life, but her, when they were in his tent discussing strategy, was when she allowed herself to be honest. At least, as much as she could ever be. As always when she was annoyed with him, her hands folded under her chest, sending her substantial bust bouncing just enough to catch his eye. She could at least take solace in that, as she watched from the corner of her eye, he wasn't quite as subtle as he liked to think.

"You spend so much time on these strategies, always held up in your tent, you're up later than almost anyone else around the camp, pouring over books and maps. I don't think I've ever met a man as zealous as you before. It would be pathetic… if it wasn't also effective."

"I suppose that's a compliment?"

"I always look forward to these sessions of ours you know? So I can have the chance to tear all that hard work of yours to shreds, so I can find some crucial flaw in your thinking and turn all those late nights into nothing but a waste of time," she sighed, opening her hands towards him in a show of surrender, "But, all I ever manage to find are these meaningless nit-picks and suggestions."

He turned from his work towards her now, and she saw that she was commanding his full attention. A part of her revelled in it while an equal part recoiled… She hadn't planned to say any of this, it wasn't part of any of her strategies, but she'd found that honesty was a dangerous habit- when you started, sometimes you couldn't stop!

"I'm the best strategist in Plegia. I can say that without a doubt, I crushed the ambitions of many to receive that honour… and yet, you defeated me soundly in the last war. Just you and this rag-tag band of idiots."


"Every day I'm with you, anytime I see your plans, I can see you're even better now than you were then, and I'm reminded of that loss, I remember it so deeply it sends a shiver down my spine… Hehe, you really do take after our father."

Robin looked like he'd just sucked a lemon, "I don't know if I'm happy to hear that."

She leaned towards him, letting her breath tickle across his skin and running a hand down his arm, as her voice turned to honey.

"Oh? But it's impressive in a man, very much so. You have such a small presence, anyone could easily overlook you, you seem meek and far too weak to ever command an army… But here! In your plans and on the battlefield is where you show your real colours! You crush your enemies with ruthless efficiency, tearing their weaknesses open with tactics they never could have imagined. I saw it then, and I've seen it now… your enemies army falls by the wayside, and yours marches on untouched. Heh, that's your true nature isn't it? You love to dominate, to force your will upon the battlefield, until there's nothing left… but submission…"

Her smile was inviting and sultry, and her eyes alight with a thousand emotions as she traced her tongue along her lips.

"I've felt that myself when I faced you… and I've thought about it often since, all those nights I've passed alone since our last encounter. What it would be like to be toyed around by you once more, how much more commanding and powerful you would be now, and how it would feel to have you send me to my knees, to force my surrender from me…"

As always, Avera mixed in truth with lies and covered her ego with deceit. She was making an effort to open herself up to him, but a lifetime of training didn't disappear easily, she was only as honest as she could manage.

Glancing down, she was pleased to see the effect her attention was having on him, the outline of his cock was clearly visible from where it was straining up against the confines of his pants. Once again, he made absolutely no attempt to hide his obvious arousal from her- or, she wondered once more, perhaps he simply couldn't.


But, once again, as always, Robin leaned away from her touch. Flashing her a kind smile (enough to set her heart racing), he shifted back in his seat and turned his attention back towards their strategies.

"I hope not," he answered simply, "Like I said before, I want to believe we can end the conflict between our nations. I'd love it if we could stay close, like this, Aversa."

Her core throbbed at the denial, and she could feel the yearning heat between her legs inflamed even more by the way he seemed to so simply deflect her advances. Silently breathing out a deep sigh as she forcefully set her composure back into place, Aversa was becoming increasingly aware that the frustration spearing through her was far more than just the thought of her ulterior motives being put off once again.

'Just a little more.' She consoled herself internally.

He was still just barely beyond her reach, but he was responding to her suggestions more and more as she spent more time with him. As let guard drop around him, speaking honestly and opening up a piece of her heart towards him, she could see the responding affection coming clearer from him each passing day. He was falling for her!

'Just a little more!' she repeated, like a mantra, 'He can't even hide it anymore, I could see the temptation in his eyes! He wants me, and he's finding himself out of reasons to stop himself, he's almost at his limit!'

Unfortunately for Aversa, as Robin made a show of calmly repositioning the figurines across a new map… he was thinking exactly the same thoughts as her.

Three Days Later

Steadying her breathing, Aversa examined herself critically in the mirror once again, checking over every last detail, ensuring it was absolutely as flawless as expected of her.

Her brown skin was soft and supple, fresh from the bath and carefully cared for with her most expensive cremes. Her dress was held tight and high, showing off the full force of her incredible figure, once again without her collar or headdress to draw any attention away from her neckline and barely covered cleavage. And she was radiating a light, inviting and alluring Plegian perfume, one she usually wore only when she was meeting with Lords or Kings.

Her heart was pounding and her entire being felt like it was twisted up with a million unsteady emotions.

Today marked just over three weeks since she'd joined the Shepherds.

And, more importantly, it also marked the second time she'd secretly reported back to Plegia since her arrival.

Aversa shivered, frowning into the mirror and moving to check herself over once more, using the ritual as a way to force herself calm.

Validar had been unimpressed. Deeply unimpressed, at just how little useful information she had for him, despite being embedded directly inside the Ylissean forces. She was not used to disappointing her father. It wasn't that he expected her to sabotage their army, for now the Shepherds were doing exactly as Plegia wished; he believed that Walhart would be a threat to Lord Grima, and the Ylisseans were in the process of making their way north to go kill him.

But after three weeks, and now five battles fought beside them, she had nothing to report back to him but some minor logistical and supply details. She'd gained herself a position beside one of their leaders, exactly as she was supposed to, but she had almost no ability to influence him in the least… nor in achieving her other plan, to take Robin and return him to Plegia with her… perhaps even willingly, at her side.

Her time with the Tactician had, of course, given her new insight into the Shepherd's strategies, but in the process, she'd had to give up just as much of her own. Their tactical discussions were a meeting of equals, if she tried to hold back or to simply learn from him, then he wouldn't have bothered continuing with her. And, because they picked through each other's suggestions with such (satisfying) thoroughness, she hadn't even attempted to try introducing flawed or misleading strategies to him, ultimately, her brother was far too sharp a man to fall for such basic tricks.

But none of that was enough to have left her this on edge, she had a lifetime of proven worth to her father, far more than she needed to worry about one weak report.

What was truly concerning her, as well as being the only thing shed had ever hidden from Validar… was that she had found herself enjoying her time with Robin so much that she'd even lost sight of her original goal at times. Even if she might have liked to deny it, she was well past the point where she could possibly deny how much she looked forward to being with him- whether it was in battle, discussing strategy, or simply meeting with him in their lives around the camp. Three weeks was a short time, but the time she'd spent with him filled it with so much that it felt like a completely different part of her life.

She wasn't meant to enjoy herself. Not this much. And she certainly wasn't supposed to yearn to spend more time with her mark. That was a very dangerous thought, one that was almost entirely antithetical to her role.

So tonight, at last, she would put an end to it. She would set things right.

'The biggest hurdle,' she told herself, 'Is those other women of his.'

Having such a number of girls around the camp, all seemingly eager to satisfying whatever his whims were, meant that he had a lot less need for his eye to wander. But, even so, that wasn't reason enough, Aversa had never met a married man she couldn't entice. She knew very well that a man would always get sick of eating the same meal day after day. Even a Grandmaster was no exception, judging by what she'd seen of him and the Ylissean Princess just last week.

'So, dear brother, don't you think you'd like to try a fresh new flavour? One you'll never get anywhere else?'

She'd seen already how much he wanted her. Tonight, she would set that in stone! Tonight, he wouldn't be able to resist her!

And then, right when he was finally dancing in the palm of her hands, she would pull away… just as she always did, just as she'd waited so long to do. He would have nothing to satisfy him but small touches and smouldering hints, and then, he would be hers.


Her heart pounded and her resolve set firm. Tonight -at long last- every step of the way, Robin would be begging her for more.


Speaking for the first time in several minutes, Aversa drew the man's name out in a long, low whisper.

Knocked away from his thoughts and strategies, Robin blinked himself back to reality… just barely in time to see her stand from her seat, and for her hands to push him back into his as she turned towards him.


With no more than a seductive smile, she swung her leg over his chai and seated herself directly atop his lap.

"Mmm," Aversa hummed, shivering lightly in excitement as she ran her hands along the lapels of his cloak, feeling the comfortable strength of his body directly beneath her… as well as the rapidly hardening force of his cock, pressing up between her legs, "Ah, that's much better, isn't it?"

He swallowed visibly and his hands moved around her waist. Feeling the growing pressure of his shaft now pushing up against her, she knew he couldn't possibly disagree.

"Night after night I've spent alone with you," she breathed, leaning in close as she shifted on his lap, savouring the light sparks of pleasure running along her spine as she ground herself into him, "And always, you send me away. I can't stand it anymore… being alone, just left thinking of you… Mmm, Robin, Robin, my big, strong brother… When I first joined this army, I thought you were ridiculous and far too soft for your own good. But now, I can scarcely stop thinking about you. You're interesting, more than anyone I've ever met, and you've completely captivated me."

Rolling herself slowly around his lap, sliding her hands up and down the front of his cloak, Aversa gave her speech exactly as she'd prepared it, speaking honest truth with dishonest intentions.

"Do you know how jealous I get, watching you with all those other women while I'm left wondering when I'll get my turn? I, ah… I know we've had our difficulties in the past but aren't you the one who's always saying you wish our two nations could come together. Surely the same is true for us?"

His fingers teased around her waist and balanced her atop him for a time, clearly savouring the delight of her body pressing tight and soft around him. There was enough strength in his hold to make her tremble in excitement, but also so much tenderness that it left her heart racing.

"I'm sorry," he answered finally, pulling her a little closer as he spoke, "I never meant to leave you feeling like that… I, hha, the reason I never said anything, why I've held off all this time… is… it's not because I don't want you. It's because I couldn't think how to answer you."


Apparently, her honesty was bringing out his own. Just as she'd hoped, his guard slowly fell away.

"For as long as I've been able to remember, I've had so little that I knew for certain in my life, so when there was something I was sure of, I've always tried to take it as seriously as possible, to see it through to completion, no matter what it takes. If I commit to something, then I want to do it right- that's true for my work with the Shepherds, and it's just as true for you. Hah, Aversa… I know you've noticed already; I'm a greedy man, one who doesn't want to share, especially not the women I've come to care so much for."

She gasped. His hands took a firmer hold of her, and his voice became more forceful, pinning her in place atop him between the deadly serious look in his eyes, and the heavy arousal now pulsing hot between her legs.

"I've really come to enjoy our time together, more than I ever thought possible. The connection between us… I didn't know what to make of it at first, but now I cherish it, and you too. So, I don't want to just be your lover, some novelty, or someone you find interesting- I want you to be my woman. I want to marry you. Just the same as I intend to marry my other fiancée's."

In spite of herself, in spite of everything she'd planned, and especially in spite of the fact that he already had four other fiancée's, Aversa's world slammed to a halt! She'd received and laughed off countless naïve proposals before, normally she would have just laughed it off without a thought, or accepted his words with no intention of staying true to them… but as she was now, being held tight in Robin's lap, and in his arms, her chest was tight and her cheeks flushed bright red. Under the look in his eyes, she couldn't possibly do anything but picture herself smiling at his side, in a white dress and bearing his ring.

"Wh-Wha!? Married!?" it was so unbelievably beyond any expectation she'd had, she was utterly stunned, "B-But, we're from opposing countries! And faiths! It's insane! Impossible!"

"I don't care. That's always been my job, to make the impossible, possible," reaching up, his hand slid tenderly along her back, until they were laid around her neck, and from there he pressed his palms against her cheeks, stroking his fingers lovingly along her face, "And, that's exactly the same for you, isn't it?"

He pulled her towards him, and she never even thought to resist.

Their lips came together and Aversa found herself moaning in response. Her fingers clung hungrily to his cloak as she rolled her hips towards him, pushing herself greedily into his chest as her mouth opened against his and her body throbbed with need.

With each of them caught suddenly in a storm of long-withheld desires, the embrace escalated instantly.

Releasing her head, Robin's fingers traced down her sides in long, deliberate caresses, sending her shuddering in response and squeezing her legs tighter around him. Breaking their kiss with a gasp, only to immediately dive back for more, Aversa's hands ran greedily over his chest, opening his signature cloak but leaving it still around his shoulders, she stroked her fingers across the hard-won muscle of his pectorals, moving down and under his shirt, tracing across him faster and harder each time she felt his length pulsing insistently up against her.

Her tongue danced against his in a showcase of her years of perfected teasing, and she won a moan from him in return. Which only inspired him to kiss her back with even more fervour, to have her moaning for him just as readily! Robin wasn't the most skilled kisser she'd ever had, but being wrapped around him like this, feeling herself pulled deeper into his embrace, he electrified her body in a way she'd never felt, and seared all memories of any anyone else from her mind.

Aversa's body thrummed hot with delight, and her soul was ignited. She liked smart men, she liked confident men, and she liked dangerous men… she liked Robin! She liked him in a way she'd never known before! And she loved this, this feeling and this moment now in his arms, she loved it well above any of her previous triumphs!

His hands slid down to grab her ass, digging his fingers into the soft flesh as she tipped her head back with a gasp. He took hold of her with such strong, possessive force that she could only marvel at the sensation. It was if his every move was to stamp his claim on her, declaring "mine" no matter what her thought may have been, a far cry from the meek young man she'd once envisioned.

Leaning back exposed her neck to him, which Robin instantly took advantage of and, within a moment, Aversa was moaning freely, her breath hitching as he kissed up along her jawline and her body shaking as he used her tight, round ass as leverage to grind her into the thick, hard cock still pressing insistently up between her legs.


Even in the midst of the dizzying pleasure her mind suddenly snapped into action, and she surged with victory! That was all she needed, that was more than enough for a first taste. Now, all she needed to do was separate herself and slip off into the night with promises of more and he would be hers forever.

'You did well, brother. And you acted just as I wished… So tonight, I'm getting exactly what I want!'

Breathing out a sigh, she leaned away from him… but, even as she did so, her arms slid automatically up and locked in place around his neck, "More!" she breathed, instead. This wasn't enough! They couldn't stop here!

Her mind jolted but her arms remained in place and she made no further attempt to disengage herself… there was no harm in going just a little bit further. That would only solidify things between them, it would make sure that Robin would never stop thinking about her.

His triumphant smile told her that he was feeling just as eager as her, and there was no lack of desire in his hands as they traced up her skin, caressing the finely toned muscle of her flat stomach and leaving her trembling with anticipation as his fingers teased around the underside of her chest.


In one smooth motion, Robin peeled away her skin-tight dress, breaking the simple charms holding it tight around her, forcing it back over her shoulders and leaving her massive breasts suddenly, finally, bouncing free into the air!


And then, barely a moment later, warm and secure in his hands. Spreading his fingers wide around the dusky brown mounds, Robin marvelled for just a second at the impressive size held atop his palms, before reaching up to roll his thumbs directly across her already rock-hard nipples.

"AhhhHHA! Hhnnn!"

Keeping her arms around him, Aversa's mind fogged happily with bliss as she simply delighted in the sensation of him continuing his ministrations just like that, her moans coming even faster as he began teasing and kneading her breasts in synch with the instinctive shaking of her hips atop his lap. And then, right as she was on the cusp of being swept up entirely in the sensations, he suddenly stopped!

Removing his left hand, he instead slid it around her waist, holding her firmly in place.


Dazzled by the abrupt change, Aversa had just enough time to feel a spike of frustration before he dipped his head forwards! Using this newfound leverage to pull her tight against him, Robin's lips wrapped got around her nipple, just as his right hand tugged -just a little forcefully- on her other one. This time her moan cried out loud, and she was immediately thankful that his tent was completely silenced. Her body writhed atop him, arcs of electrifying pleasure seared up her spine as her hips pushed out hungrily into his cock, grinding it desperately against her soaked pussy.

Aversa's world spun and her resoled failed her as a small orgasm quickly washed over her.

'G-Grima!' she quailed, just barely keeping from peaking again as he smoothly switched sides, flicking his tongue across her left nipple while with other hand took hold wonderfully around her breast, 'Wh-Why am I so sensitive!?'

She felt like she was losing herself with every movement he made! Just the feeling of his shaft against the thin fabric of her panties had her body throbbing, and now feeling his firm touch and aggressive kisses over her chest was driving her to madness! Aversa knew herself well and she knew her breasts were one of her most prized assets, she flaunted them shamelessly in aim of her goals. She was used to having them pawed at by some over-eager fool, she was not used to feeling her entire body throb with delight as she gave herself up instinctively to the blissful sensations.

Her voice pitched loud around the tent, and soon she was crying out openly, unable to stop herself and not wanting to try!

'I-Is it because I rarely let anyone g-get this far?' even Gangrel had never been allowed to actually lay a hand on her, if she could achieve her motives without doing so, then obviously she would, 'O-Or, is, he just really good at this?'

Her breath caught in her throat, her toes curled, and a second -far larger- orgasm crashed through her.

'Or… is it just because, it's him?'

Robin had always seemed to affect her in a way no other man she'd met had managed. He stuck in her thoughts like no-one else, he amused her, infuriated her and excited her. Somehow the thought that he would so easily, and so confidently have her at the edge of madness and delight felt strangely normal.

Breath racing as she slowly recovered from her peak, Aversa blinked back from the fog of pleasure to realise that Robin's hands were now both sliding down over her hips, even as he continued alternating his mouth between her nipples. She shivered in anticipation, but made no move to stop him as his fingers traced over the hem of her dress, rolling it above her hips, and exposing the thin black, and utterly drenched panties that just barely managed to cover her modesty.

Aversa paused, for just a moment, then laughed in delight, both at the pleasure and at her victory! Shaking herself back to reality, she forced back as much of her composure as she could manage. She'd almost lost herself in this bliss, but she'd succeeded!


This was further than she'd originally intended, but this would be perfect! She would stop him here, swing her hips out of his tent, and he would be driven utterly insane! She could feel just how incredibly (deliciously) hard his cock was against her, nevermind the hunger in the way he touched her, the possessiveness in how he held her.

If they stopped now, he would be more unsatisfied than he'd ever been before in his life!

"More!" she panted instead, singing out in happy moans as she felt his hands cup warm around the bare skin of her ass, "Please! D-Don't stop!"

Grima! Her entire body was flushed with desire, the sheer need she could feel aching from her womb was more than she'd ever imagined! If they stopped now, she would be more unsatisfied than she'd ever been in her life!

Grabbing tight to her ass, Robin hoisted her into the air, pulling her wonderfully tight against his body for a single moment before laying her out gently atop the desk just behind them. The figures had already been cleared away, which left Aversa instead laid out atop the same maps they'd spent so much time pouring over together. And, as her dress was raised fully up her hips, and her panties tugged down her long, unresisting legs, she found herself being examined with just the same intensity.


Blushing despite herself, she shifted under her gaze but made no effort to hide herself. Rather, she could feel the rush of delight in her body as she watched his eyes trace up and down her bare skin, over heaving shake of her massive breasts, the curves of her wide round hips, and finally to her bare, untouched pussy. No man had ever seen her like this, she'd spent years of her life making sure none ever would… but her heart raced happily as she spread her legs wide around him all the same.

Aversa's head was fogged with desire, her body aching with need, and every inch of her yearning for him. Laying out flat atop the wooden desk, and their shared hard work, she chewed her lips with anticipation as she watched him unbuckle his pants, her breath catching in her throat as she saw the full size and shape of his cock finally unleashed directly before her eyes, only centimetres away from her.

Her hips raised up into the air instinctively…

"A-Ah, w-wait!"

…But the moment she felt his bare shaft finally pressing against her, she hesitated.

"Aversa? What's wrong?"

Somehow, she found herself melting, a truly honest smile blossoming unstoppably across her face. He actually stopped. He had her in the palm of his hand, and he stopped, just because she asked him to. She had always respected strength, always respected determination and confidence… it was only now, as she felt her pussy lips opening with an aching need around the head of his shaft, that she truly understood the desire she felt towards a man who had all that, and wielded it kindly. It was nothing she'd felt before, nothing she had words for, nothing she could describe, just the feeling of happiness and warmth when she was around him and a yearning for completeness she felt to be joined with him.

This was crazy. It was completely against her mission. It was far further than she'd ever expected, or ever wanted to go.

'I want this… not for Plegia, for myself… I want this. I want him.'

That was the dangerous part about letting yourself start being honest. Honesty can get away from you, and then you can't stop…

Feeling surprisingly shy and suddenly unable to quite meet his gaze, she shifted her eyes to the side, "B-Be gentle... okay?"

"Of course."

Running his fingertips tenderly across Aversa's delicious brown thighs, Robin could lonely smile in complete satisfaction, 'It certainly took a long time to get here, didn't it, Sis? But… I can't say I didn't enjoy it.' when he'd come up with his original plan to deal with the Plegian Witch, he'd expected there would be a good chance she would try manipulate him- he'd originally intended to let himself pretend to fall into her clutches… he'd never expected to see a change in her, to see her start to look after the other Shepherds around the camp, and even recently to start coming to him honestly.

He had hoped they could put their past behind them somehow, to possibly work towards a peaceful future together. He'd never imagined he would start to honestly enjoy their time together, that he would start to actually look forward to her visits, or that the two of them could become as close as they had become. Nothing he'd said had been a lie, he truly had come to cherish her.

He'd held back all this time, through all of these days and through all of her teasing because of that… And now, he felt nothing but vindication. The connection between them may be ridiculous, it may be based off nothing but Validar's own self-conceit, but it was still real. He knew she still had mixed loyalties, that there were issues still to be solved… but he'd seen her try to pull herself away tonight, he understood what she must have been planning and despite that, her mission lost out to her affection, and ultimately they both wanted her right where she was now- in his hands.

She'd been his enemy, she might be his sister, but there was only one thing that mattered from now on.

"Aversa," sliding his hands up around her hips, Robin rolled himself forwards, opening up the warm lips of her pussy around the head of his cock, "Be my woman!"

Her body jolted as his shaft began sinking inside, arching back off the desk as her hands snapped to his, grabbing desperately tight to him, but her answer was clear, "Yeeeeesssss!" groaning aloud in nervous ecstasy, her legs kicked out around his waist and her walls opened up eagerly, spread wide around his shaft.


Leaning forward with a sudden pant as he eased himself smoothly inside her, Robin was surprised at the resistance he could feel from her pussy, at just how tightly her walls clung around his cock as he opened her up around him.

And then, a moment later, after pushing through a thin barrier, he was shocked to look down and see a thin trail of red running down her thigh.


Despite himself, and despite the raging lust blazing hot through him, Robin stopped suddenly in place, staring down at where barely more than an a few inches of his length had disappeared inside the Plegian Witch, and where her maidenblood was mixing with the juices running thick down his cock. Of all the things he hadn't expected from his relationship with her, this was somehow the most surprising of all.

"This… this is your first time?"

Her breathing was coming in pants, and her body was trembling before his eyes, but the smile that met him was a kinder one than he'd ever seen from her, "I… I think… I think I've always been saving myself for you."

Sliding his hands comfortingly across her thighs, he couldn't help but match her grin with his own, his heart leaping in his chest. It didn't make any sense, but that didn't matter, they both knew it didn't have to.

"More," she pleaded a moment later, her hand squeezing around his and her legs urging him forwards once more, "Nhgh, don't make me wait any longer!"

Aversa always had seemed the type to enjoy a little pain and, after an invitation like that, Robin had no intention of holding back. Grabbing hold of her hips once more, he rolled his hips further forwards, drawing a delighted moan from the Witch as she arched once more an inch off the desk.

Despite how virgin-tight her walls remained around him, her entire pussy was thoroughly drenched in her juices, letting Robin sink himself smoothly inside her, spreading inch after inch of her tunnel wide around his cock as she gasped in delighted response. Her hands clung tight to his and her legs wrapped securely around his waist, drawing him even deeper inside her as her hips bucked up awkwardly against him.

Any sense of discomfort at all soon vanished altogether, with Aversa's gasps growing sharper and louder with each further inch he pushed inside her. By the time Robin had sheathed half his cock inside the Witch, her eyes were squeezed shut, her head tossing from side to side and every millimetre of her pussy pulsing hot and desperately tight around him.

"You're cumming already?" he teased, at least a little relieved as he slid his hands up her stomach, watching her tremble against his touch until his hands were once more kneading her enormous breasts, "Aren't you a little too sensitive?"

Utterly swept up in sensations more intense than she'd ever felt before, Aversa had no cutting reply or cruel wit, "I-It's so big! I fe-feel, hgnnnaa, I feel like my whole body is being wrapped around you! G-Grima!"

"Don't say that name." He paused, holding tight to her breasts, but keeping his fingers stationary atop her nipples and his cock sitting restless only halfway inside her overeager pussy.

Jolted back to the moment, her eyes shot wide and her face twisted into a harsh glare, every inch of her body seeming to scream 'Who are you to tell me not to speak the name of my god!?'… but the cold look thawed instantly under the heat of her lust, and her eyes shifted away from him a moment later.


It wasn't possible for either of them to have missed just how hungrily her pussy throbbed in that moment, nor see the red blush on her cheeks burn even deeper as she came around his cock once again. Rocking his hips back into action, to her delighted cry, Robin smirked- it seemed the strong, merciless Plegian Witch quite enjoyed when he used that tone on her.

"From now on, the only name you're going to call out when I fuck you, is mine."

Punctuating his statement by bearing down on her with greater force, spreading another inch of her previously-unexplored depths wide around his cock, and Aversa could only garble a response as her moans rang out louder than ever.

However, despite that, the Plegian Witch turned out to be an attentive listener all the same. As Robin raised his tempo, pushing his shaft through to the deepest recesses of her pussy faster, and just a little rougher, Aversa's moans rang out in a fever pitch, higher and higher by the second. When his cockhead knocked against the entrance to her womb, her breath caught in her throat, and when he pushed even further inside, pressing her womb back and stretching out the most sensitive back-walls of her pussy around him, her eyes rolled back in her head.

But, when he drove himself into her one final time, burying the final few inches of his cock in a single, forceful, thrust- when she arched off the desk, with her hands wrenching around his and legs almost vice-tight around his back, it was his name she screamed at the top of her lungs. And his name alone that she gasped as she crashed headlong through peak after peak, her pussy trembling and pulsing around his shaft again and again as he rocked himself gently in place inside her, wrapping her back walls around his cockhead.

"Wow…" Robin breathed, feeling the heavy pulses of his own pleasure running through him, "Aversa, you feel… it's amazing."

It really was a staggering sight, to see the gorgeous, dark-skinned general of Plegia spread out naked before him, quailing in ecstasy on his desk, panting his name and cumming around his cock as her maidenblood ran down her thighs. Giving her a moment to recover, Robin happily drank in the sight, simply holding himself in place, just rolling back and forth a few centimetres inside her as he marvelled at the wonderfully soft sensations both of her breasts under his fingertips and her pussy walls around his shaft.

"Well, o-of course you'd enjoy yourself. B-But, I'm not concerned with how you feel," somehow, she seemed to have managed to dredge up some scraps of composure, despite the furious blush on her cheeks and otherwise thoroughly dishevelled state, "You're, nhg, you're here to please me, so hurry up a-AhhhAAA! HHA! AHH! Ooohnnn, R-Robin!"

Predictably, that composure vanished the moment he began moving, with Aversa immediately falling back into a panting, gasping, and thoroughly delighted, mess. Holding on to some measure of Plegian dignity, she kept herself just barely short of drooling while Robin's glans was pulled back several inches, scraping against the coiling walls of her pussy… however, the next instant when he drove forwards, knocking on the entrance to her womb once more- Aversa's tongue lolled from her mouth in a wild pant, and it became a very tentatively held dignity.

"Naga… That's good!"

Robin wasted no time in throwing himself into motion. Kneading her breasts in time with his thrusts, he quickly built himself up to a greedy tempo. Within a few minutes Robin was dragging almost the full length of his cock back through her pussy, before driving it into her, rolling his thumbs teasingly over her nipples as he pulled back, and pressing down just a little roughly on her massive chest as he swung his hips forwards.

Moving a little harder and a little faster each time, soon he was fucking her almost as hard as Olivia or Tharja usually begged from him. Aversa's entire body was being roughly rocked back and forth across the table with each thrust, and her desperate, wanton moans were drowning out even the sound of the desk creaking under them!

A small part of him was distantly worried that he might be going a bit too rough with her for her first time, never mind that being taken atop the maps spread across his desk wasn't a particularly romantic location. 'Well,' he supposed, 'It's not like Noire or Olivia had particularly romantic first times either and neither seem to have cared in the least… although I think Olivia probably preferred it like that.' However, the endearing feeling of her trying to shake her waist up against his thrusts and of her legs squeezing urgently around his waist told him she didn't seem particularly bothered by it.

Leaning back upright as his own need burned hotter, Robin let go of her incredible breasts with just the slightest pang of regret. Sliding his hands down and grabbing hold of her hips, he roughly yanked her waist off the desk and into the air towards him, slamming his cock even harder through the full length of her pussy! Drowning completely in the ecstasy, Aversa's hands flew instantly to her chest, squeezing and rubbing them in a desperate facsimile of his own ministrations, shamelessly getting herself off as he held her waist aloft, driving himself into it as if using her body as nothing but an outlet for his pleasure.

Losing control, her legs slipped from around him and she was left kicking helplessly into the air, surrendered entirely to his desires as he held her in place, fucking her with just the barest minimum of restraint.

Aversa's delighted ecstasy rang out in ragged screams around the tent, and Robin's own gasps rose fast in equal measure.

The warm wetness of her pussy was endlessly inviting, her walls opened up eagerly around him, and yet wrapped so tight around his shaft it was as if her entire tunnel had been moulded to the shape of his cock, stretched out around him to fit him perfectly- with every thrust he could feel her entire pussy pulsing hot around him, desperately milking his length. Feeling her attempting to shake her hips back up against him had been incredible enough, but now to hold her aloft and simply drive himself into her however he pleased, to have her entirely at his mercy, was leaving Robin's pleasure blazing faster and hotter by the second.

Within a few minutes, he could feel his balls clenching with building need and his cock stretching her walls even wider as his release built. And, even aside from the incredible feeling of Aversa's body wrapped around him, this was due in no small part to the mesmerising vision laid out before his eyes- the sight of Plegia's highest ranking General laid out atop his desk, screaming his name like a wanton whore as her entire body thrashed and bucked, utterly surrendered to the pleasure and completely given up to him.

Whatever dignity Aversa had hoped to hold onto was long lost; her torso was twisting in place atop his desk as she kneaded her hands shamelessly into her massive breasts, more out of an animalist lust than any deliberate pleasure, her tongue had lolled limply from her mouth as she gave out desperate pants and cries, and her eyes were rolled back in her head as it shook from side to side. From the alluring sight of her chest bouncing violently against his rough thrusts, to the sound of her obediently crying his name each time she peaked, the proud, cruel and callous Witch of Plegia was the very picture of a conquered woman, drowning in pleasure and utterly fucked senseless!

All of which sent Robin racing headlong towards his own climax!

"V-Versa!" he gasped, choking on the words as his world narrowed down to a single point, until the only thing that existed was him, her and the incredible pressure inside him swelling to explode, "I'm, nghh, I'm gonna cum!"

Swinging his hips violently against hers, he held nothing back. He was enjoying being with her far too much to try restraining his peak, and he gave her no more than a single warning, neither asking her permission or preference for his release. He had already accepted his feelings for her, he cherished her just the same as his other women, which meant he would treat her just the same as he treated them; he would use all his effort and all his stamina to breed her just as thoroughly!

Surging past the point of sanity with a wild roar, Robin reared back one final time, pulling her waist up another few inches into the air as he drove his cock recklessly, violently and unstoppably through her entire tunnel, stretching pussy tight around him once more before crashing roughly against the entrance of her womb. Holding her immovably in place, hilted entirely inside her with even her womb opened up to his desire as the full length of her tunnel coiled desperately around him, in full reply to her delighted ecstasy Robin's own peak speared fiercely through him!

His vision flashed white, his legs shook, his balls clenched painfully tight and his cock twitched eagerly as a huge, thick stream of cum suddenly erupted!

Jolted past her own limits, peaking even higher even mid orgasm and lost in a whirlwind of delight, Aversa's scream caught in her throat and her body locked in place, arching fully off the desk. Held up in the air by a combination of her own pleasure and the Tactician's strength, she didn't have even a semblance of control but the unbridled joy on her face showed the Plegian Witch could not possibly be happier than right now, giving herself up entirely as an outlet as load after hot load of Robin's seed crashed heavily against the walls of her womb, filling it to the brim within and instant, before flooding out and running in thick rivers through the rest of her ecstatic pussy and down her thighs.

It was a firestorm of sensations more intense than anything she'd ever felt before and so overpowering she could practically feel the need for him being engraved on her soul as her entire body felt like it was stained through with his colours.

Her vision had already faded, but now -more pleased and more satisfied than she'd ever dreamed possible- the rest of her senses went with it.


Robin's own satisfaction was no lesser. Lowering her carefully back down to the desk, and breathing in ragged pants as his thoughts slowly returned, he thoroughly savoured the sight of Aversa's incredible body laid out before him, her face still shining with honest and unbridled delight as her head slipped to the side and her eyes fluttered closed, passing out from the pleasure. Her massive breasts heaved in place as she gasped and, as the pleasant afterglow shudders trembled through them both, thick streams of his seed slowly collected in a pool under where they were still connected.

Aversa always looked beautiful, that was the cornerstone and most dangerous part of her charm. But seeing her here now, with her perfectly combed hair thoroughly dishevelled, her carefully collected look lost to bliss and her flawless physique stained with his seed, and knowing no-one else had ever seen her like this, she looked even more stunning than ever. And, as he reached down, to cradle her face in his hands, he couldn't help but stroke his fingertips through her hair and he knew for certain that he loved her. Not as part of a scheme or a way to protect his comrades, but a truly honest love just as equal to what he felt towards any of the other Shepherds.

Seeing her like this was a rare glimpse of what lay under her façade, and he knew this openly honest side of her wouldn't last, but if it could exist just when she was with him, like this, that was more than enough for him.

From there, the night passed blissfully between the two lovers, and Aversa learned a great many new things.

She learned the joy of being on her back, atop his bedroll, with her legs wrapped around his waist and the full force of his thrusts unloading load after load directly down into her womb. She learned the blissful surrender of being bent face-down over his desk, able to do nothing but cry in delight and shake her hips wantonly back against him, begging for his cum until her pussy was flooded once more. She learned the soft and tender sensation of being cradled in his arms, atop his lap, moving herself up and down his cock at whatever pace she could manage with what little strength she could bear as she peaked gently and repeatedly each time his cock pushed right up to the deepest walls inside her. She learned to use her ass in just the same way as her pussy, and soon had the overflow of three more loads dripping down her legs.

At some point Olivia slipped into the tent and joined them, and the tangle of bodies and positions around the tent became a meeting of three. Lost completely in the haze of pleasure, Aversa was long past any reason or inhibitions, and she neither shied away from the dancer's gentle caresses along her body, nor objected when the pinkette took her own turns wrapped around Robin's cock.

And, when the two of them were kneeling side by side, with their lips locked around their lover's shaft, sharing it between them and kissing along every last millimetre of his length with the full force of their affection towards him- Olivia showed her how to fully swallow even such a fearsome cock, with a promise to train Aversa from now on, in just the same way she'd been trained by his other fiancée's.

And despite herself, and everything she'd ever expected or wanted for her life, Aversa agreed without reservation. And, by the time the Tactician's cum was splashing heavily across both their faces and landing directly into their open mouths, she realised she was happier like this than she'd ever known before.

The early rays of dawn were limning the tent by the time they finally finished, with all three of them collapsing heavily down into Robin's bedroll, him flat on his back and each women happily taking up a spot on either side. Breathing deep, and laughing softly at the ebbing bliss, all three of them were exhausted, spent and thoroughly satisfied.

Already very accustomed to such pleasant nights and messy, wonderful encounters sharing the man she loved with other women, Olivia fell asleep easily. But, Aversa remained awake, too exhausted to move but too exhilarated to truly calm down, she simply laid comfortably in place wrapped around Robin's left side, with her head resting on his shoulder and her fingers tracing light patterns across his chest.

"I was right about you after all."


"You truly are merciless, exactly as I said," she answered, turning her eyes up at him with a smirk, "You really just did exactly as you pleased with me, even though I specifically asked you to be gentle."

Robin winced, her smile was clear but he distinctly remembered having heard that criticism before, "You felt so good, I suppose I did get a little carried away."

A little carried away didn't exactly explain the multiple loads leaking from both her holes, nor the heavy coating of his seed shot all across her skin. She was, without a doubt, thoroughly stained with his essence, as if every millimetre of her body had been claimed by him. Aversa laughed regardless, snuggling in tighter around him as she did so, "Mmm, I don't mind though. I quite enjoyed being so thoroughly conquered by you. This forceful side of yours, your true nature… it's very appealing…"

The speech she'd made in his tent just a few days ago came to mind, and he couldn't deny her words at all, he had very much enjoyed hearing her eager moans of surrender. It was a strange thought, to think of himself like that, but all his women seemed to enjoy it as much as he did.

"Mmm, well then, that only leaves one last question then. What's to be done with me, now that you've claimed me?"

Aversa's words were as calm as ever, but there was an undercurrent both of fear and of wonder in them. Her father was not a man to ever make anything less than full use of his assets, and lately she'd had a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons he'd never chastised her for holding onto her virginity (out of nothing more than principle) was because he'd intended her to become the bride of Lord Grima's avatar. Now, unless the Fell Dragon was far more accepting than she expected, that was certainly impossible.

That thought should be terrifying, the thought that she might have failed both her father and her very God, but strangely the thought of having given her chastity away to the man she chose rather than having it given up for her deity's satisfaction was a surprisingly welcome one. She had never desired freedom, she had always been happy in her servitude towards Plegia and Validar, but now that the chains around her were a little looser, it felt like she could breathe just a little easier.

"Did you mean what you said before, am I to be your woman? D-Do you truly intend to marry me?" every inch of her resolve kept her voice from hitching at that question, "Hm, or am I to be just some pretty thing, hanging from your waist?"

"You really need to ask that?"

"Hmph, well, I don't particularly care one way or the other. I simply want to know what's expected of me."

"That's ridiculous. If you doubt that for even a second, then… then, I'm sorry, I haven't been clear enough," he pinned her again with that unbearably kind look of his, and she felt her cheeks burning hot in response, "I don't intend to marry you, I will marry you. I'll get you a ring and you'll be my wife, just the same as everyone else. Aversa, I love you. I want you at my side from now on, forever."

"T-Tch!" she rolled away, unable to meet his warm gaze for a moment longer without having let him see the bright smile rising unstoppably across her face. Even if she'd already given up her dignity, she still couldn't quite bear him seeing her blushing like a schoolgirl at every little honeyed word of his, "Well, don't you just have a way with words? Very well, if you truly think such a ridiculous thing is possible, I'll indulge you for now. Hehe, perhaps this will be the time I'll finally get to see one of your little plans fail?"

"I won't let that happen."

Humming softly to herself, she raised her left hand, picturing for a moment the image of his ring wrapped around her finger, "I suppose I should have expected that answer from you, shouldn't I? So eager to have me bearing your ring, the proof that I'm yours? Hehe, well, you certainly weren't shy about trying to engrave yourself on me!"

Pulling herself (with just a little difficulty) to a seated position, she turned around, bearing down on him with a typically superior look.

"What a beast you were! Holding me so roughly in place and cumming inside me, over and over again! You didn't ask permission even a single time! Ahaha, I never imagined you would be so desperate to have me bear your child, it was cute. Unfortunately for you though," raising a hand, she gestured towards the magic tattoos that covered her face and chest (that were themselves, still covered in a layer of his seed), "A dark mage of my skill doesn't simply walk around without protection. I'm covered in multiple, powerful hexes and enchantments that protect me from any sort of… ah, mmm, from a-any sort of adverse change in my condition. Be it spells, poison, or indeed, ev-ha,hhhaa… nnnghha… ah!?"

Aversa's words fell away alongside her superior look as small shimmers of ecstasy began throbbing through her, slow and gentle at first, but stronger and hotter by the second.

"Ah-huha, wh-what!?"

Looking down in shock, her eyes went wide as she saw the magical wards spread across her body were looking more indistinct by the second. Her voice rang out in a long, heavy moan and she collapsed suddenly limp into Robin's embrace, just barely seeing the marks around her breasts dissolve completely before her vision faded under the torrent of pleasure.

"Hhha, hhuu, R-Robin? I-Ahh, incredible! I c-can, I can feel… Oh! OH! OHHH!"

Holding tight to her fiancée as her body was wracked with ecstasy, Aversa's world spun in pure bewilderment. It should have been impossible, absolutely unthinkable, but with every moan and every gasp she cried out, she could feel more and more of the magical protections around her being stripped away, dissolving to nothing as she succumbed entirely.

Her hands clung tight to him, her pussy ground achingly hot against him, and her tongue rolled out in heavy, desperate pants as her pleasure seared to almost unbelievable heights.

Even if she'd never imagined something like this, as an expert Sorceress, it didn't take her any sort of deduction to understand what was happening. Just as Tharja and Noire had told him not long ago, to do any sort of serious magic you had to be entirely attuned to your own body- a mage of any decent calibre could feel every little change that occurred within them.

Including, right now, the feeling of all her magical wards being sundered by the force of Robin's seed, and the blinding ecstasy of being bred.

Aversa's screams rose higher still, echoing both her delight and adoration loud around the tent as she surrendered herself entirely to the bliss.

If she'd known the full truth of Robin's heritage, she may have understood that some simple magic wards could never possibly hope to protect her against the sheer magical potency inherent in the man who was created to house the Fell Dragon himself. But, as it was, all that remained of her thoughts as her consciousness faded, was the memory of the assurance he'd given her not long ago.

'That's always been my job, to make the impossible, possible.'

The Next Day

Chrom was due for a number of surprises in the day that followed after Aversa's fateful trip to his Tactician's tent, none of which he was particularly ready for, least of all the one that awaited him almost first thing in the morning not long after he'd woken up and before he'd even had a chance to think about getting breakfast.


Somehow, and for some reason, after spending time fussing over his appearance and making sure he was far more presentable than seemed suitable this early in the day, Sumia had seated him in the middle of his tent, and then brought in two young girls to meet him.

"It's, um, ummm, hhaaa!" clearly absolutely overawed with finding herself in the presence of divine royalty, the pink-haired girl panicked, forgot all protocol, dropped to her knee and stammered randomly, "It's a pleasured nice to make, to meet your acquaintance, your Exalted Radiantness!"

"We are deeply honoured for the opportunity to be working for you, your Radiance," as a perfect contrast to her sister, the blue-haired woman flowed elegantly into an absolutely pristine curtsy while inclining her head deeply towards him, "We shall serve you with the greatest of our ability."

Taking in the sight before him, as well as the sight of the pinkette flinching mortified away from his hand as he tried to help her up… which then ended with her tripping backwards, spinning around and faceplanting into the floor, Chrom let out a bewildered sigh.

"Uh… Sumia? What exactly is going on here?"

His wife for her part, after carefully helping the poor young girl back to her feet, was beaming in pure delight at him.

"This is Felicia and Flora," she answered indicating towards the two women, both of which inclined their heads towards him once more, "They'll be your maids from now on, they're here to help me look after you, to make sure you don't wind up pushing yourself too hard."

He balked. Of all the ridiculous…

"Felicia… and Flora?"

"Indeed, your radiance. Our mother named us after the legendary maids that served King Corrin."
"And, and we became maids too! M-Maybe it was fate?"

Somehow that was a relief. After dealing with "Marth", and looking at just how proud Sumia seemed, for a moment he'd actually been afraid that somehow it really was the two story-book maids standing before him.

Breathing out a sigh, he rose to his feet. His wife had mentioned multiple times how worried she was about the workload he was taking on recently and how little help he had around the camp. While he didn't truly share her concerns, he could hardly hide just how strained he was becoming trying to manage the affairs of two continents while running a war. He hadn't really thought he needed some servants to help dote on him, but he had given her permission to find someone suitable if it would ease her mind.

"I- Well, I'm glad to meet you, both of you, of course, and thank you for coming all this way," so saying, he favoured them both with a warm smile. Whatever reservations he had about taking one some maids, they had only come to help. A war-camp was a world's difference from some noble's mansion, for them to be willing to join spoke highly of them to begin with, "Before anything else though, let's not worry about all that formality. We're all equals here, and it'll just make the two of you stand out. Here-"

So saying, he extended his hand out towards both women…

… Where it was stared at in open mothed shock for several long moments, before Felicia finally plucked the courage to clasp it, laughing nervously but happily as she shook hands, for the first time, with her new Master.

'Ah! Perfect!'

Sumia was beaming. Cherche was a wonderfully astute woman, one she'd known for sure she could trust to find maids that would fit well among the Shepherds camp, ones who wouldn't be too stiff that Chrom couldn't relax around them, but who would still be diligent and loyal enough that she could trust them to look after the man she loved. Just as the Wyvern Rider had promised, the day after they'd spoken, she'd clarified the details once again and then sent out messages around Valm to find these two, then, after a little back and forth, had arranged for them to meet in the Shepherd's camp.

And now, here they were! Sumia was sure this would work out wonderfully!

After all, Cherche's report had listed Flora with her absolute highest recommendation, and Felicia… she had drawn a very nice smiley face next to her name.

A Week Later

"Honestly, Morgan, this is ridiculous," Aversa chided towards the girl currently squirming in her lap, frowning as she ran a comb yet-again through the tangled mess of silver tresses that made up the young-tactician's tresses, "This is the third time I've done this for you already. Do you take no care of yourself, at all?"

"Muuuum," she'd come to visit her mother, not to get a makeover, "C'mon, it's fine! Who cares?"

"I care. And the people around you will care. And you should care."

The budding young Tactician pouted so obviously she could tell even without being able to see the girl's face.

"It's terrible watching you waste this gift of yours. You're far more beautiful than any of the other future children, even more than any of the other Morgan's," she was, admittedly, a little biased in that assessment, but she stood by it, "I've seen that you've inherited my talent for magic, as well as your father's quick wit, but raw strength is only one form of power in this world, and you are suited for so much more."

Lowering the brush, now the tangles were a little more under control, Aversa slid her hands around, pulling open the lapels of her daughter's bulky cloak -seemingly the same one Robin wore-, pushing it back over her shoulder to give a much better view of the young woman's fast blossoming figure.

"Your father won't tell have taught you this, darling, but your mother knows it deeply. Beauty, Morgan, is power. Alone it is worthless, but with your other talents, it will give you an advantage others can only dream of! Even without your memories, you're smart enough to understand just how cruel this world can be, if you intend to bend it to your wills, then it's utter foolishness to discard what leverage you have!

"With your looks, and just a little charm, you could have any man you desired wrapped around your finger. And, more importantly, you can have them do anything you wish."

She snorted, a dangerous smirk blossoming on her face.

"If you so much as winked at that foppish dancing boy, he'd run off to die for you."


"I say it because it's true. And because I want you to understand the power at your disposal!"

It was true. Aversa knew that down to the depths of her soul. She'd had that knowledge ingrained in her since birth, as deeply as any of her magical or strategic training. It had defined every aspect of her life, every step she'd made up Plegia's ranks, and every mission she'd undertaken until… until…

She paused.

And a moment later her fingers traced a little softer over her daughter, reaching up and buttoning up the top-button to her blouse, then buckling the cloak closed around her waist.

"That's… That's not to say you shouldn't cherish yourself though, remember that most of all. Even if that's all you ever learn from me. Your beauty does not define you, and no matter how much of an advantage it may give you, you should never barter your looks, or your body cheaply. They are weapons at your disposal, of course… but your mother would be happier to see you use them to find the man you truly wished to offer them to- and, not as an exchange, but because he makes you feel a way that no-one ever has."

At that Morgan's mood shifted happily and the room seemed to light up even brighter at the sound of her happy laugh, "Just like you and father?"

Releasing hold of her daughter, Aversa's hand drifted instead to the sigil she could feel engraved atop her womb; she wasn't as brazen as Olivia or Tharja, walking around showing off Robin's symbol on her for all the world to see, instead her dress had actually been altered to be more modest in public and was now covering her waist all the way to her navel. Even so, keeping it private only made it more personal for her, and her smile turned wistful as she savoured the comforting pulse she could feel from it whenever her thoughts turned to the man.


A short while later, after shooing her daughter off towards the (increasingly larger) tent she shared with her sisters, Aversa's attention was turned towards her own work, specifically, towards the missive she was formulating in a reply back to Plegia.

It took her a lot longer to finalise than she was used to and involved far more re-writes than she'd ever imagined needing for a mission report. For the first time in her entire life, rather than sending back an honest detailing of everything she'd learned and what she planned, Aversa spent almost an entire hour picking over her words and her phrasing. It was almost unimaginable, by the time she was finished her face was flushed and her hand was shaking, both with guilt and with anxiety, but for the first time in her entire life, Aversa held back information she knew would be considered vital.

She mentioned absolutely nothing about the young girl who had joined them from the future. Nor about the fact that the child of Ylisse's Tactician was growing inside her.

It was a terrifying thought, to hold back on not even mentioning her own daughter. But even more terrifying was the thought of Morgan being discovered and somehow used as a tool against Ylisse. Even if she had to stay away from Plegia until she gave birth, even if she had to hide the child away in secret, that was infinitely preferable to the thought of putting either of her Morgan's in danger.

To the cruel rationality of her mind, it seemed ridiculous to choose the well-being of the girl she'd known barely a week over the nation and man that'd raised her since the day she was born, over the God she'd worshipped since her first words! But she couldn't help it. Perhaps it was just a natural factor of motherhood, or perhaps it was due to just how unfairly lovable Morgan was, whatever the reason, the only thing she cherished as much as her daughter was the man she'd given herself to.

Of course, she had no reason to believe that anything would happen, even if she had been honest, she truly had no idea how to really judge how Validar would respond, if he'd care at all, let alone Lord Grima. But, she knew better than anyone that information was power. For now, she was the one with the information, as well as Chrom's own sworn promise of secrecy on the matter, and in the vulnerable position she'd found herself in, Aversa knew she needed every scrap of power she could get.

To say she had divided loyalties was an understatement. She was still loyal to Plegia, Robin had asked her nothing about her home nation, but neither had she volunteered even a single detail to him.

And, whatever reservations she may have about him, she loved Validar deeply. He was her father, the one who'd raised and cared for her all this time, the one who'd nurtured her into the powerful woman she'd become. She owed him almost everything. But, that was the change in her. She no longer owed him everything, and there was a gulf of difference there.

Robin was the one who'd made her feel more fulfilled than she'd ever known possible. Robin was the one who'd given her a family and a hope for the future she'd never known she'd wanted. No matter their countries, or their loyalties, she believed in him, Robin was the man who'd made her a woman, and he was the man who would make her his wife.

Really though, this whole thing was only a problem because of how stubborn Morgan had turned out to be.

She'd already asked the girl how she'd felt about betraying Ylisse and returning to Plegia with her (possibly kidnapped) father to live as a Princess… and the girl's answer had been disappointingly predictable.

Which, unfortunately, left Aversa without many options. She had a daughter now, and another child on the way. She had a family now, and there was nothing to but protect that.

"I suppose I'm stuck with these idiots for now then." At least until Morgan changes her mind.

"Hehe, looks like it. But, you seem to be enjoying yourself at least."

Aversa blinked.

"Tharja. How long have you been there?"

"Just a minute, I did call out to you."

"Hmm," a wave of her hand hid away the Plegian missive and she chided herself furiously, it wasn't like her to be so inattentive. Had she really been that lost in thought? "Well then, how can I help you?"

"Oh, it's not me you'd be helping…" Tharja's face blossomed into a sly grin and Aversa found herself following suit, these types of conversations were becoming familiar enough she could guess where it was headed, "I was just thinking of our beloved. I don't think tonight's dinner really appealed to him… Mmm, I think he's got a craving to savour something Plegian."

"Not surprising," she laughed, "I think he spent more time tasting me than the lunch I brought him earlier today."

Pushing herself to her feet, Aversa quickly set about tugging her clothes into a presentable position. Her report to Plegia as well as everything she was worrying about until this point was swiftly pushed aside, she could concern herself with that later… for now, her heart was racing, and her body was throbbing hot with anxious desire, she had something far more important in mind.

"Well then, why don't we go collect that daughter of yours, and the three of us can make him a sandwich?"


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