Narrator: Today, we join our heroes(?) Jin, Shishiwakamaru, Touya, Hiei, Karasu, Kurama, and Gama at the local donut shop... WHAT INSANITY WILL BEFALL US?!?!?!

Jin: Hmm... *looks at a menu made of toilet paper with hand writing like a kindergartner's* I wonder what I'll be o' havin'...

Hiei: *smacks forehead* You FOOL! This is a DONUT SHOP!!!!! And YOU!!!! *points to Gama who is painting his nails* FREAKY LIZARD DUDE! When will you realize that make-up is for WOMEN!?!?!? GAY FREAK!!!!

Gama: *blinky blinky* *cries*

Jin: Hey! Don't be mean to good ol' Gama... *pat pat*

Touya: You FOOL!!!! I agree with Hiei!

Jin: *glares at Touya*

Touya: Whatchu lookin' at, Fuzzball?!?

Jin: FUZZBALL?!?!?!?!? Who the hell're you callin' fuzzball?!

Touya: You, Fuzzball. Your hair, *points t Jin's hair* is a ball of fuzz.

Jin: 'Ey! At least it LOOKS like hair!!!! Your hair, *points to Touya's hair* looks like a hair net.

Touya: WHAT??!

Jin: A hair net!

Shishi: *snorts in an attempt to hide his laughter*

Touya: *to Shishi* That was NOT funny!

Shishi: *turns ugly (grows horns, small pupils, etc.)* YES IT WAS!!!!! *becomes normal* ^^

Jin: And YOU!!!!! *points to Karasu who is trying to hump a chair* You need to wash your hair!!!! It's so greasy, you're worse than Severus Snape!!!

Karasu: *cries*

Hiei: Baby...


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