Tanzania 1999

Flames rose high into the air as if reaching for the heavens, the nauseating scent of smoke and blood hung in the air and screams of the survivors rang throughout the night. The village was burning to the ground, villagers were running in hopes of shelter from this tragic sight but in the desert there is nowhere to hide. Two village elders stood on a hilltop not far from the wreckage that was once there home.

"We are cursed and we will always be cursed as long as that she-devil is allowed to live" cried the elder.

"We must take action before there is nothing left of our people."

The village chief listened to his companion all the while staring at the scene before him. "We are not cursed old friend, we were simply in their way. Look even now they are dispersing toward the river, she has left us in peace."

The elders watched the tall grass that grew past the village as it moved just slightly. The pride of lions was one of the most feared in Africa not only for their numbers but for thirst for blood. But these were nothing compared to the young girl who on occasion could be seen traveling with them. She looked to be about 3 years old with skin as pale as the moonlight and hair as dark as the fertile soil near the river. She walked among the bloodthirsty pride as one of them, like a cub just watching and learning. Many had tried to save her from this pride but none prevailed. It was eventually discovered that she could communicate with the animals and helped them to escape poachers and their traps. The superstitious called her mchawi or witch, others simply called her paka or cat. No one know her real name or where she came from or how she found the pride but seeing her was considered an omen of death for the cats were never far from her.

Tsavo 2011

The pride had struck again, more than 30 dead and survivors were trampling each other to escape the deadly clash of fangs and claws. Meanwhile standing in front of the boma, fence, was a beautiful young woman. Her long dark hair flowed down past her thin waist as she watched the destruction, her only concern was for her four legged family. She watched her father and uncle tear in to a man that couldn't run fast enough, her mother and the rest of the pride were giving chase to remaining humans on the savanna.

"Father, I am returning to the den to relive aunt Sarai of babysitting duty."

The large male lion lifted his head and looked at his daughter. "Very well my love, wait for one of your cousins to escort you back there may be human stragglers and I will not risk you. "

She stared unblinkingly into the yellow cat eyes of her father not flinching at the blood and gore that covered his muzzle. "I will be fine daddy the den isn't that long of a walk and I know to stay hidden in the deep grass." She said using that sweet voice that always had her overprotective father around her finger.

He sighed "Very well my love, we will see at home. Be careful and so don't think I didn't notice that little trick of yours.

"Love you" she replied laughing as she walked away leaving he family to their dinner.

The walk to the den was about 3 miles away covered by high dry grass with a small forest of thick trees right before the den entrance. She stalked through the high grass carefully, not making a single sound as she had been taught by her mother and aunts. Her mind thought was not on her path home, she day dreamed of a time when she would have a family of her own all the while knowing that it would not be possible as no human could survive the pride. She was well loved and cared for in the pride. Her father and mother raised her just like one of their own cubs despite the fact that she was human and had no recollection of her human family. She had all the skills of a majestic lion and used them often, but was far more curious than any lion which often led to her getting into the occasional trouble. This proved true once more when she heard what sounded like jingling of bells to her right, she dropped down low and froze listening for the sound again. Chime, Chime went the bells again and she cautiously peeked her head out of the tall grass.

"GOTCHYA" a man's voice yelled before everything went dark.

Man's POV

"We finally have her, finally we can end her reign of terror". He said raising his machete to decapitate the unconscious woman.

"No!" yelled one of his companions. "We cannot kill her or the cats will drown all of Africa in blood! We can get rid of her without setting ourselves up for vengeance, there is a ship headed to America leaving in about 2 hours we can make it to the dock and put her on it." The rest of the poachers agreed and they drove like a bat out of hell to get to the dock in time. As they were driving away the loud mournful cries of a large pride could be heard in the distance.

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