Cold 2 ~ Warmth

Disclaimer:  I do NOT own these characters. They all belong to the wonderful author and British gal J.K. Rowling.

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Harry/Dean (not a serious pair, just like the Harry/Ron)

Important warnings and other stuff (please read!): Slash (male/male stuff going on), sap, slightly fluffy, and intimate friendship (I've always wanted to do a little something with a rare pairing).  To those who are really into HP/DM (like moi) please don't hurt me.  Harry's just a sweet guy that likes being intimate at times with his friends (he's got his heart on his sleeve, remember?), plus I think it would be hard to stay away from a cute and cuddly Harry, don't you?

Important Notes: keeping in respect to the way the first part was written, there will definitely be HP/DM slash, and some other small pairing besides it. (Not that Harry is going out with either Ron or Dean or anything. I just like writing cute stuff.)

This fic is obviously just a bunch of little ficlets put into one with no redeeming plot.  Even though they can be put together, it's not necessary to have to read the first part to understand the second part.

Written: October 10, 2003.  It's the last warm day of autumn.


          The air was getting colder as the days go by.  Autumn was finally here, and the trees were looking more and more gorgeous every day.  The dark red leaves on a red oak, the golden ones on the white oak, and others that Harry couldn't recall the names of at the moment.  He wasn't an expert with trees, but he sure did appreciate the way they looked in the fall.  He did remember, however, that the red oak didn't lose their leaves until spring.

          Although the weather had been rather nice for the last couple weeks, it did begin to get a bit chilly.  Harry huddled his gloved hands underneath his armpits to get extra warmth and buried his mouth into his Gryffindor scarf.  Sometimes he loved the crispness of the morning air as winter approached, but then sometimes he hated it, wishing he were back in bed under warm covers, and even a few arms and legs wrapped around his body.

          He admitted it.  He liked cuddling up to the heat of another boys' body.  He could easily say he was gay, or bisexual, but those were just names, titles.  Harry liked to think that he was just a loving person, and he'd give love to almost anyone.  Looks didn't matter too much to him.  Unless you looked like a troll, then he'd have to say: "Sorry.  I'm not kissing that mug!"  Of course, he'd never really say that out loud to the person.  He was too kind to do that.

          Attitude was almost everything.  He had thought that he'd never kiss or cuddle with anyone that had a foul mouth and a nasty disposition.  He was proven wrong one day when Draco Malfoy had acted somewhat decent toward him, and then kissed him.  He had thought about that kiss for days, and he figured that if he would ever meet up with Malfoy again, he'd probably kiss him.  Kind of like saying: "I'm just returning the favor, is all."  And then after a while, he'd go back to calling him an annoying git.  Which was true, because that was what Malfoy was.  A git.

          'A git that's a good kisser and easy on the eyes…' Harry thought sheepishly.

          He wasn't sure where he was going, but he had found himself walking toward the Forbidden Forest.  Hagrid must have a fire going, because there was smoke floating lazily out of the chimney at the top of the hut.  Harry wondered briefly if he should visit Hagrid, or continue walking.  He peered around the hut at the way the forest looked… leaves of different colors on the ground and in the trees, blowing in the wind, making small whirlwinds, flying into his messy hair and on his shoulders.  It was a beautiful sight to him.

          He trudged onward to the Forbidden Forest, arms still snuggly wrapped around his body for warmth, winter cloak bellowing out behind him as the wind whipped harshly at him.  Harry was only a little ways into the forest when he heard his name called from behind him.

          Harry whipped around, his cloak flying out before him, wind whipping his black hair all over the place, as he surveyed the person.

          "Oh." Harry said, feeling stupid for not first recognizing the voice, "Hello, Dean."

          "Hiya, Harry." Dean said.  The tall black boy smiled at Harry; he wasn't wearing his scarf, or even gloves, and he looked at ease with the way the air's temperature seemed to be dropping almost every second to Harry.  It also didn't seem like Dean was wearing his winter cloak.

          "So… er… what're you doing out here?" Harry asked.  He wanted to ask Dean if he were warm or not, but he figured that it was a stupid question.  Dean wasn't even shivering.

          "Just out for a stroll." Dean said easily.  He caught a leaf as it tried to land in his dark curls.  Harry just stood there, shivering slightly as the wind picked up, staring at Dean.  "How are you?" Dean finally said.

          "Oh, er… I'm fine.  It's beautiful out here." Harry said, and then he looked up at the trees.

          "Yeah, it is." Dean said, following Harry's eyes.  "My favorite part of autumn is the colorful leaves."

          "Me too." Harry said, smiling softly. "But… I don't like the cold much."

          "No?" Dean said sounding amused.  Harry blushed slightly as the other Gryffindor ogled him.  "I love it, actually.  It feels nice against my skin."

          Harry's body shivered at that and he shook his head, "I don't think it feels nice.  It feels… well… cold.  I don't like it."

          Dean moved forward, watching Harry's deep green eyes as they stared down at their feet.  He stopped only a stride away from Harry, and Harry lifted his eyes.  Chocolate brown locked with emerald for a moment before Harry looked away.  Harry's cheeks were pink from the cold, but they were beginning to turn pinker.

          "Maybe I could help you warm up?" Dean said quietly.

          Harry shrugged lightly, and then kept half of his face huddled under his warm scarf.  He put his gloved hands into his pockets, wrapping his out of control cloak around his body.  The wind seemed to have died down for a bit before picking up again.  Harry shivered violently from the onslaught of cold air.

          "Care to take a little walk through the forest with me?" Dean asked.  He got closer to Harry, seeing Harry shiver almost uncontrollably.  He tentatively put an arm around Harry's small square frame, hoping that Harry won't jerk away angrily.

          Harry didn't jerk away, however.  He moved into that warm embrace, glad that Dean was tall enough to keep most of the breeze off of him.  A swirl of orange and yellow leaves passed by as they began to walk.  Harry finally got a hand out from his warm pocket and wrapped it around Dean's body, pressing himself closer.  Dean brought his other arm around so that Harry was now encircled.  Harry could feel Dean's body heat radiating through his clothes.  He pressed his face harder into the side of Dean's chest, warming up his nose and cheeks.  He could smell a faint scent of tangerines and cinnamon from within Dean's robes.

          'This is nice,' Harry thought with a little smile.  Of course, he had no idea that Dean was this way, but it didn't matter.  He was warming up inch by inch, his heart beating wildly in his ribcage, his hands shaking, but not from the cold.

          Leaves crunched and crackled with each footstep.  The wind whistled slightly as it twirled some leaves on the ground, creating a small tornado.  They watched it in fascination for a bit until it slowly died down.  A few strain brown leaves flew back up into the air before descending to the ground again, and then the wind picked up again, creating another small flurry.

          Harry felt Dean's cheek lightly touch his temple.  His skin was hot to Harry, and it made him moan softly at the contact.  He was trembling, he knew it, but he didn't want the moment to stop.  He felt warm, safe, and loved.  He wished it were never-ending.

          "We better go back," Dean whispered faintly.  He sounded as if he didn't want the moment to end either.  "Otherwise, they'd come looking for us."

          "I… I guess so." Harry mumbled.

          It took him by surprise when he felt Dean's finger underneath his chin.  That dark, balmy skin pushed up and Harry had no choice but to bring his head up.  Harry could feel the back of his skull brush against Dean's shoulder as his eyes moved up Dean's face.  He blushed slightly at the watery gaze, and then Dean lowered his face to Harry's.  A lump formed as he felt Dean's soft, and very warm, lips over his trembling ones.

          A small drop escaped the corner of Harry's lash.

          Harry took off his gloves and brought his hands inside of Dean's robe.  Dean hissed softly, detaching himself from Harry's lips.

          "Damn, Harry, your hands are cold!"

          Harry grinned teasingly, eyes shining.  "You're warm."

          All Dean could do was chuckle softly, and then he bent his head back down and took Harry's bottom lip lightly between his teeth.

          Harry moaned slightly, moving his hands up smooth, dark skin.  Dean's hands slowly caressed the back of Harry's head, and then down to his neck.  Their kiss became explosive as they touched unfamiliar territory, their heartbeats thudding in their chests at the mere thought of what they were doing:  Light, pinkish skin rubbing and meshing with dark, auburn skin, heat radiating off of each other.

          Finally, Dean ended the kiss, panting and sweating slightly.  "Come inside with me?" he breathed.

          Harry nodded, eyes glazed over, glasses slightly fogged up.  He felt Dean's hand rubbing his back, giving him shivers of desire.

          He was no longer cold.


          Cold-hearted snake was what some called the Slytherin.  Cold-blooded, even.  The prince of ice and cold shoulders.

          No one told him that he was also the king of cold feet.

          The fire in the Great Hall was burning brightly, warming Harry so much that he had to take off his shirt.  It was a Saturday, and it was a day to be lazy.  Some Gryffindors had come to sit by the roaring fire, cuddling together, as did Ron and Hermione, sitting off to the side of the circle.  Even some Slytherins had come over to sit and watch the crackling flames leap out from the fireplace.  It was a calm, uncanny weekend for Hogwarts as the war drew closer.  The weather was getting a bit nippier, and because of it, not many have ventured outside.  Some had claimed that they didn't go out because of the threat that sometimes hung in the chilling air.

          Unknowing to Harry, who was lying on his stomach, shirt off and chin resting on folded hands, Draco Malfoy had sat down beside him.  When Harry continued to pay it no heed, Malfoy had decided to take off his shoes and socks, and stick a bare foot onto Harry's bare back.

          "HOLY-!" Harry jerked to his side and instantly saw the culprit of the frigid foot.

          Glittering gray eyes were dancing with mirth at Harry.  The two old rivals, who'd already been intimate before, eyed at each other with slightly melted icy stares.

          "Did you have to stick your stone-cold foot on my back?"

          "Yes I did, Potter." Draco said, lifting his chin challengingly. "So, what are you going to do about it?  Going to cry to Granger?  Or maybe even the weaselette…"

          Harry sat up, laying a languid arm over his bent knee.  His raven-black hair sticking up a bit from the back and the side from lying on the Great Hall's rug almost all afternoon.  He fixed his glasses, which had slowly started to slide off his face.

          "I'm not in the mood for your banter today, Malfoy.  I'm sure that no one is, really." Harry gestured a quick hand at the gathering crowd around the fireplace and where Harry and Draco were sitting, apparently wanting to see some kind of show.  It would add a bit more spice to their dull afternoon, though.

          "Looks to me like they want to see some kind of brawl." Malfoy retorted stonily.

          "Well, I don't care if they want to see a tap-dancing octopus in a tutu.  I'm not in the mood!"

          Draco stuck his tongue out.  The blond obviously didn't want to have a real kind of fistfight with Harry today, as he was probably just as lethargic as everyone else.  He moved his foot over and wiggled his glacial toes over Potter's tan skin.

          Harry jumped about three inches off the floor.

          "Damn it, Malfoy!  Keep your little icy devils away from me!"

          "They are little devils, aren't they?" Draco said in a bored tone, looking at his toes as he spread them out. "I try to control them, but sometimes they have a mind of their own."

          "Well, if you don't control them, then I'll just have to vanish them." Harry leered threateningly.  He knew his Vanishing Charm well.

          Draco scoffed, moving to sit closer to Harry.  To his surprise, Harry didn't move at all.  Harry watched Malfoy carefully, along with where he put his toes.

          "You know…" Draco finally said, "I'm just as tired of it as you are.  So what do you say of a kind of truce between us?  Even if it's just for today?"

          "Er… I suppose." Harry said.  His mind reeled back to the slight intimate moment that they had shared before, and when he saw the heated look in Draco's eyes, he knew just what Draco wanted.  "As long as you're on the up and up with things today…"

          "Oh, I am." Draco said, smirking.  "So we're cool now?"

          Harry nodded.

          "Good." Draco smiled a bit wickedly. "Then that means I can do something to you without worrying about you giving me a black eye."

          "Which is?"

          "This!" Draco said, sliding his foot across Harry's thigh and sticking the bottom part over Harry's stomach.

          "Draco!!" Harry screeched, grabbing onto Draco's ankle.  His hand felt incredibly warm against Draco's foot.

          Draco wiggled it in the palm of Harry's hand.  Harry looked down at Draco's foot and the wiggling toes, looked back up into Draco's face, and then smirked maliciously.

          Harry held up a hand and twiddled his fingers.

          "Don't you dare, Potter…" Draco narrowed his eyes in a threatening manner. "Don't you… AAAIIIIEEEEE!!"  He yanked his foot around to get it free from Harry's grip, but Harry proved to be stronger.  Harry's fingers held fast as he tickled mercilessly at Draco's sole.

          Draco was soon on his back, wiggling and laughing his head off as he tried to pull his foot free from Harry's clutches.

          They had the whole room's attention now.  A few Ravenclaws that had been walking by had stopped to observe the strange behavior between rivals, and the Gryffindors and handful of Slytherins watched on in confusion of what to do.  The two so-called leaders of the Houses weren't trading punches, or hexes at each other, but were doing something that went into the category of Things You'd Never, Ever See Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy Do Even Once In Their Lifetimes.

          "I—will—get—revenge… P-Potter!!" Draco shrieked, his body twisting and turning wildly.

          Harry was grinning like a madman, on the verge of laughing as well.  He'd never seen Malfoy like this before: flushed cheeks, water streaming down his face, and genuine laughter.

          Somehow, Malfoy ended up on his stomach.  Harry took the opportunity to his advantage.  He turned his body around so that he was sitting on Malfoy's lower back, facing his feet; and with a good grip still on his right ankle, preceded to tickle the poop out of him.  Harry had steered clear so far of Malfoy's other foot, which was twitching and kicking with effort.

          "Looks like the bully is getting his just desserts." Harry said, still grinning widely.  "If I knew you were ticklish sooner, then I wouldn't of had to curse you all those times."


          "That's not very nice, Malfoy." Harry said, yanking Draco's other leg to him to proceed tickling them both as he held on with one arm. "Remember our truce."

          "SCREW YOU!" Draco hissed.

          "You give up?" Harry grinned wickedly.


          "Say uncle."

          "Never!" Draco spat, but just barely.  His whole face was turning bright red.

          "I won't stop until you say it." Harry said, sounding a little bored.

          The crowd around them had suddenly gotten bigger.

          "I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN THIS!" Draco huffed.  Harry wondered where he got the strength to even speak, since he was tickling him non-stop.

          "Just say it, Malfoy." Harry said, winking at his friends from the sidelines.  They smiled.  "Surrender to me."

          "IN YOUR DREAMS!" Draco roared.  But, true to Harry's word, he hadn't let up.  "Ok!" Draco puffed, "OK!! I GIVE! I GIVE!  I CAN'T TAKE THIS!"

          "What was that, Draco?"

          "UNCLE!  UNCLE!!  YOU WIN, POTTER!!  I GIVE UP!"

          And just like that, Harry stopped, letting go of Draco's feet.  Draco slumped his head down, hitting it with a soft 'thump' against the carpet.  His body was totally limp, but his upper half was heaving with each breath.

          Harry still lightly sat there on Draco's back, smiling at his friends and smirking at the other Slytherins.  Then, he turned his body around so that he was facing Draco's head, and then placed his hands onto Draco's shoulder blades.

          "Am I top, Malfoy?"

          "Hmph?" said Draco from the folds of his arms.

          "I said, Am. I. Top?"

          Draco nodded, too tired to speak at the moment.

          "Really?" Harry said.  He kneaded the palms of his hands across Draco's back.  He heard a slight groan from the crook of Draco's elbow.  "You like that?"

          Harry obviously didn't know how big of an audience he was getting.  Some were now whispering and murmuring to each other.  Harry and Draco were doing another thing that was placed in the Things You'd Never, Ever See Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy Even Do Once In Their Lifetimes.  If they knew what Harry and Draco had done before this, they'd probably not be as surprised.

          Harry bent down to Draco's ear, "Now you know not to stick your cold feet on me."

          He didn't get an answer, so he wrapped his arms around Draco's upper torso, and turned him around so that he lay on his back.  Surprisingly, Malfoy didn't fight it.  He must really be worn out.

          "You going to be ok, Malfoy?" Harry asked, still a bit amused.  He wasn't even sitting on Draco's stomach, just straddling his body.  He placed his hands on either side of Draco's head and leaned down.

          "Yes." Draco panted, "But… if you ever… ever tickle me again, Potter…" he lifted a finger, waggling it, trying to look intimidating.

          "Truce still?" Harry said, tilting his head slightly.

          Draco panted, his hand flopping back down to the floor resignedly.  He lifted his head as if he was to nod, but he left it raised as he stared at Harry.  Harry sized up the situation, and then placed a warm hand over Draco's cheek.  It was still slightly pink, but the color was slowly coming back.

          "Truce." Draco said quietly.

          The crowd was beginning to die down now.  A few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws got up to do other things, or to just get away from the uncomfortable scene folding out before them.  Most of the Gryffindors and Slytherins were too shocked to even move from their seats.

          Harry got closer to Draco's face, and without warning, Draco seized Harry's ears and dragged him down to his lips.

          The crowd around them was one big gasp and there were a few 'Ews' muttered.  Reputation be damned… he'd been missing these warm lips, and the feel of that warm body against his.  Draco groaned and gasped at the way Harry ravaged his mouth.  He ran his hands up Harry's biceps and then down his back, raking the skin lightly.

          Harry was burning up; he wanted to rip off the rest of his clothes, but he knew that he shouldn't.  Harry panted, letting go of Draco's lips, and brought his mouth down to that flushed neck, biting ever so gently.  Draco lifted his legs up and enclosed them around Harry's back.

          Harry let out a quiet hiss as Draco's cold feet touched his lower back.  He gripped Draco's tie and pulled his face up to meet his lips again.  The touch was hot, but Malfoy's demeanor was freezing Harry's spine.  Ice Prince, indeed.

          "Draco Malfoy… I will stick those damn feet of yours into the fire if you don't behave."

          Draco smiled against Harry's lips.  "What are you talking about, Potter?" he breathed, "You are the fire."

          Every Saturday was now truce day for the Slytherins and the Gryffindors.

~… End~