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You quietly waited for your friend Ethan. You both just turned ten and were going to pick out a starter Pokemon.

He arrived at about 2 minutes later, trying not to be too late. He chose out a Cyndaquil, you picked out a Chikorita.

"Good choice Ethan and y/n!" Professor Elm told us. You and Ethan went together, since you were friends since you were 4. You knew that he would probably win a fight, because fire types have an type advantage against Grass types.

"What to battle Y/n?" Ethan asked you.

"Sure." You answered, knowing that he would tease you if you said no. You brought out Chikorita, who was ready to fight.

He threw his pokeball and Cyndaquil came out. "Chikorita, use vine whip!" You shouted. Then Chikorita shot two long vines out of her neck. At first, I thought it hurt her, but then realized she wasn't screaming, so it didn't hurt.

"Cyndaquil! Use Flamethrower!" Ethan yelled.

"Quick! Dodge it!" You yelled. Chikorita moved at amazing speed and dodged it.

"Chikorita, use tackle!" You told/yelled.

"Cyndaquil use flamethrower!" Ethan shouted after Chikorita attacked. Chikorita got hurt really badly, but so was Cyndaquil. "Use quick attack!" You yelled.
"Use flamethrower!" Ethan yelled. After the dust went away, Cyndaquil was fainted, since quick attack always attacks first. "Come on. Lets head to the Pokémon center." I told Ethan. We walked towards the Pokemon center worried for Cyndaquil.

~Time skip brought to you by Jeff in a tutu~

You were the champion. Ethan, or as most people called him, Gold, was still battling gyms to get badges.

You became the Pokémon Champion about 3 days ago. You were still sad you had to leave Gold behind, for you were quicker than him.

You heard your phone ring, it was your mom.

"Hi mom. What's up?" You asked your mom. She replied with sobbing, you knew something was wrong. "What's the matter?"

"Your friend-d Gol-d, he-e was p-pushed by that kid, Silver, int-o a meat grinder." Your mom answered. You never felt rage and sadness at the same time before. You wanted to kill Silver for this, but knew that you had to find out more.

You looked up Silver on the web, and found out he robbed a Totodile from Professor Elm before.

You brought out your Meganium, who was once Chikorita. You hugged Meganium and sobbed. You felt better, because of the flower on Meganium's neck was releasing a pleasant aroma.

You ran out of the champions room and into the forest. You let your other 5 Pokémon out. You had an Pikachu, a Mareep, Bellossom, Ditto, and Umbreon.

You were still crying, and they walked over to you.

"Guys, do you know a safe spot where you can talk to ghosts?" I asked them. Since I knew a rumor that ghost type Pokémon can speak with the dead.

There was another rumor that I heard that ghost type Pokémon can put people in another universe. Umbreon nodded and walked towards the forest.

I rode Meganium's back as we followed Umbreon. They walked for about 4 hours before reaching a house.

Umbreon walked in, but Meganium couldn't fit through the door, so I put her in her Pokeball. We walked towards the second floor where two ghost types were.

One was a Shuppet, which was weird because they are native to Hoenn, the other was a Haunter.

"Um. Hi?" I said. They both looked at me. "Can you either send me to a universe where Ethan is or let me see him as a ghost?" I asked.

Haunter nodded, so I put my Pokémon back in their pokeballs. I waited for about 30 seconds before everything turned white.