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Naruto had always been cold. It hadn't earned him any friends but at least it kept people from breaking his heart. Betrayal and cruelty were what they did after all. How he cursed his fate. Oh, he once tried to change them and proclaimed himself future Hokage but that was a joke. He knew they would never accept him. So, he trained. Trained for the day they betrayed him for the last time when he would either strike back or leave forever. Now the Hokage had issued him a mission. After they passed him over for promotion, he was angry, but nothing pissed him off more than a traitor in any form. His mission? Work with the current generation to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto would do this but that didn't mean he would be happy. No, he would remain cold.

"Perhaps you should stop holding back Naruto. Bring back the brat and they will be happy I don't doubt. Maybe happy enough to stop hating you." Naruto shakes his head. "I will bring him back Lord Juubi. But I doubt they will be happy either way. Unless he comes back peacefully, they will no doubt blame me for the slightest scratch on their precious traitor." "Well I don't claim to know humans Naruto. Only what would make sense. Their hatred for you is not rational but it is understandable. You are my only contact with a human on reasonable terms in over 1000 years and you sometimes confuse me."

"If I was prideful as most people, I would take pride in those words but best not to apply what you know of me to other humans Lord Juubi. With or without you I am different than most. Most would say I am detached from humanity or that I am psychotic but no. I am healthy in all aspects. I feel just the same as anybody else I just choose not to act on those feelings. I have been hurt too much to risk it." Juubi nods. "I only hope you find peace my friend. Nobody deserves to be alone. Least of all one like you. You say I should not project what I know of you onto them, but I don't just see the way you act, or you mind but your heart and soul as well. You are purer than you think. For that reason and that alone I remain sealed. You know I could break this seal if I chose but no. Instead when you are ready, I intend to make you my successor. All I ask is that you try not to let heart be frozen. Find somebody to trust. Somebody to love. For without that life is hardly worth living. Not even for me."

At those words Naruto's eyes widen and he almost stumbles. Shikamaru looks back at him. "Something up Naruto?" Naruto returns to his cold state a moment later. "No. Just distracted. Let's continue." Shikamaru nods and rushes ahead but he knows something is on Naruto's mind. The new Chuunin is a genius after all and to spite his cold attitude Shikamaru has known Naruto a long time. Distraction is something he does not something that happens to him.

They didn't get far before they were caught in an earth dome. "Damn. Caught in a trap." Neji activates his Byakugan and looks at the wall of the dome. "It is draining our chakra." A voice outside the dome laughs. "That's right peons. As you get weaker, I get stronger. Your chakra will be mine."
Shikamaru assumes a crouch with his hands in a circular handseal. His thinking pose. Naruto glances at him. "There is no need to that Shikamaru." Everybody looks at Naruto like he's grown a second head. Shikamaru frowns.

"What do you mean?" "He wants our chakra, right? What if the chakra he gets doesn't agree with him? I'm sure Neji knows what I mean." Neji nods. "You speak of that strange chakra you used in the exams. It felt…wrong. I don't know what it is, and I was told not to ask." Naruto nods. "Personally, I no longer care if everybody knows what it is. The adults already do and hate me for it. The reason you all don't is so that you can form your own opinions of me not clouded by that hatred and the reason for it."

"But I ask what good that has done when half the village's younger generation already hates me without knowing why. I ask you what purpose it serves when I no longer care if I gain your friendship nor that I want it. I suppose it matters little at this point as I won't say. Either way just give me a minute to gather what I need to break us out of here." Neji and Shikamaru nod already guessing the means but the others frown in confusion.

Naruto assumes a Lotus position and closes his eyes to meditate. "Lord Juubi. May I use your chakra please?" "Hmhmhmhm Naruto you know you don't need to ask. Even if this seal wasn't designed to allow you to use it freely, I would allow it." "I know but I feel it would be wrong to do so without permission." "Then you have it. And Naruto call me Shinju in the future. For that is my true name."

Outside the seal Naruto smiles causing all present to gasp. Naruto smiling is something they haven't seen in a long time. But as quickly as it came it is gone. Naruto's features return to their cold state before they all feel a rise in power. Naruto rises and so does the pressure in the dome. He walks toward the wall and pushes the chakra into it. A scream is heard outside the dome before it collapses. Outside they see the larger member of the sound 4 bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. He's dead. "We best hurry. This won't be the last of them."

30 minutes later

"So, fatso bit the dust huh? Didn't even slow you down and you don't have a scratch on you. Fucking knew he was weak but didn't think he was that weak." Shikamaru and chouji step up. "Leave her to us. You all continue on." Naruto looks at Shikamaru. "Are you sure? This would go faster if we all rushed her." Shikamaru shakes his head. "You did your part on the other one, but they are here to slow us down. Nothing more. Go." Naruto nods and they rush ahead. "YOU FUCKS THINK I WILL LET YOU GO?!" Chouji expands his hand and slaps her in the head. "You're fight is with us."

(Rest of the mission up until Naruto encounters Sasuke goes same as canon so I won't bother with that.)

"You won't stop me Dobe. I'm going to Orochimaru and he will give me the power I need."
"You seem to think I care Uchiha. You are operating under the thinking we are friends, rivals or that you have some sort of emotional bond to me. If I was Sakura, you would be right, but I don't care. All that matters is my mission." "What is your mission?" Naruto body flickers to Sasuke and surprises him with a gut punch much stronger than he though Naruto was capable. He spits blood and falls to the water below. "You are my mission Uchiha. This is not a sparing match or a fight. This is me beating you unconscious and dragging you back to the village."

Sasuke grits his teeth. "No, I can't be stopped. I'm an Uchiha elite. I must avenge my clan."
Sasuke activates his curse mark but Naruto hits him again knocking him into the feet of the statue of Madera Uchiha. "And you would be free to do so when the man is considered a criminal missing nin with a bounty, but your thinking is wrong. Your whole reason for hunting him down is to restore your clan's honor and then to rebuild but in leaving the village like you have and worse to join a known criminal you have become what you hate. Something I hate. A traitor."

Sasuke chuckles and his seal progresses to the second stage turning him into a bat like creature with hands for wings. "So, you DO feel something." Naruto tilts his head. "I never claimed otherwise. I feel like anybody else. But I have felt the pain of betrayal too many times to allow anybody into my heart. So, I become cold. I choose not to care. I feel. I understand and I move on. That is Naruto Uzumaki now. The mask is broken." "It doesn't matter Dobe. I will kill you and gain my brother's eyes." Naruto nods. "The Mangekyo. Gained by killing somebody you see as a brother or your closest friend. Tell me does it work if I do not feel the same?" Sasuke shrugs and smirks. "Let's find out."

Sasuke moves at high speed and creates a chidori aimed at Naruto's heart. Naruto catches Sasuke by the wrist surprising him. He breaks the wrist then stomps his left leg shattering the knee before using his free hand to hit him in the diaphragm knocking the wind out of him. Naruto finishes by breaking his jaw knocking him off balance before a chop to the back of the neck knocks him out.
Naruto looks over the body of his fallen teammate and feels nothing. For the first time he is completely without emotion. Noticing Kakashi arriving behind him he looks at him. "I wonder if this is how Danzo makes his root kill their emotions. I might be cold, but this is the first time I have felt nothing."

Kakashi nods and checks Sasuke's pulse. "It's part of it yes but not the whole thing. You might not feel anything right now and there might be good reason for that, but you still understand emotions and friendship, right? Still capable of it?" Naruto nods. "Not that I intend for it to happen but yes I understand and am capable of all that. I just don't want it." Kakashi nods and places a hand on his shoulder. "And that is how you differ from a root agent. They are drones with no desires but to serve Danzo. No understanding of emotion but what they need for a mission." Naruto nods and picks up Sasuke before moving to go back the way they came. "We best go notify the rest of the party of Sasuke's capture."

1 week later in the council chambers

"YOU DID WHAT?!" A rather fat man on the civilian council sneered. "We went to the Daimyo and voted to exile the demon." Tsunade is furious and one step from slaughtering the council. "THAT'S TREASON! ANBU!" An anbu appears behind the man and snaps his neck before disappearing.
The doors open admitting Naruto. "The council has summoned me."

Tsunade looks at Naruto with a tear in her eye. "Before we get to that I should notify you as to my decision on your teammate's fate. He is to be permanently sealed and medically neutered. The Uchiha die with him." The civilian council shouts in outrage before Tsunade silences them with a bout of intense Killer intent (KI). Naruto shrugs. "Good to know our work wasn't in vain then. A traitor is punished and Orochimaru is denied the sharingan permanently." Danzo smiles. "While I lament the loss of such a useful tool, I am more upset about losing such a perfect shinobi."
Naruto tilts his head and looks at Tsunade. "The council. More specifically the civilian council went over my head to the fire Daimyo to have you exiled."

Naruto does something nobody expected and something that makes Tsunade freeze in fear. He smiles. A gangly man smirks in satisfaction. "Lady Tsunade I think you broke him. I don't think he understands." Tsunade shakes her head. "I think he understands perfectly. Better than you do if I am right." Naruto chuckles. "Lady Tsunade is correct. You see this as getting revenge. Getting rid of the demon. A punishment. I hate one thing only. Betrayal. My life has been full of it. People acting like friends only to sell me out or hurt me. Lord third was my friend then I found out his secret. The Ichirakus were my friends but then on my 10th birthday they sold me out to a mob to save their failing business. They both had good reasons and I forgave them, but I no longer trusted them. Only Lady Tsunade has any real trust from me. Lady Tsunade am I correct in my assumption that with my banishment comes the conditions that my citizenship to Konoha is revoked along with my shinobi status? Including all laws regarding my status and heritage?"

Tsunade smiles slightly and nods. "Then your latest betrayal has only hurt yourselves."
A stoic white eyed man frowns slightly. "What do you mean Naruto?"
"First a history lesson. Before there was chakra people were at constant war. Only one rule was adhered to by all. Nobody was to eat of the fruit of the Shinju. But in order to make peace Kagura Otsusutski did just that and was the first to gain Chakra. She used it to lead the people to peace. The Shinju accepted this as a just cause and allowed it. Soon she had 2 sons. Haguromo and Homura. They also had chakra. However soon Kagura became paranoid. She thought the people would steal her power."

"She waged war. In an effort to stop her the shinju fought her but she absorbed it and became the 10 tailed Juubi. Her sons seeing her madness sealed her within Hagoromo. He became what we now know as the Sage of 6 paths and later traveled the world teaching his ways which would later become Ninshu then then Ninjutsu. Finally, he had 2 sons. Asura and Indra. On his death bed he named Asura his heir. Indra believing himself superior waged war on his brother. That war continued through generations in their descendants. Senju and Uchiha. However, before he died Hagoromo used his power to divide the power of the 10 tails into 9 beasts with their own minds. The body of his mother remained a monstrous husk which he sealed within a celestial body of his own creation. The moon. It is there to this day unless somebody managed to break the seal."

"Throughout the ages the tailed beasts have been sealed into people many times. And each time a small portion has been left behind. It has been assumed it is reabsorbed by the relevant biiju later but no. The strongest gets it. The 9 tails. In previous Jinchuriki it was sealed using a simple seal which would simply keep it imprisoned. However, when it was sealed 15 years ago the 4th used reaper death seal to seal half of its mind and power within himself and an 8-trigram seal to seal the rest in me. With only half it's mind and with the control of the masked man wearing off the Shinju's mind was able to surface. Since that time, it has been absorbing several kinds of chakra through the seal to reconstitute itself."

"I am not the Jinchuriki of the 9 tailed demon fox but rather the god tree Shinju. That is my first secret. The second is my heritage. My parents' names were Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikazi."
A pink haired woman shrieks. "LIES YOU ARE A DEMON TAKING THE FORM OF THE 4TH HOKAGE!"
Naruto nods. "That's the lie you tell yourselves to justify your abuse but consider. You revere the 4th for his sealing correct?" The counselors nod. "And yet you have no faith or knowledge of his sealing skills if you believe he failed to seal the demon correctly when you were told by the third exactly what his intentions were and what happened. I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikazi. Son of the yellow flash and red-hot blood Habanero."

Tsunade nods. "It's true. Jiraya is his godfather and I his godmother. I also have the documentation to prove it." Naruto nods. "Now for the kick. Before their deaths my father owned the controlling interest in approximately 70% of the weapons businesses in Konoha and every last seal you use here is either designed or derived from a seal my parents owned the rights to. As their only heir those rights now fall to me. As my citizenship has been revoked, they no longer are ALLOWED to function within Konoha. As my shinobi status has been revoked, I can leave Konoha and go anywhere and you cannot label me a missing nin."

At this time every member of the council pales. They have just put Konoha in an economic recession and there is nothing they can do about it. "Oh, by the way Lord Hiashi. You are aware your eldest daughter has feelings for me correct?" Hiashi nods. "I have encouraged it. It seems her feelings for you have inspired her to become stronger. All to gain the courage to confess to you. Though I was not aware you knew." Naruto nods. "I do not feel the same though I appreciate her kindness all the same. As such I wish to give her one of her dreams. The caged bird seal was designed by Uzumaki Seal masters and given to the Hyuuga upon the understanding it is not changed or abused. It seems the Hyuuga clan disregarded that agreement."

"As the last Heir of the Uzumaki royal line I hereby revoke the Hyuuga's rights to that seal and take it back. When you return home after this meeting you will find every seal on every branch member gone." Hiashi sheds a tear and smiles in gratitude. "Thankyou. I have hated that seal all my life but could never do anything about it." Naruto nods. "I do not trust the Hyuuga as a whole, but you and your family will always be welcome in any home I make as long as you retain my trust." Hiashi rises to his feet and bows before returning to his seat. "Now I believe the standard practice is 1 week from the time of notification to leave. I have much to do before I can go. Businesses to close and my father's home to pack." Naruto turns to leave replacing his cold demeaner until he is surrounded by Anbu with Blank masks.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that boy. For the good of Konoha I cannot let you leave alive. You are a threat." Tsunade screams at Danzo. "DANZO YOU SNAKE HOW DARE YOU?!" "It's alright Lady Tsunade." Naruto turns to look at Danzo. "It seems you were not paying attention to my story or you would not have wasted time or resources." Danzo narrows his eyes. "What do you mean?" "The Shinju is the origin of Chakra. ALL Chakra. That means all things related to it. Including Kekki Genkai. What is the most famous and powerful Kekki genkai to come from Konoha? I'll give you a clue. The only known user has a relative in this room." A lazy looking man smiles a little knowing the answer. "Such a drag. You mean wood style, don't you?" Naruto nods. "As expected of a Nara. Yes. Now do you really think your Root are up to the challenge of fighting somebody with wood style?"

Naruto shakes his head. "Let me answer for you." Suddenly wooden spikes erupt from all sides of Naruto's body skewering the Root Anbu killing them instantly. Naruto then feels a tingling in the back of his skull. "Ohhh using Shisui Uchiha's eye to cast Kotoamatsukami on me? You don't learn Danzo. I said ALL chakra-based skills belong to the Shinju. Lady Tsunade if you would please ask your Anbu to look under those bandages?" Tsunade nods and orders her Anbu who take hold of Danzo.
The council is disgusted by what they find. A sharingan in his hidden eye and 10 more in his right arm which is white as the root of a tree. "Hmmm 11 sharingan. Unless you are Uchiha that should kill you unless….ahh the eyes on his arm are sealed by that manacle. And I sense wood style chakra in that arm. Orochimaru's work? Infusing the cells of the 1st hokage. Genius but disgusting."

"Where did you get the eyes? Ohhhh of course the Uchiha massacre. That must mean you planned for it which meant you knew it was going to happen ahead of time. Shisui's eye was probably taken personally as I doubt the man would have let anybody weaker than him take it before destroying it. The other is probably with Itachi. Well then, I guess that means the massacre was sanctioned so Itachi is innocent. I guess Konoha gets an Uchiha after all if you can find him and convince him to come back. Though with what you did to his brother I doubt it." Naruto turns to leave. "See ya."