Lemon Drizzle

A note on this series: Inspired by something AuraAuthor is doing, I decided to put my small lemons, limes and sweet treats into their own story. Each one will be different, though I may consider the odd second instalment if called for. I will also consider requests where appropriate.

I tend to favour a strong Hermione that does not lose her mind in the presence of Draco and try to incorporate that anywhere I can. I also tend to escalate as they go on because it tends to weed out people who read stuff marked as smut then complain and report.

WARNING: These will all be M rated and mostly smut. Do not read this is you are underage or offended by such content. A lot of people enjoy this stuff so getting huffy and reporting it when you could simply click away now is a really lame thing to do.

Discretion is advised.

I do not own Harry Potter.


Notes: no explicit smut in this chapter - strong sexual themes and references.

"Urgh! How very boring," exclaimed Hermione, faking a yawn and eliciting a hearty laugh from several members of the group.

"So, you're telling me you don't want some guy to sweep you off your feet, tie you up and ravish you?" laughed Neville Longbottom, the words strange coming from his mouth.

"Must be a boring shag Granger," said Malfoy with his trademark smirk.

Hermione snorted. "As opposed to you Draco, the one trick pony… from what I hear," she added innocently, sipping her drink.

"And what trick is that supposed to be?" asked Draco. He was usually good at masking his emotions, but it was obvious the witch had irritated him.

"Let me guess at your last several sexual encounters, shall I?" she asked, leaning forward. The group erupted in laughter.

"Go on princess, have a guess!" clapped Blaise Zabini, always pleased to see Malfoy get a dressing down, though it was only usually only ever Narcissa Malfoy who delivered it.

She put on her best soft, dumb sounding voice, "oh Draco, fuck me Daddy," she began, causing Draco to shift uncomfortably in his seat, "tell me exactly what to do and what to say so I don't have to think for myself while you act out all your fantasies which mask as sexual, when really you just like feeling powerful. Your arousal is nothing to do with me and everything to do with yourself," she finished, a malicious smile on her face. "oh, and what's the password to your vault at Gringotts?" she purred.

"Bloody hell, I never thought I would hear Granger use the term 'fuck me Daddy,' laughed Theo, blushing.

For her part, Hermione had never stopped hating Malfoy for the way he had treated her over the years, and what happened to her at the Manor. He'd never apologised. Just got on with his life as a slime ball. He deserved this. Plus, she was sick of his smug attitude towards the endless stream of witches he dated and how he thought that made him superior to modest wizards like Neville or Dean.

"Someone get Malfoy some water for that burn," snorted Pansy Parkinson (ignoring the fact she had once been one of the women Hermione so adequately described).

"As opposed to you," countered Draco, more calmly than he felt, "I bet you just lay there like a starfish... you're criticising my sex life because you either don't have one, or it's boring," he argued smugly.

Draco couldn't hide his annoyance when she merely laughed at him. Why wasn't she feeling self-conscious like he was?

"Not true Malfoy, I just have no interest in some wizard acting like he knows more about my pleasure than I do," she replied.

"Perhaps you only shag shit wizards… that would explain the stick you seem to have permanently wedged up your arse Granger," he countered smoothly.

"Shots fired," whispered Justin, causing Ginny Weasley to nod. Harry Potter, wedged somewhat between the sparring ex-school mates looked like he hoped the sofa would eat him.

Hermione simply smiled serenely.

"No Draco, I am not saying I won't let a wizard dominate me. What I am saying is he'd have to EARN it. I don't hand myself over to every wizard I shag like some whimpering, sighing little school girl. If he wants power, he can win it from me," she said, raising an eyebrow and finishing her whiskey.

"I think I just got an erection," whispered Blaise in Draco's ear.

Hermione smirked, having heard him. She had discovered she could have that impact on wizards, when she wanted to, of course.

"I don't fuck subordinates, nor am I one. I fuck equals Draco – that's the difference between you and me," she finished, landing the death blow as she shrugged her coat onto her shoulders.

She always left around this time, and she wasn't about to let Draco pull her into a pissing match. She had work to do in the morning.

"Granger," snapped Draco, having followed her out of the bar when no one was looking, distracted by trying to get to the front of the line for more drinks.

"Malfoy, it's creepy to follow women down alley ways," she retorted, not slowing down her pace. She wasn't interested in whatever rebuttal he was cooking up.

Hermione heard him growl as he ran to catch up with her. He was still athletic and had moved into step with her in a few short seconds.

Hermione stopped abruptly and looked at him impatiently.

"What are you here for Draco? To complain about earlier? To sling a few names at me?" she asked, digging her index finger into his chest accusingly. This argument had been a long time coming, if she were honest with herself. They were always at each other's' throats in the office.

"No Granger," he sighed.

"Really?" she asked, somewhat shocked. He had to be working some kind of angle.

"What you said back there. You only fuck equals… is that why you've never given me the time of day?" he asked, "you don't think I am your equal?"

Hermione snorted. "No. I haven't given you the time of day because A – you don't want it. And B – even if you did want it, you're a pompous ass that likes to toy with women emotionally, and physically, from what I have heard," she replied.

Draco looked like he had been slapped in the face but stood his ground.

"I am not what you think I am Granger," he stated simply.

"What do I think you are Draco?" she hissed, annoyed that she wasn't back at her apartment with Crooks by now.

"A blood supremacist. Serial womanizer. Lazy trust fund child," he said, "take your pick."

Hermione nodded in agreement. She did think he was all of those things and more.

He let out a large sigh.

"You really tore strips off me in that pub Granger… it was a little uncalled for," he reasoned.

Hermione simply raised her eyebrows and snorted in disgusted, resuming her walk to the apparition point.

"Hey, Hey!" he snapped, gripping her wrist and pulling her backwards.

Hermione immediately gripped her wand and shot him a death stare.

Draco raised his hands in surrender. "Sorry Granger, I won't touch you," he said.

She relaxed her arm and put her wand back in her pocket.

"I know I was a prick at school… and I come off as a certain kind of person at work," he began, "and yes, you were right about my sex life… worryingly so," he admitted, looking at the ground.

Hermione shrugged her shoulders. She really was always right. Looking at him, it seemed as though he were fighting something internally.

"Are you OK Draco?" she asked, somewhat concerned about her out of character colleague.

"Fuck it," he growled, stepping into her personal space and placing a tentative kiss on her lips. Her eyes fluttered shut, and to both their amazement, she didn't pull away.

"What are you doing?" she asked when he pulled back a moment.

She knew she should have run a mile, but she was intrigued by the jolt of electricity she felt in her body when he touched her. Despite his earlier accusation, Hermione was no boring witch.

"Trying something…" he said absentmindedly, distracted by the way it had felt to feel his lips on hers. It was so curious. He never had this reaction to something so simple. Draco generally needed much more stimulation to reach the kind of high he got from that simple gesture.

"Trying what?" she mumbled against his lips as he kissed her again, this time lingering longer.

"Being equals," he said, pulling her closer and kissing her neck. Hermione moaned as he pushed her deeper into the alleyway so they wouldn't be seen.

"Equals…" she repeated breathily, nodding her consent.


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