TITLE: "And here He was …"

CHARACTER: Alexander. (Hephaestion implied).


CATEGORY: Historical AU.

SUMMARY: This is my tribute to King Alexander's entrance to immortality.

WARNINGS: Major character's death.

DISCLAIMER: I don't know the people involved. Everything is the product of my imagination. Alexander and Hephaestion belong to History and to each other but I would not mind sharing my life with the blue-eyed man.

My mother tongue is Spanish and I work without a Beta so all the mistakes are mine.

FEEDBACK: Comments are love! Any kind will help me to improve my writing or leave it forever.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: 2,342 years ago the Great King left this world to become a legend…

And here He was …, his body ransacked by a fever that left him powerless on his bed.

And here He was …, his royal person surrounded by many of his friends and others who did not have his recovery as their first priority.

And here He was …, becoming a faint image of the strong and healthy man he used to be.

And here He was …, listening to many gossips about the next king and very few getting worried about him.

And here He was…, tired and lonely, trying to exist, to survive in a world that felt completely strange and dark since his Phai did no longer live in it.

And then … He no longer was there; his cooling body did not hurt anymore; his fever did no longer attack each of his cells …

And then … a strange feeling of peace invaded his body and a warm light enveloped him like the loving embrace of a lover...

And here He was …, his loyal and faithful brunette in all his glory and youth coming for him.

And here They were, ready to live their afterlife together as it should be because no man could live with only half of his soul and heart.