Chapter One: Boys Overboard!

It was a cloudy afternoon, and Yugi Motou was waiting on the dock with his friends, Joey Wheeler, Triston Taylor, Ryou Bakura, Tea Gardner, Serenity Wheeler, Duke Devlin, and Mai Valentine.

Everyone (aside from Triston and Serenity, who were coming along as cheerleaders) was going to participate in a new tournament that had been featured in the news a week earlier.

They all had their suitcases packed and were spread out on the dock beside them.

Waiting a few feet apart from them were Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. They were all awaiting the arrival of the last boat; the boat that would be taking them to the island in which the tournament was being held.

"When is that darn boat going to get here?" Joey asked impatiently as he stood on his tiptoes, as if to see the boat in the distance.

"It'll be here," Yugi assured everyone. "I heard they're small though. They say they only have 5 rooms on each boat. We're lucky to be the only ones left."

"I just hope the last boat hasn't LEFT without us lucky people," Tea pointed out.

A strong wind blew by and Bakura gave a shudder.

"Today is not a good day to be riding boats," he muttered, kicking a pebble into the water with his shoe.

"Don't worry," Mai said calmly, checking her nails. "These guys are professionals, we'll be FINE."

A few more minutes passed, during which time everyone became more and more restless.

Mokuba sat down on his own suitcase and looked up at his older brother.

"'Ni-sama? How much longer do you think it will be?" he whined.

Kaiba looked up and saw something small and faded green appear on the horizon.

"Not long at all," he said, picking his briefcase up off the ground.

"There it is!" Joey cried, jumping up and down with excitement.

"Do you think he'll die of excitement when he actually gets ON the ship?" Kaiba asked with a cold smile as he joined Yugi and the others by the edge of the dock.

"What did you say?" Joey snapped, and imdediately stopped hopping up and down.

"Never mind," Kaiba muttered as the boat approached the dock.

It was small, faded, and beat-down looking. It looked, to be perfectly honest, like a tin can that had gone through the garbage crusher once and managed to survive.

"We're going to be this?" Mai asked, horrified, as two men in suits got off.

"We welcome you to the beginning of the Tropical Tournament, the beginning, of course, being your journey to the island," One man said, cheerfully, to the group.

"Thanks," Yugi said, politely.

"Now, I need to ask all of you to put all of your suitcases in here," The other man said, opening a hatch on the side of the boat.

Inside, was a very small room, obviously used for storing moderate amounts of luggage.

"You'll need to remove things like your pajamas and toothbrushes, of course, as you won't have access to this compartment while we are in transit," The first man explained.

Mai turned away from everyone else and yanked something white and lacey out of her bag. She shoved it into her purse and zipped it shut.

"Okay, you can have my bag," she said, tossing it in the compartment.

Everyone else did likewise; pulling their Pajamas out of their bags and then handing them in to the men to be stored.

"Now, everyone, you may board the Grand Boat!" The second man announced, showing them the path inside.

Inside, things looked a bit nicer than the outside, but it certaintly didn't seem as though it deserved the name "Grand Boat." The walls were painted yellow and on the ceiling hung dusty chandeliers.

The boat seemed to sway with even their minor footsteps on the floor of the boat.

"This is going to be a wonderful trip," Kaiba muttered sarcastically, as he and the others walked down toward the rooms.

"Okay!" Mai said, pointing to the five rooms. "Here are the arrangements: Mokuba and Kaiba, in that one,"

Kaiba and Mokuba, looking rather displeased with Mai's "superior" attitude, walked inside to stow away their Pajamas.

"Duke, Joey, and Triston...take that one," Mai said, pointing out another room.

"Tea and Serenity," Mai pointed to another room.

"Yugi and Bakura in that one, and I'll take the last one."

"Why are you the only one with a single room?" Joey grumbled as he walked to his triple-shared room.

"Because...because," Mai said with a grin. "Because I'm me."

"Well that's a GREAT reason," Duke muttered, shutting their door behind them.

"I guess it's not so bad; me and you being roommates," Yugi said to Bakura as he put his Pajamas in the top drawer of the dresser.

"Yeah," Bakura said, putting his Pajamas on his bed.

They were lavander, but they were inside out, so Yugi couldn't see the design on the front.

A little while later, they gang (except Mai), and Kaiba and Mokuba, were out on the deck, looking at the ocean as the boat set sail.

"Oh I just LOVE the ocean, Onicha!" Serenity said happily.

"Yeah," Joey muttered, gazing happily out at the ocean, his arm around his sister's shoulder.

There was a beep from behind them, and everyone turned to see Duke, sitting on a beach chair, typing madly on his lap-top.

"What?" he asked, looking up. "Amber was online; I couldn't ignore her!"

"You think to much about that troublemaker," Joey muttered, turning around again.

He disliked Amber Johnson, a girl who had a crush on Duke, and Duke had a crush on, because she had laughed at him once when he had an accident with his lunch tray in the cafeteria.

"Eh?" Duke asked, typing wildly, not even hearing what Joey was saying.

Kaiba shook his head, but didn't say anything. Mokuba walked over to where Bakura was gazing up at the dark clouds above them.

"What's up?" Mokuba asked, leaning on the railing.

"It looks like it's going to rain," Bakura said.

No sooner had the words left his mouth did a large clap of thunder roll by and tiny droplets of rain began to pour down; small at first, then bigger and harder.

"Ah! Onicha!" Serenity cried as Joey started to lead his sister down toward the door.

"Don' worry," Joey said reassuringly. "Let's just go in."

A downpour had started as most everyone tried to run for the door. Duke typed a quick "raining. Got to go." To Amber on the computer before slapping the laptop shut and running to the exit.

"'Ni-sama!" Mokuba cried, trying to run toward his brother.

"Mokuba, wait!" Kaiba cried, but it was too late.

Mokuba slipped on the wet wood of the deck and slid back into Bakura. The two slid a few feet, over to the bars, and right underneath and off the boat!

"Help!" Mokuba cried as he and Bakura hit the water below with a splash.

"Mokuba!" Kaiba cried, hurrying (thought not running) over to the bars.

"Bakura!" Yugi called, leaning over the bars to get a better view of the two.

"Man overboard!" Triston called to Tea, who was standing near the door.

"BOYS overboard!" she corrected, looking wildly from side to side for something to help.

Kaiba didn't wait for help, however. He dove right in after them.

"Kaiba!" Yugi called after him. "Wait!"

"Three boys overboard!" Triston called to Tea, who found a life ring and was trying to pull it off its hook on the wall of the boat, as rain beat down on her.

"Quit with the updates and help me, Triston!" Tea snapped, as she tugged on the life ring again.

Kaiba, down in the water, looked around for a sign of Mokuba and Bakura somewhere. He spotted Bakura's white hair a few feet away.

He swam over to him, and noticed that Bakura had Mokuba with him.

"Hey Kaiba," Bakura said, spotting him behind him.

"Are you okay, Mokuba?" Kaiba asked. "Bakura?"

"I'm fine, 'Ni-sama," Mokuba said, swimming over to his brother and clinging on to him.

"Me too, I guess, if you could call being in the ocean during a rainstorm okay."

"Okay," Kaiba said, looking up. "We need someone to toss us a life float or something."

"Kaiba!" Came a vague voice from above them. "Bakura? Mokuba! Catch!"

A long rope flew down and a red and white-stripped life float slapped the water a few feet in front of them.

"Gotcha!" Bakura said, grabbing onto it. "Can we all go up at once?" he asked Kaiba.

Kaiba pushed his soggy bangs out of his eyes.

"I don't think so," he said, looking at the small life ring. "You can go up first, then Mokuba, and then me."

"Are you sure?" Bakura asked.

Kaiba nodded.

"Yugi! We got the ring! Hold onto it while we climb up, ok?" Kaiba called up.

"Okay!" Came a soft voice from above.

After the three had made it safely to the deck again, they all hurried inside the ship.

"Well, I'm glad we didn't get swept away by the current!" Bakura sighed, water dripping off his clothes and onto the floor.

Yugi let out a sigh.

"Well, at least everyone's back on board!"
* * * *

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