Chapter 15: Concluding

After a few moments, Mokuba and Kaiba finally let go of each other.

"What really happened, Ni-sama?" Mokuba asked, rather confused. "I don't really understand. It was sort of like a bad dream...with a good ending."

"Aibou," Yami Yugi called.

Yugi went into the Millennium Puzzle to talk to his friend, leaving Tea and the Kaiba brothers alone.

"Yes, Yami?" Yugi asked.

"I wanted to thank you for everything," Yami said happily. "You were able to defeat the evil force, help the real Taerro and he came up with the idea to save Mokuba.

Yugi looked flattered.

"Well, you helped too," Yugi said modestly, smiling.


"Yugi?" Tea called, and Yugi reappeared.

"Sorry," Yugi apologized. "Yami wanted to say something...what is it?"

"Well, I just remembered," she said looking outside. "You still need to get Taerro's stamp, and then you only need to win two more duels before you can get a prize."

"And you only need one more, Ni-sama!" Mokuba added, hopping up.

Kaiba nodded.

"You're right!" Yugi cried, suddenly remembering. "I have to win Mai a prize before it's too late!"

The four walked out of the cabin and hurried off to find their duels for the day, now happy that there was no evil surrounding them.

"Hey!" Came a familiar voice, and everyone turned to see who it was.

It was Joey, Serenity, and Triston, running up to them, Joey carrying something in his arms.

"Did Mai give you the puzzle back?" he asked, panting slightly, as he approached.

Yugi nodded and rubbed the puzzle fondly.

"Yep," he replied.

"You got 6 stamps, Joey?" Tea asked, shocked, seeing Joey's object was a vase with strange patterns on it.

"Uh...yeah!" Joey said realizing what she was talking about. "Played a couple losers."

Kaiba sighed.

"I guess that's the only way he could win, now isn't it?" he asked with a sigh.

"WHAT?!" Joey cried angrily, nearly dropping the vase to make a fist.

Serenity grabbed the vase away from him.

"Onichan! Be careful!" she instructed, and everybody laughed.

* * * *

At the end of the day, Yugi, all his friends, and Kaiba and Mokuba were standing on the dock, waiting for the return boat to come by.

Duke and Amber, trying to blink blink back tears, were saying good-bye for now, as they would be taking different boats back. (Obviously. His would be going to Japan, and hers back to America)

Taerro and Bakura were talking to each other. Since they had so much in common to begin with, it looked like Bakura had found a new friend. Taerro, at least, felt better about what he unwittingly had done when Bakura told him about how Yami Bakura once put everyone's souls in the cards and had a duel.

Yugi, Tea, and Triston were standing next to each other, looking out at the approaching boats.

"Well, this was certainly a fun tournament," Yugi smiled. "I'm glad Mai liked the painting I gave her. It WAS of a beautiful lady, after all."

Tea nodded. She, too, was carrying a small painting; The one with the Millennium Eye logo on it. She had wanted it because it reminded her of the puzzle.

Kaiba had chosen a bronze mini statue of a dragon of some sort. Mokuba was admiring it as they waited.

Duke had not gotten his 6 stamps, but Amber had chosen a small horse made of a golden material that looked like amber. (The sap from trees amber, not Amber herself)

Bakura had taken a little statue of a chicken. (He couldn't think of anything else to take!)

Taerro felt too guilty to earn anymore stamps in the booklet bearing his name, but dueled for the heck of it, and for fun.

"Well," Bakura sighed as the boat approached. "I guess this is it for now. Can you give me your address so we can stay pen-pals?"

"Sure thing," Taerro said, tearing a sheet of paper out of his notebook and starting to scribble his address down.

"Wait a minute," Bakura said, looking down at the address. "You live in Domino too? Domino Japan?"

Taerro looked up.

"Yeah, why?" he asked.

Bakura laughed.

"That's where I live too!" he said happily.

Taerro laughed.

"Cool, I guess I WILL be seeing you around when we get back," Taerro added.

Bakura nodded as the boats docked.

"For now, see you later!" Bakura cried, running up to his boat.


Yugi, Tea, Triston, Joey, Serenity, and Mai boarded their boat as well. Kaiba and Mokuba followed a minute later.

"Duke!" Joey cried, leaning over the edge of the boat at Duke who still talking to Amber.

"Coming!" he called, running over to his boat. "Bye Amber!"

"Bye!" she waved happily. "AND DON'T FORGET TO E-MAIL ME!" she added sternly.

"I won't!" he replied, waving from the deck of the boat.

The boats set sail, leaving Amber, the island, and whole lot of memories behind.

Yugi smiled to himself and enjoyed the night's air. So much had happened during the past few days, but everything had turned out all right.

He sighed.

"Well, I guess that pretty much concludes things," he said, turning around and walking back inside the boat.

He was greeted by a bunch of noise.

"What's this?" he asked, walking past Tea into a the dining room which was filled with food and streamers.

"It's the "end of the tournament party!" Joey said happily, helping himself to a cookie. "Come on!"

Yugi grinned and joined the fun.

* * *

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