Hey there! I just had to throw this out, here, for those who follow my other fic of Izuku,Todoroki and Katsuki worry not, that one is getting a chapter soon. Now! Up to fun times full of fluff and comedy for this is what happens when you put a cinnamon roll between people who needed sugar.

Oh I should clarify, I am not going to retell cannon, there is no fun in that for this story, so prepare for the randomness that is life. "The only thing predictable in life is that is unpredictable."

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Prologue.- The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference. So wake up mister Midoriya… wake up and run damn it!

Izuku Midoriya. Inheritor of the torch of heroism, the quirk of the symbol of peace. One for All. Quick of mind and quick of his feet. Someone who had the spirit of a true hero inside of him. One who could surely face the dangers of life and villainy!

Was lost. A student with a bag in his back was now running like a lunatic.

He was so excited about his first day in U.A that he ended up missing his station and had to run to get to the school, he was thankful of his training with All Might had done wonders for his strength. However, his running ability was all thanks to avoiding bullies and having to rush to events to get a special edition of an All Might figurine.

He wouldn't admit that out loud though. He had learned the hard way certain hobbies were better kept to oneself.

As he ran making his way to the bus stop that he knew would drop him in U.A he clashed with a girl that was walking out of an alley. The result of the kinetic energy that had been accumulated through running brought the only possible development.

Both fell on their behinds, letting out undignified yelps as the sudden sensation of concrete.

"Ow… sorry!" Izuku without wasting a moment offered his hand to the girl. Now that he was seeing her, he saw she was wearing a sailor uniform, she had blond hair and her cheeks gave her a look that seemed to show she was blushing. Izuku couldn't avoid noticing she had a really pretty face.

The girl looked at Izuku with curiosity and a mix of fear. The same way an animal looks another when in wonder if they will attack.

Himiko Toga was many things; she could be called an animal that went on instinct. Moreover, her mental state was far from perfect in the views of many. However, really she was just a girl. One that only asked a bit of kindness in her life. So seeing the stretched hand of the freckled boy with emerald hair, whose eyes showed nothing but concern for her made her smile. She took his hand and was surprised at how easily she was pulled over.

Izuku wasn't expecting how light the girl was. And the result of the sudden pull was he ended up bringing her close to him. The human body is an impressive piece of machinery. Bones, tissues, nerves, so many parts working in perfect harmony. Which makes it at times instinctual to simply hug whatever you bring close to you in order to avoid falling back.

So when Izuku brought the girl up and she came into collision course he did what a hero would do. Or any human in fact. Stop her by hugging her close to him.

"Ah! S-sorry! Is just y-you are too light! And I didn't e-expected it and!" Izuku was rambling wildly, embarrassed at hugging a girl he knew nothing about and who was in the floor because of him in the first place.

Himiko Toga didn't hear any of those ramblings. She simply was blushing and smiling madly at the hug she received. This was the one thing she wanted the most in the world. She didn't have a word for it.

Some would call it kindness. Himiko Toga had never felt it. Therefore, by feeling it now, it brought her a warm that she didn't want to lose. She would fight for this warm feeling! She would never let it go!

Thing is it was gone when Izuku broke the hug. Bringing Himiko Toga out of her daze. She looked at Izuku with curiosity.

"I am sorry, I h-have to go! B-but!" He brought out his notebook from his bag. Taking out a pencil he quickly wrote on the piece of paper and ripped it from the notebook. A crime in his point of view, but a necessary one in this case.

"T-that's m-my n-number! I-if y-you are hurt call me! I will take responsibility!" He scribbled his name and phone number. Himiko Toga saw the piece of paper and took it with the same reverence and explorer takes the treasure he has been looking his whole life.

"Himiko Toga." She spoke firmly and with a smile at him. Izuku was nervous but spoke.

"I-Izuku Midoriya." The girl nodded and remembering what he said she giggled.

"Shouldn't you be running Izuku-kun?" Izuku was so surprised at remembering why he was running in the first place that he just waved at the girl apologizing once more. As his running figure faded from view, Toga simply giggled seeing the piece of paper in her hands again.

"He has pretty handwriting…" She giggled like a girl who had a crush in a boy she had just met.

Because that was exactly what happened.

Pony Tsunotori was having a rough first day of school. She had been told to be sure to arrive early for her first day of classes as she was a foreigner. Now? Now she was waiting for the bus in the stop, hoping she wouldn't arrive late as she had lost the earlier bus by falling asleep.

Now she just sighed in waiting. She would be the first student to arrive late. Great.

She heard the sounds of someone running, constantly asking if he made it. When she took to see to her side she saw a boy with green hair and freckles running. By the speed he was running he was late. It was when she saw him closer that she understood something.

He was also a U.A student.

Izuku sighed seeing he had arrived at the bus stop and looked at the other only person waiting. A girl with blonde hair that reached her back, she had horns in her head, she had a round face with a short equine muzzle… Izuku found her adorable. But he was more focused on the girl horns. So much that he ended up approaching her and looking at them.

Pony Tsunotori had gone through enough people bullying her for her looks. So if this boy wanted to taunt her, he would be getting her horns!

Needless to say, she was surprised when the boy smiled and his face seemed to shine as he spoke.

"Your horns are amazing! Are they related to your quirk? What is your quirk? Does it relate to your tail? Your hair is long too, is it quirk related or just yours?" A sea of questions was coming out of the boy.

She found him oddly adorable. Like a huge dork who was excited. She didn't know how right in the spot that had been.

Still, she took notice of something else in the boy eyes and attitude. Every word he spoke, every question he said, all carried wonder and respect. He was in no means taunting her or being sarcastic, he seriously was asking everything because he found her interesting.

She started giggling.

"You are a dork for quirks aren't you?" This put a stop to Izuku rambling sea of questions and in its place left the boy being all embarrassed. She found this side of the boy even more adorable.

She needed to tease him.

"If you are so curious why don't you touch them? I promise nothing bad will happen." She smiled and he looked embarrassed pointing at himself.

At the rate he was acting, she would end up with a nosebleed. This was too much.

"Of course you, we are the only ones here." She smiled and Izuku nodded before speaking.

"I… I'm I-Izuku M-Midoriya, thank you f-for the chance.,." She smiled and made a small nod.

"Pony Tsunotori, nice to meet you Midoriya… now, are you trying to distract me from what I told you?" Izuku gulped getting caught in the act. He hoped the girl with the obvious accent in her Japanese would present herself or speak more, not go straight for the subject.

She smirked pointing to her horns.

"Come on, don't be shy." She made both of her hands look as small horns and Izuku found it adorable but also intimidating at how forward she was. He approached slowly and let his hand touch the horn.

"Pfft, come on, hold it." Izuku did as told. He immediately became red in the face when Pony Tsunotori let out a moaning sound.

"Not so rough Midoriya! We just met…" Izuku quickly released her horns and went away and turned himself into a ball to avoid the incoming pain.

What came was tons of giggles turning into full out laughter.

"Oh my, you are adorable! They are bone Midoriya, I don't feel anything, what's more, my quirk is Horn Cannon. I can shoot my horns and control them. Izuku. But I don't feel them, so if you were to hold them or break them, I would just grow another one!" She smiled proud of her quirk and noticed Izuku was still on the floor avoiding her. She approached him before poking him.

"Hey… Midoriya?" She poked him again noticing the boy was embarrassed.

"Hey you didn't do anything bad, I was just joking with you…." She was worried the boy had been shyer than she expected. So she decided to fix this with the way she knew best.


"I am going to hug you if you don't look at me." If Izuku was as shy as she hoped he was. Such a comment would make him look at her.

And it did. He slowly looked at her. His face red in shame.

"Y-you d-don't feel anything in them?" She nodded with a soft smile.

"Nothing at all, I was just joking with you." She smiled and offered her hand to him.

"And if you are okay with it Midoriya, I would like us to be friends." Izuku Midoriya was surprised at the fact the girl was offering him to be friends. He found himself nodding excitedly and taking her hand.

She smirked bringing him closer to her.

"Who knows, maybe we can be closer one day…" Needless to say that such comment made Izuku red in the face and made Pony laughed loudly, she hoped Izuku was in her classroom. She would love to have a friend like him close.

He was respectful, he didn't made fun of her, and was actually interested in her quirk. Plus the boy was as shy and nervous as the could be. She would love the many things that could bring fun to her.

As the pair got in the bus to the school they were surprised that they were still going to be able to get there in time. Pony spoke more to Izuku, explaining she came from the US, but had been practicing her Japanese for the hope of studying in U.A, Izuku spoke to her that he was actually interested in quirks, and even asked her if he could write more of her quirk.

Needless to say she found adorable and weird Izuku wanted to write information regarding her quirk, then again, he seemed harmless. Plus she was curious of what he would write there. she was curious Izuku chose to start writing about her quirk in the second page of the notebook. She didn't have a chance to ask about it as the buss arrived in the stop and both walked outside to the doors of U.A

Both walked together because Pony insisted that if they were late, better be late together than alone. Izuku didn't want to be late, but he could see that under the courage of her voice she was actually nervous, so he accepted it.

Pony Tsunotori was many things. And one of them was thankful. So when Izuku accepted her idea to walk together she was extremely thankful. She may not show it, but she was really thankful Izuku had appeared in the bus stop. Her gloomy start in the day faded away with his appearance.

One could say that Izuku Midoriya was her hero of the day.

So she needed to reward such heroism. She approached Izuku side and took his hand. If the boy was uncomfortable, he didn't say it. However, his face was turning red, hiding his freckles. She didn't understand why he was so shy, it wasn't so weird for her for friends to walk holding hands.

Needless to say, but usually those friends were female.

In his nervousness, Izuku didn't notice he arrived to class 1-B where Pony was supposed to be. He was supposed to go into 1-A, but in his nerves, he walked into her classroom. Needless to say, the students who had arrived early didn't put much attention to Izuku. One, in particular, did though.

"Oh, greetings! I see you seem to be lost and was guided by our dear classmate!" the boy spoke to Izuku.

He was surprised at the blonde student who seemed to be rather kind. In tow, a girl walked next to him.

"Oh, hey. You two barely made it in time." A girl with red hair put in a ponytail walked to them. Izuku found them to be nice in how they acted. It was when the teacher arrived that Izuku understood something.

He was in class 1-B. A fact the teacher noted.

"Oh, hey you are supposed to be in 1-A, you are not in my list." Sekijiro Kan. Vlad King spoke and Izuku couldn't avoid asking for his autograph.

Many students in the classroom couldn't avoid thinking the kid was adorable. Even Neito Monoma, found him to be nice. Once the bashful hero signed Izuku notebook he went to his class, but not without saying goodbye to Pony Tsunotori who waved at him.

"I will look for you at lunch!" She spoke with a smile that made Izuku get red in his face again. When the girls of the class saw this they couldn't avoid thinking the kid was cute.

"Nice kid." Spoke Neito Monoma before focusing back on his notebook as class started.

Needless to say, Izuku didn't make a good impression on his teacher when he arrived late. He tried to apologize but the teacher told him to just go an sit in his place. As he had arrived late he had no other option but to sit behind in a corner next to a window. He sighed as he wanted to get a place in the front. He was surprised when he felt someone poke at him.

It was a girl with short hair of a dark purple color smiling at him. She seemed to hold a smirk as she looked at him. Izuku was amazed at the fact she had a jack from her ear.

"Arriving late on the first day? You got guts eh?" She teased him mercilessly. Which wasn't surprising. Kyouka Jirou had noticed when she saw him talking to the teacher he was the shy type. And she liked the idea of being able to get some good fun from him.

She was so focused on her thoughts of teasing him, she didn't notice him looking at her in wonder, bringing out a notebook and writing all he could see of her quirk. He was surprised at seeing it. After taking the notes, Izuku quickly took to draw her.

Only a few know about Izuku talent. And by few, I mean only his mother. He was great at sketching. Hours and hours of seeing quirks and taking notes had given him a fast mind, and a good talent on sketching people. So Jirou was the amazed one when she took notice of Izuku sketching her face with her usual smirk.

"Oh, I look quite pretty eh?" She teased know being closer to Izuku seeing the notebook. Izuku felt extremely nervous right then and the girl just brought out her thumb in an approving signal.

"Don't worry. Finish the sketch." She smiled at him and Izuku nodded. His face reddening. The sketching would have to wait. For their homeroom teacher decided it was time to test their quirks.

Needless to say testing was both fun, arduous and fun for those who had never had the chance to really test their limits before. Katsuki Bakugou was having fun. He really hoped that the one he deemed as a loser was seeing the difference between their skills.

Said loser though, was busy chatting with the girl who could bring out a bazooka out of her own body.

"That was amazing! Can you bring other things? What are the limits, does the color is defined by you or the image? Is it chemical related to the material making it?" Izuku sea of questions would normally make others uncomfortable.

Momo Yaoyorozu was simply having fun answering his questions regarding her quirk. She found it relaxing to chat with someone who was actually able to understand her in the field of knowledge. Sometimes when speaking of quirks, one could be simple and clear. But certain quirks forced one to learn all sorts of stuff. In the case of Yaoyorozu, she had to learn a lot to use her quirk.

And so when chatting of her quirk, most people never got her. They got a simple idea, but never the more fine details of it. She found it oddly relaxing to be able to speak of her creation quirk so much in detail.

"Impressive! That means you are incredibly smart, to make the things you can, you need to learn their components in all sort of levels. Is no wonder you can bring the best out of your quirk." She nodded at the praise. Feeling her cheeks redden just a bit at the fact the boy without trying was complimenting her.

Kyouka Jirou was slightly jealous. The boy who had been so impressed with her quirk was now being impressed with someone else. Then again, he seemed like a nerd for quirks. However, the fact he could so easily forget her quirk peeved her.

"Is amazing, today I am seeing all sorts of amazing quirks, ah! I need to see her again." Yaoyorozu wondered about this and asked who did he meant.

"The girl sitting next to me has jacks in her ears, they look amazing, and I am wondering how they work and…" Izuku ramblings died down when said girl was poking his shoulder with one of the jacks, smiling at him.

"Oi, you didn't know my name right? Kyouka Jirou. Nice to meet you, dork. You should remember the names of the people you sketch." She smiled at him and Izuku felt suddenly red in the face at the embarrassment of not knowing the girl name when they met.

"Izuku Midoriya…" He presented himself to her and she nodded.

Hard not to remember the name of someone who could throw a ball so far with super strength. As meek as Midoriya looked, everyone had been surprised at seeing his throw.

Izuku had been thankful All Might taught him that. That was really of the first tricks he told him.

"Remember! Using One for All without your body being used to it could be devastating! So! We will cheat!"


"Yes! You got a strength you cannot imagine young Midoriya, so now, imagine what would happen if you were to throw a pebble with that level of strength? Anything you throw can become a deadly projectile! So be careful, but it also turns into a useful weapon to dissuade your enemies!"

Izuku was still in shock remembering how All Might broke the sea in half for a moment by throwing a stone in the beach.

The trick of throwing stones or pieces of small rubble proved useful in the exam. He even managed to save a girl by throwing a stone with more power. All Might had told him, the more he winded up the throw the stronger it would come out. He forgot the part of the breaking arm though.

The voice of Yaoyorozu brought him out of his memories.

"Sketch? Do you draw Midoriya?" She asked with curiosity, really she expected the hobbies of someone who had a strength enhancement quirk to be more like, going to the gym, lift dumbbells. Not sketching.

Izuku nodded at her.

"I… I sketch a bit." Izuku wasn't so shy with people, but girls were a weak spot. He had learned to deal with his bullies by avoiding them. It ended up in loneliness, but while he didn't know it, it also served the purpose of his self-esteem not being damaged.

Katsuki Bakugou knew Izuku was quirkless. But he always suspected he might have a speed enhancement quirk at how much he ran and managed to avoid him.

"A bit? Dude here is a professional." Kyouka Jirou smiled as she went on. "He did a sketch of my face in less than a minute; he is great at it too. You should ask him to see it." Izuku face got red at the praise of his sketching skills.

Momo Yaoyorozu was a girl with a big curiosity. A result of that had been her immense knowledge of objects she could create with her quirk. And also her curiosity demanded to be satiated. She started to bring out a piece of paper from her own arm, followed by a small board of wood and a piece of charcoal too. Not the best tools for the job, but she offered them to Izuku.

"Mind showing me?" Izuku brought the board and the paper to him. He looked at Yaoyorozu and his cheeks got red. Jirou noticing this decided to get next to Yaoyorozu placing her arm over her shoulders.

"Trouble drawing cute girls, Midoriya?" She snickered and made Momo blush a bit.

Izuku simply breathed and got into drawing. The students that had already finished the assessment test approached them and focused in the boy who was drawing. Aizawa was actually curious too, but he still needed to finish the assessment of the other four students.

By the end it didn't take long, Izuku used the board to hide his face as he offered with a stretched arm the drawing to Yaoyorozu and Jirou. Yaoyorozu was surprised. Not only had Midoriya perfectly sketched her face and her hair. He had also added Jirou to the drawing, the same pose of before, passing her arm over her shoulders. To say she was impressed was little.

Izuku Midoriya had a talent she found amazing.

"Incredible. This is outstanding Midoriya!" Momo Yaoyorozu had a tendency to be truly expressive when she was happy. And right now she was too happy to control herself for praising Midoriya. Making more students curious about what could be getting the girl with the top scores of the assessment test so impressed.

The rest of the class went quickly and lunch arrived. Izuku was happy that the threat of their teacher had been just to make them work harder. He felt a tap in his shoulder and was met with a smile from Jirou.

"Hey, want to get lunch with us, Picasso?" She smiled at seeing the nervous boy turn red. Before she could go on through a scream was heard from the door.

"Midoriya! Let's have lunch together!" A girl with horns raised a bento over her head as if it was a trophy to show to the world. When she screamed the name though, all the students except for a few not interested looked at Midoriya in the corner of the classroom. The girl with horns noticed where they were looking and waved at him.

"Midoriya!" She waved excitedly pointing to her bento box.

Jirou found the whole thing funny and patted Izuku in the back.

"Look at you Midoriya, so popular with the ladies. You might make me jealous you know?" She laughed at the end of her words to hide the fact those thoughts actually escaped her head.

Izuku nodded at Jirou and apologized, promising they could have lunch at another time.

"I will hold you to that!" She gave him a push to send him in the direction of the horned girl who smiled at him excited for their lunch.

A student with blond hair in spikes found himself sobbing. Denki Kaminari couldn't understand it.

"The classes just started and the nervous kid is a chicks magnet!" Jirou chuckled as Mineta went to pat him in the back.

"Don't worry, there are many more girls in school!" Denki looked at Mineta before speaking.

"I don't want to hear that from you!" He could only sob harder.

As Izuku and Pony walked together Izuku accidentally bumped with someone he had been hoping to avoid in the first day.

"What's your problem Deku?! Looking to fight?!" Bakugou was as often in a foul mood. He looked at Izuku with a mix of anger and resentment. He could never make Izuku quit, and he never got why he tried when he didn't have a quirk. Or faked to not have one.

If he had that quirk, did he thought they were not equals? Was that why he didn't try to fight back and chose to run?

As Bakugou was angry and in thought, Pony helped Izuku keep calm as she pointed to someone behind Bakugou. A tall blonde boy patted Bakugou in the shoulder.

"Excuse me, those are my friends you are bothering, wouldn't you prefer to go bother someone elsewhere? You are making us lose time of lunch." Neito Monoma was speaking with calm in his voice. However, he had already taken the quirk of the other boy in case he tried anything.

"Eh?! What's your problem? This is my business!" Monoma simply chuckled.

"And those two are friends of mine. So why not go away before you make a scene. A teacher could come for you if you are not careful. Oh, hello Vlad King!" Monoma waved at the direction where Bakugou was not watching, as he spun to see he was met with no one in the hall, and when he turned back again neither was the blond boy, Midoriya or the horned girl.

A fuming Bakugou was cursing as Monoma, Izuku and Pony walked to the stairs for another floor.

"Such an attitude, unbecoming of a hero. A barbarian like him in class 1-A? Hard to believe." As Monoma spoke Izuku didn't have much words to say to defend Katsuki. Pony had others thoughts though.

"Well, whatever the case. Thank you Monoma." The other boy smiled at them before going forward to their direction. Izuku didn't ask where they were going he simply walked next to Pony who had said they would have fun in lunch.

They had reached the roof. Waiting there was the girl with the red hair in a ponytail she waved at them with a smile in her face.

"So all of us are here now?" Pony nodded at the girl who walked forward stretching her hand to Midoriya.

"Itsuka Kendo, we didn't have a proper chance to greet each other in the morning." Next to her Monoma stood offering his hand too after her.

"Neito Monoma. But you can call me your savior and hero for the rest of the day." He smiled smugly making clear to Itsuka he had done something. Before she could chop his neck with her hand she was surprised by Izuku words.

"Thank you Monoma. You really were my hero today." He smiled with innocence actually meaning the words. Neito Monoma wasn't used at the praise. Not one so innocent. So as if he was chopped in the neck by his classmate he fell being catch by Itsuka Kendo who looked at Midoriya with wonder.

"You… thank you." She smiled as she placed Monoma on the floor. Izuku didn't understood what had happened. But Pony did. She had been the whole morning seeing Itsuka Kendo chopping the neck of Monoma when he got too smug.

She walked and patted Izuku in the shoulder.

"Don't worry this is normal, but this is not!" She pointed at the bento she placed in the floor, Kendo brought out a mantle and they placed the food down. A simple meal, but the fact they were eating in the roof gave it a more nice feeling. Izuku was having lunch with his classmates…

He felt tears prickling his eyes in happiness.

He held them back as he offered thanks for the food and ate with Kendo and Pony. Both girls spoke to Izuku about their classmates and their own test, Monoma woke up during the middle and didn't lose time to get food.

Izuku learned the quirk of Kendo allowed her to increase the size of her hands, and Monoma could copy the quirks of others, but he also explained he was limited in the sense could be as he call them "duds" that would not work.

Izuku was amazed and kept asking questions, Kendo looked at Pony who nodded with a smile indicating that indeed, the attitude of Midoriya was exactly like that.

Needless to say, lunch was enjoyed in the commodity of a blooming friendship. Monoma was actually liking Midoriya attitude, plus he loved being praised. Itsuka Kendo found the kid to be really nice. He was humble, shy, and she would dare admit, adorable. She just wanted to hug him and tell him surely things would go well.

She was surprised when in her imaginary scenario got affected by Pony who took to hug Izuku saying the same and kicked her in the sheen to get her away from him.

Kendo looked at Pony who made a sign with her hands indicating of her horns.

It seemed she was a bit jealous.

Not that she would be dissuaded. She couldn't keep the shy kid away from her.

Neito Monoma saw the sudden sparks and took to distract Izuku by asking him how the quirk of the other boy worked as he had actually managed to copy it. Needless to say, Izuku was too knowledgeable of the quirk.

Monoma sighed in relief as Izuku took to ramble of the quirk, he had successfully managed to distract him of a couple of girls who suddenly took to have a mental conversation of who could get the shy boy.

Neito Monoma made himself a promise right there. He would keep Izuku safe. Or die trying…. Mostly try without dying. Is hard to keep someone safe in a place full of quirks.

Lunch went by and class resumed itself. Pony asked Kendo if they could bring Izuku to their classroom, the girl insisted that they could get a desk for him. She could even share hers. Itsuka Kendo sighed, explaining it didn't work that way.

Each went their own separate ways. Pony took the might of Kendo quirk, and Monoma explaining to her that surely they would see Izuku tomorrow so they could get her in their classroom. She relented only when Izuku promised they would see each other again tomorrow.

The girl relented but made Izuku promise her again. She really was intent to keep seeing the first friend she made.

Back in the class, Izuku was hearing Aizawa speak, but at the same time, he couldn't avoid making sketches of Itsuka Kendo, Neito Monoma, and Pony Tsunotori. Those sketches brought out the attention of Jirou who looked invested in seeing Midoriya sketch.

She found surprising how someone who looked so shy and acted meekly could look so confident. When he was sketching, his passion shined. Plus in the way he spoke of quirks it was obvious he really thought every quirk was useful.

She found herself wondering if he was the sort that would like to go to a concert. Surely, he would look good in a black shirt with the logo of a band.

She found herself blushing at those thoughts. Fighting her own self.

"Bad Jirou…bad." She found whispering to herself. While Jirou didn't know, a certain invisible girl was giggling at seeing the girl with a blush. Mina Ashido who was doodling in her own notebook heard said giggling. She looked to the side and saw Jirou and at her left in the window, Izuku Midoriya. Momo Yaoyorozu liked the boy sketching ability. Also known as the girl who had a bazooka.

When the class ended and everyone got ready to go out, Mina took the opposite direction and approached Midoriya, she was going to ask what he was sketching when she found him finishing a sketch of her doodling.

Seems she wasn't the only one bored. What she didn't know was Izuku already knew the topic Aizawa spoke of and decided to get sketching. Said girl decided she could tease him about it.

"Look at you! Drawing pretty girls again?" Izuku Midoriya was many things. And while in a panic moment he was also blunt.

"W-well y-yes… but is because! I wanted to know more about your q-quirk! Not only because you are p-pretty." Mina Ashido smiled and nodded at this, thankful her skin wasn't clear so her blush could be lost in her face. One needed to focus to notice the girl was blushing.

"Oh." Her words though, those weren't so discreet to hide her emotions. She looked to the side looking for help but found none and simply decided to pat him in the back.

"Thanks…." She left while walking away. She had been called pretty. Moreover, she liked that feeling. She left with a smile in her face and giggling.

Izuku didn't understood what happened. However, he decided to not test his luck and make his way back home.

Not to his surprise, Monoma, Kendo and Pony were waiting in the door for him. Kendo pointed at the horned girl.

"She refused to leave until you appeared." Monoma chuckled as he pointed to Kendo.

"She did support her idea though." Kendo was about to give Monoma a piece of her mind when the three of them noticed Izuku bowing at them.

"Thank you…" Izuku couldn't remember the last time he went out with friends from school. The trio of students from 1-B simply smiled. They walked towards the station, they had fun when Izuku explained his station wasn't the same as Pony, but rather that he ended up there because he forgot to get out of his stop in time.

Pony was the most thankful of the mistake. Otherwise, they wouldn't have met. Once they reached the station they got their separate ways, except for Pony who asked Midoriya if they could take the bus together again.

Izuku Midoriya was in a pickle. For one part, he did like to take the bus together with her, on the other... he would need to arrive earlier…

"We can be late every day together!" She smiled happily.

Definitely earlier.

Back home Izuku Midoriya shared with his mother the fact he made friends. Needless to say, the matriarch of the Midoriya household cried tears of happiness for her son. She also asked if she could see his sketches of the day. When she went to pick the notebook she was surprised Izuku didn't let it go.

The mother of Izuku was a busy woman, since the departure of her husband she refused to let the house go down, she cared for Izuku and had kept fighting tooth and nail to offer her the support he needed. Quirkless or not, she wouldn't put down her son.

Needless to say, she had to work hard to avoid stress eating. The matriarch of the Midoriya household had kept her physique only by the constant run at work and the will to be there for Izuku.

So when his boy, the child she had supported endlessly suddenly didn't release his notebook she was worried. Did she failed?! Did all her work wasn't enough?! Was Izuku with the wrong crowds?! Did she needed to ask Mitsuki to hit Katsuki?!

"Izuku… you didn't draw anything indecent? Did you?" Izuku was nervous and relented his notebook when he took on the expression of his mother. His mother only made sounds of happiness seeing the sketches though.

"Oh my! She looks so cute! Izuku you have a talent for art! Why not follow a career in media?" Inko Midoriya loved her boy and wished him the best. Moreover, while she did support the dream to be a hero, she would lie if she didn't say she didn't look for other alternatives for his boy.

His mother had brought up the options of a career as a painter, an artist, a sculptor, a photographer, a firefighter… ironically she considered fire less of a risk than the hero gig.

"I… I might consider it…" He would always be honest. And he did consider that if all failed it was good to know there were other career options.

Izuku and his mother were surprised when his cellphone ringed.

Few people had his number. So when Izuku saw the phone and didn't recognize the caller he still answered.

"Hello?" He spoke and could hear a feminine giggle.

"Hey, Izuku-kun." Izuku remembered that voice from the morning.

"Toga? Did something happen?" The girl giggled. She didn't expect him to remember her name, so the fact he did brought her the same warm of the morning.

"I just wanted to call…" Izuku could hear the sounds of cars and wind.

"Are you outside?" The girl stayed silent for a moment and Izuku was worried.

"If I am… what would you do?" Izuku didn't really think it twice.

"Help you." Inko Midoriya was proud of her boy. She had raised a hero. But more importantly, she had raised a boy with good morals and a heart of gold.

The phone stayed quiet for a moment. Then the next thing Izuku hear was the name of a park. And Inko and Izuku thought it was time to take a drive. The car of the Midoriya family was small, but it was good for going places such as a park when the night was coming by.

The afternoon sky was showing stars teasing the coming of the night. The chill wind of the city and the sound of cars wasn't uncommon for Himiko Toga. The uncommon thing was she was sitting in a park bench close to a public phone. Exposed, without hiding or trying to steal food. Just waiting.

Waiting for someone who had said would come to help her.

She had a dream. A really simple dream compared to others. She just wanted her life to be easier. To not fight so hard to stay safe, to have the warmth she got today. Is funny, she yearned for something she didn't know. And found it by accident. And that same source of warmth told her to wait.

Maybe it was a cruel joke. Maybe he wouldn't come. And leave her in the cold night, waiting for something that wouldn't happen. Making her feel like an idiot…

But Izuku Midoriya was the warmest being she had ever come into contact. He didn't tell her she was dirty. He didn't say she smelled bad. The boy had been kind. And she was willing to wait for that source of warmth. As long as it took.

So she was surprised when she saw a car stopping by close to the park entrance, and saw a boy of green hair and freckles looking everywhere until he saw her. Izuku Midoriya had arrived.

And if it was a dream or an illusion. She didn't want to wake up from it.

But she knew it wasn't an illusion, for in illusions you don't see things so clearly, she had already gone through enough hunger to know. She knew it wasn't a dream.

For none of her dreams were as warm as Izuku Midoriya hugging her and speaking he was glad that she waited for him. None of her dreams were as warm as the hug of the woman with green straight hair that obviously was the mother of Izuku Midoriya. And none of her dreams ever felt as comfortable as the back seat she was sharing with Izuku in the small car of Inko Midoriya.

No. No dream was that warmth.

And when she was met with so much warmth, her body did something she had been meaning to do for long.


And let sleep surround her, knowing she was safe for the first time in a long time.

She couldn't feel when Izuku carried her with care to a room for visits. She couldn't feel the warmth of the sheets covering her. She didn't feel the hand of Inko Midoriya undoing her hairstyle so she could rest more comfortable.

She only felt the inside her the sensation of being cared that was brought by the two members of the Midoriya household, a sensation so strong she practically was drunk on it and brought her to unconsciousness.

The sweetest of rests came to her. And this time when she was sleeping, a smile appeared in her face.

For she had a place where she belonged and such a place was in the arms of Izuku Midoriya.

Maybe the reason Himiko Toga had gone through so much pain and hardships. Was to end up in the arms of Izuku Midoriya. Tomorrow a new day would come. And Himiko Toga would be sure to thank both for their kindness.


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