Chapter 6.- Oh no you don't get to hurt him! Counterattack!

The trip to the USJ also known as Unforeseen Simulation Joint, was usually for one class at a time. Mostly because it involved a rather costly experience to move so many people, but then again, it was all paperwork and approval. And for that reason Aizawa was forced into getting two more teachers for each class. Meaning there were four teachers in the bus with him included. Nedzu thought he was doing him a favor with the extra supervision…

"Yo! Aren't you excited Aizawa! This is a vacation pretty much." He felt the tight side hug of Hizashi as he sighed.

"Pretty much, how hard is to keep the children safe?" Nemuri, Midnight spoke too poking Aizawa from the seat behind.

"You two should behave. Aizawa already has a hard time with this many students. We must help him." Ken Ishiyama, Cementoss was sitting with Midnight with his arms crossed.

Aizawa was thankful Nedzu had sent him an adult to keep watch of the pair of children he was caring for. Two children who were over the age to be called children!

He really needed a vacation.

The students were excited as they got down and formed in their small groups. The girls of class B were working together to keep Pony in place who wanted to go with class A.

"Keep calm would you?" She was trying to see Izuku but they had to keep the order going. Plus it wouldn't look good for her to rush at him.

"Yeah. Look at Reiko and Kinoko, they are taking it pretty well." When Itsuka spoke she noticed Reiko holding Kinoko in place.

"Okay… only Reiko is taking it well…" She sighed as she saw Setsuna speaking with her friend.

"Yui! We got to talk!" Yui Kodai was a student with black hair barely touching her shoulders. She looked relaxed and serious. When she saw Setsuna she nodded.

"Setsuna. How can I help you?" She was surprised when Setsuna got her arm over her shoulders.

"I was hoping to help you in helping yourself." Yui Kodai sighed knowing fully well how her friend was.

As this happened, the big three of UA were together speaking with Aizawa.

"Just do what you usually do. Relax and enjoy it." He focused his gaze on Nejire for a while before sighing.

"Go. We both know you are dying to go see him." Nejire made a vow thanking him before rushing away. He focused on the other two teens.

"I believe I can count on both of you to be responsible adults and help me care for those children?" Aizawa surprising Mirio and Tamaki, was pointing at Midnight and Hizashi who were speaking with Cementoss about how ships worked apparently. Tamaki didn't remember there was more than one boat in the USJ, Mirio simply got the hidden meaning quickly.

"We can do that." Tamaki spoke as Mirio smiled nodding.

"Absolutely! No one can stop Lemillion and Suneater!" He brought Tamaki next to her who spoke in a grunt at his friends strength.

"And Nejire… she went for Izuku didn't she?" Aizawa and Mirio nodded. No words were needed to explain it.

"Someone tell me she didn't go to bite Izuku." Mirio laughed as he took Tamaki away. Better go see Thirteen again before they lost the chance of a proper hello.

Meanwhile tightly being hugged Izuku was considering if he should have said Nejire to let the hugs a bit down.

"Izuku!" She twirled him as she laughed.

Mineta and Kaminari were slightly jealous. More precisely Mineta was absolutely confused on how Izuku had gotten a girl like that when they had barely been in the school. What was going on?! Why he didn't get a hottie?! Why did Izuku had hot girls of the class too?!

Mineta found himself falling unconscious as he was about to cry blood at the injustice. Momo Yaoyorozu shuddering and everyone else seeing her as she had knocked Mineta out with a staff.

"Why did you do that?" The boys of the class asked. She was confused herself about the sudden impulse she had-

"I don't know… I just felt so creeped out…" While Momo may have been the one to hit Mineta, actually all the girls of the class had a similar feeling. Actually Hagakure was already planning a sneak attack when Momo hit him with the staff.

Nejire ignored the event and kept hugging Izuku taking the shorter boy and nuzzling him.

"Ah I missed you." She spoke with sincerity. Her sincerity made Izuku blush and while some of the guys of the class found it weird, others like Kirishima found themselves offering him a thumbs up.

"Oi Izuku! Is not manly making a girl miss you! Take responsibility!" He crossed his arm with a smirk nodding at his own words.

Izuku blushed and Nejire looked at him now expectantly. She didn't really felt Izuku had done anything bad. But she also didn't mind a compliment from him.

"I… I m-missed you too." Nejire smiled hugging him tighter.

Kirishima grinned patting Bakugou in the shoulder.

"That's manly eh?" Bakugou was seriously considering blasting Kirishima away. It was then he felt a poke in his shoulder and looked at a floating hand making a peace sign. The floating hand pointed in a direction.

As his line of sight followed the hand he found out a girl lacking a hand waving at him. She had an evil smile as she pointed at him motioning there would be problems if he did anything funny. He grunted remembering he wanted a rematch against her.

As this happened Izuku and Nejire had ended their hug and were both rambling about the USJ. This exchange surprised the rest of class A, never believing someone could follow the rambles of Izuku, surprisingly, it seemed Nejire was actually dropping more information than Izuku.

"They are a sea of rambling." Tsuyu voice caught the attention of Ochako and Kaminari.

"Well… I guess.. I mean they are excited." Was Ochako kind reply.

"They are nuts." Was Kaminari not so subtle answer.

"Oh they are simply sharing knowledge, providing each other with a broader view for this exercise! Izuku Midoriya never stops to impress me with his analytical prowess! Always a step ahead!" Iida was simply seeing what he wanted to see.

Kyouka and Momo simply smiled seeing the scene. They had to admit Nejire had a charm to her that made it hard for them to even consider being angry, that she was taking Izuku attention for herself.

As they entered the USJ they were given a brief introduction on how it would work.

"Now, Cementoss will be taking care of group A in the urban environment, Midnight will be with group B in the forest environment, Present Mic of group C in the ship scenario, Aizawa will be taking group D to the Mountain environment. After thirteen minutes you will rest for five and rotate to the next scenario until you been in the four of them. Any doubts?" Thirteen asked kindly as Hizashi giggled saying "ship" until he got a cement elbow to the gut.

As this happened, an explosion sounded, everyone looked to the side seeing a group of people rushing by. Cementoss didn't lose anytime in raising walls of the cement of the floor to block their advance. What took him by surprise were the sudden portals that came to be.

"Pro hero Cementoss. Such a bother… wasn't their supposed to be only one teacher here?" A man made of mist spoke.

Aizawa got his goggles on place as Nemuri and Hizashi also got ready.

"Villains? How did they know we had this exercise today?" Aizawa made memory when hearing the voice of Hizashi.

"Aizawa. Did you moved my paperwork?" Nedzu asked before he submitted his paperwork for the joint exercise.

"No. I dislike it." Nedzu nodded.

"Someone seems to have taken a peek at my files…" Nedzu would have to check on this.

"Nedzu said someone entered his office and peek at the paperwork… that was one big gambit you played there." He looked at the mist figure of the portal who seemingly nodded.

"Indeed. He even seems to have found a way to block my portals of working in your school after that." Aizawa smirked at that.

High Specs was a powerful quirk. Nedzu could learn and adapt quickly to whatever he suspected happened and prepared accordingly. The mad man surely had expected someone entered his office.

Truth was, Nedzu was more scared of someone peeking the writing for the play than the school documents. So he prepared all sort of measures to protect the office and the school in general. High Specs was indeed a powerful quirk when properly used. In addition, fear was one big motivation.

A young man whose face was covered with a hand sighed.

"Whatever, more heroes means he will have to come faster when they are in danger." Hizashi smirked at this.

"Oi, I believe you are not really considering you have four pros right now." After this Hizashi focused in letting out a scream that startled many of the villains.

"Hahahaa!" He laughed as his quirk made its work. He had been careful to not be near the students as he used his quirk.

Cementoss didn't lose time raising the cement sediments from the floor to start trapping them.

Aizawa quickly went for Iida.

"You are the fastest Iida. Go at the school and tell Nedzu about this. We will make a distraction for you." Iida nodded at him.

"What is the distraction?" Aizawa pointed at the three students who were walking forward with serious faces.

"They are." Aizawa looked at the top three of U.A

Mirio smiled at the many villains. He spoke without losing focus of the enemies in sight and around them.

"You know what to do." Nejire and Tamaki nodded.

"Power!" Mirio immediately ran and ended up diving to the floor where he seemingly phased away surprising the rest of the students who were being kept together by Thirteen and Midnight.

The villains were startled by this as suddenly behind them Mirio appeared knocking them without any reserve.

When the young man with his face covered saw this he tried to go for a grab, only to be propelled away by a shockwave.

"No touching!" Nejire and Tamaki had seen the hole in the wall had seemingly been a product of the young man. So they understood immediately. Not touching him was a good idea.

As this happened the figure shrouded in mist got alarmed, and he quickly brought so many portals that both allies and enemies were sent everywhere.

True mayhem was starting. In the USJ!

Kirishima and Izuku found themselves together with Cementoss, Yui Kodai, Itsuka Kendo, and Tamaki. The last one being the first one to speak.

"Everyone is okay?" Tamaki asked seeing everyone nod. Cementoss took notice of where they were.

"Urban zone. We got teleported us randomly. Otherwise, he wouldn't send me in a zone full of material for me to use my quirk with." Tamaki nodded.

"He entered in panic when Nejire threw his ally away with a shockwave." Cementoss nodded as he made the student stay in-group.

"Well, we better go back to the middle, hopefully, Iida managed to run. We must regroup."

As they started walking through the urban environment, villains did try to aim for them but were quickly disposed of by the quirk of Cementoss being boosted in an urban environment. The students were on their guard the whole time, Cementoss covering the front with Tamaki in the back.

As they walked Itsuka approached Izuku seeing him nervous.

"Relax. There are pros and the top of the U.A. in here. Have faith in them." Izuku found himself nodding and relaxing there was no use in him being absolutely worried. He wouldn't be able to give his best if such was the case.

"Thank you, Itsuka…" He found himself saying her name without stuttering. Kirishima who was behind Izuku noticed the way the girl spoke with him.

"So manly… that girl is manly." Yui Kodai hearing Kirishima nodded.

"Indeed." Kodai knew of Itsuka prince tendencies. However, it was the first time she saw them in action. She wasn't disappointed. What she did also notice was how she was smiling at the boy known as Izuku. She took notice of his blushing cheeks and the way Itsuka looked at him.

She understood something now.

Itsuka liked the boy.

She found herself smiling finding the scene adorable. A small part of her was wondering, how hard would it be to make the boy blush. Like that with her.

Kirishima meanwhile was seeing Izuku and remembering his idol. Crimson Riot.

Bakugou often spoke badly of Izuku. Yet he was seeing someone who was trying his best.

A "Manly Heart" to me is a life led without regret!

He smiled deciding he would need to chat with Bakugou later about Izuku.

In the ship zone two things happened, one were villains were being electrocuted in the water. Monoma was cursing at being thrown in the water while copying the other boy quirk. He would remember this move by Setsuna. The villains who were not in the water were getting an intensive course in pain courtesy of Present Mic scream.

Once the villains were subdued he gathered everyone.

"Come on kids! I am worried of Eraser Head being alone!" He gathered everyone quickly as they moved away. He looked at Tsuyu.

"Can you use the rope to bring out the kid who electrocuted the water?" Before she could answer Setsuna approached.

"Leave that to me." She snickered thinking of how fun it would be to see Monoma. She had seen the other boy freeing his electricity and how he ended up. The idea of seeing a dumb Monoma pleased her.

As the group kept moving Hizashi hoped Nemuri and Aizawa had it as easy as him.

Nemuri, Midnight in fact had it extremely easy. She ended up making the villains whose quirks didn't protect them from her quirk to fall asleep. She smiled after making sure the situation was difused to bring the rest of the students out and back to the center.

"Hopefully those two have it easy…" As she spoke a few student asked her if she wasn't worried about Cementoss.

"What? Why would I worry? Pretty much the majority of the area has cement for him to work with. If he got into the urban area he probably already trapped everyone else. I am more worried about Eraser Head and Present Mic."

Aizawa, Eraser Head was in the company of the majority of students, Todoroki and Bakugou having frozen and blasted the majority of the small fries. He sighed.

"I hope Midnight and Mic have it easier."

The trio of teachers spoke the same thing in different places.

"They would be in troubles without me." The three friends of the past were hoping the other was fine.

Cementoss was feeling for a weird reason sort of alone.

"Professor? Are you well?" Izuku asked at Cementoss who sighed.

"I am not sure…. I feel suddenly alone…" Izuku patted the professor in the back. He didn't really get what could happen to Cementoss to get him like that.

In the middle ground Shigaraki Tomura was standing after the shock he received that sends him to the floor.

"Ugh… there weren't supposed to be so many people… here." Kurogiri helped him stand.

"What do you want to do? The people you gathered are most probably defeated already. Our plans were based only in Eraser Head. We didn't consider so many heroes." Tomura grunted.

"I know… let us get Nomu and see if we can raise the kill count here…" Kurogiri nodded but stopped for a moment.

"You are sure?" Tomura grunted and he sighed as he opened the warp gate bringing out Nomu.

As the hulking figure came out the heroes had regrouped.

Tomura smiled at this.

"Oh perfect, we don't need to go looking for you anymore." As he spoke he was counting the people he had seen before.

"Wait… three are missing." He heard the sound of something moving behind him and was met with a punch, throwing him away. Before Kurogiri could react, a shockwave pushed him away.

"Actually only Tamaki is missing." Mirio looked over without worries as Shigaraki tried to touch him only to pass through him.

"Permeation. Awesome right?" Mirio smiled as he avoided the rushing creature that did push Shigaraki away.

"That is bullshit!" Shigaraki couldn't believe someone had a quirk like that. It pretty much nullified his.

"No. Is my quirk." Mirio smiled as he signaled for Nejire to come back.

Mirio stood up in front of the trio of villains defiantly.

"I would like it if you just surrendered and left my juniors to have their classes." Mirio eyes showed decision and his posture showed no openings. That's why Shigaraki felt so angry when a portal opened taking him away.

"Wait!" Kurogiri preferred to safe keep their weapon and save them rather than foolishly lose it.

As they went away Mirio smiled.

It was then the roof broke and All Might came down.

"My apologies! Iida told me and… is it over?" Aizawa nodded as Hizashi and Nemuri regrouped in their usual trio. Cementoss feeling oddly lonely again until he saw Thirteen next to him with the remaining students.

"I believe we owe the students a recess…" All Might smiled at this. He was happy to see nothing much had happened.

The pro heroes were speaking between themselves when Nedzu came with reinforcements. He was happy of seeing everything resolved itself quickly. There were no injured surprisingly. But there was a lot of cleanups to do with the remaining villains.

As this was going on the students grouped between themselves and started chatting. Nejire receiving tons of praise from her juniors together with Mirio.

Tamaki sighed as he ate. He was surprised when Izuku came to sit next to him.

"You were great senpai." This made Tamaki raise an eyebrow.

"I didn't do much Izuku." Izuku denied with his head.

"You were keeping us safe together with Cementoss, you also made sure we didn't separate, and you were always looking out for us. I believe you were a true hero." Tamaki found himself in the need to eat a bowl of ramen so he could hide his face there, away from Izuku praises.

Tamaki understood something of Izuku. He was one who admired all the parts of hero work.

Not only the showy acts, but he also understood the weight and importance of what may look like menial tasks.

"Thanks…" As this happened both were surprised to see Mirio face appear in the middle of the floor.

"You two are bonding! That's great!" Mirio smiled as Nejire came to take Izuku away.

"Bond with me! Tamaki already has Mirio!" Mirio and Tamaki again were surprised at her comments. Did she thought they were a couple? They were besties. It's different.

To surprise Izuku further, a group of girls tackled him to the ground. Kinoko, Pony and Setsuna. Each with different motives.

"Izuku! Are you well?! they didn't hurt you right?" Kinoko and Pony were worried of his health. Setsuna had something different to say.

"Yo! Izuku! I took a picture of Monoma you need to see how dumb he looks!" Slowly Reiko came walking and just kneeled next to him.

"Are you well?" Her voice caught his attention and he noticed the worry in her eyes. He nodded with a smile.

"I am well… Tamaki and Cementoss kept us safe." The girls all focused on Tamaki who for a moment felt threatened. He was their senpai, he had three years of experience over them, and was an intern who fought constantly in the streets with a pro hero. That didn't meant he couldn't feel fear. But he was surprised at the thankful smiles he was receiving.

"Thank you senpai." He felt embarrassed for a moment at hearing all the girls thanking him. Mirio coming out of the floor in his costume smiled at his friend offering him a side hug.

"I told you, you are more popular than you believe." Mirio smile made Tamaki smile nodding.

"I guess…" Nejire got to hug both of them.

"We are the big three remember?" The trio nodded at her words and they focused on seeing the girls all hug Izuku.

They noticed how Kyouka and Momo walked too looking for Izuku and smiling when they saw him. Kyouka immediately went to join the group hug. Momo wasn't sure how to enter at this Mirio spoke.

"She still needs to relax more." His friends nodded.

Then they heard a girl screaming. They noticed her pink skin and horns.

"Let me on in the group hug!" She just jumped at the pile of people. Who managed to support her added weight. This time it was Tamaki who spoke.

"There you got a girl who is relaxing way too much." Nejire nodded before standing up.

"Well I am up for the group hug." She walked holding both friends by their hands.

"Oi!" Tamaki didn't want to be together with so much people, he was given no option as Nejire brought him in front of everyone.

"Hey! Everyone! Why not hug your senpais!" The girls and some others went immediately for the hug. Mineta was trapped in a mix of Sero tape and Aizawa bandages. Both didn't know why they trapped him. They just felt it was right. Tamaki felt both weird and happy. Mirio chose to offer a prayer for his best friend as he used his quirk to get away.

"Ah, such a beautiful scene." Mirio spoke with a smile seeing the group hug going. He noticed that as this happened two people were gone and he couldn't avoid chuckling.

"That girl acts as if she was a ghost." Reiko was nowhere to be seen and neither was Izuku.

"Reiko?" The girl had brought Izuku a bit farther away from where everyone was sharing a group hug about their success.

Before he could ask anything he found himself in a hug from the gray-haired girl.

"I was worried." Izuku returned the hug. She broke it after a moment making some distance between them.

"Tomorrow. Can I pick you up?" Izuku was surprised. She was taking him to a date?!

As confused as he was he found himself nodding.

"It will be good, I promise." Reiko, Izuku noticed was someone of few words. She never spoke much. But she still manages to say so much in few words that he was surprised about it.

"Thanks, Reiko." He smiled and found himself blushing. It had taken him a few times to get it. But what made Reiko so nice was that she was willing to speak to him.

She was silent. She liked silence and saw no reason in speaking. Yet she chose to share a few words with him, those special words that she just didn't share so often. And that made it special. She chose to share with him…

Reiko noticed the blushing cheeks of Izuku and brought her hand towards it.

"Izuku?" She spoke softly curious of what elicited the blush of his cheeks. She was surprised when Izuku brought her in a hug. Reiko understood then. The hug was enough of an answer.

She returned the hug softly. A clear message was going through the hug.

I don't need words to say how much you mean to me. Your actions speak much more clear than any words can do, and I am thankful for the words you share with me… for in the silence of your care they sound much louder. And they mean so much more.

Reiko tightened the hug clearly saying.

You are worth every word. You are worth every hug, every time we hold our hands, every time we look into the eyes of the other. I want to share every moment with you.

Far away Snipe was looking at Reiko and Izuku hugging.

"…. Adorable….." He couldn't believe how beautiful the scene of the silent hug was.

No words were needed. For those lovebirds.

Toshinori Yagi was silently seeing Izuku with a smile, hiding between trees together with Aizawa, Hizashi and Nemuri. The last one holding a handkerchief.

"They don't need any words…. To express how much they like each other…" Midnight had seen many dramas, but she had to admit, this type of silent romance had its own charm.

"I am rooting for Nejire still…" Aizawa nodded at the words of Hizashi.

"She offers a more stable future." Hizashi nodded, Nemuri pointed at them.

"Are we seeing the same lovely moment?" Toshinori Yagi was simply smiling.

Seeing Izuku so happy was something he was glad to get to see. He never had any children. But he had to admit that in Izuku he found a sort of feeling that made him feel like a proud dad seeing his boy grow up. It was weird. But not unwelcomed by any means.

Was that the way a father felt when being proud of their children?

Once cleanup ended, and the students were taken back to the school so they could all go back to their homes.

The students were thankful there had been no troubles thanks to luck and the heroes.

Izuku was this time walking towards the station as he heard steps and noticed it was Itsuka. She waved at him as they walked in silence. Itsuka simply approached Izuku linking her hand with his, soothingly offering a grip that made him relax.

"Crazy day right?" Izuku nodded as her chill voice spoke.

"Yeah… but nothing bad happened today…" Itsuka nodded.

"I was worried about you trying something you know? I know how much of a hero you are." Her words made him blush slightly.

"Thanks…" She smiled bringing him closer to her as she spoke.

"Mind if I drop you at home?" This surprised Izuku who got a finger to his lips courtesy of Itsuka.

"I am not getting a no as an answer." She smiled confidently making him blush as he accepted her idea.

During the trip to the station, on the train and in the walk to his home. Itsuka Kendo never once let go the hand of Izuku Midoriya. It was a silent journey in which Itsuka did nothing but hum tunes to songs Izuku didn't know but found nice.

As they reached the Midoriya household Itsuka smiled.

"Nice place… Izuku." Her voice made him look at her with surprise seeing the usually cool Itsuka was having her cheeks blushing slightly.

"Would… would it be okay for me to pick you up on Saturday? I would like to take you to have a fun time. Especially after today." Izuku found himself nodding. He was brought in for a surprise when Itsuka brought him close to her and kissed his lips softly.

"It's a date." Itsuka waved Izuku as she left walking.

Inko Midoriya and Himiko Toga looking at the fleeting image of Itsuka walking off in the sunset. Both making sure to rub their eyes as when they saw Itsuka going away they could swear they were seeing a prince walking away leaving a princess safely in her home.

Himiko got to pass the illusion effect faster as she went out to get Izuku inside for him to tell her everything about what she said.

In the school, Nedzu was sighing filling the paperwork of the day. But he had a small smile on his face seeing the two framed pictures he had in his desk now.

One was of the big three, Tamaki, Mirio and Nejire in their hero costumes being hugged by the students. The other was of Izuku Midoriya tackled by the girls of class B and A. The silly scene made him laugh and keep on doing the paperwork with glee.

He was doing all this extra work for them.

The students would one day become heroes. They would be working full time, they would be having irregular schedules, their lives would be in the line all the time, the competition was fierce and they would be part of it.

Therefore, he had to make sure they had a good time in school. So they could look at the past and say:

I remember how fun those days were.

He saw the picture of the big three again.

"I am sorry Nejire. This play is about prince Itsuka…" He sighed as he kept working.

Not knowing someone heard his voice and decided they would be checking that play.

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Chapter 7.- Ghost aren't scary when they hug you. Know I care for you.