We used to be four ordinary teenagers

Until one day, we made some new friends,

From out of town.



They were called the Dinosaucers.



My friends and I became the Secret Scouts,

Allies to these Dinosaucers from outer space,

And joined in their battle against Genghis Rex and the evil Tyranos.


The Dinosaucers are leaving bossauar!

[Genghis Rex]

Well, follow them!


Dinosaucers. Dinosaucers.

Third Person pov: It was a beautiful day on planet Earth and in a small city, four best friends along with one of their classmates were finishing a science project.

"This thing is amazing, Paul!" Sara said with a smile, she was sitting next to her twin brother. "Will this really find life on other planets?" Ryan asked Paul.

"Of course it will." Paul replied to him, David and Astra had mixed feelings about this. "I hope we can find some aliens!" David said with a smirk.

"I'm not so sure we should look for other life forms." Astra responded lightly, she looked a little like David only with longer hair and green eyes.

"Astra, everything will be just fine." Sara told her, Paul put on the finishing touches. "It's ready for testing." Paul told his friends, he turned on the machine.

But what these five kids didn't know was that on another planet that's on the other side of the sun, some scientist's were starting up a machine of their own.

"This will search and find life on other planets." Bonehilda said to her co-workers, they were excited to test out their invention and hoped it would work.

Bonehilda is the top scientist on her planet and couldn't wait to see what's out beyond the stars and maybe what's beyond the sun orbiting her home.

Both Paul and Bonehilda turned on their machines at the same time which caused a strange reaction from both inventions. "That's odd." Bonehilda muttered.

"What's happening?" David asked Paul, no one knew what was happening. "The machines synced up with an unknown source!" Astra answered him.

On both planets, the machines started to glow before blowing up which caused a negative effect to happen in Paul's garage. "What's that?" Sara asked in awe.

A portal had been opened. "A portal? Why's that here?" Ryan asked his friends, after he asked that, the portal started to suck the kids into it without warning.

"Run for it!" Paul shouted in fear, but it was too late, they'd been sucked into the portal. "What's going on?" Bonehilda asked one of the others, they didn't know.

"Something's coming through the portal!" Dimetro told her, everyone watched as five figures emerged from the portal. "What are these creature's?" Dimtero asked.

Bonehilda took a scanner and held it over one of the creature's. "They're mammals." Bonehilda announced, the room went into an uproar but were silenced.

"We have two females and three males." Bonehilda added on, everyone wondered what they should do with the five mammals but looked to Bonehilda for answers.

"We should alert the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress." Dimetro told her, so Bonehilda went to do that while Dimetro put the mammals in a safe room for now.

"Great! What now?" David asked the others, the kids had only pretended to be out cold. "We need to get out of here!" Ryan answered him, he was nervous.

"How do we do that?" Paul asked in worry, he checked the room for any holes. "We can't get out!" Sara said sadly, the room was sealed up tightly.

Astra watched quietly since she was still new the group. "Guess we'll just have to wait." David said glumly, he and his friends slumped to the floor.

The only one who hadn't said anything was Astra since she was trying to figure something out but any plans she had wouldn't work out easily.

Sara looked at Astra and was hit an idea to help cheer everyone up. "Astra, how 'bout a song?" Sara asked hopefully, Astra smiled at her an nodded 'yes'.

[Play Chise's Lullaby from The Ancient Magus' Bride]


Hitotsu futatsu doko ni saku

Kodomo ga nemuru mado no shita

Awai tsuki yo no shiroi hana

Mittsu yottsu doko ni saku

Mama no kagami no fuchi kazari

Aoi chiisa na hana ga saku

Kazoe masyou

Kazoe masyou

Hana wo mistsuke te

Kazoe masyou

Nanatsu yattsu kazoe tara

Kodomo ga nemuru yume no naka

Mama ga age masyo hana taba wo

Mama ga age masyo hana ta be wo


At the end of the song, Astra and her friends were relaxed now. "Thanks for that Astra." Ryan said with a smile, Astra blushed but was happy to have helped her new friends.

"No problem." Astra replied happily, none of the kids realized that Bonehilda and Dimetro had been listening to their conversation or the song that Astra had sung.

"These mammals are intelligent like us." Dimetro whispered, he was a holding a scanner that shows how intelligent the kids are. "The same level." Bonehilda added.

Dimetro and Bonehilda continued to observe the kids until they fell fast asleep while holding hands. "Should we leave them alone for now?" Dimetro asked Bonehilda.

"We should." Bonehilda replied to him, they went back to the main room to wait for their planets leaders to appear. "Won't be long now." Bonehilda muttered to herself.

Everyone in the room hoped that the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress would be able to provide some answers like what to do with the mammals that appeared on Reptilon.

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