To be honest, despite me not being interested in the game anymore, I really enjoy writing The Unsung Hero a lot and I would like to announce that I am placing all of my other fics to the back and will prioritize and focus on the sequel and spin-offs of The Unsung Hero. I also like Roman being paired with Taina and I intend to keep it that way with all the future stories involving the power couple.

The first will be the follow-up to The Unsung Hero. I can't give any details about that story yet as it will ruin the ending of The Unsung Hero but I can guarantee that it will captivate your interest and to the freaky readers that enjoy the smut I type, this story will be specifically for you. The story will have fluff, a abundant amount of smut, adventure, and mild angst to keep things spicy.

The second will be a multi-chapter Federal Bureau of Investigation AU. Roman and Taina will be the main pairing once again. If you guys do want him to be paired up with a different female operator, let me know, but Roman x Female Operator will not be endgame, Roman x Taina will be. Basically, all of Rainbow's operators up to Y4S4 will be featured in the story. Backgrounds of Roman and Taina will probably be the same but who knows? I might change my mind and have Taina come from a rich family and Roman from a piss poor one.

The third will be a multi-chapter Resident Evil AU that will be cross-posted between this section and Resident Evil. You know how Leon and Claire met at Raccoon City Police Department's station in RE2 remake? It will be similar to that and the story will follow similarly to all of the Resident Evil games and animated movies. Do not ask me to take some inspiration from the live-action films lmao, they are complete dogshit to me.

I do have other AU's in mind, but the first three that I have listed are guaranteed to be typed. I have thought about doing a completely separate Jurassic World AU that doesn't have Rainbow in it. The FBI AU was originally going to be the LAPD Metropolitan Division AU.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about The Unsung Hero, the sequel to it and the spin-offs, or just any question in general, leave a review! Thank you all for your support, I truly do appreciate it a lot. It really helps me stay motivated to keep typing and typing despite me taking a while upload a new chapter lol. Anyways, leave a review! Thank you! WE GO AGANE