This is a new a newbie....plz tell me what u think....RESPOND TO ME! * * A stumbling man steps onto the sandy beach. His tall body is covered in dirt and blood and his clothes: ripped and stained with blood. He stands for a moment on the brown, dry sand. He feels a slight wind drift past him and falls onto the warm ground. He stares up to the sky and takes in the heat of the blistering sun. He is so weary from his head to his feet. He lays there for what seems like forever and thinks of nothing. His pain is nothing to him right now. This little rest is all he cares for right now. His memories are lost. He could care less. But the one thing he can't forget comes up in his mind: Kairi. He longs to her so much.

The night comes and he is still on his back; resting. He is waiting for the next day to come. He is trying to find the words to say to her. One thought rides through his brain: "How can just show up after so long?" The thought makes his sick. It has been so long since he has seen his friends. How would she act when I just show up out of nowhere? The questions made him fall into a troubled sleep.

The morning sun's gleam wakes him up from his uneasy dream. He hears voices coming closer to him but he doesn't move. He can't. His body feels paralyzed from everything that has happened. But he wants to see who it is who is calling his name.

He finally turns around onto his stomach and uses the last of his strength to push himself up. He stands up and his vision turns blurry. He can only see a small body moving towards him and there are no sounds to imply who. But he knows who this person is: Kairi.

She says nothing but simply cries. He can do nothing but move to her and hold her. He wraps his strong arms around her skinny body and rested his hands on her hips. His vision clears up to see a smile on her face. He knows not to speak. He knows his journey was long and painful. He knows he is home. He flips back his brown hair to fully show affection for the woman that has so long waited for him.

He knows how they feel for each other. He moves his face toward hers to give a sweet, respectful kiss to this goddess. She makes the move to get closer to him and kisses him on the lips so softly. She doesn't move away and either does he. They want to stay like this forever. The affection makes them move closer. He knows he must apologize for the length of time he kept her waiting. He decided to let go of her lips.

"I am so sorry for the time you had wait for me...I have been trying to get to you for so long. I have been trying to get to the one I love." said the man with a whisper into her ears.

"Don't apologize for what you have doesn't matter: you have come back to me, Sora." spoke Kairi with a smile.

With that word, the two held each other.

Kairi noticed the blood on Sora's vest and started to cry once more. Sora spoke softly and said, "Why are you crying?"

"You endured so much pain just to get to's all my fault."

"No, I chose to find you for you are my life and what I live for."

He wiped her tear and smiled. He walked her to the beach and sat her down beside him. Kairi looked up at the sky towards the clouds to avoid crying again. The air drifted through her red hair and Sora could not help but stare. He could not deny the beauty of his soul mate and placed his hands over hers. She looked back down at him and looked into his blue eyes and saw his soul. She leant toward him once more and rested her head on his shoulder. He kissed her forehead and whispered "Everything will are back in my life."