It's short I know but more is on the way. I was in hospital all of May, I'm starting to feel better, and my PTSD is more manageable now. Thank you all for you kind words of support and encouragement. Now I'm getting back on my feet there should be some more chapters being polished up for your enjoyment ?ᅡᅠ


Lucius Malfoy looked up from his desk to see his son's eagle owl swooping through the window. He ignored it, waiting for one of the house-elves to collect the letter from the irritable blighter and place it hesitantly on his desk. He ignored the elf and reached for the letter when he recognised his son's writing.


I hope you and mother are well. Classes are going well,"

Lucius snorted; how could classes be going well when his only son was still being beaten by the Mudblood Granger and the Potter upstart in every class?

"Interesting things have been happening in Slytherin house, politicly. Potter, too is causing trouble.

What do you know about his family line and his Mudblood mother?

Your dutiful son,


PS, does our name really mean bad faith?

PPS, Potter, had the audacity to claim I am NOT the Black Heir. This is the second time he's had the gall. Can you believe him?!"

Well, wasn't that interesting? The Potter brat was causing trouble in Slytherin and making waves. Lucius had been following the papers, of course. The brat was a no-good selfish little prick. And Lucius did regret ever asking Draco to try and befriend him. It had been one of his less intelligent ideas. Lucius did pride himself on his intelligence. Still, overlooking the boys poor breading to chance a grab at the Boy-Who-Lived's fame had not been one of his finer moments. The boy was worthless.

He could overlook the boys Gryffindor father. James Potter had been a pureblood, after all. Even if he was less than savoury. But stepping down to marry the Mudblood bitch?

The gall of the upstart little bint, he thought angrily. The bitch had tried to gut him like a pig for what he'd 'done to her brother.' Lucius smirked at the memory of the horrifying humiliation on Snape's face when he'd worked it out. Lucius snorted. Even now, as if he, Lucius Malfoy, son of Abraxas Malfoy, would ever have been interested in Snape! A half-blooded son of a disowned Prince. As if. Snape was practically a mudblood!

His smile faded as he rubbed a hand down his chest and stomach. He still bore the scars from the bitches rage. They ached in the cold sometimes, and he could no longer father children. He was genuinely sad about that. But he had an heir. A spare would have been nice, though, and a girl for his wife to dote on. Cissy had been heartbroken when she learned he'd never give her a girl.

He sighed, looking back to his son's letter.

By the sounds of it, Potter was starting to poke at things better left to his betters. He'd have to keep an eye on that. Potter could quite possibly start to be a problem...

Now what to tell his son?


Our political standing is far superior; we are part of the sacred 28. You should have no trouble staying on top. You are a Malfoy. Do try and work on your schooling (unless you're telling me you are not still being beaten for the top place!) You should care less for petty schoolyard squabbles and more on the shame of being beaten by a mudblood and a half-blooded, unhoused outcast!

As to the boy's parentage, they are both dead and beneath your notice. Focus on your schooling; the Potter brat is far beneath the likes of us.

Do keep me informed.

Your Father

PS, anyone who speaks down on us is not worth your notice. We are part of the sacred 28; there is no-one better.

PPS, ignore Potter, the half-blood brat. What would he know? He was raised by muggle trash."