Chapter 5: Getting Schooled

Mount Justice July 29th, 16:37 EDT

After getting Kara settled in at the cave, getting her some food, spare clothes of and some rest, Naruto decided to introduce her to the rest of the team. Naruto, Mgann, and Kara, who was wearing some jeans, and a t-shirt walked into the main room of the cave where Robin, Wally, and Kaldur were waiting for them.

"Hey, guys." Naruto said.

"Naruto, what's up? Why did we need to come here?" Wally asked as he then saw Kara. "And who are you? Hey, I'm Wally."

"Nice to meet you. My name is Kara." Kara said.

"Where have you been all my life?" Wally asked.

"Argo City." Kara said as Wally was confused.

"Everyone meet the cave's newest tenant. Kara is from Kryton and is Superman's cousin." Naruto said as Kara bowed.

"So what brought you here?" Wally asked.

"My ship crashed outside the cave. Naruto is letting me stay here." Kara said.

"Will she be joining us at some point on mission?" Kaldur asked, generally curious since she was Superman's cousin.

"Kara still needs master her powers first. After that," Naruto said as he smiled at Kara, "That will be her choice."

From there, Kara began talking with the others and started to get accumulated to Earth's culture.

August 3, Metropolis, 13:06 EDT

Naruto, wearing his hero outfit, stood on top of the Daily Planet with his eyes closed. He was balanced perfectly on the tip with one foot on it. He was focusing intently on using his spacial manipulation powers to sense everything around him. He might have enhanced senses, but not to the point where he could hear something from miles away or see objects at a microscopic level. That's why he had trained his spacial manipulation ability so that he could sense everything going on around him.

His attention was suddenly drawn to the feeling of snapping bridge cables, cars screeching and people screaming. Naruto's eyes snapped open. "That's my cue." He said to himself before opening a portal to the bridge.

Superman made it to the bridge just in time to prevent a portion of it from collapsing and was using his heat vision to weld metal bars together.

As Superman welded the bridge together, Naruto stepped out of his portal and started lifting vehicles to safety. Just as he finished with a vehicle with a young couple in it, a school bus suddenly started to fall further off the bridge. The children were screaming in fear when Naruto grabbed the back of the bus and started to pull the bus back. The bus was pretty close to falling off when Naruto grabbed on so he skidded forward a little but managed to get it under control and pulled the bus to safety. "That was close." He commented until he noticed another vehicle about to go over.

Naruto saw one other vehicle about to fall over and was going to use his telekinesis to catch it. Fortunately, Superman had finished his welding and caught the car before it hit Naruto could and safely brought it back onto the bridge.

Superman smiled at Naruto. "Thanks for the help, Infinity. Uh, while I have you, how is Kara doing? I haven't been able come by in a few days."

Naruto shrugged. "She's doing fine, if you don't count blasting laser's out of her eyes every time she gets startled."

"She's still doing that, huh." Superman said, dejected as he was hoping she was ready to come visit him and maybe live with him and Lois in the City.

Naruto placed a hand on Superman's shoulder. "She still needs more time to get used to Earth and her powers. It wouldn't be good if she accidentally burned down a building because some kid startled her. We are passed the language barrier after day one, thanks to Genso, so now it's just a matter of how quickly she can get control over her powers. Come by later if you have time. She'd like to see you again."

The Kryptonian hero was going to respond when his com link started beeping and pressed it. "This is Superman… Whoa, Arrow, slow down! What's attacking?" Naruto raised an eyebrow as Superman listened. "No, I'm definitely available. What are your coordinates? Alright, I'm on my way." Superman turned to Naruto. "Sorry, Infinity, but I'm going to have to cut this conversation short. Duty calls. Let Kara know I'll be by later." He explained.

Mount Justice August 3rd, 13:06 EDT

The rest of the team were in the cave hanging out and talking while Kid and Robin were playing holographic air hockey.

Recognized: Infinity, B-01 The computer said as the zeta tube activated and Naruto walked in.

"Hi, Naruto. How was Metropolis?" M'gann asked.

"It was alright. Saw some sights, saved a bunch of people from falling off a bridge. The usual," Naruto said to his girlfriend with a smile.

"Oh, by the way Kara," Naruto said as she turned towards him, as she was hanging out with the others. "Supes said he misses you and would drop by later to spend some time."

"I'm glad he's trying to come by. I just wish he would visit more." Kara said with some sadness.

"He has a lot on his plate. Trying to be a superhero and live an ordinary life as well…it takes a lot of time. It's not that he doesn't care. He is very busy." Naruto said with sympathy.

They then heard someone clear their throat as they saw Black Canary and Martian Manhunter walk in. "Ready for training, everyone?" Black Canary asked.

"Black Canary. Uncle J'onn!" M'gann shouted as she flew over and hugged her uncle.

"M'gann. I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd see how you're adjusting." J'onn said.

"A few bumps, but I'm learning." M'gann said.

"That's all I can ask." J'onn said as Kara was about to leave before Canary spoke.

"Stick around. Class is in session." Canary said to Kara as she activated the holographic battlefield and walked to the center. Kara didn't feel like she belonged in this and looked to Naruto.

"You could learn something from this. The universe is dangerous, even for people like us." Naruto spoke to her in kryptonian. It seemed to do the trick and she decided to stick around.

"I consider it an honor to be your teacher. I'll throw a lot at you—everything I've learned from my own mentors—uh!—and my own bruises." Canary said as she removed her jacket, causing her arm wound to sting.

"What happened?" M'gann asked.

"The job. Now, combat is about controlling the conflict, putting the battle on your terms. You should always be acting, never reacting. I'll need a sparing partner." Canary said as she threw he jacket to the floor.

"Right here!" Kid Flash said quickly as he raised his hand, causing Naruto to shake his head. He walked forward, finished eating his banana and tossed it into a nearby trash can. "After this, I'll show you my moves." He attempted to flirt as Kara rolled her own eyes and shook his head.

"He's going to just embarrass himself." Kara said in her native tongue.

"Kid Flash is a stubborn one. He's the type that usually learns the best hard way." Naruto replied back.

Black Canary just grinned as she was used to this and expected it from Kid Flash. She threw a fast right jab which Wally blocked with his forearm but Canary quickly fell into a leg sweep and took Wally's legs out from under him, causing him to fall flat on his back. The scanner on the floor beeped as it recorded Kid Flash's failure. "Oh, it hurts so good." Kid Flash groaned.

"Oo! Oo! He hit on teacher and got served?" Robin replied with a grin.

"Dude!" Kid Flash said already embarrassed before Robin's comment.

Canary did not look amused by Robin's comment. "He let you put the fight on your terms." Naruto said with his arms crossed, which got a nod from Black Canary.

"That's correct." She said with a grin. She then motioned for Naruto to step forward, deciding to test him next. "But let's see if you know how to do this properly."

Naruto stepped into the arena as Kid Flash rejoined the others on the sidelines. The teacher and student stood in front of each other, staring each other down. Canary could tell by the way he was standing that he was calculating what she was capable of while at the same time not leaving any opening that she could exploit.

"I apologize in advance," Naruto said as he got into a fighting stance.

"Why are you apologizing?" Canary asked.

"I can't exactly turn off my durability like I can with my strength, so if you break your fist on my face, I'm sorry in advance." Naruto pointed.

"That won't be an issue." Canary assured him as she had trained with other members of the League, especially the super powered ones and taught many of the superpowered ones more than a couple things.

"Well in that case," Naruto said as he quickly moved to attack, throwing a jab that she easily blocked. He telegraphed that on purpose and she went to throw him over her shoulder. He was not like Wally though and recovered in mid air, slipping out of her grasp with his intangibility and then landing on his feet. Capitalizing on that, he threw his hand forward in an open palm, coating Canary in his blue energy, and pushing her out of bounds of the arena, which the computer registered as Naruto's win.

"I didn't say you could use your powers." Black Canary reprimanded him, annoyed that he did that.

"You also didn't say we couldn't," Naruto pointed out, "I merely took advantage of a convenient loophole in your words. I put the battle on my terms and used every advantage I had to gain the upper hand. In a war or a battle, there are no rules. There is only victory, or, in your case, defeat."

He turned to address his team for moment. "When we are out there on mission, do not be afraid to use everything you have. Our enemies will not show you any mercy, so you must be ready to use any means necessary to subdue them."

"This is still training. And from now on, you will not use your powers unless I say so. Is that understood?" She said sternly.

"Of course, no powers unless you say so from now on." Naruto said and that seemed to placate her. She seemed to realize that he was not trying to show her up, merely drive home the lesson.

Canary reentered the arena and the two got into fighting stances with Naruto making the first move after he realized she wouldn't, by throwing a right punch at Canary. Canary caught his arm in both hands and began to flip him over her head. Naruto however, countered by grabbing Canary's right wrist and, as he landed on his feet, flipped Canary over his shoulder and onto the floor. Canary didn't miss a beat, however, as she quickly hooked her legs around Naruto's neck before she hit the ground and used them to flip Naruto onto the ground, while also using that momentum to roll on top of him, pinning him down.

"Not bad." Canary complimented.

Naruto grinned. "Not bad yourself. Now if you don't mind." He said, referring to the position they were currently in.

Canary got off of Naruto and helped him to his feet. She then turned to the rest of the group. "The first thing you need to know when facing an opponent is that you must always remain calm and calculative. Analyze their attack pattern, find a weakness and use it, and as Naruto showed in our first match, to use whatever is at your disposal to your advantage, especially when facing someone who is faster or stronger that you are. No matter how strong an opponent might be, they always have a weakness." She told them.

Just then an alarm was heard throughout the cave and Batman appeared on a holographic screen. "Batman to the cave." The Dark Knight said getting everyone's attention. "Five hours ago, a new menace attacked Green Arrow and Black Canary." A smaller image appeared into top left corner of the screen. The image appeared to be that of a male humanoid with short orange hair, slightly tanned skin, pointy ears and red eyes with black sclera. "The attacker was capable of studying then duplicating the powers and abilities of its opponents." The screen widened to show the being had what looked like green pants on. Superman flew into view only to be grabbed by the being and swung around, knocking Red Tornado and Flash away before tossing Superman side and using heat vision to take out Batarangs thrown by Batman. "Arrow called in reinforcements, which nearly proved disastrous as our foe gained more and more power with each new combatant." Batman explained.

"Whoa, one guy with the powers of the entire League…" Kid Flash said wide-eyed as he watched the screen.

"In the end, it took eight Leaguers 4 hours to defeat and dismantle the android." Batman announced.

"An android?" Robin asked in surprised. "W-Who made it? T. O. Morrow?"

"A good guess, Robin, but Red Tornado doesn't think so." Batman replied calmly.

"The technology bares the signature of… Professor Ivo." J'onn informed the group with a sense of dread.

"Ivo?" Aqualad asked in surprise. "But Ivo is dead."

Black Canary sighed. "So we all thought or hoped."

"Guessing that he faked his death so that he could work on this creation of his in peace, without having to worry about the Justice League dropping in on him before it was ready." Naruto wagered.

"That appears to be the case." Batman said in agreement. "To make sure that this threat is permanently neutralized, we're sending two trucks carrying the android's parts to two separate S.T.A.R. Labs facilities in Boston and New York for immediate evaluation." The screen showed a map of the two locations. "Every precaution is being taken. We'll have four additional decoy trucks to create confusion in case Ivo or anyone else tries to recover the remains. You will split into two undercover teams and guard the two real trucks."

"Yes!" Kid Flash exclaimed. "Road trip!"

Aqualad pulled out a hand held device. "Coordinates received." He said.

"Then let's suit up and head out." Naruto told the team who nodded in agreement.

Canary stopped Naruto before he left. "Be careful. If that thing gets reactivated it could try to copy your powers." She warned.

Naruto nodded seriously and left to get ready.

That evening, in Litchfield County,

The remains of the android were being loaded up onto the transports with security officers as well as Superman, Batman, Red Tornado, Flash, Captain Atom and Green Arrow standing guard. Superman heard something in the nearby bushed and X-Rayed them to see the Team had arrived and were all wearing biker outfits and riding motorcycles.

"S.T.A.R. Boston is go." One of the drivers reported.

"S.T.A.R. Manhattan is go." A second driver reported.

Green Arrow nodded to Batman who then signaled the trucks to move out. The six trucks all moved out at the same time, with three starting to head for Boston and the other three heading for New York. The team broke up into two smaller teams and followed their trucks. Team 1 was Infinity and Robin while Team 2 was Aqualad, Kid Flash and Miss Martian.

With the trucks on their way, the Justice League headed for home.

With Team 1

As the Team was riding, they watched as the two decoy truck took an exit heading away from their destination. "Hey, if dislike is the opposite of like, is disaster the opposite of aster?" Robin asked his companion. "See instead of things going wrong, they go right."

Naruto shook his head and chuckled. "I wouldn't know, Robin."

"Hey, I'm just trying to make for conversation." Robin replied.

"Let just go with hoping that this mission is aster then." Naruto said before revving his engine and moving closer to the truck. Robin couldn't help but chuckle at Naruto's statement.

Over with Team 2

The others were riding along peacefully when Megan decided to ask them a question. "Do you think Naruto is okay?" She asked. She had noticed as they were leaving that something was bothering him and she didn't get a chance to ask him as they handled there assignments. "I-I wasn't reading his mind, I swear, but I could sense a lot of worry coming from him that seemed to come off him like waves."

Kid Flashed rode up on the other side of her. "I've surfed that wave. Just give him some space." He advised before swerving closer. "Me? Stick as close as you want."

"I'm sure Naruto's just worried about what might happen if the android were to be repaired and it duplicated his powers." Aqualad told Megan. "To be honest, even I'm worried about what could happen if the android did that. Hopefully, this will be a quiet mission."

Unbeknownst to Aqualad, a part of the cornfield they just passed, shook and a swarm of green robot monkeys with jetpacks came flying out of the cornstalks. The monkeys began chasing after the truck and soon began to attack it. Aqualad activated his comlink. "Aqualad to Infinity, our truck is under attack!" He announced.

"We kind of figured. Protect the trucks at all cost." Naruto replied.

"Robot monkeys! Ha Ha! Totally Ivo's tweaked style." Robin said as he then activated his bike and switched it to battle mode, deploying a flying laser drone while Aqualad activated his water bearers and made whips knocking some of the monkeys off the side of the truck. Naruto switched his own bike to battle mode and leapt onto the truck and began to smash and tear apart the robot monkeys that attacked him, while the driver tried to keep the truck on the road. Robin hooked onto the back of the truck and knocked the monkeys off, and stopping them from cutting a hole in the back of the truck. The laser drone's blasted a couple of the monkeys one by one but soon more monkeys flew out of the corn fields and destroyed the drones.

Back with Kid, M'gann and Aqualad, their truck was under attack as well. Aqualad put his bike on autopilot and used one water bearer as a whip and another as a sword so that he could still slash the monkey robots on the truck while destroying ones that tried to attack him. Ms. Martian used her telekinesis to destroy the robots and then flew off her bike while Kid jumped off his bike and used super sped to get to the truck. The monkeys were able to laser cut the roof of the truck off as the security guards on the inside opened fired and managed to destroyed a few robots. M'gann used her telekinesis to send the monkeys away as Kid super sped to the side of the bus and kicked the robots off the side of the truck.

M'gann soon had trouble as a whole group of monkeys dog piled her and she couldn't shake them off so she used her morphing powers to grow some extra arms and began smashing the robots off of her and off the front of the truck. Kid kicked a robot monkey off the side, then grabbed the tail of another and flipped onto the top of the truck and freaked out for a minute as he saw M'gann with 4 extra arms. The monkeys from inside the truck dog piled them as four managed to fly away with the case containing the android's parts. The monkeys activated their boosters and quickly put a lot of distance between them as M'gann, Kid and Kaldur got rid of the rest of the monkeys and lost sight of their crate.

Back with Robin and Naruto, Robin got to the top of the truck and used his escrima sticks to fend off the monkeys. More monkeys arrived as Naruto smashed them to bits while two of the monkeys managed to blow out the tires on the truck. Robin then opened the driver's door. "GET OUT!" Robin shouted as he and the driver jumped off the truck and onto the side of the road.

"I've had enough of this!" Naruto shouted in frustration as he slammed his feet down, getting into a stance and threw both arms out to his side, release a wave of his blue energy that froze everything from the truck to the robots both inside and outside the truck and himself. Naruto then closed his fists, destroying all but 4 of the monkeys at once. He left 4 alive on purpose.

Robin walked the driver out of the cornfield and laid him down near the road before walking up to Naruto.

"Infinity, we've lost our cargo. Did you—" Aqualad messaged and Naruto replied, "We managed to save ours."

"This Professor Ivo, if he is alive, seems to be two steps ahead of us." M'gann said. "Maybe we should call Red Tornado."

"There's no need to call the League yet." Naruto said as he opened the crate containing half of the android.

"Naruto is right. The mission can still succeed if we recover the parts in time, before they are re-assembled." Kaldur points out.

"That's a great plan, except for the part about us not knowing where to look!" Kid pointed out.

"Maybe we do." Robin said as he plugged a USB into one of the robot monkeys and used his wrist computer to hack it. "We'd have heard by now if the decoy trucks had been attacked. So how did the monkeys know exactly which trucks to target?" Robin asked as he hacked into the monkey's data drive.

"HA! The parts have GPS. The monkeys can track the signal, which means I can track them with the one I captured. It looks like the one set is converging on…Gotham city." Robin said.

"Hmm, Robin, can you track exactly where the robots are actually headed? A specific destination would be help." Naruto pointed out.

Robin hacked into one of the ones that are still alive and tracked where the monkeys where supposed to be headed. "Looks like it's an abandoned warehouse by the Gotham Railroad." Robin told him.

"Yeah that's not suspicious," Naruto scoffed, "It would allow Ivo to make a quick getaway and go off the grid once he has his android back and then we'd never catch him until he resurfaces with something more dangerous."

'Now that I think about it, Bats probably figured Ivo was alive when he realized the android was his work. So, he suspected Ivo would try to get the android back and that's why he purposely didn't have me just drop them off at STAR labs. He wanted to verify that he was. I think, we need to do more than that.' Naruto thought.

"Alright team new plan. We're gonna capture Ivo. We've got this one opportunity before he slips off the grid again and we have to take it." Naruto told them as he opened a portal. "I'm gonna drop mine and Robins half of the android off at STAR labs real quick. Then, we capture this mad scientist."

In Gotham

Abandoned Warehouse

In the not so suspicious abandoned warehouse, was a very small man by the name of Doctor Antony Ivo. Ivo was shorter than the average man, giving off a nonthreatening appearance despite the actual threat he poses. He had a rather formal appearance, inclusive of a white dress shirt beneath a green, sleeveless sweater and a red bow tie. His dress shirt was tucked in his pants, and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbow. His sleeveless, green sweater had a pocket, holding two pens. He wore black pants that reached to his ankles, revealing his white socks. He had visible wrinkles on his forehead, beneath his eyes, and marionette lines. He had high cheekbones. His hair was auburn, with a streak of gray hair on the sides, another indicator of his age.

Ivo did not like using abandoned warehouses, even on a temporary basis. He found the entire trope of villians using abandoned warehouses to be cliché, but it served his purpose. Nobody would be looking for him here and also, they were less likely to notice the flying crate his MONQI's were bring him. And once he had his crates, he would quietly get on the cargo train that was scheduled to pass by later tonight and make off with his android, allowing him to disappear off the grid so he could make a better AMAZO, one that wouldn't be dismantled by those troublesome hero's this time.

Unfortunately for him, his hopes were dashed as a blue portal opened up behind him, drawing his attention as the team entered his domain.

"What!? How? You weren't supposed to be able to find me!" Ivo shouted as the few MONQI's he had with him went into battle mode and attacked the team of superheroes only for Naruto to close his fist and a blue energy to envelop the robot monkeys and crush them to dust.

"Robin was able to backtrace the coordinates that your little monkey robots were programmed with. It stood to reason the you would be here. And now, he only place your going is a cell in Belle Reve." Naruto said as he knocked out the doctor.

Mount Justice August 4th, 01:06 EDT

The team returned to the cave after they recovered the other half of Amazo as Batman and members of the league were there to hear their report on the Android.

"The Amazo android is in pieces again, safely being analyzed at the two separate S.T.A.R. labs. And on top of that, Ivo is not enjoying a nice stay at Belle Reve." Naruto said.

"Well done. I'll expect mission reports from each of you in the morning. For now, take the rest of the night off." Batman said to the team.

"Ahem." Black Canary heard as she saw Kara walk up to her.

"I was wondering if you'd be willing to teach me." Kara said.

"Of course, that's why I'm here." Black Canary said.

AN: I was got stuck for a while because I was trying to figure out how to have the big fight with Amazo, but I realized that would require Ivo's bots recapturing both halves and I didn't see that as being realistic with Naruto's powers.