I do not own the rights to ANY DC Comic characters, I own Sabella Stryper and the plot.

This is a idea I got. What if Constantine used to help out with a place called The OtherSide (My Idea) where people are stuck between HeavenHell/Half Human Half Ghost, and some have to find out what happened to them, who they used to be, etc, and John had a fall out with the OtherSide but comes back when the head of OtherSide(Tobias Cranston) needed his help.

So, sit back and relax enjoy the ride.

My version of Constantine is based off of the Hellblazer comics ('88-'13) and Arrowverse.

And yes, there will be appearances by other DC Comic characters.

Laters, -A.C.

Being halfway and half alive can really be a bummer.

I mean, for one thing nobody can know you are alive, just in case you were murdered, you can never tell anyone where you are, where you have been, or your name ...which is something I don't know.

I dont know who I am, where I live, what my age is ..I only know I woke up six feet under inside a wooden casket. Talk about a real life horror movie.

Her eyes opened to blackness, gasping for air she put her hands out in front of her and felt wood. Where was I? Why can I not feel my legs? Am I in a crate? Her thoughts roamed as she felt around the wood, all she knew was is that she was in some kind of box, she kicked her feet out and ripped a way out of it, pieces of wood and dirt fell down on on her.

She started to dig a way up out of the ground. Her heart raced as I sher nails dug at the dirt and it fell on her. Digging quickly trying to get out of the box. Where was I? What happened? These thouughts kept repeating themselves as she dug at the dirt.

She don't know how long it took but, her hand finally broke through the dirt and felt air as she arms reached up and pulled her through, she took in a lung full of air.

Ahe noticed she was ina Cemetery and it was nighttime, her eyes roamed the woods surrounding it as she took in the tombstones and trees, a church was to the right, she pulled herself the rest of the way out of the pine box and collapsed to the ground and felt bones in her body aching and mending back together, a screamed cried out into the night as she felt her right leg snap into place. Her back felt like someone was digging nails into it as the bones pulled together, the only thing that didnt hurt was her arms.

Then, a thought came to her as she laid there, Who am I?

Laying on the ground, she coughed as she inhaled and exhaled, looking to the left her eyes finally focused on something in the shape of a gothic cross as her head tried to stop spinning.

Sabella Adell Stryper

8/13/2000 -11-1-2019


Frozen in shock, she got up on her knees and knelt beside the tombstone, fresh black roses were in avase beside the tombstone, on the side of the tombstone something was written, her eyes squinted as she tried to read it.

I know your safe, thank you for everything. You will always be in my heart, Xander Jovell.

She screamed and put a hand over her mouth as she stared wide eyed at the grave, her mind went blank as she watched it like it could disappear at any second. I'm dead? I died. How did this happen? She sat back on her legs and stared at where she had just come from, it was just a huge hole in the ground.

"How was I dead?" she whispered and looked at her hands and folded them into fist "How am I alive?"

Who would I go to?

Everyone thinks I am dead, who can trust to know that I am alive? I-I can't remember what happened, any of it. What was I? Sabella, why can I not remember anything?

She looked back to the tombstone, What is going on? Standing up, she stumbled and caught herself on a tombstone, looking around the cemetery she seen a car in the church parking lot, she ran towards it and checked to see if the door was open. Luckily, it was.

She got in and felt for keys, none. Making a face a damn "Of course, my luck wouldnt be good wouod it?" she asked the vehicle and laid her head forward on the steering wheel, closing her eyes she tried to think.

Do I even have a ...driver's liscense? she looked up from the steering wheel, headlights shined from down the road. She got out of the car and went to the street, she stood in the middle of the road with her hand out hoping they would stop.

Instead, she got slpashed with water that the car hit as it kept going.

She let her hand fall to her side and stared after the car, well that was rude, she thoughybas she looked around at the trees and cemetery, she looked at the church and ran towards it.

She walked up the steps and put her hand out to open the door.

"Please, I need help-"

She was stopped mid sentence as a electric shock hit her and she was flung away from the church, landing on her back in the gravel and stared up at the stars above, twinkling like lights.

"Please" she whsipered amd stood up looking at the sky "I need help."

And just like that, her wish was granted. Just in astrange way.

Something like a black hole opened up underneath her and she fell into it, falling like a vase off of a table. It seemed to never end though, as she watched the blackness surrounded her and screamed.

Something opened up under her, she fell onto a hard floor and laid there not being able to feel her body for a moment. Hearing people talking around her made her eyes open and she sat up from the floor to see she was in a white and gray room.

It looked like a hospital.

Standing up and dusting off the ripped clothing she wore, she looked towards the desk in the room where a redhaired woman with small glasses deinking from a coffee mug was reading a magazine. She hesitated before slowly walking towards the woman.

A voice shouted "Jake Fitz!" Which made her jump sky high, she turned to see a man going towards a woman in white clothing who was holding the door open for him ...he was holding his head.

Walking quickly towards the desk the woman looked up from her magazine "May I help you, dear?" she asked nicely, Sabella looked around at the people and back at her with caution.

"Um, yes" she said unsure as her hands wrung together "Where exactly ..am I? I-I woke up in a pine casket? I dont know if this I a bad dream or ...I can feel things hurting" Sabella motioned to her own body.

She sat down her magazine and took out a pen and a paper form "What is your name dear?" she asked nicely as she got the pen ready. Her thoughts went to the tombstone she had read.

"Uh, Sabella Stryper? I think, I'm not sure. I cannot remember anything" she said in a scared tone, the woman looked up seeing Sabella's expression and frowned.

The woman, her name tag read Judith, shook her head "Oh dear, we have to get you to see Cranston ASAP. You are one of those cases" she said in a sad voice as she picked up a phone that laid on the desk, she pushed a button and said "Cranston, we have a ten fifteen. Code green."

Sabella was in astate of shock and fear "Wha-what is that? Can you please tell me something? Can you at least tell me where I am?" she asked in a loud scared tone, her body shook as coldness overcame her.

The woman frowned "You are on The OtherSide, dear. Like every single one of us here you have yet to pass over, you are half alive and half dead" she told Sabella with a apologetic look "I promise Mr. Cranston will explain everything."

Sabella just looked at her "What is this ...OtherSide?" She asked her, Judith handed her a form and sighed as she shook her head "Everything will be answered shortly. I promise."

With that, she went back to her magazine that read Dead Dreadful Fashion and Sabella turned around, a room full of people sat before her, a woman without arms, a man with his spine sticking out of his back, a woman who looked fine ...and a child who was dripping wet with water.

Her eyes took in everything, from the machines of drinks and snacks to the door where the woman had held it open for the man who was holding his head.

One thing was for sure, she was scared out of her mind.

Slowly, she started to walk forward and as she neared a seat to sit down, a man with a creepy tattoo of a snake on his head hissed at her, instead she decided to stand up and lean on a wall.

The door opened with a bang making her jump and a person called out "Sabella Stryper?" She walked forward and into the door seeing a long white hallway, the woman shut the door behind Sabella and walked forward "Please follow me."

She did as told and followed her down the long hallway, Sabella crossed her arms and felt the same cold shakes come over her, they passed several doors but one was open, it was the man she had seen earlier, he was getting his head stitched on.

Sabella stopped and watched in fascination, the woman looked back at her with a smile "Come along, Cranston doesnt like for someone to be late" she called out to Sabella, who turned away from the room and hurried after the tall blonde haired woman.

A tall metal door was in front of them, the woman opened the door and held it open for Sabella. She walked inside and the woman closed the door behind them as she walked in, a man sat at a table in the corner of the room.

He had red hair and wore black simple glasses, he had on a suit of gray color, a long scar went down his right cheek from the top of his eye to his mouth. He looked up when he seen them and a smile stretched across his face.

"Ms. Stryper. Please come and sit down while Lorraine prepares the tests" he told Sabella, she walked towards the desk and sat down in the black cushioned chair, giving a scared look as he pushed two things towards her, a drink and a sandwich.

"Please, you must be starving, I know that not understaning the OtherSide can make you frustrated and scared" he said kindly, she took the sandwich slowly and bit into it. A simple peanut butter and jelly.

He smiled "Let me drag out the file" he said and opened a drawer under his desk, he scanned them before pulling out a file that was very thin, he opened it to reveal a couple of pages "We have been expecting you for a couple weeks, Ms. Staley. It must have took a little longer to wake up which is fine."

His eyes scanned the file as he looked over it "Hmm, let us see now. Perfect health while alive, born to a small family, planned on going to college to become a Veterinarian ...you were in a Asylum as a child."

She frowned "Why? Can I see it?" she asked tyring to peek over at the file, he closed it and shook his head at her.

"No undead human can know much unless they find out themselves. If I tell you it would not be good, more than likely you would never pass over" he told Sabella, and he put up the file giving a small smile "Tell me, Ms. Stryper, what all do you know?"

She stared at him confused "I woke up in a pine casket. I seen the name on the tombstone. Somehow I came here, now tell me why I am here" she begged him. He stared at her frowning.

"Even if I knew I could not tell you. All I know is you were supposed to of came to us a couple of weeks ago, I don't know what took so long" he admittited as he pushed away from the desk, he gave a small smile "How about, we get you settled in and you can tell me all you know."

Is he deaf? I just told him all I know.