I dont know if it is the scent of blood or the scent of rotted flesh or what in this place, but I know I wanna puke. She stared out the window that looked out on a hazy orange colored fog over a City, this place was a nightmare that Sabella really wish to be out of as soon as possible.

The door opened and Mr. Cranston walked into the room followed by the man he had just Introduced to Sabella, Cransron gave a warm smile as he leaned on the gray colored counter in the room that held supplies.

"Ms. Stryper, I am to leave you in Mr. Constantine's hands. He will explain anything you wish to know, he is on your case. I will be in touch to keep a eye on you like I do others. Please be safe and take care" he simply said, he looked towards Mr. Constantine and gave a nod before walking out the door and closing it behind him.

John Constantine sighed "Short and to the point. Now I remember why I like working on my own" he said more to himself than to her, she crossed her arms and stared at him trying to look mean.

Instead, she just looked like a brat. A whiny brat.

He looked amused "You are no where intimadating, sweetheart. Keep trying" he said to her, making her feel like a complete idiot, before laying a folder down on the counter and leaning next to it, his blue eyes looked at her "So, what all do you remember?"

She looked at him, blonde short hair and blue eyes, he wore a white button up shirt under a trench coat, a simple red tie hung from his neck. He had some facial hair, but it was light.

He looked at her and smirked "Come on, speak."

I think I want Cranston back in here, she thought and looked at him with scared eyes and simply said "I woke up in a pine casket, underground. I had to dig my way out and up. I almost got ran over by a car and I fell through some kind of hole and wound up here."

He shoved away from the counter and held a hand out to her "May I?" she nodded her head expecting him to just look for any broken bones or bruises. Instead he placed a hand to her head and her eyesight went black for a moment.

When everything came clear again to her, he was holding Sabella up by the shoulder, she had almost fell off the bed "Well, looking at what very few memories you have had since you awakened, you are Sabella Stryper. And you did wake up in a cemetery. Thankfully you did not lie."

She gave him a look "Good job, Sherlock. I just told you that last bit" she said in a annoyed tone, he turned to look at her and a smirk was placed back upon his face.

"Luv, I dare you to pop off at me again. The only reason I am here is because Cranston knows how to be a pain in my arse and get on my last nerve. So, how about we try to get this over as soon as possible and go our separate ways, eh?"

He held a hand out to her to help her off of the table and led her out the door and down the hall, e opened a door not even bothering to knock and pulled her inside.

"Alright, Lorraine. Do the tests and get me the bloody hell out of this place."

Lorraine was the boonde haired woman who had brought Sabella back to Cranston, Sabella realized this and crossed her arms as the blonde smiled and wakked towards them.

"John Constantine, long time since I seen your face around here."

John just looked at her "I'm not here to be friendly, Lorraine. Just do whatever needs to be done"

Lorraine didn't argue with him as she grabbed Sabella by the arm and dragged her up to a machine that was huge, she placed Sabella right behind it and it scanned Sabella with a blue light, she froze as it did.

She could hear the machine making noises as Lorraine and Constantine stared at the screen on the front of it, he nodded to Lorraine and the floor under Sabella started to move. She stumbled asshe tried not to fall and was placed in front of a changing screen.

"In the drawer behind you, you will find some clothes I found that looked about your size. Please take off the clothing you have on and put those on" Lorraine said. Sabella looked behind her and opened a drawer to find a black button up short sleeve shirt and black jeans.

She took off the white shirt she had been given earlier to get out of the ripped funeral clothing, and took off the black jogging pants. She put on the clothing and told Lorraine when she was through. The floor moved again and she was toted on down the line, she could see Constantine looking at a computer, he looked over and told Lorraine something, she rolled her eyes at whatever he had said.

Wonder what that was about?

She was stopped in front of another machine, it was small and looked like a xray machine, she frowned as Lorraine told her to be still. A flash caught Sabella's entire body, and it did it two more times before being satisfied. She was moved on down the line and towards a eye chart.

Lorraine smiled "The easiest part. Tell which line is the eaaist, we have to see if your eyesight is still good. Every OtherSider has to do this" she told Sabella and made her cover the right eye as she read off the first line to Lorraine.

She looked satisfied "Great. Most OtherSiders have to wear glasses because their eyesight from the human world did not come with them" she told her like a history lesson as the floor moved again and Sabella almsot fell trying to keep her balance.

She hesitated as the tests finally came to a end after five more machines scanned her body, She stepped down off of the moving floor and Lorraine stuck a needle in her arm, she yelped and Lorraine pulled it out of her skin. Sabella rubbed where the needle had been and seen no marking or blood.

What was in the needle was black goo.

"Blood is normal."

As she walked away Sabella stared after her, Constantine walked over and motioned to a pair of black pair of boots "Put those on" he told her, she did as told and he walked back to the desk.

She hopped after hima s she tugged the boots on and let the jeans fall down to cover them, she walked up to him "Okay. I get that I am somehow caught in this place. But, can you please explain to me what the hell is going on?" she asked starting to agrravated,

He looked at her with a natural look "You are a OtherSider. You are half dead and half alive, when you died you simply did not die when you were supposed to of died. You are trapped forced to live in the OtherSide like all of them, unless you can travel to the human world. Most of you cannot." Constantine told her.

She put her hands to her head "Thishas to be a nightmare" she told herself. Constantine looked up from his desk and shook his head.

"Not a nightmare. But, a second chance to live."

She just stared at him, how can someone be so calm about being ...all of this? How can someone be forced to live in this world if they are half alive? What if I am one that is forced to?

She looked at him then towards where Lorraine was looking at the test results, there has to be a way out of this. I cannot stay trapped here, for all I know I could have a family out in ..well, the real world I guess.

There has to be a way.

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