This is my first try at a story. I don't own fairy tail or Dxd they belong to there respective owners yada. This is an AU i'll be rewriting some aspects of fairy tail such as the war and those that die will stay dead. Natsu's curse will be fire related, but will have a more complex than just really strong fire. Natsu will be OCC, but with a decent reason. Ok hope anyone reading this will like it.


Had he made the right choice, he didn't know. He'd chosen the demon seed at the cost of his magic, the power it had granted him was amazing on par if not greater than acnologia. But he was disappearing, his own power destroying him. He lay there alone in the Ravens of Time his consciousness fading fast. He thought of the war, the pain caused by his own foolishness as a child 400 years ago. Perhaps this was for the best, the dragneels had caused so much pain and misery. Perhaps wendy or porlyusica could save, but for why, most of the guild was wiped out. No it was best to let the nightmare from 400 years to finally end. Fairy tail was strong it wouldn't die so easily laxus wouldn't let it the dreams of mavis and makarov to die. He smiled knowing that it would all be ok and closed his eyes fading to unconsciousness. " Lisanna i'm coming home " he thought as faded.

Pov ?

It seems like the boy was successful in defining fate and freeing zeref from my curse. That was inferating, to think that an abomination was capable of such a feat. She was a Primordial Deity, no this would not stand. Zeref was out of her reach, he belonged to ereshkigal, but the younger brother was still alive if not for long. She would ensure that he'd never get rest or peace. She prevent him from passing to underworld and searched throughout the various universes to find one filled with conflict. There were several tempting choices, a world with silver-eye warriors and youma, one with ghouls and gang wars, but all functioned via kill or be killed, he'd be sure to thrive and adapt. But without one of her curses to relegate him no place she sent him would suffice. She decided to throw him in some world hold him until she could come up with a suitable way to punish him. Any world would do, so she choose one where two fellow primortals were active, perhaps they could do something to make him suffer.

So a few choices of the bat. Should natsu have a sacred gear or not, should he join rias or remain solo for a time. If i do give him on it wouldn't be too combat focused, either defensive or supportive nothing too crazy. I wouldn't have an update schedule, im too busy between sleep and work for that. I'll try to at least not make them too long between updates. Well bye until next time.