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The Wars of Legends

Vignettes in Nimue's Domain

Bonus Two: A Day in Gryffindor City


One typical autumn day saw the Jaffa Ma'toc walking down the many winding streets of the tightly packed houses of Gryffindor CIty as he enjoyed his day off deeply enjoyed his duty as a Lake Knight, one of the goddess' elites, but he equally enjoyed the time she gave to her soldiers to themselves. A luxury that few, if any, of the other System Lords offered their warriors when they were on active service.

Admittedly, when not called to arms Jaffa tended to be free to do whatever they wanted. But when called to war by their masters, they were expected to drop everything and serve unquestioningly. Considering the nigh endless wars that most Goa'uld fought, this meant that once called to service, a Jaffa would often never be released to go home ever again.

Things were a little different in the goddess' domain. Here, while all citizens, man and woman, Jaffa or human, were trained in the basics of service and served for a time to hone those skills. Only a core of volunteers served on anything resembling a permanent basis and even then with fixed terms of service, though these were subject to extension based on need or by the voluntary choice of the serviceman, most returned home only after a handful of years. All others were considered reservists and only called to service when necessary. This was a system that bolstered morale tremendously and often made the Lady's armies some of the most motivated forces in the entire Goa'uld Empire.

The love of the Lady that such policies fostered was why his destination was so crowded.

As always the Grand Temple of Nimue was full of throngs of devotees. So packed was it that it looked like a literal sea of human bodies filled the gargantuan black marble structure.

I was right to use the further Ring Station. Ma'toc mused as he joined the snaking crowds that were seeking entrance inside. If I'd use the one nearest the temple, I'm liable to be crushed by the mob.

Despite his lofty station, which probably would have allowed him to cut his way through the crowds if he so wished, Ma'toc chose to walk through the masses of people just like any other worshipper as they walked in orderly procession through the elaborate entry hall of the temple, with its many stories tall columns covered with a multitude of carvings depicting all manner of scenes glorifying the Lady.

He marched in silent, contemplative lock step with the other faithful as they entered the temple proper and passed the many sculptures dedicated to Lady Nimue's beliefs, even as dedicated priests stood on podiums before the statues and recited from memory verse after verse of the Lady's holy sayings.

Following the procession, Ma'toc made it to the heart of the temple where a massive statue of the Lady stood staring down on her devoted believers with a look that blended imperious authority and caring love. Joining the many others kneeling before the statue, the Jaffa offered his prayers to his goddess.

Oh great Lady of the Lake, please bless this humble servant with your divine power so that he may better serve your will. Ma'toc prayed before he began the long ritual prayers taught by the Lady's priests.

Two hours later, Ma'toc stepped out of the Rings at the Ring Transport Station located in the courtyard of the residential complex in Gryffindor's suburbs where he lived.

He was just barely half across the yard when the sound of the Rings activating behind him has him glancing back, only to see the Rings deposit a crowd of schoolchildren returning home from the local primary school.

The cute little mob spotted him immediately and with cries of "Master Ma'toc" he was soon surrounded by a sea of children dressed in the white shorts, shorts and pleated tartan skirts of their school uniforms.

As a Lake Knight, Ma'toc was something of a local celebrity in his residential district hence the reception. Not that he minded the children's adulation. As the Lady said, children were previous and all should treat them with the best possible care.

It was with this divine teaching in mind that he proceeded to lead the crowd of young kids over to a bench by the courtyard's playground and entertain them with sanitized stories of his missions for the Lady.

Another hour and a dozen stories later, Ma'toc was finally able to extricate himself from the children as their parents finished collecting all the rascals with calls for lunch and homework. This finally allowed him to finish his much delayed trip home.

Walking into his apartment in one of the blocks overlooking the courtyard, Ma'toc allowed his eyes a moment to adjust to the artificial lighting after his long time out in the sun.

Once his vision had returned to normal, he slipped off his cloak and shoes before drifting into his small kitchen to prepare some lunch.

Flicking on the radio, the Jaffa allowed the pleasant music of the type the Lady insisted was called classical music fill his apartment, whilst he cut some meat and bread for some simple sandwiches. Finished preparing his meal, he turned the radio off and carried the food over to the living room.

"Holoscreen on. Hogwarts News Network." Ma'toc ordered as he settled in front of the wall where his holo projector was already throwing up the image of the Lady's official news station.

After a nice relaxing lunch at home, Ma'toc headed to the city's venerable Old Barracks. A building that's stood since the planet was first settled by the Lady and after being let through the security check, he walked through the building nodding occasionally to the odd fellow Jaffa that he recognised as he passed.

Stepping into the courtyard at the building's heart, he scanned it a moment before smiling as he saw that one of the training rings was empty. Jogging over before anyone could claim it, he breathed a sigh of relief when he stepped inside before another, younger Jaffa did.

"Join me, young man?" Ma'toc offered the younger soldier.

"Unarmed, Master?" The younger man asked as she stepped into the ring.

"For now, yes."

Nodding the younger soldier charged at Ma'toc.

A long, tiring but fulfilling practice later, Ma'toc joined a number of fellow Jaffa he met during his afternoon training at the Old Barracks as they had a meal at a local beer hall. As expected of their locale, everyone was drinking copious amounts of alcohol of various descriptions as they enjoy their meal of freshly cooked boar. All that is, except Ma'toc.

"Master, I know you have duty tomorrow but surely you can just have someone use a healing device to get over any hangover you get." The young man he'd first sparred with earlier in the afternoon suggested.

"Perhaps, my friend," Ma'toc hedged. "But I'd rather not set a bad precedent. I'm a Lake Knight. One of the Lady's elites. I will not besmirch our reputation just to enjoy one night's revelry."

"Leave the Master alone, boy." A slightly older Jaffa added. "You'll understand his way when you reach his level."

"I look forward to it," the young soldier said. "To my eventual admission into the Lake Knights!"

The others chuckled but humored the young man by clinking their glasses with him in a toast.

Doing the same with his own glass of juice, Ma'toc shook his head at the younger soldier's enthusiasm. Aided by drink or not, such an attitude was praiseworthy.

"And I hope to see the day that you live up to that boast, young man." Ma'toc offered the boy with a grin.

"Count on it, Master."

Ma'toc just chuckled.

The rest of the meal went as it always did, full of boastful stories and bawdy tales. Until at last, the men grew too tired to continue and in ones and twos trickled back to their homes or bunks for the night. Ma'toc himself was the last to leave. As the only sober man in the group, he had appointed himself the duty of making sure everyone got home safe by arranging so that the more sober members escorted their more inebriated counterparts home.

Thus it was late at night before he returned to his apartment and got ready for bed.

Today was a good day. Boring but nice. The Lake Knight thought to himself as he changed into his sleepwear. A simple pair of comfortable linen pants. But it is over now. Time to sleep. I'm on duty tomorrow.

With that last reminder, he slipped under the covers of his bed and retired for the night.

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