This is my attempt at writing one shots. Not the best start, I wrote this in twenty minutes, but it's a start.

Thank you for reading.

I don't own them just a fan.

Chapter 1

"What are we doing?"

Scott turned away from the stove to see her sitting across the counter;

"Well, I'm cooking and you're sitting."

Her laugh is probably his favorite sound and it never fails to make him smile either.

"I dont mean 'right now'. I meant in a more general sense.", she replied quietly finding her fingers more interesting than his face.

This was going to be one of those talks so he turned off the stove and sat across from her;

"Okay, what's bothering you?"

She dropped her head on her hands, causing him to laugh out.

"Don't laugh.", came a muffled warning.

"I'm not, you look adorable when you're confused."

He gently ran his hand on her head, coaxing her to look up;


The softness of his voice made her look up. Her hand automatically went to gently stroke under his eye.

She let out a sigh when he leaned to her touch and felt the tension drain away;

"What are we doing?"

All though her voice was calm, the underlying worry didn't go unnoticed by him.

"Hope...", before he could any anything else she blurted out;

"Are we in love?"

The silence that followed lasted a few, long seconds.

"Do you think we are?", he asked back softly.

"I mean...', she withdrew her hand and sat back, '...what does it even mean 'in love'?"

"You do realise you're literally countering your own words."


Her tone told him this was important to her, so by default it became important to him;

"What do want me to say, Hope?", he asked as the nervousness of where the conversation was headed started rising up.

"What does it mean?"

Her childlike voice made the question seem less complex, so he decided to give it a shot.

"I don't know, Hope...', he paused to find the right words;

' means wanting to spend every minute with someone. To see their face as soon as the sun is up, to hold them in your arms every night...'

She sat still, holding her breath as the words started to sink in,

'...wanting to eat, train, work with them. To be their best friend, to never want them to be out of your sight because if they do you feel a knot in your chest till you see them again."

After he finished and silence filled the room, he realised that the words he spoke were true, his truth and since they were already on the topic, no time like the present;

"Since I feel the exact way I just described then I guess...I am in love with you."

After what felt like an eternity, she let out a breath and her face lit up like a thousand stars and was graced with the most beautiful smile he could ever witness in his life.

"Then I guess, I love you too.", came the soft reply.

They were both smiling like idiots but couldn't care less.

"Okay...', he said as he got up to go back to the food, the one way he thought would calm his heart thumping in his chest, '...why don't you go and set the table and I'll get dinner ready."

He quickly distracted himself with the cooking but a few seconds later he felt two arms hugging him from behind and his heart melted.

She pressed her cheek in his back trying to close the tiniest distance between them because they were in love and her heart could literally burst.

He wrapped his arms around hers and carefully turned, not letting go. Their smiles were mirroring as his hands framed her face and he gently pressed a kiss on her forehead.

The last thing he was expecting was for her to laugh out;


She held his face in her hands, stroking his cheek as her laughter died down;

"Scott Lang is this how you kiss your girlfriend when you tell her you love her?"

He pulled her closer to his chest as she started laughing again;

"How would suggest I do it Miss Van Dyne?"

She softly pressed her lips to his and pulled back after a few seconds,

"How about that?", she whispered softly.

"I believe I can do that.", he whispered back and closed the distance between them.

They stayed lost in each other till after a minute Hank walked in shouting something about burning and walked back out, almost slamming in the door causing Hope to laugh out at his father's antics.

"We burned the food.", Hope said, still in his arms.

He gently pressed a kiss on her cheek;

"I don't care, we're in love."