Few complications of life kept me away from writing but I hope to update more frequently now. Not entirely sure about this chapter but, it's the best my brain could do for now.

Hope you like it though.

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There were little flutters in his chest that were getting more frequent with every passing second. He took a deep breath in as there was a knock on the door,

"Come in."

It revealed his daughter from the other side.

"You ready?", she asked with a huge smile on her face. Scott knew for a fact that she was almost as excited for this day as him, if not more.

"I think so.", he replied with nervousness dripping from every syllable.

She walked up to him and straightened his slightly crooked tie;

"You need to relax, Dad."

"I'm relaxed..", he countered, "...I'm just a little bit nervous."

That received raised eyebrows in response;

"Alright...", he admitted as he sat down on the nearest thing that would support his weight, "...I'm a wreck."

He covered his face with his hands, "What if this is a bad idea, Cassie? What if I screw this up completely? What if this ends up been the worst day ever?..."


She interrupted his train of thought before it got carried away.

He looked at her like a lost kid and she wouldn't have that. She kneeled on the floor in front of him, careful of her best man's dress.

"What if this is the best decision that you have ever made?"

Before he could answer, she continued;

"What if this is the day for which you and Hope ever even met? What if from this day the best time of your life starts?"

As her words sunk in his worry was replaced with happiness and pride, so much pride for his little girl, who wasn't little anymore.

"You should give speeches, you know.", he suggested with a smile and moist eyes.

Cassie laughed out, glad to see his father return to his normal.

"Let's get this show on, shall we?", she got up and extended her hand to him which he took.

"Yes, please."

He got up and pressed a kiss o his daughter's forehead, "Thank you."

Before Cassie could reply there was a knock on the door and Janet came through.

He could read the look on her face with clarity;

"What happened?", his heart beating faster with every second.

"You need to talk to her, Scott.", Janet said as she walked up to him and took his hand;

"What happened?", he asked as she dragged him to the door.

Janet turned around with a wince on her face;

"Scott...', she trailed off.

He was getting worried now, "Janet?"

Janet took a deep breath in, "Hope doesn't want to get married."