First off thank you for the reviews this is just a quick update and to get your opinions on future additions:

Since many wish for this to be more than a oneshot I was thinking about doing as requested a segment on trisipan/dally and Eva chapter using resonance which is the first opening from the anime soul eater as I think it would fit their situation throughout the first two seasons perfectly.

Second I am working on other stories within this particular fanfic including a crossover with the familiar of zero which I admit was inspired to do by another author's work called Children of Brimir. Check that out when you get a chance since mine has a similar combo theme, but different story line entirely.

Lastly a couple of what if scenarios where yugo and the gang met under different circumstances and if the way eliatropes mature was different then other races which is why yugo is still small rather than his dragonic lifespan.

Just some food for thought. so please leave a comment, or pm me to let me know what you think of these ideas. The sooner I know the Sooner I write which should result with a couple of these by mid to late summer if school and work/virus induced panicked customers do not do me in first.

hope to publish again soon,